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tv   Stossel  FOX News  March 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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worst -- and by the way, if i say it and it's wrong, they'll have a big headline -- "trump was wrong," but they're reporting it, anyway. they have to report it. at some point, they report the truth. in the history of the country, there's never been anything like this, folks. the republicans were not doing exactly well. we had stiffs like mitt romney running for office, who failed so damn badly. who, by the way -- that should have been an easy election. we're running against a failed president, and he fails to show up. the last month, what happened to him? he failed to show up, and he got creamed. he got beaten badly. he got beaten badly. all right, so, here's the story. we have millions of people -- get out of here. get out of here. get him out. get him out.
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bye-bye. bye-bye. all right, thank you. by the way, what do they do? do they arrest these people? what happens? do they arrest them? or do they just put them outside? i hope they arrest these people, because they're really violating all of us, okay? and i hope they're arrested. i hope they're arrested, because honestly, they should be. and you don't see this stuff happening at other rallies, at let's say liberal rallies. you don't see it happening.
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it doesn't happen. you guys don't go to their -- number one, you'd get very bored very quickly, i'll tell you. all right. i hope you arrest these people, because i'll tell you, they deserve to be arrested. and some of them are very violent, but i'm going to ask that you arrest them. i'll file whatever charges you want. who the hell knows? but you know what? if they want to do this, i say to the rest of the room, because we're going to go strongly for your arrest, and i'm going to do this from now on -- let's ruin the rest -- they're going to ruin the rest of their lives. if they want to do this, let them have a big arrest mark. they got arrested for whatever it is. and by the way, some of these people are swinging. you know, we don't swing. they're swinging, meaning this, they're swinging. and you know what? that's not right. it's not right, folks, okay?
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and then if you swing back, it's like, oh, we were terrible, we were terrible. so, i hope you arrest them and do whatever you have to do. and you know what, once that starts happening, we're not going to have any more protesters, folks. we're not going to have any more protesters. so, in chicago, we had 25,000 people. we had 3,000 or 4,000 protesters. they all came at the exact same time, which means it's an organized deal. and it's organized by the group that endorsed bernie. and you know, they said, oh, well, no, but then they came out and they said they did it,, third-rate organization. they finally think they have some power. bernie, by the way, doesn't draw nearly as well as we do, folks. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. but -- so, we had 25,000, and i had a decision to make. do i go and speak and watch an unbelievable riot, where a lot of people are going to get hurt
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and maybe killed, or do i say i'm not going to do it? and i said, you know -- and i was totally safe, but the people are going to be fighting, it would have been horrible. i said, you know what, let's not do it. and it turned out to be a great, great decision. nobody was hurt. listen to this. nobody was hurt. i got great credit for good reaction under pressure, which is always nice, right? you have to react under pressure. our president doesn't know how to react under pressure. our president is incompetent. he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. and then one of these people from that organization, they're on one of the stations last night. they said, i think we made a mistake. trump got more publicity because of this than he would have ever gotten by speaking to 25,000 people. but safety is important. so, today, let me just -- so,
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that was yesterday, chicago. really worked out well. and a lot of -- we all got a lot of credit. and frankly, so good. people weren't -- i mean, within reason, they weren't even hurt. it was amazing the way it worked out. everybody dispersed. and then i'm watching a couple of the programs, by the way, and i'm watching shots from four hours before, like it's live, like it's going on. then i said, well, it can't be live because they're all dispersed. i call up, they're all dispersed. then i say, wait a minute, wait a minute, i just saw that 20 minutes ago. they kept running it over and over and over and over like it's live television. dishonest reporting, dishonest media, very, very unfair. okay. so, today -- today we went to cleveland second and they were incredible. we had a tremendous 25,000-27,000 people in this incredible, incredible place. but before cleveland, we were in dayton, dayton, ohio. and the crowd was unbelievable.
