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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> about how much did you raise? >> i don't know the total but it was one of their biggest events yet. and we raised money for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marine's club in new york. >> that's wonderful. >> yeah. >> good to see you spending your time will. thank you for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. congrats john. all four republican candidates holding events this hour as tensions are running high on the campaign trail as you can imagine. hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. happy monday. this is "the real story" today. accounts making that final fush for votes ahead of probably the most important super tuesday of all. senator ted cruz is speaking just outside of chicago today. governor john kasich trying to score a win in his home state of ohio. donald trump and marco rubio are holding rival events in the senator's home state of florida. let's begin with john roberts live at a trump rally in tampa. hi, john. >> reporter: gretchen, good afternoon to you. we are here at the tampa
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convention center. donald trump is running behind because he had problems getting into hiss hick tree north carolina event. fog meant he couldn't lend land there. he had to land in charlotte and drive about an hour. i expect him to be late here a. handful of protesters outside this event. unlike what happened in chicago. maybe 30 or so. donald trump looking for a big day tomorrow because he leads marco rubio in his im home state of florida by some 19 points. the race in ohio is much closer than that. it's probably donald trump's closest race tomorrow. recent polls show him pretty much neck-and-neck with ohio governor john kasich who is campaigning two events this afternoon with governor mitt romney. it's not an endorsement by mitt romney, but the man who actually lost in ohio to barack obama in 2012 is trying to encourage people to come out and vote for kasich. here's kasich. >> look, i mooek mean,s' going to come in and be positive. he is going to talk about me. i don't expect he is going to come in and be trashing anybody. we don't want this.
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i will say this toxic environment is really terrible. >> reporter: kasich has accused trump repeatedly of creating a toxic environment in the campaign trail. rubio has accused trump of promoting hatred between various grus groups. trump said he is merely reflecting the mood of his supporters. >> the level of anger from all sides, including the anger from our side -- we're angry. now, we're not angry people. i tell you that. we are not angry people. we are good people. but there is a lot of anger. and there is anger at incompetence. anger when you look at the trade deals. anger when you look at the military when we can't beat isis. >> in terms of the florida vote here tomorrow a lot is baked in. a lot of absee voting, 1200,000 votes already casted. that is 71% of the total number of votes that were cast back in
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2012 a. lot of enthusiasm for people here in the sunshine state. >> now, there was a bit of a fox news alert and it's still a critical situation. sarah palin cancelling an appearance at a trump event in florida because of her husband's snow mobile accident. what do you know? >> we don't know a whole lot more about the circumstances or the condition of her husband. she was supposed to appear north of orlando noon today but canceled. word came from the campaign that todd was in a serious snow machine accident. there are reports he is in intensive care at the local hospital there. she is heading back to alaska according to the trump campaign to be with him. we hope to learn more about exactly what happened with that snow mobile crash. of course there was another big one a couple of years ago where a few dogs from a dog team were killed. something is going on up there in alaska. >> thoughts and prayers are with the palin company. new numbers. ahead of two key winner take all
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primaries tomorrow. donald trump shown ahead of marco rubio in his home state of florida, 46% to rubio's 22%. another poll showed john kasich tied with trump in his home state of ohio. that one just coming out, both with 38%. a monmouth poll puts governor case knick the lead with 40% to trump's 35%. chris steigerwald, the author of fox news first joins me now. that's within the margin of error, four or five points. but ohio at this point, too close to call, right? >> well, i mean they are all too close to call because they ain't voted yet. but i will say this, kasich has a good trend line in ohio. certainly it's a fight. the problem for rubio in florida, when you are that far back, it is hard -- even there are other polls that show him closer. when you are that far back it is hard to get people fired up,
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hard to get them out to vote and it can have a concussive event and push you further down. >> we will talk to the rubio campaign in just a few minutes from now. i want to talk about ted cruz right now. he mentioned today # there is one scenario where he would not speert if he ended up being the nominee. listen to this. >> i can give you one example where i would no longer support trump. if for example, he were to go out on fifth avenue and shoot somebody. i would not be willing to support donald trump. >> making light of the fact that donald trump said earlier in the campaign that he could go out on fifth avenue in new york city and shoot people and it won't matter as far as people supporting him. >> you have to have standards. draw the threshold somewhere. senator cruz happen sharpening his language -- for a long time he was the remora underneath the shark but he has been taking the fight to donald trump. he has been after him and has
