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tv   Factor Special Miller Meets Gutfeld Mcguirk  FOX News  July 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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enjoy the 4th of july. have a great night. this is a fox news alert. an update on the hostage situation in dhaka. 100 police commandos storm a bangladesh restaurant in an attempt to save as many as 35 people being held hostage. isis claiming responsibility for the attack on the restaurant. there are reports eight to 10 hostages were rescue of theeded. other reports say others were able to escape during the raid. two policemen were killed in the attack. security forces moved in with troops and armored vehicles. the state department saying all u.s. citizens aassigned there are accounted for.
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others being told to shelter in place. reports from the bangladesh capital that say police are storming a restaurant where 45 people are being held hostage. isis is taking credit. now back to "o'reilly" already in progress. a college campus now and you're going to be ostracized. they can't even listen to "smokin' in the boys room." >> caution. you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight for this special edition of "the factor." miller meets gutfeld and mcguirk. for the next hour, we'll attempt to get into the minds of these
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men. very scary places to be. we begin with the boys. new poll out of harvard asked americans 18 to 29 about what kind of political philosophy they support. socialism, 33%. like it. 59% do not. capitalism, 42% okay with it. 51%, no to capitalism patriotism, 57% yes and 36% no. greg gutfeld, they don't like the capitalism, these young people. >> because they don't know where it comes from or what it is. we used to have this thing called home ec. we need to have something that teaches them financial literacy. you have the parent's paycheck and show them where everything goes and how a small business
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operates and how toll make a profit in this world where the government controls everything. they need classes on supply and demand and they need to understand credit card interest and last, but not least, they need to show -- >> they need to go to venezuela where -- >> no electricity now. >> but i think they understand capitalism. you basically work, you get money, the better you are at work or the harder you work, the more money you get and then you rise in the materialistic world. but i think these people don't care about the materialistic world. >> i think you've given them too much credit. my nonscientific look at the millennial is the most pampered cry baby i've ever seen. asking a millennial about capitalism is like asking someone in tanzania about the
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nfl draft. this bernie sanders phenomena and the -- >> there's a sense of entitlement. gutfeld has it. he has a sense of entitlement. >> give me another sweater. there is a disconnect of where things come from. like, they have some of the greate greatest innovation around them. they don't know where it comes from. you need classes that teaches people where it comes from. >> they wouldn't pay attention. >> and they need a class on decisions that ruin you financially. >> they wouldn't pay attention. >> yes, they would. if you tied them to a chair and shocked them. if you had a giant paddle product. >> they'd be texting about stuff that they want. >> gutfeld, what have you got? >> i thought it would be interesting at a trump rally two days ago in orlando, they asked everyone to make a pledge and a
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supporter forces his dog to make a pledge, which i think is absolutely unconscienceable. >> a pledge for what? >> to vote for donald trump. clearly the dog is a supporter of tim pawlenty and a slogan was make america great again. no one is talking the dog vote. there's 78 million dogs in america and their bark has long been ignored and i hope that trump recognizes it. >> everybody worries when a dog lifts his leg. >> so nobody was watching too closely? >> nobody got wet. no. >> now it's your turn but we have a sound on tape to set up mcguirk. go. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> i'm talking. it's about time, though. up until that night, he was --
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his deference was nauseating. that night, i don't know if they put prune juice in his testosterone but it worked. he grew a backbone. it was like his bar mitzvah. that day, bernie became a man. >> and to your point, hillary gave him a hundred bucks. >> it was like bernie was to hillary what james con was to kathy bates in the movie "misery" and he came out of his shell and won michigan two days later. >> gutfeld, you're up. >> same rally. if you look behind donald trump, you'll see a young man feeding a nacho to another man. >> oh! >> this is the new diet craze. eat less if you're fed by someone else's filthy hand. >> i want a nacho. oh. >> this was a genius -- he's
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going after the chip eating goat. everybody has a mouth. bill? >> i've seen you do that to bowling. >> oh, yeah. >> something that we like to do after the show. >> even on the air. >> we get our quiet time. >> is there anything really wrong with that? >> i think it's beautiful, especially when they are inside that little red bubble. it's really gorgeous. >> next time i talk to trump, which is probably eight years from now, i'll ask him about that nacho deal. did you actually see that or did somebody point that out to you? >> my crack staff, who are on crack, absolutely found that. >> very funny. now, mcguirk has another s.o.t. sound on tape. go. >> @realdonaldtrump. lindsey graham ran for president and got zero and quit. sad. got zero. the only people i know who got zero are the ones who paid 25
