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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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if switching to eliquis is right for you. jon: that fbi decision still roiling politics. we'll see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. melissa: fox news alert for you now. recommendation of no prosecution. bombshell breaking in just the past hour. fbi director james comey is saying his agency will recommend no criminal charges be filed in the hillary clinton email investigation. just three days after his agents interviewed the presumptive democratic nominee, as part of its investigation into her use of a private server and her handling of classified information. this is "outnumbered." i'm melissa francis. here today is jedediah bila. nationally syndicated radio talk show host meghan mccain. fox news legal analyst, eboni williams. do's #oneluckyguy, republican
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strategist and campaign veteran tony sayegh. he is outnumbered. welcome back. big day to have you here. >> fireworks on 4th of july and 5th of july. melissa: they're happening around us. very good. we have stunning turn of events in washington. just the past hour, fbi chief james comey saying no one should face charges over hillary clinton's email. comey saying no reasonable prosecutor would seek an indictment given the facts of the case. >> although the department of justice makes final decisions on matters like, we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in in case. i know that there will be intense public debate in the wake of this recommendation as there was throughout the investigation. what i can assure the american people is that this investigation was done honestly, competent at thisly and independently. no, outside influence of any kind was brought to bear.
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melissa: while director comey recommends no charges he faulted clinton and her subordinates for their handling of classified information which he says may have fallen into the hands of those he calls hostile actors. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. there is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters, should known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. melissa: hmmm. meantime at rally in d.c. wrapped up shortly after director comey spoke, hillary clinton made no mention of the fbi chief's decision. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is outside of the fbi's headquarters with more on this one. you have opinion on top of this from the beginning.
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tease some of the most important details out for us. reporter: well, melissa, what jumped out at me the fbi director made his statement this morning without coordinating other members of the administration and unusually made the statement and took no questions from reporters. he laid out compelling case there was violation of 18 usc 793 subsection f which is the gross negligence statute. which means the classified information is moved outside of secure channels and there doesn't have to be a threshold for intent. he also said that some of the information did bear classified markings but nonetheless, he felt what mrs. clinton and her aides had done should have been known to them violations in handling of classified information. >> seven email chains concerned matters that were classified at the top secret, special access program at the time they were sent and received. any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position or
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in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. reporter: director comey confirmed for the first time there were multiple servers that were used by mrs. clinton and her aides for government business. over the years they had been decommissioned. once the programs were withdrawn from those hard drives, it became increasingly difficult to recover all of the emails that were in the sort of black space in the system. he said they did recover many of the emails but some of them will be lost forever. on the question whether the server was compromised by a third party or a hostile nation, he said they did not find evidence of that but they did not expect to either because of the sophistication of these attacks but they are operating on the assumption that those emails are in the hands of a third party. all of that taken together, the feeling in the room was that he may recommend charges for mrs. clinton but within the last
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two inches in of that news conference he recommended otherwise. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. reporter: so what direct tore comey said they did uncover evidence that possible violations ever the federal statutes but he felt it was of such a nature that the justice department would not proceed. again, what i would emphasize to people is that i have never seen a series of events that unfolded this morning in 15 years i've been here in washington covering the fbi where the director has given such a lengthy statement and again not taking questions there was obviously interest among the reporters to try and tease out some of the reasons why specifically what he would say to security clearance holders who were prosecuted or jailed for on its face so much less than what mrs. clinton and
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her aides had done, melissa. melissa: catherine, let me start with a quick question to you and i will let some other folks get in on it. he said she was extremely careless. when you use that phrase in legal terms, immediately your ears perk up because that is the definition of gross negligence. so it seemed like he was saying we have found gross negligence which under the statute would bring charges. then he concluded otherwise. i mean did i hear that right? is that what you were hearing along the way too? reporter: well, what he laid out was their findings which was they found evidence of a possible mishandling of classified information which would be under the gross negligence statute and a subsection does not require intent. practically speaking, having intent is always better in these cases because it is cleaner from a prosecutor's standpoint and that this was the findings of 15 months of painstakingly as he
