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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> book in one hour. "outnumbered" starts now. andrea: this is fox news alert. a make-or-break day today for the race in the white house. voting underway in five states, including key states of ohio and florida. that could remake the race for both parties. this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros and here with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, fox news contributor meghan mccain is back. today's #oneluckyguy, who better than this guy? fox news chief political anchor and fox news political and
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revolts. >> and revolts. andrea: there have been a lot of those too. mr. bret bear. welcome. >> great to be here. my flight was delayed four hours. heap to be here on the couch after brit hume, chris wallace. finally i'm here. andrea: you were getting a little jealous, weren't you? >> i was a little jealous. andrea: the jealousy can end today. this starts now a big election election day as voters head to the polls in the five key states where more delegates up for grab than any day on the calendar. hillary clinton on democrat demc side looking to fend bernie sanders. on republican side it could be do-or-die for marco rubio and john kasich who are fighting for their political futures in their home states of florida and ohio where it is winner-take-all. and this. front-runner donald trump is looking to deliver knockout blow
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by running the table. >> it's really something special. we're going to make our country so much better. it's going to be great again. >> the price of failure is too high. it we lose this election, that means hillary clinton will be president. >> i want to send a message to the country. ohio should send a message to the country. everybody's watching us now. andrea: quite the big day. bret base the polls have been a little inconsistent this election cycle. what are you going to be looking for tonight as key indicators specifically in those critical states of florida and ohio? >> so in all of the states so far donald trump, even in the ones that he is doing really well in, has underperformed the polls going in. in other words like four, five, six points less than the average of polls in those states. he still had huge wins obviously and racked up a ton of delegates. if that happens tonight, you
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wonder how that will translate? in florida seems like he has the pad going in to get a big win there but we'll see. and in ohio, you know, it seemed like john kasich was leading going in. if trend holds, kasich could pull that out. and that would be a big deal. as far as the math goes, because it's all about the math. it is all about getting to 1237, the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. sandra: big deal for donald trump but not so much for john kasich? >> potentially a big deal for john kasich. he can't get there with the magic number with the states left. he can force it to contested convention. then his hopes are on a second, third, fourth ballot. harris: it is interesting the way you describe it because what they're doing, they're keeping one candidate to get to the count to give them all oxygen. i heard you put it that way before. it is almost like playing not to lose. >> true, because you're so behind the delegate county
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point. right now if donald trump wins ohio and florida, and he likely wins north carolina, illinois and missouri in proportional sense he is going to have a easier time to get to 1237. he can get there. but he needs to roughly get half of the delegates carry the states. like six, seven, carry the naught. harris: if he loses florida or ohio how difficult does it get. >> more difficult if he loses both. if he loses one he has to run the 6% of the remaining delegates. it is possible for other remaining guys, like ted cruz to block him in those states. >> if he wins, is it a loss for kasich or donald trump because there is no foreseeable pathway for kasich? >> that is great convention. case i can is pinning hopes to get to the convention in cleveland by the way to make the case he is consensus pick.
