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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: the politics is getting heated and we have part two of foreigners buying farmland. "outnumbered" starts now. sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. andrea and taish owes. megyn mcdowell, kirsten powers is here. and republican strategist tony sayegh. >> we are coming on our 7th anniversary. my first appearance on the fox
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news channel. it was my first introduction to that death stare. >> it's a thoughtful look. >> don't make it your last. turn the volume up. sandra: the race for the white house rocked by something donald trump said. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no as a principle. >> the answer there is has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> 10 years? >> i don't know why why not' you take position on everything else. >> it's a very complicated position. sandra: saying in a statement
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trump says if congress were to pass legislation make abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb. that about-face doing little to lessen the incoming fire from his republican rivals and hillary clinton. >> that comment is wrong and it's the latest demonstration about how little donald has thought about the serious issues facing this country. >> donald trump will figure out a way to say he didn't say it or was misquoted.>> what he said tg the most outrageous and dangerous statements i have heard anybody running for
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president say in a really long time. sandra: is the criticism he's facing in the wake of this fair? >> i think it's totally fair. even ted cruz is incredibly pro-life doesn't share. it's outside the mainstream of the republican party. did he mean it when he said it or was he speak off the cuff. it's a strange thing to say off the cuff. but donald trump's pattern has been if he says something people don't like he usually sticks to it if it's his position. the fact that he walked it back explains it's not his position. sandra: does it show he hasn't seriously to the through the issues as ted cruz said. >> you have to believe him when he says this is my veal position. but it highlights the problem he
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will face in the general election. it does continue to add to these hits that he clearly takes among female voters which is still the most prominent voting bloc. 50% high disapproval among women in the righters poll. his math seems to be the only way he wins the presidency is winning 77% of the male vote. sandra: this was really out of touch and out of line with his anti-abortion supporters. will it throw any of them off? >> not with the anti-trump
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supporters. but he's still kind of winging it on these issues. they have had private conversations about family members and friends on where they stand on this issue. this is a left-wing stereotype of people against abortion, who are pro-life, that they somehow want to punish women. it's not true, but you add it to the comment he made earlier which made him sound like a liberal. when asked about the three critical roles of government, he said education, security, healthcare and education, then he threw in housing. i thought that sounds like a democrat. sandra: he has done an about-face. according to the statement his team put out and the one we just read. >> i don't know, the voters will have to decide.
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but he walked into what hoik wants him to walk into, that was a trap. hillary clinton wants a gender war. she started to hint at donald trump doesn't like women. when donald trump talked about how you supported planned parenthood, that made democrats nervous. but this necessity gaze all of that. and it gives the left an opportunity to speak out and really capitalize on trump putting his foot in his mouth. i agree with you, i don't think his supporters are going anywhere. but it will be a gender war ginned up by the left, women versus that plurality of white male voters. >> limits not forget who asked the question. chris matthews understood that
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trump does wing it on a lot of these questions. it's not that he has a politician with thoughtful drawn out conversations with public policy and shares them when he's comfortable with it. >> if you watch the whole thing, he was hammering trump. the response was if abortion was illegal. he was starting to trip and stumbling and he fell on his face. andrea: it's a classic opportunity for a candidate to stop and say i don't deal in insane hypotheticals. as a press secretary i always said i don't deal with these insane hypotheticals. when someone like chris matthews is asking hypothetically if a spaceship landed with aliens and dropped a post money would we use that money. sandra: running for president, his critics will say you should
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be ready for anybody. we have to discuss where this is going. tuesday will be huge. the latest gop polling, cruz at 40%. trump 30 *. the absence of rubio is bolstering cruz. this is a complete turn around. >> i i think we always knew when they would do head-to-heads trump started to lose. and trump was the one beating him. having fewer people in the race is a good thing. in kasich got out it would be even better for him. i don't know if he's in a position to beat trump. but whether he will be able to beat him i think is still a long-shot. >> there is two definitions of
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wing. definition one is to prevent him from getting the threshold of 1,237. here is the significant thing about wisconsin. trump is at 30%. this is the argument a lot of people have been making, that he has this ceiling. wisconsin is showing a little bit of that ceiling. but in two weeks you have new york where trump is poised to do well. why is this important for cruz. wisconsin is the last opportunity before new york for anybody but trump to start winning. i'm look at wisconsin, and pennsylvania. those are the only two states where there is any meaningful data that shows where donald trump can be stopped. >> even if cruz wins the state, those delegates are allocated in such an odd way that trump can do well. he could do okay enough that he
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could still move along. >> it's one of those complicated states where the statewide winner gets delegates. if he wins two or three congressional districts he might get delegates. >> he's winning some of those areas of the state if you dice up the state. >> i'm not giving you the death stare. >> i saw a smile. it warmed my day. >> i think it's interesting. but yeah, i tend to just be in the camp, i think it will be difficult to beat trump. you may be able to stop him from hitting the number. but once he is the person with more delegates it gets increasingly hard to stop. sandra: for ted cruz in the state of wisconsin that's 10 points to, ahead of the margin of error against donald trump.
