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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  April 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> whoa. >> i don't have an attic but i would clean it out if i did. >> thank you for joining us today. "the real story" starts right now. house speaker paul ryan making it official he will not be the republican presidential nominee. welcome to the real story. he is going to address the rnc to rule out a presidential run, quote, once and for all. before that he talked to a fox news radio affiliate in wisconsin about it earlier today. >> i made a clear choice not to run for president. therefore i will not be nomin e nominat nominated. i will not allow my name placed in a nomination. i don't know how i can be clearer than that. my strong opinion is if it goes to an open convention, it seems like it is very much a possibility, my answer is the
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delegates should pick among the people who ran for president this year. i didn't. >> so there has been plenty of speculation because of fundraisers and videos put out by his office. some say it resembled a campaign commercial. great to have you back. paul ryan making it official again and again he is not running for president. he doesn't want his name on a ballot. what do you make of it? >> i think that is as close to the full sherman. i will not run for president. that is about as close as you can get, the sherman that soez no way, no how. the only trick left is to resort to jed imind tricks. >> he is going to come in front of the cameras in about an hour from now. this has been brought up by members of congress who have said i would put his name out there. with the talk about a contested
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convention people were thinking why not. >> it does look like we are heading towards an open convention. i don't think anybody other than the three people in the race today. i think that is what the people who have gone to nomination assemblys and everything else are expecting. one of the three will be our nominees. >> let's talk about your state because there was a ruckus there over the weekend. you're defending colorado against the attacks coming from donald trump calling it corrupt. in a series of biting tweets like these here is what you have been saying. if you can't figure out the colorado gop delegate process how can you figure out how to balance the national budget. if you cannot navigate the gop convention what is your plan for putin? i guess we know how you feel about trump calling your state
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corrupt. >> this is a grass roots process. this is a process that our former and previous gop chairman set and had been in place for nearly 100 years. people started showing up at their neighbors' house. 65,000 plus people participated in this event. grass root delegates get elected to the county assembly and state convention. donald trump has known the rules of the game since last august and was never upset about it until he lost colorado. there was no sign of trump melt down until ted cruz won all 34 delegates. >> let's talk about how serious this has become. now we are talking about death threats to the gentleman who run the gop in your state. so this is what steve house put on his facebook page, death threats over running a caucus. instead of a primary because it is the law here and over the fact that one candidate had a better strategy. shame on the people who think somehow it is right to threaten
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me and my family. where do we live anyway? a third world country? >> what do you say to that because is this an example of how divisive this race has become? >> i think it is divisive and any responsible candidate would immediately and should immediately say that is enough and am people making those kinds of threats to chairman house or his family must stop and stop now. it's unacceptable. it's unacceptable in any clae election. we don't do that in the united states of america including tha state of colorado. donald trump had a chance to work the delegates and he didn't do it. ted cruz showed up. he worked the delegates. he put in the time and showed up at the convention. elections are won by those who show up. that is the end of the story. as i said in the tweet donald trump missed his opportunity. i spoke with a number of donald trump delegates at the convention. i was on the floor.
