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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> does unpacking boxes count as exercise? that is what i'm doing this beakened. >> it does. squat and lift. >> see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: hello on this fine friday. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, andrea tantaros, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. actress and commentator stacey dash is here. today's #oneluckyguy fox news contributor and iraq, afghanistan veteran pete hegseth. we salute back to you my friend. you're outnumbered. >> i'm psyched and ncaa
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tournament time. andrea: all the men in the audience are not focused on the show. i don't know if we get the show off the frowned harris: some of the women too. i love the jayhawks. we'll move on. let's get to it. republican front-runner donald trump facing more criticism from within his own political party saying riots could break out if he is denied the nomination of his party. from gop top leaders house speaker paul ryan who had the sharp rebuke for the donald's remarks. >> nobody should say such things in my opinion because to even address or, or hint to violence is unacceptable. harris: all this as speaker ryan at the same press conference saying a contested convention is looking more like a sure thing. >> nothing's changed other than the perception that this is more likely to become a more open convention than we thought before. so, we're getting our mind around the idea this could very well become a reality.
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therefore those of us who are involved in the convention need to respect that harris: did you catch the nuance there, contested, knot brokered, open, sounds better, right? >> a little bit. obviously they are massaging what is difficult discussion last 48 hours what that all means and what it look like. when donald trump said riots, he says he has a great brain, uses best words, but what i would say he doesn't use his words loosely. he doesn't mean riots. he doesn't burning things down. it would be terrible if the establishment tried to insert someone. that is what he means. what paul ryan means, listen, we'll play it by the rules. we'll play it aboveboard. we'll play it the way conventions operated. abraham lincoln was elected on third ballot in 1860. this is the way things happen and the way the process goes harris: i talk to people if they
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understood what donald trump said. they didn't think as you said it meant burning the house down. they took it for what they thought he would mean. andrea, as you go forward saying there, open convention and being open, open to the idea, open party, everybody come on, it makes the waters sound so warm. andrea: watch what they say but then you watch what they do harris: i know which one you believe. andrea: there are two different things. with anybody. i watch what people do, not what they say. if you watch what the republican establishment are doing, their words don't match up to the actions. they're actively trying to get trump out. great point you made, harris, temper that rhetoric. open party. they're exactly the opposite of an open party. mitch mcconnell got on the senate floor and basically said it is every man for himself. but he did say the people should have the same choice in the supreme court nominee. i wish they apply the same logic to the republican presidential nomination. they're not keeping an open mind
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and they're not honoring they will support donald trump if set winner harris: i have to put this to bed. a lot of people are wondering whether paul ryan would step up into the void, he basically said, no he didn't, exactly said to john boehner, knock it off, i'm not running. what are your thoughts, stacy? >> i think the rnc is a party. a party is made up of people and they are sew afraid of the people. this is what they're showing. if trump wins, trump will not be their puppet and that is what they're scared of. they will no longer have the establishment controlling the government. but if they do go against him and do this open convention, i really do think that people will be very upset. very upset. harris: yeah. you know it isn't just that they would be demonstrably upset, demonstrably upset, the fact that they might not go to the polls at all. you might turn people off completely.
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>> not even that. seems they don't even want democrats to cross over being republicans at this point. >> that is general election argument. the argument we're having is about a convention. but voters vote for delegates who go to conventions. there are rules you have to get to 1237. if you don't get to say at 1200 give it to me. make a deal. go to the convention floor. that is the argument has to be clarified. >> for sure it is wishful thinking. the same people who are saying oh, this is definitely going to open convention or open convention are same people said trump would have faded by now. i think a lot of this is wishful math on their part. it would be great to cover. would love the story. exciting to watch. happening on "house of cards." why wouldn't it happen in real life as well. but i it is wishful -- unclear, i don't know. >> trump's son did get some kind of you know, crazy letter. so that is reportedly happened. andrea: wishful math or fuzzy
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math? i'm waiting for certain people to articulate the pathway for say a john kasich. what really boggles the mind, the same talking point coming out of the establishment are the same talking points coming out of the left. over the weekend we saw ostensibly rubio, kasich and cruz echoing the same points as hillary clinton and barack obama. that these protests were violent. trump is inciting protests when all evidence is to the contrary. >> it was the left. harris: so, we haven't talked at all about ted cruz. he is the only other person who really amassed enough delegates to even consider himself somebody who might have a pathway. what are your thoughts about that? >> i just don't think he can do it. i don't think he will do it. i really believe if we do not unite and get behind donald trump our party is going to fall apart. >> cruz is the only possible beneficiary. i think it is cruz or trump, one of them wins on convention floor unless trump gets to 123p first.
