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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> three brothers. thanks for inviting us into your house tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ trump scoring his highest numbers in a brand new new york poll. the new york one baruch college poll of g.o.p. voters has donald trump with a commanding 60%. governor john kasich a whopping 43 points behind trumpx)v with 17%. and senator ted cruz way behind trump at 14%. we have hit the one week mark until new york has cast their votes and donald trump and secretary hillary clinton who are dominating in new york. >> we apologize for airplane hangers but they are the only things that hold our crowds because something is going on. >> notice that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. >> our republican system is
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absolutely rigged. >> i look forward to a debate that is in new york with people asking the kind of questions that new yorkers ask. >> new york state has lost three out of four, three out of four manufacturing jobs that existed in 1960 is gone. >> i want to start drawing the starkest distinction between what i know america stands for, what i believe our not just new york but american values, and what donald trump is standing for. >> folks, what the hell is going on? >> former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here. nice to see you, mr. speaker. donald trump doing very well in new york. why? >> well, part of it is is he a new yorker and he has been around forever. he has been on page 6 in the gossip columns i think for over 30 years. almost 40 years now. he feels like a new yorker. he talks like a new yorker. and people say welcome home. i have to say 60% is big.
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i thought when he was in the early low 50's he was impressive. if that poll is anywhere close to accurate, you are going to get a blow out, he will pick up 95 delegates and that will be very impressive. >> okay. so it's impressive he gets 95 out of 95 if he does. what it does it mean in terms of getting to 1237 by july. >> 59 closer than anybody else. >> duh, that one can i figure out by myself believe it or not. does it mean he is going to get to that? >> i think bringing9t on paul paul manafort makes a huge difference. trump is a guy who moves in surges. you just watch him. he focuses very intently and then i puts enormous resources. again, this is a guy who is worth somewhere between 4 and $10 billion. so, his ability to focus is unlike anybody i have ever seen in politics. they have got, i mean man
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for the man fort sill manafort still has his hands full. what you are seeing is they are going to do very well in new york. they are going to do very well in pennsylvania. when cruz is running third. and i had thought thought about this coming out of wisconsin candidly because kasich is doing a little better than people expected. cruz is doing worse than people expected. what it does is it's very hard to argue you are the key alternative when you are in third place. and if the numbers we just saw are anywhere close to right and cruz is down at 14% or 15%, in what is still our third biggest state, it's going to be or fourth biggest now. very close to florida, it is really going to be challenging for him. if he repeats that same performance in pennsylvania, potentially repeats it in connecticut and rhode island, and new jersey, and then by then they get to indiana and by that stage trump will look like he is
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very dominant. so i think the odds are better than even money that they can find the delegates before they get to cleveland. >> donald trump says that colorado is rigged. >> well, i don't know if colorado is rigged or not. i do know that when the state party tweeted that they had beaten trump. >> thatrdwas bad? >> that was -- these are the moments when you want to find that person and just sort of put them in a nice rocky mountain stream for about six hours. i mean, this is insane. it fits everybody's conspiracy theory. i'm sure that cruz is mortified by it. and, of course it, feeds into a whole bias in trump world about how the establishment is going to cheat. now, i think in the end they can't cheat enough to make it matter. >> do you think cruz and trump will ever be sort of standing on that stage together with their arms around each other in cleveland? >> well, i'm old enough that i remember linden johnson and john f. kennedy suddenniblely finding happiness together.