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hit him for all kinds of things including insightment of violence at his rallies and other things. the game is on between those two in a big way. >> let's look at a wall street journal editorial. with governor kasich staying in the he wins ohio zpooit despite cruz wanting him out. the editorial explaining it this way. while it isn't clear that cruz can beat trump one on one the texasan's best states have been in the south or in the gop only caucus caucuses. mr. kasich might compete better than mr. cruz in many of these states. a very interesting read, chris. how did you take it? >> i think when people get desperate they engage in desperate thinking. i think that many in the republican party are reaching a point of desperation. they are looking for some answer
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that is other than what is right in front of their face. i will say this. the best chance that the republicans have -- if they go to some brokered cockamamy convention in cleveland and they fight this out and try to make the third place guy the first place guy that's not going to work. if the republicans don't want donald trump to be their nominee, me better suck it up and vote for ted cruz and do it straight ahead f. they don't want ted cruz, then it's going to be donald trump and they need to quit with it all this bank shot business. >> very well said. chris we'll see you next week. on the other side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton spreading out across four states today. sanders isn't clinton's only concern. ed henry is life in choing today. ed, hillary clinton made a bold claim on how she plans to defeat donald trump. what was it sn. >> that's right. she is taking this global. what's fascinating out here on the trail with democrats is that
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders are spending less time beating each other up. instead it is a race to see who would better take on republican front-runner donald trump in november. last night at a candidate's forum clinton took to it a new level. watch. >> i am already receiving messages from leaders -- i'm having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop donald trump. i mean, this is up to americans thank you very much. >> now, the former secretary of state was pressed by cnn's jake tapper as to which world leaders are saying they want to come forwarden and doris you? she wouldn't name anyone saying i'm keeping that in reserve in case i'm the nominee. >> some of her claims with jobs and outsourcing could bookfire for her in the northwest, why? >> because fox news got a tape from 2005 when she was on a trip to india as a senator. came out against basically legislation that would ban
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outsourcing and suggested this is a reality you have got to deal with it. this is very issue that bernie sanders is out here in the midwest hammering. watch. >> perhaps economic incentives to at least think very hard before those decisions are made. but you know, it's a neft lt. there is no way to legislate against reality. so i think that the outsourcing will continue. >> not only did i vote against every one of these disastrous trade agreements, i helped lead the opposition for them. i proudly stood with the workers. secretary clinton stood with the big money interests. >> clinton saying outsourcing a inevitable. maybe one reason why sanders is doing well here in the midwest. >> ed, thank you. we told you all four gop candidates will be attending events this hour.
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let's listen in to marco rubio. >> another four years like the last eight years. that is why we must win in november. to win in november we must first win now. if we allow the republican party and the conservative movement to be defined as anger and frustration, we will not win. but while we do have a right to be angry at our political class and frustrated at the direction of our country, we cannot allow ourselves to be defined by that anger and that frustration. we must use it to the motivate us but not to define us. we know that we can do anything. this is a nation that put a man on the moon. these are the people that invented the internet. not al gore. the american people. this is the country that has cured diseases and liberated nations and that for over two centuries the nation where each generation has left the next better off.
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americans are a blessed people. for over two centuries that has been the land in where parents have fulfilled dreams and left their children better off than themselves. this is who we still are. but we must remember who we are in this election cycle. this is a time for us to remember the journey that brought us to this point as a nation and as a people, to embrace our heritage as an optimistic people who know and understand and believe that our tomorrows are always better than our yesterdays. and while we says great challenges we are reminded that each generation before us did as well. there has never been a time in american history where we ever had it easy. there has never ban generation in our history that did not face great challenges. and each one of them overcame them. because they did, you and i inherited the single greatest nation in the history of
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mankind. now, the moment has arrived for us to do the same. now the moment has arrived for us to take up the challenge. now the moment has arrived for this generation to solve our problems, embrace our opportunities. we have a chance to do this now. if we apply the principles of the conservative movement of limited government and free enterprise of a return to our constitutional opinions pels that limit the size and scope of the federate goff government. if we embrace our second amendment right to protect yourself and your family, if we reembrace the tenth amendment that returns power to the states, if we reembrace free enterprise which allows everyone to climb up without tearing anyone down, and if we rebuild the united states military and the u.s. space program -- [ cheers and applause ] -- if we do these things, there is nothing else we can't do.
