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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ . we're awaiting hillary clinton this after the fbi says it will not recommend criminal charges against her. that's a live look at charlotte, north carolina. president obama set to make his first campaign appearance with the presumptive democratic nominee on what a day this has been. we'll bring it to you live when it starts in charlotte. this comes now only hours after the fbi director james comey said he will not recommend charges against clinton over her use of a private e-mail system. that was extensive. that during her time as secretary of state. he says the fbi did not find evidence she mishandled classified information but that she was quote, extremely
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careless. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling the classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> now that it goes to the attorney general, loretta lynch who has said she will follow the fbi's recommendation, that happened in the last couple of days, that would appear to be in clinton's favor. the director comey said new details today about what he called a lacking security culture, the state department. he says hillary clinton sent or received more than 100 e-mails containing information that was classified at the time. remember, clinton has said repeatedly that no information was marked classified when she sent it. comey says someone in her position should have known that anyway and also says the fbi found thousands of work related e-mails that clinton did not turn over to the agency. but he tells us that investigators found no evidence that it was intentional. he also says it is possible that
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hackers gained access to her e-mail system though investigatorof that. the fbi director saying investigators did find hackers' access to private e-mail accounts of people clinton regularly messaged with using her personal account, saying it was easier than g-mail. donald trump pounced by tweeting the following, fbi director said crooked hillary compromised her national security, no charges. wow! #riggedsystem. republicans have repeatedly blasted clinton for this scandal. director comey saying and insisting there was no outside influence on the investigation. this hour we have team fox coverage, jennifer griffin is live at the raleigh in north carolina but first katherine in washington, d.c. and let's begin there. katherine? >> the fbi director says then secretary of state hillary
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clinton sent and received classified information and some of the e-mails were marked classified at the time and a person in her position should have known based on the sensitivity of the intelligence it should not be outside secure channels. >> seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. >> director comey also confirmed that clinton used more than one server and they were not secured like government systems and found no evidence it was hacked by a third party or hostile nation, they would not expect to find such evidence and they are operating on the belief a third party has all of the clinton e-mails. >> what about those deleted e-mails? what did we learn about that? >> that clinton lawyers never read e-mails before deleting them and relied on subject headers but the destruction of government records based on their findings was not intentional. >> although we don't have
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complete visibility because we're not able to fully reconstruct the electronic record of that sorting, we bhef our investigation has been sufficient to give us reasonable confidence that there was no intentional misconduct in connection with that sorting effort. >> the director laid out the elements of 18, gross negligence in the handling of classified information of a section of that statute that does not require intent, the fbi director said he would not recommend charges to the justice department. that statute reads in part, through gross negligence permits the same to be delivered on ab instructed and destroyed and having knowledge that the same has been i willy removed from the place of custody and make prompt report of such loss, that individual would be fined and imprisoned not to exceed ten years or both. >> we were watching a briefing last hour. what did we learn from john
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kirby about all of this? >> challenged director comey's judgment. >> their assessment of a lax environment or culture, we don't share that assessment of our institution. that said and i've said this many times before, we're looking for ways to improve and we'll continue to look for ways to improve but we don't share the broad assessment made of our institution that there's a lax culture when it comes to protecting classified information. we take it very seriously republican house speaker issued a statement no one should be above the law but based on the director's own statement it appears damage is being done to the rule of law, declining to prosecute secretary clinton for recklessly mishandling and transmitting national security information will set a terrible precedent. we have a statement from the clinton campaign that reads in part, we are leezed that the career officials handling the case determined no further
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action by the department is appropriate as the secretary has long said it was a mistake to use her personal e-mail and not do it again. for context, we often have news conferences with the director, an opportunity to ask questions and really quite a departure. and that he did not take any reporter questions when they were clearly questions in the room based on what he said. >> you find that significant, katherine? >> i don't know what it means. he's someone who has been really open to taking questions from reporters. we have these fairly regular pen and pad sessions where they are on the record and very few people at senior levels of the government who do that. that is much to his credit. what jumped out at me, he had a very lengthy statement this morning but was resolved from the beginning not to take questions on the matter. >> interesting, thank you. now we're awaiting hillary clinton. she's in charlotte, north carolina with the president. they will be on stage any moment