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who has real fuzzy math problem, democrats and superdelegates. if i'm voter on democrat side i really don't have a vote harris: if democrats sneeze in this process they could give their cold of superdelegates to the republicans. it could be attracted to it. andrea: right wish they had the same for mat at the left to take away the power. donald trump keeps urging republican party officials to unite behind him but lawmakers facing tough re-election bids are reportedly not so sure they're ready to embrace him. "politico" interviewed a number of house republicans in swing states, they're adopting strategies how to deal with trump as their nominee. many reportedly plan to ignore him for should. "politico" explains quote, elections in marginal swing districts are decided on margins. some establishment gop leaders that trump's comments about women and minorities could turn off independents. there is concern reliable republican voters could stay home as democrats stampede to the polls to defeat him.
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situation pretty much the same in the senate. incumbents tell "politico" they're working on plans to maintain their own personal political appeal to blue state y ayote, rob portman and ron johnson in wisconsin, pat toomey in pennsylvania bank on keeping their distance from trump trying not to alienate his supporters. it is a delicate dance, stacy, seems like i said, every man or woman for herself or himself. >> which is unfortunate. we have to unite. donald trump is not going to go away. they will not bully him away. they will not trick him away. this is propaganda the in press trying to be confused what should i do. it is not possible for trump to win. that is not true. he is a winner. he knows what to do. i believe we i will do it, i do. andrea: pete, when you look how campaigns are done, i have worked on quite a few, the voters don't usually associate their member of congress with
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washington d.c. they like their member. is this a different tact? it's a bit more extreme than usual. most members of congress they're for themselves anyway. i'm fighting against the washington machine. i'm fighting for you. is this big of a difference? >> i don't know it is. members of congress look at on years, off years, the waves, who will turn out. they call it head in the sand strategy. i think it is exact opposite. it is head on swivel. donald trump has all oxygen, how they react to trump embracing him or distance themself will help and hurt them with republicans and democrats. this guy is game-changer. i don't agree he is automatically a winner. general election he has most vulnerability. >> but i also believe, i also believe he is exposing what politics and politicians are and they are not for the people right now. which is really unfortunate. this is what it is exposing. andrea: harris this group of voters donald trump is the a tracking, blue-collar, a lot of
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men, a lot of reagan democrats, working class type of voter, these are voters that the republican party has wanted for so long. i mean since ronald reagan. they're finally garnering them with donald trump. harris: yeah. andrea: why would they insult them so much discounting their voice and opinion? harris: invited them to the dinner party and took all the chicken off the table. chicken and delicious vegetables away from you. andrea: donald trump invited them. the party is trying to take their food, the waiters are harris: campaign ad by the campaign arm of senate democrats. republicans have to be careful. what this ad does is trying to exploit what donald trump is doing, stick it to some of these people who are vulnerable in certain states. john mccain is in it. ayote is in it. see some people we're talking about now, who are vulnerable in their own states. instead of pushing back on something like this, look, if he becomes the party's candidate, we'll get behind him which would turn the ad on its head, this plays without any response.
