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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  March 14, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and fried chicken. >> i can't tell the difference. >> logon to for the after the show show. >> and if you have to run for the television, run to the radio ainsley's going to join me. >> 9:30. 9:34 to be exact. >> see you back here tomorrow. bill: donald trump saying don't blame the messenger. his rivals accusing trump of stoking the flames. strum had an answer for that hours after a huge primary day tomorrow. where do we go from here? martha: i'm martha maccallum. donald trump taking heat from both sides. republican and democratic hopefuls accusing him of inciting the violence. but donald trump says his rallies are mostly peaceful, he
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believes it's the country that is now angry. >> i had the biggest crowds. last week we had 35,000 people. but we'll have disrupters put there by somebody. some of the protesters are very rough and they are bad dudes and they swing and punch and nobody talks about that in the media. we have a huge portion of this country that's fed up. you look at the rust belt where our jobs are being taken. they are being moved out of the united states. we have a president who doesn't have a clue, and the people of this country are angry. they are not angry people, but they are angry now. martha: this coming with five big states on the line tomorrow including winner-take-all contests tomorrow. john roberts joins us live from
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tampa within florida. martha: donald trump will be holding a rally later on this afternoon. he's playing for a knockout blow. marco rubio and john kasich have been focusing their attention on their home states. the closest race he races is in the state of ohio. two recent polls show an even up with ohio governor john kasich. yesterday donald trump chided kasich as a quote absentee governor. >> in ohio it's pretty even with john kasich. he doesn't understand what's happening in ohio. i went to ohio and there was a massive crowd.
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'. where did they go? people said mexico. reporter: in chicago mass protests shut down a trump rally. saturday a protester rushed the barricade and was tackled by the secret service. >> we are a nation now where people hate each other. do we want to live in a country where americans hate each other? if we continue on the road we are upon we'll fracture at the seams. we are seeing images we haven't seen since the 1960s. reporter: marco rubio has 24 hours to convince people in florida to vote for him. if he loses his home state, that
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will it -- that will be it for him. bill: there is a poll out this morning that shows the race in florida neck and neck with donald trump and john kasich on his home turf. polls show they are deadlocked 38-38 percent. byron york, it's been a very interesting week. you have been to trump rallies in seven states. what is the effect of this fast weekend. >> if anything it may solidify the support of people inclined to support donald trump. if you go to trump rallies, you will see he does face protesters unlike any other candidate. they are sometimes organized and they are continuous. one person rise, disrupts, is
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taken out. another person rise, disrupts and is taken out. that can continue. trump supporters see the protesters as the initiating forces in all this and everybody else as reacting to it. when they look at chicago they see a bunch of organized groups,, the remnants of occupy and even bill ayers was involved. bill: you write, do trump's rivals benefit by blaming him for the chicago chaos? the question comes back to how trump is handling this. how do you gauge that? >> i think they do not benefit by blaming him. all of his rivals have blamed the protesters to some degree. marco rubio said the protesters are not blameless. but they have spent more time
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talking about donald trump. it's true donald trump does sometimes use inkre incendiary language. sometimes he will mock them and be confrontational. we have seen tape of him saying punch that guy in the face. saying i would like to punch that guy in the face. to that degree you can say he brings out the worst in his supporters. but his supporters say wait a minute, there is one group coming in trying to disrupt this and they are the ones who bear the initial blame. bill: ohio too close to call. where are we, do you believe, on wednesday? what's your guess? >> if the polls are right, marco rubio has lost his home state and maybe departing the race. we don't know what happens in ohio.
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if trump wins ohio he looks strong to go on and continue on win the nomination. if he doesn't it gives heart to the never trump forces to make sure he stays below the number needed to clinch the nomination. if kasich can winnow high oh the stop trump movement goes on. bill: from orlando, the i-4 corridor in the heart of it. martha: it's a busy day for the final four republican candidates campaigning hard ahead of tomorrow's very big day. you have got and cruz getting ready to rally in north carolina. john kasich preparing for a town hall in ohio. all of those event kick off in the 10:00 a.m. eastern hour. first john kasich will join us here live in america's newsroom.
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the race for the nomination not taking a break as ted cruz wins wyoming by a landslide. he said the stakes could not be higher. >> if donald trump is the nominee, hillary wins. if hillary i the next president we lose the supreme court for a generation. we lose the bill of right. we see our kid buried in mountains of debt and their futures taken away. the key to winning this nomination is for republican to unite and we are seeing that happen each and every day all across the country. bill: also in washington, d.c., that primary is in the book and this one goes to marco rubio. but the senator's hope 8 might be his land stand. 99 delegates there and a loss there could end it. that's why he's basically pitching camp in the sunshine state. >> we are not going to allow the
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conservative movement and the republican party to be hijacked by a man who has not been a republican or conservative. we are not going to allow the republican party to fall into the hand of someone who will get crushed in november. that means hillary clinton wins. we are not going to allow the republican party to become the party of fear and frustration and anger. martha: let's check in within the delegate count and see where everybody stand ahead of these winner-take-all states. they are 90 point apart as you can see. you have got marco rubio in third place at 163. he has put all his hopes on the florida delegates. john kasich is in 40s place. he has 63 and hopes to pick up 66 from ohio tomorrow. all of these could change
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dramatically when we get to those pig state on super tuesday. fox is the place to be for all of the action. we'll continue to go deep into the night as those result continue to come in. it's going to be quite interesting. bill: >> the super tuesday. right now trump is winning 44%, the delegates based on proportioproportional. martha: we saw state where you had to get to 20% to get delegates. rubio fell below that level so that hurt him a lot. bill: how many times do we say this really matters? 10 minute past now. a fox news alert. in has been a deadly act of
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terror in the african capital. martha: an amtrak train goes flying off the rails. >> a gentleman stopped me and said are you all right? what many going on? i there any blood? i shined my cell phone light. d . ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> the governor here didn't win one state yet. he does this nice routine, i want to be the grown-up in the room. but he didn't tart out that way. do you remember the fir two debates snow came at me. i said wait a minute, what's this? he came at me viciously. he went to michigan. because it's a neighboring state he said he would win it and if he didn't win it he would give and be a governor. bill: the republican frontrunner slamming john kasich on his home turf. kasich looking for his constituent to keep the campaign alive. at the moment the ohio governor joins me now live. good morning and thanks for
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coming back here. come down to this. ohio is close. trump is hitting it hard on trade and jobs. dose have you on the defensive at the moment in your home state? >> no, we are winning in ohio. we just got a fox poll where we are up 5 point. it's a strange year, but we are working hard in ohio. mitt is going to come in because he want me to winnow high oh. we are excited to have him. we'll be back in columbus tomorrow, and up toward cleveland, and we are going to be in good shape. we'll win this state and campaign all across the country and when all is said and done. it's about a thousand delegates to go. it's so crazy you don't know what's going to happen in very strong shape.
