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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 18, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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in one hour. >> set your dvr so you never miss an else of "the five." see you next week, everybody. bye. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. four months after the terrorist massacre that left 1 three people dead in paris, one of the key suspects has been captured. alive. it comes as concerns mount about wrners joining westerners. either in body or spirit to bring the terror back home. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with an american who says joining isis was a mistake. with the help of the intelligence community was able to bring down the terrorist suspect. we begin with bench nine hall in london and the reaction to today. >> the largest manlt in modern
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european history is tonight. and the paris attack here got away. the eighth man is now in custody. he is wounded but alive. he was tracked down to an apartment in his home district in mozambique in brussels. police shouted at him to come out with his hands out. he didn't and he is dragged out from the house. and he two other men were taken into custody. he was pictured driving back to brussels. he was stopped twice by police the day after the attack but let go. and despite a massive manhunt, the trail went dead. some people suggested he had gone back to syria where he had fought with isis until 2014. others thought he fled to morocco where his family is from. all along he was tunneled noses of the police in brussels. seemingly hidden by accomplices. >> this shows the community is
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providing safe haven for him. they were helping him. moving him from location to location. so a lot of people had to know about his whereabouts over the months. that is going to be where the intelligence should focus. >> on tuesday, belgian and french authorities carried out a raid and were met with fierce resistance. one man was killed and policemen injured. they he is came across the roof tops. his finger tips were found on the glass and he left behind numerous rounds of ammunition. cli cars, hotels rooms, apartments. it is still under clear yes didn't blow himself up that night. a suicide belt was found in a paris apartment in a district that is unclear whether he chose tonight blow himself up or the belt didn't work. tonight he is held by police and he will face justice.
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>> thank you. let's look at how investigators were able to catch one the suspects. kevin harris is here with insight on that. good evening. what happens next? >> this is a very big deal. salah abdeslam is the one who was the planner, did he logistics. he is really the mother lode in terms of intelligence. tonight the french have already requested his extradition and the french as you know, have a very good reputation of being effective interrogators. and the rules are different. if there is a finding by a magistrate for a pre charge detention it could be up to four days. up to six days if there is an imminent threat and no access to a lawyer. so it is a golden opportunity. the foreign fighter problem knows no boundries.
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>> they have the 24 hours before the interrogation with a lawyer. what about his devices? >> the exploitation of the electronics is really considered the most reliable evidence right off the bat. the electronic trail does not lie and really can't be ma anymore-related. is he any social media that may have taken place. >> the big question is whether he was using encryption. we're going to end countter same problem we saw with syed rizwan farook's phone in san bernardino. or whether it was an encryption such as a telegram to hide communications. and it will be out of reach. >> what about ties to syria? >> well, one of the most striking moments was thampbl from the french president. the plot waswide and deep and its roots go back to isis in syria.
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so this was not an isis inspired plot. in his words, it was a plot that was driven and directed to command and control within isis. the targets with western europe. >> all right. thank you. the university of california student who stab ad person last november was inspired by isis but acted alone. 18-year-old feisal mohammed may have been self-radicalized. they found isis propaganda on his lap top and evidence he had visited the webb. he was killed by the campus police officer. originally the lawmaker played down any isis tie. also today, northern virginia man charged with attempting to join isis has pled guilty to a federal terrorism charge. another young man from virginia is trying on explain why he joined isis and then changed his mind. the national security
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correspondent jennifer griffin has the story. >> reporter: 26-year-old mohammed, an american from alexandria, virginia. in an interview, he said he was not thinking straight when he traveled to turkey to join isis last december. he said he had second thoughts once they started teaching him the sharia law and banned him from smoking. >> i didn't really support their ideology. that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> i didn't meet any americans. >> he attended edison high school and grew up not far from the white house. his parents, palestinian who's emigrated to the u.s. 25 years ago still live in virginia.
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his parents say he was not religious and rarely went to the mosque. he surrendered with his american drivers license and $400 in cash near sinjar. >> i want to surrender to them. they are good with americans. >> about 250 americans have traveled to syria and iraq to fight for isis. about two dozen have been killed. more than 36,000 have traveled to iraq and syria. >> at first he denied this was his son. they will allow the defense department to take the lead. they are hoping the defector will be allow to.