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grand to be at trump university. >> now, that's kimmel. because he do a nightly reading of bad tweets? >> not nightly but occasionally. up until that time, speaking of growing a backbone, mitt romney has been so uptight and, you know, he looked like his view shoes were a size too small. it was this loose and casual back in 2012 when he was running against obama, trump would be the president right now. >> you know why he's this way? because he's got nothing to lose. when you have nothing to lose like gutfeld, you can say and do anything you want. >> you wouldn't believe what i'm doing right now. >> yes? >> no, no, no. >> look, i just called his bluff. >> check the studio after i leave. check the studio. >> look, the only thing we find after you leave is your sweater
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sheds. >> i think you were going to say something else. >> anything else to close, gutfeld, so we can get away from this unbelievable distraction? >> it was just nice to see a couple of older men grow a backbone and feed each other nachos. >> that could be next. >> okay. thank you. coming up, the dixie chicks making a comeback just in time for the presidential election. >> why would they want to come back to such a hateful, discriminatory time with the name dixie? >> and the gender debate. >> you know what, there is a pretty big difference between men and women. there's a difference. >> you hope it's a big difference. fall in love with a new daily fiber. new mirafiber from the makers of miralax.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. let's go to miller who is joining us from santa barbara. your thoughts on the orlando situation? >> you know, bill, i've seen a lot of people since it happened on tv being heartfelt and wise and i'm going to stop at heartfelt because i don't have any wisdom. i've been laid low by this.
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i know people mock prayer. i'm a believer. i'm not going to say how you think, how -- you know, i don't have any idea. all i know is god bless the people who passed, god bless the people who survived them. i'll say my prayers for you. it's a cat ka clichl. everybody is going on tv and, like, here's what -- i don't have any idea, billy. the world has gone mad. >> from a policy and historical vantage point, i hope our politicians will wise up and protect us better. >> billy, i think everyone, everyone, everyone is going to have to give a little but my feeling is that no one, absolutely no one is going to give a little. >> no, that's not true. >> everybody has dug in. >> everybody has dug in and the one commentator, i guess it was samantha dee who mocked people who were praying for the victims
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of the terror attack. it's a secular world we live in. it was offensive to me. >> when they talk about anybody who comes out right after and they say, can i tell you that the only people who are hitler-like to me, that shooter is hitler-like to me. like, taking a group of people that he hates and gunning them down, that's hitler-like. >> sure. >> there's so much anger in this country and everybody is castgating each other and saying your way is stupid. even the president, he says -- the president seems to be superattuned to the sensitivities of everybody on planet earth except 48 to 49% of this country which he seems to treat scornfully. the president always says, why would i say radical islamic terrorist? listen, what about morale? i'm not asking you to be winston churchill but there are people out here who are a little
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freaked out and they are sad and they are spooked and they want somebody to come forward and at least name the name. he does not have to give speeches where he acts like the 48% of this country who haven't voted for him and don't agree with him are like the weirdos. it's a scary world right now. >> in times of crisis, you need a strong leader. you make your determination. >> he is becoming the political correctness what the fiddle was to nero. >> 45 seconds on the dix ie chicks. they got in a lot of trouble and demonized president bush and lost a lot of cache. miller, you say? >> i've got around 20 seconds now. thanks for the setup. i say that for the dixie chicks, let me try political correctness since everyone is trying to do it. why would they want to harken
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back to a discriminatory time in this history with the name dixie? don't get me started on krchick bill. they were on the right and they were called the dixie chicks and they would flatten them like a coyote and a roadrunner cartoon. the number of attacks by wild animals on americans. >> according to authorities, the screams of her two sons playing by these riverside condos ran outside to find a mountain lion on top of her 5-year-old. suffering from injuries to his face, head and neck, the child's father rushed him to the neck. here at the scene, wildlife officials captured and killed two mountain lions just yards from where one attacked the young boy. >> some on the left are saying
8:17 pm
that global warming may be stirring up these animals. so global warming, mill der, do you think it's involved? >> that's for teeing up the humor ball. i would love to have quit there. i will say this. why not? i've heard extreme cold blamed on global warming. they co-opted for whatever they need. i will say this, bill. i think the world has always been a chillingly random place and in many instances, like look throughout history, the hans, all of that, it's like a slaughterhouse. i think what's happened now is that we are just privy to it. we have 24/7 news cycles, everybody with a phone and a camera and these mohorrific this
8:18 pm
that happened. i think we just hear about this now where we didn't. if you're asking me if i blame these animals coming out on global warming, i don't. there's been instances throughout history. you heard about the salbo lions, building the kenya/uganda railroad line. they killed 135 people, i think it's estimated. i think periodically there's these things in nature where things go askew. i don't think the global warming causes it. i don't even know -- to me, it's hot once in a while. this is my theory. i think it's hot out there because the sun is hot and it's always been hot and it was hot when i was a little kid and, you know, when i was a little kid i was even further away from it. it's hot. next up, mcguirk has a very different view on donald trump. >> there's a lot of animosity towards mr. trump and among some people on the right.
