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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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society today. joins for "outnumbered" overtime on the web. we'll be happy to have you. we'll be back on tv at noon. happen * starts right now. alert. paris terrorist suspect abdeslam will go back to france. >> he was captured after four months on the run. we'll cover all of the news "happening now". >> we are allowing the water to be demroeted for nothing? >> foreign investors buying up american farm land. and draining the wells in the drought stricken region. >> plus. dying in hotels.
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a shocking sweep in the u.s. >> heroin overdoses reaching record levels in an age group we least suspect. >> people are overdosing and dying. >> damaging hail and drenching down pours and devastating twisters, at least seven people hurt. who is in mother nature's cross hairs next? it is all "happening now". but we begin with presidential candidates setting their set in the race for the white house. two states up for grabs that could alter the nominations in both parties. welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna leely. wisconsin, republicans battling
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there as ted cruz and donald trump continue to go at it tooth and nail. democrats are turning their attention to new york. bill clinton stumped for his wife in their adopted home state and he has the post presidential head quarters and bernie sanders who has a string of wings out west, hillary clinton is taking nothing for granted. we have analysis of the republican race. we will start with ed henrow live on the clintons, putting out all of the stops. bill clinton coming out and suggest that hillary is nervous? >> reporter: no doubt about it, heather. they would spin it as work hard and take nothing for granted. but bringing out former president clinton four times they are trying to get the
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troops out. hillary clinton has a demanding delegate lead. but bernie is in the lead in wisconsin which as you say is next tuesday and new york is not until april 19th. but the clintons are not taking it for granted. bill clinton is near where i am. and bill clinton was saying, we can't take anything for granted. folks have to turn out for hillary clinton. and bernie sanders is in pennsylvania stumping for votes. watch this. >> i want to implore you, the real enemy is that new york has a low turn out in the presidential primaries. and we have to have a big turn out. >> i think if you get paid 250,000 to speak, it must be an extraordinary mind- blowing earth-shattering speech. it must be a speech that reveals
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all kinds of truth. it must be a speech written in shakespearean prose. >> reporter: bernie sanders not stopping the attack. the clintons want him to stop the negative attacks. new york votes on april 19th. pennsylvania is april 26th. both of these candidates are fighting for every possible delegate because time is running out for bernie sanders to catch up. he's out here in the bronx in new york and pennsylvania today. he a fighting for the votes. >> new york is huge. bernie feeling confident? >> reporter: no doubt about it. bernie sanders believes if he continues the momentum with the states of wisconsin, next week, and even come in second place in
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porportional delegates, and in new york pick up delegates and hopes to win pennsylvania and california. that is running the table and a lot of pressure on him to do it and the super delegates, party bosses, that is putting her over the top for now. but they can switch. and sanders hopes if he goes on a run, some of the super delegates will flip like they did from clinton to bark bookkeeper obama in 2008. >> ed, thank you. stakes are high for republicans in next tuesday's wisconsin primary. which is win or take most. and a now poll. regardless of the race turning out. some political pundits are wonder if the gop can recover saying the convention will do
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little to heal the wounds. listen to ted cruz talking about donald trump. >> if i were getting ready to reverse in my car and so donald in the back up camera, i am not confident which pedal i would push. and chris, anchor of fox news sunday. there is an article entitled gop at the breaking point. this is a party that is heading to a convention with a lot of fishers, chris. >> absolutely. fishers like fusion and fission, absolutely. there is a lot of splits in the party. there is splits between the so- called establishment and tea party or freedom caucus. i think everybody is surprised to see how it played out in the presidential race and the fact that over the last week, trump,
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cruz and kasich all said they may not keep the pledge to support the nominee and in trump's case, he didn't be if hemented cruz' support. usually in the end upon of the convention think of hillary clinton and barak obama. they are in unitty and campaigned together. these guys just plain don't like each other. >> and the trump super pac buying ads in wisconsin and pennsylvania to support any candidate but trump. >> who ever wins the nomination at least a thousand or 200 delegates are going to go home unhappy. hillary clinton if she is the nominee can be a mobilizing force. that's the feeling in the clinton camp. each if the sanders people are
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not happy about her, they will support her against trump. i believe the republicans will feel the same. who ever the nominee is, that person will give republican support because positive distaste for clinton. >> clearly they are trying to appeal to trump supporters. kasich in new york city had to say this. chris? >> i want to make clear to all of you here, for those people who are fervent trump supporters, their frustrations and expressions do not fall on deaf ears for me. i know many of the trump supporters fear for the security of their jobs and believing that politicians don't care about them as they see the rich get richer and they are increasingly stuck without wage increases. >> he's making the appeal, but
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can it work? >> that's the basic strategy and tactic that kasich can use even if he gets the hundred percent of the delegates. he would not reach the majority. and his only hope is for a contested convention and delegates that are supporting other candidates and put them over the top. and he's smart to reach out. i hear your message and if trump is not the person you end up voting for, you will vote for me. and will put him over the top as the nominee. >> chris wallace, thank you. and coming up on fox news sunday this weekend, chris will sit down, yes, with donald trump. check your local listings for the time it airs in your air on the big fox. and now a fox news alert.