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i was there the whole day. these are thousands of people who travel hundreds of miles in many instances away from work and paem to be a part of this process. for donald trump to criticize them and accuse them of acting in an evil or ill fated manner is unacceptable. >> from a coloradoen. thank you. we are now 97 away from the republican national convention in cleveland. big contests coming up. new york primary next tuesday. 247 democratic delegates, 95 republican delegates up for grabs. april 26 voters hit the polls in five states, connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. 384 democratic delegates, 118 republican delegates on the line. then on may 3 indiana will hold its presidential primary offering 83 democratic
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delegates, 57 republican delegates although i believe you can do early voting there, as well. back to new york. next big fight in the increasingly competitive battle. all the candidates canvassing the empire state fighting for every last delegate. bernie sanders in syracuse. hillary clinton here in new york city. donald trump expected in roam, new york. john kasich spending time at a matzo bakery. let's begin with adam shapiro in brooklyn. what does the latest poll show for the candidates? >> we want to talk about the wall street journal poll with donald trump holding on to the commanding lead. 54% of republicans in his camp. kasich has 21% of republicans and cruz has 18% of the republicans. let's talk about mr. kasich
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because he was in new york city this morning and he was campaigning to try and catch up to mr. trump. he then went to a bakery to buy matzo. passover starts friday. jews will be honoring the deliverance from slavery in egypt. he might be able to lead the united states. he spoke to republican national women's club saying the country faces two paths. here is what he said. >> some who feed off of the fears and the anger that is felt by some of us in exploiting, feed their own desires for fame or attention. that could drive america down into a ditch and not make us great again. >> and mr. kasich was aiming that discussion towards donald
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trump. the other path he says is one of unity, uniting the country to achieve the great things that america has always achieved. >> can we expect donald trump to respond to governor kasich? >> absolutely. mr. trump will be speaking around 4:00 up in roam at the air force base in that part of the state. he is going to be holding a town hall later this evening. mr. trump will know he has a sizable lead and not giving up. >> thank you very much. suddenly coming to life. detail lengthy and complicated relationship between donald trump and the clintons. chief white house correspondent ed henry is here. why is the clinton presidential library releasing documents today? >> this is something ted cruz and john kasich may be interested in they may be suggesting more coziness.
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there had been a request from news organizations to get to this. so they are releasing them now. here they are in the middle of the presidential campaign. nothing major we should say but a photo of bill clinton and donald trump in 2000 at trump tower. clinton white house considered sending donald trump a birthday card in 1986. donald trump sent a signed copy of the book saying your mom is the best. in 1999 the clinton staff at the white house tried to prep him for a news conference and interviews with the idea that donald trump was thinking about running for president for the reform party in 2000. what about the celebrity factor. the guidance was talk about how it shouldn't just be about celebrity and polls but about we can do better at paying attention to what really matters, something the clintons
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want totalk about now. final point is there is also something in the papers suggesting that donald trump and associates were manipulating polls to maybe generate interest in a presidential bid. that is something he has been accused of and denied in this campaign. this coming to light now is intere interesting. >> very interesting. let's talk about colorado again because we are talking about the republican side. it turns out that bernie sanders is owed another delegate there and they were apparently trying to keep it under the tables. >> they kept it a secret for five weeks. the clinton campaign found out about it a week ago. there is a new count, a new delegate count in colorado democratic party projecting bernie sanders will get 39 delegates, hillary clinton 27. why is that important? even if she wins all 12 superdelegates from there that suggests a tie. the denver county results bernie
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sanders projected he had 54%. it goes to 56.5%. why the clinton campaign find out about this a week ago and bernie sanders only found out last night. >> why didn't the party tell him? >> why did he learn from the denver post? it will add more that the party bosses are favoring clinton and not sanders. this is also going to get more on the democratic and republican side. why are we doing caucuses and not primaries. >> lots of information. donald trump has a lot of things to say about his republican rivals. some of them aren't so nice. >> i thought he was going to die, rubio. he was so scared like a little frightened puppy. >> your governor is totally under rated. >> scott walker expected to win.
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donald trump saying he would consider scott walker, marco rubio on john kasich as vice president despite saying things like this about them in the past. >> kasich cannot make america great again, can't do it.
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>> i fully understand wisconsin. i wouldn't say that the governor loves me because i knocked him out. i see this guy on his harley. i have never seen anything like it. it looked like he just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothing on. it's rubio! >> president and founder of the new network and former bill clinton campaign advisory and larry o'connor is here, editor at large for independent journal. i don't mean to laugh, larry, but it is entertainment, right? >> it is pretty funny to hear him say he consider putting them a heart beat away from the presidency. i think that cuts from the anti-establishment grain. i would be surprised. look at the history of the
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democrats throwing rhetorical meat cleavers and kiss and make up. hillary clinton's campaign circulated the picture of obama in traditional kenyan garb. you remember that, don't you? you are a nasty group over there. >> he is off to the races, simon. you want to respond? >> listen, reagan and bush made up in 1980. that was an epic coming together. my gut feeling is that one of these establishment republicans will end up on the ticket with trump. hell wi need because they will be convinced like his new campaign manager the establishment has to go on and try to make the best they can out of trump and can't afford a big blowout. i think you will see a lot of pressure on guys to go on the ticket if they are asked. >> interesting to see if trump still says the same things about them. >> i doubt it.