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what the heck just happened? here to feature players in this incomprehensible segment, mcguirk and gutfeld. what is going on with you and trump? is this a vendetta? you don't like him? what's the problem? >> we were lovers in the '90s. >> okay. this is the 18th time you've used that line. >> okay. i'll be serious. friends criticize people they like, right? criticize is the engine of truth. >> wow. >> if you say, for example, that
8:23 pm
you are bashing somebody, you are enabling their incompetence. it's the worst thing that could happen to -- >> so you -- what was that line of the truth? >> i don't remember now. >> okay. so you're basically trying to help mr. trump, is that right? >> you never insult people you don't like because -- >> i do. >> well, you insult everybody. if you want somebody to do well, that's the only thing -- >> are you buying this, mcguirk? >> i'm not sure i'm buying it. there's a lot of animosity among the republican party and mr. trump and people on the right. i love the guy. >> you love him still? >> i love his attitude and everything. no more mr. nice guy, smash mouth, politically incorrect, approached his opponents, his enemies. >> you know what you're hearing?
8:24 pm
trump is like a rope bridge and a hurricane. people are afraid to cross them. you are terrified. >> i have nothing to lose. >> exactly. you scratched his back, he -- >> remember the double fingers to the audience and an elbow to the face? the fact that trump is paying that old man's legal bill, i love that. >> you're a trump guy and you're skeptical of -- >> i worry about the general election. he is less popular among women than leaving the seat up. >> okay. a new poll from farleigh dickinson. they are fairly liberal. they say that trump supporters are more likely to be conspiratorialists and believe in conspiracies. they point to mcguirk -- and this is crazy -- that most of the conservatives who support
8:25 pm
trump believe that hillary clinton did not tell the truth about benghazi. >> exactly. and most of the questions were right-wing conspiracy type questions. so naturally, people leaning right would answer that, yeah, i believe that -- >> but that's not a conspiracy. >> not at all. >> that's basically analyzing the news and what has come out about it. now, here's a conspiracy, mcguirk -- gutfeld. 77% of trump supporters believe that barack obama is hiding something about his childhood. >> hmm. >> you know, i could see why you would deny this. you're a shape shifting humanoid, just like the survey with the help of the council on foreign relations in order to hide what they are doing with the chem trails and you can see the clues, bill, which were created by big foot. after he and ted cruz's dad tried to assassinate jfk.
8:26 pm
>> anything to add? >> look, they could have added a few more. is hillary clinton actually tonya harding's mother, things like that. >> i think the benghazi thing is crazy. however, we have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that president obama was born in honolulu, he wasn't born overseas. >> what about the bermuda triangle? president obama was born in the bermuda triangle. >> he was not. >> i have pictures. coming up, more miller. he talks about his night out with frank sinatra. >> listen, i'm getting absolutely blasted. it's 20 minutes in and i'm throwing brown stuff back just because i thought i was meeting sinatra, i'd get loaded with him. >> nobody checks out until we get a word.
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this afox news alert. reports say as many as 10 hostages were rescued. several others escaped on their own during the raid. more than 100 commandos taking part in the operation. heavy gunfire and explosions were heard. isis claimed responsibility for the attack that started almost 24 hours ago. at one time, three dozen hostages were being held. two policemen were killed and security forces moved troops and armored vehicles in. the state department says all u.s. citizens assigned there are accounted for. others were told to shelter in place. again, security forced stormed a restaurant in dhaka and rescued as many as 10 hostages. now back to an o'reilly special.
