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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 16, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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scheming to make that happen. just go to and let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i'm working very hard and there is great anger, believe me, there is great anger. >> donald trump half way there. his delegate count far more than any other republican contender. tonight, mr. trump will be here. >> mr. trump, i have a question. >> excuse me, sit down. you v&ren't called. >> you have a right to ask a question. >> go back to univision. >> can univision african-american voters treat the trump campaign with fairness? we will talk with jorge ramos about that [inaudible] >> cozy relationships between pundits and
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candidates. bernie goldberg has some thoughts. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. donald trump and hillary clinton big winners in yesterday's vote and that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. here is the delegate count on the republican side. mr. trump 661, ted cruz 406. marco rubio 169, john kasich 142. 1237 delegates are need tof÷ do win the nomination. right now donald trump has about 2 million more votes than ted cruz, so pardon the pun, mr. trump is cruising. as far as marco4 delegates are concerned many will support him in the first round of convention voting this summer even though he has dropped out. after that, they can goat where they want. at this point it is a two man race between trump and
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cruz but kasich is in a spoiler position and some see him as a potential vice presidential choice because of his big win in ohio yesterday. on the democrat>uhñ side, it's all over. hillary clinton sweeping all five states last night. she has 1132 delegates. bernie sanders 818. 2383 delegates are need to do win the democrat nomination. talking points believes it is all over because california, new york, those big states are clinton territory. next tuesday, on the g.o.p. side, arizona with 58 delegates and' winner-take-all situation will vote. also utah and american samoa way out in the pacific ocean. after that other states will be heard from. but again, right now, a trump-clinton race is likely although the republican situation not yet locked up. and that's the memo. now for the top story. let's bring in donald trump who joins us now from new york city. so, things are looking good for you, as mentioned. does it mean this will change your confrontational style a bit? do you have to become more statesman like? >> well, i don't know, bill.
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i mean we are doing pretty well the way it is. and i would say that i always like to be a gentleman. i started off there was 17 people, all smart, all tough, all cunning and, you know, it's now down to three. if you want to say three. and we're getting counsel to the wire and i'm leading by a substantial margin. i had a great night last night. we won five, a total of five including the islands. and that was really a great night. >> okay. but, you got to be looking out now, i would assume your campaign is, to the fact that you may very well get the nomination. and if you do, you are goinnm to need 65 million votes to defeat hillary clinton. somewhere in that ball park. so, perceptions are being formed now. many have already formed their opinion on you. would it be wise for you to kind of come back from the confrontational style and be more statesman like? >> well, i think it would be. and i think i will be. and, you know, i too want to
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finish this off. i'm dealing with two smart, tough guys. and i want to make sure i end up winning. i would like to get to the finish line. i'm pretty good to getting to finish lines so i want to make sure. is termly would be. and i think that's what you are going to see. >> that's why i asked the question. we are not going to hear lying ted anymore? that's not going to be you and cruz, lying ted anymore. >> well, i can't say that i think i will save it to maybe after i'm finished with this because you know, i like it tell the truth. >> say nice things about him. >> i don't know if lying ted is a good line. okay, now, look, you are in awx position where you're being attacked by moveon and other very organized radical left groups. you know it your security knows it. secret service knows it that's going to continue. do you have a plan on how you're going to handle that? >> well, it is going to continue because the last
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person they want to face, the democrats want tois me. and the last person hillary clinton wants to face is me. and i mean i know that for a fact and people like to report it different ways. but, they want to have me out. they want to have somebody else to run against hillary, assuming she gets to the starting gate, which is a big question. i mean are these emails going to allow her to get to the starting point. >> the fbi could come in but she is going to win the vote. but, you know, you get in trouble when you react. all right? so the proactive forces are coming at you. and then you reacted and you have said some very questionable things like maybe punch them in the face or something likeg that. what i'm trying to get at is. >> i didn't say that bill. >> something/1úbj along. >> we had a very rough dude, and a massive 25,000 seat auditorium. every seat was packed. and this guy was very physical with a lot of people. i was seeing it. and all i did was make the