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>> tell us who she is and why she made history today. >> that's right. general robinson oversees people in the pacific. today she was named the first female combatant commander. if confirm, she will lead north american command which includes norad, tasked with protecting secretary carter. who ordered all positions open to women. >> live ten pentagon. thank you. that is a positive story for the air force. housing nuclear missiles, they've been suspended from their duties during a drug investigation. senior officials say cocaine may have been infld vo. two years ago a number of launch officers from the missile wing were single to investigations into drugs and cheating on proficiency tests.
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the european leader has outsourced. they said all illegals will be returned starting sunday. more than a million immigrants, migrants, i should say, arrived over the last year. two officials say one of two media range ballistic missiles fired yesterday exploded shortly after launch. the launches are said to be a clear violations. in reason weeks the north has tested missiles and one bomb. the mafs who was on top of the believe. is throwing his support to senator ted cruz.
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mitt romney the three that competing in the marathon. >> looking to bolster his credentials as a candidate tough on illegal immigration, the texas senator ted cruz toured the border. at his side, rick perry and the father of a store clerk in mesa shot to death by a sinaloa drug cartel. the. >> my son grant was killed working at his job. by an illegal green. i trust ted cruz. he believes in our constitution. >> the primary will kick off the 58 delegates. it shows front-runner trump.
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he plans to make mexico pay for the plan. >> i'm not paying for anybody's fantasy. the border is a dafls it is a piece of swiss cheese. we're going to stop people from coming in illegally. >> why donald trump. why he banlts. ahead of the caucus on tuesday that will award 40 delegates. donald trump has dismissed the club as a phony outfit. >> they asked me for a million dollars. i don't even know who they are. right after i told them no, they came out with a negative ad. >> i'm doing the he is hoping for utah. trump and cruz both say they can
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win the nomination outright. they know 16 contests are close and of the 11 closed contests to date, cruz has won six. trump, five. but the remaining contests include several in the north. politicians and special interests not the only ones going after donald trump. the fbi is looking into claims from the hacking group anonym s anonymous. that it has sto his social security and other numbers and put them on line. they've also sent it to eric trump. it contain ad white powder which was not found to be hazardous. >> now to the democrats. publicly president obama is remaining neutral in that race. he reportedly is not so
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circumspect in private. >> senator sanners refuses to concede to hillary clinton. >> we have received more votes from people under 30 than hillary clinton and donald trump combined. >> while secretary clinton is phrasing in east. hosting rallies next week. >> we have received 849 delegates to the democratic this democratic convention. and we have a path toward victory that goes right through idaho. >> in an interview with the associated press, sanders claim his campaign can perform well in new york, pennsylvania, california and others. he continues criticizing clinton
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for her generous wall street speaking fees. and even her attendance at donald trump's wedding. the fbi continues. sanders has secured the white male vote. clinton lost white men in each of tuesday's five primaries. many states that i double district. >> i think if she's the nominee, she will get a lot of. perhaps an indication president obama is finally choosing between clinton and sanders. the president told donors last week, the presidential race is approaching the point where democrats should soon coalesce around hillary clinton. this is according to the new york times. the white house denied while short of a public endorsement,
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he denounce his record. >> we have skol yard. attack trump. up next, flint michigan is not the only 60 concerned about lead in its water. we'll take you to another. first, fox 4 in dallas ft. worth with a major hail storm thursday causing power outages and havoc on the row. several birds were killed including flamingo, ducks the judge revoked bail for owen after he about 5:00 p.m. curfew
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several time. this is a live look at new york as the sun sets. one of the big stories, a ban on while walking. a new jersey assembly woman wants it treated like jay walking. she is suggesting a fine and up to 15 days in jail for walking. look like this.
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the water crisis in flint, michigan, is having effects nationwide. new jersey's largest school district started testing student for lead contamination yesterday. and residents of chicago have file a class action lawsuit against the city over concerns about its water. correspondent matt finn reports tonight. >> if you're like most americans, you take it as a given that your water is safe. however, a leading lead contamination experts who has become a key player in the flint water crisis warned that in places like chicago, folks might also be toxic water. >> we're actively encouraging people to drink this water. so i just didn't, i never
3:21 pm
understood that. >> chicago especially worrisome. nearly 80% of homes are connected to lead i'm thatting. according to expert, damaged lead pipes could release the toxic metal into the water supply. >> living in chicago that's a bigger city. i put a lot of trust into our system into never thinking this could happen here. >> the city of chicago insists its water is clean. saying the city's pipes are coated to prevent the lead from leaching. they said it is safe and pure, exceeding all standards set by the u.s. environmental protection agency, the illinois epa and the water industry. however, some lead is leaking into chicago's water. mark edwards says the water department is not forthright about the potential lead contamination. >> the only people who can't seem to final it are the people paid to do it. >> it is a murky situation that leaves people, especially those with children, worried.