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>> if you winnow high oh you get 66 delegates winner take all. you match that with second place in vermont and second place in new hampshire and second place in massachusetts. how is that a winning argument for the nomination when trump has already won 5 state in first place? >> i labored in almost total object security because i wasn't name calling. secondly, my message is getting heard. i'm performing better in illinois. i'll winnow high oh and it will be a -- i'll win in ohio and it will be a new ballgame. at some point actually if you have foreign policy experience, which i have, if you have domestic policy experience both in washington, balancing the budget and creating a great job environment. turning ohio around. we are up 400,000 jobs, then we tart to get serious.
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i'm confident where we are. people have been predicting my demise for a long time. we are still doing well and we'll winnow high oh and get a lot of mo momentum out of it. bill: people suggest the ohio comeback story is not what you make it out to be. what would you say to your detractors who say you don't have the job numbers you are touting. >> i didn't make the numbers up. they are from the bureau of labor statistics. we are running surpluses, our pensions are strong. we cut taxes more than any other governor in the country. people get paid to write headlines. they get paid -- who cares. i'm just telling you what the story is. wages growing 23569er than the national average. we have chinese investments, over 1,000 jobs hired in dayton.
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we have amazon, three location investments in the state. wer have a german investment in ohio. we are doing very well. we have to keep it going, and we have the formula that works. bill: yo you mentioned mitt rom. he said it's not an official endorsement. it sure looks like it. how dose help you in ohio. >> he was the standard bearer four years ago. he will help us in the state. we have almost an 80% approval among republicans in ohio. that's a pretty good number. we are not taking anything for granted. our town halls and rallies are really strong. we'll win the state and we'll move on. it's going to be a lot of fun. we'll be doing a lot of
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interviews about this over the course of the next few months. bill: irvin meyer has a lot of sway and he endorsed you. but last night pete rose apparently endorsed donald trump. so in the battle of endorsements, who wins that battle? >> my wife will be disdisappointed. she always wanted rose to go in the hall of fame. she'll have to take a second look at that. thank you. bill: if you lose tomorrow, is it over, yes or no. >> we are not going to lose. come to cleveland and be there for the results. bill: thank you, sir. martha: in the paris and san bernardino attacks investigators still cannot get into cell phones for vital evidence. in paris the killer downloaded a new app that day that allowed
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bill: chaos in kansas, an amtrak train derailing sending to the people hospital. that train traveling from l.a. to chicago. five train cars landing on their side and passengers say there was a lot of confusion.
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>> i heard people crying for help. look for folks it was a dark field. everyone was on both sides of the train looking for other people, family members. i exit. as soon as i opened the room door there was a large burning smell. we were all concerned about that. bill: luckily no fire in the end. the cause of that crash under investigation. martha: new technology make it easier than ever for terrorist to the plan and launch their attacks from cell phones. they are using encryption on apple iphones to send messages in secret, the app is called telegram. but its inventor says this is not at all what he intended. >>ou created this to allow dissidents in russia and other countries to communicate with each other, then you find out
6:26 am
that this terrorist group uses your site for completely different reasons. there is an irony there. >> there is. but there is nothing we can do. if you allow this tool to be used there will always be some people who misuse it. martha: kt mcfarland is here, the former deputy secretary of defense. this is a chilling report and 60 minutes. it talks about the fact that the bataclan terrorists in paris transmitted messages on his app and said we are ready to go. they can't get into those phones. and it's frustrate together french. we have to figure this out. >> it will happen again and again and again.
6:27 am
here is where the arguments are and nobody is being honest about it. the f.b.i. says, look, we know and apple, you can build an unhackable phone or iphone or ipad. but what we want is for there to be a back door. and you give us the key to the back door so if we need to get in there on one or two cases we'll have access. even if you don't want to give us the key, you keep the key and let us get in there. apple says well if we let you have the united states government, we have a big market overseas. the chinese and the iranians will want the same rights. how do we keep them out and let you in. so apple and other technology companies are saying we are going to build something with no back door so we'll be out of the hack business. we have gotten to the point other industries have figured out the distance between privacy and security and found the
6:28 am
midland ground and the tech companies have not. so if they don't, congress will just pass laws requiring them to do it. the solution is find a new technology to make this work. martha: the french investigators talked about as all that was going down, they had video last night i have not seen. it of the devastating. it's important for everybody to remember what happened in paris because it will happen again. and we sometimes too quickly forget. one of those killers threw one cell phone into a garbage can. that cell phone is the one that led them to the orchestrator of this entire thing. it's like technology has created a frankenstein. they found a way to make it unhackable. and now your preventing the bad guys from getting into your personal belongings.
6:29 am
what are we -- >> the technology come flits their argument, you say we have to create a banging system that's unhackable. there are reasons for unhackable devices. so bad guys can't get into your credit card information. as the inventor telegram said, i never anticipated this. i thought my stuff would be used for dissidents to do good deeds. i didn't realize bad guys would get their hands on it. that's why it needs to be a solution where the tech companies work with the u.s. intelligence company. there is no genius in the basement of the cia saying i know how to do this. they have to protect privacy and at the same time keep us safe. and. martha: and isis can create their own software.
6:30 am
bill: a young police officer murdered in the line of duty. what's next for the two young men in custody for the crime. martha: donald trump not standing for criticism he's to blame for the violent outbursts at his rally he says were messing with his supporters. >> they were professional disrupters. they came in with the bernie signs and they were disruptive. with the original hidden valley ranch.
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bill: the death toll rising after a car bombing in ankara turkey. it happened sunday. officials saying the attack was carried out by two bombers, one of them a woman. this is the second attack in
6:34 am
turkey in the fast no blamed on kurdish rebels. >> they weren't really protesters, they were disrupters. they were like professionals. they had bernie sanders signs professionally made. on isis on our vets we are being treated horribly. the people are angry at that. they are not angry about something i'm saying. i'm just the messenger. martha: the republican frontrunner dismissing criticism that he's fueling the clashes. he says overall his events are most lire peaceful. but people are angry about the direction our country is head in and he says that's why we are seeing these eruptions. let's bring in katie pavlich.