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in fact, really incredible. we didn't have anything like this. we had very little disruption. it was going along, and all of a sudden, the people in the front row start screaming, "be careful! watch it! watch it!" i'm speaking, i say what's this all about? i look back, and there's a guy charging the stage. and i mean charging. he put on a bull rush. charging the stage. and i have to tell you, folks, the secret service was unbelievable. unbelievable. stand up! look at these guys. they were unbelievable. you know, we have to give credit where credit is due. you know, the secret service, they got a little bad publicity. they don't deserve it. this is a great group of people. i've gotten to know them. the crowds have gotten so large, they said we have to have secret service, and i've gotten to know
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so many of them. these are incredible people, incredible individuals, and they are tough. so, this guy, he charges. the people are screaming from the front row. this guy is charging from behind. because we were in this hangar. it's a massive hangar, much bigger hann this. the room was full. we moved the stage way back. it kept going back. and then we just put people in back of it. the place was packed. but this guy jumps over a railing that's this high. in fact, the people next to him couldn't believe it. and he was clapping like this, the whole thing, clapping, clapping. and then all of a sudden, boom! he jumps out. and they're screaming "look out!" and i look out and i see this guy charging. now i'm elevated, but he's charging. he's got his girlfriend in the back screaming like crazy, screaming like a total maniac. and this guy is running, and the secret service guys -- he just got to the stage, and the secret
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service guys hit him like you wouldn't believe. they took him out. man! and he was a tough guy. he was a strong guy. in fact, the people couldn't believe that from a standing jump he was able to get over a 50-inch railing. that's a hard thing to do. so, in a certain way, i guess he was in pretty good shape, but strong. but he got over this railing. and you know, just phony people, clapping, clapping, clapping. says, you ready? jumps over, tries to make a rush at me. now, i was ready. i don't know if i would have done well, but i would have been out there fighting, folks. i don't know if i would have done well, but i would have been boom, boom, boom, i'll beat that -- so, you probably saw on television today, i'm turning around. i'm saying, what's going on? and i got it from -- and those people were so great. the heart. you know, they really -- they were scared, they're looking -- "watch out, mr. trump, watch out, watch out!"
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and i turn around, and i see this guy just totally rushing the stage, and he gets to the thing. he actually had his hand on or a couple hands on the stage. and i will tell you, he got taken down. you would not believe it. he's got to have -- he has got to be one very sore person. but that's not the terrible part. the terrible part i'm going to tell you, right? so, they bring them into a court and they process him, and the judge lets him go. okay. all right. now, let me tell you, if he would have gotten on stage, it would have been a problem, to be honest, because it would have been a problem, because he was looking to do harm. this wasn't a guy that was looking to, you know, have a little fun. this is a guy who was looking to do harm. so, the judge let him go. and then one of my people said, wow. they found his name, and it was probably isis or isis related. do you believe it? and then they go on -- my people
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found this. then they go online and they find the guy is playing all sorts of very -- let's say music that you wouldn't be liking, dragging an american flag along the sidewalk, making all sorts of gestures, having all sorts of things on the internet, and he's probably or possibly isis related. now, let me just tell you where i have some real problems. number one is that should have been found out, okay? it shouldn't be found out by one of my internet people. number two, this guy should be in jail right now. he shouldn't be out. this guy should be in jail. he should be in jail. and for a judge to let him go is incredible, but he should be in jail. law and order. it's called law and order. who said that? that man. now what you said is a terrible thing. people said, law and order, that's a terrible thing to say. law and order, you're right. you're right.
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so, they let him go. and after they let him go, they found all this stuff about his real love and where he comes from and the whole thing. now, who knows what's going to happen when they go back to get him, who knows if they're ever going to find him again, folks, but our courts have to get tougher and sharper and smarter, or we are very, very -- we're going to be in a lot of trouble as a country. we already are. we already are. i mean, even here today, i said to the police today, look, you're going to have some protests. because i know this. i mean, i'm pretty good at this stuff. and i said, you're going to have some protests. and by the way, in dayton, other than him, it was so beautiful. in cleveland it was beautiful. it was so beautiful, the hall. the crowd was massive. you know, this one is packed, but it's a much smaller venue, and that's why so many people can't get in. they're outside. i hate to waste seats on these people that we take out. i hate -- i just hate to waste the seats. i hate to waste the time. but think of this.