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you have to convince the trump people -- >> and the cruz people. >> and cruz people he is better than them. you have this horse trading would happen in cleveland unlike anything we've ever seen before if it gets to that point. he has, case zick has 80% approval rating in ohio as governor. that is really high. andrea: that is really high. >> he has machine in ohio. he is positioned to do well there. andrea: how does that factor, he is popular governor of an important state but outside of ohio kasich hasn't translated. you don't see him coming in number one in any other state. how strong does that make his argument even going into the convention as somebody getting the nomination and uniting the party. >> that is a great point. he is 0-20. harris: that's a problem. >> he will be 1 for 21. that is a problem. you have to make the case you are the guy who can unite the party but most of these states have not chosen you. it is a great point. it is something they are playing
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to cleveland. sandra: bret, if we do see donald trump win florida and ohio tonight, which is not a stretch and by some estimates it is likely what does tomorrow look like? >> tomorrow looks like fewer candidates. you likely have, i would guess some of the candidates getting out. john kasich has said if he lost ohio he would get out of the race. florida senator marco rubio has not said that per se but one would think that he doesn't have a path if he loses florida. and then you have mano y mano, ted cruz and donald trump potentially. harris: so this morning after voting in westerville i assume for himself, john kasich -- >> i'm pretty sure. harris: he gave a news conference. and it was pretty lengthy. it seemed like at that point he said i'm going to respond to what i saw on friday night in chicago on my time and so on, so forth. but i can tell you right now, i'm paraphrasing him a little
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bit he is taking issue with some of the things that his team pulled quotes from donald trump. if he takes on donald trump one-on-one, we have seen, you mentioned that 0-20 mentioned some parts of his life, could be 0 and something else. because no one has gone up against donald trump and walk away unscathed. >> that is true. we've seen people who attacked him most vigorously really go down and eventually leave the race. lindsey graham, jeb bush, others. i think the going bet is that trump get this is momentum and eventually gets to the magic number of 1237 but there could be a bumpy ride to get there. >> the question a lot of us are holding out for because there is one man that has beaten donald trump and that is ted cruz. what argument can he continue to make tonight if he loses everywhere? >> that he is the alternative. that if trump is 35, 40%, 60% of the party doesn't want donald trump. he, ted cruz could say i'm the
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guy that can unify the 60% and also talk to the trump supporters and say i'm the realistic character. >> do you think he can make an argument to make kasich get out? >> yes. if kasich loses he will, i think that is the pressure he is putting on those other candidates. why he played in florida. he opened 10 offices in florida. i mean he doesn't have a chance to win florida. harris: wow. >> but ted cruz is polling in third in the state of florida. he is causing rubio a lot of trouble town you mentioned unifying the party as a potential argument for cruz but there seems to be one word that the electorate most fired up cares the most is wins. that is why donald trump says we'll win and we'll win, win some more. electability in a general for ted cruz, big question mark over it. he doesn't seem to have that crossover appeal that arguably other candidates do have, like a trump. >> true. however if you look at real clear politics polls, ted cruz does better than donald trump.
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donald trump says he haven't even started on hillary clinton, i haven't even begun, but as of today ted cruz does better head-to-head than donald trump does. you're right, cruz would have to change a little bit in his pitch to really go after the independents and go after the moderate republicans. andrea: right. harris: arguably so will donald trump or any of them. returning in the primary has always been different for both parties than the general election, >> yeah. ted cruz says i'm always going to be the same guy. i'm always going to stick to my principles but -- harris: do you believe that? >> to attract a different audience he may talk about different things and put his focus on different things. andrea: that donald trump almost started his general election campaign sooner than say a ted cruz. very quickly, we've got to go, bret, but marco rubio, a lot of people are writing his political obituary, if he doesn't win. your thoughts on the headlines tomorrow?
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>> is accomplished politician. he is obviously great at communicating. we've seen minus one new hampshire debate, he is pretty good on the debate stage. i could see him running for governor. i could see him doing a lot of things in politics. >> he is so young too. he is only 44. >> he knows his stuff. andrea: all right. as always we have you covered for all things election as millions of folks go to the polls today, our wall-to-wall coverage begins tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern with "special report," the host sitting to my right. then bret and megyn take you late into the evening as polls close and results come in on all of this very, very important election day. again that's just a few hours from now. 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. it is a big day for democrats as well. vermont senator bernie sanders has been closing in on clinton's lead in several midwestern states that are up for grabs today. so should hillary be worried and what a bernie win could mean down the road?
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a big gaffe on benghazi. hillary claiming no lives were lost in libya where she served as secretary of state. really? and right after the show, catch more from the couch on the web. "outnumbered overtime." log on to click on the "overtime" tab. you have political questions, i can sense that you do. so fire them off because the oracle, bret baier will be here to answer all of them. we'll be taking your questions live. get on the chat. it has been hot, crowded, so get there early. harris: can we ask you anything. >> anything. i take pictures of sunrises.