6:35 am
marianne marsh, former senior advisor to john kerry. bill: he says these are orchestrated and organized by does he have a point? >> this is a leadership test for trump and sanders. if sanders supporters are crashing trump events, both of them need to days avow it. there is a political benefit for both of them. the more am muched up people get, the more emotion involved. the more likely it is their supporters, both trump and sanders will turn out to the polls to a point unfortunately there is a benefit to this. but now pandora's box is open and it will be hard to close and sadly it gets worse over the
6:36 am
course of this campaign. trump needs to disavow it but he's justifying it as self-defense. sanders disavowed it by says he not responsible for all of his supporters. martha: this is from donald trump, bernie sanders is lying when he says his supporters are not going to trump events. be careful, bernie or my supporters will go to yours. so katie, this has a lot of people unsettled. >> i completely agree with everything maryanne said which is a rare occurrence. trump and sanders have an obligationing to condemn violence in all its form.
6:37 am
it's not helpful to say you will send people to each other's rallies to disrupt. it's essential people running for the highest office not only in the united states, but in the world, are willing to say we need to put the violence aside and the violent receipt rick aside and have our own rallies, assemble peace any and move forward. it's hard to take quite frankly when donald trump says i'm just the messenger considering his campaign manager has criminal assault charges filed against him. donald trump said he wanted to punch protesters in the face, then he said protesters who have been assaulted at his rallies, that there should be more of it. both sides need to come out and condemn what's going on and try to move forward peace any. martha: marianne you mentioned it. there is an opportunity in these moments. donald trump has been able to
6:38 am
take full advantage of opportunities that arise. a lot of people say why not rise about of, use it as a moment to show presidential behavior saying we understand your right to say what's on your mind but you are provoking vie meant situations here, we can't have that, and say that to his own supporters as well. his supporters will always be his supporters but he has not been able to bring in that other 60-70percent. wouldn't that go along way in your assessment? >> he started to do that in the last debate but we have forgotten about that because of the events friday night. he's using the protests as a metaphor. i'm going to stand up for my supporters and i'll stand up other countries.
6:39 am
on both sides, trump, sanders. word should never justify violence it's never a rationale it's never acceptable period, end of sentence. i think you get more out of organizing people. go register people to goat. get them to go out and vote. we are on the eve of a super tuesday and they are throwing match on gasoline. martha: from a political perspective and bringing them into your tent. wouldn't donald trump benefit more by taking the high road in some of these moments? that would grab the attention of a lot of people who do not support him. >> i think we need to think about the long-term implications of this. the united states, we vote -- voting is a replacement for violence and that's what people are going to do tomorrow. it would be helpful for the future of the country for donald trump and bernie sanders to put the short-term political gains aside and come out publicly and con deputy this rather than
6:40 am
stoking the flames and advocating supporters shut down each other's rallies. freedom of expression and freedom of speech does not mean you shut down speech of others on the left or the right. donald trump and bernie sanders aren't willing to say that because of the short-term gain. martha: thank you, ladies. good to see you both. bill: ready for march madness? >> 68 teams won brock the here. kansas take the overall top spot. north carolina coming in hot after steamrolling the 24-rbgs
6:41 am
cc tourney. the tournament start tomorrow. so let the madness begin. villanova is doing what? the number 2 seed. martha: they had a tough loss. it will be a lot of fun. you know who i'm rooting for. all right. it's another day and. >> the situation we need to be concerned about in the world and that's what we are looking at. a threat from north korea's dictator and this one hitting close to home. he's claiming he can wipe manhattan off the map. bill: john kasich and marco rubio facing a day of reconning tomorrow. can they win on their home turf on ohio and florida or will they get team rolled by donald trump. larry sabato set to tell us what we need to know next. >> i'm grateful to all of you for what you are doing. i ask you to keep working hard
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martha: more bold and threatening claims. north korea says it can wipe manhattan off the map by sending a ballistic missile to new york city. most expert believe he's exaggerating when it comes to the country's nuclear capability. bill: are you ready for super tuesday? here to tell you what you need to know is dr. larry sabato from the university of virginia. let's start in florida. any time you think about florida, what do you think? southeast, miami, palm beach counties, think about the i-4 corridor. especially this year with trump in the race.
6:46 am
you think about the panhandle. can marco rubio make the case if he loses tomorrow that he can continue. what's your evaluation on that? >> a politician can make the case that the sun rights in the west and sets in the east. but that doesn't mean it's true. i don't see any credible way if rubio loses florida he can continue running for the nomination. especially if trump beats hem by a wide margin that virtually every survey shows. bill: trump at 46%, rubio 22:00 in the quinnipiac poll. let's go to ohio and talk about john kasich. a lot of folks in youngstown, too. this is fringe lynn county, columbus. you have got to go to hamilton county and talk about cincinnati. the question about john kasich. when were on with him just a
6:47 am
moment ago. i asked him, even if you winnow high oh, you have got a second place up here in vermont, a second place in new hampshire and a second place in massachusetts. so then how do you make a strong argument that you are the guy? what would you say? >> he can't. basically john kasich who i think probably will winnow high oh. it's close. two polls showed it tied the past 24 hours. i think on the basis of his popularity generally and with republicans in ohio he will win. but where does he go? what can he do? he's betting on a contested convention. he's betting as governor of the key swing state of ohio and no republican has ever won the white house without ohio, he will be in a position to be a negotiator or broke if nothing else. bill: have you seen this?
6:48 am
quinnipiac, trump 38, kasich 38. margin of error 3.7 percentage points. that's really close in illinois. in illinois there is a report that trump fired or replaced his state chair. trump at 34, cruz at 25, kasich 21, rubio follows at 16. is this outcome in question? >> i think probably trump will win. but not not just that poll but others have had it reasonably close between trump and cruz. down state is pretty rural. if you look at where cruz has won, he's been taking that central corridor of the country. i think it's reason any close. trump would be expected to win, but i don't think it would be a giant upset if cruz carried illinois. bill: cruz just said a few
6:49 am
minutes ago he will win illinois. i look at missouri and santorum got 55% of the vote. missouri was funky in 2012. meaning when they voted and how they voted, it was a little best than normal. can cruz win in missouri? i think it comes down to that fundamental question. >> yes, he can. the electorate there is somewhat i am throort electric rats he has been able to carry in the central part of the country. i don't think it will be a runaway. but missouri is cruz's best shot tomorrow. >> you put missouri with iowa, kansas city, and texas where cruz has won. finally in north carolina what do you see? >> trump led most of the surveys. sometimes by a wide margin. but when you look at electorate, i think this is a straight-on
6:50 am
cruz versus trump fight. i wouldn't be shocked either way. we'll have to see what developed. let's remember the most important contests are florida and ohio. but these other three have a lot of delegates combined as well. bill: that they do. depending on your vote margin you could get a lot more delegates than you think. thank you, sir. enjoy this. larry sabato, university of virginia and and number one seed. how did you pull that off? >> we are going to win, too, bill. bill: duly noted, thank you, buddy. martha: major flooding in the south following a huge downpour last week and the threat of new flooding still very real out there. bill: a young police officer being killed after being ambushed by two suspects. they are under arrest. how did this happen?