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there is no reason why our children can't be the freest and most prosperous americans ever. there is no reason why the 21st century cannot also be american central. but it starts now. like always, it comes down to florida. tomorrow, this state will elect delegates to one person. and i want it to be me. and i need you to help it to be me. if we win by just one vote -- that's not how many we want to win by, by the way. >> we are hearing a fired up marco rubio in his home state of florida. he must win that state tomorrow no doubt to continue. we will see how that plays out. on the right side of the screen there is the second candidate within this hour to pop up who is also campaigning today. ted cruz. let's now listen in to a bit of that. >> has anyone in this room ever said when i think of where to
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put $12500 the best place i can think is the cook county democratic party? what exactly goes through your minds as you are sitting there saying, the got father needs 50 grand today? look, you all are familiar with this game. donald trump is a washington lobbyist. but illinois has a choice. and let me take a minute to speak. maybe you started this campaign supporting somebody else. it's a great field. maybe you started supporting jeb bush or chris christie. maybe you started supporting rand paul or mike huckabee. maybe you started supporting carly fiorina or dr. ben carson.
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and maybe now you are thinking about supporting marco rubio or john kasich. listen, let me be clear. every one of those are good, honorable decent principled people i like and respect, every single one of them. but what is abundantly clear is none of them have any path whatsoever to beating donald trump in becoming the republican nominee. so if you were thinking of supporting rubio or kasich, let me say to you, we welcome you to our team. we welcome you with open arms. because if you don't think donald trump should be the republican nominee, if you don't want to hand the general election to hillary clinton on a silver platter, then there is
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only one campaign that has beaten donald trump over and over and over again and that can and will beat donald trump over and over and over again. at this point, our campaign together, we with beaten donald trump not once, not twice, not three times. bup nine different times all over this country. and illinois is a battleground. we are neck-and-neck with donald trump here in illinois. every one of you here has a national platform. and so i want to ask everyone here to come out and vote for me tomorrow. >> we've been listening to senator ted cruz now in illinois
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telling voters that is he a guy that can beat donald trump. alex conan the communications director for the marco rubio campaign. alex, i know you were listening to that. ted cruz is basically telling those supporters and national tv right now give it up for rubio and kasich because i'm the only guy who can take out trump. your thoughts. >> of course he is saying. that but that's not the truth. primaries are tomorrow.t where in florida specifically, there is only one candidate in florida that can beat donald trump. that's marco rubio. that's a mathematical fact. if you are a primary voter in florida today, your only chance of beating donald trump is by casting a vote for marco rubio tomorrow. >> except the polls show trump has gone up over the last few days according to the most recent polls. now at 46. your candidate rubio at 42, cruz at 14, kasich 10. but there is also a poll today that says the early voting evened up. before rubio was leading
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extensively and now trump has picked up the pace after this past weekend. how do you reason that? >> the truth is that the polls have been all over the place. we have seen polls that have the race very close and then the poll you cited there. the fact is we don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, but we know that marco has banked early votes. we do know marco has momentum after the strong debate performance last thursday. and marco has been campaigning really hard, 15 hours a day. having great events, great turnout. we feel good that we have momentum, the early lead, and that the polls are going to be proven wrong on wednesday just like they have been throughout this process gretchen. i will remind voters in iowa the day of the iowa caucuses that same poll said that trump was ahead by 14%. we tied him. over and over the polls have been wrong this cycle. >> they were wrong on the democratic as well. >> absolutely. >> we will see how that turns
