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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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overtime? >> i hate women. >> she is a girl hater. >> what else do we continue? we continue all of this. logon right now. there she is, logging on, at noon eastern, happening now starts now. a fox news alert. sad news out of hollywood. oscar winning actress patty downing has died. she was only 69. she won the oscar of playing helen keller back in the early '60s. she played in "the valley of the dolls. ". patty duke, dead at age skoin. egypt releasing new video of a man hijacking a plane to cyprus. >> investigators are trying to learn the motive behind the
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terrifying orare deal for the passengers and flight crew, we are learning all of the information now. donald trump heading for the big show down in wiscnsin. as republican law makers turn to a new strategy in case the billionaire businessman is the party nominee. plus, cracking the code, what the fbi is finding now that they gained access to a terrorist iphone. and police in florida go on a high speed chase when the suspect sees a car's flashing lights and takes off. disappointing because of who was at the wheel. it is all "happening now". but we begin with new developments on the campaign trail. hello and welcome to the second
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hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> nice to be here with you again. i am heather childers in for genally in case you are wondering. all five candidates are heading to wisconsin. scott walker endorsing ted cruz today and with polls showing a close race between the two gop front runnersing. cruz hopes that that endorsement carries weight with voters. >> let me say governor scott walker is a strong principled conservative. governor walker with the help of the men and women all over the state won an election and then another election and then another election. >> meanwhile donald trump's campaign manager was charged with misdemeanor battery over an
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incident with a female reporter. trump is holding a town hall in paul ryan know's hometown. we'll find carl cameron. so the walker endorsement, how important is it? >> reporter: it could be important for ted cruz. this state could be a deflection point and change in the race. if cruz can win here big, it could make it difficult for donald trump to clinch the 1237 delegates necessary in cleveland. scott walker in endorsing ted cruz today said he is the kind of guy to be the nominee and deputy up against hillary clinton and beat her. walker took pains to say it was an endorsement of donald. -- of ted cruz and not against donald trump. by choosing jamesville, there is
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a provocative combative nature to this. ryan is cautious not to name trump but critized the rhetoric and his hesitance in disavowing hate groups. for trump to be here in ryan's backyard it is an opportunity for him to go at the establishment again and paul ryan is popular in wisconsin, but trump is known to do that a lot. >> he is backing his campaign manager, corey, who he said will be be found innocent. how serious is it? >> reporter: it is a huge distraction and a tremendous amount of press coverage. there was a video released in the facility where the incident. this is visible.
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corey taking and pulling her away from the candidate as he walked through the ball rom. initially he said he never touched her and donald trump said secret service said it did not happen. donald trump said look at the video but studying the florida stateutes. that can qualify as simple battery or misdemeanor. and the trump campaign said he is not guilty and looks forward to the day in court. but the cruz campaign weighed in on this and said this is violence in the rhetoric and audiences and now the campaign. and john kasich's campaign said that it starts at the top and donald trump is responsible.
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and so clearly the two other campaigns that are not trump's think that the campaign manager getting charged is a big deal and casting it as a culture. >> carl, thank you. in the meantime a bloomberg opinion piece by margaret colson caught our eye. it claimed that cruz and not kasich is the enabler of trump. every poll showses cruz losing to hillary clinton. the idea of cruz stopping trump is wrong to anyone who reads exit polls, studies current ones or looks at the map. and cruz is the most universally disrespected one in the party and wears that as a badge of honor. and he doesn't have trump's
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positives. he has a knock for memorable slogans. and chris, and katelin, national political reporter at real clear politics. thank you for being here. christopher, we'll go to you, first on the bloomberg piece. is ted cruz in some way the real donald trump enabler? >> i enjoyed the bloomberg piece. but it seems like an exercise in fantasy that writers and thinkers enjoy doing. kasich won his own state and not winning at all. the fact that he could do better than ted cruz in the the general election is ilrelevant. and for the gop do him forward because he is it better against
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hillary clinton, and he does is unrealistic. >> cruz has been urging john kasich to get out of the race. he said he could sow up the majority of the delegates and beat donald trump. >> cruz and kasich have different strategies. cruz wants a one-on-one race between himself and donald trump. we believe he thinks kasich is in the way. cruz ended up winning big there. john kasich has no shot at the nomination as it stands in terms of getting the necessary delegates, but he believes that the remaining in the race will help lead the party to a contested convention. he believes he can peel away delegates in pennsylvania and elsewhere as the contest moves eastward and do better than cruz can against trump.