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said, going back through the system and trying to, sort of reconstruct or reengineer as he said, it was like a jigsaw puzzle where the border had been taken away and pieces were thrown on the floor and it was their job to put it back together but it is important to emphasize to people in the cows of their investigation -- course of share investigation he did not find evidence of deletion of personal emails in some way designed to circumvent the system. he did say the lawyers who deleted emails, deleted them by only reading a header and not content of emails themselves or by just doing search words, looking for emails. he clearly said, reading in between the lines, that there was not really a thorough or professional search of those emails before they were deleted and some of them are in fact lost for good. jedediah: catherine, jedediah here. i want to talk about the issue of the information born classified. even though there wasn't
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necessarily indication it was classified, she is secretary of state and people around her should have known it shouldn't have been conveyed in this manner. does she not have a problem with criminality but now incompetence on hearing these facts? reporter: i don't think i'm in position to judge the politics of it but to lay out in fact what he said and what mrs. clinton said in the past the fbi director said very clearly today that the quality of the intelligence we're talking about, some of it came from special access programs, these are the most closely-held government programs, often involve a human spying, that this should have been known to her and her aides just as a matter of course. this was highly sensitive information that could not be discussed outside secure channels. he also said, that the fact that they didn't have classified written on them really makes no difference. the non-disclosure agreement signed by mrs. clinton as well as director petraeus says they understand classified does not
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have to have any of these kind of markings. on the final point he said they did find emails with classified markings. all three taken together certainly conflict with mrs. clinton said publicly. she said nothing she sent or received was classified at the time. director said that is not the case. she said nothing she sent or received was marked classified. now we know that is also not the case. people will have to decide at home, balancing what the director said versus what mrs. clinton said publicly about the case. melissa: catherine herridge, terrific reporting as always. thank you so much. i want to bring in fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. he is in the new york newsroom with more reaction to this one. when he laid out the case that what her team had done, and there was more details, more damning evidence in there than what had even been reported. >> that is absolutely correct. hillary clinton should be down on her knees at this very moment thanking her creator for
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avoiding an indictment. she came within a hair of an indictment based upon what mr. comey said this morning at this press conference. he talked about potential violations of statutes. he talked about extreme carelessness. he talked about dozens, if not a hundred or more top secret, secret and confidential classified emails that were found. he talked about thousands of emails that were not turned over by secretary clinton that were destroyed by her lawyers without even looking at them. so in the end, the fbi director said, well, it's a matter of judgment, as a matter of discretion, based on the fact there was no real sense of espionage or disloyalty, that charges would not be brought. but what the fbi director did, based on this extreme carelessness statement and based upon this cavalcade of missteps,
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whether intentional or not, depicted a secretary run agriculture, totally unlike any department in the united states of america. with a total disregard of keeping secrets. and secrets in the secretary of state's office mean lives very, very often. this was extraordinary day. the fbi director parsing his words very carefully but at the same time, depicking in my mind what defines gross negligence under the law and could put hillary clinton with an fbi charge an information and then indictment by a grand jury. incredible, incredible. >> peter it is eboni. i have a question for you as well. according to fbi director criminally they will not move forward. the fbi director talked about civil security sanctions or civil sanctions she could be facing. do you have any idea what that could possibly look like? certainly we haven't been to conventions yet. she is long way from the
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white house and how that might impact? >> that could impact but you know the inspector general already determined there was a violation of the code of federal relations with regard to certain statutes here. the greater impact is in the having a candidate who has been marked with this score let letter as it were, as an extremely careless secretary of state. who had a conscious disregard for keeping state secrets. and that is a determination and a cast at this mitigation and a condemnation by the head of the fbi. clearly, below the surface, this is just my view of watching him here, he was clearly disgusted by the conduct that was undertaken by the secretary and by the people around the secretary. what he is basically saying is, i found potential violation of statutes, but based on