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statement. i wouldn't mind doing it. you have to understand where it all comes from. >> okay. and i do. is restraint now required on your part? because, again, you are going to be provoked. is restraint required? >> i think. so and i think i have been restrained, bill. we have very little problem. i have had the biggest, as you know better than anybody, i have had the most people by far, not even close, and, you know, we have 20,000, 25,000 people routinely. and, you know, we have one person stand up. and it's usually somebody that is sent in by, i don't know who sends them in. but we have very little problem. then in chicago, we could have had a problem, and i made a.z decision and got credit for that decision to cancel. >> i support the decision. >> because there that was very confrontational. >> you are going to see them. you will see black lives matter, moveon, all of these people trying to brand you as some nazi and the press will go along with it. enabling them to do their deal. but they're baiting you. i'm speaking from
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experience. i don't know whether you remember al franken but he baited me. i guess it was 10 years ago. i fell for like an idiot. he won in the sense he got all this publicity and he was able to lie at will and do what he did. is he a despicable human being but he won because i racketed to him. i should have floated above it and i'm wondering whether you request float above move on and black lives matter. is it possible? >> i think i can the only thing i would say is this: we have some very big events scheduled with 25, 35,000 people. one 32,000 all sold out. when people gv in there and they interrupt and they stand up and in many cases they start things like, you know, raising their fists and maybe hitting people, we're not going to -- >> no, security is going to handle that. >> the people in that room won't say it. the people in the room, in all fairness to them, i don't know, i mean, i don't know if they are going to stand for it, bill. but that's what happens.
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they provoke to such an extent. the answer is yes. i would absolutely be able to stand above it. >> okay. because, donald trump now is not speaking as the art of the deal guy or the apprentice guy. you are not speaking anymore on that level. now you are speaking for the -- the united states. you may be president. so i mean your rhetoric means so much more than it used to mean. you know, you are in a different place. a place you have never been. in i'm just wondering how much you have thought about all that. >> well, i've thought about it and at the same time we want to be effective. we have to be effective people at what we do and what we're doing. but i certainly have thought about it. i think it's a very terrible thing going on though, bill. people will have a rally or they will have, you know, whether it's 2,000 or 500 people and people are set in -- sent in to those places. it happens to me more because i'm the frontrunner and they want to make me
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more than they would somebody else. >> they want to provoke you. >> they; nobody is going to provoke john kasich. >> no. >> ted cruz, yeah, but they want to bait you into doing something. and then the press -- >> -- well, they don't think that kasich or cruz is going to win, so they don't really care,. >> no, no, no. i disagree with you. it's personal against you. they don't care about kasich and cruz winning. they don't like you. because you stand for border, deportations of immigrants, stoppingé muslims temporarily from coming here. all of these things, your opposition feels are human rights violations. they don't like you. that's why they are doing it. >> well, whatever. and i'm the frontrunner. and i think they probably feel in the other cases they may be wasting their time in all fairness. so we will see what happens. >> all right. >> i'm not going to be provoked. at the same time, you have to take tough action when this happens. you can't let them get away with it so do you have to take action.
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i think you agree with that. >> it's a tight rope you have to walk. let your security do it. >> that's right. >> and be the peacemaker, that's what i would do. >> okay. i will do it. i will do it. >> hillary clinton, your likely opponent, you gonna go scorched earth on hillary clinton? are you going to get in to all the personal stuff with her and her husband and all the scandals? are you going to do all that. >> i think i would rather not say now. it's a little bit early. i want to get it first. we had one little run-in about two months ago and i helped bernie a lot because frankly her numbers came down very big after that. but that was my only real confrontation with her. we're going to see what happens. but, whatever it is, it is. i will do whatever i have to do. >> okay. >> my whole concept, bill, is very simple. hey, bill, my whole concept, make america great again. that's what we're going to do. she cannot make america great again. she is going to fail on trade. she is going to fail on the military. she has been so bad with the military, it's horrible to look at what's+happened to our country. she has been there a long time, bill.
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>> just remember, you have to persuade a lot of people to vote for you. some of those people are going to say if you getdd down in the mud, it's not making america great. that's what some might say. now, i have got to take a break. we're going to hold donald trump over. i'm going to ask mr. trump who he is considering for vice president besides me. that's a joke. and later, bernie goldberg, jorge ramos, dennis miller all upcoming.
