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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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more has to be done to protect our homeland. i am oliver north. fight is a war story that deserves to be told. good night. sunday. time for greta.çn >> this is a fox news alert. there is new video taking you inside the terrorist safe house where the two brothers prepared for evil attack. catherine herridge is standing by to take you inside that apartment. also a terrorist suspect shot. the suspect carrying explosives and a backpack while waiting at a brussels tram station. all across brussels, gunfire, explodes motions and counter terror raids sweep across the capital of belgium. at this hour we have brand new information developing on that deadly terrorist attack the one that massacred 34 innocent people and wounded 200 innocent others. in just minutes you will hear from a victim who survived that terrifying and deadly blast. on the team coverage starts
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right now. mike tobin joins us. >> greta, what you see here in front of the stock exchange is such a contrast to what we have seen out here, the peace and goodwill that pours out here. it's so dramatically different of brutality of days ago and friendsy of police activity we have seen over the past couple of days that took us from four known participants on tuesday to 11 takedowns in thee different countries today. one tram spot blocks away from clandestine bomb factory. bomb robot brought. in explosives found on that individual. he was dragged away. the information for that takedown generated from a raid in paris suburb. in that particular raid, a man described as a high level operative. was arrested. a working bomb seized. .ricket has a conviction here in belgium for recruiting isis fighters. 11 raids that we now know of in the last two days in
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germany, france, and belgium. the french president says it is all interconnected network. he believes that network is largely dismantled. isis wasted no time taking to the internet and jumping on the propaganda. they released graphic footage of the belgium attacks. they praised it and concluded with the message withdraw your fighters, withdraw your soldiers, the nightmare is just beginning. greta? >> mike, the two brothers that were part of this that died in the explosionwñ where is their@ family? have any brothers or sisters or mother or anybody else shown up at all? it's a bit peculiar that two brothers here like the boston i'm always stumped why family members didn't see something or suspect something would too. >> we do know that ebrahim, when he concluded when he wrote his suicide note, if you will, he wrote that to
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his mother there was a relationship with el-bakraoui and his mother. >> they ought to find the mother and see what she has to say. all right is the man who was picked up in connection with the palming in -- in paris in november, too we know if he is talking now in paris and any way provoked his arrest? has it been confirmed provoke this or not? >> it does seem that it did provoke it and, again, you go back to that note written on the computer. actually, it was note on that computer found in the garbage can from ibrahim el-bakraoui. he felt investigators were closing in on him. he seemed to reference the arrest from last friday connected to the paste attacks. you do have those connections there and it does seem there was a frenzy of activity. the people out here felt like the investigators were closing in on them and that's why they chose to act when they did.
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>> all right, secretary john kerry, secretary of state john kerry is in brussels. what is he doing? what are we learning from him? >> largely he said that he was here to express condolences. what we heard from himg speaking with greg palkot today is that he believes some of the activity that you are seeing from isis in europe and in other places is a result of the fact that they are losing so much real estate in the north of israel appeared in syria. that they are feeling the pressure. they is sent the message out to operatives on the ground to conduct what he described as lone wolf attacks in other places. >> all right. he says that he feels that or thinks that. did he offer any sort of support for that? any evidence of that? or is this just sort of his sense of it? >> seemed to be just his sense of it, his opinion, speaking to greg palkot earlier. >> all right. because what's so confusing about this is this seems to be growing. terrorism seems to be growing. we have a situation where belgium got warned by turkey and did nothing. ourselves now sort of has a sense of.