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four policemen killed after an explosion in turkey in a bus terminal area. the bomb went off as the special forces bus went through the area. civilians were also injured in the blast. there is a rise in the violence between the security forces and kurdish militants. fox news alert. paris suspect abdeslam will cooperate with authorities if he is transferred. he was arrested in brussels nearly two weeks ago after four months on the the run and days before the bombings. benjamin hall is live in london with the latest on. that>> reporter: hi, jon, salah abdeslam will be transfer ped to
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france to face justice. information he might disclose may be significant. it was widely thought his capture brought forward the brussels attacks and he might disclose information about their plat. there is a rush to get him back to france and get him talking. he's not been fully questioned. today in belgian, soldiers searched woodlands near the french board. they had arrested during which assault guns and handguns were found. they have charged cricket of holding fake documents and transferring explosives. the brussels airport where 20 people were killed will open before the weekend. airport police were critized
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that the transport hub was not up to scratch and no security from the airport complex before the body search. there is a lot of political wrangling and most importantly searches in europe to find the other isis networks. >> benjamin hall, live from london, thank you. the obama administration is inching close tore shutting down guantanamo bay. they plan to release dozen more detainees to two countries and put it down to 79 with still more to be transferred. jennifer griffith has more from the pentagon. >> reporter: heather, the next round will be this weekend with two detainees going to an undisclosed country in africa.
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this involves a dozen prisoners can't happen because the pentagon is required to notify congress. that period has not elapsed from the latest round of transfers and the first notification went in march and the second in the middle of the month. and so first transfers this weekend and more so including a 20 year ode yemeni who has been on a hunger strike. they don't acknowledge them until after they occur. there is 91 in the guantanamo base. the pentagon said the rest are too dangerous to release over seas and sought an alternate
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location. the pentagon point man for gitmo said rejoined the fight and worse. >> how many lives have been lost by those terrorist who went back to their terrorist activity? >> unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo. >> reporter: they released a statement only five percent have been killed. >> isn't any percentage not good? jennifer griffin, live for us, thank you. still to come on "happening now", we'll talk to the fox news security analyst. who said the release is a big mistake and will embolden isis.
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>> would house speaker paul ryan accept the gop nomination if it is a contested convention in july. one political observer said that would be political suicide. [woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it.
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>> a sky diver releasing video of a near collision that nearly cost him his life, watch. can you imagine? that is the helmet cam. jumping out of a plane and he slams in his sky diving partner and they spiral out of control. the reserve shoot deployed just in time and he hit a power line on the ground and smashed four
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vertebrae. and he credits a person with calling 911 for calling his life. the other sky diver is in the hospital in serious but stable condition. in florida's man dee county the problem is highest rate with heroin overdoses. steve has more. >> reporter: jon, it is impossible for the people in manatee county to ignore the heroin outbreak. they continue to find corpses in public places. >> dying in hotel and in 7- 11s and in the bathrooms and overdosing in local businesses and dying. >> reporter: the profile of a heroin addict are seniors who
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become addicted. >> first time i shot heroin, i fell in love with it. the high was beyond the description and i never felt that again. >> first responders can administrate,inarcan. multiple overdoses by the same person in the same day. >> we ran on him in the morning and they were transported and released from the hospital and got back and took more heroin, they signed themselves out and ran on them again for the third time. three overdoses in one day. >> reporter: now the policy is just to keep it breathing but not wake them up. fears if they wake up, they will go out and overdose again.
