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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 15, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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>> all right. that's it for us tonight. don't change the channel. keep watching fox news throughout the night for live super tuesday election a234nala. that's it for us. >> yeah, i'm going home and going to sleep. a big night for both of the front-runners in the race for the white house as the republican field shrinks to three. hello and thank you so much for staying up with us and our fox news coverage. ongoing election coverage. i'm heather childers. >> and i'm eric sean. both donald trump and hillary clinton picking up a number of wins in tonight's primaries. here are where things stand just after 1:00 a.m. in the east, 12:00 central, 10:00 pacific. mr. trump picking up a huge win in the sunshine state of florida, beating senator marco rubio on his home turf. and prompting the florida senator tonight to suspend his
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campaign. mr. trump also picking up the big state of illinois. here are the latest numbers right now. in north carolina, senator cruz a close second there. but ohio governor john kasich winning his home state of ohio. this marks his first win so far. take a look at the scorecard. you will notice we do not have a winner yet in missouri. that is still too close to call. let's look at the numbers in that race, as you can see. >> and on the democratic side, clinton securing wins in florida, illinois, north carolina, and ohio. missouri as will still too close to call. but one thing is clear tonight. both hillary clinton and donald trump's multiple victories appear to have strengthened their already strong campaigns. >> we're going to win in trade. we're going to make our country rich again. we're going to make our country great again. and we need the rich in order to make the great, i'm sorry to tell you.
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[ applause ] >> and tonight marking the end of marco rubio's run for the white house. after losing to donald trump in his home state of florida, rubio made the decision to suspend his campaign. listen. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination, and winning this election in november. [ cheers and applause ] >> governor john kasich taking home all 66 delegates in ohio up for grabs in his home state there. it's a key bloc that complicates donald trump's march toward clinching the nomination. with more on this, let's go to cincinnati, the chairman of the ohio republican party is with us. he is a member of the board of elections in that city and tonight he was elected as a kasich delegate to the republican convention. he is on the telephone with us now. alex, congratulations on your victory tonight.
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>> well, thank you very much, eric. it was an exciting night in ohio tonight. >> in july, you're going to drive, what, 250 miles north to cleveland. what do you think will happen when you get to that convention? will it be chaos? is it going to be brokered? do you think potentially donald trump will have that magic 1,237 to get the nomination? >> well, i think donald trump's path got a little bit harder tonight, given governor kasich's win in ohio. i'm not sure what to expect in july when we go up there. but we'll be ready to do our responsibility as delegates and that is select the nominee. it should be interesting. >> tonight, some people saying that john kasich, no matter how notable or accomplished, he still is somewhat of a spoiler. donald trump could have taken it all this evening had it not been for your candidate. what's your reaction to that, that he's just being like a blocker, temporarily blocking the front-runner? >> well, you know, look. governor kasich has a great story to tell the american people, and a lot of people feel like he hasn't had a chance to
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do that because of the noise created in this race. we think governor kasich will take his record to the rest of the country and talk about what he's done here in ohio. it's been a great success. and also to tell you that to win the presidency, you have to win ohio. and john kasich has never lost an election in this state. so if republicans are interested in winning ohio and winning the presidency, john kasich would be a fine choice. >> i've got the race going out west. arizona and utah in the coming week. but then you kind of go more toward what potentially could are more moderate states that could be more in line with ohio. you've got maryland, pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, connecticut. in fact, tomorrow governor kasic is going to philadelphia. do you see a potential that he could have more openings there, that this race could turn more his way because of the way the map is laid out? >> yes, i think that's what could happen here. and i think what we think might happen. i think after tonight's big win,
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governor kasich will have an opportunity to go forward and get more attention and talk more about his record. and to talk about real solutions and not be negative, without playing this sand box the way that we've seen these guys play so far. i think that those states are going to give him a real opportunity to pick up more delegates and make this thing much more interesting. >> what's interesting is ohio is an open state. so democrats could have voted for trump. so why do you think that, you know, the governor did so well? >> well, i tell you, he had a great ground game here. grassroots effort for governor kasic was outstanding. and the other thing, we had a huge turnout in ohio tonight. my county alone, the biggest turnout in 40 years of voting. >> donald trump will say it's because of him. >> well, you know, he may be right. but some of that may be pro trump, some of it may be anti-trump. look, we'll fall in, me especially as a republican, i'll fall in and support whoever the nominee is. but right now we're having a pretty spirited contest.
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the voters are very interested in what the republicans are doing, and i think that bodes well for us in november. >> would you potentially support donald trump? governor kasich has already said no way he's going to potentially be a vice president under mr. trump. >> eric, if he is the nominee of the republican party, i absolutely will support him. there's nobody on the democrat sides that would ever get my vote. i would enthusiastically support the republican nominee, whoever that is. >> and maybe some would say you're a member of the establishment and head of -- or member of the board of elections in cincinnati, longtime chairman of the republican party there. so how do you deal with the trump candidacy? there are so many against it in the republican establishment. how can you come to terms with that, if indeed he is the nominee? >> you know, if he is the nominee, we'll reach out and we'll talk about our success and winning elections and what we have to offer to the campaign. and the one thing that will bring us all together is the idea that hillary clinton could
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go back to the white house. none of us want that. so i think we'll ultimately come together. right now, we're divided. we're going to continue that way for a while until we get a nominee. but i think we're going to come together, and i'm happy to support whoever the nominee might be. and tonight was a good night for governor kasich. we'll see what happens the rest of the way. >> going off to pennsylvania tomorrow. we'll see how this plays out. alex, chairman of the board of elections in cincinnati, who was elected tonight as a delegate to the convention. thank you for joining us at this late hour. >> enjoyed it, eric. thank you. let's take another look at the numbers. trump, 621. cruz, 296. kasich, 138. and the candidate needs, remember, 1,237 to win. fox news' howard curtz is saying after tonight, the gop is betting on convention chaos. let's bring in our panel now. ellen radner is the bureau
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chief. thank you all for joining us again. >> thank you. >> very exciting night. and then there were three. so do you agree with howard curtz, who said, you know, they are counting on chaos at the convention? >> listen, i think that that is going to be governor kasich's best chance. if donald trump is even one delegate short, it can go to an open convention. and then i think they very well might pick john kasich. >> we just heard one of his major supporters saying he'll support the nominee, judy. no matter who it is. >> but to be the nominee, though. >> i think we have to hear that from governor kasich, and we haven't. and i think the problem really for trump is you need to unify the party with more than words. and at this point, i can't
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imagine a party that has been as split as this one is at the moment. you have an absolute debacle in terms of people who say i can never, never support candidate x, y, or z. i can't remember a time in the republican party when it's been quite so divided. so the irony is, you could actually have a candidate who might do better with independents than within his own party. >> that's part of what donald trump has been saying all along, he would do better with independents and republican leaning democrats. >> but you can't win an election unless you carry your own party. >> if he does carry the party, that might give him a better chance in the general election. >> it depends where the net gain is. if it's the people he brings into the party and toward the cause, that's fine. but if it's in that loss that people don't vote for him in the party because they have deep-seated concerns about him, that's obviously not a positive
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thing. both cruz and trump mathematically do have a pathway to get to 1,237 delegates prior to convention. but let's talk about likelihood. in the case of donald trump, it is there. i don't subscribe to this idea that we've somehow now all of a sudden are guaranteed to have a brokered convention. in the case of ted cruz, i think he could make this a real contest. if he comes within striking distance of donald trump in the delegate count with trump not meeting the threshold, you might see him being able to win some sort of brokered convention. >> he didn't do as well tonight as he wanted to do. >> cruz certainly i thought had a chance to win in a state like missouri. but don't forget, north carolina, missouri, and illinois, he performed well enough to gain serious delegates. no doubt about it, donald trump dominated tonight. an important night for donald trump. >> how does senator cruz as you say have a pathway when he is dealing with the juggernaut of donald trump? >> i said he has a mathematical pathway.
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now, when we talk about likelihood, the issue ted cruz has is that the first half of this or rather the first quarter of this primary season was mostly in the southeast, where he was thought to be strong. this was his natural base. and he didn't quite do as well as perhaps he could have. but he still gained enough where now he's clearly if you're going to think about rubio out of the race, can make the claim to the nontrump forces that they perhaps should consolidate behind him. that doesn't mean he'll get it. but the idea now is to watch how many contests he is able to win, particularly gaining delegates, to see if he can deprive donald trump. with all respect, it's not going to be john kasich. yes, he won ohio. but pennsylvania votes on april 26. where is his road map? >> john kasich could win if donald trump is one delegate short, and there is some sort of melee at the convention. >> chaos will ensue if donald trump has won and it's taken
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away. >> only for the three out of the last 10 contested conventions has the person who's entered it with the most delegates actually gotten the nomination. >> if this was anyone else who had done as well as trump has done up until this point, especially today, would we be talking about ways that he won't win or ways that we can beat him? that's what i find fascinating. because every time he does, you know, tremendously well with the voters and he wins, the next thing that we talk about is how can he be beat. >> i think that's a very valid point. that's why as much as i have respect for governor romney, i think his introduction to the race and the way he came in talking about a brokered convention and having different supporters for candidates in that state seems to create the impression that this is somehow a mechanism created just to stop donald trump. this has been the rules of the party for a very, very long time. >> that's true. but you have to be careful what you wish for. and the democrats i talked to as early as september, october,
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said we want to run against donald trump. be careful what you wish for. >> let's say he is two dozen away from the nomination. there will be a revolt. the voters out there will say, the party bosses are trying to take it away from donald trump. what do you do then? >> i think that's really the challenge for anyone at this point, who wants to stage a challenge for mr. trump. he clearly has momentum going for him. he has independence going for him. normally because it is not an unusual thing for the front-runner to lose at a contested convention, people would say that's politics. this year, that explanation is not going to fly. that's going to be a negative. it's going to be a per jor tiff. yes, it's politics. this party has a problem. it's not listening to the people. i think donald trump has set up a mean which is you can test at your peril. >> i like that. >> test at your peril. >> the rules are all out the
10:14 pm
window for sure. >> and talk about it by your peril. speaking of the one man that did get a big win tonight, that's governor kasich. he noted in his speech this evening that his father was a mailman and his grandfather was a coal miner. we'll hear some of what he had to say straight ahead here on the fox news channel as we continue our overnight coverage of this big night all night. we'll be here until 4:00 a.m. eastern time. i hope you stick around with us too.