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out tomorrow. much of the media attention over the weekend was on donald trump and some of the violence that escalated at some of his events. should he be responsible or not? here's his response. >> i know it doesn't and it's a shame that it hamd and i feel badly for everybody kirn. we don't condone violence. but the kid did from what i hear stick up a certain finger in everybody's face and this man has had enough. people in this country are angry. they are not angry with what i'm saying. i'm just the mess messenger. >> do you agree. >> you can't excuse violence and you can't encourage it like he has in the past saying protesters should be taken out of the events on stretchers. there is no place for that sort of land in a pregnant campaign. it's really inexcusable. that's not to say that the protesters aren't at fault. they should not be disrupting events. donald trump has a right to
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speak but trump needs to take accountability for his words. >> senator rubio telling his supporters in ohio and advisors -- i don't know if it was you or not but other advisors were telling voters to vote for kasich now. kasich not reciprocating that. in other words not telling voters in florida to back rubio. it appeared when your camp came out and started that that maybe there was some sort of a cord nation going on between you and cruz and kasich to try to take out trump in these two states. >> yeah. >> but kasich did not reciprocate that? >> there is no coordination, no deal. there has been no conversations the fact of the matter is that the only candidate in ohio that can beat donald trump is kasich. and the only candidate in florida that can beat trump is marco rubio. if you are a voter in florida, and you want to beat donald trump vote for rubio. he is the only guy that can beat him. and in ohio, the only guy that
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can beat donald trump is john kasich. i think we have got long ways to go here. >> okay. it is a long game. alex conan, thank you. >> >>, that gretchen. we've been saying the four candidates are going to show up. we are awaiting the first appearance by mitt romney. and ohio governor john kasich holding a town hall in his home state. he is coming on the stage right now. this is in can ton. i worked in cleveland, cincinnati, my husband is from columbus. i've got the state covered. we see a bus pulling up there. no doubt mitt romney is in the bus with john kasich. this is not supposed to be any kind of an endorsement today although coming out to introduce john kasich would seem like he likes this candidate. and mitt romney campaigning with him starting off today in can ton, ohio. as we await this to happen now, let's take a little bit of a look back at what mitt romney
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has done so far in this campaign cycle. as you recall, last week about ten days ago he came out and gave that speech against donald trump. even though he had asked for his endorsement four years earlier. now he is on the campaign stage with governor john kasich. he is going to come up. he's going to introduce him. many people were upset that mitt romney took that stand against donald trump ten days ago. many thought why would he do that now, come back into the political cycle if he is not interested in running him. now we see him out on the campaign trail. is it going to help john kasich, hurt donald trump, or neither? let's listen in. >> hello sweetie. are you republican? what do you have to say? i see you are -- what's this little baby's nails name. give her a round of applause. that's something. hey kensly. you are hear today to listen to
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the governor. >> all right. so -- the cameras aren't ready. well, now we are. there he is. >> make sure and get those questions lined up. and he's going to answer them for you. a couple things i wanted to say, which is maeamerica is looking ohio. america is looking to ohio to do a job enter view. you've been in a job interview from time to time. i have. sometimes they are uncomfortable and you sweat a little bit and you are nervous. in this case, this guy is going to be on the grill. you are the ones that are going to decide if he becomes the next president of the united states. [ applause ] and you had this chance about six years ago. you were looking for someone to come to this state. you did some interviews and you concluded this was the man that you wanted as the governor. the reason was not just did he say the right thing. but he had a record.
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you could look at his resume, so to speak. you could see what he had done. he had been in washington where he had helped balance the budget. and getting that done, the economy began to come back and create jobs for people across the country. so you said, you know, this guy has been there let's try him as governor. when he got in, you know he made a lot of changes. a lot of people said boy this is uncomfortable of but those changes made a difference. and now he has come back again to you. and he said look i'd like to be able to help take the reigns of the country. so the people of ohio are once again, tomorrows, going to be able to decide who is it that should lead our nation. and this time you also have a track record you can look at. and the track record is hey this is a guy who came into ohio when things were tough, when there is an $8 billion -- $8 billion budget gap. and he turned that around and turned it into a surplus. when you were losing employers and losing jobs every month, he turned that around.