6:51 am
>> he had an infectious smile. he lit up a room. he was a tremendous personality that made everybody smile and wanted to be everything to everybody.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
martha: an absolutely horrible story. a maryland police officer gunned down in the line of duty in what investigators call an unprovoked attack. two suspects are in custody. rich palmer joins with us more. what's ahead in terms of this investigation? reporter: they are still trying to peace this together. investigators say they have yet to establish a motive in this case. they have two suspects in custody, one of tomorrow was injured in a firefight. he's in the hospital.
6:55 am
another they captured in a nearby fast food restaurant. one of the men started shooting at this complex behind me, a community center. it just opened up. before it also contains a police station. when they heard the shots, officers came out of the police station. and that's when the officer was shot. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. he was a four-year veteran of the police department an was an undercover narcotics officer and police say they have the suspect in this case. martha: this was a person who was very special in this precinct. reporter: absolutely. there has been a great just pouring of support. this has been happening in the d.c. areas way to often. officer coulson is the 13th
6:56 am
officer who has been shot and killed in the united states. the third in maryland this year and thus far we have seen great support from the police community. >> today we witness again another horrific act of evil, and this is an act of cowardice, a new low in ex cutting defenders of this community. he is important to his community and his family we have another mother tonight who is without her son. reporter: after the shooting, he was taken to the hospital where officers joined hands and prayed. there was another officer shooting in moreby northern virginia. as police officers piece together why exactly someone was shooting in front of a police station. martha: what a loss for his
6:57 am
community. rich, thank you very much. bill: it's full speed ahead on the campaign trail. four candidates holding four events in only minutes from now. we'll take you there live. d start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. . . . .
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and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. martha: donald trump is about to hold a rally in north carolina following a weekend of disruptions and violence at his campaign events. we're getting ready to watch a little bit of that as we take you around a tour of candidates. welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. super tuesday tomorrow is a critical day that could define this race. four different candidates, four different states. five states on the line with 358 delegates. thousands of people gathering at a trump rally in north carolina, inconcluding a group of protesters outside. heavy security on hand after demonstrators disrupted several
7:01 am
trump events over the weekend. trump pointing finger at bernie sanders in part, blaming some of his supporters for interference. trump is in hickory, north carolina, chris christie on stage there? no, it is not. we'll let you know if that is the case. ted cruz meanwhile is in rockford illinois. let's first hear from donald trump. >> where do these people come from, get them out. gooded. every five minutes or so one of bernie's people, sometimes hillary, but there is not a lot of flavor, not a lot of fervor with hillary. martha: steve hayes, senior writer for "weekly standard," fox news contributor. good morning. >> good morning, martha. martha: give us a look ahead as you see it? what do you expect? >> i agree with a lot of with we heard from larry sabato last hour. a lot of people are paying attention to both ohio and florida for clear reasons. they're winner-take-all
7:02 am
primaries. you have home state candidates in each of the places. they will give us a lot to give us a sense where the race is going starting wednesday morning but i think we should pay a lot of attention to illinois and missouri, places where delegates are awarded on congressional statewide basis could help determine the shape of the race in the weeks to come. martha: steve, we'll listen to ted cruz for just a second. >> the field has narrowed. the field is now effectively a two-person race between me and donald trump. only two candidates have any plausible path winning republican nomination. me and donald trump. right now i have 370 delegates. donald has 90 more than i do. it takes 1237 to become the republican nominee. what we're seeing happen here on the ground in illinois, and in states all across the country we're seeing republicans coming
7:03 am
together. 65 to 70% of the republicans nationwide recognize donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head with hillary clinton. if donald trump is the nominee, hillary wins. and you know, i would note that the people of illinois have been suffering under mismanaged democratic policies for a long, long time. people of illinois have paid a real price for the failures of the far left democrats. and it is rather striking that my leading competitor for the republican nomination, donald trump, has been one of the key funders of those liberal democrats imposing failed policies on the people of illinois. donald trump gave $7,000 to rod blagojevich. that is a fairly remarkable legacy for republican candidate for president. he gave $12,500 to the
7:04 am
democratic party of cook county. people across illinois understand exactly what the legacy is of what it means that donald trump thinks the democratic party of cook county is an institution he wants to support, presumably because he supports their corruption and he supports their policies. but actually donald's contributions to blago and cook count democrats pail to compared to his -- pale to contributions to contributions to rahm emanuel. he gave $50,000 to rahm emanuel, $50,000. people of illinois are fed up with the failed policies of democrats including hillary clinton, who donald written check after check to, two checks he wrote to hillary clinton's presidential campaign in 2008. that's one. reasons republicans are united behind our campaign because here in illinois and all across the country people don't want to nominate a candidate who has been enmeshed in the corruption
7:05 am
of washington for 40 years. has been funding liberal democrats like rod blagojevich, like the cook county democratic party, like rahm emanuel, like hillary clinton. instead we want to nominate an elect a president who will stand with the hard-working taxpayers against the corruption of washington. that is why we're seeing so much tremendous, enthusiasm. excitement behind our candidacy. >> senator over weekend you reiterated support for donald trump if he were to be the republican nominee. we saw rising violence at his events. trump said would consider paying legal fees for somebody who punch ad protester. i understand you made a problem misto support the nominee. at what point do events on the ground force you to at least have you reconsider and maybe look at your position, given that your rivals it would be extremely difficult to support trump if he is nominee? >> i can give you one example i would no longer support donald trump.
