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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  March 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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twitter and follow me on instagram at judge underscore gentlemen neechblt thanks for watching. julie banderas is up next. take care. the republican presidential candidates take on the wild west as the campaign season barrels to two major contest. donald trump wrapping up a rally in tucson ahead of arizona's winner take off. his campaign was plagued by protestors and in new york city, gathered hundreds of people for an anti- trump march outside of trump tower. and three people were arrested in phone iks. both groups taking issue with
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trump's controversial immigration policy. a major focus on the campaign trial. >> we are going to have a real border because we are going to hava ball and a real wall that no one is crossing or going underneath. don't worry about the tunnel stuff. no one will go over and under it. and have a big beautiful door and people are going to come in our country legally, legally. >> in the meantime septemberor ted cruz and governor kasich setting sights on utah in the majority takes all. and they are not holding back on trump. >> if you want to stop donald trump, stand and vote with cruz.
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we also observed john kasich has no path to win the nom naugz. mitt observed a vote for kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> and using personal attacks and calling people liars and whatever we have heard. we might have a riot if i can't get delegates at the convention. that is not the way to conduct a campaign. >> peter doocey isñi live. peter, how disruptive were they in arizona? >> reporter: as disruptive and they stopped traffic on the main roads in and out. and you look at arially shots and cars were side way ands blocking entireowfj7v lanes and themselves to the outside of the vehicle. this is not only disruptive but can be dangerous. but one of the protest leaders
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said the greatest act of love to show is shut down where hate rears its head and do better than what trump is peddling. dpragz is the issue to get them fired up and he doubled down on his immigration position today. >> this country has a big, big problem with illegal immigration and all of the sudden we talk about it and then a lot of bad things happening and first time, people saw what was going on. trump is calling ted cruz a liar and saying that john kasich was weak on nafta. >> how are they defending themselves. cruz and kasich are combating and holding a lot more event.
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trump only had one and it was last night. and kasich had a handful today and cruz had two and got another one tonight and kasich's argument. it is all about delegate math and only one that can beat clinton in the fall and since they are relishing being important. they are listening to him. mitt rom no will not endorse ted cruz, but will vote for him trying to stop trump. cruz supporters are motivated by a desire to stop trump. ted cruz thinks he is the most viable trump alternative. and that is his theme. >> it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can print that on a baseball cap. and you're right, a lot of them
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are made in china. but the real question is, do you understand the principle and values that made america great in the first place. >> reporter: at the event in provost high school right somebody stressed the importance of getting all cruz backers out to the poll and if he wins the majority of the vote trump does not get any delegates. and another supporter said it is important for cruz to win here, they a designated driver for the republican party. >> interesting, peter doocey, thank you. bernie sanders campaigning in arizona today. the vermont septemberor touring the u.s./mexico border.
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sanders lashing out at the sheriff joe arpyro and calling out donald trump for hate speech. >> all of us, i would hope all of us are rightly appalled by the devicive and bigoted comments with people like donald trump. >> sanders is working to catch up with front runner hillary clinton. he's in arizona today or in/ tomorrow. and clinton doesn't have scheduled events over the weekend. kristin? >> and hey, julie, after winning all five primaries last tuesday, hillary clinton is is taking the weekend off. tomorrow bill clinton will be in arizona and this is a sign of how confident the clinton
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campaign that the candidate has a lock on the nomination. bernie sanders believes he will do well next tuesday. arizona, utah and idaho. and will win big in states like new york and california. and even if he does well, delegate's lead has almost been insurmountable and sanders would deny that. >> what about the reports that the president the ready to take sides. he hasn't endorsed one or the other. he will let them ride and land. and now changing his tune? >> reporter: possibly. the white house denied it happen upon. and the new york times is reporting that president obama told a group of democratic donors, the time is come to coaulose around hillary clinton.
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bernie sanders responded said we ìc% democratic nominating process and telling people how to vote is undemocratic. >> i think if you say to half of the states should not participate, their response on lengz day. you didn't want us to participate. and wll not come out to the general election. >> reporter: sanders has the point but not the the math. hillary clinton has more and felt comfortable taking the weekend off. >> thank you, fox news sitses down with the all remaining presidential candidates as they build up. bret baier bear interviewed cruz on special reports. monday 6:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump on hanitty.
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and don't miss the arizona and utah both holding republican and democrat contest. and idaho holding democratic caucus. and we have live team coverage for you only here on fox news channel. >> and now to the war on terror and a u.s. marine and there was a attack in furtherern iraq little it happen southwest of ñr mosul. it is not sure how many clears. this is the second american killed since the start of combat with isis. 4000 u.s. troops are celting in.