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400,000 jobs have been created. and he also has a little part of his resume that he was in washington for a while worked with the armed services committee. you look that the guy and unlike the other people running he has a real track record. he has the kind of record that you want in washington. and that's why i'm convinced that you are going to do the right thing tomorrow. agreed? [ cheers and applause ] and so if you want to -- if you want to actually see a balanced budget in washington. if you want to see that balanced budge. if you want to get rid of obama care. if you want to see employers come back to america instead of fleeing america and jobs come again -- if you want to get wages up -- by the way, the only way you get wages up, is if you are creating more jobs and more employers come here and they start competing for good employees and then they have to raise wages in order to get those good employees.
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so this is the guy that ohio needs to vote for. america's counting on you. let's do it. let's welcome a great governor of a great state, john kasich. governor. >> thanks buddy. >> thank you. >> thank you. well, how things would have been different if the election results had been different four years ago, if mitt romney would have been president. what do you think? huh? you know, it's so nice of mitt to come out and support me here in this effort to win this state. i want to just say a couple things about mitt. you know, the thing that always -- first of all, he was the governor of massachusetts. and that's not an easy state to win in, massachusetts, when you
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are a conservative republican. and he did a fantastic job. and he was a leader when he was there. but you know what always has stood out -- by the way, incredible family. his wife, incredible lady. but what always stood out for me more than anything else, one of the things that the world watches are the olympics. and we had the olympics in salt lake city. and they were falling apart. and they didn't know what they were going to do -- could you imagine having that kind of an embarrassment? i mean, it would also be as bad as people slugging it out at a campaign rally with images. seriously, you think about this. we chuckle about this. think of the images that have been broadcast across the world of the way we are picking a president here. i mean, my kids are watching this. your kids. your grandkids are watching what's happening here. and they are looking at a scene of people pounding each other.
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you think they are not using that for propaganda to send a message to people that america's broken? that america's lost? well, we had that other opportunity back with the olympics. we would have looked really, really bad. and mitt romney went in and saved the day and ran wut one of the greatest olympic games in modern history because of his leadership and because of what he was able to do. and he's a great job creator. i tell you something. you let -- you think i'm going to let hillary clinton disparage job creators in this country? you got another thing coming. it is not going to happen. because we need the job creators to help our families. so, folks, here's the way i've been seeing it. first of all, you know, where i grew up, my dad carried mail on his back. you all know that. i mean, 29 years my dad carried
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mail on his back. what you don't know is that my father's father, my grandfather, was a coal miner. he'd go down in the mine, dig all day long and he would think he had a good haul and he would go up top and they would say to my grandfather, well, you dug too much pete, you didn't dig enough oel coal so what we're going to cut what we're going to to give you in half. he had nobody to go to, he died of black lung losing his eyesight along the way. my mother -- let me tell you a little bit about her. i just found out the other day because we didn't talk about these things. it is a funny because my uncle george who has now turned 90, my father's brother sh he and his brothers used to go to school in rema remade flou sacks. my uncle was really mad at me --
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if he is watching today -- uncle george if you are watching television i'm not saying that to embarrass you. i'm saying it because i want people to know how proud i am of you of the fact that you went to college, and became a guidance counsellor and spent 39 years of your live guiding america's young and how proud i am that you are my uncle and it happened in america. my mother is one of four, two brothers and a sister. my cousin told me the other day that my mother was the only one to have graduated from high school. and the other three she didn't think even got beyond the eighth grade. you see, folks, all of my career those folks, my family, the place where i grew up in mckeys
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rocks, all blue collar, all democrat. when the wind blew the wrong way, people found themselves out of work. and i could see it as a kid on the ball field. my buddies would come up. and you could see when they were down. i didn't figure it out until a few years ago why they were down. it's because dad or mom lost a job. i learned the value of work. let me tell you another thing that i feel strongly about. you know, the lord has made each and every one of us special. do you know that? there's nobody ever been born like you. there will never be another person that will come after you that will be like you. you were made special, sir. you were made special to accomplish something significant. to chang the world. you don't have to change the world by running for president.