3:22 pm
>> i've been trusting our water, letting her play in it. >> anything of the level of flint michigan. the epa said people worried about their water quality could ask the water provider for a free test and there are over the counter filthers that claim to remove all total lead. >> thanks. one of the weapons in the fast and furious scheme was used in a shoot-out that resulted in the deaths of three mexican police officers. the justice department summary said the rifle was one of three found at the seasonable of the late july assault. wednesday the u.s. government confirmed a fox report from january. another fast and furious rifle was found at the hideout of recently recapture drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman. the obama administration said it is stepping up efforts to find graens who were part of the
3:23 pm
surge of border crossings by unaccompanied children and families. since october, more than 800 immigrant who's arrived at children. some have been sent home. 10,000 have been ordered out of the country. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have denounced the recent arrests. president obama is preparing for his visit to cuba single. as with anything he does, there is considerable skepticism and criticism about his ongoing effort to make friends with an old enemy. >> from the historic hand shake, this is the moment the obama white house has long hoped for. a neighbor seemingly miles apart but only 90 miles. >> it will be powerful for the president of the united states to land air force one in havana
3:24 pm
and get off the plane and spend a couple of days meeting with leaders of the cuban government, speaking to the cuban people. >> experts warn the first. >> a single party dictatorship is very much likely to continue now after they are no longer on the scene. >> he says the trip merely row imagine sizes the island without shining a spotlight on the injustice that's remain. >> millions of europeans, canadians, at yinl americans, have visited cuba over the last several years and made investments. it has become more oppressive. we've signed a terrible weak and terrible iran deal and that was the capitulation to the
3:25 pm
iranian regime. the same thing going on with cuba. >> white house officials say it should produce plenty of deliverables, including more trade and tourism and by proxy, the human people. conversely they say don't expect any changes concerning the prison in guantanamo bay. there will be no handover. while the president wants the embargo the end. what's less certain is what impact the president's victim will have on the daily lives of the cuban people who will have to when i have the consequences long after air force one has departed and mr. obama has left the white house for good. >> the white house has announced the president will meet with disdenlts while he is on the island. the specific names have not been released. we'll have live coverage right here on fox news channel.
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>> president obama is longing for a raise, of course. he is asking for an 18% everybody increase with the support. he is obligated to proceed a pension and secret service. stocks were up today. the nasdaq picked up 21. for the week, the dow finished ahead 2.6. the nasdaq was up 1. the strange ritual of political endorsements. some of the more unusual this when we come back. pet moments are beautiful,
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in a campaign season full of firsts, most concerning the wild republican presidential race, we're getting some very unusual items in the endorsement department. tonight, howard kurtz has some examples. >> in the theater known as endorsements, they mostly take it for granted. those normally who despise each other are willing to embrace. >> ted cruz after once talking about a violent fantasy. >> if you killed ted cruz on the floor of the senate, and the trial was in the senate, nobody could convict you. >> and graham was equally deadly on the two gop front-runners. >> if you're a republican and your choice is donald trump or ted cruz in a general election, the difference between poison or shot, you're still dead. >> christie kroif spent part of
3:32 pm
his campaign. >> i don't think he's suitable to be president of the united states. >> only to wind up looking rather awkward at a trump news conference. and later, sounding a tad defensive. >> i wasn't being held hostage. i was not angry. >> ben carson likened him to a child molester. >> he said that he's pathological and he has pathological disease. >> the doctor hasn't xagly frail his endorsement with precision. >> even as if he turns out to be not such a great president. i don't think that will be the case. i think he'll surrender himself with great people. but it is only four years. >> and he was stumped to name one of his accomplishments. >> if you look at a year where nothing got done, i guess it is
3:33 pm
hard to say. >> such as when he accused him . >> the presidential campaigns head west. we will set the stage and it is friday. we'll visit the candidate casino. the medical bills all piled up. so i signed up for experian. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today. frustrated with your overactive can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking,
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i cannot vote for a person who has been as degrading and disruptive and unhinged as i've seen donald trump. i'll either vote for a conservative who runs or i'll write in a name of a conservative. >> the mystery of why people support candidates.