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♪ harris: welcome back on a very special tuesday. as democrats head to the polls in five states today hillary clinton is hoping to keep rival bernie sanders from gaining more momentum. the vermont senator is doing all he can to close in on hillary's delegate lead in the midwestern states. her once high numbers shrinking to single digits in illinois and ohio. sanders has closed the gap in missouri all this after his stunning win last week in michigan. what is working for the bern?
9:16 am
>> well, listen, he especially the issue of trade is hitting a chord, much like donald trump is. in a place like michigan that really strikes. so does in a place like ohio. harris: the rust belt. >> which demographically a lot like michigan. he is only heading in five points down to hillary clinton in ohio. that could close quickly. and in illinois it's the same way. it's very, it is single digits. so you know, if bernie sanders has a big night tonight, that is not a good thing for hillary clinton. one, she is having a tough time competing on the money front. he is raising a ton of money. harris: which is really interesting. >> and two, it is just momentum thing. harris: i say interesting, because when you look at delegate count, 691 up more for the democrats tonight than republicans. when you look at numbers, how they shake out, i'm not seeing a clear path for him either. but his wife talked with fox news latino.
9:17 am
they sat down with mrs. sanders. they're getting out. they're going all the way to the convention. >> he has the funding and support but doesn't have the math. the superdelegates are a big thing in the democratic party. they could shift. harris: do they wear capes? >> they don't care capes. andrea: do they wear t-shirts under their cape saying hillary clinton 2016. my sense the superdelegates, squarely, a lion's share in her corner. >> they are. sandra: andrea: which is reason bernie is not realistic. >> there are a huge chunk and locked them up earlier. republicans in the establishment are saying hey that super delegate thing looks really good but it's not. bernie sanders has a challenge. he has to break through in big states. tonight is really his night to make that case. >> isn't the dirty little secret bernie sanders how poorly he does basically with all minorities especially the african-american community? >> it is.
9:18 am
except in michigan he got 32% of the african-american vote. that is a big deal in place like detroit. that was his first breakthrough moment in a state. the states coming forward actually line up more for bernie sanders. all the southern states will have already voted. he will be better positioned. andrea: isn't he doing better with women that want dates with boys? the according to gloria steinem. all the girls want boyfriends? sandra: to defense of democratic race they have focused on economy solidly in the debates. i guess matter of opinion, that is what i watch so closely for. bernie sanders has championed that message for blue-collar worker and obviously saying made trade a huge focus of his campaign. that he is really real zinging hillary clinton. >> he is hitting trade hard. taking about tpp talking about
9:19 am
nafta with john kasich in ohio. sandra: nafta. >> talking about all those things. the reason democrats don't really focus on foreign policy because it is not exactly the strong suit to make that case to the democratic population. harris: just to kind of put a button on with we were talking about before and the minority vote in michigan, when you look at north carolina how that breaks out as well, it would be a surprise, wouldn't it, if he did well there? >> north carolina lines up for hillary clinton but you know, anything can happen. remember michigan he was down 20 points heading into election day. harris: yeah. >> he turned it around and won. harris: black voters say they like him. we'll see what happens. there is more on hillary clinton. she may be her own worst enemy after making what some say is huge gaffe on benghazi. it happened during a town hall last night while defending her push for regime change in libya. here it is. watch. >> libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn't lose a
9:20 am
single person. we didn't have a, you know problem in supporting our european and arab allies in working with nato and now we've got to support the libyan people. harris: didn't lose a single person. it's a statement for her. a question for me. as you saw hillary clinton made no mention of the terror attack on our consulate that killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the committee investigating benghazi is planning to release a final report before the summer that could have big implications for clinton's white house bid. in no disrespect for mrs. clinton, is she exhausted or did she forget? what is up with that? >> there is series of things past few days. had to walk back statement about nancy reagan and hiv aids. she had to walk back a statement bringing down coal miners and
9:21 am
businesses putting them out of business and now had to clarify this. after what she said in the univision debate that the mother of one of the fallen was wrong, it just doesn't fit into a great narrative for her. i will say that for democrats benghazi is just, they just don't, it doesn't register. harris: that is a fact in the story she ought to know intimately. >> of course. she was obviously talking about the operation and the launch into libya and how, with, you know u.n. and nato forces and the u.s. they didn't lose anybody in the initial launch into libya. however by her saying that, it just brings up all of this stuff that -- harris: why does it matter anyway. so on, so forth. the fact that i have read they were actually friends, she and ambassador stevens. kind of makes you scratch your head. bigger picture here though, andrea as bret saying, voters among democrats are not
9:22 am