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now. the president making his very first campaign appearance in this election with the presumptive nominee. a lot of analysts say president obama's legacy hinges on clinton's ability to beat donald trump come november. team fox coverage continues with the rallies about to start as we await on that, what is the thinking about how important it is to get the president out of the white house and on the trail on a day like today? wow. >> it's been very important to the president to begin campaigning. he's been anxious to get started. remember, it was donald trump who started the birther rumors and this is very much personal to him. in fact, for him it was supposed to begin in wisconsin but you'll remember that appearance was scrapped in the wake of the orlando shooting. just moments ago, president obama released this video endorsement explaining why he
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chose hillary clinton as his secretary of state. >> she came on board and started campaigning with me almost immediately and worked tirelessly. she was able to set her own personal feelings and agendas aside to serve the larger cause and serve the country. and that's part of the reason why i was willing to reach out to her. in fact insisted on reaching out to her about serving as secretary of state. >> we understand they'll be here in ten minutes' time. >> north carolina went republican for decades and romney took it back four years ago. how important is it for her or trump to win there now? >> reporter: it's very important. it's considered a toss-up state for both parties, that's why hillary clinton will be here today and donald trump will also be in north carolina today. remember, just three blocks from where we are four years ago, president obama received a nomination of his party and lost
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the state that year to mitt romney but in 2008 as you mentioned, president obama was the first democrat to win here in 32 years. and this is very much an important state. no republican has won the white house without winning north carolina since back in eisenhower's time. >> it's getting loud there in charlotte. we'll take viewers back there when it begins. what will she say, if anything? associate editor of the wall street journal with me now. i think a lot of viewers are digesting the information. with three or four hours into this, what is the effect of the news today? >> a big relief, right, this criminal possible criminal investigation or indictment is hanging over her campaign. how could you possibly go into the election with an indictment hanging over you? that's been removed.
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presuming the justice department accepts the recommendation. it's a negative for trump, for the obvious reasons but it's not going to go away. it will still be part of the language. you heard donald trump calling it a rigged system in a tweet. essentially questioning the integrity of the director of the fbi in doing that, calling him essentially corrupt. if you believe that and in that camp, you're going to continue to believe that. if you believe that hillary clinton never did anything wrong as the fbi says she didn't do criminally, at least, then you're going to continue to believe that. >> there are skeptics who will look at the way the planets have aligned over the past eight days. think about this, eight days ago bill clinton is on a plane with loretta lynch and on saturday a scheduled fbi interview with hillary clinton. then today you have the first event for barack obama joins
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hillary clinton. and it was about two hours after james comey made his announcement that the clinton team put out a video with the president talking about his endorsement for her. does it seem to many who will never believe this was not done without intent, that perhaps it was too coincidental. >> obama endorsed clinton in a video about a week ago. this has been out there. they've been trying to get on the campaign stump together for some time. i don't think there's any problem with the coincidence of that. bill clinton talking to loretta lynch on the tarmac, deserved to be taken out to the wood shed for that, raising incredible concern about her talking about the case. >> institutional trust. >> both say nothing of the sort happened and loretta lynch is saying she's taking the recommendation of the fbi. at the end of the day, viewers really should go listen to the
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statement by comey and read it, it's on the web. it is incredibly unusual. usually the fbi doesn't do this. they don't come out in detail with such precision exactly what they did. they piece together fragments of e-mails that have been discarded into a delete file that all of us delete and always happens but they went back and reconstructed that. he said they spent thousands of hours of manpower time, thousands of hours the fbi spent son this case. he walked through every step of the process and public will gain a sense of confidence from that or they won't. one thing you and i have to be asking, do we want the fbi spending quite so much time on instances such as this. could it have been done in a more trun indicated way. >> you said at the very beginning this is not over. take us into tomorrow and a week from now and month from now, into the fall. how can you forecast as to the effect and impact of today's headline and how that will play
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in a hillary clinton and what is clearly now a hillary clinton/donald trump election. >> you could see the statements from the republican national committee today. you can see them from trump. you know that's going to be it rated and pounded on. it's a rigged system. she was extremely careless. look, she was, this should not have happened. she should not have been passing e-mails through a private server, it seems to be common sense. that judgment issue will remain out in the public domain. >> that's a fair point. john, thanks so much. we're waiting on charlotte, north carolina, hillary clinton, barack obama, they arrived 30 minutes ago. when that begins, we'll take you there live. it will be the first time we hear from her today and the first time we hear from the president as well. do not move. the headlines and more next. you show up. you stay up.