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as we've been reporting, one big story tonight is that governor john kasich did pull off the win in ohio, picking up 66 delegates. it was a winner take all primary. the exit polls tell us that many voters made up their minds in just the past few days. the last-minute voters backing their governor, someone they know, over the second place finisher donald trump. almost two to one. earlier this past evening, the governor reminded his supporters of their ability to make a difference. >> believing that through our efforts in whichever part of the
10:19 pm
world that we live, that we can change the world, that we can carve out a better future, that we can realize that those special gifts that were given to each and every one of us in here are something that we can use to heal the world. and, you know, we're all part of a giant mosaic, a snapshot in time, all of us here. and it's our job as americans, our job as people who want to be decent and live good lives, is to dig down and understand that purpose and never underestimate our ability to change the world in which we live. [ applause ] well, guess what? tomorrow, i'm going to philadelphia. [ applause ] and then i'm going -- i don't know, all over the country,
10:20 pm
okay? and many of you have travelled around this country trying to help me. you know what? look, this is all i've got, okay? this is all i've got. and all i can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. but i want you to know something. we're going to go -- we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. [ cheers and applause ]
10:21 pm
and i also want to thank -- you know, my father was a democrat all his life. he was. we had a lot of democrats that said they didn't like a socialist agenda or left-wing agenda or big government. i want to thank them for coming over in this election and putting their confidence in me. because, you know, i think we all know that conservative principles can work. that common sense can work. that shifting power and money and influence from that big place in washington and moving it to where we live, it empowers us. that's the direction for our country. that is the direction for our country. [ applause ] and finally, i want you coming out to the road. i want you continuing to do what we've been doing all over this country. i'm getting ready to rent a covered wagon. we're going to have a big sail and have the wind blow us to the rocky mountains and over the mountains to california. but here's what i want you to know.
10:22 pm
[ cheers and applause ] we've got one more trip around ohio this coming fall, where we will beat hillary clinton, and i will become the president of the united states. thank you all very much. god bless you. >> and they're back. ellen rattner, judy miller, and tony sayag. so let's talk a little bit more about ohio. its history, its significance when it comes to presidential campaigns. ohio has not voted for a loser in a presidential election since 1960. and no republican has ever gotten to the white house after losing the buckeye state. so do we think that trend will continue with kasich winning
10:23 pm
ohio? >> well, of course, i'm from ohio, from cleveland. so of course i think that trend is going to continue because as we say in ohio, so goes ohio, so goes the nation. absolutely. the issue that is going to happen to governor kasich does he go negative. he basically won this by being very positive. and, in fact, there's going to be a lot of pressure for him to go negative on trump. however, tonight, he sent out a fundraising letter saying that he will not go negative to his constituents. >> a little bit of a warning, though. he already started talking about becoming more aware of some of the comments that trump has made regarding women specifically and said he will have comments about those. judy? >> he said he would do it tomorrow. i think we're going to start to see the anti-trump campaign swing into some -- it will not be the kind of campaign that marco rubio waged to try and dislodge trump. i think we now know that that doesn't work. >> which rubio campaign? [ laughter ]
10:24 pm
>> right. >> which one? >> well, one point, though. hillary clinton won ohio in 2008. what does that say? a lot of folks are probably watching now saying, so he won ohio, good for him. but it means nothing. >> it doesn't necessarily mean anything. a republican will win the primary and a democrat will win the primary. but the turnout was rather high, which is more important for the republicans because we tend to underperform democrats as far as turnout. this goes to the enthusiasm argument you keep hearing that republicans are more enthusiastic. here is kasich's problem. over 70% approval rating in ohio, the governor there. high income. people who weren't necessarily hardline on immigration, people who did not want to have a ban on muslims, people who are late deciders. this is not a recipe to win republican primaries in upcoming primaries. pennsylvania, where he's going
10:25 pm
tomorrow, he lost most of the border counties in eastern ohio that border pennsylvania. so while it's a nice win for him tonight, certainly deprived trump of 66 delegates, i don't see what it really portends for kasich going forward. >> i have one word for you. california. >> great. >> what kasich stands to benefit from is the unpopularity of cruz as an alternative to trump. it's that john kasich represents that old-fashioned republican who will not get down into the gutter, who will not have barack obama accusing you of using vulgar divisive language. he has none of those negatives. if he maintains his kind of high level of discourse, while still attacking trump on things like his mysoginest views.
10:26 pm
i do see him more effective as marco rubio. >> but that hasn't worked so far except for in his own home. he won his own home tonight. that's not that difficult to do. >> but you had a four-person race essentially. now we're down to three, with one person who is beloved of independents and bringing people out, donald trump. two, a man who is enormously unpopular within his own party. that changes the equilibrium, it changes the balance. >> all right. >> i think judy makes a good point in this respect. there is an optimism, a sense of kind of loftier ideals. he reminds me of my old boss, jack kemp, who they used to call the happy warrior. i'm not sure this is the year the happy warrior prevails, which is part of the kasich problem. and the other problem too, whether trump wants to face
10:27 pm
someone one-on-one, or the zone defense, i think he'd rather have the zone defense. >> well, the more people in the race -- >> it benefits trump. >> we have to take a quick break. but you guys are not going anywhere. donald trump winning in florida, a knockout blow to marco rubio. the republican chair of florida joins us next to break down what went down in the sunshine state. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i have even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place. i ask the american people, do not give in to the fear. do not give in to the frustration. . perfect. no tickets. no accidents.
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this election was a very important election. it narrowed the field. it made clear that it's a two-person race. in the head-to-head choice, we win, and we beat donald trump decidedly. >> senator ted cruz claiming that it is now a two-man race for the republican nomination, even though another guy did win tonight, governor john kasich, in his home state of ohio.
10:32 pm
but senator cruz is closest in delegates to the front-runner, donald trump. now more on the election results. garrett, of course a good night for trump, scooping up all of those delegates in florida. and marco rubio's home state. so he had to give up his senate seat to run for president. what now? >> it really was a very good night for donald trump. but it still wasn't quite the perfect night that he was hoping for. the billionaire businessman scored several more big wins on tuesday, but he fell short of a clean sweep that would have essentially wrapped up the nomination. he did take home the day's top prize, winning florida, securing all 99 delegates as you mentioned. it wasn't even close. as many of the polls predicted, trump easily beat marco rubio in his home state by nearly 20 points. more on rubio in a moment. but look at trump's other wins in. north carolina, he did very well among evangelical christians and beat out ted cruz by about four points. in illinois, much of the same,
10:33 pm
beating out ted cruz by about four points. in missouri, the race is still too close to call. ted cruz and donald trump still neck and neck in a race too tight to call. in florida, though, trump was already shifting his focus to the general election. >> i want to say, we're going to go forward and we're going to win, but more importantly we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> the one republican he did mention was marco rubio, who announced earlier in the night he is suspending his campaign after losing his home state of florida. >> this is the right way forward for our party. this is the right way forward for our country. but after tonight, it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year we will not be on the winning side. >> six months ago, there were 17 republican candidates. and with marco rubio out of the race, we are now down to only three. and a lot of delegates left to go. >> garrett, governor kasich winning tonight.
10:34 pm
ted cruz right now fighting to pull out in missouri where it's still too close to call. he and donald trump just .2 of a point apart at this hour. so what's next for them moving forward? >> for john kasich, this is his first win of the primary race, and a must win for his campaign to continue. so tell continue on. and even with ohio's 66 delegates, john kasich is still far behind donald trump and ted cruz in terms of delegates. so much so that his only path to securing the nomination is essentially if the race goes on to a contested convention. that's a long shot to make. but kasich told his supporters in ohio, he plans to be back for the general election. >> we've got one more trip around ohio this coming fall, where we will beat hillary clinton, and i will become the president of the united states. >> for ted cruz, the good news is that the delegates in states that he narrowly lost, are all awarded proportionally. he still walks away with a lot
10:35 pm
of delegates with. marco rubio out out of the race, he has more of an argument that he is the one candidate that can beat donald trump and can beat hillary clinton in the general election. >> far too many politicians focus on washington, d.c. to the lobbyists, to those like donald trump who buy influence, and to those like hillary clinton who sell influence, washington is the center of the universe. >> you mentioned how close that race is looking in missouri right now. there's still a chance he could come out of the night with a win in missouri. we're keeping a close eye and will keep you updated. >> take a look at the numbers. it really is so close. more than 900,000 votes so far in missouri. donald trump and ted cruz .2 of a point apart. only 2,000 votes or so. right now, about 99% of the voting in. i mean, that is really close.