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and now part of kasich's strategy is that he is giving some cover to perhaps the establishment republicans who don't want to support donald trump and uneasy about supporting ted cruz outright. and so i agree, and he believes he can get the party to an open convention and kasich is not qualified to be on the ballot in a contested convention. you have to have a majority in eight states. they argue that it can change before the convention. that is a factor to consider. >> christopher, ted cruz got the popular scott walker's endorsement, i am curious why walker would not go for kasich, any thoughts on that. >> walker's endorsement was one
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that didn't look like a hostage video and seems believer and the reason is that walker is a fighter like cruz and walker is an outsider like kruchltz he is a governor and taking on the union. on paper they are similar, but in person theycazjó are differe cruz is ahead right now in walker's home state and may beat trump there. i think it is it's long shot. >> what happens if donald trump doesn't win wisconsin. >> after the wisconsin race, there are two weeks before the next contest. that is a lifetime in this political cycle especially. getting and sustaining the race is key. if ted cruz can win big in
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wisconsin. he will be honing in on the congressional districts where he thinks he can win statewide and collect delegates there, he can certainly make the case i think that he is in the best position to take on trump and that may cause questions about kasich in the race as well. and put the focus on trump. it will have slowed his path to getting the necessary delegates. that path is still possible for trump. it will make sure it takes longer at least for him to get there. and he will have to focus on the other states, pennsylvania i mentioned and california comes in june at the end of the cycle. he will have to step up his game. katelin huey- burns, thank you. >> a man wearing a fake
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explosive belt high jacked an egypt air flight to carry and forced it to land in cyprus. the passengers and crew got off safely. the hijacker was taken into custody. it shows the suspect going through airport security in alexandria before the flight. here's more from conner. >> reporter: yeah, heather, a bizarre series of events in cypress. there was a egyptian national that i hijacked the plane and it is not express why he hijacked the plane. authorities said he was
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incoherent and mentally unstable and he at one point requested that a letter be passed to his ex-wife. and he said he wanted all of the female prisoners in egypt released. it was not an act of terrorism and he did have a fake suicide belt on himself. and early on, he released most of the prisoners and including all of the americans on the plane. it was not an act of terrorism. and he kept several people on the plane including the pilot and crew members. and he did surrender. all of the passengers were unharmed. and still no one knows. and authorities are the not saying. but the passengers are expected to be returned to egypt. they are refilling the plane
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with gas. and it will leave as well. it is a bizarre series of events. it turned out to not be deadly which is a rare change here. >> be remarkable as the passengers got off of the plane with carry on luggage. conner powell, thank you. new detailed on isis sending trained operatives to europe. brussels bombers following in the foot steps of a wave of terrorist before them. they were trained by the masterminds, but officials never connected the dots. a similar situation is possible in the united states. how to symptom them before it is it too late. >> it will be impossible to kill our way out of the problem. we have to create a fundmental shift in the ability of isil to inspire terrorist.
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>> the fox news alert. a dispatch and highly trained operatives in europe. european officials failed to connect the dots. with us is a senior fellow for are the defense of democracy and editor of the long war journal. thank you for having me. >> how far does the web of terrorist spread. >> this is something that is identified by u.s. counter intelligence. overseeing and directing the plots in europe. it is not home grown. it is a wing of isis that is planning and directing these
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types of operations in europe. they will recruit locals and they have gone over to syria and iraq. and so it is sort of both. you have guys trained in explosives and handling firearms and sent back to europe to commit the attack and under the direction of a specific part of isis that does this. >> investigators said when they were able to kill the second in command of isis, the money man, they received information in the brussels attack that linked them to him. you know it is it high level communications then. >> it was a long- time leader back in the 1990s. and he travelled to afghanistan
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and swore allegiance to bin laden and thinking about this sort of thing for a long type. we saw the defense department when they announced his death. he was involved in external affairs of isis and a hand in the plots in western europe. >> why were they not able to connect the dots? is >> this is worrisome. they are known terrorist to u.s. >> there was a list put out in belgian in june, june of this past year and then the paris attacks happen in november, so that list included three names of the persian gulf attacksers. >> yes, he was advertised as the beak in english. he said i will come to attack you and taunting belgian and french security services for
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failing to stop them. it is troublesome. they say they are coming and hit france and belgian and they do. and still not being stopped. the reason for that if you talk to terrorism and counter terrorism officials, they have more threats and so terrorist are slipping through the cracks. >> we are told there are isis- related investigations in all 50 states. is there a danger for it here? >> here is the problem. some of those investigations are noise. want to bes. and pose a threat or they don't. some home grown will rise to san bernardino, but it opens up the possibility of a professional terrorist to execute something like paris or brussels. that is my number one concern.
