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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 18, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the protest goes on and so does mr. trump. he has appeared now and will give his remarks. we're going to go off on the weekend. we'll see you on monday. have a great one. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." we're coming to you live from phoenix, arizona. wow. for the entire hour, we'll be joined by republican presidential candidate texas senator ted cruz. we obviously have a large audience watching the program tonight. they are here for an event put together by the super pac keep the promise. we have a lot to cover in the next 60 minutes. voters in arizona head to the polls on tuesday to pick who they want to be their party's nominee. you ready to get things started? joining me now, 2016 republican presidential candidate texas
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senator ted cruz. [ applause ] wow, this -- what a welcome, senator. >> thank you, sean. i've got to say, i love the great state of arizona. [ applause ] >> all right. i have been saying to you for a while that this is a two-man race. you agree with me. donald trump agrees with you and me. why is john kasich still in this race and what are your thoughts about it? [ crowd boos ] >> look, there's no good reason. when you go 1 for 27 -- >> that's a good point. >> and at this point, it is clearly the voters have decided it is a two-man race, it is between me and donald trump. we are the only two candidates with any plausible path to win the nomination. at this point, kasich's role is
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essentially as a spoiler. a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> i interviewed governor kasich, and in fairness here and openness, i've known him for 25 years. okay, i heard you. i've known him for 25 years. but he has no mathematical chance to get to 1237 delegates. donald trump does and you obviously do. so the question -- he said to me, well, sean, it's going to be excited if we have a big fight at the convention and i don't think that's going to be exciting. i would suspect if it goes to the convention floor, it's to either rob you or donald trump who gets the most votes and delegates. am i right? >> you're exactly right. what you're mentioning is the nutty, fevered dream of the washington establishment, that they want to see a brokered convention where the convention is deadlocked, and suddenly they
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parachute in some establishment choice who didn't even run, but is the force to save republicans from the pesky voters. that ain't going to happen, and if they tried it, you would see an absolute revolt, and quite rightly. >> senator, i'm going to be honest with you, if they try that, i'm walking out -- are you all walking out with me? >> yeah! >> it's not going to happen. there are one of two scenarios that's going to happen. number one, we have a very direct path to 1237 delegates, to winning the nomination outright, and that's what we are campaigning hard to do. [ applause ] if you want to beat donald trump, and listen, i agree with the 65 to 70% of republicans who say if donald trump is our nominee, it's a disaster that trump loses to hillary and we lose the whole country.
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but if you want to beat donald trump, the way to do it is beat donald at the ballot box and we have done over and over and over again in nine states all over the country. >> so this is really important. let me go through the scenarios. if you go to cleveland and you have more votes and more delegates or donald has more votes and more delegates, and they try to steal it from either one of you, both of you united -- i know this is an odd question, but the two of you can stop any of the baloney. >> of course. so there are two scenarios that are likely. one, that we win 1237 delegates before the convention and wrap it up. [ applause ] now, there's a second scenario that is possible, which is going in at a convention, neither donald trump nor i have 1237 delegates, that we both come in with a ton of delegates, but short of 1237. now, in that case, you don't
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have a brokered convention, we have a contested convention, what we saw in '76 with ford and reagan. and there the delegates decide and they decide between me and donald trump. that's actually democracy. it's the elected delegates voting and following the rules. i'm willing to live by those outcomes. but by the way, the washington establishment folks that are hoping for kasich, part of their plan, the only way -- kasich is not even eligible to have his name put into nomination. you have to have won eight states to be eligible. so their plan is the week before the convention, have the republican big wigs change the rules -- >> boo! >> and that doesn't make any sense. we need to trust the voters, and i trust the voters, and that's why our plan is to beat trump at the ballot box. >> all right. let me ask this question, and i think it's important. at the end of the day, i don't