7:06 am
if he were to go out on fifth avenue to shoot somebody. i would not be willing to support donald trump. but i think the best answer to donald trump, to his failed liberal policies, to his being enmeshed in washington corruption, supporting the policies that have caused so much damage, funding open border democrats, funding the architects of obamacare, all of which donald has done the answer is not to cry in your beer about the support donald has received the answer is not to do what the washington establishment hopes to do in their fevered dreams, they envision a brokered converges where the convention deadlocks and suddenly in from washington the demakers parachute in an establishment candidate who is their salvation. that is not going to happen and it would spark an absolute revolt quite rightly from the voters. the way to beat donald trump is beat him at the ballot box which is what we have been doing.
7:07 am
that is why our campaign, republicans are uniting behind our campaign because we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump over and over and over again and can and will beat donald trump. indeed, to date we've beaten donald trump not once, not twice, not three times, but nine different times all over the united states of america, literally from alaska to maine and states all in between. and as republicans continue to unite we will continue to beat donald trump. we will win the nomination with 1237 delegates. and then we will go on to beat hillary clinton in the general election. >> you're joking about fifth avenue, senator, clearly donald trump, you presume is not going to shoot somebody on fifth avenue although he made those comments. >> he suggested he might. >> we've seen, you're making a joke but we've seen violence at his rallies. we've seen tensions. i just wonder at what point do you really reconsider? i'm pressing you on, i think this has been extraordinary 89hours in this republican race. >> i agree that is --
7:08 am
>> you front-runner offering to potential pay legal fees -- >> i will answer the question but we're not going to debate. that is a question the voters will make. that is what point do we say enough is enough? if donald trump is the nominee, he is a disaster. the answer is to beat him. which is what -- well, i know it is a shocking concept to members of the media, a shocking concept that an elected official actually does what he said. at the outset of this campaign i committed i will support the republican nominee. and i honor my word. and honoring your word means you actually honor your word. you do what you said you would do. i know that is revolutionary, particularly when you have a candidate like donald trump who changes his position on a given issue, sometimes two or three times on the same debate stage. but with me, i'm very simple, when i tell you i'm going to do something i'm going to do it. now i don't want donald trump to be the republican nominee. i think we elect hillary clinton and we destroy the country if
7:09 am
donald trump is the nominee. and that is why we are working so hard to beat donald trump. and we're going to beat donald trump. >> do you have a dell bat amount of senator cruz, here in illinois you're pointing towards a victory tomorrow. >> i'm very encouraged here in illinois. illinois is state often gets neglected by republicans and yet, i'll tell you, our support here in illinois is tremendous right now. the polling shows us neck-and-neck with donald trump. we're surging. there are a ton of delegates at stake here in illinois and we're competing on the ground. today, the day before election day i could be down in florida, i could be in other states voting today. instead i'm spending entire day here in illinois. we're doing five events across the state. there are a lot of delegates at stake. we're working to earn every delegate we can. it will be up to the men and women of this state but i hope what we see happens is that republicans continue to unite in illinois.
7:10 am
let me say to folks at home. if you're one of the 65 to 70% of republicans who recognizes that donald trump is not the best nominee to go head-to-head with hillary, that if donald is the nominee that hillary wins, that we loose the supreme court for a generation. we lose the bill of rights, that our kids get buried in debt and their future is taken away from them, i asked i to come together and unite. perhaps you were thinking of supporting another candidate. there have been wonderful people in this race, talented, dynamic people of character in this race. perhaps you're thinking now of supporting marco rubio or john kasich, both, good, honorable, decent men. but neither one of them has any path whatsoever to beating donald trump. it is mathematically impossible for either one of them to become the nominee. so if you don't want donald trump to be the nominee, there is only one campaign that can beat donald trump and that has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. so if you were thinking of
7:11 am
supporting a rubio or a kasich, i would invite you to join us, to come together. we welcome you with open arms and what we've seen, the reason why we have beaten donald in nine states across the country -- martha: ted cruz speaking in rockford, illinois. pointing out to the people there he is in illinois. that is what his focus is going to be as we look at florida, illinois, missouri, ohio, north carolina lineup for tomorrow, very significant to see where candidates are spending their time. he has a he feels a good shot in illinois. bring back steve hayes in. ted cruz believes this is a two-man race, steve. he pointed to a number about donations donald trump has made. donald trump will be speaking on the right-hand side of your screen moments away. we'll dip in for a little bit of that. donations made to rod blagojevich, and others cook county politicians as reason not to vote for donald trump in that state, steve. >> that is a smart argument.
7:12 am
we heard ted cruz make arguments in recent debates, that donald trump supported liberal democrats exactly kind of people the country says shouldn't want to be in power since they have been in the power for the past seven years. look, i think cruz is smart to be focusing on illinois, focusing on missouri. those are places where he can sneakily do well, end up amassing a number of delegates, maybe not win states. i think coming out of tomorrow night we're likely to see so many emphasis on ohio and florida because of the home state candidates there and there will be a lot of emphasis again on who is winning states but ted cruz could do as he has done several times in the past very well in delegate count, maybe be even with donald trump. maybe shrink donald trump's lead, and that's what he is trying to do at this point. he is trying to about it to the convention with more delegates than donald trump. like that to be result of a two-man race that happens after tomorrow. and he may well get his wish.
7:13 am
martha: yep. just to point out everybody, illinois has 69 delegates tomorrow. missouri has 52. north carolina has 72. that is a lot of delegates in highly populace states that will be important in the general election going forward. steve, thank you so much. >> thank you. martha: you bet. bill: we saw ted cruz. we will hear from donald trump if in a moment. there is a lot of talk about a contested convention summertime. what would that look like? that's next. >> my message is getting heard. i'm performing better in illinois, i'm going to win ohio and it is going to be a whole new ballgame. i don't think anybody, at this pace is going to have enough delegates to win.