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let's not give trump the nomination. >> i want to give you responses from these people who were named. governor walker first on trump vp pick. i laughed. it is kind of interesting to hear that after things that were said about me a couple weeks ago. i can't fathom that. it's almost breath taking that i was listed in the first place. let's hear what rubio and kasich said about being anyone's vp. >> zero. absolutely not. i'm not going to be anybody's vice president. i would be the worst vice president the country ever saw because i'm not like a vice president. i'm a president. >> i'm not interested in being vice president. i don't mean that in a disrespectful way. >> so is this just a thing that people who are running for president always say? i'm not going to be anybody's
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vier vp. >> i would imagine it is a daunting prospect when the ask is made and they have to make that decision. i find it hard to believe. the rubio campaign or at least people within team rubio started the never trump hashtag campaign. they were sort of the tip of the spear on never trump. it would be shocking. again, back in 1992 jerry brown correctly accused hillary clinton of corruption during his campaign against bill clinton and they are all friends now. remember that? do you remember in '92? >> the dig in on hillary in every segment. >> i'm trying to bring context to the conversation. >> he did his historical work on this. he did come up with other examples of how they come back together. >> what is true is how this all comes together on the republican side at the end of this is a
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little harder to see. this is definitely one of the more complicated dances. whoever comes out of this as the nominee putting this all together will be about as hard as it has been. >> not to mention that whoever becomes the nominee might have to pick their vp on stage when they get voted in on the first, second, third or tenth ballot. >> we might see people running as a ticket f. it is a contested convention they might say nominate me. >> we don't know. simon and larry see you next -- >> my money is on kasich. >> interesting prediction. new details in the shooting death of the former football star. new surveillance video showing moments leading to the death of former new orleans saints will smith. deadline day is looming. i hate to be the bearer of bad news. there is good news for people who haven't filed their taxes
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back. we are now getting a look at brand new surveillance video from the moment surrounding the shooting death of a former nfl star. >> the lawyer for cardel hayes the man accused of killing will smith is saying this
11:25 am
surveillance video will prove his client was acting in self defense. there are three separate surveillance videos from various businesses that show the vehicles driving near each other late at night in the new orleans business district. but this video appears to show the cars involved in a hit-and-run. the mercedes thought to be driven by smith looks like it bumps into the back of the hummer. when the hummer pulls over the mercedes takes off and the hummer gives chase. hayes claims he was trying to get the license plate to the car that hit him and called 911. the hummer hits the suv which smashes into another car and that is where hayes allegedly opens fire, killing smith, wounding his wife. separately, there is cell phone video of an eyewitness saying he heard will smith say he had a
11:26 am
gun. it is hard to hear. listen closely. >> [ bleep ]. >> grabs the gun. because louisiana is a stand your ground state it appears the lawyer for hayes may be arguing that his client felt his life was in danger. the only gun that was found, the only bullets found at the scene belonged to the suspect. hayes also fired six different shots. legal experts say it will be difficult to prove that defending yourself meant you had to fire six shots at two different people. >> tragic story. how does someone originally from michigan become an unbound delegate in the virgin islands? we'll ask him. an unhikely political pair teaming up to ice out their rivals. we break down how earning delegates works and who knows
11:27 am
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everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. some stories making headlines. italy's coast guard rescuing nearly 2,000 migrants off the coast of libya.