3:38 pm
>> why didn't they realize months ago the only home was ted cruz? >> romney made some news. he said he's voting for senator ted cruz. saying i'll vote for senator ted cruz. i'll urge others to do so as well so we can have an open nomination. it makes it extremely likely that trumpism will prevail. this is good for me. he is a mixed up man who doesn't have a clue. no wouldn't he lost. it also didn't go over well with john kasich. >> the fact is the establishment has gotten it wrong the entire primary. john kasich is in the best
3:39 pm
position to stop donald trump. so we set the table. let's bring in our panel. the national editor, and charlie krauthammer. >> it just seems as if every endorsement brings with it more trouble than anything else. utah is a very important place. when we're talking about the trump train, it is still going down the tracks. it is on its way. for the first time ever on our tracker, we have said donald trump is not quite at 100% of the where he needs to be to hit 1237. he is at 97%. one thing that could stop him. at least be a big bump would be utah. if you get 50% of the vote which cruz is better positioned than
3:40 pm
john kasich. 50% of the vote, you get all the delegates. would it stop any trump delegate. split the vote? then the delegates go. >> and taking a look at the delegate count. cruz, 413, came, 143. as you look at the map coming up. ary air is 58 delegates. winner take all. utah, 40 delegates. throws some big western states. >> yeah. going back to what mitt romney was saying, you know what else is a vote for hillary clinton? writing in somebody in november. that's a vote for hillary as well. obviously, it looks increasingly lying it will be donald trump. whoever it is they have a lot of work to do. >> if donald trump has the highest, far and away the
3:41 pm
highest number going into the convention, then it is hard to argue that he isn't in the best position to be the person to try to unify the party. you're going to have to come one the argument on why you take it away. >> ted cruz meantime in arizona. and talking because it is very important there. >> immigration. >> we are so grateful for the law enforcement all along our southern border that face the day to day threat of drug cartels coming across. of transnational criminal organizations that are terrorizing communities. president obama tells us, the border is secure. well, i invite him to move the white house down to the southern border. let's see how secure it is. >> and that was along the southern border in arizona.
3:42 pm
it seems donald trump is position will well there. >> he is the only one who can. the fight between the establishment, any establishment, is over. any establishment, he's won in the form of cruz and trump. now the question is which of the two will it be? it won't be kasich to the third in line. >> so what is he thinking? >> i don't know. it is delusional or grand yoss. one or the other. or perhaps he does well in his area and denies trump sweeping successes in those states. so that it keeps the trump number down. in that case he should be staying out of states where cruz has the only chance of prevailing. meaning utah, arizona, et cetera. otherwise he is a spoiler.
3:43 pm
we are down to two candidates. it is an hard choice. they are both ant-establishment. if they end up in cleveland reasonably close to each other. i think either has a claim to legitimacy. if it is a huge spread, that's a different story. it is a race until cruz is knocked out. as of now, he is not. >> you were going to say about kasich. >> the only other thing i can think of, he come in as the only person who hand been totally bloodied in this process. i think that he didn't show up for a debate this week is that he doesn't want to get in a fight with ted cruz. he doesn't want to make this about anything other than -- >> that was the lynchpin.
3:44 pm
when kasich said he wouldn't go if trump didn't go, it was just ted cruz. we offered him a town hall. he said no, too. monday we'll have senator cruz and governor kasich here on "special report." meantime it is friday. that usually means a trip down to candidate casino. everyone of the panelists who has been on candidate casino has experienced this. this is a lookback. >> i put walker at 30. rubio is my sleeper d.a. has been for some time. i put $25 on him. i did not put trump in my top. did i move cave kasich and i also put ted cruz in there who i think is coalescing that more conservative teem vote. i think as trump starts to lose steam which i think will happen, cruz becomes the beneficiary. this is where i think the race
3:45 pm
will be not where it is currently today. i think cruz right now has a better path there. i also have more money in my alcohol fund. >> there you go. he have the looks. >> at least i had one person in there who is still in. it is not as brutal as i thought it would be. still a little painful myself stomach hurts a little watching that. i did for the first time ever, i do have more money on donald trump than anybody else. i have him at $40. cruz though, i agree. i think this does ultimately come down to two of them. $15. whatever else could possibly happen here, it could be my liquor did go up. >> i've got 75 on trump. he has pretty well made it impossible. the only question now is does he pass the club 37? he is going in ahead of everybody else no matter what.
3:46 pm
>> we have a lot of social medias that are 100 trump. >> you are underselling donald trump. the man is at $80 right now. cruz is at 10. he is the only guy who can compete. i think best 8-1 but necessary there. and then i gave up. i tried. i tried prozac for two weeks. no effect. now i'm at opioids. oh, dear. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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we're probably in a good bit of trouble. he was uniquely qualified to do something in the middle east and really change things.