8:31 pm
welcome back to this special edition of "the factor." miller meets gutfeld & mcguirk. the night dennis miller had dinner with frank sinatra. ♪ pardon me but i've got to run ♪ ♪ the fact is uncommonly clear >> all right. now, very few people know this but miller hung out with sinatra. >> i met him once. one thing pops into my head, though, i can't believe mickey rooney -- i was in las vegas once and i was at the mgm grand and tom, the great chicago comedian opened for frank. he said why don't you come down and see the show tonight. i said, great, leave one for me
8:32 pm
and my wife and beloved mother-in-law who has since passed. we go down and see the show and afterwards dreisen says come to dinner with us. it's unbelievable. i go to dinner in a round, gold elevator and there's the bar, the main room, the v.i.p. room, the vpip room and the nuclei, the sinatra room. on the right sits barbara and on the left is his attorney and his attorney's wife and drees sen here and my wife here. over his shoulder, two huge sicilian bodyguards. listen, i'm getting absolutely
8:33 pm
blasted. i'm throwing brown stuff back just because i thought i'd meet sinatra and get loaded with him. they are being really nice to us and realize they think coy coy is my wife. she's got an autograph book with a poodle on it. i can't say anything. i'm like this with body language. no. keep it down. now it's hanging over my head. i can't think of anything else. i get up at the end of the dinner, we go around and here's how cool sinatra is. my wife says, i was at the stanley theater in 1952 to finally meet you is the biggest thrill of my life. he says, 1952, stanley theater, you looked good that night. i remember that night. i step up and said frank what
8:34 pm
you just did for my mother, he gives me a look like, get out of here. i turn, coy coy steps up. she hands him the autograph book. over my shoulder i hear sinatra say, did you say soy soy? and coy coy. coy coy. sinatra says kc what? i can't even take it. i go out of the bar and my mom and coy coy are flying now. i can't get mad at her and i say let me see it. and he went so far to say, here's your soap poe. that's my sinatra story. >> there he is, dennis miller, everybody. gutfeld and mcguirk have thoughts on this. >> he was pretending to be a shopper. >> a shopper. >> he went into the women's bikini section in target and
8:35 pm
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if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. back of the book segment what the heck just happened? at a target store in florida, a
8:38 pm
woman named candy posted this video on facebook. >> i want to make sure this is not too shear or clear. >> do you remember running into me in the grocery store? hey, get this guy. stop this guy. stop him. stop that guy. call the cops. call the cops on him! call the cops! get your [ bleep ]. no [ bleep ] you. >> apparently this guy was posing as a sales clerk.appened? did the cops get him? >> i don't think so. he drove off. >> wait. he's posing as a sales clerk in a lingerie department in a target that sales baiting suilt suits, right? >> he hit on this woman two years ago and she remembered
8:39 pm
him. kind of interesting, don't you think? >> i think to just -- wait a minute. it was more than that. >> he was pretending to be a shopper. >> right. >> oh, a shopper. >> just a casual shopper. he went into the women's bikini section as we often do and she confronted him and he took off like hussein bolt. are you kidding many he? >> so he was basically trying to hit on this woman? >> you're shaking your head no? >> this is old-school perversion. he doesn't know that the internet exists. he's actually going up to strangers and asking her to talk dirty by talking about lingerie when in fact he could have gone to youtube and inserted women talking about lingerie and wouldn't have had to harass this woman. >> cops have not -- >> there he is. >> they call him a voyeur. call him a sick mut. >> what was he charged with?