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know if you read social media like i do. do you all read social media. it's really ugly right now, because at the end of the day the real battle is going to be for the white house. the real battle is do we want another term of obama, which hillary promises? >> no! >> so my question is, are you confident -- i know it's very testy and tight between you and trump. it's the nature of politics unfortunately. it's a blood sport. but at the end of the day, are you confident, senator, there will be one nominee and a united party that will stand together to defeat her, whoever it happens to be? >> you know, sean, i am confident, although i will say the only way for that to happen, what we are working to do every day is unite and bring together republicans. and some of the way you see unity, it depends on how you campaign. if you campaign engaging in
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constant insults and attack, if you just yell and curse and belittle others with personal attacks, that makes it hard for the party to unite. it's the read why on those debate stages, when we've seen candidates yelling and insulting each other, i don't get into that mess. i keep my focus and if they insult me, i don't respond in kind. i keep my focus on substance and policy. that's one of the reasons why so many republicans are uniting behind our campaign. >> the math is really -- i'm not sure if this is the best way to pick a candidate in the end. you have one rule in one state, another rule in another state. it just so happens arizona is a winner take all state. here are the numbers. you have 423 delegates, trump
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678. john kasich, 143. you need 78% of remaining delegates. can you get that number outright? because you're saying you can, and how do you get it? >> let me walk through the math. let's start with trump. if trump continues to get delegates at the same rate he has so far, he doesn't get to 1237. he needs 54% of the delegates to get the nomination. so far he's only won 47% of the delegates. so he's got to do better than he has. and the problem for donald, every time a candidate drops out he does worse. marco rubio dropped out this week. marco is a good, talented, inspirational person. he's got millions who he inspired. and that's a real problem for donald, because the overwhelming majority of those rubio supporters are supporting us. [ applause ] so we keep getting stronger and stronger.
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now, you're right. for me to win 1237 delegates, i've got to win 78% of the remaining delegates. that sounds like a high bar. but you have to remember the delegate allocation rules, which is if we beat donald going ahead by even a small margin, if we beat him in the overall vote, we get north of 80% of the delegates. so that's the path to winning is going and winning over and over again. for example, we have arizona and utah both voting on the 22nd. [ applause ] now, utah, we have a big, big lead. we're going to have a very good night in utah. [ applause ] arizona is much tighter. donald did well in early voting in arizona. we're surging now. our numbers are going up and up and up. [ applause ] and arizona, it's all going to
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come down to turnout, if enough people come out on election day to counterbalance the early voting numbers, we can do very well. two weeks later, the state of wisconsin, we are poised to have a terrific night in the state of wisconsin. >> let me ask this. it is kind of amusing. maybe it's not amusing. i noticed that lindsey graham gave you a half hearted endorsement. but this is the guy that said if anyone ever shot ted cruz on the senate floor, they couldn't be convicted if the trial was in the senate. he also went on to say other not so nice things. john mccain called you a whacko. here's what i want to know. why haven't these people stood up and fulfilled the promises that they made to repeal and replace obamacare? why did they not fulfill the
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promise of 2014 that would stop executive action on immigration? why do they not seem to understand what's going on in this election cycle? they seem mystified, oh, the people aren't listening to us anymore. >> sean, that's why i'm here in arizona, and not on the senate floor. [ applause ] listen, people across this country are frustrated out of their minds. we're frustrated and angry because politicians keep lying to us. in both parties, they make promises and then they go to washington and they do the exact opposite of what they promise. and that rage i understand. there are millions of us who feel betrayed because we have been betrayed. >> i feel betrayed. do you feel betrayed? [ applause ] >> and i think the reason why our campaign is seeing so much enthusiasm from the grassroots,
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so much passion, is if you're looking for someone to stand up to washington, the natural first question is, okay, who has stood up to washington? [ applause ] who's taking on not just democrats but leaders of their own party? and i will say, listen, donald trump did a masterful job of tapping into that anger. and i get it. you're ticked off at washington. donald is an angry, screaming, yelling, cursing voice. that feels like a natural vessel for that anger. but if you're upset at the corruption of washington, you don't solve that by supporting donald trump, who has been immeshed in the washington corruption for 40 years. >> i'll tell you what i want to do. before you came out, senator, i had an opportunity to talk to the crowd. we have -- >> we love you. >> i love you, too. we have 95 million of our fellow citizens out of the labor force.