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look, so, you get this guy out there, he's isis related, all sorts of stuff back and forth. and i'm saying to myself, who would let a guy -- what country would let a guy -- and i mean to tell you, he went through and he was a tough cookie, and he came through that thing. and if these guys weren't trained, tough, tough, strong professionals, he would have gotten through easily, okay? he would have gotten -- they were all over him. man, did he get taken down. he got taken down like a sack of potatoes. it was, wah! i mean, amazing. but honestly, the secret service, they were so incredible. but now the judge lets him go, and now they find out he's isis related or could be isis related. certainly, he's not in love with our country, that i can tell you, okay? >> so, there you have it, donald trump's continuing rally there in kansas city. and as expected, protesters were expected to gather outside, and of course, as you just saw, several got inside, as donald trump spent the better part of the last 30 minutes kicking them out.
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i'm julie banderas. this is the latest from america's news headquarters. protesters disrupting donald trump's rally in kansas city. he at one point calling for them to be arrested and charged. protesters interrupted his other events today in ohio as well. one man tackled by secret service after charging at trump during an event near dayton, ohio. meantime, voters going to the polls in wyoming, washington, d.c., guam and the northern mariana islands. 37 delegates are at stake. we're expecting the very first results out of washington in about an hour from now. meantime, the other republican canned dais dates storming the campaign trail ahead of tuesday, the all-important day.
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super tuesday two with winner-take-all primaries in ohio and florida. keep it here for the latest political news and headlines. i'm julie banderas. we now join "hannity" already in progress. keep it here on fox newschannel. of course, we continue to monitor all of the campaign events. welcome back to beautiful orlando, florida. it's "hannity on the road" as we continue for the entire hour. we've got senator ted cruz with us. i want to go back, because you talked about a flat tax. i have asked every candidate in every interview, 95 million americans out of work. >> yes. >> we have 40 million americans on food stamps, 50 million in poverty, median income down over the last eight years under obama, and he will leave office accumulating more debt than every other president before him combined. that to me is an insurmountable amount of money we're talking about. news came in today, we took in more federal revenues, $1.25
5:17 pm
trillion in the last five months, but still have a $353 billion budget deficit for that period of time. >> yes. >> government spends too much. >> look, and our problem -- we don't have a debt because we're undertaxed. we have a debt because washington is spending money it doesn't have. >> right. >> and digging us into a hole. >> how do you get washington to spend less? i've always liked plan because it's simple. you cut one cent out of every dollar every year for six years and get to a balanced budget, but that's part of it. what would you do? >> the only way you could do it is with strong conservative leadership in the white house backed up by the people. and you know, one of the striking things last night, in the entire course of the debate, it became very evident that donald trump has no solutions to any of these problems. >> you brought that up a lot last night, but i think the question most americans want to know is how do you get to a balanced budget? but the key -- >> eliminate baseline budgeting. all of that matters, but the
5:18 pm
most important piece, if you want to turn around the deficit and the debt is economic growth. if we stay at 1% and 2% economic growth -- >> can't do it. >> -- the math doesn't work. you can't cut enough. and donald at the end of the day doesn't understand where growth comes from, because donald -- you know, he's said a lot of times, listen, nobody knows the system better than he does. and he may well be right, because donald is the system, he is washington. and notice his perspective. donald's perspective is government is the answer to everything, that whatever the problem is, we need more government. and to every issue, he doesn't really disagree with obama and hillary on substance, he just says, they're not doing a good enough job. he'll negotiate a better deal with socialized health care and obamacare. and here's the key. if you want economic growth -- you know two words that never come out of donald's mouth? small business. because to donald's perspective, the economy is about giant corporations, new york billionaires sitting down with
5:19 pm