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sala h plans to bomb mroe him up. but a partnerly he changed his mind. it was four months after the attack in brussels. he was arrested. >> and officers converging on what appears to be a bus stop. they took a hooded suspect, right there in this custody. foreign affairs has more. >> reporter: today salah abdeslam admitted he wanted to blow himself up where his brother died but changed his mind. he and four others were captured in three different raids in the brusz prus direct of mozambique.
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it showed the moment he was taken from the apartment and bundled in a car. fracs the wi-- there is special isolation cells for terrorist and unclear how long it will be before he is in 41s. forensic times will scour the apartment and hope for contacts. sala h was a logistic guy and he said during the summer, he travelled around europe and that he praut i doctor gen. >>y know that they were calling for hip. he pass would on the rip and
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look on the for anything that may seek to flow. jenny employ the battle brews over battle hill. who you the whoet gaved not a tashing on benghazi. that is all here on the fox report. respiratory
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snrgs retired army general david petraeus testified in the bepg benghazi attacks. he was the director of the cian at the time of the attacks that left four americans dead. he previously testified in january and called in for a second time to tie up loose ends following the testimony from susan rice and ben rhoeds. president obamaousing a weekly address to call on the republicans to consider supreme
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court nominee. the white house is not taking no and laying out a strategy for getting merrick garland a condition fifrmation hearing. the republican leader said the nomination is dead on a arrival and the next president should fill the open on the supreme court. democrats said republicans are abdicating their duty by refusing to give garland a vote. we saw this with the white house and republican party. >> this is the time we treat a an appointment with the seriousness it deserves. our supreme court is supposed to be above politics and not an
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extension of politics. >> the choice is what choice will the president and democrats and republicans make. will they seek to further devoid ourination in a partisan back and forth. >> reporter: you can get used to the arguments because this fight will go all the way to the election. after that republicans could change their opinion particularly if hillary clinton or bernie sanders wins thet
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>> havana getting ready to roll out the red carpet and president obama heading to the cuban capitol and bringing the first family and now appearing in a video with a cuban comedian. >> and causing tense moments in the wo zoo with the bear. >> we got the guest in the the lexus command performance sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> president obama is set to arrive in cuba marking the first visit to the count row by a president in 90 years. havana gearing up for the hes toric occasion. this comes after the white house
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announced it would restore relations with the communist nation. critics say the president is rewarding a regime that has yet to show they are serious about human rights. the white house released a video of president obama joking with the famous comedian there. [speaking spanish] >> the comedian has often used humorñ uz criticize the human
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government. here's more on what to expect. >> it is a reopening of respected embassy. this is the most the white house hoped for. one that would have the country seemingly worlds apart be together. >> it will be powerful for the president of the united states to land air force one in havana and meet with leaders of the cuban government and people. >> reporter: bnm the visit to the island comes at a heavy price. >> what we have done is prop up a single party dictatorship that is very much likely to continue now after the castros are no longer on the scone. joishgs --
2:25 am
>> millions of europeans and canadians, and visited cuba and the system is more repressive and not more free. >> i think president obama went legacy shopping. we signed a weak and dangerous iran deal and that was capitualation with the iowa ran regime. same thing with cuba. >> reporter: they say it will bring for for the cub an people. don't expect changes in the guantanamo bay. effort to empty will continue but no hand over. and that will not happen in the visit either. what is less certain is the impact that the president's visit will be on the cuban
2:26 am
people who live with the consequences long after air force one departed. >> the president will mote with disid epts on the iowa land and his remarks are expected to be live on cuban state tv. kevun corke. >> we'll have more coverage and wiwith the head of one state police departmentis not following the president's lead. ntwo polar bears tried to make their escape. they wander ared through an open den dor. the animals never made ite8 pas the secondary containment area but visitors were moved. >> they were watching the polar bear chat and the resenter was
2:27 am
surprised they were out and he startedxd to talk and another gentleman came out and they asked everyone to move. >> safety protocol was followed and the bears were not a threat. they were returned to their encloser and the exhibit reopened. more headlines in that same zoo. five new cheetah cubs. three boys and two gurl cubs were delivered by rare c- section. clk care. and their mother willow is in recover. >> donald trump campaigning in arizona ahead of the tuesday primary. and the immigration issue is a factor. and a scary close call. a drone coming dangerously close
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and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its source and helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. >> voters head to the polls in arizona on tuesday. is several dozen protestors shut down a highway and backed up
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traffic for miles. the republican front runner's comments about mexico and calls of a wall on the board caused the protest. and trump has received the inupon dorsement by the controversial sheriff there joe arpayio. >> and trump said it pales in comparison on what he has faced. william has the story. >> reporter: as> no issue divides arizona like immigration. a poll proves the point. if arizona should pursue the deportation of undocumented imdprants 67 agreed. and 50 35 percent democrats, but separated by race.