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50 million americans in poverty. 46 million on food stamps and you see girls like this adore able little girl on her daddy's shoulders over there. when we come back, i want to talk about your plan to solve the nation's problems. we'll take a break. we'll come back. we'll continue. it's "hannity" we're on the road in phoenix, arizona. thanks for being with us. your credit is in pretty good shape. chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score.
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welcome back.
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we're in phoenix, arizona, as we are joined on the campaign trail. hannity on the road with senator ted cruz for the entire hour. senator, the state of arizona knows probably as well as any other -- [ chanting ] -- probably knows as much as anybody es, maybe california and texas, i've been to the border at least ten times, all the way from the rio grand to san diego, i've been to drug warehouses, i've seen gang members arrested. i've been on horseback, helicopter, all-terrain vehicles and votes. we're paying on our criminal justice system, our educational system, and our health care system. how do we stop this and what do we do with the 11 million people here illegally? >> well, sean, you're right. with our immigration system right now, the federal government is doing a horrible
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job of securing the border. it's utterly failing. i started the day today down in douglas, arizona on the border, touring the border. i've got to tell you, the border fence, what little fence there is, is so delappidated. my 5-year-old catherine could climb that fence in three seconds flat. so we were there with a bunch of reporters, we're down on the border. the reporters decided -- the camera shot isn't good enough here, so the reporters jumped over the fence from mexico to get a better camera shot. so they literally crossed illegally into mexico and they just jumped right on over it. and it is an absolute travesty. i met with ranchers down on the border who describe one woman as a rancher there described how apparently one of the drug coyotes had been monitoring her and watching her.
7:18 pm
and she hides the key somewhere outside and he found the key and she, three different times has come home, and he's let himself into her place. he's showered, made himself a meal, he's slept, washed the dishes, and then locked the door and left. >> is this like the three little bears? >> it is. the ranchers don't look the doors, because every day they face the threat of somebody breaking down. the border patrol is not on the border. they're pulled into the superior 35 or 50 miles north and they're not securing the border. we know how to solve this. when the media says we can't solve it, they're not telling the truth. what is missing is the political will. barack obama and the democrats support illegal immigration. [ applause ] >> you're 100% right. the democratic party looks at a
7:19 pm
new voting base for them. but also the republicans haven't built a fence either. they want cheap labor. >> it's both parties or fail. democrats, there's a new politically correct term for illegal aliens. it's called undocumented democrats. [ laughter ] and they just view it as, we want more votes, let people in illegally. but republicans are almost as bad. republicans, far too many of them, are in bed with wall street and the special interests and big business, all of whom look at illegal immigration as cheap labor. so you have both parties failing. >> how fast could you build the fence and totally secure the border? >> we will start on day one. the very first day in office, i will rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action barack obama has done. [ applause ] so that is day one.
7:20 pm
going forward from there, we're going to build a wall, we're going to triple the border patrol, increase fourfold the fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft to monitor incushions. we're going to end sanctuary cities by cutting off federal money. if you ore a sanctuary city, you no longer get any taxpayer dollars. we're going to put in place a strong e-verify so you cannot get a job without proving you're here legally. we'll put in place a strong biometric exit/entry system for visas and end welfare benefits for those here illegally. >> last question on this topic. big controversy about what do you do with the people that are here that didn't respect our laws and sovereignty, what do we do with them? >> you enforce the laws, and what the laws provide is if you're here illegally, you're deported. if we crossed over into mexico, they would send us back.