8:40 pm
do we know? >> he was charged with public indecency. >> he's in trouble? >> you know what this does, though? it makes that much harder for decent men to buy garments for their wives. you go into a store and they are going to think you are a pervert, bill, and it happens to me a lot. >> it's guys like this that are going to take advantage of those student laws that obama and the liberal bullies are shoving down our throats. >> i think this is more common. >> if you go to the mall and look around, people hanging there, adults now, not kids. i mean, i think it's more common. i admire that woman for doing what she did. she exposes him and he's arrested and good for her. that's one good thing, the internet, you get embarrassed and you've got to be right or you can get your butt sued off. >> how did it happen at target and he became the target? we'll be right back. >> so profound. university of miami, have you guys ever been down to that
8:41 pm
school? >> great school. >> coral gables, florida. >> sure. >> they want a chair, which means they want to hire a professor who have what they call a chair in atheism. this costs money to pay this pinhead to come in there and do really nothing and say i don't believe in god, i don't believe in god. why is this necessary? >> $2.2 million for a chair, believe it or not. >> is that how much it costs? endowment? >> that's what he's donating. >> this guy donated it to a university, this guy, and he says he wants to, quote, eliminate discrimination against atheists. is everybody a thumb-sucking, bed-wetting victim in this? does anybody here know any
8:42 pm
atheist who is oppressed? >> there is bias. the american public would just as soon elect a muslim president over an atheist. >> is that bias? >> that's just a choice. they don't want to elect somebody who doesn't see the world like they do. >> right. >> that's not bias. >> it isn't? >> no. you called an atheist a pinhead because he doesn't believe in your guy. i remembered it. >> the guy who made the endowment, all right, 2.2 -- >> why would he do that? >> he wants it to be studied so we understand it. because we don't understand it now, gutfeld. we don't understand that an atheist doesn't believe in god. >> i don't understand why people are so scared of learning about it. >> learning about what? that you don't believe in god? >> modest belief system on the planet is saying i don't know. >> that's agnostic. >> they want you to learn about secular ethics and stress that
8:43 pm
not believing in god doesn't preclude you from being a good, moral person. >> that's true. >> but most people, for a lot of people, i'm glad they think that they are going to hell if they -- >> but the worst people on earth are some of the most fervent believers. >> i don't know if we need people roaming around but if he wants to give his money -- >> nicely done. >> right. talk radio, gutfeld, divided on trump. >> yes. >> you know, it's not -- doesn't do any good to get into who is supporting it and who is not. but conservative talk radio is usually lockstep. not this time around. request? >> there's an interesting thing going on. right now, there is fear. a lot of people who talk about talk radio support trump. they walk that fine line. conservatives in the media in
8:44 pm
general is the opportunism. they were not pure enough and then what do they do, they back somebody who is not ideologically conservative. so in a weird way, they are the hypocrites and they have no right to call out other people who are critical of someone they don't know enough about. an ideological conservative should be skeptical of donald trump because they don't know exactly what he might do because for the past 15 to 20 years, he certainly wasn't a conservative. >> yeah. and his positions are all over the place on social issues. now, mcguirk, you're on the talk radio business. you do the 10:00 to noon shift? >> bernie and sid. >> so do you see on talk radio, are these guys angry at each other? >> i only listen to hip-hop on fm, power 105, pump master flex,
8:45 pm
i see you. the trump radio people and the cruz radio people, i can name them. they tolerated trump for a long time but the original tea party guys, they are the effective leaders of the tea party, these people on talk radio. there are other people who won't come out flat and say they support trump. you get the feeling you know where they lie. >> gentlemen, we appreciate it, as always. thank you. coming up, more gutfeld and mcguirk if you can stand it. >> where did you go to college, gutfeld? >> i don't remember. it was in the east. back then, we did some crazy stuff. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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according to a new survey by the american council of trustees and alumni, 383 -- 383 recent college graduates, the young folks don't really know a lot, only 54% can state how long the terms of senators and congress people are. that would be six for senators, two years for congress people. 10% believe judge judy is now a member of the supreme court. >> she's not? >> we have mcguirk and gutfeld here. >> where did you go to college? >> i don't remember. it was in the '80s. i think it was berkeley. >> went to university of california, berkeley? >> exactly. >> were you aware after you graduated the last couple of years that you were running around after college, did you know anything about public life? >> no. i didn't do -- i spent most of my college life drunk but this is interesting because the constitution is only four to five pages long.
8:50 pm
>> right. >> it's shorter than an applebee's menu. >> where did you go to college? >> in the knocks. actually college of mount saint vincent. a commuter student. i drove a taxi while i went to school. >> did you drive a taxi to the school and from? >> i didn't have a car. >> so it was you and danny devito were -- >> that's right. >> okay. when you graduated from the college -- >> and marc anthony. >> when you graduated from the college of saint vincent and you were a couple years out, did you know anything? >> well, i knew this stuff of course. i honestly think these people did surprisingly well. look, we already know it's a nation of dunces. jesse waters is out there. we have the inalien able right to be stupid. but actually i dug deeper. 66% of people thought they
8:51 pm
correctly answered -- it was multiple choice -- that habeas corpus was against unlawful imprisonment. they knew that, right? but president obama, he said that -- he called a navy corps man, a navy corpseman. >> he also said there were 58 states at one point. the president did. >> 57. >> 57, was it? >> and he's a constitutional scholar. >> over the last 15 months, we've traveled to every corner of the united states. i've now been in 57 states? i think one left to go. >> okay. so we all agree that the frame of reference of college graduates isn't what it should be. but then when you get into the real world and you've got to compete and make money, and you've got to kind of build a life for yourself, you've got to luck lock in. >> remember, the constitution was written by evil white men. >> slave owners. >> i think it should be rewritten by rachel dole czar and es pa ran tow so everybody
8:52 pm
can enjoy it. >> so you say, you are discouraging the reading of the constitution. instead they should go to the movies and see outta compton. >> i would like to see cornell west and miley cyrus make a hip-hop version of the kugsz. >> the 59% mistakenly answered the father of the constitution was thomas jefferson. >> that's not an easy question. >> but even worse, 58% also thought madison's wife was named ashley madison, and that jefferson's wife was named weezy. coming up miller on some college students thinking there's no difference between men and women. yikes. miller is next. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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8:55 pm
university about gender. >> is there a difference in your mind between men and women? >> um, no -- yes. i mean, um -- >> possibly in general, yes. but i don't know why i think that. >> socially, currently, yes there is. there is no need for that difference to exist scientifically and logically. >> if you think that you're a male or you think that you're a female, that matters more than the biological difference. >> there's not much difference besides what society forces on to people. >> i don't think there's any one way to distinguish between a man and a woman, and i don't think it's necessary. >> that was a legitimate survey. joining us, dennis miller. things are different sans we attended college, hey, miller? >> i couldn't see anything else but the difference in college.
