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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: we'll be back with our second hour in one hour. >> still in your yellow. jon: that's right. harris: fox news alert now, europe on edge and the rest of the world as well. authorities have strong evidence now a second terror suspect may be at large, and they are still searching for several people. now they're using surveillance video, and they say they can see a man helping carry a large bag before it blew up in that subway station. this is "outnumbered," i'm harris faulkner. here today, andrea tantaros, rachel campos duffy, fox news contributor ebony be williams is here and today's hashtag one #oneluckyguy, you know him, from to o'reilly factor, jesse waters
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is here, and good to have you. >> thanks for having me, as always. harris: we're going to get right to it, because there's a lot breaking on this. we begin with the manhunt widening in belgium. local reports say this new suspect i mentioned who was thought to be on the run can be seen on that surveillance video inside the subway. he's seen alongside with homicide bomber khalidal back raw by, right before his bomb blew up at the subway station. prosecutors now saying there is a direct link between the brussels attacks and the massacre in paris back in november. so not just commonalities, but a direct link now. and then there's the so-called man in white in the now-infamous airport picture who left explosives behind. authorities detonated those. all of these new details. joining us now live from brussels, fox news chief news anchor and anchor shepard smith reporting. shep? >> harris, we first got the world from local media reports,
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and now it's being confirmed across european capitals, and this is the deal with the subway bombing. remember, that happened second about an hour after the bombings at the airport, and now we know from multiple reports citing police sources that there was a man carrying a large black bag. not a suitcase as it's been described as they've seen it on surveillance video, but a bag you would carry over your shoulder and walking alongside the bomber who got on the train. the man about whom we're speaking did not get on the train according to witnesses and the cc-tv as described by the police, he left the train station, and now they're searching for him. if there actually are cc-tv pictures, they're not sharing them with the public, and authorities are not speaking in open press conferences about that. but we do know from multiple sources that they're searching for that man, in addition to the other one who you mentioned. the third man in the picture from the airport, that's the man with the hat in the cream-colored don't, it's interesting to all of us that
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they haven't been able to give us any description of him. the authorities don't give us any idea about how they think he might have been involved. the initial report was that the authorities detonated this much larger bomb that he was carrying on his luggage cart, but now they've back tracked on that, and authorities say actually once the authorities arrived and they cleared the area, then that bomb detonated on its own, and it's been described to us as much strongerrer than the two that had already exploding, the authorities suggesting it could have been a very much worse scene. so they're still looking for those two men plus others whom they have not yet described. we also mentioned there is a new isis video out today, one of those propaganda videos. we don't show those, but i think it's important to know in general what's on it. they're basically saying in nine minutes of propaganda that this will rain down all over europe. and always at the beginning of these videos they show some nudes clips, usually a news anchor reading a couple of things.
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and they then have the words of donald trump who says, it's a clip of his audio, not video, but donald trump says 20 years ago brussels was a great city. today, let me remember exactly what he said, today it's a horror show. quote, today it's a horror show, a complete horror show. the locals are taking great exception of that, word has spread quite quickly. brussels has neighborhoods where there are problems, great division and great problems within communities, where law enforcement don't speak with the feds, there's no question that they have some problems in some local areas, but brussels is not a horror show from our experience and from be those who we've met here. the streets are beautiful, the people are as lovely as they can be, they've treated us like guests in their own home. brussels is a beautiful old european city and a wonderful place to visit. people here, at least, are upset that's how it's been characterized by the leading republican for office in the united states. a horror show, it is not. back to you.