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it's not sort of -- i'm not getting a sense of confidence from any of these world loaders that they know how to fight isis and stop this terrorism. do you? you heard french say they were incompetent. very upset what happened. belgian security forces didn't drop the ball. arrest for el-bakraoui that was never executed. there was conviction for man arrested in paris last night. that was not executed. we have now got through a greek newspaper that there were drawings and maps for the brussels airport seized on a thumb drive in a computer. nothing was followed up with that. it just seems that there were so many red flags that went up. and for whatever reason with competing agencies, lack of communication, lack of
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initiative, the ball was dropped and these people were able to execute their attack. >> and there was a massacre as a consequence. all these lost lives and hurt people. mike, thank you. >> and this is horrifying a badly injured american recalling the very moment bombs blew up around him in that airport. mason wells a mormon missionary from utah spoke from his hospital bed. >> it was very loud. when -- when it went off my body was picked off the ground a little bit. i felt a lot of really hot and cold sensations on the whole right side of my body. it got really hot and really cold we were close enough i actually saw fire in front of my face and also down on the grounds we were surrounded by fire for a brief moment it was a very surreal experience. >> bizarre coincidence in
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2013 wells also witnessed the boston marathon bombing. now, he is expected to survive. >> well, we got him. u.s. special operations forces taking out najim. he was the number two person in isis.c3z ash carter speaking to reporters. >> we are systematically eliminating isil's cabinet. indeed, the u.s. military killed several key isil terrorists this week. including we believe isil senior leader serving as finance minister and also is responsible for some external affairs. >> fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. jennifer, is this killing or taking out number two by our isis special ops have anything to do with the timing whatsoever to what happened in belgium this
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week. >> i'm told it's;f merely a coincidence. certainly it's notable it took place just 48 hours after the brussels attack. but there had been planning for some time, i'm told. we have new details, greta, about the clandestined raid carried out by those u.s. special operators thursday morning that resulted in the death of the isis second in command. it happened on an isolated road in eastern syria near the border with iraq. we're told by well-placed military sources the assault force arrived in helicopters there were drones above flying cover. they had been tracking the he can second in command for some time. his vehicle was surrounded and he was given the option to surrender, i'm told. instead, he began firing a weapon. it all happened in a matter of seconds. he made a bad choice according to a senior military source. t9e defense secretary and chairman of the joint chiefs gave few details about the operation when they confirmed that u.s. forces had killed the isis number two.
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>> all right. the number one he will baghdadi, if we can find the number two do we have any leads on the number one? because it would be very nice to get him. >> it's very unclear. clearly what this shows is now that they have this special operations expeditionary force off the ground, that's 200 special operators in northern iraq, they are starting to get human intelligence. just a little bit about this imam who they took out heqy>np @ was known as cabaduli he joined al qaeda in 2004. a former physics professor. weighs al qaeda's lowered in mosul. he had a 700-million-dollar bounty on his head. the u.s. treasury department designated him a terrorist in may of 2014. he was released from an iraqi prison in 2012, greta, sortly after all u.s. forces pulled out of iraq. >> jennifer, the vacancy,
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number two vacancy has already been filled? >> yenly that's how it works i think what ash carter said when he was asked that question at the press conference today essentially this leader has been around and involved with isis since 2004. that kind of senior leader is not that ease from to replace. he was a finance guy. of course there are always people who can move up. but they are trying to shake the foundation of isis by basically systematically killing the so-called cabinet of the islamic state. greta? >> jennifer, thank you. and i know what you are wondering, maybe even fear something isis, at the very moment plotting revenge because special ops took out iraq war veteran adam kinzinger joins us. good evening, sir. >> >> hey, greta, how are you? >> good. i'm sure everyone is thinking that now that we have taken out the number two and good for our special ops for doing that and at president for ordering that
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i assume an order came down from the top. should we now expect that there will be or anticipate row[zh tallation of some form?÷ possible. lost a mind we marine recently fire base. there is all kinds of possibility attack in the united states maybe, attack in europe. it's something that we have to expect. we have to take these folks out. taking out this number two was a great thing. i will will tell you, when i was in iraq these were part of the missions i involved. in i flew plats form and we were part of the task force that did these kind of missions. we would find these guys and the special ops would come and take care of it they intend to do capture him but, yeah, you make a bad choice, you pull a gun or do into a kill mission. but the captures are great because you end up getting a lot of intelligence and i expect to see way more of this by our brave special operators in the future. >> all right, well, it's hard to determine what the