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precedent, based on past experience, based on we have never seen anything like this in our lives before, i do not believe that you should go forward, u.s. attorney's office, in virginia, with a prosecution. so on one hand saying, we have the evidence but on the other hand saying, i don't think you can win the case. this is not a clean bill of health. in fact, this, this is a very sick patient in terms of the statecraft. very sick. >> peter, it is tony sayegh. the director actually said there was no precedent for him to charge or bring forth criminal charges. you just used the term precedent. does the fbi create precedent for others to operate completely without transparency? >> that's a great question. he said that doesn't mean someone in the future who committed essentially the same acts would not be subject to prosecution. so what he is saying is, in this particular unique, discrete
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case, we are recommending no prosecution, in spite of the fact of finding classified secret emails, on a personal private server that was not secure. in fact more than one server, several servers. in spite of finding that thousands of emails had been deleted, and they, as catherine herridge said, we put together this jigsaw puzzle to find all of this. that is why it took so long. so, in a political way the fallout here is tremendous because there will be issues about character, trust, conscience, credibility, and the ability to act in a way that is in the best interests of the united states. and clearly i think, the fbi director was concerned about the best interests of the united states, in terms of the vulnerabilities, that they could not detect based on the time and the way this data was not kept --
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melissa: peter, it is melissa. before we ran out of time. i want to ask you one more question. in was talk of another case in the background, that there were two tracks being pursued. one is email, mishandling of the information and possible public corruption and would any email show up in some way indict through the speeches at foundation, that track. >> right. melissa: not even addressed today? >> that was not addressed today. melissa: what does that tell you? >> the fbi director he didn't specify that was one of the areas of inquiry. they looked to see whether there had been foreign hacking. they looked to see whether there was compliance with the law in terms of classified materials. there was nothing with regard to the foundation and there was nothing with regard to benghazi, even though attorney general lynch the other day, in responding to questions about the clinton plane fiasco, well, we didn't discuss benghazi. the focus of the fbi director
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and the agents, the great agents of the fbi was not either on the foundation or on benghazi. melissa: yeah. >> that is interesting. a lot of press reports have said across all the networks that in fact that was part of the inquiry. apparently that was not part of the inquiry at all. melissa: peter johnson, jr., thanks so much for your insight. i want to bring back out to the couch. meghan, let me start with you. if you watched whole thing from the top because i know you did we've been glued to it, the tone at the top was very tough. he was going through, said it wasn't just one server and many servers and many different email administrators. we took all the time and found some deleted and some of them forsenically we will never get back because of the way they were deleted, it sounded very tough like he as ramping up to something. kind of astonishing, a lot of reaction how could you go through that whole thing and end, with, i don't think prosecutors could make the case?
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meghan: i completely thought she would be called for something at the end. i didn't think he would say nothing. the part confuses me more than anything, and i want to go to you, eboni. gross negligence suffices for prosecution i'm not lawyer except in her case. they interviewed huma abedin, help woman be a dead dean, she personned her schedules. schedules for public office should get anytime. they're doing things on purpose to trito mislead and cover-up god knows what. the american public isn't stupid. trying to make this very clintonian, make something very simple, complex. did something highly illegal. any other would sit in jail. republican would be in jail. you're not. she is going to be president. this is what we're left with. >> meghan, you're analysis is not that wrong.
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not different from what we heard james comey today. he gave a bifurcated statement. a lot of people are confused. he said extremely careless. that sounds like gross negligence. we know that is at least one of the prongs of the statute she violated criminally. how does it lead not to indictment. this is how. the second part of this analysis for james comey, remember he is also former federal prosecutor, talk about prosecutor's burden they ever to bring a case they reasonably believe they will prevail. he is saying special circumstances for hillary clinton suggest to him based off his experience and precedent, tony, we keep hearing about would not likely to prevail. although hillary clinton, letter of the law only requires gross negligence, doesn't require intent, for hillary clinton willfulness or intent would probably be required. so the law almost changes in a way around hillary clinton. >> the problem is he has to figure out whether he it would prevail with jury of one, his
9:19 am
boss loretta lynch, whose boss, president obama, is on a campaign trail today with hillary clinton. >> reports to his boss as well. >> do you think jim comey almost pulled a john roberts with obamacare. on its face he knew he should have voted to everyturn the law, but he knew it would cause chaos and recommended criminal indictment of hillary clinton? he used his prerogative, own discretion to call audible on this. >> we have a saying in the law, there is what happened and what you can prove, seriously. the letter of the law dictates it is not confusing. it is not hard, it is simple. with the clintonian effect, with who it is, with this presidency he felt stakes were too high and too convoluted and -- melissa: he felt prosecutor couldn't win the case. there may be intent there. we couldn't find conclusive evidence.