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never mind the close race in wisconsin, hillary clinton is turning her attention to new york where new polls show her lead over bernie sanders is dwindling. concerns over nuclear terrorism as world leaders meet in washington to discuss how to keep nukes away from isis. join us for outnumberedovertime. we'll be listening. that's why you drink ensure you don't let anything keep you sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! for the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. ensure. always stay you.
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xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. andrea: despite a close race in wisconsin, hillary clinton is turning her attention to new york where the race is also tightening. here is bill clinton drumming up support for his wife in new york city. the clintons have five events planned between them across the state as a new quinnipiac poll showing hillary clinton beating bernie sanders by 11 points.
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the latest poll shows clinton losing to sanders among men and young people. we worked on new york campaigns together and it wasn't long ago hillary was running for the new york senate, and she was trailing in new york even though she was a one and and bill clinton's wife. is it shocking to you that she is having trouble in a state like new york? >> it is in the respect it's considered a safe state for someone like hillary clinton. her political lineage is for the last 20 years. there is a distrust among new york and national voters. i think bernie sanders has had a few good weeks. he won three contests a week ago. he's doing incredibly well in
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wisconsin. i think she is looking to new york to build a northeast fire wall against sanders. when you see that loss, that nearly 0% loss in d nearly 30% loss in her polling, you see why she has to do that. she is not taking for granted at the delegates in wisconsin are proportional. she is running up the score in new york when she sees sanders coming aggressively on her heels. andrea: kirsten, you worked on campaigns in new york as well. she has to bring out bill to try to get her numbers up. but the fact that she has to work at this and bring in bill, what does it show about her campaign? kirsten: it shows she has an
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opponent that resonates with the democratic party. if she was running unopposed it would be different. but she has somebody she has to fight against which i think is a good thing. what i do find troubling is even if bernie sanders won new york, the superdelegates would still go with hillary. that's problematic. if you look at the actual numbers he's not that far behind her in terms of delegates. it's when you add in the superdelegates. basically the reason she has such a huge lead is because a bunch of democratic party cronies are behind her. andrea: dagen you know my thoughts on this. let's talk about the fake campaign for the democratic nomination for president. it's totally rigged in her favor. to kirsten's point, the superdelegates are locked and
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loaded for hillary. dagen: the superdelegates turned against her in 2008 as soon as barack obama started running away with it. if she is taking this for granted she is being foolish. bernie sanders is new york born and bred. when you put him next to her, she is so inauthentic and where is she from. a new york doesn't mind you stabbing them in the gut, just don't stab me in the back. you watch this contest. if he comes close to her, she better look out. andrea: she is from all these different states. what do you think? sandra: her campaign seems to have done the calculations kirsten just cite. if you look at the ad campaign she just put out, it doesn't target bernie sanders, it
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targets donald trump. maybe what you have been saying all along. tony: she was a cubs fan before she was a yankees fan. andrea: a harvard researcher with a chilling warning on how close isis thugs to be to getting their hands on nuclear material. what should world leaders do as they meet in washington, d.c. marco rubio is out of the race but he still has a plan to stop donald trump. could it work or backfire on the gop? ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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>> president obama hosting leaders of 50 countries around the world talking about preventing groups like isis from getting their hands on nuclear
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weapons after a surveillance video was found in the home of a man linked to the brussels bombers. the video shows the brussels suspects spying on a top nuclear specialist in belgium. all this as a top researcher is warning isis may be closer to getting nuclear weapons than we think. it sounds so scary, tony. tony: the worst thing this administration has done to hurt the cause of scaling back the threat of nuclear attacks is giving a nuclear deal to iran. today the a.p. reported that they have expand the sanctions relief to iran even beyond the original deal. i think that's interesting that's the story dominating the wires when the president is focused on a legitimate threat.