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it's my job and it's i takealso my passion.rises. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12-hour strength of aleve... for pain relief that can last into the morning. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. continuing now donald trump who is in new york city this evening. just for the sake of good interview which it has been so far. people would like to know -- i know they want to know how think might be a good vice presidential choice. you don't have to say i want this guy or gal, but somebody that you respect in a variety of ways that you would like to have in your administration, any names come to mind?
8:15 pm
>> it's really too soon to talk about it, bill. i like closing the deal. i'm a closer. my life has been about closing. i like closing the deal before i discuss it. but, you know, i have got, as you know, i have been very much involved in politics for many, many years. for the last eight months i have been doing this. and it's been certainly an interesting experience. it's working out pretty well. it's a little bit too soon to say. i think in the end you will appreciate the selection. >> have you been thinking about it. >> i have been. i think about it. it's too soon to really let my thoughts get out there. there is some very good people. very good people. >> isn't there some worthiness to having you tell potential voters who you admire? let's do some history. contemporary history. world history, american history, throw out a couple names of people that have impressed you. >> well, you know, somebody that i would really love, and i have loved his tone
8:16 pm
and, you know, i have always said that when they ask who is the b.s. president, ronald reagan, i have always liked ronald reagan. i thought he was -- i thought he was -- i thought he represented something really terrific. his attitude, his presence, but, you any, that's somebody that i like. there are many people you respect. you go, you;j know, back in the line. but i thought ronald reagan, in terms of president, was excellent. really excellent. >> who has been the best president ever in the united states, in your opinion? >> well, ever, ever? >> ever. >> well, a lot of people are thinking and, you know, you have a vast array, but a lot of people are saying abe lincoln. he seems to be rising to the top. >> that's my choice. >> a lot of people, maybe you helped him a little bit terrific. a lot of people are saying abraham lincoln. you can't go wrong with that. >> how aboutb kennedy? did you admire john f. kennedy? >> i respected him.
8:17 pm
we never really got to see, you know, it's 1,000 days. we never really got to see what the end result was going to be with john f. kennedy. he certainly had a style that was good. i think he was good for the country. he was a cheerleader. you know, to a certain extent being the president you have to make lots of good decisions but you have to be a little bit of a cheerleader for the country. i think that's where president obama really let's us(pqdown. i thought he would have been a great cheerleader for the country, and it has turned out to be just the opposite because we have a very, very divided country. >> what about franklin roosevelt, good president? >> well, he was an amazing man. and he was, you know, one of the slightly liberal side, so maybe somebody like me wouldn't like him as much as somebody else. he was certainly an amazing man. and when you watch, you know, his biography, i find it to be fascinating. really fascinating. what he went through. so he was something very different on the liberal side, however. >> all right. how about bill clinton, just
8:18 pm
policy, not personal. good president? >> well, i'm not sure that you separate it honestly. i'm not sure that you can separate the policy and the personal. i will say this, nafta is a disaster. and the more you see with nafta, that was his baby more than anybody else. and the more you see of nafta, what they have done, what it has done#ó to this country, and this is really belated because at the time people thought it was a good thing. nafta has just stripped our country of everything. it's taken so many companies out of and jobs out of our system. so, you know, when you add nafta to the legacy of bill clinton, it really hurts him. >> okay. one more question. >> when you add the personal stuff to his heck georgia's that's a disaster. >> i disagree with you vehemently about george bushm/ the younger, lying on purpose to get us into a war with iraq. as somebody who covered that situation, i talked with collin powell, i talked with the cia director, they all said the same thing, the "new york times" reporting
8:19 pm
it on the front page, that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction and, indeed, told his own generals that he did, and the generals disseminated that information. so, to me, all the evidence says that president bush the younger did not lie. maybe made a mistake, did not lie. >> okay. >> you want to backtrack on that statement? >> no, i don't want to backtrack. i didn't say lie. i said he may have lied. i don'tsaepo know. did he really believe there were weapons of mass destruction. >> i think he did. >> i know that when his father went in and his father actually did something pretty good because he pulled back. he didn't get into the trap. but i know that saddam hussein was taunting the father. you know, the americans, they were not, you know, they were cowards. he was saying all sorts of things because of the fact intelligently they pulled back and i know that, you know, you know, also, that the son loves the father and i think he felt very hurt by and it he didn't like him. >> the evidence shows that there was a prevailing wisdom within iraq that was
8:20 pm
disseminate to do our intelligence authorities that he did have them. so i would be careful. the lie thing i don't think is legitimate. but, look. >> let me just say whether -- look, regardless of for what reason we went in, it was a massive. >> it didn't work out, that's for sure. >> massive, massive, horrible mistake. that's for sure. >> we appreciate you taking the time. we know everybody wanted you today and thanks for coming on. we will talk to you soon, donald. thanks financial. >> thank you, bill. thank you. >> directly ahead, hillary clinton caught off mike saying a bad thing about donald trump. and then ca1f the univision network cover the trump campaign fairly? i'd like to make a dep-- vo: it happens so often, you almost get used to it. we got this. vo: which is why being put first takes some getting used to.