sensitive to the issue of benghazi in terms how they feel about her anyway. andrea: they seem to have benghazi fatigue. if you are running against hillary clinton, i think the argument you need to make is that what it was her leadership as she explains it in her book, "hard choices," decide to push for ousting of muammar qaddafi which create ad giant vacuum for isis to metastasize what we're seeing now. that led to the administration having to do damage control around a storyline which they said was jv group no one needed to worry about. what we see, harris, an administration, actively according to intelligence experts scrubbing intel reports. harris: right. andrea: pressuring intelligence officers to write a different storyline what's happening. that is all because of the failed leadership. if hillary doesn't want to talk about benghazi? fine. you have to talk about broader picture of war on terror she exacerbated. harris: one second. i want to ask you about the scrubbing. president obama says he will have that looked into to see how
9:23 am
reports were changed if they were in any way? >> it's a big deal. an investigation the house intelligence committee has been doing. an investigation the inspector general has been doing. and there is evidence from 60 plus intelligence experts that say their stuff was changed, to make it more rosey. that is not a good thing. imagine taking prism to republican administration this had happened hough attention it would be getting. harris: boggles the mind it is not getting more attention. megyn? >> i was going to say 36% of american public trust hillary clinton. when you hear her say nobody died in benghazi and nobody died in libya, we've seen videos of sean smith's mother heartbroken again and again. there is sensitivity chip missing in her. have you forgotten it was just brought up in the recent debate? this is her basic problem. if you're a family member, or
9:24 am
just have a friend in the military obviously why would we trust our military with a woman who can't even have compassion for men that died, i will say this, at her hands? >> let me say the benghazi committee will come up with a report in the summer and there could be more developments from that, more revelations. she always talks that she's testified for 11 hours in front of committees. harris: right. >> but there could be other shoes to drop as amazing as that sounds this long after this investigation has gone on. harris: she has said about this the same she said about email server scandal. there isn't anything else to see that it will all work out in some kind of way. we'll move on. good to have you here. >> good to be here. harris: hillary clinton caught on hot mic scolding media for spending so much time covering donald trump. are the media really at fault or is the coverage fair? americans hitting up polling places with a lost delegates at stake as we're talking about.
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just a few more ways the good hands are doing more than ever before. see what the personal service of an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100. ♪ sandra: knew questions about donald trump and whether the billionaire businessman is getting too much media coverage. during last night's town hall "the washington post" caught hillary clinton on a hot mic during the commercial break saying this about trump. >> i mean he is a presence. and you know, just like -- [inaudible]. >> nobody can tell what people want to watch.
9:30 am
>> i think they don't want to watch him. sandra: much of the media coverage recently been on violence at trump rallies but gop front-runner pointed out yesterday, that protests that other candidates event don't get same kind of attention. >> happens to everybody. they stand up. that is what they do. they stand up. they're disruptors. they don't report them when it happens to everybody else. with me it gets reported. with me there is big double-standard here. that's okay. sandra: make some sense for us, bret. is trump getting too much media coverage? he is the front-runner of the gop? >> he is, but we have to be honest, media take his events more than any other candidate because frankly people watch him and you know, he is in his presentation has been entertaining from the beginning and cable news channels, you know there is something accurate to what hillary clinton is saying, it is a little bit like
9:31 am
candy. sandra: you can't stop talking about him? >> that part of it, i think cable news channels, clearly have taken him more than any other candidate. and that, i think, the reason she is bringing it up in a general election, you're talking about the -- talking about sharing time. and her events, not getting as much attention as his events. sandra: or bernie sanders. in effect isn't hillary clinton guilty of the same thing? she is pointing out violence at donald trump rallies, saying he is inciting this violence meanwhile this happens at other campaign rallies but she not talking about those? andrea: that is absolutely true. i agree with bret, oddly, i'm not hallucinating i agree with hillary clinton. i think coverage of donald trump has been excessive. there are other stories in the news cycle. we mentioned scrubbing of intel reports. yesterday, hellfire missiles on commercial aircraft to portland. we don't know what the side deals we did with iran. critical stories are not getting
9:32 am
enough attention. the trump attention is overblown. that being said, trump is right, there is absolutely a double-standard. if you watched news over the weekend you saw that there was underreporting how those protests came to be, sandra, in your hometown. staged protests. paid protesters. harvesting on craigslist. that didn't get enough coverage. it was all this is donald trump's fault and i do think it is a bit unfair to the front runner. >> i want to set this up because house speaker paul ryan has some things to say about what is going on. first let's listen. >> it is pretty clear there is concerted effort by people on the left to disrupt these rallies, to disrupt these events and that needs to be condemned and we condemn that. having said that, i think as candidates, all candidates have an obligation to what they can do to provide an atmosphere of harmony to reduce violence, not to incite violence. make sure we're appealing to people on their best ideals.