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this harvard report is scary intailts outlines three ways, two that are probable to do harm with nuclear weapons. one is having an actual bomb. the second is getting the ingredients to make a dirty bomb. the third is sabotage. cyber security where you can go into a nuclear facility via cyberspace. this is a big concern. i'm sorry russia is not at the table. but i don't think the obama administration has extent clear messages particularly because of this iran deal, and wait shows they are willing to do even by giving nuclear weapons to the most dangerous country in the world. reporter: the summit begins with 50 countries meeting. do you think anything will come out of that to make the world safer? >> i don't know. by don't agree about the iran thing.
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i don't think they gave iran a bomb, iran was on the way to having a bomb and this deal was supposed to slow them down. isis has been difficult to control, to battle, and so it is scary to think of them getting their hands on nuclear weapons because we have been so ineffective at stopping them. dagen: if you don't think they are a threat, president obama dismissed them, "they are not here to cut our heads off. it's easy tore die slipping in the bathtub." proliferation of nuclear weapons and terrorism. you let the islamic state fester and you created a terror group that wants nukes. you have got russia and north korea layered on top of it.
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we are in a world of hurt. andrea: how is anyone supposed to take the president or the white house seriously on this? just last week he said there were no existential threats to the united states. it's hard to wrap your head around a summit. i know a ballroom filled with ice sculptures will help. for the last 8 years he has dismissed the threat of isis. now he's summoning everyone to ballroom d in crystal city or wherever they are to talk about a threat he says doesn't exist from an enemy he reduce fuses to name. they have the opportunity to attack isis, to identify them and get them to stop doing what they are doing. the president continues to go out there and say they are not a threat, when we know it's the exact opposite. >> we did hear on several
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occasions over the course of gop debates, tony, candidates were asked about this. while an gree tree a is laying out the administration may not able to combat this, we haven't heard a lot from the 389 candidates. >> i thought jeb bush and marco rubio had the most outlined plans. i'm amazed that this president has gone the away with this just kind of casual attitude towards such a major threat that's growing, not shrinking and a lack of a strategy and the idea we can contain them is not going to solve the problem. andrea: that anti-muslim summit he had last year was a real threat to stop them. he may be out of the race but
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marco rubio sending letters to gop officials throughout the country saying he wants to keep the dell gates won. between now and the convention in july he wants to use his delegates to thwart trump. is this about stopping trump or just letting marco rubio get back in the race and flex his muscles? tony: i think of wachino in "godfather 3." a lot will have to happen for marco rubio to become key player. this is interesting. the more and more we see donald trump gaining and becoming this immovable force. there is an alliance coming together in such a way, and i do
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believe this is part of that expand alliance to stop trump at all costs. it's really about depriving him not just below 1,237, but as much below that number so he doesn't go to the convention saying i'm only 50 delegates shy. you have 183 uncommitted delegates. these are delegates that went to people who are no longer in the race. there will be a major play. as interesting as it doesn't sound other than to dorks like me. this will be a major part of this contest. which campaign will be most effective at winning them over. sandra: rubio's delegates would not normally be significant in any other elect year? but this year the many significant? tony: take out reagan-ford.
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which is not quite the same. look at the early and late 1900s. dagen: the republicans are foolish to want a contested convention. the last nominee who was named at a contested convention who won the presidency was fdr. tony: there are some in our party will remind you that abraham lincoln won a brokered convention. andrea: i'm sitting next to my dear friend kirsten so i can't see your face. you are beaming ear to ear when you talk about republicans destroying each other. kirsten: that's not true, i care about the republican party. tony: you care about democracy.