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harris: shep, i'll pick up just a little bit of that. one of those areas is mole 'em beak where a number of suspects came from, an area that authorities have been trying to, according to them, perm nate perhaps after -- permeate after this. we'll have to see if those will change at all. but moving on to my question, i'm curious about the americans, you know? we started out with the three missionaries from utah that we knew about, then it was the military officer and his family that we knew about, and now i'm seeing at least nine people. what can you fill in for us? >> well, those are still confirmed, the three missionaries were injured, the american serviceman and four members of his family all injured. we're told on good authority that they will all survive.and . two people from new york city, as reported by the new york daily news, a brother -- they're siblings, the two of them. they were on the phone, as the story goes, with family, and they haven't been heard from since. that's one. and another is a couple, both of them bankers, they're a married
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couple both from the united states, american citizens who had been living here and working in the banking industry for quite some time. they've neither been heard from, nor seen since. now, there is some communication gaps about reporting. the hope is that those four who are missing just haven't checked in anywhere, but the authorities say after this many days after a terror attack, that would be unusual. beyond that, harris, i wish we had more, but there's nothing more to have on those nine americans in all, five of them injured and four of them for now, at least, for lack of a better word, missing. andrea: hey, shep, it's andrea. of i'm looking at the scenery behind you, and it doesn't look like a horror show. it's a little disconcerting though that the people of brussels are more worried about what donald trump is saying than the problems they're facing which are pretty dire according to their foreign minister. i want to ask you about the link between the terror suspects here and in paris, shep. looking at the materials that they seem to use in these
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suicide vests, the tatp, the acetone peroxide seems to be the same material used in the stadium bombing in paris. do you know if that was sourced locally, or does it point anywhere else in, perhaps, the middle east where those bombs could have been constructed, a similar bomb could have been constructed in the middle east, the training, in fact? does it point to isis links in other regions? >> my understanding and, you know, getting this sort of information together is difficult just a couple of days after, but your point is a good one. here's what we've learned. the bomber who blew himself up in the, what is that, the airport who was known to be a bombmaker, his dna was found on all of the suicide vests that were used in the explosion that happened in november in paris. further, his dna was found on scene at the bombing site at the airport. they haven't identified his body, but his dna was there which tells you a little bit about the the explosion.
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and then his dna found at what is being called the bomb factually. that is where they found that 33 pounds of that explosive. now, that explosive is made with common chemicals, the sort of thing, acetone, that you would be able to buy on the street, chemicals you'd be able to put together without a lot of trouble, though it's an unstable compound. the working theory seems to be that this cell may have been directed from syria, that the training may have happened there. there's lots of evidence that people went back and forth, again, all people from here, all three of the bombers identified are from right there in that neighborhood, and they went over for training it sounds like or at least had direction, and how to make them may have been something they learned. the belief is they were put together here, maybe even in that home and that that one bombmaker was probably, as the sources put it, probably responsible at least in some way for all of them. so that they were able to find 33 pounds of it, think of it, the bombings in paris, each belt contained about one pound.
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so they could have done a lot of damage with those. that they fowrched that big -- found that big stash is a very good get for authorities locally. harris: what you're describing more of a command and control situation that generals have been telling us for months would be a shift in all of this potentially because, you know, it's a lot easier to get that cell together locally, but if you have direction or materials coming from someplace else, that's a bigger situation. and it sounds like a lot of money involved -- >> it is. harris: -- to get that going too. >> well, i went there as well. but as it's been described to me, it wouldn't take a lot of money to build what they built. the big fertilizer bomber like used in the oklahoma city bombing, that takes more money, more space, more time, a bigger thing to deliver it in. this is smaller, it doesn't have as much destructive power. but the thing that's been stressed to me is that these people radicalized themselves, that they were put off in the local community, the unemployment rate was very, very
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high, they didn't have any hope, they didn't have much conversation with people outside, this was a language barrier or cultural barrier or religious barrier and that these cultists, radical islamic extremists, the terrorists infiltrated, said we have a way for you, we have something that'll give you hope, that'll give you community, that'll give you family, come with us. lacking anything else, that sort of terrorist mentality, that cultish sort of attitude worked for them, and that's a tie they have to break. they have to change the narrative. and they say here they're working on that with the knowledge as it's been described by one and all here that they're way behind the 8 ball and running out of time. harris: shepard smith, always great to have your perspective. 3 p.m. eastern, tune in for shepard smith reporting. thank you. you know, jesse, what shepard was just talking about, this idea of changing the narrative for these young people, where does that responsibility lie? the boston bombers, we talked
