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tv   War Stories With Oliver North  FOX News  April 30, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you all on monday. isis ruthless in expanding their so-called state. the peshmerga. >> they're an incredible fighting force. our efforts have been atheme it so far. >> they call for attacks in europe and in america. >> the threat is growing in terms of scale and scope. >> can isis be stopped? live from america's news headquarters, a key endorsement for texas senator ted cruz. former california governor pete wilson voicing his support at
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the state g.o.p. convention. wilson's endorsement gives cruz a strong ally with g.o.p. establishment. torrential rain hitting east texas with flood waters claiming six lives, including a grandmother and four grandchildren in east texas. seven inches of rain fell in less than an hour, and investigators are trying to determine what caused a carnival ride to malfunction, killing one teen-aged girl and injuring another. they were hurled from a spinning ride while at a church carnival in el paso. a third girl had her arm wrapped around a safety bar and stayed in the car. now, back to "war stories, fighting isis" next on "war sto" welcome to this special edition of "war stories" coming to you from marsh field in
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california. i'm oliver north and you're looking at a sue 17 globe master, a resolve in the fight against radical islam on the ground. joining me, former navy s.e.a.l. leif babin. >> thanks, ollie. these battle planes are crucial. san bernardino, 14 miles from here kill 14d americans and two others. >> no question in my mind or yours we can beat them on the battlefield. >> absolutely. >> the question is, can we defeat their ideology. 14 may, 2015. baghdadi, the so-called islamic state of iraq and syria calls for all muslims to migrate to his caliphate or take up arms in their own country. >> the terror alert raised to
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the highest level after bombings at the brussels international airport and a subway station at the heart of the subway capital. >> we heard two very loud explosions. >> if anybody thought this wasn't their problem, they ought to recognize it is all of their problems. >> 130 people of 27 nationali nationalities were slaughtered in paris. >> this major attack on french soil since world war ii. around the same time we had the attacks in lebanon. we had the first downing of an airplane since 9/11. this all happened in a matter of weeks. >> san bernardino where a husband and wife team had thousands of bullets and a stockpile of pipe bombs. >> there were investigations in all 50 states in america. >> the horror will not end until our muslim community wakes up. >> there are some who say isis is just one of these franchises from hell of radical islam, it's not really any different than
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boko haram or al qaeda. is it radical islam or just isis? >> it's extremism in any form. it challenges the homeland, challenges the american people and present as risk to the lives and our partners. >> after serving as 36th commander, general joseph done fod was pointed to the joint chiefs of staff. we first met when he was a colonel on the battlefield in iraq. >> you've probably got more experience in this war than anybody i know. what has changed over the course those years between 2003 and now? >> today we're probably dealing with a more virulent strain. >> is it something that can be defeated? >> it will be and can be. first it's going require us to deny sanctuary, it's going require us to build security with our partners and require us to cut off their resources, cut off the flow of foreign fighters
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and undermine their narrative. >> undermining isis narrative isn't easy. as fast as one can push the "send" button, isis propaganda is spread on social media, highly horrific social media and their social media magazine "dabiq." isis claims like all jihadists to follow the path of islam's leader mohammed. >> the most common misperception that people have about isis is they're not islamic. unfortunately isis is very islamic. >> timothy furnish has a ph.d. and has written numerous books on islam including his latest, "sext, lies, and the caliphate." >> they have the upper hand in
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interpreting the koran because they interpret it literally and this makes it very hard to refute them. one of their favorite motifs is to quote alleged says of mohammed and the famous one they quote is the arm get than will take place before the end of time in the town of dabiq, hence the name of the magazine. they see united states as a krimm power and that they will defeat the crusaders, which is us, and bring about the end and the islamic conquest of the world. >> isis is islam takes seventh century islamic interpretations and says that they're going to literally apply it to today. >> dr.afterer served and was an attending physician to the u.s.