9:33 am
that we'll unite the country around ideas that unite the country so we can actually fix our country's problems. sandra: bret, we're getting word now that president obama weighed in to speaker ryan's response to all of this. and he agrees with him. >> they're trying to tamp down the violence but key part there is ryan is saying these things are not just organic. they are organized. and we know that, "black lives matter," other groups have taken credit for some of this stuff. and it's important to point that out. on the flip side we also have to point out what has been said on the trail and we do that in the stories with we cover this. and i think there are two sides to this issue but paul ryan is rightly saying the left, the far left is trying to gin some of this up. sandra: megyn, what is your take on all this? >> i agree these protesters are going, wanting fights and a lot of media attention. for people like me, when you see clips and donald trump saying knock him out. i'll maybe pay for medical bills
9:34 am
or lawyer bills, if you end up hitting someone, that makes me uncomfortable. i've been on a lot of campaigns all my life. i never once saw hitting violence of any kind whatever. my father ran a controversial campaign with controversial running mate. i never saw this before. i don't want to escalate. someone who find this disturbing and i want trump and bernie sanders coming out not in america. we can have discussion, heated discussions. you can come in. say your piece. watch but violence should never be acceptable anywhere. andrea: they have said that, sandra to your point violence has happened at other rallies. what i don't understand the logic of republins who make the argument when there is gun incident, they say oh, it is a crazy person, not the gun it is the crazy person. they say, we have to have free speech and you can't blame the rhetoric but on this one, they're blaming rhetoric. almost like they're using the logic but they're reversing it. >> there are two sides to it. you have to concede a candidate
9:35 am
saying what he said on the stump is not exactly what we've seen before to megyn's point. andrea: right. but is that the reason why a nutjob or someone who is paid would start a fight? >> not necessarily, no. and what, i think ryan and the president are saying is that there are two sides to this one is it is orchestrated. and two, the candidate shouldn't incite. >> you can be grossed out by all of it. you can be grossed out by both sides by the protests and by rhetoric. harris: great journalism by young man who went behind the scenes with the group in chicago who organized it. he asked to gain access. he gave it to them. he talked about the different categories of protester. dig deep in that, look how that came together. it is very interesting. there are two sides. i think journalism needs to show both sides but we can go forth. there is never room for violence. we have to hold people doing it accountable. andrea: doing it, committing acts.
9:36 am
harris: absolutely. sandra: thanks, guys, for weighing in on that. could we be head he had toward a brokered gop convention. a lot of people asking about that. a lot what happens at the polls today, especially in the key states of ohio and florida. but even then, it is not so clear-cut. never fear! bret baier's here.