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andrea: looking at states like pennsylvania i think someone like donald trump puts pennsylvania, my home state into flay play. this is a big business is. a lot of people are professional profiteers in the republican establishment f trump is elected harris: their power, their existence vanishes. >> vanishes. bret baier saying on scale of one to 10 how afraid of their jobs going away, he said about an 11. i wonder, are they really distance themselves from trump or the establishment? how is media spinning this? if you look at exact quotes, i'm focused on one race and one race only. this is republican out of illinois. are you supposed to be focused on your own race? aren't you supposed to be focused on your constituents? isn't that what you are sticking up for anyway? they talk about standing alone. standing alone away from trump for the establishment? andrea: good point. i'm interested to see some of
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those polls. some lawmakers will have trump if he is nominee campaign with them. >> right. andrea: potential smoking gun in email scandal, newly-released video that she knew risks of china and russia hacking into her blackberry while traveling in those countries. what does it mean for the investigation? president guam ready to take the plunge in the 2016 campaign, belly-flop, cannonball, whatever you want to call it, in a big way. ♪
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♪ melissa: stunning new twist just a day after we learned hillary clinton used her non-secure blackberry while traveling in russia and china as secretary of state. video now emerging on clinton back in 2014 saying she could not use personal devices in those countries. she said this, due to the risk of being hacked. watch. >> our country is acting like we're the only people in the world trying to figure out what's going on? i mean every time i went to countries like china or russia, i mean we couldn't take our computers, we couldn't take our, you know, personal devices, we couldn't take anything off the plane because they're so good.
9:17 am
they would penetrate them in a minute, less, a nanosecond. melissa: see, she knew better. this just after an investigation by "the daily caller" found that clinton sent at least three dozen emails from her personal blackberry during seven different trips to china, vietnam and russia while she was secretary of state. andrea, she just said as a paid expert ostensibly, she is speaking at a security conference. so she is standing up there as somebody knows better, you can't even take it off the plane. pop the batteries out, she did exactly that. what conclusion do you draw? andrea: this flies in the face of other oopsy days sir, i'm not sure of technology this was willful deceit or incompetence. she was comfortable with the incompetence tag. i don't know who would be running for president of the united states. this is willful now. when you look at the actions she took with the blackberry, clear violation, using unsecured of
9:18 am
security procedure. we know from the video she did. each instance she used blackberry for every email she sent is a felony. melissa: she said it there. what more do you need? >> every employee of the government is briefed how to deal with classified information, especially secretaries. she knew exactly what to do or not do. so the spillage of information from a secured place to a server in her barn and not to a scf should have been is negligence. negligence that putting our country at risk. melissa: yeah. harris: she makes it sound like all these other countries were so good. she knew her phone was vulnerable. she knew how vulnerable it was because nsa said we would not be securing her blackberry.
9:19 am
nsa told her, per judicial watch obtained documents, you can read it for herself, she was told her staff, the numbers were too big of the people who might be exposed. they knew there were problems back then. so it is disingenuous of her to blame it on other countries. she in particular knew her device was vulnerable because it didn't even match up with what the nsa would have done to protect it because it wasn't malleable enough for her. what they wanted to do to protect the blackberry and secure it, didn't match up with her needs. she didn't want it. >> absolutely. melissa: how serious is this, pete, though? as somebody who is out there, fought, faced the enemy, what is this? are we nitpicking over emails? >> joe biden response this, is a big bleeping deal. non-secure blackberry, knowing their targeting you, using it anyway. you know what that video reminded. that hillary clinton landed under sniper fire in bosnia and told tall tales. that ask what this is.
9:20 am
talk tough, secret squirrel stuff, in reality on the plane, pulling out blackberry in her hotel, violating rules blatantly because she doesn't think the rules apply to her. she talks about how tough she is is. andrea: largely the largest national security breach in decades. fdr would have her summarily thrown in prison. barack obama went on the record to defend her saying she wasn't hack. the president does not believe she was hacked. he is circling wagons around her which so is the doj and administration harris: doesn't mat what he believes if they can prove she was. the point about the blackberry, she wasn't supposed to have it period whether or not she was on the down low using it. nsa said no. melissa: it is amazing. north korea rattling its nuclear sabre with more missile launches there. is something extra scary about these missiles. how concerned should we be? plus if the u.s. had to
9:21 am
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just a few more ways the good hands are doing more than ever before. see what the personal service of an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100. ♪ harris: north korea is at it again. boy, this is all the rage on the news last night. we couldn't believe it as we watched them defy u.s. and u.n. sanctions firing two ballistic missiles into the sea of japan earlier today, similar to ones. both missiles harder to detect by spy satellites. after the regime ordered tests of a nuclear warhead. a busy 24 hours. the state department is responding this way. we call again on north korea to refrain from actions that further raise tensions in the region. focus instead on concrete steps to fulfill international commitments and obligations. united states remains steadfast