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someone trained can cause mass casulties here in the u.s. now. >> let's hope it doesn't happen, jon. >> now questions after the fbi unleased a terrorist iphone without apple's help. what does that mean? it's avai7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you.
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bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting >> "happening now" right now, the fbi assisted by a hacker army is hacked the iphone of a san bernardino terrorist. the feds were locked in a legal battle with apple. yesterday, the justice department dropped the case against apple after a third party came forward allowing investigators to crack the function. apple welcomed the decision and issues a statement, we'll continue to help law enforcement
10:26 am
with their investigations as we have done all along and continue to increase the security of our problems as the threats and attacks on our data are frequent and more sophisticated. apple believes that people in the united states and around the world deserve security and privacy. sacrificing one for the other puts people and countries at risk. greg is joining us now with more on this case. it is in the headlines and now dropped, so what happened? >> it was moot. a third party said we can unlock the equipment and they did it. and it was no longer necessary for a fbi to have a court order forcing apple to do the same thing when there is no controversy, no need for a judge and the fbi withdrew the case. what we don't know what was on the phone and what was the
10:27 am
treasure trough of information that can lead to other terrorist attacks that may be imminent. the fbi is not saying so far. >> apple claims they couldn't do what the company did. is there a winner? >> the feds point of view, they achieve the losing on a pole. it would have set a precedent. for apple, it is it more complicated. sure they stood up for the rights of privacy and their consume isser are -- consumers. and it is a competitive marketplace. it is marketed to be secure, but the government can unlock and get your data. >> what about the company that did what apple said they could not do.
10:28 am
>> we don't know. it is it a company. the government is not saying but they are the new best friend of the fbi and likely get if they haven't, a fat lucrative government contract to do similar things in criminal cases in the fbi. there are reports that it is an israeli company and that kind of makes sense. celibright does business with apple and help them transfer the device information and they are familiar. it could be a white hat security company and do it for a profit and say we'll expose your vulnerabilities so you can patch them. but we don't know. and now potential terrorist know that we can get in the cell phone.
10:29 am
are there more cases? >> yes, there are dozens of criminal cases in which the fbi is seizing computers and cell phones. and this company will do that for them. and the new york case that the fbi lost and a federal magistrate in a drug chase. the magistrate said you can't conscript apple engineers to work for you to create something that doesn't exist. the government could now go away if the company can open the drug dealer's device. >> greg jarret. we appreciate it. john? >> the democratic presidential race is heating up with bernie sanders gaining momentum and how hillary clinton is trying to stop him from gaining more ground ahead of the next primary. polls show donald trump locked
10:30 am
in a close race with ted cruz in wisconsin. what would a trump nomination mean for republicans running for congress come november. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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10:34 am
the momentum will carry him to another victory next week. ed henry is live in hillary clinton with more. hi, ed. >> reporter: good to see you. remember sanders had momentum after winning michigan and ran in trouble in illinois and missouri and that momentum was stopped and last weekend, he's back. the clinton machine wants to make sure he's put down in wisconsin. they are pushing back on the idea of another debate in new york where there is a primary in midapril. clinton campaign said in all, bernie sanders changes the negative tone, they will not do more bates. but hillary clinton used a back drop of a church in milwaukee to go on the attack over bernie sanders over guns.
