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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 31, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> the issue of abortion takes central stage on the campaign trail. and all candidates weigh in after one interview. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. donald trump is once again testing the their country if. no matter what he says or does, it always works out for him. to tnl trump campaign is dealing with fallout from the republican front-runners' latest pronouncement about women and abortion. trump's opponents wasted no time in contributing to the back lash. the chief political corn carl cameron reports from appleton, wisconsin. >> ted cruz has surged into the
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lead with 40% over donald trump at 30 and john kasich at 21, according to a new marquette university law poll. with national polls showing trump's combative campaign turning off women, trump who switched from pro choice to pro-life suggested that women should be punished for abortion but not men and never even mentioned abortion providers. >> the issue is there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the women. >> yeah. >> when you thought it couldn't get worse, horrific and telling. >> ted cruz launched his women for cruz initiative. >> women are not a special interest. every issue is a woman's issue. >> it was a clear attempt with his wife, mother and carly fiorina on hand to highlight a trump vulnerability. for the second day in a row trump denounced battery charges against list campaign manager saying the video exonerates him. >> then you have ted cruz saying he should be fired. i don't do that.
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i'm loyal. >> trump criticized the alleged victim saying she could have been a potential threat and was not assaulted. >> she had a pen in her hand. secret service is not liking that. they don't blank it is. >> even the white house weighed in. >> i am confident neither president obama nor president bush would tolerate someone on their staff being accused of physically assaulting a reporter. lying about and it blaming the victim. >> this afternoon trump made no mention of abortion or the criticism of his remarks. >> nobody respects women more than donald trump. that i can tell you. nobody. and nobody will be better to women. >> the race has gotten so nasty. all three candidates have said they can no longer keep their pledge. >> if the nominee is someone i think is hurting the country, i can't stand behind them. >> i'm not in the habit of
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supporting someone who attacks my wife. >> his second and third responses sounded more left than right. >> well, the greatest function of all by far is security for our nation. i would say health care and education. without explaining how, he said he would end obamacare. >> this campaign at its core is about three issues. jobs, freedom and security. ? cruz and kasich unleashed a torrent of comments. it wouldn't be women facing legal trouble. it would be the abortion providers themselves. and late this afternoon just a few moments ago trump issued another clarifying statement saying that's what would happen. reversing himself entirely. >> even though there's a lot at stake in wisconsin hillary
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clinton is looking to shore up for her what is a different contest. considered by most a home game. >> hillary clinton is nervous enough about her adopted state that almost one month before the new york primary she's already running a little scared. >> a joy. so we're going to cover the city. we're going to cover upstate. >> then packing the world famous apollo theater ahead of the primary to slam bernie sanders's revolution as unrealistic. >> my possibly and i share many of the same goals. but some of his ideas for how to get there won't pass. others just won't work. because the numbers don't add up. >> the visit was about exploiting the big edge with african-american vote lakers has given her a commanding leave.