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trump will be in raleigh and hillary clinton is in charlotte where she and president obama will take the stage any moment. trump will appear with senator bob corker out of tennessee. the republican said to be the trump's vice presidential short list. we heard paul ryan slamming the fbi decision today and also prior to that slamming trump's controversial tweet over the weekend and shows hillary clinton against a back drop of money next to a star that reads most corrupt candidate ever. some pointed out the resemblance the star of david. trump has said it could be a sheriff's badge or plain old star. speaker ryan today called the tweet ridiculous and said the trump campaign has to clean up the way it uses social media. carl cameron is live in raleigh today. good day to you. trump will be on stage a bit later tonight. good afternoon. >> you can expect trump to
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continue his argument that the system is rigged and fbi director made a mistake and if they should recommend charges certainly that's the sentiment of most republicans, bob corker as part of the list of names on a short list sometimes appears to be quite long, will be introducing him tonight. there's no doubt that the trump campaign and republicans were eager to see hillary clinton indicted and deemed unfit for office, but don't think for a second it's going to quell their criticism of her as a result of this. in addition to corker's presence and what trump will surely focus on at his address in rally, north carolina, tomorrow newt gingrich will be joining trump on the campaign trail. former speaker of the house is said to be on the short list and add by the trump campaign to supply his irs tax returns from years past and fill out a lengthy questionnaire. historically running mates have tended to be the partisan pit bulls and newt gingrich is a
12:19 pm
fire breather. we can expect not only tonight with bob corker and trump but tomorrow in ohio. two incredibly important swing states, north carolina was won by mitt romney in 2012 and a lot of political prognosticators think he'll have a long time getting the electorates necessary to win the election if he doesn't win here. >> in the meantime we're watching hillary clinton the stage in charlotte, north carolina, that stage is set. she'll speak first and president will follow her. what will they say, if anything about what the fbi director revealed today? constipated?
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the moment when hillary clinton walks out there with president barack obama, what will they say about what the fbi director said today? as we await on that moment here, donald trump closing the gap with hillary clinton, pay attention to this poll. new poll out she leads him about six points and national survey from usa today and suffolk university, five point gain for trump since april. back then he was down 11 points. he has a higher unfavorable rating than clinton but neither one of those numbers is something clinton or trump would like. chairman of the american conservative union, how are you doing, matt and good afternoon to you. >> i might have to interrupt you in a moment if clinton starts there. >> sure. >> in the meantime, is this poll significant or is it just another one along the road? >> when you look at these ballots, the trump versus clinton number, i think what you can say we look at this poll and all polls it's a very winnable
12:24 pm
race for these candidates, the one thing we see, hillary clinton can't get over 50, any poll. it shows you that she's having trouble sealing the deal even when trump goes way off the tracks like he has in the last four weeks. i think it shows you that when it comes to the negative, although donald trump does have high negatives, she has very high negatives for someone who has been in politics for so long, married to bill clinton, two-term president. her negatives are very high -- >> go ahead. does she need barack obama now? >> yes, she needs barack obama for a couple of reasons. number one, one of the things this poll shows, bill, there's not a lot of energy for bill clinton. democrats still love barack obama, the base of the party loves them and african-american voters love him and kept their progressive promises he said when he ran. he needs her especially in light of the fact that the bernie supporters are not warming up to
12:25 pm
hillary as fast as she would like them too. >> why do you think he gained five or six points? >> i think he had a better couple of weeks. if he talks about three things he's going to win up huff ending washington and hillary clinton is part of that corruption and growing jobs and making this economy better and stronger and number three, killing terrorists and stopping the islamic threat. if he talks about those three things he'll win this race. >> take hillary clinton and his strategy, in raleigh, north carolina, if you're donald trump, right, you want to take the issue that the fbi had today with james comey and find a way to drive a truck through that issue. what does it satisfy tonight? do you rework your speech? do you change your strategy? how do you react seven or eight hours later? >> i think if i were them, i would bring up something -- this is a corrupt bargain, that the fix was in and the timing of this can't be coincidental.