9:37 am
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9:41 am
than 55% of the remaining delegates. that would make his road to the nomination much harder and increase likelihood of a brokered convention in july. so i just want to go to you. in my lifetime i never seen a brokered convention. would you explain what that means and what it would look like. >> he doesn't get to 1237, say second scenario. he loses ohio. he has to win i think 63% of the remaining delegates on the table. let's say ted cruz blocks him. so then he goes into cleveland short of the necessary majority of delegates. then it is an open convention. it is basically contested. it is not necessarily brokered, there is a smoke-filled room and somebody saying let's do this. it is not like that. it is ballots. so you have a first ballot and he comes up short. then you have a second ballot and there are half of the delegates that can be released to vote to somebody else. they then start to move around and figuring out who is the candidate that can get over the
9:42 am
1237 majority. you could have a third ballot, a fourth ballot, until you find someone who can get to that magic number. and the thing with an open convention, a contested convention is that it could be somebody from the outside who was not running but i think that is probably less likely because trump people would get up and walk out. they would say, forget it. >> with would that mean? >> that would mean the party would just implode i would think, if half the delegation walk -- got up and said we're not putting up with this. andrea: we're out of here. >> the going bet, if he comes short of 1237, trump, still probably is likely to get the votes but there would have to be some horse trading. sandra: if you were a betting man, bret? >> candidate casino. 100 chips. sandra: where do things go here? contested convention? >> i think that trump probably
9:43 am
gets to 1237, just looking at the states, looking at how momentum happens. sandra: that is absolutely win in florida and ohio? >> i think he might lose ohio and still get there actually. but will be a little tougher for him. if he comes up short he will make the case that plurality, a majority should give him the nomination. and rnc rules will not go for that. harris: he is already making the case. if i have the most, i should be the candidate. he is already the nominee. he is already saying that. >> but we have, in the senate, you have to get 60 votes. harris: i hear you. >> i'm telling you, it is amazing. harris: thank you for wiping away the vision that had of puppies playing poker at the brokered convention. i appreciate that. yeah, right. really what does this do to the party? is the damage already done or can they go forth? you see paul ryan, speaker of the house, last debate, rnc chairman reince priebus get up on stage and before anybody else
9:44 am
took the stage, we'll go forward as a team? >> it is going to be interesting to see, that is the biggest question about what happens with the donald trump nomination. is that can the party unify. can they see hillary clinton as such a negative thing in their minds for the white house that they can unify behind donald trump. right now there is a big rift in this party. and the never trump folks are significant chunk. andrea: reminds me a little bit about survivor and torches and islands, what you're describing at convention, bret. very quickly if a candidate drops out can you explain difference between holding on to delegates very quickly and what difference if it makes you suspend or stay in the race? >> they still have the delegates. when they go to the convention they're still power brokers because they have a chunk of delegates. why somebody like rubio, he may be moving the needle. andrea: have some power. harris: that is interesting. >> fascinating one way or the
9:45 am
other how it plays out. intensifying fight over the nation's highest court. what president obama says he is looking for in nominee to replace the late antonin scalia. whether it will be enough to get republicans on board. white house reported campaign to shame the gop going along.
9:46 am
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harris: nor "outnumbered" coming up in a moment but first to jon scott on what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." hello, jon. >> thank you, harris. voters going to the polls in five states, illinois, ohio, florida, missouri and north carolina. donald trump has lead in five states. we'll talk about his domination of the delegate count so far. john kasich is in westerville, ohio. he is counting on a win in his home state. can he win in ohio and offer a challenge to trump. is. hillary clinton is ahead of in most polling in today's contests but she has had some stumbles on the campaign trail. we'll get all into it at the top of the hour. "happening now." harris: you are number one in our hearts, jon.