8:56 pm
>> i know, me too. >> these kids can't see the forest for the lack of a tree for god's -- what are they? kidding me? you know what i see in that video, billy. i see fear. honest to god, people will say, oh, they're stupid. they're not stupid. kids aren't stupid. are they brainwashed a little? sure they are. mostly i see fear. if you say anything on a college campus now, you're going to be ostracized. they can't even listen to smokin' in the boy's room by brownsville station. it's got to be smokin' in the transroom. nobody can do anything over there. >> but it is -- what i think is happening, and i think that's a pretty good analysis, is that they're scared, all right? they don't want to say anything politically incorrect. they don't want to say, you know what, there is a pretty big difference between men and women. >> you hope it's a big e it's a big difference. >> well, look, the difference is in the way they dress, the way they conduct themselves in the
8:57 pm
marketplace. men are usually savages. women are kind and gentle. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> we're going to have to bleep that, miller. we just bleeped miller. he said an an atom cal word, but we bleeped it. what i'm trying to get it is they're afraid. you're right, they're not all as dumb as they look. but they really believe that equality means there shouldn't be any difference in gender. that's what it should be, miller. that's what the rainbow pot is. >> well, listen, maybe i'm not smart enough to follow all this, but i remember when i was in high school, and if you're going to give high school guys -- and i remember three or four lunatics at my high school -- a reason to show up at school that day and say they feel like women that day and they want to go into the girls' locker room, i can't express specifically what's going to happen, but it ain't going to be pretty. >> here's my solution to this whole problem.
8:58 pm
that president obama, the supreme court, and congress should all gather in the nation's capital, and be shown the movie "animal house." they should all have to watch the movie with your pal, john belushi. then after yaward, we'll have a big discussion because there are differences between men and women, and people on both sides -- >> just between me and you, billy, because we're friends. i can't say the word -- >> and nobody else is listening to this. >> i can't say the word. i get that. but you know what the big difference is between men and women, right? i mean we're playing this game. you know there's a big core difference. >> men are usually better at chess. >> all right. there you go. there you go. >> now, when we last left miller, we were talking about president obama making the bison the national animal, all right? and then we got in a debate about buffalo versus bison. have you figured that out yet? >> um, well, i did read this week that bison and buffalo could now use the same bathroom.
8:59 pm
>> that settles it. >> so there's your funny bone. >> that ranks with the m & m line. >> buffalo is not indigenous to america. indigenous, word of the day. buffalo show up in africa and in some asian countries. a bison is native to america. they're cousins. >> good line, miller. did you just think that up, or did you write that? >> just thought it up. now that we figured that out, can we talk about the elk and the moose? and next week on mysteries of the mindless mammals, the pelosi versus the wasserman schultz. >> i'm looking forward to that, man. >> and that is it for this special edition of the factor.
9:00 pm
as always we thank you for watching. i'm bill o'reilly, please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> this is a fox news alert. at least five dead in a cafe in bangladesh. two explosions heard as police stormed in. 100 commandos taking part in the operation. several others escaped on their own, during the raid. isis claiming responsibility for the siege that started almost 24 hours ago. at one time, as many as three dozen hostages were being held. two policemen were killed during initial attacks. security forces moved additional troops in surrounding the restaurant during the situation. the state department says all u.s. citizens


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