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despite that, and her eight years in the senate, clinton has been forced to already start spending money in the new york market on a tv ad and attacking donald trump. >> when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion and turning against each other. well, this is new york. and we know better. >> a sign sanders is a threat to clinton even on her home turf. where the whopping 247 delegates could help him put even more pressure on her. so clinton is spending more time here in new york than wisconsin where sanders leads in next tuesday's primary and is tapping into the anger of misplaced workers. >> over the years secretary clinton has supported nearly all of these disastrous trade agreements. >> in another scene of clinton playing defense after her camp initially said no to a new york debate until sanders changed his tone, she now appears to be
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giving in. >> i think the xanls are talking about that. >> the the underdog is itching for another debate. >> my understanding is she would like to do in it brooklyn. i was born in brooklyn. game on. >> and tomorrow clinton will be three straight days in the state she used to represent. bill clinton doing four events in the city tomorrow. not to be outdone, bernie sanders has a rally in the bronx. >> the short handed u.s. supreme court is considering its first big environmental case. and it goes back to property rights you, your neighbors and virtually every one you know in this country. shannon bream has the story. >> we're talking about a direct effect on million of land
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owners. >> for decades, they have had a this business which involves scraping away the plant materials, drying it and then selling it for use in golf greens and athletic fields. the company hoped to add hundreds of achers to its operation. but it was announced the land in question was connected to the red river some 120 miles away and it would be subjected to the clean water act permitting process. today it handled at the u.s. supreme court. where they called the clean water act quite vague in its reach. arguably, unconstitutionally vague. they are arguing to fight the findings. the court argues the land owners cannot do so without first going through a time consuming permitting process that will likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. with the exception of justice
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kagan, the court agrees. they called it arduous and very expensive adding, it is going to take years and cost a lot of money. and when the government's attorney argued that the land owner could simply roll the dice and move ahead with developing the handle despite the findings, justice briar said then he goes to jail. something kevin pierce, the owner in this case, had not been willing to risk. >> we could have and xanlded a couple years ago and different things. but we've been held up because of the threat of high fines and criminal charges. and all the things that come out of the jurisdiction. >> critics of the nominee merrick garland said this is just what they're worried about. citing his overwhelming deference to federal agencies in disputes like this one. >> thank you. there's more trouble for president obama's nuclear summit
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already happen strung by the absence of nuclear super power russia. iran is once again thumbing its nose at the u.s. and the legacy nuclear deal. the list of those missing and the increasing strain among those expected to attend threatens to overshadow the event. notice when i absent to keep it out of the hands of terrorists, leaders from iran and russia. >> i think we would prefer it. but look there are a lot of thing he would prefer the russians do that they don't do. >> they simply weren't invited. in a clear signal to the hard liners and the world, iran's supreme leader, ayatollah campaigny declared his company would not stop in its drive toward a nuclear future saying in a speech, quote, those who
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stay future is in negotiations, not in missiles, are either i go nornlt or traitors. also, the his country reeling from the reason terrorist attack that killed dozens of children. the biannual brainstorming sessions has garnered extra attention after a state of terror attacks across the globe. while president obama has set aside time for his counter parts from ankara and beijing, there year's summit could be the least productive in years. >> it doesn't make any sense if one of the heads of state of the two top nuclear powers refuses to attend. >> this is one of russia's neighborhoods. north korea. fired a projectile believed to be a short range missile on tuesday. the nation's latest rebuke of sanctions and exercises being conducted by the u.s. >> we have to look at the north korea nuclear program which is not slowing down. we have to look at the iran nuclear deal. these the real nuclear
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proliferation issues. >> a few things to keep an eye on. that set aside will be a formal one. it will come from joe biden. perhaps a reflection of the crackdown in that country. we expect the president to touch base with his p5 plus 1 partners. and expect the president to convene a tri-lateral gathering between allies from japan and go south korea. >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. thanks. the u.s. is senting another combat team to eastern europe and that's designed to send a message to vladimir putin. the pentagon will rotate troops and bring in new equipment. allies there are concerned about russian aggression in the wake of its invasion of ukraine. this weekend we will take a special look at what many experts call the deterioration of the u.s. military. seven years after president
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obama took office, insiders see the armed forces as tattered and demoralized. we talked with three of president obama's four defense secretaries. one of them talks about withholding information from the white house. >> reporter: egypt's next door neighbor went up in flame. gadhafi has been cooperating with tuesday since the invasion of iraq in 2003. many voices around the world were now demanding he be removed from power. once again the president's top military advisers counseled caution. when he sided with those who urged him to support the overthrow of gadhafi, his secretary of defense resorted to extraordinary measures. >> did you actually tell your subordinates to limit the amount of information they gave to the white house on military options available? >> all i said was i don't want any military plans or options