3:51 pm
and he only made things worse. trade embargo lifted as well. this is one place where he can actually get a win on foreign policy. >> charles? >> he is looking for legacy. his legacy is going to be that he left cuba, iran, and russia much more strengthened than when he came into office. that's going to be his legacy. >> now the flint, michigan story. and we had capitol hill testimony, obviously. but it is expanding to other cities around the country, take a listen to capitol hill. >> you need to take some responsibility because you screwed up, and you messed up 100,000 people's lives. >> in our guidance, we never thought that anybody would go from a treated system to
3:52 pm
an untreated system and not treat it. >> it is very ironic that michigan's slogan was pure not the case. >> not a day or night goes by that this tragedy doesn't weigh on my mind. that's why i'm so committed to delivering permanent, long-term solutions and clean safe drinking water that every michigan citizen deserves. >> a lot of blame to go around, but the impact of all of this. >> look, the government doesn't have a lot of functions for the national government, it's national security. for local government, it's the water. it's the roads, it's the sewer systems. what government has done over the last 60 years expanded activities, all kinds of various ways where it shouldn't be, this is an example of what happens when you do that, the basic functions are screwed up. neglected, and they really hurt people. >>the other thing thank that i think is very interesting and understandably so about the government you have two very different people in front of committee.
3:53 pm
you have one outsider saying, the governor, he was elected as one tough nerd, committed businessman that can treat government like a business, that obviously didn't work so well and then you have the e.p.a. on the other side, more traditional federal world, that also didn't work so well. so neither side can claim that being an outsider and insider is the way to fix government. >> totally to blame both parties for. this and it's just like the mess on the border. as charles is saying, it's the simplest, most basic function and they screw it up and that's how you wind up with donald trump. >> very quickly, likely winner and loser? >> my winner is trump just because he has put away the possibility of anybody else getting to 1237. added at&t advantage of keeping kasich in the race to sort of screw up cruz. my loser is john f. kennedy pause obama is doing the -- perhaps the palm larr thing but just completely turning his legacy on its ear in cuba. >> my winner hillary clinton
3:54 pm
for the same reason you picked donald trump which is she put the race away this week all across the board. loser wonderful d.c. metro. if you want to talk about things breaking down and it's only going to get worse, i fear, for our future here in d.c. >> iran, launched blah b.a.istic missiles, russians protecting them there will be no snap-back solutions. ' paper and nature shows that plants adapt to warmer temperatures boy releasing five times less cot than thought. this gives lie to the idiotic idea that climate change is a settled science. >> all right. i just have one loser and that's half of my staff for their bracket. phil vogel's bracket in the ncaa tournament, it is horrific. and he picked michigan state
3:55 pm
to go all the way and a lot of them and it's really sad here. anyway, that's it. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for your friday feedback. accomplish why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. now it's time for friday feedback. virginia man who joined and left isis, we asked what should be done with him. sharon says use him to combat isis recruitment. charlene writes prison, he broke the law by joining isis there has to be punishment for his actions.
3:59 pm
in our stories about worries over lead in chicago's water, we asked if you are concerned about your water. lori in kansas says given what we know and what we are hearing now, you would have to be crazy not to be concerned can we trust our officials to tell us the truth? job says no, our city water tested daily and meets all standards. steve in new york says maybe i should be, clearly can't trust the government to be responsible about this life-safety issue. and then the piece about political endorsements, we asked if they matter to you. from paul i don't believe endorsements mean anything to the people. this election year it's pretty clear people are making up their own minds. and margaret says endorsements only confirm my own decision to either vote or not vote. and that is your friday feedback. thanks for writing in. we have a great show for you monday. senator ted cruz and governor john kasich both of them here on "special report." we have a lot of questions. thanks for inviting us into
4:00 pm
your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. there are four late-breaking stories. first, donald trump's son has been threatened, eric trump and his wife receiving threatening letter with white powder. "on the record" taking you inside that investigation. and also as donald trump hacked? the secret service is on that right. >> now the group anonymous claiming says it has infiltrated trump computer systems. plus tonight, a trump supporters under attack. several new videos and pictures coming out. you will see them all straight ahead. right now governor mitt romney announces who he is voting for in the utah caucus and, guess what? donald trump doesn't like it. and donald trump has something to say about it. but let's start with where governor romney's vote is going. the news is in, he will vote