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linkage between isis and belgium. isis has gone online and praised what happened. they are sympathizer ifs they not planners or plotters or encouragessers. president. belgium now seems to be a breeding ground for many of these terrorists, look at the massacre in france and look at the massacre here. at what point do we try to step in and help belgium because either they are ignoring it or erdgon says. >> there is ways we can help. when i feel is there a political correctness that has really penetrated europe to the extent of, you know, initially they open their doors and just say anybody that wants to leave the middle east come into europe we are a welcoming con continue inept. what you find
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the refugees great people wanting to leave a war torn area. you can't sensor and get rid of the folks coming in with$(r÷ bad intentions. good hearted intentions by europe. this political correctness has probably now led to where they did not have human intelligence on the ground in some of these neighborhoods. >> well, congratulations to the united states. our law enforcement because we have manage to do keep a minimum amount of terrorism. obviously we had san bernardino2v recently. our law enforcement seems to be doing a really really good job. we're also mindful of the fact that there are 28 nations in europe that can come to the united states without a visa. and, you know, so it's rather disturbing. are would giving our law enforcement what they need to protect us? >> we need to ask that question every day. part of the om.aum bill in the fall was getting rid of the visa waiver issues which was a big problem. we need to continue lapses in security like that. but, you know, again, the refugee crisis, you have in
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europe, number one, it has drained the middle east of the very people that we say we are going to need to actually fight to overthrow assad or get rid of isis. the other thing is you don't know if somebody is a terrorist until they take that very first step, whether it's a facebook post, or whether it's, you know, trying to reach out to somebody or whether it's procuring a bomb or bomb-making materials. and so i suspect and i hate to say it. it hurts to say it there are a lot of these cells waiting in europe. i think my generation for the rest of my life will be involved in some level in this. as much as i hate to say it. >> congressman, thank you. i have a question for you viewers at home because now is your chance to vote at home on twitter. should people, americans, be afraid to travel to europe right now? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you your live twitter votes throughout the show. and take a brand new look at this. this is new footage from
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inside the bomb-making safe house where the brussels terrorists prepared their deadly massacre. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been looking at this footage, studying it. she joins. catherine? >> having reviewed the footage three things jump out at me first and foremost when you look at the video you see the apartment÷y was on the top floor. that is not an accident. that's a part of the;?8 apartment building where it has the least traffic from other occupants and visitors. so the cell's activities was less likely to arouse suspicion what you look at the apartment now you see the apartment was virtually not lived. in it virtually stored as a lab for the making and storing of the bombs. that means it's part of a larger network of apartments where these guys were living. you take up this one apartment you have broken out network. apartment. that was broken. that would arouse a lot of the suspicion of the investigators it was likely a plant with leads that would send them in the wrong
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direction. >> i would lvá"tij know who who rented it under what condition. what the person saw, how long was it rented? did you ever see anything unusual? was there anything delivered there? there is so many questions associated with it. i would want to check the mailbox to see what mail comes to see where it's coming. >> from that's right. we know a little bit about the rental of the apartment. it had recently been sold and it was on a short-term rental for about two months. that would be sufficient time to start building those devices. but, again, the big piece for me is that it is part of a broader network. they were not living here. you take out that apartment. >> you could tell if there is weird traffic going on. >> there was a report from one of the neighbors saying that they thought they saw one of the guys wearing a disguise, taking stuff into the apartment. but, again, nobody spoke up about their activities. believe me, if you have got 33 pounds of tapt, that's a
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lot to manufacture there is a lot of odor. >> that unstable be careful with it? >> exextremely unstable for the people living in that building they were living in a building that was wired to explode. that's what they don't realize in the end. >> catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> the battle in the g.o.p. is getting more wicked by the hour. republican candidates battling with each other. each wants the job touáake on former secretary of state hillary clinton who is the anticipated democratic nominee. well, we have new poll numbers which would tell you which g.o.p. candidate could beat her. at least beat her today. those new poll numbers are next. also, terrorists striking the heart of europe and now the president's critics taking shots at his response to the terrorism. former congressman allen west is fired up and standing boy to go "on the record."