9:50 am
thank you. >> ah, thank you, harris. andrea: bret is like what about me? >> i get it. i like jon scott too. i'm a jon scott fan. andrea: we have our favorites, bret. who is it going to be? we look at white house as president obama could fill the pick for the supreme court vacancy created by death of justice antonin scalia as early as today. the president quote is looking for consensus candidate looking for broad support from democrats and republicans. the president working from a short list of three possible candidates, all federal appeals judges who enjoyed bipartisan support in the past. meantime rnc is gearing up for massive campaign aimed at derailing the president's nominee, democrats and liberal allies -- former members of president obama's re-election team readying a election
9:51 am
campaign to put republicans on hot seat. brad woodhouse saying quote, the only way to get republicans to cry uncle to hold a fair process, demonstrate they will go down in flames in november if they don't, we are more than happy to oblige. bret, call this one for us. what do you think happens with republicans being so grounded in the senate that they will not have hearings and entertain these candidates? >> i don't think there is any chance that senate republicans move forward. calculation has been made, it is better for them to hold the line and not do this then be pictured next to nominee who may be qualified and may have in the past received republican votes to that they think it is too risky to do even that and that's, it is pretty astonishing but they are so far holding the line because they believe that the idealogical shift on the bench would just be unacceptable. andrea: yeah, exactly. harris: tax dollars at work on this i'm curious to know what you think.
9:52 am
yesterday afternoon the president held conference call with his political director david sims, three former senior white house officials, activists donors, a lot of people on the list. okay, their main thing come up with an elaborate plan to make this nomination process go forward. what does that mean, elaborate plan? what are they going to do? >> i don't know. could be like trying to entice republicans by agreeing to something that horse trading a bit up on capitol hill. but there is zero horse trading. i talked to senate republicans and they are, even ones who are in contested races in bluish states holding the line because they believe and they have lined up behind senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is way to go. they may get bombarded with campaign, with ads, but they seem like they are pretty set on their ways. >> could you give us color what a president obama supreme court nominee looks like?
9:53 am
we know he has got a short list. he is down to three. this law professor at george washington university says, grand slam candidate which he describes as somebody who will have a profound effect on the court and sacrifice fly candidate, one that will draw criticism from conservatives but would exact a political price from republicans who oppose him. >> i mean three you're looking at there, are judges that have made it through and they have received some republican support. each one of them has something that republicans would hit on and say this is a problem for republicans over all. but, they are, they're not this candidate somehow could break through. if i were a judge and the white house was saying to you, you're going to be nominee, i would probably say, no thanks, because it is not going anywhere. this one's not going anywhere. harris: one of the men on the list, merrick garland has been through this before. he was on president obama's
9:54 am
short list prior. kind of interesting he made it again. >> they're accomplished judges, all of them. sandra: does he go for the sacrifice fly or the grand slam? >> i think he doesn't even get to bat. harris: wow. >> i mean i really believe -- >> he will filibuster until his face turns red over this. >> i think they will take the heat. they will take the heat, forget it. republicans unified besides. harris: that may work in their favor. andrea: it may that is what the base wants. americans casting ballots for person they want to see in the white house come january. fox news channel is all over today's all important contest. keep it right here. we have over 15,000 activities
9:55 am
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♪ sandra: tonight will be make-or-break for some of the candidates as we've been discussing. fnc will cover it all day. at 6:00 p.m. eastern we go wall-to-wall as folks in five states cast their ballots and await the results our own one
9:59 am
lucky guy, bret baier, a big part of that coverage to kick off with "special report." he is here with a quick preview. please, no spoilers. >> we might have to add dancing in between the bumps. andrea: you like that? >> megyn would be into it. i know she would. andrea: it would be great for ratings, bret, two of you getting down and funky. >> yes it might be. it might be. [laughter]. it will be fantastic. we start at 6:00. megyn joins me at seven. we'll have all the states covered. we might make calls early. when the things happen it starts to add up. you start looking at these states. tonight, senate and house races and primaries we'll watch as well. this will be big politics night. sandra: expect any big surprises? >> listen, ohio is really the focus going on. if donald trump pulls off a win in ohio he is on his way to the gop nomination.
10:00 am
sandra: i'm sure producers are scrapping the plans and they will be adding dancing coming in and out of break. andrea: a disco ball. sandra: thank you so much, bret baier. >> good to be here. sandra: thanks, bret for joining us today. we're staying right here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. and we begin with a fox news alert. the countdown to the polls that are closing in contests that reshape the race. >> donald trump picks up nine more delicates after winning the northern island caucus. >> the must have tools for terrorist. an encryption app allows isis to launch attacks here and abroad in total secrecy. and a stunning admission. the nfl said there is a li


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