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about this yesterday, the tsarnaev brothers, they had a good life here, you know? they were educated. they had some of the best of what we have to offer in america as their experience. >> i think people have to be careful when they say these people radicalize because of high unemployment. i think there's a lot of people that don't have jobs in appalachia, there's a lot of people that don't have jobs in asia, and they're not strapping suicide jackets on and blowing people up. so that's simplistic, i think it's religious-based. everybody agrees with that. and until you identify the religion that's driving this, you're not going to be able to defeat the enemy. harris: yeah. ebony, i'm so glad you're here today to give this perspective on it. you watched the video of the president, the baseball game during espn. you know, i'm wondering among democrats huh they view -- how they view this president. what do you think the world is thinking of us today? ebony: i think collectively, harris, that was problematic whether you're a republican or
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democrat or you get into the partisanness of that, i think it's a bad look in general. because, look, i understand if you talk to the white house they'll say this is by design by president obama, he's trying not to overreact, that this is certainly what some of them are saying. this is him trying to downplay the impact of isis. but i don't know if that's ooh the right -- if that's the right way to play it because you've got to at least respect the seriousness of what's going on. nine americans -- harris: have we heard that from president obama unpointed? i might have missed it, that's why i'm asking. ebony: certainly, he's addressed it, but the totality of those circumstances at the baseball game in cuba -- harris: dancing. ebony: you know, i don't know if trying to distract from the seriousness, not give isis their credit, but i think many of us say what about acknowledging the seriousness and gravity of this? i want to say this too, as a criminal defense lawyer what was
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most concerning to me was at least one of these suspects was in custody. going back to the summer of 2015 and because of a lack of evidence, released. harris: well not just in custody, he had -- and you're talking about khalid's brother, he had been identified as turkish authorities as a terrorist, and they deported him back to his home nation of belgium saying this guy's a terrorist. and because then they didn't have in-country the evidence, they let him go. ebony: we've got to revisit that threshold, i think, about what evidence is necessary. look, i'm all about individual rights, and those have to be assessed, but never at the expense of the safety of others. andrea: a lot of missed signs. this happens every single time. in the meantime, a chilling new report about isis' reach into the west. the associated press reporting that the terror group has at least 400 fighters ready to carry out deadly waves of attacks in europe. european and iraqi intelligence officials say that the network, trained in camps in syria and
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iraq, and is designed specifically for attacks targeting the west. they say interlocking terror cells like the ones that struck in brussels and paris have been deployed with orders to choose the time, the place and the method to kill as many people as possible. this sounds very, very troubling, jesse, clearly. immigration problems and on top of that, they're actually empowering more fighters to infiltrate europe assuming that it is porous, which we know that it is, and assuming that one hand's not really speaking to the other. so if you're in europe right now, do you import more refugees? >> no. i think it's time for a pause there, and it's time for a pause here. you have isis sending in waves of fighters to europe, and president obama's literally doing the wave at a baseball game. we've seen him react to terrorist attacks. he plays golf, he flies to vegas fundraisers, now he's doing the tango in argentina. i remember president bush actually stopped playing golf
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during the war on terror. and obama has just stopped fighting the war on terror. he says that isis is contained. i'd hate to see what not contained looked like. the bottom line is people are scared, and they're scared not because donald trump is saying something, they're scared because they know this president doesn't have a plan to defeat the terrorists. andrea: and, rachel, it seems this administration has constantly been on different song sheets. you hear dod, the department of defense, talking about the grave threat of isis. then you see president obama with matt lauer a couple weeks ago and then yesterday saying there's no existential threat against the united states of america. yet the day before he says isis is his top priority even though he said it was climate change. i think the american electorate's a bit confused. rachel: and you wonder why trump's numbers are going up? this is exactly why. i want to go back, these 400 fighters that are coming in waves which now the europeans or the belgians at least from what
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shep reported they're saying is because of high youth unemployment? where's the clamor to get rid of socialism in europe? because, you know, capitalism and free markets might help that unemployment problem if, indeed, that is what it is. it's very clear to me from watching shep's report, from seeing the reaction at least on the ground in europe, europe doesn't get it. and we've got to do -- we're going to have to go to the source, and as a military, take care of isis, because they're not going to do it. andrea: there's no question that they have this problem, and they also have high unemployment. but to jesse's point, harris, if you actually look at who the terrorists are, there's a broad swath of different types of terrorists within isis. you see some of them who are educated in some of the best universities in the united states, and then you see on the other hand, you see some who are just illiterate and out of caves, and then you see some that are russian. there's a broad swath of them that are empowered, not all out of work. harris: well, but they all have one thing in common, and that's hate.
