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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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amazing, it's been perfect. >> thank you for being with us for this on the record special, "meet the trumps." tell me what you think on my facebook page. i'll see you here weeknights at 7:00 p.m. eastern for "on the record." turmoil surrounding donald trump's campaign for president reaching a boiling point. this was the scene last night in san diego. a crowd of nearly a thousand gathering outside his rally at the convention center. tensions escalating with skirmishes near the end of the event. police officers in riot gear arresting at least 35 people as they tried to take control of the chaotic situation. hello, welcome to a new "inside america's election headquarters." i'm arthel neville.
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>> i'm gregg jarrett. bernie sanders holding rallies in california as the high-stakes standoff continues. between the vermont senator and hillary clinton ahead of the june 7th primary in the golden state. we have live fox team coverage. will karr is standing by in l.a. with the latest on the democratic race flare. first, rich edon is in washington looking at what's at play between donald trump and the gop. >> reporter: good evening. more than a thousand protesters met donald trump in san diego, a city near the busiest mexican border acrossing in the united states. nearly three dozen protesters were arrested ashrew water bottles and clashed with police officers. no one was hurt, nor did anyone damage property. trump launched a successful campaign to seize the republican nomination, promising to build a wall on the mexican border and force mexico to pay for it. he also wants to deport millions living in the u.s. illegally.
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trump continues campaigning in california with enough delegates to secure the nomination. he's looking beyond the june 7th republican primary. he says he can be the first republican in nearly 30 years to win california in the general election. >> i am going to make a heavy, heavy, heavy play because i honestly think we're getting massive crowds all over the place. i actually think we're going to win california. >> reporter: while democratic front-runner hillary clinton is refusing to debate challenger bernie sanders, trump had said he would enthusiastically nail void. now he's refusing, saying in a statement, "now that i'm the presumptive republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that i would debate the second-place finisher." he returns to the east coast and washington, d.c., this weekend. tomorrow he's scheduled to attend rolling thunder, a massive motorcycle tribute to prisoners of war and those missing in action and a call for the government to account for them. nearly a year ago, trump angered some veterans by saying of
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senator john mccain, a p.o.w. himself during the vietnam war, that he likes people who weren't captured. back to you. >> rich, thank you very much. you could say that democratic candidates are california dreaming. that's right. bernie sanders holding three rallies today in the golden state ahead of the june 7th primary. hillary clinton taking the day off from campaigning, but not from criticizing donald trump. will karr is standing by in our west coast bureau with more. >> reporter: as bernie sanders has been criss-crossing california, he's not only feeling the burn, but a shot of energy based off the latest poll that's come out from the public policy instituted of california and has sanders trailing hillary clinton by only two points. within the margin of error. now, just a couple of weeks ago, he's back eight points. today he's continuing to make his case for electability, pointing out that the real clear
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politics ampverage of polls has him unten points, and in the same -- him up ten points, and in the same poll, he and trump are neck and neck. he's decided to go hard after trump, again pushing trump to debate even though trump said yesterday it's not something he's interested in anymore. take a listen. >> if i have the opportunity as i hope i will to debate mr. trump, among many other things, i would ask why he thought it was a good idea to launch the -- an active part of the so-called birther movement. what he was trying to do was delegitimatizd delegitimatize the president of the united states, of this country. that's an ugly thing to have done. >> reporter: you've heard sanders talk about momentum. he may be trying to tap into
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that. today he issued a press release saying he wants the dnc to remove two hillary clinton supporters from key convention roles. the two, connecticut governor dannel malloy and representative barney frank, who they're saying are in the bag for clinton. the clinton campaign has not weighed in and don't have events scheduled for today. on twitter, she is hitting trump, as well. take a look at this video that she posted last night criticizing trump's previous comments on workplace pregnancy. >> pregnancy is never -- it's a wonderful thing for the woman, it's a wonderful thing for the husband. it's certainly an inconvenience for a business. ♪ >> reporter: so clinton going after trump, while bernie sanders still battling clinton. gregg, she's having to keep her head on swissvale -- on a swivel as she getting it from both sides. >> a good way of putting it. will carr.