7:21 pm
that's what sovereign nations do. >> somebody from nicaragua, they go into mexico, they're put in jail and sent back immediately and mexico lectures the united states. >> every nation on earth enforces their immigration laws and they expect america not to do that. we welcome legal immigrants, those who wait in line and follow the law. but this is a national security crisis. it's a law enforcement crisis. let me mention, donald trump has made immigration central to his campaign. and yet, donald trump, for four years, has been funding open border democrats. the gang of eight, the gang of eight amnesty group, donald trump founded the gang of eight. he gave over $50,000 to five members of the gang of eight. and so he talks about immigration a lot. but listen, anyone who has funded open border democrats for 40 years doesn't get to suddenly say they're going to secure the
7:22 pm
boarders. the amazing thing is, it was publicly reported a couple of months ago donald trump met with the editorial board of the new york times and he said, everything i said on immigration i don't believe it. i'm not going to build a wall, we're not going to deport people. now, there's a tape of that meeting. and donald trump refuses to release the tape. and i've got to say to the voters, if you're fed up at politicians lying to you, if you're tired of being betrayed, donald trump is telling us, and telling the "new york times" he's lying to us. the difference is, as president, i will secure the border and we will end illegal immigration. >> we're with senator ted cruz in phoenix, arizona. stay right there. a lot more to come. and a few special surprise guests straight ahead. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr,
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welcome back, as we continue with senator ted cruz. senator, i had a chance to talk to this great audience. and one of the things i said, it's so sad to me that so many americans out of work, in poverty, on food stamps, and we have doubled our debt. how quickly, if you became the president of the united states, can you fix these problems, get people to work, out of poverty, stop this record spending, and deficit spending, how do you do that? >> we can start solving that immediately. that is my number one priority is bringing back jobs in economic growth. we've seen for seven years the disaster of the obama-clinton economy. we have the lowest percentage of americans working of any year since 1977 and wages have
7:26 pm
stagnated. i'll tell you, the reason i'm campaigning, the people i'm fighting for are the single moms working two and three part-time jobs who have had their hours forcibly reduced to 28 hours a week because obamacare kicks in at 30 hours a week. i'm fighting for the truck drivers and the mechanics, the union members, the men and women with callouss on their hands who have seen their wages stagnate. >> median income is down thousands for the average american family. >> young people coming out of school with student loans up to their eyeballs and scared, am i going to get a job? what does the future hold for me. that's what this election about. right now people across this country recognize that the obama-clinton economy is a disaster. it's easy to do what donald trump does, which is yell about it.
7:27 pm
but you've got to actually have solutions to fix it. i'll give you an example. if your car is sitting in the driveway and it won't run, you don't want to bring in a guy that's standing in the driveway yelling and cursing at the automobile. you want someone to lift the hood and fix the engine. and the key -- >> but that's what i'm asking. for example, there's corporate inversion, trillions of dollars oversea, but high taxes prevents companies have bringing jobs back. we have more energy than the entire middle east combined and we're so stupid that we don't tap into that resource and get >> the heart of the economy is small business. 2/3 of all new jobs in america come from small businesses. if you want to have the economy take off, you've got to take the boot of the federal government
7:28 pm
off the back of the necks of small business. >> regulators. >> tax reform, regulatory reform. >> and you support a flat tax. >> if i'm elected president, we will repeal every single word of obamacare. [ applause ] it's the biggest job killer in america and hammering small businesses and will pass common sense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable. >> reagan in eight years created 21 million new jobs, he doubled the revenues to the federal government. it was the longest period of peacetime record growth. >> let's take african-americans. under african-americans, median income in african-american families has dropped under $500
7:29 pm
a year. do you know what happened under ronald reagan? it rose over $5,000 a year. you want to talk about changing the lives of those who are struggling, and you do it through regulatory reform, repealing obamacare, reigning in the epa, pulling back the federal regulators that are killing small businesses. and then tax reform passing a simple flat tax and abolishing the irs. [ applause ] >> we've got to take a break. we're in phoenix, arizona. we have 201 republican presidential candidate ted cruz for the hour. when we come back, we have a few surprise guests and much more. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax
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welcome back to "hannity." we're in beautiful phoenix, arizona. and we continue with republican presidential candidate ted cruz. we have carly fiorina with us. [ applause ] this man is the former governor of the great state of texas. this was a great story. if they didn't create a million jobs in texas the first four years of presidency for president obama would have been negative job growth. rick perry, good to see you. carly, i had an opportunity to see you a week ago. the campaign is changing every day. you're out on the road with senator cruz. how do you feel?
7:36 pm
>> i feel good. i feel like republicans are starting to understand what's at stake here. yeah, you know what's at stake here! you know, i'm not saying this, but there are signs up here that says dump trump, choose cruz. kind of a good slogan. see, we actually need to put a koconstitutional conservative i the white house. the reason that's so important, sometimes people think the constitution is some old relic. you know what the constitution is about? the constitution is not just about protecting our individual rights and liberties, it's also about preventing the concentration and the abuse of power. we have too much power, too much power concentrated in the hands of too few, too much economic power, to much political power. this is a man who will challenge that system and restore a citizen government. only ted can do that.