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stranger things have happened in life. george h.w. bush voodoo economics deciding that actually supply side economics was terrific if he could be vice president. so these things happen. i think it's more likely that kasich would emerge as the vice presidential nominee. >> that would give -- that would presumably give the republican party ohio and florida and the word is that they can't win without ohio and florida. >> and they are going to get texas. any republican candidate who is not going to carry texas might as well not campaign. >> all right. one quick question. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders why has she not been able to get him out of the race? >> well, why should he get out of the race? he has figured out a model of financing. >> why can't she get him out? why hasn't she been able to trounce him? >> because it doesn't matter. she is going to trounce him in new york. >> so it doesn't matter? >> it just doesn't matter. >> is she being nice sort of letting him tag along. >> in a free society. we trounces him here is
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bernie, sort of a college professor kind of guy. his future is vermont or being a candidate so he stay as candidate. and he goes around. he is having fun. he gets huge crowds. the college kids who love him couldn't care less about reality. and it's the perfect -- if a guy is winning because his campaign theme is i am going to give you free education, legalize marijuana, you can be happy for the 23 years it takes to you graduate, why do you think any of his supporters care? >> anyway, mr. speaker, nice to see you. >> good to see. >> you 2016 candidates with the exception ofásenator ted cruz deag the day off crisscrossing new york state. and donald trump is taking on the small central new york town of rome, new york. trump crying foul hitting hard at the rnc. >> our republican system, our republican system is absolutely rigged. it's a phony deal. now, what do i know? i started running like nine months ago. who would have thought i
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would have been in first place. what do i know? right? what do i know in the rnc, the republican national committee they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. i can tell you that. they should be ashamed of themselves. [cheers and applause] because it has nothing to do with democracy. they took the votes away from the people in colorado. people are burning up their republican cards because they want to vote. and you have got to see what's happening out there. it's actually a thing of beauty if you want to know the truth. because they are not going to take it and they may -- it may be shoved down their face and who knows, but, you know what? they are fighting and they are all over the place and they are angry. the economy is rigged. the banking system is rigged. there is a lot of things that are rigged in this world of ours. and that's why a lot of you haven't had an effective wage increase in 20 years, folks. and we're going to change it we're going to change it.
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>> fox news senior correspondent john roberts is in rome, new york. john? >> greta, donald trump certainly has a way of wrapping it all together, suggesting that people are being disenfranchised that n. a number of different areas of their lives from the economy to politics and he is the one who can make things different. hey, quick update about what's going on in colorado in terms of that tweet that you and speaker gingrich were mentioning. the colorado republican party is investigating it. they have got some leads. they believe it was somebody who had access to the twitter account. which should not have been tweeting on it. they haven't nailed down exactly who it is. they have some pretty good ideas. donald trump started off today with a little bit of good news when the secretary of state in the state of missouri said donald trump had won that state's primary on march the 13th two tenths of one percentage points which gives him 12 more delegates over ted cruz to use the speaker's math he is 12 delegates closer than anyone else to the
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nomination. seven days to ask for recount. the clock is ticking, they haven't yet determined what they're going to do. in terms of what trump is saying about the process there in colorado, it's unclear what the end game is. though donald trump firmly believes that the person who goes into the convention with the most delegates, and this would be a plurality of delegates, not just a majority of delegates. is the one who should become the nominee. and on that front, in some polls he gets support from the majority of the american population. so it may be that trump is trying to put a lot of pressure on the republican national committee to suggest if you don't give it to me, if i come in with the most number of votes, iflu i'm a few hundred votes or at least delegates ahead of the next closest competitor. you're going to have a voter revolt on your hands unless you find some way to give it to me. john kasich was the only other candidate who was out in the campaign trail on the republican side. big speech before the republican national women's club in which he took aim at both ted cruz and donald trump, suggesting that both of them would take the nation down a path to
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darkness. cruz, who hasn't really, i guess, criticized kasich too much certainly took him on today. the campaign sending out a tweet that said this is irony, a guy who has no path talking about two paths in america because that was the text of kasich's speech about two paths to america. also interesting for kasich, who likes to be all about sweetness to take a sledge ham tore both of these candidates. that's what he does do from time to time. donald trump also showing that he is pivoting a little bit to the national election. taking on hillary clinton, calling her several times tonight and the night before a liar and then at the same time suggesting that hey, my competitors, whether they be the current competitors or the people i have knocked out of the race so far i might just reach out for them kasich for v.p., rubio for v.p., cabinet member maybe even scott waukesha. heard from kasich's campaign on thkí front u greta, zero chance that kasich would ever be involved in a trump campaign.