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thank you. the state department's inspector general releasing a report on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. it's not good news for the democratic front-runner. we have more now from washington. garrett? >> reporter: it seems like every week we're learning more about hillary clinton's e-mail, and that could continue for some time. in addition to the fbi's criminal investigation, there is also the civil case from judicial watch looking into clinton's e-mail practices. this week, the conservative legal watchdog group released the transcript from its recent deposition of a long-time state department staffer, luis lukens. clinton said her private e-mail use was widely known. according to lukens testimony, he thought she was only using it to stay in touch with family and friends. according to the report, lit never sought nor received permission from state department i.t. official to exclusively use personal e-mail for work. and if she asked for approval, they would have said no because it would be both a security risk
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and a violation of the department's recordkeeping rules. >> clearly there's enough from the i.g. report, from the leaked emails. she is in trouble here. she's going to be indicted. anyone who says that this is not an indictable offense, they don't understand what's going on with the classified information. >> reporter: clinton and her campaign say there's nothing new in the report, and they're not worried about it hurting her in the general election. >> if i could go back, i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this. i understand that. but i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer, my life and my service. >> reporter: concerns from voters were highlighted in the latest fox news poll in which 66% said they do not view hillary clinton as honest and trustworthy. arthel? >> thanks, garrett. gregg? the world health organization rejecting a request from more than 150 of the world's top doctors to postpone the summer olympics in brazil.
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doctors fearing that the zika virus could put athletes and great many other people at risk. in the meantime, health officials in this country are urging congress to approve emergency funding to battle the mosquito-borne disease. we have the latest from new york's central park. brian? >> reporter: gregg, memorial day weekend is start of summer bawls the start of mosquito season. that has the centers for disease control concerned and warning americans this week of a potential major outbreak of advisories in the u.s. -- of zika virus in the u.s. in the coming months. zika virus is spread by moisk mosquitoes and is particularly harmful to pregnant women because of serious birth defects that could come with it. right now the frustration lies with capitol hill. president barack obama asked congress three months ago to approve $1.9 billion in funding to fight zika. yet, with an outbreak looming, congress took a two-week break friday meaning a compromise bill
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is likely weeks if not months away. and the cdc warns every day passed without proper funding puts more people at risk of zika virus. >> this is unprecedented and tragic. it has been more than 50 years since we've identified any pathogen that can cause a birth defect. we have never before identified a situation where a mosquito bite could result in an infection that causes a devastating birth defect. >> reporter: the main threat is to pregnant women. zika is linked to microcephaly, the shrinking of a baby's brain and head. and good news, though, is that for most people who get zika, they only exhibit mild symptoms, don't have to be hospitalized, and death is very rare. the zika virus is spread by bites from certain mosquitoes and through sexual intercourse, unprotected sexual intercourse
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with an infected male. now about 591 cases are in zika -- are in the united states currently. those are travel related, meaning they did not originate from within the united states. the cdc concerned that with summer and mosquito season, places like the park and outside in still water by your house will cause noisks come out, mean -- mosquitoes to come out, meaning you'll be more susceptible to bites and zika. >> you're in front of a beautiful pond which would be ripe for mosquitoes. i hope you have your repellant on. bryan, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. >> of course you would point that out. we've got to get to weather now. tropical storm bonnie bringing heavy rain and strong stwoinds par winds to parts of of the country. the national hurricane center upgrading bonny from a tropical depression just over an hour ago. it is expected to make landfall in south carolina tomorrow. senior meteorologist janice dean