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the battle for the g.o.p. nomination is more vicious than ever, if possible. which cap democratsú could former secretary of state hillary clinton in a head-to-head race today. a new fox news poll showing ohio governor john kasich dominating hillary clinton 51% to 440%. but republican frontrunner donald trump losing badly to secretary clinton, 38% to 4%. she is up 11. the "on the record" political panel is here "weekly standard" john mccormick. nina, kasich is the big winner in thiskx against secretary clinton. >> too bad he doesn't have a
11:22 pm
shot at being the nominee. look at the other two. cruz looks more like a matchup than donald trump. by the way donald trump's numbers have gone down when you compare them to clinton. it's only to then force wore donald trump, although we have to be skeptical about these kind of polls on the way out. but this far out. cruz even though he does better than trump. i don't think -- i don't think that's going to be the reality going forward. i think there is a lot of stuff that the democrats are going to be able to hang on cruz. for example, the government shutdown. wildly unpopular. thegh government shutdown that he led, buyer the way. he doesn't do well with hispanics over immigration that's something the republicans have to pick up the hispanic vote. those won't come to the surface the way they will in a democratic, republican general election. >> john? >> what that poll shows and
11:23 pm
the average poll shows is that the republicans will likely be committing suicide if they nominate donald trump. things could change. i don't think they will. at the exact same time he should be acting more presidential he has been acting less presidential. whether it's the david duke and kkk comments. some things happening so he would offer to pay the legal fees of a supporter attacking a protester. this is toxic and could hurt in the primaries. >> i would add to that. he was very respectable foreign policy speech. the first respectable foreign policy speech he has given on monday, right? we are all saying good job. the next day he threatens ted cruz's wife. >> this might be an intt governor scott walker is he making moves hinting he will be the republican presidential nominee because he dropped out of the presidential race quite a few months ago. checked this out what is he now saying about an open
11:24 pm
convention. >> well, i think if it's an open convention it's very likely it will be somebody who is not currently running. who knows? the one thing i qualify it's like the qualifications ads you see for car dealerships. i think any of this who comment on that election have to qualify almost every prediction has been wrong. so it's hard to predict anything. did governor walker pull that one out of the hat or what do you think? likely open convention. maybe even him. >> he might have that in mind. i don't think that's unreasonable he would like to be the nominee. there is a chance. ted cruz, likely nominee. if we end up in convention. ted cruz will be the one stop donald trump. closest. he is the one organizing behind the scenes getting all these delegates who are now for trump. they are pledging him on the first ballot. as they get freed up they
11:25 pm
can become free agents. if ted cruz doesn't win the second ballot, we get unchartered waters and then asking someone we might be thinking of. some governor out there. >> nina, the only prediction i'm making at this point only having made a bad prediction in 2008. i predict when we get to cleveland and all there covering the republican convention that we better convention is on for a long time. >> it could. here's the thing. the most likely scenario if donald trump falls short and there is a contested convention donald trump will start making deals with delegates. >> spend >> go back to 1976. the last contested convention. and president ford had the -- he had the perks of being the president. you could ride on air force one or meet him in the oval office. donald trump has mar-a-lago and his plx what is ted cruz going to offer like a meeting in the senate.
11:26 pm
>> governor kasich can probably get you good reservations at the convention. he is ohio governor. anyway i will take the last word on one. thank you. >> thank you. >> more anti-terror raids. "on the record" takers back to brussels. that's next. out on the town or in for the night, at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy the new samsung galaxy s7 and get one free. buy one water resistant samsung galaxy s7 and get one free don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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this is a fox news alert. anti-terror raids sweeping across belgium.