10:36 pm
and it may be a very late night. we'll have lots of coffee and tea here in the fox news channel this evening. garrett, thank you so much. >> we will have that result for you as soon as it comes in. joining us on the phone right now is the state representative and chairman of the republican party of florida. thank you so much for staying up late with us. >> you got it. good evening. how are you? >> we're doing great. so the numbers in florida, i mean, look at that. donald trump just routing marco rubio by 20 percentage points there give or take. ted cruz and john kasich follow. the polls all said that donald trump was in the lead. but does it surprise you by the large margin that he won? >> yeah. actually, it is quite surprising. what we've seen over this election cycle is that when you had a closed primary state, and florida is a closed primary state, that it had been a lot closer. so mr. trump benefited from an
10:37 pm
electorate that favored him and a turnout that was historic in the state of florida. >> and it's been historic really all across the nation so far. with republicans in numbers far greater than democrats as well. was that the same in your state? >> yeah. we saw that as well. you know, we had about 2 million republicans that voted in this election. that's about if i can remember correctly about half a million more than the democrats. and what that is showing is that republicans are much more enthusiastic about this election than the democrats are. and that enthusiasm, we're going to take that into the november election. >> so in what areas did donald trump benefit the most? i know there was a lot of talk about the economy being the number one issue for floridians. obviously, they thought that donald trump was the best person to get them to a better place. >> yeah. donald trump benefited from a
10:38 pm
cascading frustration with what's going on in washington, d.c., and the policies of barack obama. and they are really afraid of having another four, possibly eight years of hillary clinton. and when you look at the landscape in florida, this is how florida breaks down. north florida is more like demographic wise like alabama and georgia. and mr. trump has benefited greatly there. down south, in miami dade, where marco rubio won, that county, that has a heavy concentration of hispanic voters. and then the i-4 corridor this evening is where mr. trump really, really separated himself from the field. i will tell you that some of the turnout in some of these counties approached 70%. and that's almost general election turnout. >> wow. so in terms of hispanics, you mentioned that there briefly, hispanics and women.
10:39 pm
how did he do there? that's a concern for his campaign. >> i don't have that specific breakdown in front of me. but i will tell you that the hispanic vote, if i remember correctly, marco rubio won that, i believe greater than 50%. and i do not have the demographic with the breakdown for women in front of me. >> the other thing i was thinking of when you talked at the very beginning about the closed primary, is that what caused some of the issues? initially there were some concerns about trump's name being left off some of the ballots or something about that. >> yeah. from what we understand, some of that was independents walking into the voting booth. and all they got were municipal ballots because there were some municipal elections going on. so when they looked at the ballot, they didn't see mr. trump's name on the ballot. and they thought that was something was wrong.
10:40 pm
but we are a closed primary state, and you have to be registered as a republican in order to vote in our presidential primary. >> the way this shaped up, 99 delegates all go to trump. also overwhelmingly clinton won the state as well for the democrats. what do you think this means for the rest of the country as we head towards the nomination? >> on the republican side or the democrat side? >> on the republican side. >> well, obviously, i think now with our senator being out of the race, and i personally want to thank the senator for everything that he's done. and he had such a great optimistic message. but with three people left in the race, this is obviously going to play out for more weeks. and we don't know at this point if mr. trump is going to get to 12,037 or senator cruz. so there's still a little bit left to play in the game. >> as chairman of the republican party there in florida, you have a little bit of behind the scenes knowledge. was there a push for rubio to get out of the race? i mean, it was almost -- i mean,
10:41 pm
it was immediate that he jumped out tonight. >> from the party, we stayed out of that. we are -- we have maintained neutrality throughout this race. and although we maintain neutrality, it wasn't that we weren't doing anything. our concentration was making sure we put the infrastructure and the grass roots campaign in place so we can deliver this state to the republican nominee in november. but there was nothing on behalf of the party asking anybody to get out of the race, because we just don't think that's our place. >> well, congratulations on a successful day. and record turnout. >> that's great. great to be with you guys this evening. >> all right. bye-bye. coming up, we'll take a look at the national delegate count and what obstacles lie ahead for donald trump to reach that magic 1,237. we are still waiting on missouri. stay with us. marie callender starts her
10:42 pm
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10:45 pm
nobody has ever, ever, in the history of politics, received the kind of negative advertising that i have. record, record, record. by the way, mostly false. i wouldn't say 100%, but about 90%. mostly false. vicious, horrible. they say it was $18 million the
10:46 pm
first week, meaning last week, and $25 million. it added up to over $40 million. and you explain it to me, because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. my numbers went up. >> donald trump was saying he was going to be on a golf course in the club watching television with some friends, and all of the negative ads start coming on. but despite that, he is a big winner in the primaries. mr. trump has 621 delegates. senator cruz, 396. john kasich, 138. how do the numbers compute? ian prior will join us. he is in our washington newsroom right now. ian, all the brainiacs have the calculators out and trying to tinker with the numbers. the trump's people say he's got it in the bank.
10:47 pm
he's going to reach 1,237. others say there's no way, the convention will be contested and brokered. what do you think? >> i think the truth is somewhere in between the two points. obviously, trump had a great night. winning florida tonight, 99 delegates there. but the one place where if he had won it may have been a sure thing, it would be ohio where kasich comes out with 66 votes. but as we get into more winner take all states, i believe 64% of the remaining delegates come from winner take all states. and the map gets favorable for donald trump in some of the states. you start next week with arizona. then you have delaware, maryland, and new jersey. all winner take all states where donald trump is well positioned to win. where he could run into some problems is in some of the other winner take all states in the middle of the country. that's been trump's weakness. ted cruz won texas, oklahoma, kansas. nebraska is a winner take all state. south dakota. montana. that could be an area where trump may not get the delegates he needs.
10:48 pm
if he is able to sort of get some of those, maybe one or two of those states in the middle of the country, he really could be well on his way to 1,237 before the convention. >> how does he pick these off? when he gets to new york, polls are showing him leading in his home state of new york. what is the strategy for the trump campaign going forward now to try to corral as many delegates as they can in their corner? >> i think over the next several primaries, trump will have a good chance to rattle off maybe eight wins in nine states, whether it's arizona. and then you go to wisconsin. we'll see how the scott walker connection plays there. but then on april 19 and 26, those are the northeast states. that's new york on april 19. and then you get to april 26, and it's connecticut, delaware, it's rhode island. it's maryland. those are all states that trump should play well in. so if he continues to gather momentum, he can continue to get the earned media, which is driving his campaign, and hopefully for him that will
10:49 pm
drive his numbers and image up in some of the other states where he really needs to compete hard like a nebraska, montana, south dakota going forward. >> and also going forward for the first time will be absent marco rubio. do you think his absence helps john kasich more or ted cruz? >> it's tough to say where the votes are going to go. one thing is clear, it doesn't necessarily hurt donald trump, because ultimately the vote against trump is goi split still between cruz and kasich. when he goes into the winner take all states, he'll be able to take all the delegates, really only win a plurality, which he has been winning so far. but it will go further in these big states. it's unclear where rubio's vote goes, but it's not as simple as it all goes to cruz or kasich. i think it will be split, and some will go to trump as well. >> and winner take all states coming up as well. so now it gets even more
10:50 pm
interesting. ian prior, thank you for that analysis. >> all about the math. still too early for math for me. hillary clinton is in position to become the first woman in u.s. history to win a major party nomination. >> there's still some major obstacles, some think, ahead on that path, including finding a way to appeal to bernie sanders' young, enthusiastic followers. >> well, i tell you, this is another super tuesday for our campaign. thank you, florida! thank you, north carolina! thank you, ohio! [ cheers and applause ] e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart.
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10:54 pm
welcome back. that is almost a wrap. still waiting for missouri here on this super tuesday 2. and her path to the general presidential election appears to be clearer than ever. hillary clinton, that's who i'm talking about, triumphed big in tuesday's megaprimary showdown, scoring victories in florida, ohio, missouri, and north carolina. here's a check of tuesday's democratic wins and losses.
10:55 pm
hi, brian. >> hi, heather. a big night for hillary clinton, who looks more and more like the eventual nominee, and a big defeat for senator bernie sanders who was hoping last week's upset win in michigan would be a turning point. clinton now has 1,559 delegates. bernie has 800. for senator sanders, tonight was a stinging defeat, losing big in ohio, florida, north carolina, and in a tight race in illinois. tonight, clinton giving her victory speech in west palm beach, florida, looking ahead to the general election, appealing to undecided democratic voters, saying now is the time to join her. clinton focused on three points. saying she'll fix the economy, keep our country safe, and help bring people together. that last point a clear shot at who she will likely face in the general election, mr. donald trump, who she calls a divider. >> when we care a candidate for
10:56 pm
president called for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong. it makes him wrong. [ cheers and applause ] >> for sanders, he hoped his win last week in michigan would influence voters in neighboring ohio and illinois. remember he won michigan after being down about 20 points in the polls by appealing to american workers harping on clinton's past support. now sanders is looking towards arizona, where he made that speech tonight. heather? >> all right, brian. thank you. and we'll continue our coverage straight ahead here on the fox news channel. stay with us. and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works
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11:00 pm
well, at this hour it is still too close to call in missouri. let's take a look at the latest numbers in the republican nomination race. man, oh, man, look at that, what is thinner than a whisper. more than 900,000 votes have been cast this evening. just 2,000 or so separate donald trump from ted cruz, just .2 of a percent. the latest number on the democratic side of the race. thank you for staying with us at this hour with the fox news hour for continuing coverage of the election. i'm eric shaw. >> and i'm heather childers.