politicians, whether it's hillary clinton or john boehner, and suckling off government and getting rich at the expense of the working men and women. listen, to heck with big business. the focus of growth has got to be small business. >> there seems to be a two-prong approach we need, and that is, one, i think government needs to spend a lot less. >> absolutely. >> i would cut a lot of government. maybe not the military. i think our military is deteriorated. and then the other part is the growth factor. energy independence would add to that. >> hugely. >> corporate inversion, allowing corporations to repatriate. there are trillions of dollars overseas. so, those are solutions to me, and those are part of your economic plan. explain how the flat tax gets people out of poverty and back to work. >> all right. so, let's start with spending, because that was the first part of your question. i've laid out a very, very detailed spending plan, $500 billion in specific spending cuts. did you notice last night in the entire debate donald was not willing to list a single thing
5:20 pm
he would cut? he wouldn't list an agency, he wouldn't list a program. i asked him, when have you ever stood up to a washington lobbyist on anything? he couldn't point to a single instance. donald -- donald and hillary are the flip side of the same coin. they are washington. they are power. they are big business. they are disruption. and instead -- now, listen, why do other candidates not do what i've done, which is specify exactly what i'd cut? because you'd tick off all the lobbyists. all the people getting the money are real unhappy when you say i'm cutting your money. and they don't want to get attacked. and if we're going to turn washington around, you've got to have -- you've got to demonstrate the courage to take on washington. it's not being an insurgent simply to yell a lot and to curse and insult people. that doesn't make you an insurgent. it just makes you ill-mannered. >> i want to focus as much as i can today on solutions, but you brought up donald trump a lot. when he says he's going to build
5:21 pm
a wall, when he tells me he's going to make america energy-independent -- relax, all right? and he supports the penny plan. do you just not believe him? do you think he's -- for example, do you not think he would build a wall? do you think that's all talk? >> well, it's interesting. i mean it was reported that donald told "the new york times" editorial board that he wasn't going to build the wall that he wasn't going to deport anyone, that he said -- he went to manhattan just a couple months ago and told "the new york times," he said guys -- >> well, it was flexible. >> no, that's what he claimed he said, but he hasn't released the tape. what was reported is that he told them, listen, i don't believe the language i'm using of anti-immigration. i'm just saying it because it scares people and makes them vote for me, but i don't intend to do it. he's since claimed all he said was he's flexible. but if he releases the tape, we can all see. the fact that he won't release the tape, donald is telling us he's lying to us. >> let me ask --
5:22 pm
>> and here's the difference. as president -- you know, donald said he'll be a completely different person the day after he's elected. he'll be the most politically correct person on earth. sean, i will be the exact same person the day after i'm elected that i am today. >> we've got to take a break. we're in beautiful orlando, florida. we're with senator ted cruz for the entire hour. he has a special guest he'll be bringing out here and much more as we continue "hannity on the road," straight ahead. does the smell of a freshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric. someone who knows that the right office gear helps you do great things. and there's one place that has it all. office depot officemax. gear up for great.
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5:25 pm
uses this term a lot -- low-information voters. but you want to appeal to every supporter of every other candidate. >> absolutely, yes. and listen, i understand why people are backing donald trump. people are angry. they're betrayed, as you noted. they're tired of politicians who are lying to them. they're tired of the corruption in washington. i share all those sentiments. what happens, though, is when people start to actually examine trump's record, they realize he is what they're angry about. you don't fix the corruption by supporting someone who has been immeshed in the corrupt. and look, his argument last night -- here's how the washington cartel operates -- you get career politicians in both parties. you get hillary clinton and john boehner sitting at the table and you get the special interests like donald trump. and donald writes big checks, he writes them to both. they, in turn, take care of him. he gets richer and richer.
5:26 pm
they put in laws that let him do like he's doing in florida, abusing the immigration laws, bringing in foreign workers and hurting american workers. and donald's argument is, okay, for 40 years, he's been part of that corruption, but now, suddenly, we're going to put the fox in charge of the hen house. he's been corrupting it for 40 years. let's take out the middleman. and by the way, one of the amazing things he also says. >> on the flip side of that, by the way, you got a big endorsement today from "national review." >> yeah, look -- >> that was a big endorsement. >> what we're seeing is conservatives uniting behind our campaign, and that is happening more and more every day. and it's because, if we're going to stand up to washington, you've got to have someone who actually has stood up to washington, who's taken on the lobbyists, who doesn't look to government for every solution. look, my answer to every solution is the people. get government out of your way.