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at this hour brand new information about the suspects. fsn correspondent kevin ozebek is in brussels. kevin, what's the latest on these suspects? >> well, greta, woe are still seeing these rolling anti-terror raids continue here in brussels. just on friday alone, three more people wanted in connection with what has become a massive terror investigation were deattend. when it comes to one of those three, he was taken down in what was a very shocking police operation in the brussels neighborhood of scar beck. according to witnesses this man who was wanted boy police, when he was approached by police, he refused to owe way police orders and was shot in the leg. he was seen cas:jjt a ball. and then shortly after he was taken down and shot in the leg, video surfaced on social media of him on the ground and a bomb squad robot approaching him. as of right now we do not know what was inside his bag. also today, greta we did see
11:31 pm
the link between;a the belgium attack and paris attack. najim laachraoui d.n.a. was found. clearly this man built some of the bombs used in the paris attacks. he ended up blowing himself up at the international airport here in brussels on tuesday morning. >> kevin, the turkish president has said that belgian authorities are incompetent. they had warned belgium about at least one of the killsers and belgium did nothing about it apparently. and now you have got the situation where we have got these raids going on all over town. you have the massacre just a couple days ago. have you people really frightened there, i assume. i'm hearing horror stories out of there. found a new bomb factory, a lab we just saw pictures of. yet, the belgian authorities are lowered the threat level for the weekend inwc belgium
11:32 pm
why? >> what's interesting is they lowered from a 4 to 3. meaning they don't believe imminent attack is likely still an attack is possible. they lowered that alert level as anti-terror raids were happening last night. so many belgians are saying why would the government do that when government officials are saying this terror network looks even bigger than first expected. greta, can i tell you police protocol here is just not the same as it is in the u.s. case in point, back in december, as the search for salah abdeslam was well underway, i was in a cafe with a friend. all of the sudden the street was shut down bay because the terror operation was taking place right around the corner. we were placed under lockdown but about aníour into this operation why the operation was still ongoing, the police actually let people leave this cafe, go into the street to smoke cigarettes. these people were allow to do leave the cafe during this operation and smoke
11:33 pm
inside the police perimeter. so many belgians are saying now it's time for protocols to change, for more money to be funneled into the security community here and really for police to beef up their anti-terror operation why it really matters here in the united states for us on the other side of the ocean is tooí@ fold. one that belgium appears to be a breeding ground for these terrorists is secondly you don't need a visa if you are belgium national if you get on a plane and come here. i'm taking the lastward on that one, kevin have a good weekend and tonight, new i couldn't tell rage over the president's response to the brutal attacks in belgium. while many americans were consumed with the massacre. president obama went to baseball game and continued his trip by visiting argentina where he did the tango and that video went viral. the president though defending the decision by saying, quote: the parole try to disrupt people's ordinary lives and now
11:34 pm
secretary of state john kerry also defending president obama. >> the president every single day is making decisions that are life and death with respect dash and with respect to this war. he has to also continue to be president of the united states and do what we need to do with respect to our diplomacy which is an important part of building the kind of future that people in the america want to see. >> former congressman allen west joins us. good evening, sir. i have been hard on the president for the last two nights about this tango and not returning home. on the other hand, i'm mindful of the fact that i woke up today to find the number two in isis has now been eliminated. he is the one who orders this stuff. he is the commander and chief he gets cut when good things happen. i think back to when the white house correspondence dinner a number of years ago he was giving a comedy routine at the same time he had just given the go ahead to get usama bin laden. am i too hard on the president for saying come home and he shouldn't have been doing the tango?
11:35 pm
he is home by the way now, by the way. >> good friday. no you are not being too hard. let's look at historical context pack door world war ii when we got? the information about being on a plane he was shot down by fighter pilots but the japanese pilots did not stop fighting. yes, president obama did give the order to execute the raid that killed usama bin laden. al qaeda has metastasized and expand into the north africa, northern peninsula. they are still a viable entity in the middle east and of course pakistan and afghanistan. killing the one or the two here does not mean that much because we're not fighting against a global islamic jihadist movement. we don't have a strategic level objective. i think that the president should have headed right to brussels. should have sat down with nato. sat down with the eu leaders and he should have talked about putting together a coalition of the willing to go down and make sure that we eradicate the sanctuary that isis has as well as
11:36 pm
coordinating our activities to eradicate their domestic sanctuaries. >> even if he had a hands off on this. thinking that's europe's problem and he has more of an isolationist view in terms of what our national security is and you can't deny the fact that you can get on -- that brussels brussels come here would you tell visa. >> you are absolutely right. board ticket remember the russian authorities warned us about the tsarnaev brothers and we did not pay attention to their warnings and look at what happened in boston. sitting down and coordinating and synchronizing efforts. tash feel tashfeen next thing you know 14 americans were i would. >> absolutely ridiculous
11:37 pm
gave a phony address on visa address. ner. >> we have been incompetent ourselves. >> indeed we have. anyway, but, tragic consequences for many. anyway. colonel, thank you very much for joining) us. >> my pleasure. happy easter. >> brace yourself, severe weather is threatening a big chunk of the nation. that's next. plus candidates weis feeling the spotlight. now karen kasich the first lady of ohio, she is going "on the record" just minutes away.