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belgium prosecutors charging two more suspects today in connection with the terror attacks in brussels. the pair accused of renting an apartment used as hideout for subway bomber. and former husband of maneli found dead in a hotel room. delegates making for strange bed fellows in the republican race. live for us in washington, our cruz's organizational skills beginning to pay off at least when it comes to trying to woo these delegates? >> it really is. as far back as early november i remember interviewing ted cruz and he described how he had chair men in every county of the first four primary states and extensive grass root networks. now we are beginning to see that pay off. points out how cruz in the state of arkansas is teaming up with
11:32 am
marco rubio to block trump. rubio is likely the candidate most aligned with ted cruz. while his campaign is suspended as we all know he still has delegates that can be put to very good use. >> what is happening in arkansas is marco rubio's pretty influential network is working to make sure they not support donald trump on second ballot once unbound in a contested situation. >> this is a model that is going to be playing out in other states. cruz and rubio have expressed deep differences on occasion but come from the same political universe of the gop. >> back to michigan because in contrast to what we are seeing, michigan came to donald trump's defense over the weekend. >> that's right. michigan has been defying the trend that we are seeing in other states of trying to deny
11:33 am
trump delegates. in michigan trump delegates teamed up with kasich delegates to deny cruz key slots. ted cruz ran eight delegates. he lost everyone of them. trump ran five delegates including two on the all-important rules committee. and all of them were elected over the weekend on saturday. one of the district chair men told politico we don't want to be part of the carnage of the presidential campaign. don't try to steal someone else's delegates. it is important to note that this deal making is not set in stone. there are no contracts here, no legal agreements. these are gentlemens agreements and no doubt come next july. promises made today could very much change. >> no doubt about that. thank you. and for more on this let's bring in delegate for the virgin islands and rules committee member to the rnc convention as
11:34 am
well as political director for rand paul and the author of chaos. it's great to have you on the real story. let's start with what doug mcelway was telling us. seems like we are having rubio team up with cruz in arkansas to try to stop trump. then you had john kasich helping out donald trump in the state of michigan. do you expect more and more of this since you a seasoned delegate? >> give the cruz campaign a lot of credit for the excellent job they are doing. i think you will see on a state by state basis you see various campaigns teaming up in order to maximize election of committee members to make sure that they have their voices heard on critical committees that will determine who wins the nomination in cleveland. >> i guess with rubio's
11:35 am
delegates they have to remain bound to him. he has more than john kasich right now. both of them could become key makers of sorts. >> those delegates are very important. conventional wisdom, the rules aren't finalized but it will be analyzed on a case by case basis in terms of whether the delegates are bound or unbound. the candidates are going to be important almost as important as free agent delegates from free agent states and territories. >> we are trying to keep all of that state. we need a primer ourselves. let's turn to the virgin islands where you are a delegate. nine total gop delegates and all unbound. explain this to us because actually you're from michigan and you just recently moved to the virgin islands? how did you become a delegate for the virgin islands? >> i would encourage everyone to moving to paradise.
11:36 am
i have been spending a lot of time there. my children go to school there. i own a home there and ran for delegate there. virgin islands republican party has been in turmoil. they haven't elected republicans to office down there in a long time. folks are hungry for new leadership. we were able to get the support of several officers and win the most votes in the caucus. >> so you are also on the rules committee. so when you became a delegate in the virgin islands was it a separate election or were you the top vote getter? how did it work? >> we have a separate meeting last friday where we selected the committee assignments and the delegation chairman. helen redfield elected as chairman and i was elected to rules committee. >> we are just getting started on the whole thing. delegate from virgin islands, thank you.
11:37 am
time for my take. you can see how the inside the beltway way of doing things in politics including the way delegates are selected you can see how both donald trump and ted cruz have valid points. from trump's side he is a bit weird that money is allowed to be exchanged between campaigns and delegates. and while most experts are saying they doubt there will be huge efforts to win over delegates with cash who is going to be monitoring that? you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know money favors can sway votes. and then from cruz's side all of this wooing and putting teams in place in every state to make sure delegates elected that is just smart politics and apparently the way the game is played. it's all legal. to me and probably to you there is a difference between what is legal and what actually looks and feels right.