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is live in the fox extreme weather center. j.d., how bad is bonnie? >> as tropical storms go, it's on the low end. it is early in the season. typically we begin the tropical season june 1st. and of course it is memorial day weekend. that's not good news. but you know, it is a minimal tropical storm. it's not a hurricane, and we are not expected it to strengthen much more. 40 mile-per-hour sustained winds moving northwest at ten miles per hour. already a nasty day across south carolina, the beaches there. there's your track so it's going to hang out along the coast. not only monday but into tuesday and wednesday, according to the latest track. as an area of low pressure. so that means it's going to be kind of a crummy week all along the east coast. the reason we saw strengthening is it's going over the jet stream. a warm area of warm water. that is the track, and there's the gulf stream. that's why we boost thursday to a tropical storm, although we have a lot of dry air to the
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west of the system and upper level winds which is going to hinder it to strengthen anymore. there's your future radar. as we mentioned, just kind of hanging out along the southeast coastline. and as it lingers, it's going to bring all of the moisture up toward the mid-atlantic and northeast monday and tuesday. so unfortunately, not good news there. also wanting to point out, we have thunderstorms popping up across the midwest. a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00 p.m. local time, and a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings, as well. lots to track in the fox news extreme weather center. i'll be here all memorial day weekend for you. back to you. >> and we will be watching your weather reports, miss janice dean. thank you very much. >> of course. >> all right. fox news alert. a sad story to tell you about. a player for the nba new orleans pelicans was killed in a shooting. espn is reporting that brice dijon jones was shot this
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morning. police telling espn a man inside fired his gun when the basketball player kicked open his bedroom door. the pelicans releasing a statement following the news of dejean-jones' death saying, "we are devastated of the loss of this young man's life who had such a promising future ahead of him. our thoughts and prayers are with bryce's family during there difficult time." dejean-jones played basketball in college at iowa state. he was undrafted and went into the d league before finally making it into the big-time pros, the pelicans, in january. >> tragic. when we come back, we'll talk about this. new details coming to light in hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. just in time for another round of primary action. will a new report from the inspector general complicate things for mrs. clinton at the ballot box? plus, the tsa under intense fire for security wait times topping three hours, even more.
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can the agency turn things around in time for the busy summer holiday travel season? also, the taliban naming a new leader. this after a u.s. drone strike took out the previous leader. what his successor means for the future of our fight against terror. i was in the elites company. realizing breaking contact will cost more marines. i was frustrated in how i was going do anything with that machine gun. i'd already lost all of my platoon leaders. and those marine air guys were right in on that gun and saved all those marines. i wear the medal for what my marines did. i wish i could have given it to every one of them. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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more heat on hillary clinton's campaign over the e-mail situation. with two weeks to go before california's delegate-rich primary, the state department's inspector general releasing a report that says clinton did not comply with the agency's e-mail policies whether she set up her private server. this as a new fox news poll
3:19 pm
finds that more than double the number of people who consider clinton to be trustworthy says she's not. we have more from columnist for "national review," starting with this. john, do the average american people watching now, to they pay as close attention to this report and e-mail situation that hillary clinton's dealing with? >> oh, they have other concerns. but as long as this is playing in the background, it's bad publicity, bad background. >> they don't pay as much attention as we do. however, there is something about the drip, drip, drip of it. maybe there's something there, if there's smoke -- >> why can't she get the story away -- >> why can't she? >> the facts are there. i mean, she spent 15 months saying i did something that they
3:20 pm