5:27 pm
you want to know what i'll do as president? it will be to get the federal government off of your back. >> please. thank you. i'd really appreciate that. and i know everyone here would. let me ask you, the issue of islam, the issue of islam came up last night. >> yeah. >> i don't say it the way donald trump says it. i'm my own person. but there is a huge cultural divide. we have -- supposedly, we have an alliance with saudi arabia, but i think they've been gouging us for years on oil. i think they have been duplicitous, have played both sides of the fence. the same with egypt. they even elected mohamed morsi at one point, the former head of the muslim brother hood, a guy who once refers to jews at the sentence of apes and pigs. on the one hand, it seems we have radical islam. that's easy to talk about. but we really have a problem with islam considering women are second-class citizens, you are not free to practice your religion, you don't have freedom of speech in these countries,
5:28 pm
and you were talking last night about how we've got to involve them as part of the solution. aren't they all combined as states part of the problem, especially under sharia? >> well, listen, whether it is keeping this country safe and fighting radical islamic terrorism, or whether it is restarting the economy and bringing back jobs, we need a president who knows what he's doing. you know, if you have a car that's broken down, your car's broken down in the driveway. you have one of two options. you can go outside of your car and start yelling and cursing at your car and hoping that will somehow fix it, or you actually get in there and fix the engine so that it runs. >> so, here's the problem, how do we deal -- for example, we have the president wants to take in now 65,000 syrian refugees. the president's envoy to defeat isis, general john allen, our national intelligence director, james clapper, fbi director james comey have all said isis
5:29 pm
will infiltrate like they did in paris -- >> of course they will. they've said they're going to. >> so, if anybody's coming from a country that practices sharia, don't we have to worry that they are radicalized in their views and think women should cover themselves and not drive a car and can't go to school or work? >> absolutely, yes. it's why i've introduced legislation to ban any refugees from countries where al qaeda or isis control any country at all. >> what about saudi arabia? >> and it's why i've been leading the fight to stop sharia law here. no international law has any authority in america. but the critical thing, sean, people are scared. they're scared. we see these terrorist attacks. we have this president, president obama, who acts as an apologist for the islamists and people get more angry. so, donald's insults, i get, they're cathartic. it feels good to yell when you have a president who doesn't keep you safe, but i have
5:30 pm
problems with donald trump's policies that i think he is far too weak on radical islamic terrorists. when donald says, as he did last night, he would keep in place the nuclear deal with iran, that is fool-hearty. and the problem is, donald thinks he will just magically negotiate a better deal. that's the same thing he said with castro. keep in place with castro, negotiate a better deal. listen, we have had a policy for centuries -- we don't negotiate with terrorists. iran wants to kill us. >> i agree with that, and it's scary what the president has done here. what about states like saudi arabia, countries like egypt, that play both sides? haven't we been played enough by these countries? >> there's a difference between the saudis and egypt. i agree with you, saudi has had a terrible history of the royal family funding islamists, trying to buy them off, buy the crocodile off so they eat them last, and we need to stand up and exert real force over saudi
5:31 pm
arabia, demand that they behave as allies and not be funding those who are killing us. >> well said. >> i will say, egypt is different. listen -- >> general seal sisi is differe. >> he has demonstrated a courage. you know, i wrote a book last year, "time for truth." i actually quote a speech that president al sisi gave at cairo university, the same -- it was january 1st, a year ago. al sisi stood up and he called out radical islamic terrorists. he did that as a muslim leader. he's literally putting a bounty on his head. the islamists, the jihadists want to murder him because he said as a muslim, we have got to stop these radical islamic terrorists, and his army is tracking them down, they're imprisoning them, they're fighting -- >> that's someone we can work with. >> why is it that egypt's al sisi is stronger at going after radical islamic terrorism than barack obama is? >> or hillary clinton. >> or hillary clinton. >> one other thing. i meant to bring this up earlier
5:32 pm
when we were talking about process. marco rubio earlier today told his supporters in ohio to vote for john kasich, to stop -- why are you laughing? >> listen -- >> i'm just, i have to ask you about the news, you know. >> i know. i'm just laughing because it's the washington establishment's last gasp. let's divide things up, let's play games. it's real, real simple. how do you beat donald trump? you beat him. you beat him at the ballot box. and at this point, sean -- >> i think they want to stop you. i believe the establishment does not want this man or donald trump to win. i just believe it. >> there's no doubt about it. >> i think there should be a fair fight, a good debate. let the american people decide. but i believe they want a brokered convention thaend say, oh, this will be the consensus candidate. i believe that with all my heart. >> at this point, our campaign has beaten donald eight separate
5:33 pm
times. we won a landslide in iowa. we won a great victory in oklahoma. we won an incredible landslide in my home state of texas. >> a lot of delegates. >> we won as geographically varied as from alaska to maine. we won both of those. we are winning. we won idaho. we beat them in minnesota. we are winning over and over and over again. >> time to take a break. all right, we'll take break. we'll come back. when we come back, a special guest that recently endorsed senator ted cruz, as we continue from orlando, florida. it's "hannity on the road."