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steve, thank you. the republican candidates duking it out in a primary. they are looking for a wisconsin native to parachute in. >> i work political discourse, both the kind on tv, and the kind that we experience among each other. it did not used to be this bad and it does not have to be this bad. irement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
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>> just getting word that a world famous architect passing away from a heart attack in
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miami. she is perhaps not a household name, but her breathtaking designs are known around the globe. among them in london aquatic center and the rome museum. she was the first female architect to win awards in her field. zaha hadid passing away at 65. donald trump trying to rally in wisconsin. he campaigned in wisconsin which happens to be the hometown of yes, speaker paul ryan and the former vice-presidential candidate is the subject of speck ulgdz -- spiculation that many would put him as first
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choice. >> is paul ryan prepared to commit political suicide. it would require a level of republican confidence at odds with all of the evidence and ryan would be raze to say yes. we'll bring in brad, democratic strategist. and thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> why in the world would anybody jump in to this race as it has gone so far, ford? >> it would be crazy and i agree with the author it would be suicide. understand this is the craziest primary i have seen and anything is conceivable. but it is a fap tace and if it was scouted it would be a great political heist. the skill would rival the gop
10:27 am
reverifying the obama care with scalia in the grave. >> how could it happen? >> once you have a brokened convention with no rules, paul ryan could be the guy that bails out the republican party. >> a lot of things would have to happen to get to it that point? >> look, you don't have donald trump getting to 1237 and reason for a brokered convention and cruz not well liked by the establishment and kasich is not able to boat hillary. everyone likes paul ryan. he was the one who was elected speaker and has support. >> he has support. i will let you jump in. he has support from the establish: but we talk about trump high unfavorables.
10:28 am
in terms of paul ryan. this is a fox news poll on march 22nd pd. he tops out unfavorable at 42 percent. and so he has unfavorable ratings as well. >> let me make this point. let me say i would be surprised if quicken loans would be burned to the the ground. and then cruz people with talk radio will spaz. and if paul ryan is the nominee and hillary clinton would get more than 350 electoral votes. >> i don't think trump will take it and go home. he would have to contend with him. keep in mind, the election and nonsense is over, you it is all
10:29 am
of that time for paul ryan to get acquainted with the voters. >> voters be so disgusted with what happened. >> are they plosed with what is going on now? aren't they disgusted. >> here's the problem, my voters are hacked off with the beltway and tonnar class. and they don't care whether it is hillary clinton. democrats are smart they like to win. only 25 percent of the republicans are concerned about beating hillary clinton. and therein lies the delimba. >> it is it a disaster and no one in the republican party that said it is a primary we are all proud of. there is a person that the republican party is proud of. and sometimes you have to put up the person who makes the most sense other than continuing this
10:30 am
problematic situation. >> i think the question is who does paul ryan makes the most sense to. the public? or the establishment? thank you very much. >> the president's pledge to shut down the guantanamo bay prison is closer to being a reality. he said keeping the facility open works in favor of the isis. our next guest said closing gitmo, will make things worse. >> cage laws for chickens that could put a major burden on u.s. farmers. >> there are some types of animal cruelty ought not to be permitted. >> we have change how we keep chickens. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes,
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> welcome back, the transfer of 12 guantanamo bay detainees will start this weekend. two will be shipped to undiscloseded locations in africa. it is all part of the president's pledge to close gitmo before leaving office. my next guest said many of the men will return to jihadi and will be recruiting tools. joining me is the analyst and
10:35 am
assistant in the reagan administration. by this weekend, what are the repercussions of what is happening. >> there is a lot of prisoners in guantanamo bay. the easy ones are gone and repatrioted and some joined jihadi and some to it retire. what is left. the 91 left are are the worst of the worst. the assumption is however many normally go back to the fight. >> it would be higher. >> these are hardened guys and been there 15 years and have a lot to prove. and not only will they go back and join the fight. but recruiting, for example, heather. we are now seeing in afghanistan, the taliban are coming back for a spring offensive.