11:38 am
and the minute we start hearing any stories about cash changing hands or favors done with delegates that is when this whole thing will take a completely different turn. now to the fight to destroy isis dominating capitol hill today. isis is still out there. lawmakers gathering important opinions. this is bono testifying. they are talking about how to prevent isis from spreading globally. bono did testify. katherine herrage live for us in washington. what happened there today? >> the front man for u 2 bringing star power to capitol hill raising the profile of syrian refugee crisis calling it a threat. earlier writing in the "new york times" said the mass exodus from collapsed countries like syria is not just a middle eastern or africa problem, a european
11:39 am
problem. it effects us all, the united states and other developed nations have a chance to act smarter, think bigger and move faster in addressing this crisis and preventing the next one. here is some testimony from just moments ago. >> each person here is tasked in their own way of trying to inform the congress in making policy decisions to deal with what i think is a crisis that you either pay now or pay later. to the american people we cannot ignore this. >> we are also hearing at this hearing from a former national security adviser to the president as well as senior state department official thmpt bottom line is there needs to be more humanitarian support for the countries, more assistance to countries on the verge of collapse and a change in view points that the refugees should be seeing as a long term benefit and not a burden. >> what have we learned from the hearing earlier today? >> what we learned is that as the pressure grows on isis in
11:40 am
syria and iraq former government officials are warning congress of the possible consequences. >> it is so important for that to dominate the news cycle, to be able to present themselves as the a-list of global jihad that i expect them to continue and to expand foreign attacks. in that sense i do not think it is possible to contain the group. >> even as we constrain and have success in limiting isis on the battlefield in syria and iraq, you may see more of the types of attacks like we see in brussels and paris. those are very hard to stop. >> intelligence source told fox news that 36,500 had gone to the region since the conflict began and 6,600 carrying western pass ports who can travel and 120 countries are now effected. analysts say it is the most
11:41 am
significant number because it presents how this is really a global threat and not just narrowly defined. based on hearings when you hear between the lines you are hearing a decisive call from more american leadership on this issue. >> and we are talking about who is going to become president and they will have that task in front of them. thank you. faster, cheaper, better wifi may be coming your way. where and how? the details straight ahead. something is missing from the chick-fil-a menu now but being replaced by something else. charles pain will tell you about all of that next. this is joanne.
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her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. we are waiting to hear from the speaker of the house paul ryan. he says he is going to rule out once and for all any talk about him run frg president. paul ryan says he will not be a
11:45 am
candidate. so is this like when he said he would not be speaker of house right before he took the job of speaker of the house? words matter. we will hear them from paul ryan live. time to check on what america is clicking on. completing first manned test flight. the company has been working towards using electric helicopters as personal transport. they hope to take preorders later this year. members of led zeppelin accused of stealing opening cords. the jury will decide how similar it is. and florida teen safe and sound after being stranded on a kayak for eight hours. a coast guard came to her rescue. talk about chick-fil-a.
11:46 am
got to tell you what is missing from the menu. as the fast food restaurant dumps iceberg lettuce in favor of more nutritional options like kale. joining me now -- i didn't mean to get into that kind of talk. >> mother used to make salads with iceberg lettuce. >> my mom wanted me to eat more salads growing up because i was fat. it is making money. they don't want iceberg anymore. they want kale. is it a big deal? >> i do like the idea that they are not preachy about it. chick-fil-a has a reputation along with the great food that i think this kind of thing dove tails nicely with and not in your face with it. it's not a chipotle kind of thing like we are better than you. i am old school.
11:47 am
i grew up on iceberg because it is the cheapest thing we can find. it doesn't have a lot of flavor. >> it's crunchy. so there was uproar because they said they were banning it or people said that. here is the statement from chick-fil-a. there is no official ban in place. you find premium salads and superfood introduced this year include kale. >> they also added a note that there is a safe zone for iceberg at some restaurants. >> you and i still go to lunch and have our iceberg. >> absolutely. >> we will bring our moms. better, cheaper and faster wifi may be coming your way soon during your flight as satellite systems are coming online. >> everyone has tried the systems in the planes and they are tough. only 6% are comparable to your
11:48 am
home. they look cool but are not getting a lot of work done. that is because they go from the ground to the air. you shoot up satellites into the sky and have no interference straight from satellite into the airplane. you will see this flush out. the price will come down and you will get super fast wifi. >> they charge you an arm and a leg to go up there. >> you are captive and i hope at some point perhaps because you have so many different companies they are offering that brings the price down and perhaps maybe airlines offer it as incentive to bring the price down. let's talk about market movers. some of the ones you talked about have been doing really well. >> i think i had one dud. jared and zale. ultasalon.