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florida, sitting with ted cruz for the hour. now also joining us, carly fiorina, who i got to know over this long campaign and come to admire. you made a big endorsement for senator cruz. >> well, i did, and i was proud to do it. you know, i'll tell you how i got there. it was before i even had had a long meeting with the senator. and i live in virginia with my husband, frank, and i went into the voting booth -- >> you decided right there in the voting booth? >> well -- >> i kind of like ted. let me flip this one. >> no, let me tell the story. so, i see my own name on the ballot, i think that's kind of cool. and i think about all of my supporters and think for a moment, maybe i should cast a vote, not for me but for my supporters. and then i thought about why did i run for president? because i think we need a real conservative in the white house, because i think we need someone who's actually going to challenge the system, because i think we need someone who's
5:40 pm
going to stick to the substance, not talk about spray tans, not talk about body parts, actually understands that these are serious times and serious issues, and they need serious solutions. and when i thought about all that, i thought, this is a man who i know the kind of nominees he's going to put in the supreme court. and let's face it, the supreme court hangs in the balance. this is a guy that i know is going to reform washington, whether it's the irs or repealing obamacare or the veterans administration. and here's something else i know from personal experience -- i have led change all my life. and when you do that, you challenge the status quo. it's actually what leadership is about. and when you challenge the status quo, you make enemies. it's part of it. it's why most people won't lead. it's why most people don't have the courage to challenge the system. so, you know what? we're known by the company we keep. he is known by the enemies he's made. good for him. good for him. >> you know, i said this to you
5:41 pm
privately, and i think i've said it on the air. one of the things i really admired about how you ran your campaign, and senator cruz, i think you would agree with this, i think you were one of the most effective prosecutors against hillary clinton and how bad a president she would be. so, i think that's a big endorsement. senator, i know you're happy about it. is she on your short list for vp? >> look -- [ cheers and applause ] >> you know what, let's get him the nomination first. we keep jumping ahead here. >> well, it's my job to jump ahead. i get paid to do that. >> sean, i'll say this, carly is extraordinary. i mean, she is a -- was a remarkable business leader, you know, ceo of a fortune 50 company. that is a big, big deal, one of the world's most respected companies. and she has been an -- she ran an incredible campaign. she is a serious thinker. and you're right, she's standing up and fighting for conservative principles.
5:42 pm
i'll tell you, i'm really humbled to be here with her and have her support. >> let me throw a whole different question out here, because, you know, i've had the honor of getting to know all 17 of you in a pretty intimate way. and i have deep respect. trump is right about one thing, it's hard running for president. there's nothing easy about it. i know the long hours on the road and time away from your family and speech. you don't even know what cities you're in some days. let's be honest. so, it's really hard -- >> it's orlando! >> i know, we're having a magical time. >> although i continually have nightmares of waking up in orlando and saying "good morning, cleveland." it hasn't happened yet -- >> it might happen. >> on the road, there are moments where you worry it might. >> there won't be that tmz moment for somebody. here's my question, there were so many talented people along the way. if you do win the nonomination, how many of those 17 people do you want to reach out to to be
5:43 pm
part of a unity government, almost, with the purpose of -- you know, all these people that are out of work are suffering. >> sure. >> all those people in poverty are suffering. all of the people on food stamps are suffering. all of the people paying 50% more for health care are suffering. our country is suffering, our kids are suffering. i don't like the trajectory of where we're headed. >> right. >> do you think that could happen, something that's never happened before? i think about that. what do you think? >> absolutely. i think one of the incredible things -- you look at the 17 people who started. i mean, we had a depth of talent. we had people who were young, dynamic, charismatic, passionate, principled. >> bob aevenl jindal, scott walker, john kasich. >> incredible leaders. and i've said from the beginning, back when there were 17 of us, i said any republican president would be a fool for the men and women standing there not to comprise a significant portion of the cabinet. i mean, we've got phenomenal talent. and what is important, sean, is that we fix these problems, that we put in place leaders for whom it's not lip service. >> solutions.