12:26 pm
there's a meeting on an airplane, right and then the next thing you know, comey is now saying that there will be no charges brought now all of a sudden right before o obama and hillary will campaign together, there's no way it's a coincident. >> >> it's a strong charge with the fbi involved. >> i think you're going to see more voices coming out of the fbi, could be quiet voices, whistle blowers who say if any other american had done what director comey said hillary clinton did, she would be charged today. for some reason because it's hillary clinton, she's allowed to just say i shouldn't have done it and it's indicaokay. i don't think you or i get out of this. >> do you know on record that fbi agents disagree with this
12:27 pm
decision? >> no, i'm saying we should watch and listen in the days to come. the one thing that's been said over and over again, it director comey wasn't given the full latitude to conduct this investigation, he would have holy hell underneath him at the agency. do the agents feel like this investigation was free of politics? it doesn't look like it's free of politics. if i'm donald trump, i'm talking about the fact the timing of all of these events stinks and smells and the american voter will not like it. >> one major headline from that announceme announcement, 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains contained classified information at the time of transmission. how many times has she said on camera that that was not the case? how many times did she say under oath to congress that that was not the case? once again, if anyone else does that to congress or anyone else says that over and over and over again, there are consequences. why aren't there consequences
12:28 pm
with hillary clinton? by her own admission, she's now saying she made a mistake, first time she's saying it so clearly. this is more than a mistake. the fact is that her servers were open to being hacked by our enemies. and the fbi director saying no evidence of it but no evidence that it didn't happen. and as nation secretary of state, that's troubling. she wants to be our commander in chief. i thnk she has to overcome this hurdle of proving to voters that she did nothing to harm her security. i think the facts -- >> she put out a statement earlier today. how does she address this on stage now, matt? does she bring it up? does she say we heard from the fbi and now i'm happy to say this is now behind us forever? >> i think she's going to try to say that. my guess is she does not bring this up today, that -- i shouldn't make that prediction because it's getting ready to start here but i think obama and
12:29 pm
clinton talk about how they want to change the country and she'll try not to answer reporters questions, i don't think she's going to get away with this. the consequence or timing of this is not a sequence. i think it stinks. she's going to have to sit down and explain this, loretta lynch will have to explain it and mr. comey has to explain it. >> for first time ever, rudy giuliani was on fox last hour and he was speaking on the real story and he was making the point about how does the government bring charges against anyone because the bar is so high. now, we're not going to leave the rally but listen to the former mayor make this point about intent. watch. >> it does not require intent. it just requires gross negligence.
12:30 pm
he said during his long statement that she was extremely careless, the first definition of gross negligence that comes up as you take out the legal dictionary is being extremely careless. >> you heard that, matt. >> i just think this is extremely clear to the american voter. she is saying herself she made a mistake. the fact that the fbi even today when they acknowledge new transgressionses that there is no consequence to hillary clinton, none at all. she doesn't even get a slap on the wrist, it looks like some type of bargain. it's bad for the fbi and i think there's a lot of explaining that needs to be done. they are not through this controversy. if i were donald trump i would fan the flames of this from today through november. >> he may and we'll see what he says later tonight. we're going to drop in here in a moment when the comments become relevant to the headlines of the day. matt, just hang with me a moment here. we'll probably get a number of thank yous and hellos.
12:31 pm
tar heel state had gone republican for 32 or 36 years and barack obama flipped it in 2008. you remember, matt, how much of a blow that was to john mccain and barack obama ruled across the country electorally speaking but mitt romney took it back four years later. now yet again we look at north carolina and as a battleground state, don't we? >> absolutely. donald trump is not going to be president unless he carries north carolina. i think it's one of those states that hillary thinks she can flip large african-american support in the state that the research corridor with all of those academics, i think she thinks this is ripe for the picking. this is the battle ground of battlegrounds. >> often times we talk about ohio in those terms, no republican wins the white house winning ohio -- >> we have to win ohio too,
12:32 pm
unfortunately. >> the math has got to add up. let me drop in and make sure we are not missing anything germane to our discussion. >> in a hard fought primary and the president i was so proud to serve as secretary of state. but i've also known him as the friend that i was honored to stand with in the good times and the hard times. someone who has never forgotten where he came from. and donald, if you're out there tweeting, it's hawaii. [ cheers and applause ]
12:33 pm
over the years we've had some memorable experiences together like storming a secret meeting of foreign leaders at a global climate summit. that was fun. >> that was fun. >> you should have seen the chinese guards try to stop us, now, they put their arms out and the president went right through. then they put their arms out and i went right under. and the president with that amazing smile of his says, we've been looking for you. now, through it all, as we went from political rivals to partners to friends, my esteem for him kept growing. so did my admiration for his brilliant wife, michelle.