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you are going to get a diverse resumé, right? the devil walks the earth. he's going to look different every place he is, but he's got one goal. having lived in minneapolis, a beautiful city, we need to keep up with our own pockets there. i remember living there in 2000, i talked about this briefly previously, an area, a neighborhood where we had done some arrangements with somali population, and it was starting to build, and we had some problems there. one in four recruitments now by isis reportedly is targeted to come from there. they know that they've got a breeding ground. and so we have, in a way, our own little neighborhood. and we're dealing with it. my question is, and i really want to go back and visit and do some more reporting on cedar riverside to see what they're doing to deal with that. rachel: we have conflict within our own country -- andrea: well, and don't forget the mainstream media told us these areas in europe didn't even exist.
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rachel: exactly. criticized you and others for saying it existed. andrea: and now we know who was correct. [laughter] unfortunately. big developments in the gop race for the white house as polls show ted cruz and john kasich seem to be surging a bit, but is donald trump unstoppable? we'll look at the math. plus, our new polls show that voters have a favorable opinion of just one of the remaining presidential candidates. yes, only one. we'll tell you who that is. and right after the show, catch more from the couch on the web. join us for outnumbered overtime by logging on to tweet us your questions, your comments. we'll read them but only if they are real. harris: huh? ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ harris: a potential shake-up in the republican presidential race. a new fox news poll shows ted cruz now statistically tied with donald trump, the billionaire businessman has 41% support compared with cruz's 38%. up or down, that's within the margin of error, as we like to say. also when it comes to how voters view the candidates, front-runner hillary clinton is viewed unfavorably compared with 49% who have a negative view of
9:23 am
bernie sanders. and on the republican side, 65% view donald trump unfavorably, 53% for ted cruz. john kasich is the only candidate from either party who has a net positive rating. but that doesn't mean it's huge positively. that's a net positive rating, right? so does that mean that they don't really like anybody? [laughter] ebony: kind of right. i think you're right. i'll say on the gop side i think republicans, it's fair to say, are not happy with either choice. harris: well, there are three. [laughter] rachel: republicans aren't happy with any of their choices this cycle. and i think the problem for trump, i think, right now is he keeps saying i can be presidential, i can be presidential, and we saw a glimmer of it, a little bit of it at aipac, but it never happens. and so i think maybe we're reaching that point. maybe what these numbers of cruz creeping up and even kasich in some cases is the point that
9:24 am
republicans, even those who are a little on the fence with trump, are finally realizing this guy will never act presidential. harris: all right. i have a question for you, jesse. if they pretty much don't like anybody because that's kind of what we can read into that, you can read deeper into that polling and find some of that information, it's everybody kind of holding their collected breath for a contested convention hoping somebody would parachute in, and who would that be, and who and who can do that? >> it's going to be me. [laughter] the unity candidate. [laughter] i think trump needs to clinch this, because they're going to try to steal it at the convention if he doesn't. and i actually heard that lobbyists are booking extra nights in cleveland for the convention because they know this thing's going to go down to the wire. but if you look at the landscape, i think the states coming up are favorable for donald trump. you have new york, new jersey, oregon, washington, delaware, maryland. i think he wins those and kind
9:25 am
of sweeps in, and he's got the wind at his back at that point. i just don't see cruz catching up at this point. ebony: i'm looking at the republican party, harris, and i can't help but think there's this 1237 magic number. i'm looking at this from outside the republican party, but i'm thinking -- >> you can come in, if you want to. [laughter] ebony: that if trump gets closest, then, you know, kind of go that way. harris: well, he's hoping that. ebony: that's what he's hoping. but i don't know that the rest of the party is with him. harris: so let me -- that was nice of you to to toggle and talk about the gop, but your people aren't that popular either. [laughter] look at that polling. ebony: my people are very popular here. we're the independents, and we actually will decide this thing. but for the dem, they're dissatisfied as well. and it goes back to me. i think the democratic party is resentful towards debbie wasserman schultz and the dnc who were from day one not giving them any real choice.