9:26 am
in commitment of the defense of its allies including the republic of korea and japan. how serious is this? melissa: we said before weakness is provocative. this is happening across the world. we're seeing our enemies provoke us. jeff kingston, professor of asian studies at temple university says what we're discovering over last 20 years there is not really any combination of sticks and carrots seem to deter theirques. this thing we've tried to be strong and sanctions and reward them doing the right thing, it is not working at all! we're seeing evidence of it. harris: so sticks and carrots. is there anything stronger we can use? >> you know what the lesson is of north korea? when you allow a nation like that to achieve, get a nuclear bomb. what a previous view of negotiations would look like with iran, look at north korea. they said they would never get it. they got it. they're testing ballistic missiles. admiral testified last year they're capable of hitting united states with nuclear
9:27 am
warheads if they want to. they're on their way. you're not just stick and stone thing here. they have ultimate card they're holding. we're limited in a lot of things we can do harris: want to go deeper with you because of your military experience and you have particularly experience in what different people want around the world. what do they want? >> they want to preserve the grip on power they have in north korea. so kim jong-un is willing to kill anyone in his inner circle in order to maintain power. he has got nuclear weapons harris: no one is actively trying to free the north korean people he is fighting within his own tent. >> he has state of paranoia in the police state harris: and the region. >> and the region. 28,000 american military servicemembers in south korea harris: demilitarized zone. >> he is constantly under siege and world is targeting with sanctions. constantly sabre rattling with neighbors. china is not in control as it used to be. it is a mess harris: how much of a tinderbox did we step into
9:28 am
with deal with iran? every time i read one of these stories, we covered this last night on fox news channel, you can't get away from the iran deal, it comes up as litmus, not only because of nuclear capabilities but how we're seen around the world. andrea: no question, harris. you talk about who their enemies are. let's talk about who their friends are. their friends are in tehran. the iran deal that we did telegraphed america just doesn't use soft power, we use almost nonexistent power. we ceded power to countries like iran. they're working in concert. iran tests missile and north korea tests warhead so iran doesn't have to. that's what we're seeing. melissa pointed out the same playbook over and over. sanctions. they behave or a little while. say it is hurting them. we offer relief. they're quiet for a while. they provoke again. rinse, lather and repeat. over and over. their actions have more intensity, more amplification, more impact because of the
9:29 am
leadership vacuum at 1600 pennsylvania avenue harris: how worried, i wonder, are the south koreans? >> admiral hairy harris the commander talked about growing threat of china. north korea is proxy of china. just, these launches are just to distract from the fact that china is taking over the south china sea. that is what it is in answer to your question what you said before, why are they doing this. >> they sure are. china is taking over south china sea. >> they are by proxy china, north korea is harris: south korea has demilitarized zone. quick thoughts on your worries for them. >> existential threat. hard power does matter in the world. we wonder why we stay in certain places. united states military isn't there by accident. we followed through and maintained a prosperous south korea lives with a helloish state to its north. decisions matter. andrea: barack obama said there
9:30 am
were no quote, existential threats to the united states. >> oh, no. harris: north korea, iran, russia, china, reminders as much as we hear about terrorism and cyber war, the threat of conventional large-scale war, are we ready for it, according to army chief of staff and house armed services committee this week, general mark milley gave a stark assessment of our capabilities should we get drawn into a war against world powers saying he has grave concerns about lack of resources and training. keep in mind the general's warning comes as the size of the u.s. army is shrinking. here is some of his testimony. >> we are uncertain, and i can't tell you or anyone else, that our nation won't be in other conflicts next week, next month, next year or the year after that. none of us at this table can do that. we always maintain readiness. readiness is number one priority. readiness of the united states army, all components of the united states army are not at a level that is appropriate for
9:31 am
what the american people would expect to defend them. harris: contracting size of army but military in general from what our brain room has shown me this morning. i did some research on this we're told we won't need conventional warfare. what are your thoughts. >> we're always told. you don't get to pick the ennis fighting in future harris: what about the ones right now? >> you never do. the enemy gets a vote in every case. we want to thing big large-scale conventional war is over. we're always wrong what the future holds. the military is in charge of preparing for any military conflict. we've been in asympathetic wars. some of the skills required to fight conventional war are very different. we have smaller military across the board. quantity does have quality in of itself, i don't like the man who said the quote but it's a true quote. we're behind in modernization. weapons are not what they should be. not investing in future weapon serves.