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this is a fox news alert. severe storms threatening the nation and no doubt about to ruin holiday weekend plans for millions of americans. fox news meteorologist rick reichmuth at the fox extreme weather center. >> hopefully we won't ruin them for too many. spots we have to watch out for. one thing this week we had really incredible storms. six different states here over a foot of snow with this. pretty widespread. a storm that covered a lot of ground. a lot of territory. this is now kind of it exiting. we still have pretty heavy showers across florida and little bit of snow across maine. this is almost done. then we will turn our attention to the next storm already developing here across parts of the central rockies. this time a little bit different. last storm this week was denver and points a little bit towards the northeast. this one is going to be a little bit farther toward the south some areas are going to see some pretty
11:43 pm
significant snow and we have winter storm warnings here tonight into tomorrow for the rest of this evening we still have a chance for some severe weather across parts of florida. tomorrow not a big severe weather day. maybe a few big stronger storms across parts of the red river valley, oklahoma, texas, thenbk across central and eastern golf states. but sunday, easter sunday, greta is, when we are looking at a bigger chance of severe weather right here across the mid mississippi river valley. we could see a few tornadoes. we will certainly see some very strong winds and some hail. that's our problem spot. a lot of rain along with this. so areas that have seen the flooding across the south the last couple weeks could see localized flooding again unfortunately for easter ooking good.uj)qpáu cooler. central part of the country looking good. although cooler as well. one warm spot southwest, pacific northwest. more showers and mountain snow. overall no wig freezing outbreakei coming. greta, i will tell you, get ready latter part of next week looks like winter returns a big way a lot of
11:44 pm
the central part of the country. >> i think it's bad weather on long weekends. really bad luck for everybody. thank you. >> you bet. get ready to speed read the news. a very sad day for law enforcement. friends, family and fellow officers are saying goodbye maryland police detective kohlson, he was killed by friendly fire during a shootout at a prince gorgeous county police station it started when a gunman opened fire outside the maryland police station. the gunman has been charged and -- accused of trying to transport suitcase full of cocaine through airport. she will remain in jail for now. marcia reynolds ran from authorities at. will ax after inspectors found 70 pounds of cocaine in her luggage. she later turned up in new york city and turned herself into police.'6 she remain in custody until hear in los angeles. the first g.o.p. senator to
11:45 pm
meet with president obama supreme court nominee judgemaker garland. senator to meet with garland. the illinois lawmaker first to break with his party and call for a vote on the president's supreme court nominee. judge garland is a chicago native and that's tonight's speed read. and have you met governor john kasich's wife? well, you will now. she's next. bx constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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let's go off-the-record. today is national medal of honor day. a day to remember the incredible courage and selflessness of this year's medal of honor recipients. they are the bravest of the brave and inspiring to us all. the national medal of honor day was extra special to me because as a member of the board of directors for the congressional medal of honor foundation, i was able to spend this day with 30 of the 77 living medal of honor recipients.
11:59 pm
what an honor. actually, what a thrill to spent the day with thm0óz heroes. we went to arlington national cemetery for a special wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. [taps] ♪ >> the symbolism is breath-taking. our medal of honor recipients honoring those who paid the ultimate price to our country. and after the wreath laying i was the master of ceremonies at the 2016 citizens honor award. the medal of honor recipients choose the award yes other citizen heros that as national medal of honor day comes to a close, i know the recipients are humble and not looking for our admiration. but how you cannot admire them immensely? i do. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. live twitter voting results on your screen right now. should people be afraid to travel to europe? and here are the results.
12:00 am
36% say no. 64% say yes. and don't forget to vote on twitter every night. if you don't have twitter, sign up, it's free. make sure you follow us on facebook, too. thank you for being with us. we will see you again mon welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. look, there is no tv's andy levy tonight. but let's check in with mike baker in his underground layer to see what stories we will be discussing. mike? >> thank you very much, tom. the nra rewrites fairy tails so heros have guns. my kids don't need to read those. their hero already has guns. i am talking about me, tom. not you. me. and most americans will be willing to sell a kidney. likewise most who meet me in a back alley will donate one for free. and finally, should horses be forced to wear diapers?


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