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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 16, 2016 5:02pm-5:19pm PDT

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situation not yet locked up. and that's the memo. now for the top story. let's bring in donald trump who joins us now from new york city. mentioned.are looking good does it mean this will change your confrontational style a bit? do you have to become more statesman like? >> well, i don't know, bill. i mean we are doing pretty well the way it is. and i would say that i always like to be a gentleman. i started off there was 17 people, all smart, all tough, all cunning and, you know, it's now down to three. if you want to say three. and we're getting counsel to the wire and i'm leading by a substantial margin. i had a great night last night. we won five, a total of five including the islands. and that was really a great night. >> okay. but, you got to be looking out now, i would assume your campaign is, to the fact that you may very well get the nomination. and if you do, you are goinnm to need 65 million votes to defeat hillary clinton. somewhere in that ball park.
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so, perceptions are being formed now. many have already formed their opinion on you. would it be wise for you to kind of come back from the confrontational style and be more statesman like? >> well, i think it would be. and i think i will be. and, you know, i too want to finish this off. i'm dealing with two smart, tough guys. and i want to make sure i end up winning. i would like to get to the finish line. i'm pretty good to getting to finish lines so i want to make sure. is termly would be. and i think that's what you are going to see. >> that's why i asked the question. we are not going to hear lying ted anymore? that's not going to be you and cruz, lying ted anymore. >> well, i can't say that i think i will save it to maybe after i'm finished with this because you know, i like it tell the truth. >> say nice things about him. >> i don't know if lying ted is a good line. okay, now, look, you are in
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awx position where you're being attacked by moveon and other very organized radical left groups. you know it your security knows it. secret service knows it that's going to continue. do you have a plan on how you're going to handle that? >> well, it is going to continue because the last person they want to face, the democrats want to face, is me. and the last person hillary clinton wants to face is me. and i mean i know that for a fact and people like to report it different ways. but, they want to have me out. they want to have somebody else to run against hillary, assuming she gets to the starting gate, which is a big question. i mean are these emails going to allow her to get to the starting point. >> the fbi could come in but she is going to win the vote. but, you know, you get in trouble when you react. all right? so the proactive forces are coming at you. and then you reacted and you have said some very questionable things like maybe punch them in the face or something likeg that.
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what i'm trying to get at is. >> i didn't say that bill. >> something/1úbj along. >> we had a very rough dude, and a massive 25,000 seat auditorium. every seat was packed. and this guy was very physical with a lot of people. i was seeing it. and all i did was make the statement. i wouldn't mind doing it. you have to understand where it all comes from. >> okay. and i do. is restraint now required on your part? because, again, you are going to be provoked. is restraint required? >> i think. so and i think i have been restrained, bill. we have very little problem. i have had the biggest, as you know better than anybody, i have had the most people by far, not even close, and, you know, we have 20,000, 25,000 people routinely. and, you know, we have one person stand up. and it's usually somebody that is sent in by, i don't know who sends them in. but we have very little problem. then in chicago, we could have had a problem, and i made a.z decision and got credit for that decision to cancel. >> i support the decision.
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>> because there that was very confrontational. >> you are going to see them. you will see black lives matter, moveon, all of these people trying to brand you as some nazi and the press will go along with it. enabling them to do their deal. but they're baiting you. i'm speaking from experience. i don't know whether you remember al franken but he baited me. i guess it was 10 years ago. i fell for like an idiot. he won in the sense he got all this publicity and he was able to lie at will and do what he did. is he a despicable human being but he won because i racketed to him. i should have floated above it and i'm wondering whether you request float above move on and black lives matter. is it possible? >> i think i can the only thing i would say is this: we have some very big events scheduled with 25, 35,000 people. one 32,000 all sold out. when people gv in there and they interrupt and they
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stand up and in many cases they start things like, you know, raising their fists and maybe hitting people, we're not going to -- >> no, security is going to handle that. >> the people in that room won't say it. the people in the room, in all fairness to them, i don't know, i mean, i don't know if they are going to stand for it, bill. but that's what happens. they provoke to such an extent. the answer is yes. i would absolutely be able to stand above it. >> okay. because, donald trump now is not speaking as the art of the deal guy or the apprentice guy. you are not speaking anymore on that level. now you are speaking for the -- the united states. you may be president. so i mean your rhetoric means so much more than it used to mean. you know, you are in a different place. a place you have never been. in i'm just wondering how much you have thought about all that. >> well, i've thought about it and at the same time we want to be effective. we have to be effective people at what we do and what we're doing.
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but i certainly have thought about it. i think it's a very terrible thing going on though, bill. people will have a rally or they will have, you know, whether it's 2,000 or 500 people and people are set in -- sent in to those places. it happens to me more because i'm the frontrunner and they want to make me more than they would somebody else. >> they want to provoke you. nobody is going to provoke john kasich. >> no. >> ted cruz, yeah, but they want to bait you into doing something. and then the press -- >> -- well, they don't think that kasich or cruz is going to win, so they don't really care,. >> no, no, no. i disagree with you. they don't care about kasich and cruz winning. they don't like you. because you stand for border, deportations of immigrants, stoppingé muslims temporarily from coming here. all of these things, your opposition feels are human rights violations. they don't like you.