approve ted state department by setting up the private e-mail serve, and we're fine with it. not true. >> you're right. they're not fine with it. >> she has 26 aides who were asked for interviews by the state department, 26. only five agreed to cooperate. in other words, we're dealing with a stonewall worthy of richard nixon. >> so does hillary clinton have a definite lock on the democratic nomination? if you're going to tell me now, is there a plan b? >> she has a lock on the nomination when all 50 states vote shooemp ha, she will have -- vote, she will have the primary of delegates. there's a primary to go, the e-mail primary. that will be settled when the fbi issues a report to the justice department about their findings. it will leak -- >> it's going to -- >> leak, people will know the contents. even if the justice department
3:21 pm
does nothing, the revelations could further damage the honest and trustworthy number. if it damages it enough, democrats will say, you know, she's already a weak candidate against donald trump. if she falls behind donald trump after that report, they'll start thinking about plan b. >> so of course, you know, john, that hillary clinton's camp is saying that the i.g. report is -- is not fair, and that there's political bias there. do you think that the people would be able to trust in -- or more to the point, clinton's campaign, if you will, spin or shed a negative light on an fbi discovery? >> she can say it's not fair, but the inspector general who wrote the report was appointed by president obama, and he works for secretary of state john kerry who's a democrat and a former colleague of senator clinton's in the senate. i don't know what motive they would have to be fair. president obama is -- >> i'm asking about the fbi. >> the fbi has a reputation for
3:22 pm
being very much above board. president obama has expressed his confidence that the fbi will run a straightforward, independent investigation. >> because you know the clinton campaign said that there's anti-clinton bias in office -- >> they say it about the state department which is bizarre because she used to run the state department. >> you're saying that the people will have more faith in the reporting of an fbi is your point, right? >> i think they'll look at the facts. you know, she has not disputed the facts in the inspector general's report. she's said they may be biased, may be out of context, but the facts are the facts. >> this information is going to be used against hillary clinton, not only by senator sanders, also donald trump, as well. >> senator sanders has been interesting. he said the report speaks for itself. so he's not going out after her because he knows democratic primary voters, frankly, don't think this say major issue. he's saying you should consider it in the totality of all the other problems that she has. >> john, i've got to go. thank you very much. >> sure.
3:23 pm
>> gregg? dedicated war hero is paying it forward this memorial day. it's tray addition he's kept alive for more than 20 years, presenting a one-of-a-kind prize to warriors in training who show potential for leadership. we have the story. arms -- >> this country is a great country. i don't need some political candidate to tell me we've got a great country. we've got a great country. the greatest country on the earth. >> reporter: retired army brigadier general john doc bronson isn't shy about his love of america or his willingness to fight for her. his combat leadership was on full display during two tours of duty in vietnam. >> you have to have the courage to do what has to be done. you have is on to set the kporchl a daily -- you have to set the kporchl a daily basis and take the action to kill the enemy. >> lead from the front? >> and lead from the front. you don't have to be the leader every time, but be prepared to join the front. >> reporter: at 81, the highly
3:24 pm
decorated war vet continues to receive honors including west point's distinguished graduate award. rather than just look back on his celebrated career, the general likes to pay it forward and honor america's future warriors. [ applause ] >> reporter: each year, bonson returns to his alma matters to present a pistol to the president of the rugby team and cadet at marion military institute who shows strong potential to lead in combat. >> to motivate kids to serve and to serve at the tip of the spear. >> reporter: tip of the spear, very important to you. >> very important because not everybody wants to do it. i never have found a crowd at the front line. >> reporter: bonson doesn't take that service lightly, having witnessed dozens of young men make the ultimate sacrifice in an unpopular war. >> 44 soldiers were killed under my command. that's the tragedy of vietnam. for every day of my life will be memorial day for those 44 soldiers. >> reporter: in marion, alabama, fox news. isis launching a new
3:25 pm
offensive in syria. how it reveals the terror group still has the ability to launch devastating attacks and capture new territory. that's despite recent losses in iraq and other parts of syria. and to afghanistan now where the taliban has named a replacement for the leader killed in a u.s. drone strike. we'll tell you who it is and what it could mean for diplomacy.