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going to the white house that i haven't seen. >> you write it a little more bluntly. up don't give the white house staff too much information on the military options. they don't understand it very much. run of military operations out of the white house. >> yeah. the experience we had with that in vietnam didn't work so well. >> fox news reporting rising threats. shrinking military premiers friday. it reairs several times over the weekend. set the dvr. the threat of isis terrorism beyond the middle east and europe. tonight laura tells us about it. >> they call themselves caliphate cyber army and are a self-described pro isis group. it is the same group which
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released name of police officers in minnesota, placing them on a kill list earlier this month. this time they released a series of tweets that linked to a list of names, addresses and ranks of 55 new jersey transit police officers. the tweets encouraged supporters to carry out lone wolf attacks. cyber security experts believe the increase in frequencies of these cyber attacks signal advancement in their attacking capability. like anything else, the more you do it, the better you are. we don't want to deal with the real ongoing threat. >> new jersey transit reps say the system would never compromise. however, some information was braexd from an outside vendor and they are working with the darrel of homeland security and the fbi. the cca has had online operations going on for at least a year. reportedly hacking into sites from the u.s., the u.k., russia,
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france. most of the hacking attacks appear to be minor facts are less secure. most recently they claimed to have hacked google. instead hacked an unrelated indian website that has the words google online in it. experts say they continue to rely on the public to notify police if they see something suspicious. >> if you see this information, you have to call it in. it is better to be wrong and have somebody cleared up. >> the group continues to threaten. and has issued a threat against russian president vladimir putin. >> thank you. up next interesting intense battle for delegates to the republican convention. it is a furious hunt that is complicated. james rosen explains it all coming up. fox 9 and the twin cities where two white police officers involve in the fatal shooting of an african-american man will not face charges. a prosecutor says evidence
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showed jambar clark attempted to gain control of the officer's women. there was an 18-day encampment outside a police precinct. big layoffs at boeing. the company is confirming it has already taken steps to eliminate 4,000 jobs. the seattle times reports that number could double. boeing will only say that more layoffs could come later in the year if cost savings targets are not met. and this is a live look at denver and fox 31. it is actually snow. snowing sideways right now. that's what they say. it looks like rain. one of the big stories, the u.s. army reservist gives a kidney to a total stranger. he saw a billboard asking for a kidney. tests showed he was a perfect match. they say he is now part of the
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family. that's a live look outside the beltway. this i
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the hunt for delegates to
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the republican convention. it could be a down and dirty effort in what has been a tough and nasty campaign so far here is james rosen on what is being called the shadow primary. >> fox news can now call according to associated press that donald trump has won louisiana. yet because of the intricate rules by which the pelican state selects its delegates to the republican national convention, including those who are unbound by the primary results, texas senator ted cruz could conceivably capture the majority of the delegation. >> i won. but i found out i got les delegates. do you think that's fair? >> and the donald is threatening litigation. he is staffing up at the statewide level to woo the men and women usually party activists who will serve as delegates. he just hired a person who is
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highly skilled. >> cruz is not playing this game to win on june 7th. he can't. essay hundred delegates behind. >> and the only primary win for john kasich came in ohio and whose hopes for a contested convention now rest on the gop operative who helped president ford stave off president reagan. >> these campaigns are already talking to delegates. they're making their cases to these different delegates. they're well aware this could end up in a convention. >> if that happens, the percentage acting as free agents surges from 5% on the first ballot to 57% on the second. the conventional wisdom says it is a deeper reach into the party organizations that select delegates. cruz supporter morton black well
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has served as virginia's national committeeman since 1988. >> no question that long term participation in a political party gives you a better knowledge of how things are going. you develop networks, friends and allies. >> since so many of the delegates and probable delegates come from the ranks of state gop committees, it is under clear if their antipathy to ted cruz or donald trump would be greater and whether they would line up if they were free to do so behind either of them or someone else entirely. >> president obama is commuting the sentences for 61 drug offenders. most were considered nonviolent. about a third of them were service life sentences. president obama has often call for the elimination of offenses. he met with inmates whose sentencing was commuted by him or president clinton or george w. bush. an $86 million flame that
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was supposed to fly surveillance and counter narcotics missions in afghanistan will likely never fly in asia. that is the conclusion of the scathing report from the justice department inspector general. the plane is now scheduled to pull out in june. they say they will use it in the caribbean, central america and south america. stocks were up today. ebola is no longer a world health emergency. what exactly does that mean? we'll tell you when we come back.