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this would be a tough win against her. >> i think special. the law bends. >> purposely burning schedule. this is whole new revelation. does that bother you? melissa: we have to go. as you can imagine donald trump taking to twitter right away to respond to the fbi decision. what he will have to say and debate the political fallout as we head toward the convention. t. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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>> the department of justice makes final decisions on matters like this. we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. i know there will be intense public debate in the wake of this recommendation as there was throughout the recommendation. what i can assure the american people this investigation was done honestly, competent at thisly and independently. no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear. melissa: that was fbi director james comey just a short time ago, a little more than an hour, laying out facts of the case as he saw them through the investigation of the fbi. everything that they found and what they would be recommending as a result. which was no prosecution for hillary clinton. as expected donald trump releasing these tweets shortly afterwards saying quote, the system is rigged.
9:25 am
general petraeus got in trouble for far less. very, very unfair as usual. bad judgment and fbi director said "crooked hillary" compromised our national security, no charges. wow. #rigged system. bring it back out to the couch. tony sayegh, tell me how this plays out politically? you have optics of this announcement this morning. then we'll have president obama on the campaign trail with hillary clinton, it is like a football spike. >> and also seems so interesting that the sequence of events since that meeting loretta lynch had on the tarmac in phoenix with bill clinton. hillary testifying for three hours, in her words volunteering there was requirement she do so. melissa: just glad to help out. >> obviously we now know why. the president announcing today his campaign trip with her and of course jim comey. on the prima facie, on its face, this looks really suspicious. here is the problem for hillary clinton. this was not an exoneration.
9:26 am
it was hardly enough to put this to rest to people like donald trump and others who truly view this is just more reinforcement hillary clinton benefits from this rigged system. she is part of this established order. that everything is taken care of for them because they play by a different set of rules. melissa: yeah. >> in that regard he can stick on it. eboni and i talked about this earlier, as media guy i 30 second ad was written by james comey. take what he said, in every part other than the end when he said i have no criminal charges to file against her, that is very damaging to hillary clinton. melissa: let's bring in bret baier. he is on the phone. he is of course the anchor of "special report" and has been following this very closely. what a turn of events, bret. what is your reaction? >> melissa, tell you what, it is a stunning political moment. i think a lot of people are going to be weighing in on all sides. the fact that comey went into the detail he did to lay out the recklessness of the handling of
9:27 am
the classified email, was pretty telling. i think it does give ammo to hillary clinton's critics but at the end of the day the prosecutors at doj are going to do what loretta lynch said, they're going to take the referral, recommendation, and go with it. and so, she is essentially off the hook at least legally, not politically. melissa: yeah. i mean from here, how do you think trump tries to spin it? he is going to pull pieces out of that. we already heard him, saw him tweeting at least. but it seems like it is back and forth conversation between the two where he lays out you know, what she did and she says, well, but there are no charges. so there you go. >> if you looked at all the things hillary clinton said about this handling of email from the beginning, you know, what i sent was not marked classified. jim comey destroyed that in this press conference. one point after another. and i think people are going to
9:28 am
go back and marry what she said to what he said and politically i don't think it's over as far as being a problem. donald trump of course will try to take it and run with it. she charges that he is reckless on national security decisions and would be a poor choice and he will throw this back in her face. >> bret, it is eboni. i have a quick question as well. talk about the timeline. she was just in there with the fbi on saturday, barely three days after the fact. we already have a recommendation from the fbi. i can tell you from legal experience that is highly, you know, out of order. typically that takes much longer. you're in d.c. can you tell me what your thoughts were how quickly we heard from the fbi here? >> the whole timing thing does not look great. days after the loretta lynch, bill clinton meetings on tarmac. the same day president campaigning with hillary clinton. comes as you mentioned right after this interview with
9:29 am