9:26 am
in the beginning the gop had 17 candidates. they pretty much had hillary clinton -- harris: so you mentioned independents, and there's talk of a third party, the pledge originally donald trump and the gop talked about doing. are we now, is it palatable, a third party going forward? andrea: no, i don't think so. i do think the state of affairs is pretty grim. it's slim pickens, america, when you look at the -- on the right you have candidates fighting over the hotness of their wives, you have the actual president of the united states doing the tango, you have hillary clinton on the verge of being sent to prison. you have bernie sanders, a socialist. the race on the left, harris, it's a fake race. it's all kabooky theater. she's got this locked up. it's like a fake primary that we're talking about as if it's real. i mean, it's very bizarre. ebony: insulting. andrea: and bizarre, actually. and then on the right the level of conversation that's happening
9:27 am
is almost embarrassing. and today i just said i don't know if there's any good options for us. i think it's a pretty scary mace for the country. harris: it's interesting, because if you look -- and i know what you're talking about with the wife tweets and everything else -- [laughter] if you look at where some of that conversation started, it was mitt romney. didn't he come in with an opening salvo about someone's wife? are they all in this basket together? be rachel: i don't think there's any big love for mitt romney to be -- harris: but he did that too. rachel: he did, and he not only went after, he went after her nationality which i take deep offense to. and that super pac also said, you know, this will be our first foreign-born first laidty which offends me. my mother is foreign-born. you will never meet a more patriotic american than my mother. that said, it is getting ugly and you're right, andrea, it is depressing. and if you talk to anybody in the party on either side,
9:28 am
they're all sad that this is what we're left with. harris: one of the favorite things that you do, i love, in water's world is you go out and talk to the people -- i have many things i love about what you do, but i'm just wondering if people will start to wake up more. a lot of people have no idea who's running -- >> we're going to wake up people one by one on the streets. harris: really? one by one? >> one by one. harris: 300 million. that's a lot of water's world. [laughter] all right, we are continuing to follow the investigation into what's happened in brussels, the there are attacks which killed 31 people, left nearly 200 injured amid news that a federally-funded effort to fight extremism in american cities is off to a very slow start. what is the delay about? and whether that could lead to a belgium-style attack, a paris-style attack in the united states. ♪ ♪ when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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the feds announced a pilot program to combat extremist recruitment in america, but we're told that it's off to a very slow start. the justice department gave boston, los angeles and minneapolis more than $500,000 in grants to jump-start local efforts. but few programs are underway. officials in those cities say that they're just starting to distribute the money. a los angeles deputy police chief saying, quote: it's a little frustrating. we haven't seen a dime. we're clearly at the point where we want to put our money where our mouth is. some say the program has been slow to get off the ground because the mission is vague and civil rights groups are afraid law-abiding muslims will be targeted. okay, jesse so is this not moving forward because of political correctness, a big, oppressive government that can't seem to get its act together? what is the crux of why this program can't get off the ground when we're clearly facing terrorist threats? >> you know, a slush fund run by
9:34 am