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welcome back. in a check of the headlines, a devastating lightning strike in paris injuring eight children and three adults. they had apparently taken shelter underneath a tree during
3:30 pm
the storm when lightning then struck. several are reported in life threatening conditions. over in poland, a man was killed by a lightning strike. to michigan. new reports reveal the price of replacing water nobel peace prize flint due to the lead crisis is nearly double the original estimates. the costs could complicate talks over how much the state should pay to help the recovery. verizon and its striking labor union's reaching a tentative deal. potentially ending a six-week-long strike involving more than 30,000 workers. the labor secretary says he expects them to be back on the job next week. isis militants building on their most significant advance near the turkish border in two years, even as they lose ground elsewhere in syria and neighboring iraq. here's the latest on the fighting. >> reporter: isis has launched a
3:31 pm
major offense 95 northern syria attempting -- offensive in northern syria attempting to gain ground. the militant group has taken over a string of towns and villages while trapping more than 100,000 people near the turkish border. men, women, and children caught in the crossfire. isis entered marea, pushing syrian rebel forces out. this could be a significant lose because it sits between aleppo to the south and azaz to the north in the corridor, a major supply route for u.s.-backed syrian rebels fighting syria's government, bashar al assad's government, and isis militants. the new offensive shows that isis has the ability to launch attacks and capture new territory despite recent losses in iraq and other parts of syria. and fighting also continues to flaj aleppo between sear -- to rage in aleppo between syrian forces and government factions there, putting more strain on u.s.-backed rebel fighters already struggling to survive and keep together along with the
3:32 pm
thousands of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. in fact, the u.n. estimates that as many as 150,000 people remain trapped between the turkish border and the city of azaz. and doctors without borders reports that it had to shut down a key hospital on the outskirts of azaz because of isis pushing closer and gaining more ground. arthel? >> okay, reporting from our jerusalem bureau. thanks, john. president obama describing the death of taliban leader mullah moon mansour as an important milestone for peace. he was taken out a week ago by a u.s. drone strike while he was in pakistan. now the afghan taliban says they've appointed a successor. this guy, malawi aganzada, a religious scholar known for issuing public statements justifying the existence of the extremist taliban and their war against the afghan government. will he take the insurgency
3:33 pm
toward peace or continued war? he's more from senior fell toe heritage foundation and security and foreign policy analyst. he was known in afghanistan as the accountant because he amassed great wealth through opium and heroin peddling which tells you a lot about the guy. does he represent any meaningful change as the obama administration is claiming, or will the killing of mansour cause the taliban to become even more extreme? >> i was in islamabad several months ago, and everywhere we went, everyone talked about the roadmap. we had a roadmap that if the taliban chose the course to peace that they and the afghans and chinese and americans could make this work. you know, it sounded pretty fanciful then. i think the killing of plansour and change -- mansour and changing of leadership means nothing.
3:34 pm
the strategy is to make as much progress on the ground as they can, make the afghan government look weak, try to drive a wedge between afghanistan and pakistan, and deal from position of strength. so they're not interested in negotiating. >> you know, as i mentioned, mansour was in pakistan when he was killed by the u.s. drones. pakistan's intel service, the isi, has long provided support and safe haven for taliban leaders which, of course, pakistan officially denies, they always den tie. but the evidence is clear. what more can the u.s. do to alter pakistan's behavior toward the taliban if anything? >> right. so we went through this period where the pakistanis said, look, we need give people some time, and they said, not years, just we need to give them months. make a choice if they want to choose the road path or choose the other side, if they choose the other side, we will get with you, and we will help kind of go after them. it was interesting as we took
3:35 pm
out mansour and the pax said not much. we went in without their permission. we took out the guy, they said we need this guy because he's going to pull isis together for peace. when we did that, they were quiet about the whole thing. >> yeah. which speaks volumes. all of these taliban leaders military commanders, fair game for u.s. missile attacks. do we need to keep doing it now, and go after the new guy? an effort to decapitate the leadership? and at the same time, should we be elevating our ground engagement? >> that gets to -- we don't have a strategy. obama doesn't have a strategy. other than getting to january and going off and building his library. we do strikes, but they are one-off things. they're not part aof a sequence of events.