hillary clinton by the fbi. and so, you know the timing does not look good across the board. i think what comey did, lay out all the details and if you go through that with a fine-tooth comb, you will see, you know, other people would lose their security clearances at first, at least. and then you know, a lot of people would face criminal charges. she is not. doesn't look like. melissa: and bret, i mean there has been talk all along the way about these other investigative paths whether public corruption, not email scandal, no mention of that today, but is that put to rest as well? >> you know, it was interesting there was no mention of that. i think brings up the question whether that is going forward at all. that is something we really need to look into. we had been told that there was a separate track looking at possibly corruption on the clinton foundation side. the fact that wasn't even mentioned, there were no questions taken but, that is
9:30 am
something to follow up on. melissa: yeah. bret, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. we want to -- >> have a good one. melissa: you too. want to bring it back out to the couch, meghan, let me go to you. feels over on this front, right? meghan: really sad way for democracy for some ways. people are so jaded. especially millenials at end of bernie sanders campaign. hard to sell why young people should be involved in politics feel inspired if you have enough money, if you're powerful enough, right husband you can do a lost illegal stuff and not getting charged. donald trump's tweet talking about general petraeus showcases juxtaposition, if you're conservative, general, not in line with the obama administration or you will go to jail or lose your job, hillary clinton can do whatever she wants. she can do literally whatever she wants and get away with it. jedediah: i will give pushback, this helps her a lot. democratic talking point, headline hillary clinton cleared
9:31 am
of charges. melissa: of course. i agree with you jedediah: people sitting at home will say, yeah maybe she is a little corrupt. word that he used careless. maybe she is careless. maybe a little incompetent, people view politicians that way in general. no matter who we get in there, they will be corrupt, they will do sufficient like this. she is not criminal. all trustworthy numbers will rise. this is tough for republicans. unfortunate part is, if republicans seek to talk about, harp on it, look like people, democrats will say we went through a whole investigation and fbi included that she didn't do anything criminal. now you're hanging on to this to try to take her down. after this republicans go after her policy, go after her inefficiency as secretary of state to hurt the country. that is your winning points. melissa: on same day the fbi says it will not recommend charges against hillary clinton but she was extremely careless in handling classified information. she will campaign with president obama for the first time. can he help her get past this
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to receive the 4th night free, plus $350 in spending credits. ♪ jedediah: welcome back, amid the news the fbi director recommends no charges in her email investigation, hillary clinton's campaign side by side today for first time with president obama. he will -- they will appear together later this afternoon in the key swing state of north carolina. the president hoping to deliver the same magic that won him the tarheel state in 2008. clinton's lead over donald trump shrinking since both became their party's presumptive nominee. the suffolk poll shows clinton leading trump by five points, down from the double-digit lead she held two months ago. tell me what you think, president obama, what he does best, a great campaigner. i find people tend to detach his campaigning from his role as presidency, even if he is doing
9:37 am
a terrible job as president they like the campaigner of the does it help her out there. >> that is a good observation about the president. it doesn't help her that dramatically. it may in the state of north carolina, you need to animate the african-american vote, the part of the obama coalition in 2008. don't forget he lost it to mitt romney in 2012, north carolina structurally has some republican constituency makes it a lot more difficult. that being said, barack obama's coattails are largely exaggerated. don't forget this is a president who during midterm elections, 2014, he said my record, my agenda is on the ballot. got destroyed. got shellacked in his own terms. he has very little power to influence people's voting for anyone other than himself. he is demonstrated that time and time again. melissa: he is really gifted when he gets out there and talks. he knows how to get a crowd together unless he is in the uk trying to get people to go against the "brexit" but he gets out there -- i see the thought bubbles above his head and i
9:38 am
wonder about the last time around. they're making a deal for hillary to get out. yeah, i will support you, when i'm done in eight years i will help you get in there. he is thinking to himself. what do i care? that will not cost me anything, i'm on the way out the door. he is actually doing it, wait a second, i really don't like this person very much. >> they're not authentic or organic on the stump. people run against each other traditionally during tough elections, can come together. republicans do it actually very well, come together on stage put a front up. his message i came around to her after a long period of time. this is the best i got. so you should too, america. how inspiring is that? i mean -- >> it is not. everyone is right. i think it is not going to translate well. those that really believed in the president obama he has to sell it in a way this comes across this transition, the evolution of their relationship comes across as real and authentic. nobody believes that. of the not even democratic base believes that.