11:01 pm
missouri, the last state that we are waiting on tonight. we will have that for you soon as it comes in. on the republican side, trump picking up a major win in florida beating marco rubio at home and prompting the florida senator to suspend his campaign immediately. florida, a winner take all for the gop. and trump also picking up illinois. here are the latest numbers from there. you can see trump leading 38.9% to ted cruz 30.9%. in north carolina cruz a close second. 36.8% but trump declared the winner with 38.9%. ohio governor john kasich winning and this marks his first win so far. >> tonight, tonight we arrived in cleveland and we went to a restaurant. we thought we could kind of sneak in and grab a quick meal,
11:02 pm
and when we walked through the restaurant, people started to cheer. my reaction, please don't do that because you're going to make me cry. but to have -- to have people believe in you and to believe that you can bring people together and strengthen the country. i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. >> and with that win, he gets all 66 delegates there in ohio. here's a look at the scorecard for the gop candidate so far. >> let's take a look at the democratic side. mrs. clinton winning easily in florida, illinois, north carolina, and ohio tonight. senator sanders, despite the multiple losses, he is keeping
11:03 pm
his message to his supporters positive. >> what excites me so much as i go around the country is to see the incredible energy of hundreds of thousands of people who love this country but know we can do so much better. we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls. we have come a long way in ten months! >> the other big story of this evening, marco rubio bowed to the inevitable. he has ended his run for the white house. he has lost to donald trump in florida. the senator making it known when he addressed the supporters. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or
11:04 pm
maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place. i ask the american people, do not -- do not give in to the fear. do not give in to the frustration. >> do not give in to the fear and frustration. joining us now from the fox news bureau in washington, d.c., is brad blakeman. and a senior staff professor of policy and politics of international affairs at georgetown university and john fund. he's a columnist with "national review magazine." thank you both for staying up with us. >> thanks. >> john, i'll go to you first about rubio dropping out. any thoughts of his speech tonight? >> if he had given that kind of
11:05 pm
speech much earlier in the campaign, he might have overcome a lot of the objections to his candidacy. he basically said that the establishment has ignored the legitimate grievances and he said the republican leadership let the people down and i think it would have been a lot harder to tag marco rubio as an establishment candidate if he had run like that, and he didn't. >> brad, where do you think he went wrong in the campaign leading up to this point? >> well, again, i think john is right. not acknowledging the fact that republicans and democrats, our country, is fed up with a congress and a president who doesn't do what the people want and need to be done and republicans are -- certainly have some culpability as do democrats and we did not understand the fear and frustration that the american people have not only for washington but for the fact that their lives are met with
11:06 pm
challenges every day educating their children, meeting their mortgage payments, their jobs. >> yeah. nk >> so we were late to the game. unfortunately donald trump was great at diagnosing the problem. he's a little right in fixing it in policy, but the people are being heard loud and clear. they seem to be liking zblump let's talk a little bit more about that because there's three left. we are kasich who won ohio and then we have kasich and donald trump and cruz. so those are the three left, and based on what you just said, the voters made their voices heard, they want an outsider, they want somebody that can do something different than what's going on in washington, d.c., right now. so out of the candidates right now that's left, who best fits that profile, john? >> right now the race is actually between donald trump and an entity called the non-trump because a majority of republicans don't want donald
11:07 pm
trump to be the nominee, whether or not they can get their act together and deny him the 1237 delegates from the majority is a separate question. we do know one thing. if donald trump had to go to a second ballot his chance of getting the nomination decline dramatically because many of his delegates are not going to be personal supporters, they're going to be county and state delegates. trump has to get to 1237 and it's going to be a very, very close thing for him. >> brad, is that why kasich is staying in? is that what he's determined to do is just keep trump from winning? >> yeah. i mean, he convention event because the math doesn't work any other way so cruz and kasich are going to block and tackle trump all the way to the convention and john's quite right. if trump doesn't get on the first ballot, the likelihood on consecutive ballots thereafter goes way down. here's the political reality
11:08 pm
though. look where trump is winning. trump is winning in must-win battleground electoral states like virginia, and nevada, and south carolina, and now florida, and he's bringing out people in record numbers. if you ignore that, you do it at your peril because we only have 90 days from the time the convention is over to a general election to heal the party and get a general election going in order to beat a democrat. that is a tall order. >> john, realistically what do you think that the response would be by republicans if we got to that point and then trump was not given the nomination? >> well, there's a difference between a majority and a pl plurali plurality. you need a majority. even though we haven't had a contested election that goes beyond one ballot, i think that the delegates, if they try to take it away from him, if he's
11:09 pm
above 1237, that would be a firestorm. if he had 45, 46% of the delegates, the rules are you go to a second ballot, that's called democracy, until someone gets a majority. >> even if the people have spoken otherwise. >> a minority of the people. what the contract of the convention is, the majority rules, and that's how the rules are. if you have 45%, that's not a majority. >> but the majority of the delegates. >> the majority of the delegates, those are the rules and have been for decades. >> you also, you guys, were talking about the record number of turnout in terms of republicans all across the country. what does that mean in terms of a general election once we get to that point? >> if you look at the turnout of republicans this election cycle for primaries, they far exceed democrats. this is what we know. republicans are fired up and democrats are not. and hillary clinton has got a real problem, assuming she is the nominee, to try and spur her party to turn out because
11:10 pm
clinton's been around 30 years, been there, done that, and i'm not so sure hillary is going to have the kind of appeal that a bernie would have but unfortunately bernie is not electable either. >> well, we'll see what happens. it has been a long day but an exciting one. we love this stuff, right? >> yeah. >> brad, john, thank you very much. >> thanks. it's keeping us up late tonight. a lot of people up late because five states have voted, four results, one yet not decided. as we've been telling you, that's missouri. take a look at that. large midwestern state. 52 delegates at stake tonight. missouri has it all, the show me state, st. louis, kansas city, while to the south, springfield considered the buckle of the bible belt right now only about 2,000 votes separate donald trump from ted cruz. 2,000 out of more than 900,000 cast. let's talk about missouri now with ellen ratner, judy miller,
11:11 pm
pulitzer prize winner and tony saich, executive vice president of the "jamestown associate" who are with us all evening. missouri is not yet called. it's an open primary that democrats and independents can vote for the republican. it can be like a bell weather state. what do you take to the fact that it's so close? >> i think missouri is a very interesting state because we're seeing it close on both sides and i think that that should say something to both parties about what they may need to do to win in terms of trying to convince people. it's interesting, mr. blakeman said that, you know, the democrats weren't firing people up but, in fact, we know that bernie sanders has gotten people out that nobody would get people out. he's going to be 75. hillary clinton going to be 69 during an election and donald trump will be 70 during the election and these people are fired up. >> tony, what about the republican side? they're so close. >> yeah.
11:12 pm
functionally that means this tie is going to give them both about the same amount of delegates. remember, missouri, unlike florida and ohio, still allocate proportional delegates so in that respect, it's a tie. the reality is cruz needed a tie tonight. it would have been important to get a win. if you go by the rnc rules, they could change. you need eight states, win eight states to be considered on the floor of the convention. if you're thinking this is going to be a brokered primary of some kind, ted cruz needs to accumulate a couple of states before under a couple of rules he even qualifies though i do happen to think that that just may change because in this era of politics the rules are there ain't no rules. >> we've certainly seen that so far. >> not only that, but the amazing thing about republican party rules is that they do change, they have changed, and that the rules for the convention can change a week
11:13 pm
before the convention and the person who decides whether a change is significant, that is, one that everybody has to vote on, is the house speaker, paul ryan, who as we know is no trump fan. therefore, i think it could be extremely -- it's very hard to make predictions about what could happen if donald trump does not get the majority. >> don't you think that they will revolt? >> there is going to be a huge revolt. >> you know, it's like go back to the bosses with the cigars in the back rooms that were fixing to get the candidate they want, not the one that -- >> eric, as john said, this is a democracy. this is the way the republican party has structured things. hillary -- the democrats has the same complaint. why is it there are so many super delegates when you look at her lead in super delegates, 467 to bernie sanders 26. that really helps her. that's not fair. why is it done that way?
11:14 pm
>> they've lobbied. >> democratic party rules. each party has its own rules. >> don't forget, a lot of these super delegates are members of congress, they're senators, they're governors. the clinton administration has had an awful lot of contact with these people for many years and this is going back 20, 25 years. so the super delegates -- >> that's why people are angry. that's why they're angry with the system. they feel it happening. they want it to change. that's why bernie sanders is so successful right now. that's why donald trump is leading. we go into the conventions and they try to take back what the voters have been talking about all along. you're right, it would be a revolt for sure. >> on the democratic side, the reason why hillary clinton always looks like the cat that swallowed the canary is because she knows she has this rigged with the super delegate structure. bernie sanders is going to take this fight all the way to the
11:15 pm
convention. they have proportional delegates all the way through. bernie sanders wants a role in developing the democratic party platform at this convention. as much as his believers do want the nomination, i think in his assessment it's more important that he rolls into the convention with enough delegates to make the point. we already see hillary clinton having to move significantly to the left. >> that's absolutely correct. if by any chance bernie sanders were to get out, hillary clinton would move center right. i think there's no question about that. so he wants to stay in for two reasons, one, because he still thinks he can make the math work for him, but, two, because he wants to take his constituency and say, we are not going to move center right, we are going to stay to the left. >> all right. we'll see if that sticks with trade and health care in terms of those two because they're opposite on that. coming up, senator marco rubio dropping out of the race after losing his home state to donald trump. his concession speech getting a
11:16 pm
whole lot of buzz tonight. we'll see why up next. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t. these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib - an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke - they can pool together in the heart,
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11:20 pm
so the polls closed in missouri five hours ago, and we still do not have a winner. look how close that is, donald trump and ted cruz really neck in neck. i mean, they're like this. 2,000 votes separating them right now. less than .2 of 1% out of 900,000 votes cast. it's going to be a late night over in jack's back which is the great barbecue place in kansas city. if you ever have a place to go, go there. maybe they can decide the winner at the maine skeesquite grill. >> i've never been there. >> missouri, the last state to decide tonight. >> don't worry, we are on it. after losing to donald trump in florida tonight, marco rubio announced to his supporters that he was dropping out of the race,
11:21 pm
but despite his support review was a positive one. >> after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side. i take great comfort in the ancient words which teaches us that in their hearts humans plan their course but the lord established the first step and so, yet, while this may not have been the year for a hopeful and optimistic message about our future, i still remain hopeful and optimistic about america. and how can i not? how can i not? my mother was one of seven girls born to a poor family. her father was disabled as a child. he struggled to provide for them his entire life. my mother told us a few years ago she never went to bed hungry growing up, but she knows her parents did so they wouldn't have to. she came to this country in 1956
11:22 pm
with little education, no money, no connections. my parents struggled their first years here. they were discouraged. they even thought about going back to cuba at one point, but they persevered. they never became rich. i didn't inherit any money from my parents. they never became famous. you never would have heard of them if i hadn't run for office yet i consider my parents to be successful people. because working hard as a bartender and a maid, they owned a home and they retired with dignity. in this country they lived to see all four of their children live better off than themselves, and in this country on this day my mother, who's now 85 years old, was able to cast a ballot for her son to be the president of the united states of america.