12:34 pm
[ cheers and applause ] those two amazing daughters that they have raised, my husband and i know a little bit about how hard it is to raise a child in the public eye in the fish bowl of the white house but the obamas have done a fabulous job. malia who just graduated from high school and celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday. and sasha who has the energy and enthusiasm of a wonderful young woman. i happen to think those two young women may be the most impressive accomplishment of all
12:35 pm
of our president. it's one of the many reasons why it means so much to me personally to have the president's support in this campaign. after all, he knows a thing or two about winning elections. take it from me. and he also knows that despite all of the progress we've made under his leadership and yes, we have, [ cheers and applause ] >> we still have a lot of work to do. president obama's job, one that he did not ask for but was handed to him, was to save us from a second great depression and that is exactly what he did. [ cheers and applause ] actually, i don't think he gets the credit he deserves for
12:36 pm
saving our economy. [ cheers and applause ] we've added 14 million private sector jobs. the auto industry just had its best year ever, 20 million people now have health care, clean energy production has soared. i could go on and on but you get the idea. that is what leadership looks like. so our next president has a different job to do, building on the progress that president obama has made we have to continue to take on deep structural challenges to existed long before the great recession, we see it here in north carolina and across the country. inequality is too high and wages are too low and it's too hard to get ahead. we need an economy that works for everyone, not just those at
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the top. [ cheers and applause ] so we're setting five big ambitious goals, first under president obama and vice president biden, we've had 75 straight months of job growth. i want us to see 75 more so in my first 100 days as president, we'll make the biggest investment in new good paying jobs since world war ii. and when i say good paying jobs, i mean exactly that. donald trump thinks wages are too high. he actually stood on the debate stage and said that. and he wants to get rid of the federal minimum wage all
12:38 pm
together. well, i think anyone who is willing to work hard should be able to find a job that pays well enough to raise a family. so we're going to increase the federal minimum wage and give the middle class a raise. [ cheers and applause ] it's good for our families and good for our economy and boy is it good for our country. second, we're going to make codebt-free for all. and we're going to build on the president's idea to make community college free. and we're going to help millions of people struggling with existing student debt save thousands of dollars. [ cheers and applause ]
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we're going to re-write the rules and crack down on companies that ship jobs overseas and profits to go with them. let's reward the companies that share profits with their employees instead. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to defend and strengthen the tough reforms president obama put in place on financial industry, not tear them up like donald trump says he'll do. we need to make sure that wall street can never wreck main street again. [ cheers and applause ] fourth, we're going to make sure that wall street corporations and the super rich pay their fair share of taxes it is just plain wrong that a millionaire can pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries and we're going to stop it. and oh, by the way, we're going to keep asking to see donald
12:40 pm
trump's tax returns. [ cheers and applause ] finally, we're going to step up and respond to the way american families actually live and work in the 21st century, families and workplaces have changed. isn't it time our policies change too? donald trump can accuse me of playing the woman card all he wants but if fighting for equal pay and affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the woman card, then deal me in! [ cheers and applause ] most of all, most of all -- >> hillary! hillary!
12:41 pm
hillary! >> you know, most of all, though, we're going to build on the vision for america that president obama has always championed, a vision for a future where we do great things together, not as red state and blue state but as the united states. [ cheers and applause ] when i look at president obama, i see a leader with heart, depth and humility. someone who in spite of the obstruction he's faced still reaches for common ground and common purpose. now, some of you might remember that he and i competed against each other as hard as we could back in 2008.
12:42 pm
but when it was over, i was proud to endorse him and campaign for him. and i'll never forget when he called me the sunday after the election asking me to come to chicago, it turned out he wanted me to be secretary of state and i don't think anybody saw that coming, especially me. and as i traveled on behalf of our country, a lot of people would ask me, how president obama and i could work so well together after being such fierce competitors. in someplaces, you know, the person who loses an election gets exiled or executed, not asked to be secretary of state. but president obama asked me to serve and i accepted. you know why? we both love our country.