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the world is breathing a bit easier when it comes to ebola. the disease is no longer the major threat it was not long ago. and the obama administration can take credit for how it handled
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the crisis. what exactly this means. >> the world health organization has announced ebola is no longer an international public health emergency and is encouraging companies to immediately lift all ebola related travel and trade bans. the w.h.o. says 92 cases continue to appear and they are capable of controlling them. they claim the likelihood of the disease spreading internationally is low. ebola killed nearly a third of the nearly 30,000 it infected in west africa in 2013, and the white house defended its response to the outbreak. >> this disease can be could not takened, and defeated if we stay vigilant and committed and america continues to lead the fight. >> the american public loses confidence each day with demonstrated failures of the colonel strategy.
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>> the republicans called the government response to pathetic at the time. the president eventually selected vice president joe biden's chief of staff to lead the response. a move widely criticized that he had practically no health administration experience. republicans demanded greater quarantines and even a full travel ban. president obama resists, weighing on a plan to build treatment centers in the region. assign thousands of aide workers and screen incoming travelers. a strategy that eventually succeeded. health authorities must continue to aggressively contain any similar cases. thank you. federal official are allowing the use of a screening blood test to screen for the zika virus. primarily in puerto rico they will continual to test their own blood. previously they had to ill port
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blood from the u.s. >> changes in the labeling for a common abortion inducing drug could undo restrictions on medication abortions, passed in several states. the fda has approved a newer lower dose recommendation for the drug. it could affect laws on the books in ohio, north dakota, texas and on hold in arkansas and owing. lower proiss for oil and other materials is having a devastating effect on the recycling business. the nation's largest recycler is joining in sounding the alarm in the $90 billion industry is unprofitable and approaching crisis. >> four consecutive years, it has been a little discouraging on the commodity price decline. >> reporter: the falling prices and contamination in the
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repsychables has men this facility and many others haven't seen a profit for years. >> when there is a global downturn it affects the crisis. right now we have a stronger clar. china's industry is showing down. >> under the policy, china stopped buying recycled plastic from the u.s. in 2013. that's because americans are allowed to put different material in one bin instead of separate ones. this can allow contamination. the other expensive problem is folks simply not thinking things through. >> if they put thing like bowling balls and deer carcasses in, there it is not so good. >> analyst stays industry will rebound but likely in a different model. some centers are now charging a fee to haulers of recycleables. they used to pay them. >> needless to say recycling is
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ecologically sound. rights now right now it is not economically sound. and we need to address the issues that make it sustainable in the long run. >> while the industry experiencing tough times, no one is predicting the death of recycling which has become normal part of life. as our children remind us, he have time we put a water bottle in the wrong bin. >> thank you. at a town hall, donald trump says if abortion is banned work heam get an abortion should be punished. then later to it doctors.
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>> people in certain parts of the republican party would say yes, they should be punished.
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>> how about you? >> i would say it is a very serious problem. do you believe in pumt for abortion? yes or no. >> the answer is there has to be some form of punish many. >> for the woman. >>? yeah. >> of course women shouldn't be punished. i think donald trump will find a way to say he didn't say it but i don't think so. i don't think that's an appropriate response. >> talking about ban abortion and then press on whether there should be punishment. ted cruz weighing in saying once again donald trump has demonstrated that he hand, that he hasn't thought through the issues. being pro-life is not just about the unborn child. it is also about the mother and creating a culture that almosts her and embraces life. of course we should not be talking about punishing we will. we should affirm their dig in it
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and the incredible gift 37 to bring life into the world. a short time after that. if congress were to pass legislation making bostian illegal and the federal courts up upheld this legislation, or any state were permitted to ban abortion under state or federal law interesting doctor would be held legally responsible. not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case. as is the life in her womb. my position has not changed. like ronald reagan, i am pro-life with exceptions. >> so that was today's development. okay. clearly that was a step back from what emin the town hall. >> it was the exact opposite of what he said in the town hall. and i think ted cruz really put his finger on it there.