11:23 pm
so -- >> marco, marco, marco, marco. >> and so while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. and all the reason more why we must do all we can to ensure that this nation remains a special place. i ask the american people, do not -- do not give in to the fear. do not give in to the frustration. we can disagree about public policy. we can disagree about it vibrantly, passionately, but we are a hopeful people. we have every right to be hopeful for we in this nation are the descendents of go getters. in our veins runs the blood of
11:24 pm
people who gave it all up so we would have the chances they never did. we are all the descendents of someone who made the purpose of their lives. we are the descendents of pilgrims. we are the descendents of settlers. we are the descendents of those who went westward. we are the descendents of slaves who overcame that horrible institution to stake their claims of the american dream. we are the descendents of immigrants in exile who knew and believed there was more and knew there was only one place on earth where that was possible. this is who we are. let us fight to ensure this is who we remain. >> descendents of go getters. i like that. >> that's a great turn of the phrase. it really is. >> tight race in the north carolina's gop primary will have the executive director of the state's republican party live from raleigh. >> super tuesday two coverage continues as we wait to see at this hour whether missouri gives
11:25 pm
the fourth win of the night to donald trump or gives senator ted cruz his first win of the night. stay with us. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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11:28 pm
welcome back. a big day and strong turnout in north carolina. trump winning with 40 points, cruz second. joining us is the executive director of the north carolina republican party. thank you so much for staying up
11:29 pm
late and joining us. >> honor to be with you, heather. >> so i understand congratulations are in order. you had record number of people at the polls today? >> yeah. it's really phenomenal. more people cast republican ballots than democrat ballots by about 10,000. but you have to keep in mind democrats out register republicans by nearly 3/4 of a million in north carolina. a couple of other quick facts. the democrats are down significantly, 400,000 primary voters since their last contested primary in 2008, the republicans are up about the same amount so a huge swing there. and republicans are up 155,000 since 2012. so you're talking about nearly an 8 to 900,000 voter swing between the republicans and democrats in the last eight years. so it's just a really stunning turnout tonight for republicans
11:30 pm
and it shows that they are enthusiastic about this race. and i think pleased with their selection of candidates. >> well, one of the people who is taking credit for this huge turnout of the number of voters in the republican race is -- so far is donald trump. how did he do so well in north carolina? what put him on top? >> well, mr. trump was here a number of times in the last week like mr. cruz has been here. it was a very close election and both of those gentlemen performed well, but we're proud of all the candidates because they came to north carolina and competed. we have not had a march primary before where normally in may it's been 40 years since the ford/reagan primary where north carolina saved the political career of ronald regan and the republicans got to weigh in in such an important way as they did tonight. and it's just so thrilling to see good candidates come here
11:31 pm
and compete for north carolina. and we are sure that we've weighed in on the side that's going elect the next president come november. >> so, dallas, i'm from north carolina, born and raised in charlotte, and a bunch of my relatives all live in hickory, north carolina, and listening to donald trump as he was speaking there, was that just yesterday or the day before? the days run together with the elections. but anyway, he was there speaking. chris christie was there with him. i know that hickory, north carolina, along with a lot of other areas in north carolina had been hit hard by manufacturing losses, jobs going overseas. do you think that was one of the keys in terms ever who people chose once they got to the voting booth? well, it may have a bigger effect of where mr. trump wins. that is certainly an area that has been hit hard by trade and
11:32 pm
it's been hit hard by tremendous loss of manufacturing jobs so, you know, his message probably resonated in that particular -- that particular area, but i think, you know, we've seen all the candidates have some traction in north carolina and, of course, we were proportional so all of the candidates did win some delegates tonight. >> so you seem to be gauging your words and you don't want to throw your support behind -- >> well, i represent the state party so -- i represent the state party so i have to not sort of -- mr. trump obviously won north carolina and we congratulate him, but we're just excited that north carolina got to really be a part of this. we've watched our neighbors in south carolina be such a big part of it for so long. >> right. >> we've been jealous of them, but i just think the real story tonight, heather, is the incredible enthusiasm of
11:33 pm
republicans. a good, strong, healthy primary gets us ready for the fall. and the other point that's really important is we had far more unaffiliated voters take the republican ballot. now most of those people, even if their candidate lost, will likely stay with us and vote for our nominee in the fall. so when you have unaffiliated picking the ballot the way they did for republicans tonight, it's huge. >> where do those individual voters go? did they go to donald trump? did they go to ted cruz? do you know? >> we don't know yet. we're going to have to look at those numbers. that would be very interesting. what i would say is in 2008 so many of them went to mr. obama and to miss clinton's race in the democrat primary, but they're on our primary this time, that's why we think this night will bode us very well getting ready for a huge election in the primary. >> who do you think could swing
11:34 pm
the state toward republicans best out of the three that are left? can i get you to -- >> the one that is going to swing -- the one that is going to swing north carolina into the republican column is the one that we nominate. >> thank you so much. dallas woodhouse joining us from my home state of north carolina. we appreciate you staying up with us. >> you need to come back soon. we'd love to have you. >> i'll be back soon. thank you. we love the north carolina barbecue. when you see the smoke over the shack, that's where you need to go. >> mustard based or vinegar based? >> vinegar. >> joining us tonight, ellen ratner and julie miller and toney sayach, a fox news contributor. interesting exit polls from tonight. they actually show, ready for this, 40% of republican voters
11:35 pm
who don't back donald trump. so they're not trump supporters. they say they will consider an independent or third party candidate. judy, it's insane. i mean, perot, john anderson -- >> perot got 19% of the vote. >> teddy roosevelt. >> i don't think it's insane. it really addresses the issue we began speaking about. >> what would it be? >> it almost doesn't matter because it's an anti-trump vote. his negatives are so high that it's really a problem in a general election. it would be extremely difficult for him to beat a democrat in a general election. the real clear politics poll shows a match-up between trump and hillary and trump and bernie sanders. oddly enough, bernie sanders does even better against trump than hillary clinton. >> that's changed. >> that doesn't mean anything. all i'm saying is when your negatives are this high, it is very hard, very hard to win a general election.
11:36 pm
if hillary clinton suffers paradoxically from the same phenomenon on the democrat side. >> we've known hillary clinton's negatives for years and years and years. >> actually, the real -- >> white water, all that other stuff. >> the real clear politics average had her losing to trump and now in the last week or two it's changed. and i expect it to go back and forth and back and forth. >> which is exactly right. hillary clinton does have the second highest negatives behind donald trump, and there is a lot of fluidity in this race. hillary has had a cleaner opportunity to define herself against donald trump, whereas, trump is really fighting a republican battle on the republican front right now. he hasn't even had a chance to turn his sights on to hillary. we saw the one instance in which he took the clintons on with bill clinton, sexual misconduct and criminality of bill clinton's sexual misconduct. >> that was a brooklyn baseball
11:37 pm
bat. >> he's from queens. >> the first tuesday in november what's going to happen is are there bernie supporters going to come out and vote? that's a big question. >> that's what we've been talking about. it's the enthusiasm issue. she's going to suffer from it. i've made this point. if there is a democrat donald trump could probably beat, it would be hillary clinton because a lot of her natural weaknesses are his natural strengths. you heard ted cruz tonight saying trump is the one who buys people but hillary is the one who he buys. in other words, she's a poster child -- >> she's no bill clinton when it comes to campaigning. >> i was told by a very high person in the democratic party, this was six months ago, we want to run against donald trump and i always say, be careful what you wish for. >> judy, lately though she's had a lot of gaffes. she spoke about benghazi. she said that there were no deaths in libya.
11:38 pm
>> right. >> in one interview, and those go to her weaknesses as a candidate, which is a perceived lack of empathy, especially when she was talking about the mother of shawn smith, patricia smith, who gave an interview to fox news who said she was lied to about the cause of the death of her son. mrs. clinton said, she's wrong. she expressed concern and sorrow over the woman's loss, but the bottom line was, she's wrong. there's a kind of toughness in a woman that's unacceptable whereas it's usually praised in a man. >> do you think that will get more traction in the general election? >> her -- her perceived lack of empathy? >> a mother of someone who was so tragically lost their life in benghazi? >> i think it depends on how she handles it. the first thing her campaign might do is call patricia smith which apparently they said they promised to do and never did. there are problems hillary can address, but she is gaffe prone. given the intensity of this
11:39 pm
campaign -- >> in terms of the coal industry, that was another gaffe. >> i have to say. i'm against the death penalty, and hillary clinton has exceptions for it, but i thought her answer to the guy who had a long history of being innocent and being locked up and on death row was really very heart felt. >> having run campaigns for female candidates and against female candidates, there's a city set of issues that females have over male candidates, it's generally empathy, generally trustworthiness and likability. hillary clinton's numbers on all three are well under water. that's why you're going to see her struggling throughout this entire campaign regardless of who's nominated against her. >> if you have her, i live for those debates. if it is trump and it is hillary, those debates are going to be get out the vote. >> let's not get ahead of herself. >> in 1992 her husband in that one debate from richmond, walked up to a woman and hugged her and
11:40 pm
said, i feel your pain. he was an exception that some say has not rubbed off completely on his wife. no doubt. still ahead, hillary clinton is though holding on to her lead with rival senator bernie sanders. we'll take a look at that. >> you are watching america's election headquarters. it is 2:40 in the morning on the east coast. jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic.