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congress. he's a practicing muslim. after the 9/11 attacks he was disappointed with the american muslim response and founded afid. >> this is not our islam. we believe we need reform to get to the 21st century. i see many muslims being attracted to this idea of theic lammic state. the only thing that inoculated me against radicalization is my love for america, my love for liberty. >> yet, isis continues to attract tens of thousands of foreign fighters including americans intending to die for their cause. isis emerged in the terror group al qaeda and iraq or aqli. >> that was the group that zarqawi started. >> during that time he became the head battling against the
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u.s. led coalition forces on the streets of fallujah, ramadi, and a alkin. they're not hiding in caves. >> it didn't happen overnight and it's not going to be combatted overnight. >> arizona congresswoman martha mcsally served 26 years in the u.s. air force retiring as a colonel with six deployments to the middle east including iraq and afghanistan, she holds the distinction of being the first female to fly an attack plane. mcsally currently serves on the armed services and homeland security. "war stories" sat down with her in a park in tucson. >> 30,000 have flown in. we know of 250 americans and about 5,000 or so are from western countries. isis took over territory and
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declared a caliphate in june of '14. they own territory about the size of indiana. in addition areas in libya and other ungoverned spaces that they're trying to continue to expand to. >> isis has all be erased the borders between iraq and syria that were drawn up after world war i by a british diplomat. >> the thrust of the strategy has got to be cutting off their heads. we've got to to cut off their heads figuratively. >> up next, general joe dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff joins us to lay out a path of victory. you'll also meet a very brave man who's running an underground man who's running an underground family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong.
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in the summer of 2014, isis grabbed the world's attention when the black clad isis army suddenly charged out of its stronghold in rafah, syria. isis rapidly seized thousands of miles of territory including mosul, the second largest city in iraq. iraqi government forces fled before the onslaught and within weeks iran ran most of nieve na and anbar provinces. along the way isis captured tens of thousands of heavy weapons, munitions, vehicles and help weapons the u.s. military had provided to the baghdad government. as their forces advanced, isis released brutal videos showing the beheadings of scores of captives including american journalist james foley and steven sotloff. finally on 22, september, the president addressed the nation. >> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil through a
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comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy. >> the obama administration's declared strategy included air strikes in iraq and syria and special operations on the ground. they see the response to isis as inadequate. >> our efforts militarily have been anemic so far. we could have been using special powers in a much stronger way in order to roll back isis's capabilities and strengthen the more moderate elements. there really can be no solution in this region until we address the assad issues. >> we've got 60 countries that have said they're part of the coalition against isil. in truth, about 20 of them are providing effective military capabilities, and, frankly, one of our focuses right now is to get our coalition partners to do more. >> do we have allies in the middle east to help us, not europeans or nato but allies that can help us in this fight?
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>> jordan has been a good partner this this fight. israel has been a good partner. the united emirates has been a good partner this n this fight. >> another member that should be a good member in the fight is turkey. >> the vast majority of foreign fighters are flowing through turkey into syria. so they just need to do more thachlt i need to do more to control their own border. >> the kurds are the only one who have consistently beaten isis at every turn. should we be doing more to help the kurds? >> i would tell you they're getting support they need in the current fight. we're doing it through the iraqi government because what we're looking for in the long wrong is a multisectarian unified iraq. we think that's the best prospect for success. >> whether iraq can survive as a unified sunni-shiite state is the question. there's no doubt they're still
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the richest terror organization on the planet. >> they're able to fund their operation from extortion, kidnapping, black market oil, selling of antiquities, robbing banks. >> the islamic state has brought in as much as $50 million a month selling oil on the black market. >> we need to squeeze diplomatically the nations to make sure there is no black market for the oil to be sold. >> is this solution going to require tens of thousands of groups on the ground in either syria or iraq? >> my belief is we're going to need it but i do believe that u.s. capabilities, unique u.s. capabilities are going to be equally important for us to be successful. >> but some say a ground war with u.s. and european troops is exactly what isis wants. >> i do think isis is dedicated to what in this sort of subfield they call hot wiring the apocalypse. i think the bee headings, the burnings as with the jordanian
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pilot last year, the horrible things that they do, i think that are trying to spark a ground war. >> the more there's a war like this, they have no place. >> reverend majed el shafie is dedicated to rescuing religious. in 2004 he founded one free world international. el chafshay shafie converted wh 18 years old. he was tortured for declaring his faith in jesus christ. >> so christians and jews are caught in the crossfire. >> that is correct. >> since 2014 in an effort to cleanse the caliphate, isis death squads have viciously murdered tens of thousands of christians and za free tess.