9:32 am
number of ready brigade combat teams ready to deploy around the world is abysmal. we are not ready to confront the threats the world has harris: i want to ask you about this we know our current president likes to use what we call the tip of the spear. stacy and i were talking about this on the air. there are feet in those boots of special forces. those troops are on the ground. we're reading report they may not have equipment and weaponry they need. we're using them more and more. if we're shrinking size of our army in particular and using those special forces more and more, what does that convey to the enemy? >> we're crushing them with more lawyers and rules of engagement that restrict what they're able to do on the battlefield. it demoralizes our troops. reefly does. levels them -- wondering whether we have their back. this vicious enemy has nuclear weapons and playing for history. melissa: when i hear something like this, somebody up there arguing to expand the budget, they want more money, yes of
9:33 am
course that is part of it. air force secretary debra james making a point that half of her combat forces were not sufficiently ready to fight. money is helpful for readiness, says. freeing up time for the people to go do training equally important harris: we'll break in with breaking news. a raid where they believe they may have cornered one of the suspects they have been looking for after the deadly paris attacks. benjamin hall is live in london. benjamin there is a raid going on right now. i understand it is the second of the day. what do they think they have inside? >> yeah, look this may well be bringing to a conclusion the largest manhunt that europe has seen. for the 8th paris attacker salah abdeslam. he is the one who got away. what we're hearing he is holed up in an apartment in the district of molenbeek, that is in brussels. there are shots fired. rumors of grenades also. we're just hearing perhaps he is wounded and may according to one belgian paper have been caught alive.
9:34 am
this follows a raid on tuesday in which police went on a normal search and interrupted three men in a brussels apartment. there were shots fired. one man killed. salah abdeslam and another man escaped across the roofs. since then there has been massive manhunt underway for him. they seemed to tracked him down to this apartment in brussels. various rumors coming through right now. it does seem maybe this last paris attacker, salah abdeslam may have been caught alive. he is wounded, shots have been fired. there is a massive police operation underway in brussels. helicopters overhead. s.w.a.t. teams are everywhere. we will continue bringing news as we know it. saleh escaped after paris attacks. he was stopped twice and police let him go. there were some cases police had him and lost him. belgian police face ad hard time because of this. they will be grateful indeed if he at least is caught. he is considered very dangerous.
9:35 am
the apartment he pled from tuesday had many weapons and ammunition and isis flags. saleh fought with isis in syria recently as 2014. he could have been anywhere. some thought he went back to his native morocco. some thought he tried to join isis in syria again. no, he was right under the police's noses in brussels where he came from. we were in brussels soon after the attacks. we spoke to friends who said we think he may well stay hire. he has friends who would harbor him. that's what he has done. police operation. two injured, one dead in brussels at the moment. we don't know whether salah abdeslam is one injured or one of the dead. very dramatic scenes coming out of that city right now. this whole conclusion four months ago, 130 people killed in isis terrorist attack in city of lights in paris, now one last remaining gunman, attacker at large, may have been caught an many people may be thinking this
9:36 am
is, day couldn't have come soon enough harris: benjamin. two people hurt. one of them potentially dead. i know authorities want to try to take him alive. he could open up as asset in this investigation so much information about how all of that was put together in paris. that is important for countries around the world to know as we watch because we know that isis, islamic state, anybody who would maybe just carry the banner and just be affiliated with minimum in a loose sense, that they're wanting to do this over and over. they want to replicate what they did in paris. it is kind of a beacon kuhl out there. real quickly you mentioned that suburb of molenbeek and how he might have hung out there. i have been curious all along, benjamin, and i know that you have better resources than we do here, how in the world can a suburb exist like that when us, when we as far as away as we know know there are some radical islammists are there? it is pretty well-documented they're going in and out of that area from syria almost
9:37 am
unchecked? reporter: that's correct. one of the issues paris attacks raised some came from belgium, muslim communities in belgium. integration, radicalization in these areas has been a big problem which seems to be untouched. this brought this to the forefront. people will still be asking how such districts can be allowed in the very center of europe harris: benjamin, let me step in. thank you for taking that question, letting me interrupt you. this is coming in via belgian media. we'll work here at fox news to independently confirmed right now abdeslam has been caught alive. from the two injuries you were reporting moments ago, benjamin, looks like among the two people injured, potentially if one is dead it would not be salah abdeslam. now i will let you finish what you're saying. reporter: that is very big news. not only learning about the attacks in november but stopping more attacks. he was logistics guy.