3:36 pm
little rally we are treading -- literally, we are treading water. the taliban is waiting for us to leave to see if they can get a better deal. the fringe parts want to break away, and they're using the isis flag. the taliban have to be concerned about them, as well. the number one thing for them is success on the battlefield. we don't really have a plan to we'll do that. we have a plan to kind of wait it out. >> yep. we seem to be reactive instead of proactive. good to see you, thank you. >> thanks for having me. millions of americans are hitting the road for the memorial day weekend. most taking advantage of low gas prices. the price at the pump could rise. the question then becomes, how could that affect travel for the rest of the summer season. >> speaking of summer -- >> yes? >> are our airports ready to handle the seasonal surge in light of recent screening issues with tsa? we'll talk about it. year to date, more than
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more americans are hitting the road this memorial day weekend than in the past decade. low gas prices are helping them get them to where they'd like to go. aaa saying the average in is down 40 cents. 40 cents from a year ago. it's $2.32 per gallon today. that price is slowly rising as the price of oil ticks up to over $50 a barrel for the first time since the end of last summer. that's good for business, but what about us? here, scott gamm, financial reporter and author of "more money, please." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's start here. first of all, why are the gas prices low? as we know, usually during a holiday weekend, everybody expects, okay, they're going to go up, they're going to gouge us, we'll pay more. that's not the case. >> for the past 18 months, we've
3:42 pm
seen this big crash in oil prices. past year, crude proisz are down 20 -- prices are down 20%. that's why we've been seeing low gas prices for the past year and a half. since february, oil prices have been rising dramatically. we had $26 a barrel oil in february. now we're at $50. but again, i don't think this $50-a-barrel oil will necessarily last because a lot of oil companies are coming back on line. we could be back to the $40s. >> how long will the current prices last? >> i don't think the days of $100-barrel oil like we saw in 2008, 2009, 2010 are coming back. we're in an era where the fracking industry in the u.s. has taken off. that's caused more supply to enter the market. that's good news for consumers. we've seen mixed data that some are spending this stimulus from low gas prices. some aren't. but no matter what it is, it's good for consumers.
3:43 pm
>> how long will it last? >> hard to say. we're in a new normal where we'll stay in the $50 to $60 range for some time. >> gotcha. connect the dots for us between the oil prices, banks, interest rates, and our wallets. >> we have a big meeting from the federal reserve in june. many market participants, people in the markets investors, think the fed will raise interest rates. they raised interest rates for the first time in ten years in december of last year. what's happening is low oil prices have been bringing inflation down, one factor the fed is watching. now as oil prices come up a bit, inflation is going to rise, we've seen that the gauge shows inflation up 1.6% over the past year. the fed would like it to be 2%. we're getting closer. if the fed does raise interest rates, whether in june or july or even in september, that's going to mean higher interest rates on credit cards and mortgages. not that much hire, but enough
3:44 pm
that you'll notice it. again, savings from low gas prices should offset that higher apr you'll pay. >> maybe. that's wishful thinking. i bet there are people saying, yeah, i'm sure the low gas prices are not going to cover my credit card bills even with -- considering the higher interest rate. >> we're talking about a 25 basis points fund rate increa , increase, .25%. immediately you won't note that much of a difference. >> good answer. i like your pushback. got to speak for the people here, scott gamm. that is going to do it for thus time. see you again. you're the financial reporter but importantly, the author of "more money, please." mr. scott gamm. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. a whole lot of folks who flew this holiday weekend may be wishing they got behind the wheel. the tsa lines making air travel a nightmare. what's being done about it? we'll talk to the congressman in charge of fixing the agency. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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republican smith was exposed to enemy fire and was firing his weapon at the enemy positions. >> it was his deliberate decision. it wasn't out of character for him. >> paul smith gave his life to protect his men. welcome back. time for a quick check of headlines. a powerful storm dumping heavy rain in harris county, texas, making many of the roads impassable. officials advise people to be very careful when traveling this memorial day weekend. more isolated thunderstorms expected in the region. divers retrieved the wreckage of a world war ii-era plane from the hudson river after it crashed. the vintage p-47 thunderbolt went down in the river yesterday off the new york city west side killing the pilot. the plane was taking part in a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the p-47, part of the city's fleet week activities. dr. henry heimlich using his
3:50 pm
namesake maneuver on a choking woman. happened at a senior living center in cincinnati where he and the 87-year-old woman happened to live. dr. heimlich says it's the first time he deciding whether to limit the number of people who visit the major parks and historical sites each day. they are expecting record crowds this summer. they are planning to ask tourist about their experiences in the park. they hope to have a better idea of how to limit crowds in years to come. >> escaping serious injury from a falling tree. [bleep]
3:51 pm
>> dash cam video showing the officer running as he hears the tree crashing down. he was moving a branch and the tree fell. he ended up with's broken wrist and 13 stitches for a cut on his head. >> space x nails another image of a rocket settling down on a barge in the middle of the ocean.