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there is still a little while to go before november and things have a tendency to change. greta? >> they sure do. john, thank you. and "on the record's" griff jenkins was also at that trump rally. griff spoke to some supporters to get the pulse of new york voters. >> greta, passions are running high here in rome, new york where thousands of supporters turned out to hear mr. trump speak. we spoke to some of them earlier. they were coming in. >> what do you think of trump? are you supporting him? >> he is the man. listen, we need somebody to be the boss. >> we need a businessman to run the country. >> i like him. i think he has great ideas and i think he is possibly what this country needs. >> how about you? >> well, i'm on the fence here. >> he is the outsider, he is not a politician. the politicians are probably going to treat him a little differently. i think -- i think his attitude is good. i think he has been fair with everybody. we will see where it goes from there. >> is he pro-second amendment. i like the idea that he is antiestablishment. so i think we need a little bit of a change in the white house. >> enough is enough. i guess i'm business-minded.
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i really like the way -- he says it how it is. he may not have the perfect answers for a lot of the political issues. but is he a business guy. he is going to find the people that do know how to answer the questions and put them underneath him. >> i like what he says. want to take the country back and basically i can't stand the way government is run. >> do you think he will win here in new york? >> he is going to be a landslide. you better believe it. >> in central new york, for "on thetc record," i'm griff jenkins. >> and tomorrow donald trump hitting the road or maybe taking to the air in a 757. he is head to do pittsburgh, pennsylvania for a rally there. and speaker of the house paul ryan can't seem to convince the media. so he tried again. this time taking to the podium at the g.o.p. headquarters. his goal to put the lid on swirling rumors that he may still run for president this year. we have too much work to do in the house to have this swirl and have my
4:13 pm
motivations questioned. so let me be clear. i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. so let me speak directly to the delegates on this. if no candidate has the majority in the first ballot, i believe that you should only choose from a person who has actually participated in the primary. count me out. i simply believe that if you want to be the nominee for our party, to be the president, you should actually run for it. i chose not to do this. therefore, i should not be considered, period, end of story. i just think it would be wrong to go any other way. so, let me say again: i am not going to be our party's nominee. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the "boston globe" matt visor and from the "weekly standard" danielle hell per. matt, do you think the this
4:14 pm
has been more emphatic than he has been before. i don't see any way of thinking that he sees a scenario for him. even when he was house speaker or people were trying to get him run for house speaker he was conditional on what would convince him to become house speaker. he was reluctant but he ended up taking it this is pretty definitive. dam? >> did he run out a third party bid. who knows he wasn't asked about that look, there is two things going on here. people who don't like donald trump or ted cruz who want paul ryan tofu jump in the race and to somehow secure the republican nomination. and then there are people who like ted cruz and donald trump who fear that the establishment takeover will lead to paul ryan taking over. so that's what what is leading o all. this i agree, this is pretty definitive. if he had want to do run, he would have run. more to the point he dropped out of the race, said he is not going to run way before the field was established. it's sort of -- it's this fantasy to think that he would have dreamed up this possibility months ago and thought my best option is to
4:15 pm
not run for president in order to be president. >> you know, he has been on this show a number of times. is he very well known to everybody on capitol hill. this is a guy who, he doesn't have his fire in the belly to do. this he actually likes and i have said this a number of times. he stays in his office at night. he sleeps there. he budget until late in the night and you may disagree with him on ideology, but i don't think you will find anyone who works harder and really devoted to his work and he goes to his family on the weekend. he likes that life. is he devoted to doing the best that he can. >> i think he is also playing a long game here. i mean, he sees a future for himself as a prominent voice in the party regardless of what happens in the presidential election. >> and he will be. >> if donald trump is president, i think paul ryan has a voice. you know, a strong voice for certain segment of the party. if hillary clinton is president, likewise. he will ensure a good place for a future run potentially. >> now is your chance,sxé to vote at home. you may disagree with all of us here. vote on twitter.