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welcome back. you're watching fox news from
11:44 pm
the election headquarters. super duper tuesday. you can close to call in missouri. look at these numbers, donald trump and ted cruz separated by, what, point -- 2 percentage points. >> .2 of a percent. >> less than 2,000 votes. >> then you have hillary clinton as well so we can look at those numbers. also, too close to call at this hour. here's the thing, in missouri under missouri law candidates can request a recount if they lose by less than 1/2 of a percentage point and both races fall within that margin as of right now. we are keeping an eye on it. as soon as a winner is declared in both of those races, democrats and republicans, we will let you know. >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign! thank you, florida.
11:45 pm
thank you, north carolina. thank you, ohio! you know, although we're waiting for final results in illinois and missouri, we know we will add to our delegate lead to roughly 300 with over 2 million more votes nationwide! we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november! >> that's hillary clinton cementing her lead last night defeating bernie sanders in a number of primaries. as we have been reporting, missouri is still at this hour out. richard callow joins us now. he's in our washington, d.c., bureau. richard, she crushed it. totally crushed it tonight against senator sanders.
11:46 pm
what does he do now? he will continue. basically, do you think she has it in the bag? >> good morning, eric. i think she does have it in the bag. i think she showed a commanding lead tonight as well as the past couple of nights. now what senator sanders is going to do, he's going to continue and see his path as a lot of arizona, a lot of the northern states where he will do better against a more homogenous audience we saw in new hampshire. this is a great thing for the party. any time we have candidates competing in a contested primary, they add to the number of voters. what hillary clinton is going to do over the next couple of days as she points herself towards the general election, go after the people she lost, young people, young families, union households. she'll double down on getting to those families and having conversations with them and convince them that she is the right candidate for the job. juxtaposition on the republican side with this little food fight
11:47 pm
taking place. i think she has a lot of time to do that. if donald trump who seems to be the nominee becomes the nominee for the republicans, she's going to do better than those groups. >> tonight she talked about the general election. just a couple of minutes left. she said that we need a president who can defend, not embarrass us, who engages allies, not alienates them, who's against bluster and bigotry, not strong but wrong. i mean, she really zeroed in on donald trump's positions in that speech. is she going to be able to do that and look ahead? >> that's exactly what she did. she's right to do so. she's going to win this election by a coalition with african-american voters, latino voters, democratic base and independents. donald trump's only chance of winning this is by turning out the far right. >> what about all the independents and democrats who are going to donald trump now. there is an enthusiasm gap. there are a million voters turning to the republican party. >> eric, there is enthusiasm but
11:48 pm
not enough enthusiasm to get him to get to the independent voters. a lot of people find him divisive, they find him to be inflammatory and defensive. that's why hillary clinton will have her chance to win. don't get me wrong. this is not going to be an easy win or walk in the park. she'll have to work for every single solitary vote but this is why she's pivoting early. she'll have months to define herself and more time to define donald trump. this is the same with barack oba obama. he had a lot of time to define mitt romney. the more time she has to define donald trump, the better it will be. >> happy with the last word and it continues now except for in missouri, still out. we will have the latest next. and donald trump is coming up next. padding his lead with at least four more victories on tuesday. missouri still in play for him. and coming up, we will hear what the donald has to say following those wins.
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(baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed.
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but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. welcome back. big night for gop front-runner donald trump. here's some of his victory speech. listen. >> this country is going to start winning again.
11:53 pm
we don't win anymore. we don't win with our military, we can't beat isis. we're going to knock the hell out of them. weep don't win -- we don't win in trade, china, everybody, japan, mexico, vietnam, india, name the country, anybody we do business with beats us. we don't win at trade. we're going to win at trade. we're going to make our country rich again. we're going to make our country great again. and we need the rich to make the country great, i'm sorry to tell you. to win by the margins, especially, look, this is my second home, florida. to win by that kind of a number is -- is incredible. record setting. and i have to -- and i have to say it, i have to say it, that,
11:54 pm
number one, i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough. he's smart. and he's got a great future. he's got a great future, but i have to say, and nobody has ever, ever in the history of politics received the kind of negative advertising that i have. record, record, record. by the way, mostly false. i wouldn't say 100%, but about 90%. mostly false, vicious, horrible. they say it was 18 million the first week, meaning last week, and 25 million. it ended up to over $40 million and you explain it to me because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. my numbers went up. i mean, it's been an interesting
11:55 pm
experience. last week adam scott won at trump national doral, the big tournament. adam who's a great guy, chris, a lot of you guys saw that. i'm watching. we have television screens all over. we're down at the gorgeous green at doral. then a commercial comes on, the worst commercial, i'm with these wonderful people from cadillac, all of these top executives. i'm saying, look over there. don't look. you don't want to watch this. isn't the grass beautiful? look. look. don't watch. and they came in waves, one after another after another, and it was brutal. and then adam comes in, this handsome kid from australia, one of the greatest golfers of the world, made an unbelievable shot on the 18th. he's a great champion. we're giving the award. we break for a commercial, we'll be right back with our great champion from australia, adam scott. here's the commercial. i said, no!
11:56 pm
and it was, two of them. two of them! oh, what a day that was. what a disaster. what a disaster. unbelievable. so, again, i just want to congratulate everybody. this is a really interesting process. it's an amazing process. it's very tough, but it is a -- but in the end, if you get to the end, you can handle a lot of things, including pressure, that i can tell you. >> and i can tell you that we will be right back with much more so stay with us. (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox.
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welcome back and good morning. it is 3:00 a.m. here on the east coast. all eyes are still on missouri. the race is still too close to call at this hour. that's for both republicans and democrats. these are the current numbers for the gop. not many votes are separating the top two candidates. donald trump and ted cruz and here are the latest numbers for the democrats. it is an equally close race between hillary clinton and vermont senator bernie sanders. less than 2,000 votes separating them. >> that's amazing. both are so close. >> hello and thank you for
12:01 am
staying up with us or waking up early, either one. him heather -- i'm heather childers. >> i'm eric shawn. even though it is the same day across the country, something is is different in missouri. they are waiting for their final results there. it is the last state for which we are waiting on super tuesday 2. and even when we get the results it may not be over because candidates can still request>a recount if they lose by these than one half of a percentage point. >> here is what we do know so far. the ohio governor john kasich is picking up his home state. marco rubio is not so lucky. he is losing his winner take all to trump. trump is winning illinois and north carolina. and on the democratic side hillary clinton had no problem winning in florida, illinois, north carolina and ohio. the former secretary of state
12:02 am
taking a moment to speak out against the fellow front runner done national trump. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants and banning all muslims from entering the united states. when he embrahat doesn't make him strong. it makes him wrong. >> and now a look at the republican race with senator rubio dropping out tonight and even though governor john kasich is still in, senator ted cruz claims that he is the only candidate still standing who can beat dop -- donald trump. we go now live to the newsroom with the latest on what we are doing in missouri. garrett, ted cruz focused on that state. north carolina and illinois and so far as of this hour
12:03 am
3:02 eastern time he hasn't picked up a state yet. >> it was really a night of almost for ted cruz and it was almost a great night. he narrowly lost to donald trump by about four points and lost to trump among evangelical voters. in illinois you can see he again lost to trump for about four points. the good news is second place does count for something in those states since delegates are awarded proportionally. the same in missouri. so ted cruz will walk away from tuesday with a decent number of delegates. and he still could win there in missouri. he is less than a half of 1 percent behind donald trump. looking at exit polls there is another positive indicator for him. voters who made up their minds in the last week went for cruz over trump by a two-1 margin. it is more ammunition for a texas senator who is calling for republicans to unite
12:04 am
around his campaign and against donald trump as well as in the general election. >> politicians focus on washington, d.c. to the lobbyists and to those like donald trump who buy influence and to those like hillary clinton who sell influence, washington is the center of the universe. but we understand that isn't right. >> cruz did pick up delegates, donald trump was the clear winner. the billionaire businessman is now to at least 619 delegates. that's halfway to the 1237 needed to secure the nomination out right. >> i have to explain to these people. they don't understand basic physics and basic mathematics and basic whatever you want to call it. when i don't get over 50 we have four people, right? we have four people. do you understand that?
12:05 am
when i get 53 and this one is an example i had 53 and that's with four people. that's an amazing achievement. >> while the delegates will be divided up proportionally it is important to know the winner gets an additional 10 delegates for being the winner there. while it is close and it will be close and they are divided up, the winner does get the additional 10. that's something to watch for. >> a lot of math and statistics. we know that senator marco rubio announced his suspending his campaign. and governor kasich who notched that first win will be campaigning later today. but what are both of their plans after that? >> it is not the night marco rubio wished for. in his speech to supporters rubio did not endorse any of the other candidates, but he didn't rule out the potential
12:06 am
for another presidential run in the future. >> after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side this year we will not be on the winning side. >> and by winning his home state of ohio he not only walks away with 60 sick delegates, but his campaign lives to fight another day. the math is not in his favor. he would have to win every remaining delegate and then some to win the nomination out right. he is banking on this going to a contested convention which would be on his home turf on ohio. >> i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> going forward kasich hinted he will have to start talking about some of the deep concerns he has had with trump's campaign as well.