12:43 pm
[ cheers and applause ] that is how democracy is supposed to work. we just celebrated 240 years of our independence. in america we put common interest before self-interest. we stand together because we know we are stronger together. that is the kind of president barack obama has been. he's made difficult, even unpopular decisions for the good of our country. i've sat with him in the situation room and seen him make the hardest choices a president faces. he does it with steady principled leadership. he's a statesman, leading not just our country but the entire world. it was his vision -- it was his vision and diplomacy that secured a historic global
12:44 pm
agreement on climate change, put a lid on iran's nuclear program and opened up cuba and rallied the world to curb the threat of nuclear weapons. [ cheers and applause ] i saw him go toe to toe with the toughest foreign leaders and give the orders to go after osama bin laden. this my friends is a president who knows how to keep us safe and strong. compare that to donald trump. can you imagine him sitting in the oval office? the next time america faces a crisis, the world hangs on every word our president says. and donald trump is simply
12:45 pm
unqualified and temperamentally unfit to be our president and commander in chief. so here in north carolina this election is our chance to say, our country is better than this. in america we don't tear each other down, we lift each other up. we build bridges not walls. we don't call the country we love a disaster or a laughing stock. we know america already is the greatest country on earth. [ cheers and applause ] just think about those early patriots who met in philadelphia that hot summer of 1776. they knew we would all rise or fall together.
12:46 pm
now, nobody looks like barack obama or me would have been included back then but we're here today because the story of america is the story of hard fought, hard won progress. [ cheers and applause ] >> hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! >> i want you to remember that for 240 years our history has moved in that direction, slowly at times but unmistakably. as the president has reminded us, the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.
12:47 pm
if you believe along with me and with the president that our best days as a nation are still ahead of us, please join this campaign. take out your phone right now. take out your phone and text join to 47246 or go to hillary we are hiring organizers right here in north carolina. we're going to fight for every vote in the state and with your help we're going to win it. [ cheers and applause ] >> so i don't know about you, but we are fired up and ready to go, ready to win this election. please join me in welcoming the president of the united states, barack obama!
12:48 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> hillary! hillary! hilla hillary! hillary! >> oh! how are you doing, charlotte? [ cheers and applause ] are you fired up? ready to go? fired up? i am fired up. hillary got me fired up. she got me ready to do some work. so i hope everybody had a great fourth of july. i love you back. first of all, let me just say, i
12:49 pm
like any excuse to come to north carolina. i like north carolina. i love the people in north carolina. when we used to campaign here i used to say even the people who aren't voting for me are nice. that's not true everywhere. so you've got great people here and then you've got great food. north carolina has got some food. in fact, i will find someplace to stop and get some food before i head back to d.c. i know you all have recommendations. and no, i can't go to your house to go to the food. although, i'm sure you're an excellent cook. and then, you've got great basketball. [ cheers and applause ] you've got great basketball. we all know that.
12:50 pm
we all know that. i'm not going to get in between all of the tar heel and, you know, blue devils -- i'm not going to get into all that. you just have great basketball in north carolina. so i love an excuse to come to north carolina. but, i'm here for a simple reason. i'm glad to see an outstanding congressional delegation. you are lucky to have them. i'm glad you've got an outstanding candidate for the senate and outstanding candidate for governor. i'm going to be working for them too. i'm here today because i believe in hillary clinton. i want you to help elect her to be the next president of the united states of america.
12:51 pm
that's why i'm here. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is not -- >> hillary! hillary! hillary! >> as hillary mentioned, it is not first time we campaigned together. we went up to new hampshire after our primary in 2008. we went to unity new hampshire, in case people missed the point. that was the name of the town, unity, new hampshire. we had gone through what was one of the longest toughest prima primaries in history. and primaries are always tough. you're arguing with your friends instead of the folks you disagree with. sometimes you've got to find things to disagree about even though you don't really
12:52 pm
disagree. as much as i admired her, i came away from that primary admiring her even more. during that year and a half, i had had a chance to see up close just how smart she was and just how prepared she was. especially because i had to debate couple of dozen times. let's be clear, she beat me like in -- now, you don't have to rub it in. now you don't have to rub it in now. you don't have to -- she beat me, you know, at least the first half. and then i just barely could play her to a draw. i always had to be on my game because she knew everything. and she knew every detail. and then during those 18 months i saw the passion that she feels
12:53 pm
for anybody who has experienced injustice, anybody who has faced discrimination, anybody who does everything right and still can't seem to get a fair shot, whether it was workers who lost their jobs or kids unable to afford college. and you could tell it was personal to her because -- because she had seen struggles in her own life. she had known challenges in her own life. and she could identify and emp thiz with people who were doing the right thing and wanted to make sure that they got a fair shake. and then during the primaries again and again i saw how even when things didn't go her way she would just stand up straighter and come back stronger. she didn't give up. she didn't pout. she -- she just kept on going. she was the energizer bunny.