2:33 am
half of latinos agreed almost as many as whites. no state is tougher on illegal immigrants. there is tough sanctions on employers who hire them. they deny driver's license and medical care. >> we'll stop illegal immigration. >> donald trump leads in the polls and so does hillary clinton. >> we shouldn't let anybody on the public stage say that we are mean- spirited and we are going to build the wall. >> clinton hoping to capitalize on trump's vows, recently run the adin spanish. >> arizona depends on low skilled imdprant labor and many left in the recession and wages increased for legal residents, the state suffered economically.
2:34 am
and law makers killed two anti- immigrant bills. >> theatoid has changed because p of the push back when arizona was so harsh. >> this is a closed primary and meaning that independents will not vote. they will have to wait for the general. fox news. >> voters in utah have their say on tuesd! useñi smart phones the republican contest is one of the biggest on line votes conducted. this will hopefully ensure higher turn out. and down with the remaining republican presidential cand uponidates. and bret baier interviewed cruz
2:35 am
on special report on monday. and then donald trump on hanity. and don'tñr miss arizona and ut holding the contest. and idaho holding its democratuc caucus. it will kick off on the fox news channel. >> security cameras capturedçó e moment the boeing slams in the rub way in russia and killing all people on board. the explosion was so large it left a crater in the runway. it had been in a holding pattern for two hours in strong wind justs and the pilots attempted to land with catastrophic results. and crews found the jet littering the runway.
2:36 am
they were able to recover all flight recorders. mourners shed tears. most of the passengers were russian and others from ukraine and india. >> and drone coming 200 foot within a jet. and the near collision sparking a search for the person piloting the drone. william what do we know about the close call. joishgs the plane was on approach and flying around 5000 feet and it almost collided with the drone. the drone and the plane came too close for comfort. they to our knowledge weren't able to find either and certainly scary moments at lax.
2:37 am
>> has there been other near coalitions? >> reporter: yes, there have been a lot. there are not many federal restrictions. the drones areñi popular, and t price is going down. there is it more flying and creating the dangerous situation. you are not supposed to fly around airports or 400 feet. people are not listening to that. and california senator feinstein is a sponsor to help put rules on drones. this is one more incident that could have brought down an aller and unacceptable. and a near miss of 200 feet should serve as a stark remainer of the dangers posed by reckless drone use. we have seen it especially during the wildfires.
2:38 am
four crews had to keep air tanker ares down on the ground. i have been on the front lines when firefighters experienced this. to say they it are angry is mild. and when they can't put the air tankers in the air it puts them at risk. >> if you are going to fly something have a pilot's license. if it gets near an aircraft where lives are at risk. this is one of many we'll follow. unfortunately drones are causing the ha voc. the white house confirmed twoñi americans were among five people killed when a suicide bomber targeted a busy area in istanbul, turkey. the suspected bomber may have had ties to the islamic state.
2:39 am
turkey. the deadly attack on a street lined with cafes and raising questions about the nato country's ability to protect itself from violence in neighboring syria vietnam an explosion killed four people. it happen when a man used a saw to open an oxygen cyliner in front of a scrape metal shop. it left a ñisix and half foot crater in the pavement. in asia, iconic buildings going dark. part of an earth hour protest. lights switched off in land marks in japan, taiwan and china and philippines. >> and france, the eiffel tower
2:40 am
is a race track. scaling 165 steps, part of an annual competition. the male winner from poland climbs the land mark in seven minutes and breaking his own record from last year. the female winner from australia finished under ten minutes. that is it a wrap in 80 seconds. spring starts tomorrow. we are tlaking a fresh round of snow and meteorologist janice dean will have the latest on that. and plus, an impressive display where the show was the talk of the town. ♪ chlorr
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take a look. a nor' easter is expected to bring 1- 4 inches of snow after dropping a foot of snow in parts of colorado. janice dean is tracking its progress. in boston they could get more? >> yes, the latest forecast models. and so is one of the hardest things to forecast. >> it could be a dusting to three feet. >> and you are not entowerly off when you say that. a couple of days ago, it was going to be a big blockbuster storm and backed off and now it is it creeping back in. not two feet of snow but something to monitor for the next 12- 24 hours. it is a strong system. depending on how close to the coast. there is a potential for several
2:46 am
inches of snow and not just a dusting. it gets going over night. you can see it creeping z york. and from philadelphia to new york and long island up to connecticut. and boston, you being get six inches of snow according to the latest computer models. >> they can change. >> we call this now casting when we have happening and we are forecasting on the fly. these are the latest computer models. you can see gss in boston three inches. and that is where you can see it in main. but if you live d. c up to portland, you need to it pay close attention to the local forecast. this could move in monday morning's rush hour. and we could be caught off guard and that's why i am telling you
2:47 am
now. watch and be weather aware and we'll do now casting. and you know. >> if we had a normal winter, it would not be a big deal. the fact that a few inches could throw people off. >> it is not out of the question. it is notd4= late in the the season. >> absolutely not. >> spring skiing is. there >> watch your local forecast. >> thank you, janice dean. great to see you. we have matchirq i don't know either. and mother nature in houston, lightning flashing cross the sky as thunderstorms that janice just mentioned sweep through the region. the system is bringing torrential rains and flooding.