the government's not working? [laughter] i can't believe it. what a shock. this thing's being tied up by red tape and lawyers? it sounds like every other government program. no offense. and then the bureaucrats named it, didn't want to offend muslims, so they said combating violent extremism, so no one knows what the thing does. rachel: it's a waste of money. the answer is not these stupid programs, the answer is what we talked about yesterday, it's assimilation, and it starts with our kids. how about we use that money to overhaul our students' curriculums? bring back american history, bring back conversations about our founders, bring back talks about, feature them about -- teach them about free markets and what lifts people out of poverty. our kids aren't just behind in reading and math, we are robbing them of their american heritage. and that's the problem. we don't have to target muslims, we need to get into our public schools and start being americans. harris: yeah, you know what's
9:35 am
interesting, my father who you know served in the military said he would meet young kids when he was in the service who would know more about american history than some of our kids do tad. and he taught in schools as well. part of it is we are seen as bragging when we learn about our history, having fed, clothed, loved, fought for more people on the face of the planet than any other nation. he said but that exceptionalism, we're almost punished for it pr wise. and if we could just bring that back along with the history, it would make a huge difference for the people who are here. >> i agree with that, i think it's important that we know our history and that we're not running from that. and we need to embrace what makes us americans. i get a lot of interaction from people that are always kind of like they get really sensitive. we've got to bring it all back and be proud of this is what makes us american, it's what makes us resilient, aspirational to many people across this world, and i think it's important. these programs aren't working,
9:36 am
andrea because, yeah, this is a band-aid solution. i can imagine it now, right? they put a line item in the budget, half a million dollars at it, and that ought to take care of it. it's nonsense. it's a waste of time and money when they actually need to be putting together real solutions. it's a vague message? that's putting it politely. why are you so antsy to yet your hands on it? andrea: well, and, jesse, when you look at the more serious the government is, in fact, doing, how this administration cut over $100 million from new york's terror program, chuck schumer, a democrat, furious about that because he says it's payback because he voted against the iran deal. not only that, jesse, when you look at where the dhs is appropriating their monies, they have been funneling them into programs to combat right-wing extremism for years, and the media ignores this story. so they're putting a drop in the bucket on recruitment, and all these other programs are being cut or being, you know, reallocated. they're not doing any different. and we have open borders.
9:37 am
i mean, it boggles the mind, how the government is working. >> president obama just said after these attacks, you know, we don't want to target muslims. well, who should we be targeting? maybe the tea party, he wants us to target? i have no idea. what i think you need to do is you got to send highly trained professionals into these muslim neighborhoods, have them listen, have them learn, are them communicate. go to a mosque, talk to the teachers, talk to parents at schools, you know? identify radicalism, see if they can encourage assimilation. that's how you do it. harris: they need to be doing that already. ebony: it's called criminal profiling, not racial profiling. rachel: that's a great point. harris: but they should be doing that already. andrea: it's common sense if you see someone post on facebook like the tsarnaev brothers a jihadi message saying i want to blow manager up, i don't know, call me crazy, i would probably say something. >> i'll take 500,000. [laughter]
9:38 am
andrea: all right, the fight between cruz and trump, it's getting even nastier. now the candidates' wives pulled further into the mess. shouldn't they be off limits? we'll debate. ♪ recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief each day is a game of chance. feels like i wanted to put the odds in my favor.
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so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. ♪ ♪ andrea: things getting uglier between ted cruz and donald trump. their twitter feud first blowing up tuesday night with trump blaming the texas senator for an ad run in utah. the ad, featuring trump's wife melania, from a gq spread back in 2000. trump tweeting a threat to, quote, spill the beans on cruz's wife, heidi. trump retweeted this unflattering picture of heidi cruz side by side with melania. ted cruz firing back tweeting, quote: donald, real men don't attack women.