1:40 am
i think what you saw was the fact that donald trump really, he hasn't thought a lot about this issue. he has not really studied the history of it. the ethical or the legal history of it and he was trying to wing it. >> to be fair it was a long series of questions by chris matthews. and we know chris matthews. he presses and presses and presses on one issue. but he eventually got to that point where emyes, a woman should be punished. and then had to change it. >> i have to say, donald trump has to stop stepping in when it thing like this, trying to wing it and not thinking through things. especially something that is as important to the republican base with the issue of abortion. that. i think that one of the things that is so puzzling to us about why he does not get punished for
1:41 am
making these statements, a lot of people hear it and they feel like, yeah, he is working through it. the problem in front of us but he is talking plainly. because he doesn't have the political pat answers everything to, they give him a lot of forgiveness. that's why he's been able to get through a lot. >> we have seen this time and again. he says something and says he will boring it out and then doesn't apologize for a mistake but says this is where he's always been. you didn't see what just happen. we should point out march for life had a statement really pointed about that original come. >> what disturbs me is not that he got it wrong. it shows his attitude toward issues. this is fairly elementary. tony perkins of the family research council who has been in
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this issue for decades was explaining that what bothered him at the beginning, trumpb said many conservatives think the women ought to be published. perkins said anybody on this issue who knows the pro-life community, who knows what the arguments are and what people really believe knows that is not true. that's not the position of anybody on the pro-life side. that is the position that the pro-choice people attribute. this kind of hard heartedness to the pro-life side. and that's apparently what trump thinks. the problem is that he got it wrong. he really ought to spend the time to get this right. it is the lack of curiosity. we were talking about this earlier. he obviously had no idea about the nuclear triad. which anybody who knows policy has heard about and looked at. that's okay. the problem was it was a later
1:43 am
debate when the thook triad came up and he still didn't know clfl indicates in the interval, he didn't even look it up on google and that takes 30 seconds. >> his supporters say this is part of his style. ben carson wrote an op-ed. he says in both manner and temperament he appears to be one of the masses. yet he is wealthy and has access to political resources. he has proven time and again that he cannot be contained by the powers that be. he has turned contest into a 47 for all. many are amused by a candidate who seem to be able to say or do whatever he wants without bent. one of the top three functions of the united states government. sth well interesting greatest by far is security for our nation. i will say health care, education. there are many, many things. would say the top three are security, security, security.
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>> are not you against the federal government's involvement in education? >> absolutely. >> the concept of the country, we have to have education within the country. health care. we need health care for our people. we need a good -- obamacare is a disaster. >> is that what the federal government should be doing? >> the government can lead it but it should be privately done. >> the question was what should the federal government do? for a republican hearing that, eventually do they say, wait, there is a problem here? >> yeah. of the three positions. fine with national security. but once he got on education and health care, it is inconsistent to be arguing, for instance, that you want to bet rid of common core and then to argue that the federal government should be in charge of driving education policy. and the same is true with health care. it is impossible to both simultaneously argue that you want to repeal obamacare and yet to argue that the government
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should be running this. >> is he stepping in it more? are people asking tougher questions? is there, are we paying attention to it more? what is happening? >> i think it is a combination of things. clearly, the issue with the education and security, from last night. that is a very different issue from the abortion thing. the abortion thing is a very thorny issue going into a place like wisconsin.o have that answ down pat in a republican primary. but with a we saw out of the town hall, that's more of, every politician running would have a pat answer to that question. and people have been listening to the pat answers for a long time. and we're in the mess that we're in. and i think that's why donald trump has been doing so well. even though he does step in it
1:46 am
with alarming frequency. >> so to ben carson's point. one more thing about the signing of the gop pledge. i want to play this sound bite. this is from last night as well. >> do you still stand by the pledge even if it is donald trump? >> i am not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and my family. i think that's going beyond the line. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the nominee is? >> no, i don't. >> i have to see what happens. if the nominee is someone i think is really hurting the country and dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. we have a ways to go. >> so pledge smedge. >> it never existed in the first place. these were pledges waiting to be broken. this just about ensures the
1:47 am
ending of the convention won't be a happy scene on the stage. and the campaign will be a bitter one internally among republicans. if i could say one word. what you call a pat answer for established politicians could be said to a considered answer. a thought through answer. there are reasons why a politician can answer something easily. he may have thought about it, read about it or legislated on it for years and years. the problem is, that trump is not educated in these items and is not curious. that's the worst part. >> i think the irony is they were trying to put donald trump in hand cuffs with it and now it is the other guys.