10:35 am
>> the viability of guns has gone way too far. and the fact that gun makers and sellers are immountain from liability, because of a law i voted against, president obama voted against when he was in the senate, my opponent voted for, you can't hold them liable. >> you can hear her going on the attack. what is interesting if the clinton campaign finds the sanders' attack neg95 wait until she gets to the nomination. there is a digital addredging up old clinton scandal to say it is fair game if she gets to the nomination. >> i think i am the most transparent person in public life. stay tuned there will be a lot
10:36 am
more. >> and that is a campaign heating up. and you can bet it will go get nasty fast. >> that alone is hard to believe. how are the democratic candidates reacting to wisconsin's governor endorsement of ted cruz. >> reporter: it is interesting p, the governor had to drop out. he is trying to make an impact on the republican race. but on the democratic side scott walker invoked a lot here on the trail. bernie sanders on the attack against scott walker because of his various clashes with the unions. and sanders said he made his own pitch that he stands up for unions and progressives should rally around him. the progressive primary is important and using the
10:37 am
republican governor to it get votes. >> edhenry thank you. nobviously trump is a controversy generating machine and republicans feel his name on the top of the ballot could harm gop candidates below. they wonder whether to back trump or distance themselves from a man who could be the presidential nominee. and bring in our panel. david ovel& go pack chairman and democratic strategist basel smi zel. david, what about embracing donald trump and his candidacy or keeping their distance? >> there is no question the presidential race will frame the
10:38 am
discussion, jon, but more important is the candidates and the ideas they are running on and the campaigns they run. as senator mitch mcconnell reminded senate colleagues, he won in kentucky as president clinton got a commanding win. just as senator collins was able to be reelected in 2008 as president obama won in maine. so before democrats look for the majority have a election first. >> basil what do you think? >> i think they are nice offices. but david is right. they may split it. and think of their president and their vote differently from a member of congress or council
10:39 am
member or state legislator. that is true. what the republicans need to be concerned about. being able to tie donald trump and his language to the comments related to women and related to communities of color. and while i think it may work in some areas, i don't think that that has wide support and if democrats tie that language not only to his candidacy but the rest of the ticket, i think you will start to see the folks looking at the democratic ticket. >> let me read you a piece from the new york times, nominating mr. trump it said can create a battlefield of extraordinary breadth and volatility. he would enter the general election trailing badly against
10:40 am
hillary clinton and he has become deeply unpopular outside of his white base. he would drive away women, and nonwhites and voters with college decrease in conservative states like george why and north carolina. how do you balance those to the push and pull of donald trump? >> as we discussed the candidates have to put out their ideas and what they want to do if elected to members of congress. i saw the article. can you name a time that a party without candidates took a majority? and look at where filing dead lines, democrats have not filed candidates in races that they could make competitive. first you have to add to.
10:41 am
it and their candidates are equally in trouble for losing and making it harder for democrats to take over. you can't beat somebody with nobody. and state level that we are talking about down balolt. 45 percent of the republicans or democrats incumbents have no one running against them. and so these races as we are talking. they are individual races and certainly framed by the presidential race in the messaging, but each candidate has to run their own campaign. >> talk p clinton, the former president after he was elected in 1992, he did not have a particularly auspicious first couple of years and the voters handed the control over the house to the republicans. could republicans like the majority in the house right now, could they lose it if voters
10:42 am
don't like the guy on the top of the ticket? >> i would argue they can. we have another new yorker in senator schummer that could be the next majority leader of the senate and we would love to see that opportunity take hold. but i do think that as david mentioned earlier, the candidate running in the top of the ticket sets the tone. and when you go to the convention, it is that candidate and few others that create the platform that the party will run on in the general direction. democrats are looking at how republicans are going to balance what they said particularly after 2012 when they had the autopsy and bringing in more woman and people of color and embracing immigration reform. it was discussed and the person in the top of the ticket threw it out. >> i think david wants to tell
10:43 am
you that you have to fill the candidate slots. >> and jon, it is interesting, you mentioned the loss of republicans under president clinton. that was two years after he was elected. have one election before we talk about the midterm. >> david and basil, thank you. >> thanks. we have a fox business arcts letter. the federal chair addressing. and you can see the market is up 50 points over 17, 585 right now. and the fed is expected to raise rates gradually this year. most predicting that the feds will not raise before new. a man pulls a weapon in a visitor's center and the police fire back. the latest on the suspect's condition and the charges he now
10:44 am
faces. and plus this. >> a high- speed chase involving police and dare devils on the motorcycles. the responding officers were especially upset about one of the law makers. -- breakers.