11:32 am
frankly, i don't think the lord cares whether you are running for president or whether you are sweeping a floor. i think all he cares is what are you doing with what i gave you, to make a live bigger than yourself, to make a difference. that little home town in mckeys rocks my dad knew everybody's business. you know what? what he knew is when a kid scored a touchdownon friday he celebrated and when a daughter sang a solo they celebrated and when they lost somebody he cried with that family. and i have learned the importance of community and neighborhood and family. now, we can always display those god given gifts through our work. sometimes it's not just through our work, though. you know, sometimes it's beyond our work. i like to talk recently about -- i didn't know this lady existed
11:33 am
but she came forward and said i'm real. this is a lady who was married for 50 years. her husband died. nobody calls her anymore. you call her on monday, you say this saturday night we are taking you to dinner, what do you think she does on thursday? she goes, gets her hair done, doesn't she? and somehow she puts it up in such a way that not a piece of it is out of place by saturday. you got this, don't you? and then you go to pick her up on saturday and she's wearing a dress she hasn't worn in six months. did you change world? i think you did. you see, the spirit of our country rests in us. mitt romney, john kasich, any of these people. we have to do our job. when we get hired, we are a ceo we have got to go fix thing. that's what you did when you hired me as governor. i had to go fix thing. but the spirit of our country rests in us.
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it rests in our families and in our neighborhoods and in your communities. when we are a nurse and we are dead tired we go back to see the family who has got somebody sick -- >> we have been listening to mitt romney and governor of ohio john kasich has he is stumping for him today, at least introducing him. officially not endorsing him. chris, something having that mitt romney said as he was introducing kasich. unlike others running he actually has a track record. speaking about kasich. sounds like an endorsement to me. >> well you know what mitt romney said. he said that he would vote for which ever candidate in which ever state that had the best chance to beat donald trump. in yo heio there is no question if you don't want donald trump has your nominee, john kasich is the only guy who can beat him and deny him all of the states delegates because it is a winner take allstate. he did robocalls for rubio.
11:35 am
he is campaigning for campaign. the only one we haven't seen him stumping for has been ted cruz. >> i know a lot of people -- chris, stand by now we have marco rubio taking questions about the violence showing up at trump events. >> my campaign would have been nothing but reaction to donald trump's outrageous statements. we had to spend time telling people who we were in the hopes that voters would see through this and. let's not forget two thirds of raunl voters reject donald trump has hare nominee. hopefully that will come to true tigs sooner than later. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i don't know. >> terms of voters, i have no idea. but friday -- look, friday in chicago, i already told everybody. chicago has a professional clafs protesters, people who do that for a living. you don't have a right to disrupt a event if you don't
11:36 am
disagree with a speaker. this is about the broader scope of the campaign. where his campaign manager is accused of assaulting a reporter here in florida where he has openly mused how great it would be if protesters were carried out in stretchers and how he is going to pay for their legal fees when they assault someone. he has offended women, minori minorities, used profanity repeatedly from mine the micro phone. the discourse of our election has become the equivalent of the dockics section in a blog. there has to be a limit. it's not about political correctness. what are the limits now of what you are allowed to say before it goes too far. i don't know that it exists him in after this campaign. i hope we will take a step back and realize that's not good for our republic, our process or our
11:37 am
people. >> what do you think that means. [ inaudible ] >> other than the fact -- we've been listening to marco rubio talk about the violence that has been showing up at trump raefrs raeps rallies over the weekend. rubio says there has to be limits it's not about political correctness. it's not good for our people. not good for our republic. chris steigerwald, there is breaking news, it's coming out of north carolina. it's this. cumberland authorities are considering charging donald trump with inciting violence at the fayetteville rally. you can see the video on your screen. chris, i know you know this, but this was when he -- that supporter there of trump allegedly punched a protester. and now the cumberland authorities is saying they may charge trump with a charge of inciting a riot based on language i said he said before that riot. your reaction? >> that would be an astonishing
11:38 am
undertaking for any law enforcement agency. donald trump certainly uses hot words. donald trump it certainly can be said that he has urged violence. but inciting a riot against -- to file that against a presidential candidate, the front-runner of either party, would be i would dare say an unprecedented step in american political history. >> i guess it would be because from the stage he has said -- and i'd have to go back into my memory bank to remember did he actually say it right before that incident? because we've covered so many of these and they have been in different states and different cities. but i guess the charge would come from if he had said right before then you should just punch these protesters, right? >> or perhaps they are just talking about the track record where he says we would like to punch them, in the old days we would know how to do that. in the past he has offered to pay for the legal bills of those
11:39 am
who would visit violence upon the protesters. >> that guy in fact. >> trump said on sunday that perhaps this guy would call lie for a scholarship, if you would, that trump was considering paying his legal fees. so maybe that's -- if this report is indeed true maybe that's what tipped him off or what tipped it over. again, against the front-runner of a major political party to have some prosecutor bring a charge like this is -- would be truly astonishing. >> we thought we had seen it all so far. but maybe not. once again, the breaking news, thank you, chris, coming from wral news in north carolina that cumberland authorities are considering charging donald trump with inciting violence, inciting a riot potentially at that fayetteville rally when one of his alleged supporters there at that rally punched a protester. keep it here on fox.