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weekdays with bernie segment tonight. while chatting during a commercial break on msnbc, hillary clinton and chris matthews were picked up on an open mike. the subject?
8:24 pm
donald trump. [1& joining us now the purveyor of bernard bernie goldberg. >> on a zero to 10 million i rate it a zero. the only time hot mike conversations are scandalous orxr even interesting is when the person says something off camera and says pretty much the opposite on camera. we know hillary clinton doesn't like donald trump. we know chris matthews is no
8:25 pm
fan of donald trump. i don't get it that's a no issue for me. >> should they be come miss your point.h?]q]q5 ei-i get all interviewers down time we banter before the program. i compliment your tie selection and all of that. i always come back and i don't want the interviewer to interview subject. and as you know we can laugh about, i don't know. i s6ju matthews isn't a hardnj news guy but it makes me a little nervous. >> lock, i think you said something that the audience needs to understand. whenever you are doing an introduce with somebody, whether it's at their house or in the studio, when you are changing tapes or when you are setting up the lights, or in between anything, you just chat with the person. >> you chat with them, yeah. that's just normal. you milwaukee them feel comfortable. now, what you shouldn't do,
8:26 pm
if they say i think donald trump is, you know, fill in the blank, you shouldn't say yeah, so do i, not if you are a hard news guy. they didn't say anything that even comes close to being scandalous or, in my view, even interesting. >> okay. you heard trump interview. any thoughts? >> yeah. i thought you asked a very important question. and we saw donald trump's mode dison perh-9÷ -- modus on per operandi. george bush didn't lie to get ghiews a war. he display made a mistake which he did. but he didn't lie. that is ag0 good question that needed to be asked. donald trump said i didn't say say he lied. i didn't say he lied. who knows. no, i heard it he said they lied. they knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and they still went in to
8:27 pm
war. they lied. they referring to bush and his team. what bothers me about this is this is what donald trump always does. he is genetically incapable of saying maybe i went too far. maybe i shouldn't have said that is he genetically incapable of saying i was wrong about that anybody who can't admit that occasionally they make a mistake on live tv in all the interviews that they do, i'm troubled by that kind of person in general, whoever it is. >> i mean barack obama might fall into that category. >> yeah. okay. okay. >> i'm trying to think back on presidents who have really come out publicly and admitted mistakes. very few and far between. not many. because the whole game is authority, you know, and i know what1f i'm doing and they don't want to show weakness. last word. >> yeah, but if you said to
8:28 pm
me, you said donald trump brags too much. and you have the tape to prove that i said that. and i say to you,h i never said that that doesn't speak well of me. that's not how -- i understand that's running for office and that he has to convey a certain strength. i don't like when somebody isn't strong enough to say, you know, in that case i think i went too far. and, instead, he looks you in the eye or at least through the tv he looks youp didn't say that he lied. he did say that he lied. we all heard him say that he lied. there is videotape of him saying that he lied, and that's not the kind of thineqñ i admire in any politician. >> all right, bernie, thanks as always we appreciate it plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller has some thoughts about recent violence at some trump campaign rallies. jorge ramos on whether his
8:29 pm
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factor follow-up segments tonight. replacing justice scalia at the supreme court. justice scalia passed away last month so there is a opening at the highest court level. today president obama nominated merrick gerald 73-year-old to fill scalia's position. analysis says he would be expect to do align with the liberal members of the
8:33 pm
supreme court, therefore his nomination is doomed because the senate, which has to confirm a supreme court justice is controlled by republicans as you know. with us here in new york city to comment kirsten powers. so would you agree with that, doomed? >> i think it's doomed but not because of who he is. i think it was doomed anyway because the republicans had already said no matter how send up here we're not going to take it up. is he actually pretty moderate. the fact that he would align with the liberals, okay, but he is expected to be, i think, more of a moderate type person. >> but did you see his gun control record. >> okay, so, fine. >> that's it. >> but he doesn't -- you know, president obama is a democrat. >> no, no, no. i'm not saying anything about president obama. >> he gets to nominate somebody who is a democrat. >> he would never pass a republican senate. >> orrin hatch called him consensus nominee. >> he is not some crazy left wing bomb thrower. he voted so the folks know in washington, d.c. to keep guns away from private stipulates, the supreme court of course said no, that is unconstitutional. but he vote to do keep t75ñ guns away.