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kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score. "happening now", an off duty officer finding himself on the wrong side of the law. police in florida releasing the dash cam video of what it is showing two people on motorcycles flying down the street at more than 100 miles per hour. yeah, one of those speeders is an officer himself. and the other was this woman. 24-year-old tiffany brush and crashed the bike and confessed to her who was on the ride. >> she told the deputy that the person riding with her, she was afraid to give his name because
10:48 am
he was a police officer. ncertainly disappointed and concerned. >> they figured out the name. 26-year-old francis downy. he's on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated, jon? >> not good to do. >> new information where there is a stepped up security presence and a man pulled a weapon and causing chaos. >> stay with them. police shot the man responsible for this scene and he's now hospitalized and not the first time he caused trouble on capitol hill. we have more on the update. >> good afternoon. and fox learned that the suspect was carrying a pellet gun. and the wounded suspect was
10:49 am
identified larry russell taoson, a 66-year-old minister from tennessee. the suspect is believed to be the same man arrested following the out of burst in the u.s. chamber p. taoson is in critical but stable condition. it came in full tourist season with many americans on spring break. the capitol police said it was the act of a single person and no reason to believe that it was anything more than a criminal act and not terrorism. but it created anxious moments. >> all of the sudden, there was a scramble with people yelling and screaming and officers with guns drawn and saying that shots were fired. it was stressful. >> taoson was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
10:50 am
no capitol police officers were wounded in the incident. >> still to come big states cutk on welfare benefits. we'll explain up next. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. it's everything you've ialways wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. sometimes... ...maybe too hard.
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hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. donald trump's campaign manager charged by police with simple battery after an altercation with a female reporter. trump's senior adviser will be here to respond. plus adviser of john kasich saying this. if this bully worked for kasich, he would been fired long ago. should he keep his job in we'll ask the cruz campaign. we're honoring vietnam veterans
10:54 am
today. >> more and more states requiring food stamp recipients to work in order to qualify for welfare. william has more on this. hi, william. >> welfare recipients got a five year break during the recession. now states can reimpose work fair although most have not. >> today we are taking a historic chance to make welfare what it was meant to be, a second chance, not a way of life. >> that was 1996 when president clinton required recipients to work first if they wanted welfare. president obama reversed that seven years ago. >> food stamp recipients didn't cause the financial crisis. >> with unemployment half of what it was in 09, states can restore the work requirement if
10:55 am
they want. >> our advice is look at the canvas model. >> since kansas reacted 20% are off welfare and it limited how benefits are used after seeing welfare cards spent on cruise ships. >> you can't use them at casinos, strip club, tattoo parlors. >> colorado also banned ebt cards in pot shops. maine reacted after recipients used theirs at disney world. >> they found millions of dollars being spent in florida and i can assure you florida is not close to maine. >> they found 4,000 recipients won more than $22 million in the state lottery and kept welfare benefits. >> an individual could win half a million dollars and in the month they receive a lump sum they may not qualify. the next month and every month going forward they can legally sign up for food stamps.
10:56 am
>> despite the benefits, some states are not willing to throw people off food stamps. 90% of americans favor work fair. >> i don't think maine is near florida either. william live for us. thank you. >> you know, making someone sleep with the fishes is usually considered a threat. but what about with sharks? well, that might be a different story. the final 30 next.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
the 360 degree bedroom located under 3 million liters of water. >> and that's cool. >> hopefully shatter proof glass. >> we hope. >> for sure. >> thank you for joining us. >> the real story the gretchen starts nouchlt. >> kicking it off with a fox news alert today. donald trump's campaign manager now charged with assaulting a female reporter after an incident earlier this month that happened in florida. florida police charging with battery. hi everyone. i'm gretchen. this is the real story on that and much more. first let's look at video from the ground we had after it first happened. you can see that red arrow pointing to trump's campaign manager. next to trump you see former reporter michelle fields under the other arrow there and after a few seconds we see the moment where his arm and field's arm connect. after this video was released, the trump camp said there had been no contact vigorously


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