11:49 am
over $200 a share. i am going a little curve tf. caterpillar. iron ore prices are likely to go higher. we might have seen the worst in the mining segment. if that is the case caterpillar should do very well. costco you don't have to say anything about costco. my only complaint with costco is finding a parking spot. more of a conservative idea but a stock that people should have. >> my husband loves to go to costco. i love to have him go to costco. i don't go. he loves it and overbuys and has a good time. >> we should go together. >> we'll see you. we have online dating horror story. a 40-year-old nurse and mother of three goes on a date to a baseball game and turns up dead. the latest on the suspect in
11:50 am
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welcome back to "the real story." some tense moments at a trump campaign event in albany, new york. a trump supporter. here it is. recorded on camera shoving a man who was protesting the event. the man who identified himself as mike says the protester was uncomfortably close and yelling in his face. the man who was attacked was not identified. and police on the scene say no arrests have been made. a break in the case of a mom gone missing. seattle police finding what they believe to be now ingrid lyons' remains in a recycling bin.
11:54 am
her friends say she disappeared after a date with a man that she had met online and that man now is in police custody. adam housley live for us in l.a. with this horrible story. adam, what led police to this suspect? >> reporter: well, they're not saying for sure but it's a pretty good idea it could be social media. her friends have said all along that she met this man on social media. in fact, they feared the worst when she didn't come home on friday evening. they started an online campaign themselves to try to find her friday night into saturday morning. that eventually unfortunately led to the remains being found about 4:00 saturday afternoon as those fears indeed were -- appear to be the worst at least. basically, ingrid line is a 40-year-old mother of three, a nurse in seattle. she told her friends she was going on a date to the baseball game, the seattle mariners game friday night with a man she met online but she never came home. saturday as i mentioned those body parts were found in plastic bags inside a recycling bin in seattle's central district. the police say they're confident those remains are ingrid's even though the results haven't come
11:55 am
back yet and they have arrested a man in connection with her murder. >> we know that he has some criminal history and what is being run down now is any other possibilities, like crimes of this nature. >> the police have announced the suspect's name. his name is john robert charlton. he's 37 years old. he's been arrested in connection with the disappearance, booked for investigation of homicide. the "seattle times" reported that several of line's friends had posted images ever charlton on social media identifying him as the man she went on a date with. we have heard here just in the last couple of minutes that he will be in front of a judge today. they don't expect charges to be filed but it will be a bail hearing and of course he's expected to be held on that bail hearing. when those we have those details we'll get them on fox. but the friends of line are obviously devastate pd. she has three children. and as they did on friday night into saturday, setting up that online search for her, they're now setting up an online way to
11:56 am
rise money for those children who have been left motherless from this horrific murder. gretchen? >> what is wrong with people? that's all i have to say about that. it's horrible. >> i don't know. >> thank you. >> reporter: makes you sick. >> totally. well, you have to see this. a 120-pound great dane gets stuck in a tree. how rescuers were finally able to get her out. i'm terrible at golf.
11:57 am
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some amazing new video umming in. take a look. this is from india. yeah, that crane was carrying an airbus a-320 airplane. the crane buckled, sending both it and the airliner crashing to the ground. fortunately, nobody was hurt. the remnants of the plane were reportedly be used for pilot training now. guess they've got to use it for something. here's something you don't see every day. first responders rescuing a 120-pound great dane from a tree. cora, the dog, gets stuck up on
12:00 pm
a limb 20 feet high. how'd she get there? not sure. but rescuers pushing her off the tree onto a tarp. the owner says she probably ran up the tree to chase a raccoon squirrel. thanks for being part of a busy "real story" today. i'm gretchen carlson. have a fantastic day. now shepard smith reporting, live from the fox news desk. >> so we're about to hear from paul ryan, speaker of the house. he's supposed to tell us, i will not accept the republican nomination for president if it comes my way, period, full stop, that's it, no more speculation, it's not going to happen. he's also said a few hours ago that it's coming. 3:15 eastern time. so 15 minutes from now. we'll have it live. why do we need this announcement? here's the back story. some gop big wigs and donors are suggesting that paul ryan could win the nomination in a convention floor fight. remember strategist karl rove saying the gop needs a fresh new face? speaker ryan said over and over he's not interested. but that hasn't stopped


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