8:34 pm
just that vote, you must know this, alienates most in the republican party, so they never vote to confirm. >> that's not how it's supposed to work. >> i understand it's not suppose to work that way. >> suppose to be the president'çá chooses somebody and congress has that person come before congress and let's them -- vets them and decides whether or not. >> i'm just telling you it would all be a waste of time that vote will disqualify him among republican it's a him among republican it's a 3m5 bay. he has good votes on criminal justice. but, once you get into that, you know, advocacy position that guns have to be kept away. >> it's not advocacy position. he has a different position than republicans have. guess what, the president gets to choose somebody who is not a republican. >> and supreme court. >> i think there should be deference shown to the president. i would say the same thing if it was a republican president. >> there went be mitch mcconnell -- >> -- democrats agreed with everything justice alito ever said or john roberts ever said. >> look, i'm just reporting. i'm not commenting. i'm telling you what's going to happen. self-doomed. is he not going to get a
8:35 pm
vote. and that's it. now if hillary clinton is nominated or wins the election. >> they are going to be wishing. >> and loses the senate and democrats maybe they are going to be wishing. and that brings to us bernie sanders, done, right? finished? >> well, yeah. he is not going to win the nomination. >> we're not feeling berne anymore or are we smelling the smoke? what are we doing. >> i always feel the berne, bill. >> do you? you love him. >> i do love bernie. i think -- i don't think is he going to drop out but is he not going to win the nomination. >> he will go back to the senate. >> he will make things difficult for her and he is the >> he is not making things difficult for her. >> he has made things more difficult for her than they needed to be. >> he embarrassed her in michigan and few other places he will go back to the senate from vermont. although i do hear there is an opening for mayor of havana. and, you know, i think bernie would be a shoe-in there. >> what would you do without bernie to kick around anymore. >> he will still be in thao senate. i'm not kicking him around. i love him. when he is on this program
8:36 pm
woe have a great time. >> is he great.v; you agree with me is done as a legitimate contender. >> yes, i do. >> good. always good to agree. kirsten powers, everybody, give her a hand. >> thank you. >> when we come right back hispanic americans and donald trump will he be treated fairly in all those precincts after all the illegal immigration controversy? that's next. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear.
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thank you for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. the network univision reaches millions of spanish-speaking americans and primary anchor jorge ramos was actually ejected from a donald trump rally a few months ago. you may remember that mr. ramos author of big new book "take a stand, lessons from rebels," and he joins us now in knox. we have spoken about this before. now that univision has really staked out an anti-trump position as far as immigration is concerned, i don't know what you feel about china or the terrorists stuff. >> i wouldn't say that but go ahead. >> you know, come on. you, as the leader over there, and then there was the lady in the debate, what was her name again?