11:40 am
we'll talk to the man who used to do public relations for bright bart. we talk to curt bar della when we come back.
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11:44 am
most important job in the entire world, the most powerful job. and he is blatantly lying. he is saying in his statement there are no witnesses, there are no pictures, there are no videos. i would just say to his supporters look i was privately a supporter of him. >> my next guest also resigned over the incident. curt bar della is a former breitbart spokesperson. we've just found in and out the last couple of minutes that now a couple of other people have also resigned froo bright bart. now we have five, including yourself. your reaction? >> i think it's not surprising given how uncomfortable i think everybody there really is with how breitbart failed to stand up for one of their own. regardless of what the details of what happened last wednesday night withish michele fields at the end of the day people want loyalty. loyalty is a two-way street. you either have your employee as back or you don't. it's clear by the statements of
11:45 am
breitbart that they don't have the becoack of their own team. >> why would they not support her? >> it's one of the key reasons i decided to design working with breitbart last week is because of their allegiance to donald trump. it has become a de facto super pac for the trump campaign. when you put that interest above your own team and your own employees something wrong has done on. it's untenable for a lot of people there to stand by and be putting their name and buy line on a site that they know would abandon them. >> there is a video that we have been showing. it doesn't conclusively say. there is also talk of a secret service agent who has the same haircut as corey lewandowski. there is also the washington post reporter who is standing next to her, you can hear in
11:46 am
that audio how it all went down. it doesn't say for sure it is the trump spokesperson but it sounds like something actually happened. >> that's the thing. i think we are past the point where anybody can argue something didn't happen. there is an eyewitness, a washington post reporter. the bruise on michele's arm, the pictures of which were made public. you have the video and the still shots that show there was very close proximity. at some point you have to put common sense first and foremost. theert that's being done to try to prove something that isn't true is ridiculous and indicative of how far people are willing to go to protect their own interests. >> i think it goes on the other side too because we heard donald trump saying maybe she made it up. maybe he doesn't know anything about what happened. but -- and we don't know here at the real story either we are just presenting what's been out
11:47 am
there thus far. but it kind of feels like to me -- i don't know it is a little like o.j. simpson in a way. no matter how much evidence you showed that jury, they were never going to convict him. and i sort of feel that way right now in our society with politics in a certain way. it's like you know certain supporters of certain candidates are just never going to be swayed no matter what you them. am i way off base? >> you are dead on. what we've seen in this campaign unfold overall is facts no longer have their place in the political conversation and discourse in this country that it's much more driven by emotion and by personality and this kind of tmz reality tv construct that's been created. and it's very destructive. the reality is we are seeing the negative man fastation of what can happen when that is allowed to permeate. people are getting hurt had. rallies are getting out of control, turning almost into riots.