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law makers on capitol tackling long security liance in the nation's airports. passengers all over the country are forced to wait and in some cases missing their flights. the law makers heard from the tsa chief and excutive in american airlines pointing to budget cuts in the tsa for the security snafus. >> last year programs to drive efficiency were eliminated without adding resources to support longer passenger processing times and as a result there is unacceptably long
3:56 pm
security lines and a frustrated flying public. >> we have the congressman with us. i read the transcripts of your hearings and one of the things that your community learned they adjusted security protocols but forney give me is that not rank mismanagement and incompetence. >> yes, and yes. it is one of the things they assumed with the staffing allocation that precheck would be at a higher level. that allows throughput at twice the speed. and basically a calamitty of events. and we have solutions to fix it. >> air travel is up 15 percent
3:57 pm
and the tsa work forces down 12 percent. the agency had an abnormally high attrition rate and can't retain the transportation service officers? >> they are on a part- time basis. it is triple than the full- time employees. full- time employees are 15 percent. and that is part of the problem and not the whole problem with tsa. there is problems with the staffing allocation and failure to work with industry and airports and airlines and predicting when the crushes of people are coming. >> should tsa administrator be fired? >> oh, no. quite frankly he inherited the mess and been there less than a year or so. he is doing a tremendous job
3:58 pm
listening to the people identifying the problems. he did that last week with chicago and trying to fix what is going on there. it is too soon to say it is time for his head. >> one of the things he nsd the hearing that the agencies going to add 700 screeners by midjohn. that is not enough. and why didn't he move to do that sooner? >> i think the people underneath him failed him to a certain extent. and the people doing the staffing allocation models are not anticipating the crushes. part of it is the administration snafus that need to be unravelled. the field support don't have flexibility to make adjustments and call for over time. and identify these problems,
3:59 pm
they are adjusting them and they said on friday they are dealing with the problems. >> the airlines themselves. american and united are adding workers for nonscreening duties. and delta plans to redesign the screening lanes, many are the epitome of inefficiency and they are crazy. so aren't the airlines to blame, not just tsa, for not recognizing the problems sooner and now taking aggressive action but it is way too late? >> they are taking ark greszive action and there is crisis. they had the concerns for a while. we did many roundtables and speaking with him and the airlines, we found out that the
4:00 pm
airlines in the airports need major staffing. but tsa was not in the game. >> we are up against a hard break. thank you for being with us. best luck. go big or go home. could donald trump be too big for the republican national convention? i am patty ann brown in for julie banderas and this is it the fox report. new tonight, sources inside of the trump come pain are telling fox news that the presumptive nominee is is looking into giving his nomination address in a large sports stadium. one that is far bigger than the quicken sports arena. none of this is set in stone. but trump said he wanted to add more excitement to the republican national convention. plenty of excitement on the


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