8:41 pm
[inaudible] >> her comments were fairly poignant about donald trump bullying the immigrants. now, if he gets the nomination, can you cover him fairly since you are on theuo record as saying the guy is, you know, anti-immigrant bigot? >> i think we are covering fairly republicans and democrats. >> no, trump himself? >> i think we show that we can be tough on democrats. >> yes, you have shown that. >> hillary clinton and bei think we are really tough on donald trump because what he is saying we cannot allow racism and discrimination to be normal. >> that's a subjective thing. >> no, it isn't. >> there are people who know donald trump. >> when you say that mexican immigrants are criminals or rapists, that is, for many people a racist remark. >> he didn't say all of them were and i have the quote right here. do you want me to read it to you. he said it to me, all right? he says when mexico sends its people, they are notá
8:42 pm
sending its best. is he quantifying who they are sending. >> mexico is not a conspiracy. mexico is not sending. >> let me read the quote. so everybody knows what he said. when mexico sends its people, they are not extend sending their best. they are sending people who have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems with them. they are bringing drugs. that's true there is a big cartel smuggling. >> they are bringing drugs. >> they are bringing crime, they are rapists. >> that's absolutely wrong. because the vast majority of immigrants are not criminals and are not rapists. >> is he not talking about all of them. >> let me give you a couple of examples. the american immigration council they clearly say immigrants are less likely to be criminals simply because they don't want to get in trouble with the police. >> you can use stats all day long to justify anything and you know it? >> those are facts. >> just listen to me for a moment. i'm trying to tell you that it's your subjective opinion not objective opinion that trump is a racist. okay. there are other people who
8:43 pm
don't think he is all right? okay. so i'm not going to get in the middle and say that's reyesist and that isn't. what i'm going to do it s. bring it back to your network. if you, the top guy, has demonized him as a racist, how you can possibly cover him? >> i think as a journalist you have to take a stand when it comes to >> how you can cover him, jorge. >> corruption, public life. human rights. if you don't take a stand in those instances, then what's honorable as journalist. you have to be tougher on donald trump. you haven't been tough on him. >> i have been, listen, i have confronted donald trump in ways -- >> -- how many times you have confronted him? he has told me that i'm unfair, okay? i'm not going to get into me. i want to bring it back to you. >> you talk to him so many times and you. >> yeah, tonight before you. >> you let him get away with anything. >> no, no, no. i don't let him get away with anything. i confront him. >> everything. >> that's not true. >> absolutely. >> look at the transcripts and everything he has done -- >> -- i have seen the transcripts. when it comesx4uz immigration, he talks about a wall. >> i favor a wall. >> and then you. >> wait, wait, am i a racist
8:44 pm
for favoring a wall. i favor a wall, do you know why? >> you let him get away with that. >> 1900-mile wall,6jpuñ and then 40% of immigrants, you know, they come by plane or with a visa. >> that's got to be tightened up. >> what's the purpose of building a wall. >> keep tons of narcotics out of this country. >> more chinese from india than from mexico. >> i'm asking a question and you are totally ignoring me. >> i'm saying you are not being tough on donald trump. >> that's your opinion. the wall keeps narcotics out. the cartels that control mexico are wreaking havoc on our population. >> you noel chapo, you have a wall and then he build tunnels. >> that's fine let them build tunnels and get dirty. >> a wall is not a solution. >> univision, how you canq possibly, you guys, every time you mention donald trump you will have to put on the screen we think is he a racist. so that people know that -- >> -- no. you just said that let me just give you some
8:45 pm
information 81% of latinos. >> now we have got the stats again. >> 18% of na latinos have a negative opinion of donald trump. many of them despise donald trump. >> that's partly because of you. >> that's not because of me but because of what he said. >> all right. i'm not promoting donald trump in any way, shape, or form but hispanic americans. >> you haven't been tough on him. >> that's fine. i want you and univision, because you are so influential in those precincts to explain and i will give you the final chance how you can possibly cover this man in a fair way if he is the republican nominee, you can't. >> because we are doing exactly the same with the democrats. i think we are being. >> you have called hillary clinton a racist? >> we have asked questions of hillary clinton that she doesn't like. you know that. >> conclusions of donald trump. >> it's not a matter of conclusions. i don't know what is in his heart, but i know what is coming out of his mouth. and what he said about mexican immigrants, is he wrong. what he said about women is unacceptable. and what he said about muslims is simply unamerican. >> all right. but that's your opinion.
8:46 pm
>> she had great question to him, right, about women. >> i thought those were absolutely. >> fantastic questions. she was being tough. >> you are not like me and we went to root the last time. you are not a commentator you arehd anchor man hard news guy with you you demonize him. >> i'm independent. >> i want to give your book a plug. do you have any more spats stats you want to give us: i have read a third of jorge's book. it's good. it's provocative. he tells you straight up what he thinks and talking about guys like castro, sandinistas, the bushes, both presidents. >> obama. >> obama, it's good. all right, fair? >> thank you so much. >> audio amigo. dennis miller has some (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well.