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that's why they are doing it. >> well, whatever. and i'm the frontrunner. and i think they probably feel in the other cases they may be wasting their time in all fairness. so we will see what happens. >> all right. >> i'm not going to be provoked. at the same time, you have to take tough action when this happens. you can't let them get away with it so do you have to take action. i think you agree with that. >> it's a tight rope you have to walk. let your security do it. >> that's right. >> and be the peacemaker, that's what i would do. >> okay. i will do it. i will do it. >> hillary clinton, your likely opponent, you gonna go scorched earth on hillary clinton? are you going to get in to all the personal stuff with her and her husband and all the scandals? are you going to do all that. >> i think i would rather not say now. it's a little bit early. i want to get it first. we had one little run-in about two months ago and i helped bernie a lot because frankly her numbers came down very big after that. but that was my only real confrontation with her. we're going to see what happens. but, whatever it is, it is. i will do whatever i have to
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do. >> okay. >> my whole concept, bill, is very simple. hey, bill, my whole concept, make america great again. that's what we're going to do. she cannot make america great again. she is going to fail on trade. she is going to fail on the military. she has been so bad with the military, it's horrible to look at what's+happened to our country. she has been there a long time, bill. >> just remember, you have to persuade a lot of people to vote for you. some of those people are going to say if you getdd down in the mud, it's not making america great. that's what some might say. now, i have got to take a break. we're going to hold donald trump over. i'm going to ask mr. trump who he is considering for vice president besides me. that's a joke. and later, bernie goldberg, jorge ramos, dennis miller all upcoming. combine a safe sleep aid plus
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trump who is in new york city this evening. just for the sake of good interview which it has been so far. people would like to know -- i know they want to know how think might be a good vice presidential choice. you don't have to say i want this guy or gal, but somebody that you respect in a variety of ways that you would like to have in your administration, any names come to mind? >> it's really too soon to talk about it, bill. i like closing the deal. i'm a closer. my life has been about closing. i like closing the deal before i discuss it. but, you know, i have got, as you know, i have been very much involved in politics for many, many years. for the last eight months i have been doing this. and it's been certainly an interesting experience. it's working out pretty well. it's a little bit too soon to say. i think in the end you will appreciate the selection. >> have you been thinking about it. >> i have been. i think about it. it's too soon to really let my thoughts get out there. there is some very good people. very good people. >> isn't there some
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worthiness to having you tell potential voters who you admire? let's do some history. contemporary history. world history, american history, throw out a couple names of people that have impressed you. >> well, you know, somebody that i would really love, and i have loved his tone and, you know, i have always said that when they ask who is the b.s. president, ronald reagan, i have always liked ronald reagan. i thought he was -- i thought he was -- i thought he represented something really terrific. his attitude, his presence, but, you any, that's somebody that i like. there are many people you respect. you go, you;j know, back in the line. but i thought ronald reagan, in terms of president, was excellent. really excellent. >> who has been the best president ever in the united states, in your opinion? >> well, ever, ever? >> ever. >> well, a lot of people are thinking and, you know, you have a vast array, but a lot of people are saying abe
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lincoln. he seems to be rising to the top. >> that's my choice. >> a lot of people, maybe you helped him a little bit terrific. a lot of people are saying abraham lincoln. you can't go wrong with that. kennedy? did you admire john f. kennedy? >> i respected him. we never really got to see, you know, it's 1,000 days. we never really got to see what the end result was going to be with john f. kennedy. he certainly had a style that was good. i think he was good for the country. he was a cheerleader. extent being the president you have to make lots of good decisions but you have to be a little bit of a cheerleader for the country. i think that's where president obama really let's us(pqdown. i thought he would have been a great cheerleader for the country, and it has turned out to be just the opposite because we have a very, very divided country. >> what about franklin roosevelt, good president? >> well, he was an amazing man. and he was, you know, one of
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the slightly liberal side, so maybe somebody like me wouldn't like him as much as somebody else. he was certainly an amazing man. and when you watch, you know, his biography, i find it to be fascinating. really fascinating. what he went through. so he was something very different on the liberal side, however. >> all right. how about bill clinton, just policy, not personal. good president? >> well, i'm not sure that you separate it honestly. i'm not sure that you can separate the policy and the personal. i will say this, nafta is a disaster. and the more you see with nafta, that was his baby more than anybody else. and the more you see of nafta, what they have done, what it has done#ó to this country, and this is really belated because at the time people thought it was a good thing. nafta has just stripped our country of everything. it's taken so many companies out of and jobs out of our system. so, you know, when you add nafta to the legacy of bill clinton, it really hurts him. >> okay. one more question.
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>> when you add the personal stuff to his heck georgia's that's a disaster. >> i disagree with you vehemently about george bushm/ the younger, lying on purpose to get us into a war with iraq. as somebody who covered that situation, i talked with collin powell, i talked with the cia director, they all said the same thing, the "new york times" reporting it on the front page, that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction and, indeed, told his own generals that he did, and the generals disseminated that information. so, to me, all the evidence says that president bush the younger did not lie. maybe made a mistake, did not lie. >> okay. >> you want to backtrack on that statement? >> no, i don't want to backtrack. i didn't say lie. i said he may have lied. i don'tsaepo know. did he really believe there were weapons of mass destruction. >> i think he did. >> i know that when his father went in and his father actually did something pretty good because he pulled back. he didn't get into the trap. but i know that saddam hussein was taunting the father. you know, the americans, they were not, you know,
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they were cowards. he was saying all sorts of things because of the fact intelligently they pulled back and i know that, you know, you know, also, that the son loves the father and i think he felt very hurt by and it he didn't like him. >> the evidence shows that there was a prevailing wisdom within iraq that was disseminate to do our intelligence authorities that he did have them. so i would be careful. the lie thing i don't think is legitimate. but, look. >> let me just say whether -- look, regardless of for what reason we went in, it was a massive. >> it didn't work out, that's for sure. >> massive, massive, horrible mistake. that's for sure. >> we appreciate you taking the time. we know everybody wanted you today and thanks for coming on. we will talk to you soon, donald. thanks financial. >> thank you, bill. thank you.