11:48 am
it's only going to get worse as long as the charade is allowed to continue. at some point you want your leaders to stand up and fight for something not just be against everything and for nothing. not just permeate dialogue of hatred and ugliness and negativity. people deserve better than that. >> the most thing thing you said you expect when you work for somebody that loyalty goes both ways. we will see hue this continues to develop. curt bar della thank you for coming on "the real story." tune in to the kelly files tonight at 9:00 p.m. she will talk to michele fields and former breitbart editor ben shapiro about the fall out. you don't want to miss that. fox news alert. this is a big one. we have sarah palin at the trump event. remember we told you that her husband todd had been seriously injured and in intensive care from a snow mobiling accident last night.
11:49 am
is this at the villages? or is this at the florida event? she is in tampa. it's just coming up on the screen. let's listen in. >> and what we don't have time for is all that petty punk-ass little thugger estuff that's been going on with those, quote, unquote, protesters who are doing nothing but wasting your time and trying to take away your first amendment rights, your rights to assemble peacefully. and the media being on the thugs' side, what the heck are you guys thinking, media? it doesn't make sense. well, you all get it. i think the media and too many other candidates are underestimating the people. you're smart, energized. optimistic, positive and that
11:50 am
why year here today and i thank you for spending your time here today, because it is time, we have all recognized the majority of americans have recognized. republicans, independents, good old blue dog reagan democrats out there, we have all recognized, we need a revolution. it is time to get rid of the status quo. the status quo has to go, right? we have needed a revolution, and we found our revolutionary. donald trump is that revolutionary. >> okay, so sarah palin is actually the trump event in tampa. we were told she cancelled because her husband had been in a serious snowmobiling accident in alaska andzi9$, would not be available today. now here she is. speaking on behalf of donald trump. in the meantime, all eyes on ohio and florida, but north carolina, one of the other states and millenial voters
11:51 am
g4njjt up the same percentage as baby-boomers this year. you can say it better than me. we're going to north carolina next.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
2 delegates 'for grabs in north carolina.diç trump has just over 41%, ted cruz, 8, case sick and rubio with 11 and 10 respect tvly. joining me jill osborn. what is fascinating out of north carolina is that this year there will be more millenials voting in north carolina than baby-boomers? >> absolutely. actually make up the same percentage of the voting electorate and they were shocked when i told them this but a lot impact if they vote. here's what some had to say.
11:55 am
>> we went ahead and voted for trump, and because we want to burn it down and start all over again. >> i'm actually coming out to the primaries to vote for ]áus(< not him. >> the only one that is going to win is donald trump and i'm not embarrassed to be voting for him, but i don't think cruz is really on the right track. >> i'm voting for ted cruz. been the lesser of all evils and maybe even more so defensive against the momentum around donald trump. >> so, a smattering of different opinions there, jill. interestingly enough, this is the first time that north carolina, you have to show an i.d. to vote as well? >> right. you would think that would deter a lot of voters but on the first day of early voting 60,000 people came out, compared in8] 2012, 20,000 people came out. so not a problem.
11:56 am
something to note about the sound bites, a lot of people offcram camera, a lot of closet trump supporters who don't want to say they support this controversial candidate, and you were talking about the breaking news and how one of the sheriff's department in cumberland county may possibly be charging trump. now, that sheriff is butler and he has in office since '94 and is a democrat, and what i'm hearing from trump supporters, when people especially democrats are other parts of the party are against him this fuels -- >> waisterring to confirm that. >> right. >> i got go i'm up against a hard break. i'm sorry, jill. thank you for being with us. we'll be right back.
11:57 am
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time now for my take mump made about the protesters art trump's campaign rally, who do
12:00 pm
we blame, bernie sanders, trump, move or the protesters. more will happen when others will jump the stage and try to makeñt a name for themselves. thank you for being here today. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in florida and ohio. who of the biggest prizes in tomorrow's primaries. a couple of contests that could either help trump lock up the nomination or bring us closer to a floor fight at the convention. meantime, trunk looks to downplay his trouble at recent rallies. hurt at our rallies? i think like basically none other than maybe somebody got hit once. >> yep, plus, ted cruz questions after donald trump, accusing him of giving money to our blogo, blagojevich, and bernie sanders is making a serge. we'll


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