9:43 am
your wife lovely, and heidi is the love of my life x. this is cruz yesterday weighing in herself with this reaction to trump. >> you probably know by now that most of the things that donald trump have no basis in reality, so we are not worried in the least. we're focusing on our campaign, and we are going to continue to do that. andrea: let's ask a woman on our couch who is the wife of a candidate. well, not right now but usually -- rachel: yeah, it's election year. andrea: you are the wife of a candidate. ray hell, bag -- rachel, weigh in on this back and forth. rhoderye ray kids, for sure, off limits. obviously, i want spouses to be off limits except i will admit my own hypocrisy when it come toss bill clinton. that said, i think that bill clinton brings up a good point, because i think what this is about, andrea, is that trump is always three or four steps ahead. i don't think this is about ted
9:44 am
cruz, i think this is a signal to republicans who i think have a lot of pent-up anger about how bill and hillary have been treated with kid gloves by the media, even by their own democrat base that he's going to, he's going to play hardball, and he's not going to pussy foot around -- nothing's off the table. this is what i think this is about. andrea: jesse, you've done a lot of this-depth research on these foes of melania -- [laughter] really scrutinizing them, weighing whether they're inappropriate or not. you had your magnifying glass. what do you think of the back and forth? should the wives be off limits, and does this help either candidate? i don't think it helps either one. >> when i first saw melania half naked, i thought to myself, this is a pro-trump ad. [laughter] i thought she looked great. i don't know why trump wouldn't want this to go national. he might actually be pretending to be offended because he just wants an excuse to remind the
9:45 am
country how hot his wife is. and maybe in utah people don't like it, but i think in the 49 other states, i think they're going to want to see the ad. [laughter] andrea: when you look at the side by side, i feel for heidi cruz. ebony: i do too. who wants to be put up next to a supermodel or certainly a beautiful, gorgeous model? also i kind of agree with jesse on this. this is in no way bad for donald trump. this is him winning at life again, she's gorgeous, she's a model. this was also her job. and i'm not naive to politics. we like to think the wives are off limit, we know they become a part of this narrative. but i just don't think assaulting melania for doing her job, she's a model by trade, i don't get that insult or that dig at all. andrea: so the right tack then, harris, responding with then an insult about your, i guess arguable top opponent's wife and her looks? we've devolved --
9:46 am
harris: you mean from trump toward cruz? annnd a we're comparing women's hookings x it's a pretty ugly place. harris: yeah. i think it gets uglier when you talk about size and weight. that was a picture that you can get on a google search in the imagings. i learned from zest city. [laughter] -- jesse. >> research, harris. harris: some of the faux outrage over this picture, hillary clinton took some photos with kim kardashian, and i would say that her past is a lot more colorful than the pictures you can find of any of these wives in a google images search. so just kind of put that in your brain too, apples and apples. in terms of how they respond to each other, has there been any ground we have all been comfortable with among these men? i just hearken back to the images of marco rubio a few weeks ago talking about the length of the appendages, i can't even say it because it's so nasty. [laughter] that's where we've been. so is that where we're going? i don't know that anybody thinks it's going to get nicer.
9:47 am
ebony: it's not. bill and hillary clinton in a general, this is getting pettier. andrea: i think they should both get back to the issues, i don't know. harris: that would be good. andrea: students at one major university say they're so upset after seeing trump 2016 written in chalk around campus, they don't feel safe. [laughter] now they're being offered emergency counseling, and the university is vowing to find the culprit. i wish i were making it up, folks, but i'm not. ♪ ♪ does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief
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harris: it is friday eve, and we are making more "outnumbered," but let's hit pause and go to jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: new reports senator cruz is going after donald trump with a laser-like focus in two states. in one of them, the senator is within striking distance of the front-runner. in the other, well, he has his work cut out for him. we will go in depth. a jetblue flight attendant under arrest after abandoning her bag at lax. it's what was inside that carry-on that put her behind bars. and a new killer on the streets in florida.