9:38 am
could shed light on other networks and sleeper cells. medical len beak has been a -- molenbeek has been a big problem in europe. police making mistake after mistake here. they knew where he was from. they knew his friends and neighbors. he was a petty criminal there and so little was done to prevent him. as refugee crisis grows in europe there are the suggestions that isis sent more people to hide among refugees in europe. we don't know where. anyone can be captured alive, any information that can be gained from their detention is great, great sign. that is wonderful news. hopefully more people can be stopped and maybe another tragedy like paris can be averted harris: belgian media, if people are just tuning in. harris. harris: people getting him and losing him. caught alive according to
9:39 am
belgian media right now. what is really interesting about this, pete, with your military background is kind of asset as you heard benjamin talking about. kind of information he could give as logistics guy. >> commence ripping intelligence out of this guy. use them how. >> as you do harris you cut right to the important question. how in in the world do we have communities harboring somebody like this with 130 people's innocent blood on his hand? it is muslim communities in europe that have been radicalized. every inyour gent terrorist need as haven. you need a haven to plan and refit all things you do. belgian city is that for that attack and could be for others. andrea: we were told by the left after "charlie hebdo" and other
9:40 am
instances these neighborhoods did not exist. and they ridiculed people like me who lived in paris and know that they do. we weren't allowed to say those words. remember the zone. forbidden word? right after the paris attacks that we saw last year the associated press confirmed belgian officials said there are neighborhoods, quote, that authorities in belgian law enforcement are not able to permeate. they're not able to infiltrate. harris: or haven't. >> no, they can't. they are specific neighborhoods that you just mentioned where the police can not access them because as pete points out, they are so common deered by muslim immigrants travel back and forth with dual visas and isolates law enforcement. what is more troubling yaw in the united states and europe ignored them at all costs. come back at people who try to say the truth. melissa: four months later you
9:41 am
have them growing door-to-door on a search. benjamin describes it. they went in to talk to three men. there were shots fired. a hand grenade of some sort went off. four months later still in in te same neighborhood. he didn't freel to the another part of the world. harris: they didn't think they needed to. they didn't think they needed to. melissa: same point all this time. harris: the digging we have done on medical len beak, we talked during the commercial -- molenbeek. they had dna in the first apartment they raided where the grenade and everything else was with all the weaponry, molenbeek, it's a suburb, they're calling it now a suburb, okay? you can't paint everybody with the same brush. >> no. harris: the fact of the matter they're able to exist in the suburb unfettered and they feel comfortable flying to and from syria. >> the terminology is mental block. they say suburb. you know how us lamists who are at war with us call it? they see it as base camp.
9:42 am
think it is a base camp which to operate. andrea: that's right. >> that must mean people are in collusion? >> of course they are. in the process getting them from syria, harboring them, equiping them -- harris: or intimidated. >> yes. >> if we know people are in collusion of this terrorist, why are we not going in there? >> you know one of the reasons, donald trump talks about thing in plain speak. they are at war with us. there is a problem in the muslim community they're not confronting radicals. andrea: not just here of the especially in europe. law enforcement has been suppressed in england reporting things like pakistani sex trafficking rings. political correctness in europe should be a lesson we're not learning in the united states because the administration is still committed to bringing in refugees even though they admit they can't properly vet them. this specific suspect had been enable to travel he was on verge of travel austria border to go right no.