10:36 am
they have made increasing gains and hooked up with al-qaeda hip to hip in afghanistan. and now if we release the taliban prisoners. they are rock stars and said we were in prison 15 years in gitmo and we are free and back and going to win the fight. >> how many have been approved with transfer. >> a dozen on the way out of the dornow. >> and yeah. if you are a host country , you have inducement. and the united states government said plose take them off. you don't want them back, why? say yemen? there is an active war in yemen and tribal ethnic war with. and so the taliban guys or gitmo guys pick up the fight for the host country doesn't want them
10:37 am
because they are importing fighters. >> and so the country who grease to accept them receives payment. >> it is indoucement. and the chinese terrorist were taken by a pacific island and given money and cash for taking these guys. >> what is the incentive once you keep track of them. and to keep them from going back to the front lines? >> a lot of them, supposedly go back to a prison say in yemen. they are supposed to be monitoring that prison and half of the time there are prison breaks and they get loose and go in the front dorand no one sees them again. and once they leave guantanamo bay it is it not up to us. >> bad idea all the way around.
10:38 am
>> what are we getting for it. the pr value of them and the fight? what are are we getting? the president said the american prison in guantanamo bay is a recruiting tool for terrorist. no, there is no evidence of that. we get nothing and lose a lot. >> he's able to keep his promise. >> bingo. that is all about political promise. >> thank you. always love it kt. jon? >> there is a new fight brewing between farmers and animal right's activist over an initiative to fight caged animals. doug? >> reporter: jon, for years, the family farm is under pressure from outside economics and now the pressure is applied
10:39 am
from within on behalf. farm animals themselves. >> every since i was a little kid, one of my jobs was to take care of the chicks. >> reporter: his family raised chickens in wendal, massachusetts since 1936. >> your grandfathers raised chickens. and they asked to you continue the the tradition? >> they did. they wanted a farm to continue for the family. >> it is a promise he may have to break if voters pass a ballot measure called the farm animal containment initiative and backed by the washington d.c. humane society. >> this measure would require that chickens spread their wings and move them in cage- free
10:40 am
housing. >> reporter: peter said the cages keep the cost of the eggs down. and he also said it is healthier because they keep the hands from stepping in the excreditiment. >> they prec the low cost and high qualityment >> it could raise the price up $0.80 and voters in massachusetts have a choice. >> at the grocery store, consumers can buy cage- free or less expensive cart arons. the human society is taking away consumer choice. >> there is some types of animal cruelty so heinous they ought not to be permitted. >> they are thinking that the voters are going to side with them; what do you say? >> this is not animal cruelty. we have to change how we keep
10:41 am
chickens, it affects our bottom line whether we stay in the egg business. >> he doesn't know how long he will keep his family farm. >> that's it from here, back to you. >> douglas kentucky, thank you. >> more still ahead about a story we reported yesterday. saudi arabia buying land in the american southwest and drilling wells. and using the water for the crops. american farmers live under the restrictions. our next guest said the back lash on the saudis is unjustified. >> there it goes. oh, man, look at. that >> severe storms causing twister ares and flash floods and hail all over parts of the south. more in store for the region today. respiratory if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one.
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>> fox extreme weather alert. extreme in the southern part of our country. a torp torn might be responsible for knock down trees. so far no word of injuries and afternoon heat is expected to it churn up more storms and spawn twisters and hail. and it is not over yet. flash flooding and hail expected today. in kansas golf ball size smashed windows and rattling the residents there. >> right now, a follow-up to a story we told you yesterday and involving a huge controversy in the drought stricten west. even as the u.s. farmers suffer
10:46 am
severe restrictions. there is no water loss and all they had to do is bow the desert land and they can pump up the a quafur. that might have lasted hundred years if the local folks were using it. at this rate, the state acknowledged they don't know how long it will last. it will run out. >> that was gnathan, who broke the story on the national press. sud saudi arabia's biggest dairy company owns those acre to harvest alfalta. and we wanted to hear the other side of the story and joining us is jordan rose, the attorney representing the saudi company. thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
10:47 am
heather. you heard what we saw in the top of the story. the company that you represent and other companies at all, are they taking advantage of u.s. e restrictions. >> no, they are following the law. they have to report that to the department of water resources and just recently the department said the water table had risen than dropped since the company started to farm in arizona. because they purchased an existing farm that was farming and they upgraded the farm to be eequipped with the best water conservation per acre. nwere there water restrictions in this area. or is this any in the area.