12:07 am
>> and it may come down this close and come down to the absentee ballots. we'll see what happens. it will be a longtime. thank you. >> and talking about numbers, everyone counts. you have to include the 9 delegates. >> he thanked them and began a speech thanking them way out there. >> announced first thing today. >> so let's bring in the chief political correspondent at the conservative review and she is a fox news contributor. thank you very much for coming in at this early hour. >> heather, it is time for breakfast, right? i'm buying. >> so 3:07 eastern time and three people left in the republican race as we head toward a convention. do you think it is going to be a brokered convention? >> it most likely will if you look at the delicate count
12:08 am
that are now in the race. but we are also looking at the fact that we have two front runners who are not anti-establishment candidates and really americans have spoken because this is not the year of establishment politicians. so we know who are the ones who had dropped out and may have been a governor already. clearly americans are tired of politicians not listening to the will of the people and tired of big government. two outsiders are now in the race and we will see how things shake out. >> donald trull p, -- donald trump, looking at video there, in his speech spoke about unifying the party. do you think he can do that should he become the nominee? >> that is something that would need to be done, heather. the party is very fractured and divided. whoever the nominee is, you just mentioned donald trump they would need to try to unify the party especially if
12:09 am
he made progress going forward to turn our country around a. >> in terms of the democratic race, does it surprise you that bernie sanders has caused so many problems for hillary clinton. obviously she is in the lead and she is winning, but bernie is still there. he is an avowed socialist. i don't think he will go away anytime soon if he can help it. hillary in her camp they are totally surprised and very annoyed at the fact that bernie is still in the race. he has a lot of popularity and the young supporters that are behind him. on the other hand with hillary they are not excited about her and she can't get the young voters and there is the pesky thing hanging over her head, the fbi, that she brought on
12:10 am
herself. >> when all is said and done who do you think will be the republican nominee? >> it is a tough call. i know trump is in the lead, but you also have cruz that's behind him. anything can happen and anything can change with the dynamics of the election. this is nothing like an election i have ever seen before. yrch -- i think it is a tough call especially if they go to a broker convention. we will have to wait and see. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. now we are going to talk about newton's law of gravity and to discuss that is the brewer row chief of fox media news and the pulitzer prize winning journalist and the executive vice president of jamestown associates and a fox news contributor. newton's law of gravity says everything comes down. isaac newton never met donald trump. can you please explain this? we heard him say millions of
12:11 am
dollars were spent on ads and the numbers go up. there was a controversey about rve -- everybody agitated at the rallies and his numbers go up. everybody denounces him, editorials, the numbers go up. he even makes mistakes and the numbers go up. >> makes a few mistakes? donald trump has a problem with what stephen colbert would call truthiness. he holds the record for false statements. he makes a false statement and he lies about every five minutes and politico pointed out that he had five dozen or 60 exaggerations or misstatements of fact. never has so little that's been true been said by a candidate despite the fct that his numbers keep going up. >> you know some people in the living room are watching saying they are part of the media establishment that is anti-trump and they are trying to spin it away. that's why he is doing as well
12:12 am
as he is. >> it could be that we are even less popular than politicians. that's our role when people are pointing out the truth or not telling the truth. i could do a list of specifics just in the speech we opened this segment with of false statements. >> i find it interesting they are going after hillary clinton when she makes a false statement, but the press is taking a hands-off when trump makes a false statement. >> they don't really do that. you have seen him raked over the coals. >> not like hillary. >> because hillary's dishonesty has reached in the eyes of many who follow her a border line pathological level. with done thald trump because he comes out and gives these speeches that are kind of a vocal stream of consciousness that everyone gets to hear, he is allowed a little leeway because he is authentic.
12:13 am
this is something you have touched on and that's the idea that you can't really fight this linear battle against donald trull p the republican and conservative establishment and trying to clearly failing miserably. you can hear democrats saying the same tactics they have used against romney and other republicans calling trump a biggo it -- bigot and a racist. you are not going to beat him at this war. until they do so and ellen was right that they run the risk of underestimating him. it is amazing that we are on the verge of his clear strength as the potential front runner still under estimating donald trump jie. constantly trying to think of ways he cannot win versus how he can win from people from the republican
12:14 am
party. >> the people whoe -- the people who were for him and those who were just tuning in were amused and they say there is an authentic guy. people who watch and the longer they watch i think the negatives continue to rise. when you have an ad that points out that donald trump talked about women as dogs, pigs and people whom you can treat badly because i can't say the word he used on the air, eventually things like that, messages like that penetrate, but it takes a long while. >> the democrats have to do a positive campaign. they have to reach out to young people. hillary clinton ease a numbers are not great, but bernie's are. they have to figure out what millennials want and what are their concerns in terms of voting. honestly the new hampshire primary, they sent us people like madeline all bright. madeline allbright.
12:15 am
it would be like sending me somebody from the truman campaign when i was first voting. they have to meet the millennial where they first are. >> there are two things that trump and sanders have captured and i want to ask about this. it is a revolt against the ruling class. the harvard and the yale and the brainiacs and the wall streets and the bigwigs that have really hurt many millions of americans. you have the companies leaving and nafta that was sold to us during the clinton administration as a great savior and instead ross perot was right. you have a giant sucking sound. it is true. it is right and it has happened. now americans of goodwill are saying enough. one thing that is happening and it is the first time in a longtime of seeing this. >> in ohio kasich won and he voted in favor of nafta.
12:16 am
>> you have both bernie sanders and donald trump intersecting along the populous sphere that has emerged. judy is right and there are serious concerns about donald donald trump and you can see late deciders breaking toward another candidate. he is touching on something profound and because he talked about it tonight. two issues, talk about what trump has talked about. trade, and it deals directly with jobs and manufacturing and how it could improve the lives of hard working middle class americans and borders which is more of a cultural issue. these two issues alone, he has identified a group of voters that have felt left out of the republican party hierarchy and process. if you expand that beyond the general election he represents the secular outsider that if
12:17 am
you look at sander's support as well people tend to seem to support. i am not suggesting that means he beats her, but this is an interesting dynamic that is out of her control. >> and what an irony that this outsider and this man against the establishment was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, $200 million and took his father's money and made more money. >> and turned it into billions. >> we still don't know how much he is worth. that's very much in dispute because he won't release his tax records, but he has benefited from enormous privilege who portrays himself as an outsider. >> what is also interesting is somebody looked at searches done in the last month and bernie sanders and donald trump win the search engine in all of those states. >> every time there is a debate they do. >> ted cruz got it best tonight. with donald trump you have bi influence and with hillary clinton cell influence.
12:18 am
pick your poison. >> to me it has been an amazing experience and they have it uped on something important which is propelling them in this campaign. more in a moment. >> outsider. ted cruz emerges without a single primary victory on tuesday. he claims he is the only one in the race with trump and you will hear from him up next.
12:19 am
12:20 am
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12:22 am
welcome back to the election headquarters. ted cruz says he is not going anywhere anytime soon. he actually argued that the gop presidential race is now a two-man fight between himself and donald trump. >> and going forward the choice is straight forward. do you want a candidate who shares your values, or a candidate who has spent decades opposing your values? the mainstream media and the thet work suits who make the decisions want donald trump is a the republican nominee. that's why they have given him hundreds and millions in free advertising because they are partisan democrats ready for hillary. and they know that donald may
12:23 am
be one person on the face of the earth that hillary clinton can beat in the general election. but the media aren't going to decide this election. the voters will. [applause]. and here is our vision for america. it is an america with a brighter future. it is an america with greater opportunity for our kids and grandkids. it is an america with more liberty and more safety and more security. it is america that is greater tomorrow than it is today and than it was yesterday. this election will focus on three critical issues, jobs, freedom and security. as president my number one priority will be jobs. turning around the stagnation and the misery of the obama and clinton economy.
12:24 am
you know, it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap but the critical question is whether you understand the principals and the values that made america great in the first place. [applause]. the heart of our economy isn't in washington, d.c. the heart of our economy is small businesses across the united states of america. if i am elected president we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause]. we will pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs.
12:25 am
we will rein in the epa and the government regulators that are killing small businesses. and it will stop amnesty and secure the borders in sanctuary cities and end the welfare benefits for those here illegally. and the result will be millions upon millions of high paying jobs. it will be wages rising across america. young people are coming out of school with two, three, four, five job opportunities. far too many politicians. they are focused on washington, d.c. to the lobbyists, to those
12:26 am
like donald trump who buy influence and to those like hillary clinton who sell dplens. influence. washington is the center of e united states. but we understand that's not right. together we will make washington less relevant in all of our lives. >> so ted cruz is saying that only he can beat donald trump and john kasich says only he is the electable republican in november. >> and donald trump keeps on steam rolling along. what's next for the republicans when the panel continues.
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welcome back. missouri is still too close to call, but when it comes to delegates, donald trump and hillary clinton are both creating space between themselves and their presidential rivals. trump is earning delegates in illinois, north carolina and the winner take all state of florida. 199 delegates there. governor john kasich is keeping his presidential hopes alive with a huge win in his home state of ohio. also a winner take all. that's sick 6 delegates for kasich and it was his first primary win. that brings us to his total at 138. donald trump leads the field and cruz is in second place with 39 sick -- 396.
12:31 am
on the democratic side, hillary clinton notches four more victories in florida, illinois and ohio. the ap has clinton pulling away from vermont. she has more than 1500 total delegates while sanders has an even 800. >> we just saw those figures, heather. how close ted cruz is getting to donald trump, will that continue? john is a columnist from our fox news bureau, the former member of george w. bush's staff as president and senior professor of public policy and politics and international affairs. that's a mouthful, from georgetown university. great to see you. tonight he came out swinging. he is the only alternative saying he beat him nine times. will it get down to cruz versus trump and he would then be victorious?