5:44 pm
>> solutions to the problems and leaders who understand we work for you. it's why i don't like donald asking people to pledge support to him. this is not about us. it's not about a candidate. it's about the american people, and we need to pledge our support to you. >> all right, here's my question. you know, we've heard you last night. i've interviewed you a lot. i've gotten a lot of specifics from you. how firm are these promises? flat tax, wall at the border, your plan to carpet-bomb isis, all of the health care repealing-replacing, and all of these other things? is there any room for negotiation or this is your solemn pledge to the american people? >> listen, this is my solemn pledge. there are many criticisms that have been lobbed at me, but being overly flexible is not one
5:45 pm
of them. >> i'll ask -- >> and anyone who stands up -- now, listen, there is always -- there are areas on which you can have room for compromise -- marginal tax rates. if we sat down and battled like crazy and fought to reduce the tax rates and i couldn't get it to 10%, i'm going to fight tooth and nail for 10%, but if we end up cutting it to 12%? reagan said what do you do if they offer you half a loaf? answer i'll take it. you take half a loaf, celebrate and then you come back for more. so, there are areas to compromise, but the key point is you don't compromise on principle, you don't compromise on the constitution, on the bill of rights, on the second amendment, on religious liberty. principle you don't compromise away. >> we'll take a break. we're in orlando, florida. it's "hannity on the road." more with senator ted cruz and carly fiorina. and when we come back, we'll hear from this wonderful audience, straight ahead.
5:46 pm
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back on the road. we are in orlando, florida, to continue the 2016 republican presidential candidate. senator ted cruz and carly fiorina who has endorsed him. sir, you're up first for questions. >> as a former service member,
5:51 pm
and an airman, i'd like to know what you plan on doing for v.a. health care. >> sir, let me start by saying thank you for serving. >> but the second change that i think is critically important is that veterans should have the right. and that's the fundamental change. listen, you want to go to the v.a. hospital, that's your right. you've earned that right.
5:52 pm
but the local hospital down the street, you should have the right to do that. you have the right to go to that hospital. why should we treat our veterans worse than those in the private sect sector? it doesn't make any sense. >> let me ask this question. let's say that the fbi makes a criminal referral to the justice department and you become president, statute of limitations has not passed. would you aggressively go after hillary clinton if you believe, if the fbi believes she committed felonies? absolutely, ye >> absolutely, yes. and there's a principle here that matters. this country was founded on the principle that no one is above the law.
5:53 pm
and whether it is the clintons or whether it is some in the republican party that think the law doesn't apply to them, that's not how it works. we are a nation under god and under the constitution and the law needs to apply fairly to everyone. >> hi, senator cruz. my name is erin. i'm a volunteer who drove from texas to campaign for you and i wondered how electing you compared to the other candidates in the race would impact the supreme court and the other federal -- >> great question. >> -- court. >> thank you, erin, for being here and your passion and hard work. the supreme court hangs in the balance. we are one liberal justice away from a radical left wing corps that woulde our religious liberty and undermine our second amendment to give away u.s. sovereignty making us subject to international law in the world court and there's two candidates effectively in this race. donald trump and me.
5:54 pm
donald said he will negotiate with harry reid and chuck schumer and compromise on the supreme court on justice scal scalia's replacement, anything that harry and chuck sign off on is a left-wing activist and i give you my word, every justice i appoint to the court will be a principled constitutionalist, who will ferociously defend the bill of rights. >> senator, thank you so much. appreciate it. carly, great to see you. >> thank you, orlando. thank you, orlando. we really appreciate it. unfortunately for you back home, that's all we have time for. we have a magical time and don't forget, florida will be voting, ohio will be voting, illinois will be voting, missouri will be voting. we will follow it here on the fox news channel. we'll see you back here on monday.
5:55 pm
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