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kirsten: i do. i think it would be damaging to the republican party to try to take away the nomination from donald trump if he's the one going in with the most delegates. i think there would be a main backlash, major backlash. andrea: what does that look like, tony? tony: i think it would be disastrous. we basically have up a divided, fractured party, some say it could sweep through the house and senate. but i do think the republican party is growing and if they find a way to handle the growing pains and adapt toward a better strategy it could be a strength. andrea: they are not focused on growing the republican party. they are focused on changing the rules. you heard karl rove admit to it eric bolling on "the factor." they are making millions of dollars soliciting donations to
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change these rules to keep trump out. tony: we would miss a major opportunity if we focused on the inside politic than growing the republican party. andrea: student at one university were simply traumatized after someone wrote "trump -- "trump 2016." in chalk. they demanded the university president take action.
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dagen: a follow-up to the story we told you about, the president of emory university in atlanta responding to someone writing "trump 2016" in chalk on campus,
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spark an uproar from some student and staff saying it caused them genuine concern and pain. they wanted the president to decry the candidate. but he picked up a piece of chalk and wrote his own message writing "emory stand for free speech and expression." andrea: i think it's great. it's depressing to read now wimpy young people have become. kirsten, you wrote an entire book about this. kirsten: this is going on on our campuses, if someone expresses a point of view you disagree with, someone is saying something
9:40 am
about a belief they disagree with and they consider that microaggression. this is simply saying you support somebody for president. dagen: they make it so vile. you get accused of big a bigot or member of the klan if you say something people in this bastion of free speech don't agree with. andrea: i think it's branching out of university. if you say something on twitter people don't like, especially on this program, people go bananas. they go mental. it's not just college campuses. kirsten: , they go mental it's not just college campuses. dagen: i think you are going to see a backlash at campuses because parents are not going to pay a quarter million to send
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their kid to a school where they get labeled a racist and bigot if they express their opinion. sandra: it's only fair to point out what happened. the student who spoke out about this led a protest. then the students who were speak out for trump then responded with death threats to this 19-year-old college student on social media including a picture of a gravestone with his name on it. i don't understand why it then had to go to that point. tony: obviously that's unacceptable. but the bigger point is the lack of understanding of the first amendment. on a liberal campus shouldn't more speech be what we encourage? the president has defied the accepted norm of what presidents of universities do when they don't stand up for the first amendment. sandra: now to another college controversy, the university of wisconsin, madison, pushing to
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hire more counselors to help students who feel victimized by their peers. students complained about racial incidents on campus in what they call microaggressions. now the school's chancellor wants to boost spending for mental health services with taxpayers helping to foot the bill. kirsten, i have got to start with you. kirsten: i think it's interesting. with the black lives matter movement, some of the incidents happening on the campuses a few months ago, one of the primary demands they were making is they wanted more funding for mernltdal health were -- more fr more mental health services. if people need counseling that's a good thing to do. the microaggression is for troubling.
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an example is youq ask somebody where they are from and that's a microaggression, because you are suggesting that they are not american. we recognize it's polite smalltalk. it's not racism. sandra: parents and taxpayers are saying we are seeing kids struggling to get jobs out of college, their knowledge of history isn't looking. shouldn't we be using this money to increase education for our students. tony: early intervention is the argument for these arguments. but college is not early intervention. i don't think about it time people go to college is the best use of dollars. but this theoretical argument, i agree with andrea. the parents of four sons, especially seeing a large diversity in the attitudes of children. you don't want kids growing up
9:44 am
this sensitive that they can't function without all these guidelines and help along the way because they have not been trained to exist in a society we live in. that bothers me and worries me more than the theoretical argument should colleges be spending resources on therapy. a state department tweet advising americans on safe travel abroad. it fails missably. suggesting people who aren't a 10 in the looks department have to be more careful. that really happened.