4:16 pm
do you believe speaker paul ryan when he says he no not accept the g.o.p. nomination? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter vote throughout the show. daniel, he is going to be -- he is the chairman of the convention. that must be a great job. >>lñ yeah. [ laughter ] >> and by great job you mean terrible job. >> i mean terrible job. >> look, you are going to witness history. >> so are the rest of us there on the sidelines"qatz watching on tv. we're going to be witnessing it, too. >> exactly it looks like it's shaping up that one side is going to be very, very unhappy with the results. and he is. >> what's the tipoff to that? >> i don't know. maybe months of just watching. but, one side is going to be extremely annoyed with or perhaps worse threaten to leave the republican party. perhaps certain people will over the results of the nominating process, no matter what the outcome is at this point. and so there is a lot of ways he can lose. and it's not -- this is like the least enviable job that
4:17 pm
and probably being rnc chairman. >> look at the numbers, 56% don't believe him and 44% don't. 56 don't believe me either. >> it's almost comical at this point. >> he might be around 20/20 in terms of the president. his kids will be older. >> there is a long-term scenario for him on the ticket. >> anyway, here are the numbers. they are changing. we will keep an eye on them throughout the show. anyway, thank you both. actually, i need to have both of you to stay with us. secretary hillary clinton taking heat for a racially charged joke did. she cross the line? that's next. also, the down and dirty delegate fight. donald trump again insisting the system is rigid. we will take you back to the campaign trail coming up. equite that consolidates
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new york city bill de blasio. >> i just have to say thanks for the endorsement, bill. ible. [ laughter ] took you long enough. [cheers] >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> i don't like jokes like that, bill. >> cautious politician time. the cp time they mentioned was a reference to the phrase colored people time. new york city republican
4:22 pm
candidate for mayor reverend michael faulkner goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. always a pleasure to be with. >> you always nice to see you. and, look, i don't think that either one of these people are racist. but, this is -- this remark certainly wasn't a bad judgment, bad humor. >> i think what's racist is the fact that these are the people who have depended on the black vote and,h the african-american community for their support. they have pandered to the black community. they have told them that they were going to take care of them. they represent everything that has been done for the past five decades. and we should start to learn and understand that they really don't have our best interest at heart. this was insensitive to say the least. and racist to an extreme. but i think what's most disturbing for me is the two
4:23 pm
people who did it, the mayor, who won an overwhelming victory through the black vote and, you know, through secretary clinton who has been campaigning and her victories have depended on the black vote. >> i will tell you what's most disturbing to me. this was thought about. >> right. >> this was a scripted routine. this wasn't just some stupid off-the-cuff really bad judgment comment. somebody thought about this and somebody advised secretary clinton here's what you say and mayor de blasio, here's what you say and those two decide like, okay, i will say that. i mean like i don't get that one. >> who was in the room when they were going through this? was there an adult supervisor in the room? you know, the mayor should be on -- we should call it de blasio time. he has been late -- he is more late chronically than any other mayor than the history of new york. he has been late on giving
4:24 pm
to the people of new york who elected him all the things that he has promised he has been late with regard to the things that he has promised in terms of houses. we have been doing things in the community and the people are tired of the lateness. >> reverend, this comment. you know, it's like how can these two make it right? i mean, we're don't want+m to add fuel to a fire and have more problems. with s. there any way to sort of make this right in the african-american comint community. >> they simply say hey, we were wrong. it was insensitive and move on. but if they continue to try to cover it up. you see, one of the things that we face constantly in the black community is sometimes we -- you know, we overdrama advertise things. this could not be overdramatized because these are two people who were supposedly champions of equal rights and fairness. they should have known better. i mean, bill de blasio is married to an african-american woman. he should have known better. those were things -- these
4:25 pm
are things that are out of bounds. we cannot have this. if they can't do better than, this then they need to do something else other than represent the interests of the people, especially when they consider themselves champions for the african-american community. we're tired of it. >> reverend, thank you for joining us. and, you know, i hope that -- i don't know, i hope that we can sort of take the steam out of thisgv(r one and have everyone make it right. >> well, we. >> terrible judgment. >> it was terrible judgment. and certainly terrible judgment continues to happen, even as they govern and some of the other things they do. i mean, the list of terrible judgments on both of these individuals is long and lengthy. and i hope to end one tenure shortly. >> all right. indeed. you are going to run against the mayor. anyway, reverend, thank you. >> thank you. >> new documents showing the clintons and trumps. ed henry;zpm is standing by to tell you what we know next.