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girls have been taken as trophies of war. >> we know isis takes women, girls and turns them into wives and sex slave lakes. is that a doctrine in the koran? >> of course, it is. you can have a slave. there was a girl who was 9 years old, they used her two times a day. >> you succeeded in rescuing a number of those women. describe without creating a vulnerability to the process how you go about finding them and getting them out? >> through the relationship that we have with the kurdish tribes, that we will be able to go across the bordering to isis territory and we'll be able to save and rescue some of these kurds back. we were able to locate markets
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where they sell them. most of them in mosul, some of them in syria. these girls have a different price dpejding on her beauty, depending on her age, depending on if she is virgin or not. so the price can go from 4,000 american dollars to 2,000 american dollars. this operation bankrupted our organization. i will tell you something. i will sell my suit, my furniture, everything i own to get those girls out, and i have no regrets about it. >> up close with the kurdish person mer fwa as they fight isis in northern iraq. isis in northern iraq. that's just ahead
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kurdistan is about the size of texas located the northeast corner of iraq, it shares borders with turkey, syria, and iran, and is rich in oil, natural gas, and extraordinary history. >> the kurds are the largest group of people in the world that don't have their own state. >> today much of kurdistan has been devastated thanks to the syrian civil war and isis. against all odds the kurdish peshmerga are the only military force to consistently beat isis. >> the peshmerga are an in credible fighting force with very limited capability they have, they certainly have the resolve and the will to fight and they've been strong partners in the fight against isis. >> peshmerga means those who face death. since isis invaded the territory in august 2014, they fought nearly daily battles and struggled to retake their land,
9:24 pm
and they've been doing so with lit toll no help from >> this is the front line of peshmerga. what do they have to fight with? ak-47s, a handful of m-16s. t-55 tanks from the soviet union era 1950s. why? because we haven't given this weapons they need to fight isis. >> this is a hum fee. >> we gave this to the iraqi army, and the cowards fled and isis captured it from them, and then you captured it from isis. >> it would have been shorter if
9:25 pm
we had just given it to you to begin with. >> so the smoke on the horizon is from an air strike? >> yes. >> do you have any troops, peshmerga, forward west of that line right here? >> you see the line over there. that's the defensive. >> and there are civilians in this place. >> as seen in these photos, the peshmerga now have proof that isis is using chemical weapons against the kurds just as saddam hussein did when he was in power. >> this is one enormous refugee
9:26 pm
camp. >> thank you very much. >> leland salma is the head of the program that shelters thousands of syrians. >> how many are in this one camp? >> the number of the families, there are about 1,500 families and the individual around 30, 3-0, thousand individuals. >> everything we've seen so far is an enormous burden on the government of kurdish. >> yeah. huge burden. >> the american aid government goes to baghdad, but it doesn't get here. >> yeah. and i think if they directly coordinated with the kurdish government, it would be better. >> the next crucial battle in iraq would be the fight to liberate mosul. >> do you see mosul being takeen in the future?
9:27 pm
>> i think it's already started. >> if baghdad decides to attack mosul to liberate it, you could have another half million refugees. >> it doesn't matter how many come, we'll be at their service. kurdistans have been a huge part. they understand the situation. that's why we're always supporting them. >> thank you. coming up, inside the worst terror attack on american soil since 9/11, and it's right here in southern california. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ]
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[ boss ] it is a very smart plan. so we're all on board? [ paul ] no. this is a stupid plan. hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. isis has brought terror throughout the middle east in europe. the downing of a russian airliner.