12:54 pm
she just kept on. and the bottom line is, she had to do everything i had to do, but she was like ginger rogers. she had to do it backwards in heels. and at the end of our contest, i saw the grace and the energy with which she threw herself into my campaign. not because she wasn't disappointed about the outcome of the primary but because she knew there was something that was at stake that was bigger than either of us. and that was the direction of our country, and how are we going to make sure that all the people who are counting on us could see a better life? so we may have gone toe to toe from coast to coast but we stood shoulder to shoulder for the ideals that we share. maybe hillary was surprised, but
12:55 pm
i wasn't surprised when i asked hillary to represents our interests and our values around the world as america's secretary of state. i knew she would do a great job. i kn i knew [ cheers and applause ] i knew she would perform. i knew the regard in which she was held in capitals all around the world. i knew that the minute she took that job, there was a stature and a seriousness that would immediately mend some of the challenges that we had had around the world during that time. now let me tell you, north carolina, my faith in hillary clinton has always been rewarded. i have had a front row seat to her judgment and her toughness and her commitment to diplomacy. and i witnessed it in the situation room, where she argued in favor of the mission to get bin laden.
12:56 pm
i saw how -- i saw how as a former senator from new york she knew, she understood, because she had seen it, she had witnessed it, what this would mean for the thousands who had lost loved ones when the twin towers fell. i benefitted from her savvy and her skill in foreign capitals where her pugh pursuit of diplomacy led to new partnerships, opened up new nation to democracy, helped to reduce the nuclear threat. we've all witnessed the work she's done to advance the lives of women and girls around the globe. she has been working on this since she was a young wom at th defense fund. she is not late to the game to this. she has been going door to door to make sure kids got fair share, making sure kids with disabilities who get a quality education.
12:57 pm
she has been fighting those fights. and she's got the scars to prove it. you know, hillary and i share the -- we shared a big hug the first time we saw each other after we finally realized one of the great cause of her career, finally guaranteeing access to quality affordable health insurance for every single american because that's something she got started, and we picked up that baton and were able to get it across the finish line. the bottom line is, she was a great secretary of state. and by the way, that's not just my opinion. that was the view of the american people and pundits throughout the time that she was serving as secretary of state. before the whole political machinery got moving. do you remember that?
12:58 pm
it wasn't that long ago. it's funny how that happens. everybody thought she was doing a great job. that's because she did do a good job. but it's funny how the filter changes a little bit. same person, done the same work. but you know, that filter is a powerful thing. but you know, it wasn't just what happened in the limelight that made me grow more and more to admire and respect hillary. it was how she acted when the cameras weren't on. it was knowing how she did her homework. it was knowing how many miles she put in traveling to make sure that america was effectively represented in corners of the globe that people don't even know about. there wasn't any political points to be had, but she knew that it was important.
12:59 pm
i saw how she treated everybody with respect, even the folks who aren't quote, unquote, important. that's how you judge somebody is how do they treat somebody when the cameras are off and they can't do anything for you. do you still treat them right? do you still treat them with respect? do you still listen to them? are you still fighting for them? [ cheers and applause ] i saw how deeply she believes in the things she fights for. and i saw how you can count on her and how she won't waiver and she won't back down and she will not quit, no matter how difficult the challenge and no matter how fierce the opposition. and if there is one thing i can tell you, charlotte, is those things matter. those things matter.
1:00 pm
i am here to tell you that the truth is, nobody fully understands the challenges of the job of president until you have actually sat at that desk. everybody's got an opinion. but nobody actually knows the job until you are sitting behind the desk. everybody can tweet, but nobody actually knows what it takes to do the job until you sat behind the desk. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, sasha tweets, but she doesn't think that she's will be the should be sitting behind the desk. so you can't fully understand what it means to make life and death decisions until you've do