7:14 am
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more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america. bill: yes again we mention hickory county, hickory north carolina, i should say, west of charlotte. donald trump will be out in a moment. we have the chairs out there today. looks like a little different. martha: town hall action unfolding. we'll keep eye on that. meantime former new hampshire governor john sununu, former chief of staff of president george h.w. bush. how are you sir? >> i'm fine, martha. martha: happy monday after a really turbulent weekend, when you hear what happened over in chicago and hear donald trump explanation he thinks this isorg
7:18 am
straighting, that move on ott org is fund -- is fund-raising putting people in these events, what do you make of that? >> people asked ted cruz in previous segment whether or not he would stick by his commitment to support trump. john kasich, said in one. debates donald makes it tougher and tougher. what happened in the last 96 hours really making it hard for some republicans who made the commitment to support the nominee to stick with that commitment. if this thing gets much worse, it is really, going to, i think, add to the chaos what already has been a chaotic campaign. martha: but he says that you know, is placing these people there. that their signs are obviously made by some sort of coordinated group and that they're inciting violence at his events and they're taking away, right of the people who are there to listen to him speak? >> well, he may be correct but his rhetoric makes it awfully
7:19 am
easy for those people to justify, to at least to themselves what they have been doing. and i think, it's really level of the rhetoric we have been hearing from trump all along. although someone has said he is trying to temper that a little bit now but his rhetoric has been really divisive politically. and i think, it's getting people very, very nervous who really do want to commit themselves to support the nominee of the republican party. martha: yeah. here's a little bit of hillary clinton talking about this. let's play that. >> the ugly, divisive rhetoric from donald trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong, but dangerous. if you play with matches, you can start a fire. you can't creel. -- control. that is not leadership. that is political arson. martha: so this weekend good
7:20 am
news for democrats? the. >> well, the democrats are certainly going to exploit it. the important thing is what happens tomorrow and i think tomorrow is a very important collection of five primaries. and the numbers that come out of tomorrow will give us a much better picture as to whether or not we really are going to end up with a convention where there is going to be a battle for the nomination or whether we go to the convention with everything settled. martha: what do you think about that? i mean, how potentially divisive could that process be and do you think that's where we're headed? we haven't been there since 1980 when teddy kennedy tried to take away the nomination from jimmy carter. >> look, historically there have been lots of conventions where decisions had to be made after a number of ballots. parties generally find a way to come together. doesn't always guarranty that that happens but parties generally are able to come together.
7:21 am
i think in this particular case the republican party is doing a lot of internal soul-searching. there are folks that are claiming trump has brought a lot of new people into the party. the fact those are people that don't reflect, to some extent what the party agenda is in terms of issues like trade, issues like eminent domain. issues like reducing the size of government. and i think a lot of republicans that will be at that convention are going through a very anguished period here trying to figure out what they will do if they get there. brokered conventions, that is the phrase people like to use, they're not really brokered but brokered conventions are very complicated. each state has different rules on what its delegates have to do. and you can't predict the result. martha: will be very unpredictable summer,s that for sure. governor sununu, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. >> passions running high over
7:22 am
the weekend. saw this. when is it time for republicans to you need behind one candidate? house leader kevin mccarthy will weigh in on the race in minutes. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta!
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martha: a little behind schedule in hickory, north carolina. we showed you ted cruz in rockford, illinois as we take you around where candidates are. you have two white chairs in hickory, north carolina. donald trump was expected there at 10:00. when he get there is we'll dip into some of that. as they get ready for a big, big day tomorrow night. bill: homeland security raising the possibility of a terror attack targeting hotels or conference centers in our nation's capitol.
7:26 am
there is a new bulletin outlining several scenarios including a coordinated attack like a one over the weekend at a popular seaside resort in west africa at the ivory coast. catherine herridge is live in washington about the story. what are you learning, about there, catherine? reporter: good morning, bill. it is highly fluid situation that intelligence suggests that the target was western diplomats though there is disagreement whether it was french or american delegation. al qaeda affiliate in north after known as al qaeda in the islamic maghreb. six mask the gunmen shouted "allahu akbar!," arabic for god is great. they were meeting in neighboring hotel where a i.q. stage ad similar attack in february. they told a conference here in washington about the group's
7:27 am
capability. >> we're paying very close attention to groups like al-shabaab and al qaeda in islamic maghreb that is shows with attacks in burkina faso that it remains dangerous. reporter: they are offering december tails about the investigation into that ivory coast attack. bill: what about threats to host tells? reporter: this 11 page bulletin shared with fox news was sent out late last week t was not based on new credible intelligence that hotels in the washington, d.c. area should be vigilant because al qaeda related groups have stepped up targeting locations t lays out three scenarios, including like lone wolf shooters like what we saw in san bernanadino, suicide attacks like what we saw over the weaken and car bombs. nothing in the bulletin mentions
7:28 am
concerns about imminent attack. a video was posted on line warning of a paris style attack somewhere in the united states. this was prepared by the washington regional threat analysis center with input from the fbi as well, bill. bill: more to come. catherine herridge reporting on that in washington. martha? martha: officials face a serious dilemma. a voter-passed law may have backfired leading to a spike in crime. what is happening there? we'll tell you. bill: also we await a trump event in north carolina. his campaign barreling full speed ahead one day before the next super tuesday. house majority leader kevin mccarthy on the tumultuous race, what he thinks of it and whether or not he thinks republican cast unify. >> people are fed up with what is going on. the middle class, the workers aren't being taken care of in this country. we're losing our jobs. we're losing our factories.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
martha: parts of the south in clean-up mode after severe
7:32 am
storms, and some residents are bracing for more. this video was taken in arkansas. you can see the funnel cloud forming in the distance. officials working to confirm reports of two tornadoes there. in louisiana entire neighborhoods are underwater today. torrential downpours after more flooding is expected there, and they are working really hard to get those sandbags in place and get in a better position there. you've got the pearl river cresting today at 21 feet for the first time in 30 years. four people have died in this flooding and two more are missing. president obama has designed -- has signed, rather, a disaster declaration to help louisiana with relief efforts. ♪ ♪ >> it is why we are saying republicans unite, because republicans don't want to see donald trump as our nominee. they know that he loses to hillary and does enormous damage to this country in the process. bill: senator ted cruz urging
7:33 am
republicans to come together. well, right now you're seeing live pictures of a trump event in hickory, north carolina. we'll take you there when it starts. a bit earlier i talked with the house majority leader, ken mccarthy, about the current state of this republican race. we just heard from ted cruz. are you a little stunned at the anti-establishment feeling you get from the electorate so far? >> no. because if you're out across the country, you're frustrated what's going on, you're frustraterred the last eight years -- frustrated the last eight years, challenge that this president has not united this country, but actually divided it more. it's hard for someone when you look at the middle class that your income was less than it was ten years ago. i started my first business when i was 19, and there was three lessons i learned; i was the first to work, the last to leave and the last to be paid. the obstacles of government being able to create that small business, everywhere i go across
7:34 am
this country i feel that, i hear it, and it's -- bill: but you are, those are good lessons, by the way, too. you're a policy guy. >> very much so. bill: is the policy getting lost in this campaign at the moment? >> very much so. and this is where my focus is on this campaign. and this is what's so important about the house. you know, we created task forces long before this campaign started focusing on five major areas. one, tax policy/economic growth. that also gets into if you look, making america energy-independent. health care. don't -- yes, we're all for repealing obamacare, but what is the plan that we replace it with that would lower the premiums, empower you? poverty. democrats have had a war on poverty for how long, and it's locked people into poverty instead of lifting them up. then we look at these agencies that become too big, they're legislating. that's not their role. the president and his executive actions, not his role. article i, pulling that power back.