10:48 am
>> arizona department of water resources track all well pump nothing the state of arizona. in this particular situation, the company has one of the largest integrated dairy operations in the world and the cows have to eat twice a day no matter what. and in order to protect because of climate. they have imported 110000 or 150,000 alfalfa per year and from the united states. >> but i am asking, this particular farm that we are talking about. you are choosing that land because in those particular areas they don't happen to have strict water regulations? that's the accusation? >> no. they chose that land because of the soils and because the
10:49 am
climate there in that part of arizona is conducive to the type of high quality alfafl ta crop to grow and produce. they farm all over the world. they have farms in argen tina and ukraine and several others. and they use speck technology so they grow a consistent crop. and if they only relied on the farms in saudi arabia is, and those cows would have to eat and that would hurt their business. >> oh, they dried up the a quafurs? >> no, they are still farming there. if you think about it. if by the the logic of the reporter on your show yesterday, it is ludicrous and it is anti- free market.
10:50 am
all trade with a company outside of the united states is bad. are the japanese stealing our water. are the germans stealing the ye different issues. what is at issue here in this particular area, arizona and california where farmers, people that live there, they're under strict water restrictions right now because of the drought. it is a lot of water that is used to farm alfalfa specifically. but following the regulations -- >> following the regulations, paying taxes and in addition to that, heather, the water table in this particular aquifer, in this basin has risen. >> okay. >> so this is it much to do about nothing in this case. they employ 190 people from arizona and some from california.
10:51 am
>> jordan, i have to wrap you up. thank you very much for bringing your point to us. we appreciate the other side always. >> thank you. >> i want to mention that our very own will carr will be reporting on this story live tomorrow from arizona. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. he is.rrible at golf. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb,
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everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. why is the rnc launching a new website about convention facts today. we will show it to you in detail. plus, dems already out with an ad using donald trump's comments on punishing women for abortion if abortion were ever illegal again, omarosa will be here to weigh in on that. shocking video showing a passenger and flight attendant, not scared, no, laughing and posing with the hijacker in a
10:55 am
safe suicide zone. what the heck was all of that about? don't miss "the real story" minutes from now. state water surveyors in california measuring the snow pack from this past winter and as expected, there was a lot of snow, more than last year, but not enough to pull the state out of the drought. clawed why joins us live from the snowy mountains in lake tahoe, california. claudia. >> reporter: john, you're right, there is a lot more snow than last year, but the big drought busting el nino that california really needed basically fizzled out. >> 52. >> reporter: at an elevation of 6800 feet. >> 6148. >> reporter: california water officials measured the depth of the snow pack in four places and confirmed -- >> right now we're looking at 55. >> reporter: it's about average. >> 70. >> reporter: 58 inches deep with a water content measuring 26
10:56 am
inches. decent numbers in a typical year and certainly better than a year ago when governor jerry brown stood on dirt and mandated deep cut backs in water use but not what's the state wanted to hear. >> we started out great and then it just kind of fell apart. >> statewide the snow packed water content is just 87% of the historic average which will impact the spring runoff that helped get california through its hot summers. what's more, these conditions are about as good as they'll get this year with the snow beginning to melt and significant april showers unlikely. officials are encouraged by rising levels at the state's two areas in orville. they say el nino did not help those. >> it's easy to fall into the trap of looking at a familiar phenomenon. bottom line, water conservation
10:57 am
measures remain in effect. john, no long time on the lawn.
10:58 am
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for a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. 150i. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen. fox news alert. republican presidential hopefuls steng up their campaigns in the race for the nomination. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." right now donald trump is in d.c. rallying reinforcements. governor john kasich is in new york. senator ted cruz is way out in california, but wisconsin is the next big contest in the primary schedule. 42 delegates up for grab in the winner takes most primary. both cruz and governor kasich are trying to close the gap on donald trump there. clay furman is live in oshkosh, wisconsin. blake, what's kasich's strategy for trying to take out trump? >> reporter: hi, there,


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