2:48 am
president obama gets ready for the trip to cuba. a state department warns americans that the country is too dangerous to visit because of the fugitives in the country. and high speed chase with speeds topping 100 miles per hour. topping 100 miles per hour. that's still
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fox news alert, reuters reporting starwood hotels and resorts worldwide has become the very first u.s. hotel company to sign a deal with cuba since the 1959 revolution. the company announcing a multimillion dollar investment a day before president obama plans to visit havana. and that as the head of new jersey state police issuing a
2:52 am
warning to all americans traveling to cuba. it's just the latest to get the castro regime to hand over a woman who's the most wanted fugitive. rick leventhal has more. >> reporter: the superintendent of the new jersey state police is angry and frustrated that convict cop killer joanne chess amart has been living in cuba for decades. she was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a on the turnpike. she fled to cuba, allegedly protected by the cuban government along with dozens of other fugitives. >> there's no intention on their part to change their status of political asylum. they're coddled and they're walking around the island openly
2:53 am
and american tourist will run into them. as it says, they're still disinchanted and hateful of all americans. >> the issue is a priority the state department says. >> we have raised issues that there are fugitives from the american justice that have sought safe haven in cuba. we are seeking their return. there's been a law enforcement dialogue established between the two countries to seek the return of these fugitives so they can be brought to justice. >> is this a slap in the face to law enforcement? >> it's a slap in the face if we refuse as a country to make them part of the negotiated settlements to normalize relations with cuba, yes, i think it is. >> reporter: colonel fuentes says the return should be made a firm condition with cuba before opening the doors and he's
2:54 am
hoping it's not too late. in new york, rick leventhal. police arrested two people after a high speed car chase that lasted nearly an hour. it's our top car chase. texas, officers say a woman was behind the wheel with two men in the car as the chase through garland and dallas reached speeds over 100 miles per hour. it started after they checked the plates and checked that it was stolen. and the car pulled over and cops arrested the woman and arrested one of the passengers for marijuana position. çó >> florida a small plane crashes in take off. the plane was engulfed in flames and totally destroyed. massachusetts, a police officer recovering in the hospital after a suspect stabbed him in the
2:55 am
neck in a duncan doughnuts. local police say the officer was responding to some sort of domestic situation when the suspect confronted him. the officer shot him twice, they're both recovering. louisiana -- it's the world's largest spaghetti bowl. the italian american marching club putting together 500 pounds of pasta, 150 gallons of gravy, and 50 pounds of cheese. actors and comedians including joe piscopo helped out. that's a fox watch across america. that plate just made me bloated. we'll be right back. my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives.
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well, i know my 5-year-old daughtered a subject is sitting at home will be paying attention to the next story because reunited never felt so good. a penguin making an annual 5,000 mile pilgrimage to brazil to reunite with the human who saved him. so sweet. apparently he does it every single year. the man says he found the little guy in 2011 starving and covered in oil, so he nursed him back to health, so now he swims back every summer to hang with his special human. one biologist has never seen
2:58 am
anything like it and that he probably thinks he's a fellow human. well, fox news is sitting down with the remaining presidential candidates. john kasich will be interviewed on monday. 6:00 p.m. then it's donald trump on hannity at 10:00 p.m. eastern. you don't want to miss the election coverage. arizona and utah both holding contests and idaho holding the democratic caucuses. we have live team coverage for you. it kicks off only right here on the fox news channel. that's fox reports. "watters world" starts now. ♪ ♪ [ playing the national anthem ]
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hey, friends, good morning. it's palm sunday, the 20th of march, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is "fox & friends." protesters tried to break up a donald trump rally in arizona. even blocking roadways and causing miles of traffic hangups but donald trump continues to stump and leads the polls ahead of today's primary. we've got the latest on the trail. and then she promised it would never happen. >> if you can afford to buy a policy, you don't get any of the subsidies that american citizens get. >> yeah. that was then. this is now.


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