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back of the book segment tooven tonight, we'll have some lively letters about the trump violence situation. but first, we want to talk to dennis miller who joins us from santa barbara. before we discuss yesterday's vote, what did you take away from it? >> billy, i'm trying to look interesting like jorge ramos. [ laughter ] >> i like jorge. he's a good guy. >> he's the greatest guy whoever lived. and i'm not being anti-latino there, i'm being anti-effective. what human being in the middle of their day is like this? all right, listen -- >> brutal. >> as far as yesterday's election, kids, i want to say this to the kids out there. i know you're voting for hillary. what in the hell happen to kids?
8:51 pm
when i was a kid, i would have said, what are you kidding me? i see kids behind her, they're like the saw horse outside of the plaza when the beatles were coming. what in god's name happened to you? hillary sounds like karen's mom in "good fellas" when henry came home at sun rise. what sort of people are these? what are kids doing? and now sanders' voters are showing up at trump things and flipping it over. sanders' people say oh, no, that's not us. they want to share everything but the blame. but now that bernie's out, let's face it, he's out because he couldn't decide -- that's the thing about socialist revolutionaries, you never know whether they're going to throw the fist up or the hand down. as far as them going over to trump's thing, i know everybody is telling me the trump rallies
8:52 pm
are so violent now. i guess. are they talking about the 78-year-old guy who clocked a kid who was giving him the finger up there in the bob uecker streets? i guess it's the end of the world as we know it. i didn't like it, but i didn't like that knockoff game people were playing a couple years ago. remember when they were going up to homeless people and suckering them in the face? so what's more egregious this guy here or the knockout game? i'm just telling you the truth. i found the knockout game more preapocalyptic, because people were just minding their own business and people would sucker them in the face. throughout history, if you're walking through a thing and you're giving the finger to people who are there participating in something, guess what? i grew up in pittsburgh, there's a chance you're going to get clocked. >> we're not justifying it.
8:53 pm
>> how far out of my way did i go to say that? >> we're not justifying any violence under any circumstances ever. >> do i think that's like hitler? do i think that old man clocking that kid giving him the finger leads to the systematic liquidation of 6 million fellow human beings? no, i don't. i'm not going to call hitler-like unless they're hitler. i remember when fdr, two months after pearl harbor, fdr, who is the yodo of the left side, rounded up 120,000 japanese people, 60% of them were american citizens. he put them in internment camps. i'm not even going to call that hitler-like. but certainly this is not hitler-like to me.
8:54 pm
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"factor tip of the day," "killing jesus" getting a bad wrap, but first "killing reagan" got a bump in sales because of
8:57 pm
the death of nancy reagan. right now all my books are marked 25% off. now the mail -- >> didn't excuse anything, dan. the point is, in every conflict, there's a proactive action and a reactive action. moveon and others wanted to shut down trump's rally. press barely mentioned that provocation. mr. trump reacts to attacks on him and his supporters. he doesn't set out to incite, i suggested he tone it down. i was fair. >> don't smoke. but you seem to be under the influence, max. we presented the hard evidence in the memo.
8:58 pm
can't understand how you could have missed it. >> he's a commentator, joe. he's got to be audacious. it's his freedom of speech. come on. >> how? i don't have subpoena power. by the way, all i asked mr. clooney to do after the telethon is encourage the charities to distribute the money in an open way. different situation. >> that's good to hear.
8:59 pm
finally tonight, "the factor" "tip of the day," "time" magazine this week discussing movies about jesus. in said column, he writes, "killing jesus" last year's critically eviscerated tv movie based on bill o'reilly's novel broke viewership records. it was nominated for a an emmy. so we asked mr. anderson to provide backup on his statement. we can't reach him. so here's the "tip of the day," you expect this stuff on the net, but even publications like "time" magazine allow anything to be printed these dawes. that's just whole thing is out of control. "killing jesus" will be run on holy thursday next week on natgoe. that is it for us tonight. word of the day, do not be
9:00 pm
drapish when writing to "the factor." thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. the super tuesday two results are in. and with more than 30 nominating contests whi s behind us, the pour the magic delegate numbers is still up in the air. it is now down to three, count them, three candidates for gop. and roughly five, count them, five weeks to round out this race. last night marking a resounding win for businessman donald trump in the sunshine state, followed soon after by florida's own senator marco rubio exiting this race. ohio's governor kasich went home with his state's winner take all delegates and senator