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isis also came to america with the largest terror attack since 9/11. >> these are some of the faces of people arrested on u.s. soil for helping to support or plot terrorism in the name of isis. since 2014, more than 80 have been arrested. a teenage girl trying to leave colorado to join isis in syria. a man who ambushed a philadelphia police officer. and man who is now under investigation for his role in isis-inspired mass shooting. >> we're not doing enough on the home front to defeat isis. >> if you look at the history of this city, we're largely a blue collar town. we're on the suburbs of lachlks we're about 215,000 people. you know, we're kind of a poor town. >> jarrod burguan is the chief of the san bernardino police department in california. >> we don't have a target like
9:32 pm
new york city and the world trade center. >> although no one knew it, there was a target, and on december 2nd, 2015, terror came to san bernardino during a holiday party for 80 people at the inland regional center. >> at about 11:00 there were two gunmen that burst through the doors of the conference center and they opened fire on the people that were in that room. the gunmen in this case were using semiautomatic assault rifle, ar-15 assault-style weapons. there was an immediate police response. the first police unit was there within four minutes of the 911 call. the suspects had escaped before the first units arrive. 14 people were killed. 14 people were wounded. >> before they escaped the two left behind an explosive device. >> it was essentially a pipe bomb device attached to a remote
9:33 pm
control. at the end of the day it didn't go off. >> was it a device that would have done some damage? >> it is a device that definitely would have gone off and caused significant injuries. >> the first 28 2r8d say yesterday farook working as a food inspector. earning 5$,000 a year his county gave him an iphone. >> one person in the room who knew mr. farook told one of the officers that although they were masked when they cam back in the room, there was something about his body language and factor that he thought it was maybe saed farook. he was at the event in the morning hours. he had left and a couple noted he left and they thought it was odd. >> the real surprise is that the second shooter turned out to be his wife, 29-year-old tashfeen
9:34 pm
malik. tashfeen malik later moved to saudi arabia with her family. she returned to pakistan in 2007 to study pharmacy here at this university. after returning to saudi arabia, malik met farook on a dating website. farook went to meet her in person in 2013. they were later maired there and flew back to the united states together in july 2014. malik was admitted to the country on a fiance visa. a current visa program can allow them to slip in undetected. many have exploited the visa for sham marriages or simply disappear after overstaying a visa. >> they can gfill out a form, gt on a plane and escape. there's some gaping holes. >> clearly it's the goulding
9:35 pm
passport of the u.s. >> frank cilluffo is the director of homeland and cyber security. >> we're looking at a way to tighten up the visa waiver program. >> we do know that shortly before this incident took place there was a pledge of allegiance from her to al baghdadi and isis. the information we have would indicate that she also had a lot of that idealistic component when she came to the country. >> the couple lived in this 1,100-square-foot apartment with their baby daughter. farook's 62-year-old mother raffia who worked in the billing department of major california hospital also lived with them. the morning of the massacre, they left their 6-month-old daughter in the care of raffia. >> eventually we saw him near the residence address. as marked unit had fatten in behind the suspect car, the back passenger who
9:36 pm
turned out to be tashfeen malik opened fire with an assault rifle at the officers behind. >> all hell broke loose with the gunmen wielding their ar-15-style wriefles. two police were wounded. both farook and his wife were killed. >> we don't know why they decided the event. these are folks who six months before they had thrown a baby shower for them and had given them gifts for the birth of their child. >> alongside the baby toys, police discovering a bomb factory in the gralk. there were 19 pipe bomb components and thousands of rounds of ammunition. the first seeds of the san bernardino attack were sown in 2004 right here on this quiet street in california. that's when a young enrique marquez moved into this house
9:37 pm
alongside farook. farook lived here with his mother, older brother and two sisters. when they weren't working on cars, they entered into the ways of islam. soon marquez began to freak this many offing in nearby corona. in the years leading up to shootings, they discussed radical islam and listened to the tape of the radical cleric anwar awlaki. >> clearly anwar awlaki is the kevin bacon of this. there's seven degrees of awlaki. >> in 212 enrique marquez bought explosive materials and two of the semiautomatic livles that farook and his wife used in the san bernardino shootings. >> he filled them out to say they were for him. wouldn't that make it illegal for him? >> illegal for him in making a straw purchase, absolutely.