9:43 am
>> good ol' open borders,. andrea: open borders in the e.u. that is why someone like trump is resonating. they're neighborhoods that exist outside of brussels and paris. you mentioned it, pete, they are training camps, breeding grounds and protect each other. harris: they are saying that the paris fugitive, abdel slam has been caught -- abdeslam. turkey may do something to send back refugees. that is kind of an umbrella we're talking about. you heard benjamin hall say this is topic of conversation in belgium as well, the refugee situation there. we'll talk more about the news breaking right now in belgium as they go after this asset following the paris attacks four months later. stay close. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing.
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harris: fox news alert.
9:48 am
all eyes on belgium around the right now as they're trying to bring in the 8th suspect after the paris attacks that killed 130 people four months ago. on going investigation and hunt for the man you see here, salah abdeslam. looks like it is possible out of two people injured in a raid taking place just moments ago that the suspect you see here, that coveted asset in this investigation, has been taken alive. that's per belgium media. we're awaiting any kind of confirmation we can get. benjamin hall we want to bring him back from our london bureau to tell us what he is learning from that part of the world. benjamin? reporter: still chaos seems right down center of brussels at the moment. streets shut down. helicopters overhead. heavy, heavy police presence. that is basal law abdeslam got away two days ago. he got away across the rooftops. he got away three times
9:49 am
previously live. of two wounded people in custody he is one of them. bringing to an end one of the largest manhunts in european history and conclusion those paris attacks from november. go back to brussels where he is exactly. yes, big problem is immigration coming in, refugees there. what we see from europe, second generation often. first generation immigrants do come to europe. they come here seeking better life, often lacking identity of their children. the bombers in london, many attackers in paris and a lot of people coming to fight jihad in syria are second generation. what started open arms policy with good intentions can lead to worse. that is what we're seeing in this district of molenbeek. it seems abdeslam was hidden by friends and family, despite biggest policeman hunt. he was able to hide out four four months. tells you about the police presence and their ability is to
9:50 am
get into the area is quite scary. harris: benjamin, not particularly that it is hiding out. i'm curious how a 26-year-old man felt comfortable in a major city in europe to stay there, four months after which you say is one of the largest manhunts in the history of that continent. very clear just to know why we don't talk about it what it is and what is it exactly this area? reporter: based on people how spoke to out there there is such animosity between people that live there and police almost as a war. people in molenbeek praised actions of paris attackers a few days after it happened. there is really sense of disconnect. a sense they don't belong there. that the police and authorities are out to get them. so that feeds on itself. lives there, exists there. they would rather harbor terrorists than turn them into the police. there are family connections there. there are rejudge just connections there. and that is what happened here. luckily came to conclusion.
9:51 am
harris: benjamin, stay with our coverage. we'll be right back. we'll stay on this story. stay close.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
harris: fox news alert. belgium media, confirming but we'll do our own independent reporting on it as well,
9:55 am
abdeslam, theth paris suspect in paris attacks taken alive. raids still taking place. a lot of special forces and other types of presence, authorities presence outside of an apartment building in an area outside of brussels called molenbeek. it is well-known area where some radical islammists feel like they can nest there. he was one of them. four months later felt like he could stay in the neighborhood. islamic state took responsibility for those attacks in paris which many belgium nationals played a key role. he went home basically. many people have been able to travel back and forth from that area via syria. but our reporter benjamin hall, andrea, said some things you want to respond to. andrea: he talked about how this could happen and how a community could exist in the and give him a safe haven? in 1960s, belgium, france, invited workers from colonies,
9:56 am
northern african colonies, algae yaw, come to work. as benjamin accurately mentioned it is not first generation but their kids. who feel they are not respected in this society. they have no jobs and are angry and this is the result. harris: we have to hand this over, this coming in via our catherine herridge, for context of all of this. this will prove very highly valuable intelligence gathering if they can get the suspect's electronics including cell phones and computers. unless they have been heavily encrypted. they want to get their hands on that. pete, glad to have you for your perspective. stacy, so good to see you this week. thanks a lot, melissa. we'll have more coverage on the breaking news after the break on "happening now." have a great weekend.
9:57 am
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>> a fox news alert. media reports out of belgium who say the main fugitive with the paris attack was captured alive. i am jon scott. >> i am heather childers in for jennaly. officials found abdeslam who was captured in a terror raid today. it would signal the end of a massive manhunt after the november attacks that killed 130 people. benjamin has the latest from


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