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sandra: let's get to jon scott and what's coming up in "happening now." jon: john kasich take some shots at donald trump. we'll talk about the state of
9:49 am
the gop race with chris wallace. bill clinton hitting the campaign trail for hillary dismissing questions about what went on in benghazi and the ethics questions about her email. we'll talk to a lawyer for one of the saudi companies who is buying up american lands. andrea: bless those froacts state department. they meant well when they tweeted out sound advice for americans heading out for spring break. if someone asks you to take a package overseas don't do it. another tweet did not go over so well. not a 10 in the u.s.? not a 10 overseas. beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or
9:50 am
worse, robbed. the tweet was pulled but not before a flood of snarky responses poured in. i'm a 6.2 in the u.s., but due to metric conversion, i'm actually a 10. can you believe this? sandra: first of all when i saw this, i didn't believe it. i went to the twitter account to make sure this was an official government twitter account. to my shock and you a d shock a, it was. does anybody find it odd that the state department has a #springbreakingbadly? dagen: where are the parents in all this?
9:51 am
i want to submit photographs to the photographs and have them judge, am i in danger of having my money stolen in a strange lands because i'm just not attractive. andrea: isn't it the opposite. if you are a 10 you should be even more careful when you are overseas. sandra: they didn't have any advice for that. andrea: what is the advice for really hot people. kirsten: if someone is buying you dringts you should be suspicious because you are not that hot. dagen: you are buying drinks for somebody -- tony: my lament going back into the 19-year-old on spring break. when there is european guys in the bars, they always seem to get a lot more attention than american guys. i would expect this tweet from the donald trump state department, not from the barack obama cultural and sensitive
9:52 am
state department. it almost defies logic how this person was empowered to just put something out like this. dagen: the trump state department would say europeans are ugly, stay at home. kirsten: they were also accused much being sexist. their official response is we made no mention of gender, this could happen to anyone, unfortunately. andrea: a 23-year-old running a twitter account. i have seen some of the people at that state department. bye-bye traditional marriage. is that true? why more and more millennials are embracing so-called starter marriages. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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andrea: new concerns about traditional values slipping away. a recent study find four in ten any lenalls support the idea of a starter marriage, allowing couples to split after 2 or 3
9:57 am
years, and they support the concept of marriage licenses that expire after a certain amount of time. all this catching the eye of the new york post's david kaufman who is asking, what is going on here. has digital culture so spoiled young people for choice that they are simply unable to settle down? okay with this could be a serious topic. tony, i have a feeling you are going another way with this. i'll start she had a starter marriage. dagen: yes, i did, and i'm here to advocate for being married rather than cohabitating. every day there is a couple on the show who lived together, and the woman -- if you have got a good job and your bum boyfriend, and you are look him money when you break up you can't get the
9:58 am
money back. but when you break up there are laws governing how you split the asset when you break up. andrea: that took all the romance out of marriage. dagen: you are either married or living in sin. tony: i don't think leasing with an option to buy works in marriage. i think it's an important and sacred institution and when you enter it you are committed to it and you have to do your best to make it work. sandra: you got married 10 years, you think you got it right the first time? >> i think show, but i don't know if my wife thinks so. dagen: i have been married 11 years, 11 months. sandra: people will say it's a serious thing happening in this country. kirsten: it's the same
9:59 am
consumerism mentality people are using for everything else. i want to try you out for a couple years and decide whether i want to renew you. why not then update. you don't have to get married. i think one of the beautiful thing about marriage is that you are committing to each other for whatever happens. it's not about how you are feeling that day, it's not about whether they got sick or last their jobs. you have this partner for your whole life. that's taking away the basic idea of the institution of marriage. andrea: you can read about my not in my book that hit on this stop i can. i think it's a broader cultural issue. especially with young people. people don't honor their commitments anymore. they can delete a picture, they can block someone. everything is temporary in society today.
10:00 am
joins for "outnumbered" overtime on the web. we'll be happy to have you. we'll be back on tv at noon. happen * starts right now. alert. paris terrorist suspect abdeslam will go back to france. >> he was captured after four months on the run. we'll cover all of the news "happening now". >> we are allowing the water to be demroeted for nothing? >> foreign investors buying up american farm land. and draining the wells in the drought stricken region. >> plus. dying in


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