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it is important to show it will function normally. >> it's a big deal. there have been two cases decided on the 4-4 split. now there is a big property rights case going forward and owners fighting the rights over the definition of what is water that they can regulate. we're back with the panel. as this battle over merrick garland continues, there some big issues that could get thrown back down to the decision that was done at the appellate level. conservatives are winning enormously important cases. they knew they would have the majority with scalia. one is the sisters of the poor. and the union case. they would have won. meaning the ant-union forces and it went the other way. so this shows you how absolutely critical.
1:53 am
i think more than any other time that i can remember in the last 30 years. the supreme court is going to be as important an issue as ever. it is so obvious how balanced it is. and it is so important whoever will make the decision. /j have f these senators who are facing tough races this year. are not looking like they have such great resolve. and all of a sudden mark kirk has had a meeting with garland.
1:54 am
so, i think that, no, i think it's in many ways the opposite. and especially after this union, this case that went the union's ways. >> is this sending a signal though that senator mcconnell is afraid of his own caucus as far as the vote, if they did have hearings? >> oh, i think without a doubt. whether they first came out and said we are not going to do any hearings, i thought it was foolish and rash thing to come out and sayt5t until, as charles pointed out, you know, it is a lack of confidence in his own conference that they will start falling and then one thing leads to another and they wind up having to con girm somebody. if you stop and just imagine if these were more placid times and thevrepublicans were un;v>mq behind one nominee, you know, this would be a mighty, mighty issue for them. the issue of the supreme court has always been something that republicans have been very good at using in presidential elections. it is usually a real barn burner part of the stump
1:55 am
speech for the republican candidate. and, you know, we'll see if that works this time. but, they are going to have to get their party together pretty quickly to do that. >> down the rowz/s z here, does it crack? do they eventually have hearings? >> no.n >> no. >> i don't think so. >> there you go. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for your voice in our contenders app. í[ebñ
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finally tonight, it is time to check out this week's results from the "special report" con tender's app. we have added up the results from the fox news app. the statement about free trade that was most agreed with was this quote. we should be for free trade but i think fair trade. when countries violate agreements or dump products in this country we need to stand up against those
1:58 am
countries without making them into an enemy. that statement belongs to governor john kasich. a couple of you on the panel took the quiz. all right, charlie, what did you get? >> i got full donald trump. i'm for free trade but i'm for fair trade. >> all right. charles? >> i got the full hillary of six years ago. there was a statement in there that was a trick question wherebe she was still pro-free trade, which is where i went, which is, of course, why i'm an outcast and elitist. >> this will come back to haunt you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. "special report"
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>> another round of gitmo releases. dangerous criminals some who killed americans about to be set free. >> garrett tenney is live for us in kraush dc with breaking details. good morning, garrett. >> u.s. officials described these detainees as the worse of the worse. a dozen of them are scheduled to leave u.s. custody. yesterday the pentagon notified congress they will be transferred to at least two countries in the coming weeks. with the first of the transfers happening in the next few days. according to the "washington post" one of the detains will be transferred a 37-year-old yemeni who has been on a hunger strike since 2007. gary ross dave this statement, i do not have a time line on when particular detainees will be transferred from guantanamo, but the administration is committed to reducing the


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