7:37 pm
because guess what? donald trump is the system. he's going to preserve the system. >> i've got to give you a lot of credit, because look, i got to know all 17 of you in the course of this process. and i was amazed how well you prosecuted the case against hillary, extraordinarily effective. [ applause ] and you're going to be a powerful voice in this campaign. governor, we've been friends a long time. good to see you. we were down at the border together, and i sat through an intelligence briefing that barack obama was supposed to do to with you. and in eight years, you and i heard that 642,000 crimes were committed against texans because of illegal immigration. wow! >> what we saw today, we were down on the southern border of arizona with mexico, and i knew a little bit about this border issue. for 14 plus years, had a 1400
7:38 pm
mile border between texas and mexico. and we know how to secure that border. the fact is, you can't give it lip service. what we heard out of donald trump, we're going to build a big wall, it's going to be 30 feet, 40 foot, make it 45. he sounds like an auctioneer. the fact is, we're going the secure the border, but there's only one person that is consistent and the constitutional belief that it is the federal government's responsibility to do that. i want to reflect about this constitutional issue and why ted cruz intellectually and spiritually in his soul knows this constitution so well. he's been spoon two checklists in his life, the bible and the united states constitution. and that's what i want in the white house.
7:39 pm
>> governor, let me ask you both a question. there is a huge divide that kind of frightens me a little been within the republican party now. i want to know from both of your perspectives, and if the divide continues, i would argue that hillary becomes the president. that would be a third obama term. [ crowd booing ] you are two very strong, powerful voices in the conservative movement today. are you both confident that at the end of the day, when the fight is over, and the battle is done and battle both of you were involved in for a time, that this party comes together, unites, and unites with a purpose of defeating hillary clinton. >> you know, first of all ted cruz can and will unite this party. [ applause ] and you see it happening now. you see more and more people
7:40 pm
coming over saying yes, ted cruz is going to help us take our party back, as well as our country back. but i want to reflect on something. it's interesting to me that donald trump wins in open primaries. when democrats and independents comes over and votes, i thought it was republican's job to pick our nominee. so conservatives, republicans of arizona, pick a nominee who will unify this party and restore constitutional principles to the white house! >> carly, you're spot-on. we're at a time between now and i would say the next 45 days of which this campaign is going to be decided. and so, i'm very comfortable that the people of arizona are going to do what you need to do, because this is a winner take all state. the work that you're going to do
7:41 pm
between now and that primary day tuesday is going to make the difference. california, california is going to be a winner take all state. i'll suggest to you it may come down to just california. and if it does, i'm very comfortable that we're not going to have a contested primary, that we're going to win this thing straight up with 1237 of those votes and then all of those people, all of those people that want to see this country headed back into a powerful economic position, militarily, spiritually, morally, they know that ted cruz is the one individual that can take america back to greatness again. >> let me ask you this, are you worried that the establishment is pushing -- like john kasich is in the race, but he mathematically has no chance. [ crowd booing ] are you worried -- john kasich told me, he said it would be
7:42 pm
exciting. do you suspect, as politico pointed out today in an article, that the establishment has plans to take the winner and put them aside and put a "consensus candidate" and usurp and disenfranchise the voters? i really believe that talk is going on. >> you know, let's just review. the establishment has gotten over wrong over and over and over again. after 2012, their analysis of the situation, the establishment that is, is that we needed comprehensive immigration reform, we needed to stop talking about social issues, and we needed not to rock the boat quite so much. but guess what? all of you, all of us said, actually, we have to secure the border. actually, we have to stand up even more for life and religious liberty. and yes, ma'am, let's rock the boat, which is exactly what ted cruz did! [ applause ] >> governor?