9:39 am
she will not certainly reap the political benefits that he can have for himself. they're not going to translate to hillary clinton. also, meghan. deep rift between these two was personal. it wasn't policy differences. on paper they were very similar on a lot of issues. it was entitled attitude, a lot of obama's supporters that hillary had. >> a lot of rumors bill hates him for a long time. jedediah: that is a good point, but i wonder if he uses the argument, i trusted her. everyone has the rift, they're not best of friends, love to be a fly on the wall when they really talk about each other, he did give her the job as secretary of state. people distrustful of hillary and trustful of president obama. gave her this job and trusted her to go around the world to represent us, i think she did a great job? >> that is very narrow group you described. this is democrats that don't trust her that he can maybe get back. she is doing fine with
9:40 am
democrats, doing 85, 88%. she will not get a lot more. a lot go to the green party candidate, maybe not turn out at all. political graphty is against third consecutive term of same party in office. when george h.w. bush did it with reagan, it was anomaly. obama is in the low 50s i doubt he will have the political capital to help her jedediah: mark my words, helps her out. with the republican national convention less than two weeks away speculation is i recall withing over who donald trump will tap at his vp. who he met with last few days and type of running mate he should pick coming up next. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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9:45 am
senator joni ernst and tweeted he would see her again. he met with indiana governor mike pence on saturday but next day pence tried to downplay the vp chatter. >> it was a lot of fun. they couldn't have been more gracious and kind to me. nothing was offered. nothing was accepted. meghan: trump praised arkansas senator tom cotton on one of the sunday shows and invited senator bob corker to join him at a rally in north carolina today. former house speaker newt gingrich and alabama senator jeff sessions are among those thought to be on the vp short list. vp picks you can live or die by them. [laughter] >> what are you talking about, meghan. meghan: i would try that. joni ernst i take umbrage with, because she is such a rising star, veteran. she is conservative eye icahn. this woman -- icon.
9:46 am
she will run for president some way. i don't think she will take it. >> republican do identity politics very badly. in 2008, where sarah palin fell short attracting independent as woman they thought would come over. she did well bringing over conservative base. that is generic rule of thumb, alignment of the party with vp pick. when you have a moderate like george h.w. bush, you pick a conservative like dan quayle. when you have conservative like ronald reagan you pick a moderate like george the h.w. bush. senator corker is most interesting to me at this point. sits on foreign affairs committee. i believe he is actually the chairman. ironically joe biden played the same role when he picked him. gives foreign policy credibility. a former businessman by the way. comes like donald trump, to the political arena from the private sector. that being said we look in the polling and you see the number one variable people want for vp pick for donald trump is
9:47 am
government experience. that makes case for newt gingrich, mike pence, potential governor. sorry i gave you ajita. not advocating. >> you're killing me. >> the thing about pence would be interesting, governor of indiana, conservatives love him. melissa: can't have two old white guys, can they do that again? let's be honest. people don'ts fall for it, put a woman next to trump, okay he is great with women. or put somebody of color next to him that negates that. at same time the optics of him and newt gingrich, i mean -- >> terrible. jedediah: i would put diversity on the ticket. people say you shouldn't care about that, people do. the voters do. in the same way we're talking about hillary clinton and elizabeth warren ticket, saying that is unrealistic, that is not going to work, that demographically probably not her best on that is how i feel. i think gingrich honestly from the past.