9:38 pm
there were plots to launch an attack on a school and on the free way as well. >> "dabiq" quickly gave a shout-out to the couple. >> they open the first two pages of their "dabiq" magazine by lauding the two and particularly because they were a husband and wife team and he did the call of baghdadi to attack the crusaders in their home land. >> another one who came under fbi scrutiny was this man, shah bacy. he's a cleric here at the mosque, allegedly a haven for islamic fundamental lists. in december it's important that the cleric had exchanged nearly 40 text messages with fa roon in the weeks leading up to the july 20 u 15 terrorist attack on two sites in chattanooga, tennessee.
9:39 pm
they dropped a legal fight with apple after unlocking the government issued iphone. but despite testing the cleric and his colleaguing now claim they barely knew farook. >> we did not think of anything of him because he's not being locked up. >> the investigation into the san bernardino attacks continues. in february when the fbi raided the home of farook's older brother raheel, thick manila envelopes and a computer were among the items removed from the premises. at the same time enrique marquez sat in a jail cell awaiting a july 2016 trial on terror charges. >> they said they had no connection with domestic or foreign terrorist relations. >> they say they have the attacks and will do it in their name. >> why are so many americans
9:40 pm
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the threat posed by isis in the united states is growing in scale and scope. >> isis has been calling for attacks for well over a west in the west, particularly americans, and they feel like, of course, they've succeeded. >> in the past year we saw three successful terrorist attacks. tennessee, chattanooga, obviously san bernardino, and carlland in texas. >> if there's a single profile and unfortunately there isn't it's the ideology. >> and many analysts like to say isis is on twitter and snapchat and whatever else and they put out glossy magazines and videos.
9:44 pm
that's process. that process would not appeal to people unless the substance appeals to people. and the substance again is a literal understanding of islam. >> many say the united states' effort of countering isis is weak. unlike the successful campaigns used in world war ii against japan and germany and during the cold war with the soviet union. >> we were countering communist and soviet infiltration into the west by promoting capitalism, by promoting freedom. >> we've seeded the cyber battlefield to the adversary and we need to do more to be able to push back. the same rick russ planning that goes into euro war-fighting efforts needs go into our cyber efforts. >> sill lieu foe's program tried to understand the recent surge
9:45 pm
in jihadees. in 2014 they released their report "isis in america from retweets to raqqah," shaima hughes is one of the authors. >> they run the gamut. they're old, they're young, rich, poor, black, white. there is no typical isis. we looket at a count of them. what we found was twitter was the platform of choice. >> here are some of the images they found on social media. >> they have generational ones where they're posting out quotes from anwar awlaki. the image is an avatar they use online. it's a symbol of bravery. >> i think one of the most interesting things is how brash everything is. >> sara jokes is a researcher. >> this is a foreign fighter from i believe somewhere in europe and he's been with isis.
9:46 pm
it comes from tumblr. there's a girl who posts even and over again she's in love with this guy. and it's totally bizarre to see this in the frame of a terrorist organization. >> isis has taken it to a whole new level. this is an engaged social media platform that can bring together like-minded individuals in the far-fung corners of the internet and the deep web. >> they're able to reach out to radicalize or recruit online and get the kind of materials they need or get that phone number in turkey of who to call when you land. >> once they realize they've got somebody, they'll go into what they call dark space in areas that we can't even monitor on the internet, even if we have a court order to understand what they're directing. so they're either inspiring or directing these small scale
9:47 pm
attacks which are much more difficult to stop. >> encryption has made it nearly impossible for law enforcement to track terrorists on the web do. so will require more cooperation. >> we need to build trust between silicon valley, d.c., and ultimately the american people and i think it's the trust deficit that's impeding further cooperation. yes, there's a freedom of speech issue. but you know what? there's also a terrorism issue here. basically you have three options. we want to collect information to get a sense of who their networks are. so you don't want to instantaneously shut down all these facilities. two, we can actually start shutting down this situation and we need to do more there. and, quite honestly, the american viewer, the fox viewer has a role potentially to be able to identify, flag information. and twitter and some of the other social media platforms are attempting to do this, but
9:48 pm
they're not doing enough. third, we've got to to push back. we've got expose the bankruptcy of the ideology. coming up, meet some muslims who are taking a stand against the islamic state. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. (singing alougetting to know you. getting to know all about you... getting to like you. getting to hope you like me... is someone getting to know your credit? not without your say so. credit lock lets you lock and unlock your transunion