7:43 pm
>> many of you know that i spent time as a pilot in the united states air force -- [ applause ] -- as the governor of the state of texas, i was the commander in chief of the texas national guard, of our texas military forces. i have a real passion for our veterans. we have a group called keep the promise to vets. and that's where i spend a lot of my time and my focus. and when -- and i can't tell you how important it is to our men and women in uniform to have a commander in chief in the oval office that respects the constitution and the laws of this country. [ applause ] when donald trump made the statement on the debate stage that he was willing to go well outside the bounds of what those
7:44 pm
who look at the geneva convention and talk about that he would use acts of torture against individuals on islamic terrorists, and the fact is, every man and woman in the military shivered when they heard the next thing out of his mouth, when he said, those people in the military will follow me, because i'm going to give them that order. [ crowd booing ] we must have a president of the united states that respects that constitution, that respects those men and women in the military, and that individual is ted cruz! [ applause ] >> we have about 30 seconds, senator. we'll let you have the last word. >> let me just say, the key to win thing primary and the general in november is unifying republicans, unifying americans. i'll tell you, it is an
7:45 pm
incredible honor and privilege to be sitting here with two extraordinary leaders like governor rick perry and carly fiorina. [ applause ] both carly and governor perry have inspired millions. they are principled conservatives. republicans are all coming together, the 65 to 70% of republicans who recognize that nominating donald trump is the same thing as electing hillary clinton, and if we continue uniting republicans, that's how we win this nomination and how we win the general. >> we're in phoenix, arizona. it's hannity on the road. we continue with senator ted cruz and much more straight ahead. stay with us.
7:46 pm
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7:50 pm
. welcome back to phoenix, arizona. it's hannity on the hour. we continue with senator ted cruz. you know, we've talked about the border and immigration is such a big issue here in arizona.
7:51 pm
when was it when i had you on the show? >> about six months ago you want to tell the story, the tragedy you've experienced with your family? >> well, back, january, 22, 2015, grant was working the overnight shift at the qt. man came in. wanted to buy cigarettes, dumped a jar the change on the counter. grant was counting the change and evidently not fast enough. the man said you're not going to give me my change? grant tried to explain he had to count it first. the man pulled a gun, grant offered up cigarettes, did everything he's supposed to do. the man shot him in the face and then, stepped over his body, grabbed two more packs of cigarettes and walked out.
7:52 pm
>> and, you found out about this person? >> yes. the next day, the same day, as the day went on, we found out he was illegal immigrant. he had been prior, arrested prior for rape, and burglary. and was able to plead it down to felony burglary. spent no time in prison. two years on probation, and within a year, killed my son. he had two orders of protection against him, two trespass warrants. pointed a gun at someone else. we actually had to face a judge that had written a letter to ice and said this man is dangerous yet, he was free to walk the streets to kill my son. >> that is disgraceful. senator, i want to give you a chance to respond.
7:53 pm
you're in our thoughts and prayers. that should never happen to any american family, period. senator. we've got less than two minutes in the show. i want to give those two minutes to you to make your final pitch and to address this. >> steve faced firsthand the consequences of our failed immigration system. the consequences of the federal government that doesn't enforce the law. that murderer should not have been on the streets. he was a criminal and a rapist. he should have been in prison for the crimes. when he got out of prison he should have been sent back home and deported that day and not released to play on american citizens and steve is a member
7:54 pm
on -- that nobody on earth wants to be a member of. i've gotten to know people, kate stein ls -- steinle. in texas, families murdered, assaulted. we need a president who enforces the law, sean, i give you my word as president, i will enforce the law. we will not be releasing criminal illegal aliens. >> senator. >> do you have a good time in phoenix tonight? senator, you've been very generous with your time. we appreciate it. and i think i speak for everybody watching and everybody here, steve, you're in our thoughts and prayers. that has to end, and never happen again. thank you for being with us. >> absolutely. >> now you have a program coming
7:55 pm
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this is a fox news alert. we're following problems out of salt lake city tonight. you can see peter doocy at a rally from city hall. this comes weeks after protests broke out in a trump rally in chicago. peter, what is the latest there in salt lake city? what can you tell us? >> things here were peaceful for an hour, but just in 15 or 20 minutes, there was some rough stuff going on between salt lake city police and some anti-dona