12:32 am
the race now moves west and northeast. ted cruz shows he can do well in the western states. his libertarian ethic, but in the northeast he runs into trouble with a lot of moderate voters and urban voters. so even though ted cruz may want a two-man race. it may be better to make a deal with john kasich and they macon sen trait on -- may concentrate on some states like pennsylvania and new york and if you are ted cruz you concentrate on arizona and california. >> if you are ted cruz you can seed some of the territory when you say you are the only alternative to trump? >> john kasich comes from the important state of ohio. republicans are not going to win a general election. i don't see governor kasich going anywhere. it may have been a different
12:33 am
kasich than was the governor of wisconsin, but he is not. it is a three-person race. i think cruz needs kasich to get to that convention and hope that trump fails on the first ballot and then we are off to the races to see who is is gonna get the 1237. politics makes strange bedfellows. right now i believe it is cruz and kasich against trump. >> do you think it is a possibility they can have a ticket? >> i don't know if they have a ticket directly. their biggest strength is divide and conquer. >> it serves both of their purposes. donald trump has made all kinds of interesting deals with ben carson and chris christie and others. he will will be out there and both side do this. i think whatever they end up doing is going to be not really consummated until the convention. until then they both have an
12:34 am
incentive to keep trump below. >> how do you see this playing out? >> we are going to have a long three and a half months of trench warfare. donald trump continues to be the front runner. donald trump, he not only defies conventional wisdom, but he makes mistakes. let's assume everything stays the same. donald trump is on track to fall just short and it is just open. >> we will go on and on until we get to cleveland and then what? >> then we will see how the delegates play out. after the first ballot many of the delegates are free agents. by the way there are 167 and they are free to go now. john
12:35 am
john -- john kasich should get their numbers and star working them over. >> and donald trump can too. >> that's going to be very interesting. marco rubio can't direct his delegates to go anywhere, but they are now free agents. >> i see a lot of golf and fillet mingnon and time at the beach. heather? >> trump steaks. ellen ratner from talk media news and also fox news contributor and executive vice president of jamestown associate and fox news contributor join us again. you heard brad and john talking and they said it is going to be french warfare when we get to the convention. is it inevitable though? just to clarify there is no way it is going to a convention? >> sure. i think he may get the
12:36 am
delegates. california is delegate rich at this point. we have other states like new jersey and new york, very delegate rich in republicans. i am not sure he is not gonna get there. >> the other thing i wanted to ask because they were still talking with you is about ways to block trump. whether the two should pair up against him or should they divide and conquer. since that's been the focus for this entire primary season, i mean even the democrats are talking about it in their last town hall talking about trump, is any candidate going to be really fully prepared when it comes time for the general election? >> well, i think first of all as much as i do agree with a lot of the analysis that was just said by two good colleagueses, it is very -- if you want to stop donald trump it is a dangerous strategy to theng you can manage this zone defense strategy with kasich working in the northeast and cruz working in the west.
12:37 am
you do need a consolidation of support. everybody thought john kasich would eclipse trump in michigan. he came in third behind ted cruz. you are playing with fire if your overall objective is to take trump shorter of the goal and the threshold he needs to get the delegates. we all know there is cause to be concerned. there are fractures in the party. i think the healing mechanism that exists for the republican party is hillary clinton. and we cannot underestimate what is going to happen when we do have a convention and we unify behind a candidate and focus on a general election. >> be careful what you wish for. >> that's very, very optimistic. i think you have a fundamental split right now in the republican party that i don't see getting healed. i certainly don't see either donald trump or ted cruz being the healer because both are
12:38 am
such decisive figures. look at what opened the segment of ted cruz. they are so extreme in the role of government. let's get government out of our lives. the people in flint michigan are not thinking that. let's get rid of the irs he says. most republicans cannot have an irs that does not target conservative groups. let's make the irs efficient and scale it back. so many of his proposals do not bear up under scrutiny. and he hasn't had that scrutiny because donald trump has been hogging the limelight. put uphill reclinton's image there -- to put up hillary clinton's image? >> it is not enough. there are people that may actually find her -- find
12:39 am
somebody they can relate to. you have a lot of moderates in the republican party. there is also on the democratic side some republican leading democrats who have come over to the republican side. >> absolutely. this is why this year is so interesting. we thought 2008 would be interesting, well this puts 2008 to shame. this is very interesting. >> and it defies again and again all of the fast rules of politics. we continue to be amazed and so many predictions. >> and i caution to us to listen to marco rubio's speech. there is the conservative ideals and principals that frankly donald trump does not make as articulately. and when he continues and if he does continue to be the leader and the ultimate nominee he has to find a way
12:40 am
into his more populous platform which i always agree the republican party should include. but he has to not forget the republican party at its essence. it was winning effectively. >> every time he is giving one of these speeches it is very presidential. it is in between. >> it is a very big night for hillary clinton. >> her white house bid is is up next.
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12:44 am
it is 2 oosm 44 in the -- 2:44 in the morning in kansas. donald trump and ted cruz, less than .20 of a percent separate them. less than 2,000 votes and a more than 900,000 -- you know, folks get down to the absentee ballots and military overseas and we will see how that comes out at this hour in missouri tonight. still too close to call. >> too close to call for the democrats between clinton and bernie sanders. but it has been a big night for the democratic front runner hillary clinton increasing her lead with major primary victories in florida, ohio, illinois and north
12:45 am
carolina. we go now to the new york newsroom with more. good morning, brian. >> good morning, heather. a big night indeed for secretary of state hillary clinton who looks more and more like the eventual nominee. and bernie sanders was hoping the upset win in michigan would be a turning point. clinton has 1561 delegates. sanders as -- has 800 total. 2,383 delegates are needed for the nomination. we are waiting on missouri which at this hour is too close to call. but for senator sanders tonight was a stinging defeat losing big in ohio, florida, north carolina and a narrow loss in illinois. tonight clinton is giving her victory speech in west palm beach florida and looking ahead to the general election. appealing to the undiseeded democrat -- undecided democratic voters saying now is the time to join her. she says she will fix the economy and keep her country safe and bring people together.
12:46 am
the last point is a clear shot at who she will likely face in the general election, mr. donald trump. >> if we reach out and treat each other with respect, kindness and love instead of bluster and bigotry, if we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down, there is nothing we can't accomplish together. >> for sanders he hopes his win would influence voters in neighboring ohio and illinois. he won michigan after being down about 20 points in the poll by appealing to midwestern workers harping on the past support for trade deals he said are bad for american workers. now tonight in an hour long speech sander barely mentioned clinton and did not mention any of tonight's contests. we started 3% in the national polls. we have come a long way in 10
12:47 am
months. >> sanders is giving his speech in arizona. it is a state that votes on tuesday. his campaign says they remain confident and they will continue all the way through the convention. heather? >> brian is live for us. thank you, brian. >> no problem. >> all right, brian. so what does all of the results mean? our panel knows on the night's biggest take aways straight ahead.
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12:51 am
welcome back to america's election headquarters. all eyes are on missouri where the race is too close to call for both republicans and democrats. here is how it shakes out right now. for the republicans, donald trump and ted cruz, both, look at that. it is .20 of a percent separating them. and then we can look at the democrats, i believe, and the democrats are the same thing between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. in terms of overall just to give uh summary gop, i think we have -- anyway. >> we don't have that. >> yeah, we don't have that. >> trump did really well. he did really well and john kasich won ohio.
12:52 am
that summarizes it. and hillary clinton did well as well. >> who will be our next president? i don't know. helen ratner and judy miller and tony, fox news contributors all. heather, trump wins big and rubio ends his campaign and john kasich wins big. what happens? >> kasich lifts to fight another day. i don't know how big the win will be beyond now. donald trump and ted cruz tonight have a better story to tell. i actually think john kasich -- consolidate behind me if you are not done malled trump. i won every state in the southeast and i am on my way to winning the threshold of candidates. i am the strongest republican at this point. it is one thing we marvel at
12:53 am
and this is largely the trump affect. the republican turnout continues to eke seed all expectations and all records and pretend very well for the general election. it was clearly a good night for both front runners. it was a better night for hillary and because she managed to squeak out the victory in ohio. for donald trump it is a good night and it is not clear that he is going to get what he needs , the 1237 delegate to win. it is extraordinary. the cross officers are extraordinary, but so is the fact that 66,000 latinos in this country turn 18 every month and they will be energized. donald trump has storm clouds ahead. >> there are storm clouds ahead and we have delegate rich states coming up be it new york and california.
12:54 am
i think there is a very good possibility that donald trump could be the republican nominee and possibly hillary clinton, the democratic nominee because it doesn't look like bernie sanders is going to be there, but he is not going to drop out. >> ellen, can mrs. clinton have the great support of the sanders folks who has such a dislike for hillary. >> her campaign has got to make a campaign that is appealing to those people so they show up on election day. >> and i will look at bernie sanders' poor performance. >> but he represents what barack obama represented the last time. bernie sanders is calling for a revolution. that's what has happened in the eight years.
12:55 am
>> people going toward donald trump and ted cruz both considered outsider. why do you think john kasich stayed in the race. he won ohio and he said he would stay in. is it to defeat donald trump? >> he sees himself as the head of the republican party who does president say nasty things. and he is from the great state of ohio which is where i am from. he stays in the race because of those issues. >> and if we can say one word about the man who is left, marco rubio, this was his finest hour. this was the finest speech he gave and i have to note the themes he was emphasizing tonight are very much the inclusion themes that hillary clinton was talking about. >> and where does he go and what does he do? >> i don't know. he is only 45 and he is not going to be in the senate and it looks like he will not make a run for governor. >> marco rubio was supposed to be the anti-romney candidate. we needed somebody with more
12:56 am
energy and more inclusive and more care rid mat -- charizmatic. i do see him playing a part in the future of the conservative movement. >> he write a book and gets some consulting and does well financially. >> richard nixon lost the presidency. there is always time to fight another day. ellen and judy and tony. thank you for spending the night with us. >> our pleasure. >> it has been a long night and we are still waiting for missouri. don't forget that. >> we won't hold our breath. >> i am not going anywhere. "fox and friends first" starts right now.
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good morning to you. it is wednesday, march 16th, and super tuesday two, proving to be a big night for the front-runners, as the donald trump and hillary clinton move closer to securing the nomination. >> that's right. the gop field now down to three. as marco rubio suspends his campaign after a devastating loss in his home state. >> we're going to go forward, and we're going to win. but more importantly, we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination, and winning this


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