7:35 am
and then national security. you look around the world, the world is safer when america is strong. bill: when you walk the halls of washington, do you find more support for donald trump or more concern about donald trump? >> you're going to get mixed everywhere, but the number one thing i hear in washington and what i hear around, this election should be about policies. and you watch these debates, they're not about policy. if we want to solve america's problems, we need to have an election about where we want to take the direction. that's the role of the house. we have a set agenda that everybody in this country can debate -- bill: yeah, i get it, but if trump's your nominee, are you in the campus that he's going to bring in millions of new voters, or are you in the camp that says he's going to cost us elections in the house and in the senate, at the governor level? >> look, i trust the people x they're going to make a decision. the one thing i do know, we've got a lot of candidates out there. whoever is selected is going to be better than the direction of
7:36 am
the last eight years. bill: so why sacrifice the millions who have voted for him for a contested convention in july? >> nobody's talking about that. and what -- why are you pushing into that when really what needs to happen is have a debate about ideas? elections need to be about ideas. and that's the role that i'm focused on. putting those ideas out there so whoever the nominee is can have the american public talk about it, debate about it. and when the elections forward, we move this country forward. the country is frustrated because of the lack of ability to move up. you know, it should not be an america, and it never has been. every generation has improved on the generation before it. but 75% of americans believe that's not the case going forward. we've got to harness these ideas, get 'em out before the american public, and that's really what the candidates should be debating. bill: last topic. you're pushing an issue overseas that's getting little attention,
7:37 am
and that is christians in the middle east are being exterminated. you want the state department to label this as genocide. will you get that? >> we're going to pass it on the floor. we wanted the state department to already act. this is genocide. people are being murdered based upon their religious beliefs, if they are christians and others. isil is going after them. you look at our bill from jeff fortenberry or chris smith, what's happened in syria, we want a war crimes. we want to label what this is so this never happens and should not happen. and someone has to stand up. bill: from what i read, the deadline is thursday, march 17th. >> why does the house have to act when everybody sees this is what's happening? but we will if the state department won't. so today on the floor you will see this bill pass the floor. bill: kevin mccarthy, thank you for your time. nice to see you back in new york. catch up with you real soon. thanks. martha: so 99 delegates up for grabs in florida's winner-take-all republican primary, 246 delegates divvied up tomorrow evening on the
7:38 am
democratic side. which way the vote will go is anybody's guess, but it could all come down to voter turnout once again. steve harrigan joins from miami. we understand we could see a historic turnout tomorrow. what are the voters saying? >> reporter: there's really been some record turnout so far among early voting in florida. some counties are talking about three or four times as many as early voters time around than they had four years ago. and when you talk to the voters themselves, even those who say they are not happy with the tone of this campaign, they are still making sure that they go out and vote. >> disgusting. i am so disappointed with the rhetoric, the low level of rhetoric that's going on that i wish i had do than what's been presented so far. >> reporter: he's still going to vote. and after ten days of early voting, just under two million votes cast. of those, 1.1 million registered republicans. martha?
7:39 am
martha: fascinating. how intense is the final push for the candidates there? >> reporter: really intense final push by florida senator marco rubio. he's starting off the day in the northern part of the state, he's going to move down i-95 and end up tonight in west miami, his hometown. as far as the front-runner, donald trump, he was in boca raton last night, arrived by helicopter. he'll be in tampa this afternoon, but perhaps in a sign of confidence, he canceled a monday night rally in miami instead. he'll be in ohio where the fight is much closer. back to you. martha: steve, thank you so much. bill: voters in five states and one u.s. territory hit the polls tomorrow. more than a thousand total delegates up for grabs when you combine the republican and democratic races. do not miss a moment. our special coverage kicks off at 6:00 eastern time here on the fox news channel. northern marianas islands. martha: nice too. bill: a good place to do "america's newsroom." [laughter] martha: all right.
7:40 am
we'll let 'em know you volunteered. all right, president obama reportedly has a name ready to go, so how soon can we expect a supreme court nominee, and what the battle will be to get that person confirmed. bill: also, a family forced from their home after rain wipes out their back deck. is more trouble on the way there? >> it's dangerous on the street. you know, it's not good for traffic. >> a lot of water, i think, hopefully we won't get hurricanes now. to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
7:41 am
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remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. bill: so this mud slide right now forcing at least two families to move out of their homes. heavy rainfall creating hazardous conditions. that's in a neighborhood near oakland, california. >> the lower foundation of my house is now about 5-15 below the frame of the house. so the upper, the upper roughly two-thirds which is still in place, for now, is holding that up, and it's sort of just
7:44 am
hanging above the foundation where the earth has dropped pretty substantially. bill: he's got a mess on his hands. a local utility agency owns the land behind these homes, workers working to stabilize that area today. martha: president obama gearing up for a fight with congress as he prepares to make a supreme court nomination. republicans have vowed to block the president's choice. he's reportedly narrowed the list to three federal judges according to some reports. an announcement could come at anytime. judge andrew napolitano is fox news senior judicial analyst, and he joins us now. >> good morning, martha. martha: excuse me. let's put up a list of these potential nominees. you have merrick garland, paul wattford, jane kelly's on the list and jackson also part of the larger list there. your thoughts on these -- >> the white house leaked the names of the three that you see on the screen right now. martha: yeah. >> they were all appellate judges. judge garre -- garland has been
7:45 am
on the democratic short list many, many times. the other two are relatively newly-confirmed judges, each confirmed unanimously, 97-0. so you voted for them last year, why won't you vote for them now? the president's strategy will be to pry loose a republican senator here and a republican senator there who's running for re-election, whose re-election is seriously challenged and who doesn't want to defend what the democrats will argue is obstreperous behavior in the senate. republicans will argue the president may nominate and we may consider, we are not required to consider. we're doing what we believe is best for the country which is allowing the people to decide who will choose the next replacement for justice scalia when they choose the next president. martha: well, the people would
7:46 am