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4:30 pm
library put out there today donald trump dealings with the clinton white house because of the freedom of information act they had gotten to release these documents. funny because there are, you know, some niceties that undoubtedly that will get ted cruz and other republicans saying ah-ha more coziness between them. donald trump sent a copy of his peculiar "art of the deal" to a clinton aid not to then president clinton himself and had a note in there saying to the aid your mom is the best. that probablyxf rings true since woe hear donald trump using that phrase a lot about the best. there is also a photo in these records of then president clinton late in his presidency going to trump tower and doing a photo op. critics may jump on this. most instructive thing though is that there was actually preparations made by bill clinton staff in 1999 when he was doing a round of interviews. he had a news conference at the white house coming up. and his staff, hike any
4:31 pm
white house staff in either party would do is prepping him what kind of questions might you get? at that time, remember, donald trump was mulling a presidential bid under the reform party. does this mean that more celebrities are running? and bill clinton was coached to say, look, it's not about celebrity. it's not about polls. it's about looking deeper into a race for the actual issues. sounds a little bit about what we are hearing right now in 2016. the clintons frustrated maybe it's a lot of talk about celebrity and they want to get to the issues. we will see, greta. >> freedom of information act request i guess the clinton library couldn't have pushed this one off. >> not necessarily. >> they did have this request they could have sat on it until after the election the fact this put it out there raised eyebrows. >> how dangerous in politics. how dangerous it is so send anything nice. >> don't send your book or photo. people are going to blow up
4:32 pm
it, right? >> i know. just incredible. very dangerous political world that we live. in anyway, he had, thank you. >> good to see you. and you just heard from democrats on the trail. now the republicans on the trail. >> mccain failed,wd romney failed, and i said this time we're going to do it ourselves. okay? >> donald needs to understand he is not michael corelyone. >> two paths, one exploits anger. encourages resentment. turns fear into hatred. the other path is one america has been down before. it's from this higher path that we are offered the much greater view. >> donald, it ain't stealing when the voters vote against you. it is the voter's reclaiming this country and reclaimingpi0?÷ sanity. >> nobody is going to be voting for a third term of obama. is he a total disaster. >> the "on the record" political panel is back from the "boston globe" matt viser and from the "weekly standard" daniel halper.
4:33 pm
senator ted cruz is absent today not absentsbut done politicking thrown in the towel on new york. governor kasich doing well in new york. way behind trump but number two. >> still 40 points below. >> hat least is he not number three. >> he has done decently well. bernie sanders has had a few good months on the democratic side. that's all going to change ing to winwith new york. big. looks like hillary clinton is going to win resoundingly. dynamics go back where the frontrunners have a certain amount of momentum after next week new york primary. >> looks like, matt, secretary clinton he will win the nomination. i mean, that's pretty much -- everyone is pretty much in agreement. donald trump, this is a contest. and i don't mean a contested convention but he -- you know, he really is going to have to struggle for every single delegate between now and the convention. >> come delegate by delegate
4:34 pm
warfare. and trump has kind of done a really good job air war and cruz is kind of in the trench. is he picking off delegate by delegate. but, new york is a big state. it's a big media market. it's trump's home state. there is a lot of delegates at stake. almost 100. so trump really has the opportunity to kind of right the ship again and have a huge boost in his delegate count. >> 1237 boost? is that what we are talking about not with the 95 here but is it within his reach the 1237? >> i think it potentially is you have these next couple states new york, connecticut, pennsylvania, and rhode island. they are tough states for ted cruz and should be big states for donald trump to just go big on his delegate lead. >> if i were donald trump, and if i were nominated, which probably would be everyone's nightmare if i were, john kasich, governor of ohio, is he so important
4:35 pm
to the republican winning in ohio. basically says no way. which every candidate says. do you think he really means no way to being vice president? >> no, i don't think like paul ryan. >> we believe paul ryan but don't believe governor kasich. >> he has probably read the art of the deal. have negativeiating. he could be a disrupter. he could do all sorts of things candidates have a way i think seeing themselves differently than other people seeing themselves. john kasich probably views himself and position in the race slightly different than we do. from our perspective hard to see where he actually has an opportunity to win certainly not before the convention or on the first round of the convention but very, very hard to see in the later rounds either how he could pull it out. this is his play. >> what do you think? >> yeah. i mean, i think that he is hoping for that hail mary pass. it becomes completeem chaos in cleveland nobody wants ted
4:36 pm