9:52 am
we'll talk to a sheriff who says fake company new york stock exchange has taken -- xanax has taken the lives of as many as nine people in his county as well. that's all ahead on "happening now." harris: no one knows how to tease a story like you do, jon. jon: i do my best. >> a number of students at emory university in atlanta were apparently so traumatized by the sight of trump 2016 chalk markings around campus that the student government offered them emergency counseling. students say the mere writing of trump's name is a hurtful action and makes them feel unsafe. the school's president is now vowing to find the culprit who wrote such a horrific and terrifying thing. [laughter] so, harris, i go around campuses across the country. of i'm just happy that they know who's running for president. [laughter] spell his name right. harris: the bar is low. >> i know. harris: dance over backwards over the bar, it's so low. so emory university in the middle of atlanta, and
9:53 am
apparently there were some protests about this, so is they had to, hike, reach out and quell the protests. and they did so by coming up with a list of the trigger words. by the way, my trigger words include "i will kill you," you know, like real trigger words. >> right. harris: so now we're going to stifle free speech on one hand to create new words to protect. that sounds extra-constitutional, andrea. [laughter] andrea: one of my favorite words, harris. i'm going to need counseling for having to talk about these stories over and over again on identity outnumbered." of what have you got for me, watters? rachel: i wonder how many of these hypersensitive kids are wearing che guevara shirts, how many of them went and complained that the president called raul castro a president instead of a dictator, a cruel can and evil dictator.
9:54 am
it's just the height of hypocrisy, and i would say to parents and alumni, do not enable this. do not write that check to emery until they stop -- ebony: i went to unc chapel hill down the street, and you know what? back in my day -- so long ago. [laughter] rachel: back in the old -- [laughter] ebony: when we didn't like something that went on on campus, we had an intellectual, civilized disagreement of ideas and opinions like college is supposed to give you an opportunity to do. they're also doing themselves a disservice. if you can't start wrapping your mind around the fact that absolutely donald trump might be our next president, you're going to be in for a rude awakening. >> when andrea was in college, she partied most of the time. [laughter] andrea: that's been verified, jest key. >> if you're afraid of the name trump, you're either an illegal alien or a total sissy.
9:55 am
either way, you shouldn't be on college campuses. what do you make of these students needing counseling? andrea: i think they're pretty wimpy. the it's a generation of wimps. >> i know. andrea: when you think about it, words are hurting feelings now? goes back to priorities. shouldn't they be studying? and the parents are stroking checks for 50, 60 grand to have their children run around seeking medical attention. i don't see how this helps them either. i get excited when i see the front page of the newspaper, china, russia all scared of donald trump. i have a giant grin. i beam, and i put the paper down, and i go that's the way that it should be, respected and feared. >> so if college students don't like trump, that's a good thing, right? andrea: yeah. >> you kind of want the enemy to fear you. rachel: i suppose. again, think about the greatest generation. these people are the same age as the greatest generation when they were fighting wars and jumping out of airplanes --
9:56 am
>> can they do it? rachel: a bunch of basement boys. no wonder that stat came out yesterday about not wanting to get married. harris haste can they take over? they're going to have to face isis and and a whole lot more. rachel: god help us. harris we'll be right back. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
harris: oh, man! we have to go. rachel, it was great to have you here. rachel: thank you. harris: and i know people have nosed, you've got -- noticed,
10:00 am
you've got another one. this is number -- rachel: eight. harris: whoo! eight is enough! [laughter] rachel: he did it. harris: ebony as well. we'll see you back here tomorrow for "outnumbered" tomorrow at noon eastern. sit right where you are, "happening now" now.


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