say they elected these individuals to their positions in, you know, on the senate and on the house side as well and that they've made their choice in electing those officials -- >> yes. martha: -- and that their job is to have a hearing. >> that's what the president's argument will be. and in fairness to the president, it is very unusual that the senate refuses even to consider an up or down vote. but senator -- it's entirely up to senator mcconnell. it is not up to the republican majority. it's up to the majority leader under rules established by the democrats three years ago when harry reid was the majority leader. so if senator mcconnell says this is not coming to the floor, it will not come to the floor. now, he might change his mind if enough republicans come to him and say, off the record, i can't take the heat on this, i've got to be able to vote yes or no, or i'm not going to be here -- martha: they have the right to vote down anybody that they want. what do you think about that? be do you think it's a right or wrong choice for them not to have a hearing? >> i would prefer that there be
7:47 am
a vote not on just the merits of the nominee, but whether the nominee ought to be on the supreme court at this point in time. but we will not see that because the senators will never acknowledge that they're voting for someone because they agree with his or her political philosophy or disagree with the philosophy. the vote is going to be is he qualified or not. now, when robert bork was nominated by president reagan, they destroyed him. they destroyed his history and his personality in order to vote against him because they lacked the moral courage to say we're going to vote against him because we disagree with him. senators do not do that. if they did, they'd be free to vote their conscience. martha: so that's what they're doing, they're avoiding putting themselves in the position where they have to sort of destruct someone on a personality level or other issues other than how they would vote in the future. >> yes. there's a lot of issues going on in senator mcconnell's head. for example, he might refuse to hear a sort of centrist nominee and the three finalists whose
7:48 am
names were leaked over the weekend, none of them is a left-wing i'd log. they're liberal democrats, as you'd expect, but not hard left. he might run the risk of having hillary clinton as the next president who will be someone who will be anathema -- martha: got to think long and hard about the strategy. >> yes. we'll watch it for you. bill: we have been watching this. two white chairs on a stage. that's hickory, north carolina -- [laughter] it's northwest of charlotte, north carolina. we expect donald trump to come out at any moment. it seems to be behind schedule. why, we do not know. in the meantime, this is john kasich making his final argument in his home state of ohio. he's in youngstown. that's the same place where bernie sanders will campaign today. is kasich will be there today. we expect mitt romney to be with him at some point, but so far we have not seen mitt romney in the
7:49 am
camera screen just yet. so we're watching all this for you. in the meantime, jon scott's going to take the baton in just a matter of 12 minutes or so. good monday morn, jon. jon: good morning. let's talk about tuesday. voters head to the follows in several states tomorrow. couple of states seen as make or break -- florida for marco rubio, ohio for john kasich. several polls in battle ground states are just out. we have live fox team coverage, bret baier with analysis. we will also continue our look at violence at donald trump rallies. today we're asking have the media fanned the flames and helped create some of that tension. it's all ahead, "happening now." bill: thank you, jon. we will see you then. a new mission to mars is underway. so what scientists are hoping to accomplish on the red planet this time. when heartburn hits
7:50 am
fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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martha: calls to stop chemical weapons attacks in syria, a report from the syrian-american medical society claims chemical weapons have been used at least 161 times and killed nearly 1500 people in the five-year civil war. the organization is now urging the u.n. security council and the international community to help identify the perpetrators quickly and to hold them accountable. ♪ ♪ bill: california voters, they passed prop 47 to change sentencing guidelines and save the state some money. but law enforcement officials now say it has led to a spike in crime. claudia cowan's lye in california to tell us -- live in california to tell us why. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill, that's right.
7:54 am
california is under court order to reduce prison overcrowding, and proposition 47 -- passed by the voters in 2014 -- was the latest policy to tackle the issue. but now many in law enforcement say prop 47 is the reason some crimes are up. >> the past year and a half we've seen an increase in theft-related crimes including robbery, burglary, identity theft. >> reporter: police across california say they are frustrated by the voter-approved initiative that reduced certain property crimes and simple drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. supporters of proposition 47 argued uncars rating fewer low-level offenders would free up money for services and boost public safety. and according to one recent analysis, the law has saved the state roughly $100 million. >> and that'll be money that goes into prevention and treatment at the local level. >> reporter: "the washington post" called prop 47 an experiment in mass forgiveness. thousands of felons have been released and given the chance to live lawfully like ingrid archie.
7:55 am
>> people's lives are being torn apart because they make a mistake. everybody makes a mistake whether you're caught for it or not. >> reporter: but in many cities, robberies and property crimes are way up. only a small percentage of freed inmates have returned to prison, but police and prosecutors maintain the law's leniency makes their jobs tougher. >> if people don't fear prosecution, they are likely to commit additional crimes. >> reporter: proponents anytime the law's full effect on crime rates remains to be seen, but police up and down california, bill, say they are still waiting to see how the money saved will actually help fund services that reduce crime. bill: thank you, claudia. across the bay there in northern california. claudia cowan. thanks. martha. martha: countdown to a big day tomorrow. it is tuesday, and there are high stakes for the republican candidates with two big states holding winner-take-all primaries, and the others could end up close to that as well. live from the campaign trail when we come back.
7:56 am
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martha: a new chapter in the search for signs of life on mars. there she goes. the european space agency partnering with russia to launch a rocket carrying an unmanned probe into space. the xo mars will reach the red planet in october. special equipment will test the atmosphere, and a small rover will be released onto the surface in 2018. the esa is hoping to avoid a mishap, agency says traces of methane on the planet could lead to a discovery of life there. bill: ooh. martha: so we shall see. bill: that's a road trip, right? did you like "the martian," the movie with matt damon? martha: i liked it. it was pretty good. bill: so i'm hearing that there's fog in hickory, north carolina, that's what i'm hearing. that's the reason why the trump rally -- martha: do we have the shot of the white chairs? interesting that in hickory,
8:00 am
north carolina, the home of furniture -- [laughter] we're looking at two pieces of furniture that are on display. eventually, they will be occupied by mr. trump, we understand, when he gets there. bill: welcome back, by the way. martha: thank you very much. big night tomorrow night. bill: huge! martha: looking forward to that, and we'll be right here covering it all. have a good day, everybody. ♪ ♪ jon: count to another super tuesday, this one could have even more at stake as the outcome could make or break a couple of campaigns. good monday morning to you, i'm jon scott. heather: and i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. exciting day, the day before the big day. jon: yes, it is. heather: it is crunch time for the gop presidential candidates as they make their final pitch to voters across five key states where hundreds of delegates are up for grabs. at the primaries in florida and ohio, of course, the home states of senator marco rubio and


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