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♪ ♪
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since 2001, more than 700,000 comcast nbc universal volunteers have lent a hand to their communities. this year, we're extending our partnership with our friends at red nose day and global citizen. making it our most rewarding day ever... hands down. . the delegit mization of isis can only be done by muslims. it has to be people that are muslim that understand islam. >> it's a faith today. it's not the rising of the extremists. it's the silence of the moderate muslims. >> the bottom line is the muslim
9:52 pm
world is dominated by thee a crests, thug, and dictator, what i call the islamic mafia and we can only defeat them if we take back the managemental of the islam. >> the idea of the islamic state is a bad idea. >> born to a family, asra nomani came to the united states and grew up. >> it's a bad idea for the 21st century and a bad idea for the christians and muslims and jews who dot no want to live according to the strict interpretation of islam and it's a bad idea for women. >> her goal became a very personal one after the attacks on 9/11. >> i worked for "the wall street journal." my colleague came to visit me. he went off for an interview
9:53 pm
from which he was then kidnapped and murdered by men who practice this interpretation of islam that is very much the ideology of the islamic state today and what i realized very personally is that it's my duty as a muslim, it's my duty to stand up against the ideology of extremism. >> today she's a member of the muslim reform movement started by dr. zuhdi jasser. >> it started in 2015. a group of us muss limes stood together with this declaration and what we're trying to do is be the change we want to see in the world. what we assert here is the idea of an islam in which we believe in peace, human rights, and secular government. >> so many of whose have been doing similar work, i called them, said, listen, let's have a summit of all of us who really
9:54 pm
get this and take ownership for it and make a declaration that's a that's clearly there for us. dwlou tell the islamists working against us versus who are the reformers and classical liberals who are working with us. >> december 4th, two days after the attacks at san bernardino, the newly formed members held a press conference of the national press club in washington, d.c. >> we had seen islam become a regressive interpretation because of so many of the sexist, intolerant, and violent interpretation they have interpreted over the past four decades. >> following that, they took their declaration to the saudi finance center of washington. >> one of our brave souls in the muslim reform movement went like
9:55 pm
a stealth fighter across the courtyard to the front door of this mosque and he taped to the front door of the mosque our declaration for the muslim reform movement. quickly enough a staffer from the islamic center of washington ripped down the declaration, but we had made our statement. >> we stand against violent jihad, we stand against the idea of the islamic state. not only isis, but all islamic states. we stand against the caliphate. we stand for your the equality of men and women. stand for free speech. bebelieve ideas don't have rights. human beings do. >> what we have to do is fundamentally challenge those human beings of qatar, and elsewhere. that's what we're doing. can i tell you what's happening?
9:56 pm
we're hearing from muslims and they're saying thank you to us. they're saying thank you for standing up with courage because we fear challenging the status quo and we're so grateful to you for being our voices in the world. world. >> there's here i am... working my canister off to clean and shine... and give proven protection... against fading and aging. he won't use those copycat wipes. hi...doing anything later? the quiet type. i like that. armor all original protectant. don't be dull.
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the men and the women serving in the u.s. military make it the a greatest fighting force in the world. >> no doubt but it's also clear that isis ideology are a major threat to the united states and other western nations. the question is there will ending the minutes put troops on the ground and if so who will fill those boots? >> it won't be won on the battlefield. we have to defeat the ideology and allow no sanctuary for
10:00 pm
terrorists anywhere. more has to be done to protect our homeland. >> i'm leif babin. >> and i'm oliver north. a a a a a a a a a great week, wo go. a a a a a a a great week, wo as hot spots arise around the world, our military is powering down. >> most of you in the army know is that the army is reducing its size. >> i worry about the capability and capacity to win in a major fight. >> with the armed forces getting new marching orders -- >> male rotc cadets were pressured by the military to walk around in women's high heels. >> i found that entire incident just kind of bizarre. >> is the new u.s. military ready to face new threats? >> you're sending the message to the rest of the world you're basically retreating. >> fox news reporting. "rising threats, shrinking


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