9:48 am
get somebody new, fresh blood. he needs someone efficient and someone measured and balanced who people say okay, this guy will not tweet -- melissa: or gal jedediah: well keep him in check. >> as woman of color on the couch i don't think the diversity is key for trump. he should double down on what he does well. i don't think anything about trump's candidacy is embracing of diversity. something would look inauthentic. melissa: joni ernst. >> might work. that is interesting point. meghan: hillary's camp just releasing statement of fbi recommendations on email scandal. what would hillary clinton white house look like? her plans for first 100 days, how she hopes more women in the cabinet will set a new tone in washington. [ guitar playing ]
9:49 am
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14.
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9:53 am
of course today fbi director james comey announcing he will not recommend charges against mrs. clinton in the email scandal. her campaign now reacting, hillary admitted she made a mistake and glad the matter is over. meghan mccain, what do we think of this half woman cabinet? is this way to force diversity or is this just a ploy? meghan: can't we hire people best for the job? >> sure. meghan: whoever is best for the job will keep america safe and keep economy in check. i don't know who she will pick. i have a problem choosing people specifically because of their gender. one thing i she wants to get beers with republicans. sounds kind of cheesy. i miss era of ronald reagan and tip o'neill when we can still be friends and politicians hang out afterwards. if that is fake or not i like the idea. >> let me ask you about that. a lot of people think about hillary clinton and think of far right-wing conspiracy. almost a hyper partisanness around the clintons. is it possible for her to walk
9:54 am
that back? >> i think she is schmoozer. i think she is very hawkish on some foreign policy stuff. so i think it will be interesting. i think you will find a lot of republicans that are hawkish in that area warming up to her, almost her than a rand paul in some instances. first item will be to shut bill up. will have to figure out how to keep him quiet. melissa: good luck! jedediah: i think she will schmooze. when it comes to women i agree with meghan, you have to pick the right person in the job, but split clay coming out saying this and she needs women voters. >> she is getting them. jedediah: many people are saying this not only have woman president and in positions leadership they couldn't be in for a long time. what better way to have woman promight them. melissa: hillary clinton as schmoozer? jedediah: yeah. melissa: she seems -- i think you're confusing her with bill. she does not seem like a natural
9:55 am
social -- ah-ha. the cackle. jedediah: not like she will go and hang out. meghan: capitol hill schmoozing which is entirely different thing. >> which is a lot less cool. number one, majority female cabinet, was bill clinton's idea. [laughter] i don't see how she says he will play a low profile just a month ago he was running the economy, remember? in west virginia she would put him in charge -- >> i didn't think that polled well. >> anyone who talks to people who know hillary well will say she is no bill clinton. doesn't have empathy, likability, relatability, even interest to really work with you. here is who she will get. hank paulson, architect of the bush tarp, bailouts from wall street and armatage, architect of the iraq war, endorsed hillary. there is established republican order that thinks they can deal much better and effectively with hillary than donald trump. that is who she will work with. melissa: good luck getting bill under control.
9:56 am
no one has been able to do that. there you go. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. we'll be right back. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at melissa: all right. we want to give a special thanks to tony sayegh, who i know was outcelebrating 4th of july last night without question. >> absolutely. melissa: got up and came in. ended up being a huge day for news. we are so glad we had. >> you awesome, dynamic day. melissa: absolutely, all of you. everybody on the couch. it was a big one, a fun one. we're so glad to have eboni we
10:00 am
needed as well for her legal advice. ladies, thank you so much we are back tomorrow at noon eastern right here on tv. "happening now" starts right now. and we begin with this fox news alert. the director of the fbi is not recommending criminal charges in connection with hillary clinton with her e-mail charges while secretary of state. loretta lynch said she will abide by the prosecutor's recommendation. welcome to second hour of "happening now". >> i am heather childers in for jenna lee. it is a big weight off of the shoulders of hillary clinton's campaign despite director comey's blistering assessment of her


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