cruz or donald trump. >> is he going back to governing ohio. >> i think it's possible. his criticism of trump has not been that strident. >> in a very strident contest, right? >> yeah. >> ordinary years it would be very strident not strident this year. >> compared to what we have witnessed kasich has been very light. >> look at the votes. no 47%. yes 53%. the poll has changed. it has shifted a bit. >> now believing him. >> matt, daniel, thank you both. and breaking for this alarming news. we cannot track western fighters with western passports. catherine herridge is standing by. behind bars in the grizzly murder of a seattle nurse. that's next. are
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get ready to speed read the news. a grizzly update to a missing persons case we first telling you about yesterday. body parts found in recycling bin belong to seattle nurse mother of three. suspect is behind bars john carlton is under arrest in connection with that killing. lions missing since friday night when she went on a date seattle mariner's game with a man she met online. dispatcher under arrest playing games on cell phone moments before two trains he was in charge with collided. killed 11 people in one of germany's worst rail accidents in recent history. unnamed dispatcher admits to using his phone but claims he was notg'y distracted. entertainer david guess found dead inside a ron done hotel. in 2002 guess a producer and reality it v star liza mannell low friend of michael jaxx and brother at this time toe. he has been a guest right here "on the record" several times was 62 years old. giant sinkhole opening up in
4:42 pm
neighborhood. police department outside of fresno posting this video on facebook showing the moment the sinkhole open. police say the road fell into sewage line 20 feet deep. unknown what caused the sinkhole. road will be closed while the hole is repaired and warned by witnesses that countries are struggling to track isis fighters with western passports. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. what happened at the hearing today. >> hearing out of the senate panel this morning. if you think about the pre-9/11 picture in this country and how there was a stove pipe in between different intelligence agencies. we have got the same pattern playing out in europe with its 28-member states. struggling to share the intelligence in that realtime way that's necessarymurç track 66 passport
4:43 pm
holders. >> substove pipe. >> 19 different districts. >> once you get down into brussels they have a problem. forget the member states. >> seeing terrorists really leverage the system that we have to use them against us in the furtherance of their plots. and what i mean by that is that they understand that when they come in to europe through these refugee streams, we know at least two of the attackers link to do paris and brussels did that but it's impossible for these european union nations to share information the kind of way that they need to expedient way in order to track their movement. >> since this impacts us 28 nations visas to come to the united states. these member member nations asking for help or are they providing it. move forward on that. >> what can i tell you in terms of the paris attack last year. the nsa was on the ground almost immediately helping
4:44 pm
the french put out what they call a link analysis. this is the electronic footprint of those who they knew were responsible. so, the u.s. is on the ground helping in intelligence way. >> we need to figure out how to do it before the terrorism. >> i don't have a good answer for that so i don't want to give you bad information. >> what about hits here in the united states? think threats here in the united states that we know of. >> one of the themes that came out of hearings today was also as you put pressure on isis in iraq and syria. like when you sort of squish a balloon it goes in another direct. and, the former head of the national counter terrorism center washed as we put that pressure on his expectation is that we're going to see more plots like what we saw in brussels and also in paris. >> bono was here. >> that's correct. he was also testifying. and, you know, he brought a lot of star power to capitol hill today to shine a light on the syrian refugee issue. he made the argue. in a pretty compelling argument that we should think of the aid to these
4:45 pm
countries that are carrying for these refugees not as security but national security investment because worry really creating a generation that have never had a home and are really fertile ground for raddization. one had harsh words for trump. don't forget to watch sean hannity tonight. paul paul man that man that for joins sean tonight onhw hannity. they found out who's been hacking into our network.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
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4:50 pm
delegates. in response trump says the colorado system is rigged. at least one colorado politician is defending the state's practice. senator cory gardner goes "on the record" from capitol hill. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> okay. so, donald trump says it's rigged. you say it's not rigged. so what else do you say about this? >> look, this is a grass roots process. this has been in effect for about 100 years in colorado. trump has known the rules since last august decided not to show up. elections are run by those who show up. ted cruz decide to do show up. >> why do you think there is so much heat on this and got that tweet on someone who purports to be part of the colorado republican party about getting trump? >> look, there is investigation into the tweet that went out after the nomination was secured by at least the number of delegates secured by ted cruz. but the bought line is. this donald trump goes in to meltdown when he doesn't get his way. in this case he lost 34 delegates that he could have won had he participated in the process. had he had an organization.
4:51 pm
look, colorado is not taken by celebrity or flesh. it's taken by work horses and ted cruz proved to be the work horse that won these delegates, 34 of them. i was on the floor of the convention the entire day. i talked to hundreds of supporters, delegates, talked to dozen of trump supporters. dozens of kasich and cruz supporters. not one of them complained about the process to me. in fact, donald donald trump's n surrogate didn't complain about the process until they lost all 34 because they didn't do the work i think senator ted cruz actually went out and spoke to the group and i don't think that senator -- i don't think donald trump or governor kasich did. am i right on that? and if so am i right did hugemake a difference. difference. look at steven miller the surrogate for donald trump who spoke before the entire convention senator john sununu who spoke before the entire convention. look, they both addressed the convention and x delegates twice during the two days of the process.
4:52 pm
ted cruz only person who showed up in person. multiple videos find on youtube about the colorado convention and can you see the energy and enthusiasm for ted cruz throughout the thousands of people. for dump to besmirch the reputations of thousands and thousands of colorado republicans who took time away from work, who took time away from family to be a volunteer delegate to this process and then to say that they are corrupt is simply unacceptable. >> what happened last august to the straw poll. >> a decision by the state party to into the do a straw poll. the straw poll was done in 2012. it wasn't binding. they decided not to do a straw poll back in august. i'm not defending this process. what i'm defending is the fact that the colorado republicans followed the process been in place since president taft problem is when you get this tweet we did it, never trump. colorado g.o.p. it's, you know that is sort of a show stopper in terms of whether or not it looks like the republican party was trying to be unfair to
4:53 pm
donald trump. >> they ought to find out who that was and did it and fire whoever that was, absolutely. i don't think that means you turn around and issue death threats to the chairman of the colorado republican party. i don't think it turns around and you call the 65,000 people. >> were there death threats. >> absolutely there have been death threats. >> well, all i can say we are sure wound up this election season. anyway, thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> coming up, a lie. it's not the first time. i will explain off-the-record -- next. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away.
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system in 2008. their conduct in 2008 wasn't an accident it was knowing and deliberate statement signed by doj and goldman expressly laid out how goldman laid out false and representation in mortgage gaged securities. false and misleading? that's fraud. who commits fraud? crooks. is anyone at goldman sachs going to jail for this? no. attorney general lynch is giving the crooks a complete pass. no prison. yeah. i know, the doj is ragging that they gave goldman sachs a civil fine of $5 billion. civil? not criminal. that's a big difference. and the fine is a joke. guess who pays the fine? the crook? no, of course not. not a dime. it's the innocent shareholder who gets stuck paying the $5 billion civil fine. maybe you. and do you know what else is reallydxdçu rotten? the attorney general's phony dog and pony show memo last september. that memo specifically stated that doj would work to prosecute individual
4:59 pm
employees, not just their companies. that didn't happen here. yep. jury is now back in on that memo. it's a lie. and that's
5:00 pm
hear at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to facebook page like the page. a lot going on there. good night from washington. see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. ♪ >> "the o'reillyá5ck factor" is on. tonight: >> they came from a certain country. they are going to be brought bacwmmr to that country. >> these financial institutions are simply too big. we have got to break them up. >> the two insurgent candidates trump and sanders making all kinds of promises. but can they keep them? talking points will present the facts tonight. >> american people are not being told the truth about american soldiers in iraq. they are now fighting isis. tonight, a special report. >> the new york city subway is the best way to get around. [ laughter ] i guess it's been a while. >> also ahead, snl mocking hillary clinton and other


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