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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. donald trump is about to take the stage in raleigh, north carolina. "on the record" will take you there live the second trump begins to speak. good evening. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. you'll hear from trump in just moments. but, first, extremely careless. the fbi hitting at secretary hillary clinton saying she mishandled classified information on her private email server. but despite that, fbi director james comey says the bureau will not recommend criminal charges against the presumptive democratic presidential nominee. so why no charges? here is director comey defending his decision. >> i have not coordinated this statement or reviewed it in any way with the department of justice or any
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other part of the government. they do not know what i'm about to say. from the group of 30,000 emails, return to do the state department in 2014, 110 emails in 52 email chains have been determined why the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. eight of those chains contained information that was top secret at the time they were sent. 36 of those chains contained secret information at the time. and eight contained confidential information at the time. although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intend to do violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. there is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in secretary clinton's position
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or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation. none of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system. but their presence is especially concerning because all of these emails were housed on unclassified personal servers, not even supported by full-time security staff like those found at agencies and departments of the united states government or even with the commercial email service like g mail. she also used her personal email extensively while outside the united states, including sending and receiving work related emails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal email account. although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is
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that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> and, of course, donald trump immediately took to twitter to blast the fbi's recommendations and first this tweet. the system is rigged. general petraeus got in trouble for far less, very, very unfair, as usual, bad judgment. now two minutes later he followed up with this tweet. fbi director said crooked hillary compromised our national security, no charges. wow. #rigged system. former u.s. attorney general michael mukasey is here to go "on the record." judge, was really looking forward to getting your perspective today. a lot of people want to hear from someone with your esteemed career, prosecuting cases like this. were you surprised at the language and at the ultimate recommendation? >> well, i was surprised about halfway on when he listed all the reasons why she should be prosecuted and then did a 180 and talked about why they were not going to prosecute.
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i was particularly distressed to hear that he said there was no intention to violate the law when the laws involved don't require an intention to violate the law. one has the felony statute has a standard of gross negligence. and he said that she showed gross negligence when he said that she was extremely careless in handling information, some of which was at the top most classification. these are emails that the state department has said will never be disclosed. she was extremely careless in handling those. that's enough to establish gross negligence. when he said that we have never done anything like this in the past, he may have been referring to the fbi, but there are record cases of soldiers being prosecuted for doing far less for misattackenly putting classified documents in somebody's desk drawer
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and forgetting about them. that soldier was prosecuted for a felony. >> general petraeus. >> no not diswren petraeus. that's a low ranking soldier. general petraeus was prosecuted for turning over highly classified information to somebody who had top secret clearance when it was proved irrec irrec vehicle cable. without possibility of reputation that that information never leaked out. she gave the documents back. it never found its way into his biography and there were no secrets disclosed. so you are talking about circumstances that are far less sirius than those that resulted in today's statement. >> and he went through quite a list in terms of a litany of offenses and saying that hostile actors could possibly have gained access that she was reckless essentially using that email and her private server when she was overseas in areas where it could easily be penetrated and compromised in terms of our national security. >> right.
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that's one element, i suppose, of the gross negligence showing. but it's not necessary that hostile actors actually gain access. all that's necessary is that you act with gross negligence. and he was talking about her traveling in places where there were sophisticated people who could break into her server. >> and at this point you don't expect russia or china or any of these other countries that might have been able to gain access through hackers and people being age to penetrate her server, her emails or those that were also receiving them, there is back end on both ways to come forward and say oh, yeah, in fact we got through. they would rather get the information and compromise her if she becomes commander and chief. >> that's right. and i don't expect that the united states would disclose that they know we have it because if we do disclose that, then we would be disclosing our own intelligence capabilities. so, there is a certain amount of what's called gray mail going on here where even if, for example, the cia is aware that the russians, or the chinese, or the iranians or some other
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bad actor has this information. they wouldn't want it disclosed because that would disclose that we are on to them. >> and now she is running, obviously, for commander and chief, the one to be in charge and deal with these countries and some of these hostile actors should she become president of the united states. when i was speaking with rudy giuliani earlier today, he said, listen, she wouldn't be able to pass basic background clearance given just the litany of the actions and activities and breaches that even director comey laid out. >> anybody who has been found to do what he says the fbi found that she did would not get a security clearance. >> now how about the fact that they did this interview the last step that they did was the interview with her at her home for three and a half hours. >> fbi headquarters. >> then you see her she went out that night and today she is with the president. the timing of all of this. this comes on the heels, of course, loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton. >> i'm in sort of a difficult position here because i have a lot of
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faith in jim comey's integrity. i have a little bit less faith today than i had yesterday in his judgment. but i would be very surprised to hear that there was any communication with him about what he said today. >> all right. we will see what happens. and then the no statute of limitations this still could percolate if other evidence comes forward. >> there is a statute of limitations but i don't think. >> it won't have expired by the time she becomes president. >> correct. >> very interesting. all right, judge. thank you so much for coming "on the record" tonight. and when donald trump takes the stage? just a few minutes, can you bet he will talk about secretary clinton and her email scandal. we will bring that to you live as soon as it happens. right now fox news chief political correspondent carl cammeron is live inside the raleigh, north carolina rally. carl? >> hi, kimberly. the capacity here is something in the neighborhood of 2300 people and they're spilling out into the streets and some of them have been waiting here since 8:00 this morning in 95-degree heat.
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occasional downpours from the thunderstorms. they are the trump loyalists and they are expecting a barn burner tonight. trump first put out two tweets in response to the fbi director's decision not to go forward with charges against hillary clinton. and late this afternoon he issued two statements to that effect. very lengthy statements for trump. several paragraphs deep. and it is clear that two things are underway here. the trump campaign is pushing hard to make the point whether or not she is indicted federally, hillary clinton is compromised. that she has levers of power over 40 year public service advance her own goals and not necessarily those of the people. that is something that donald trump has said today and has said over and over and over again on the campaign trail and is expected to do so again tonight. tonight he will be introduced by tennessee senator upon corker. it's coming up in just a matter of minutes. corker is said to be one of the people on trump's so-called short list. which has five and as many
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as 10 various names over the last couple of months. tomorrow trump will be campaigning in ohio and newt gingrich, another person on the short list will be part of the introductory process for trump's remarks. these are both two incredit dibbably important swing states. no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio and north carolina is a swing state that in 2010 narrowly defeated barack obama. barack obama who won it in 2008. and there are about 11 of these so-called swing state battle grounds and many think that trump absolutely has to win north carolina to even have a shot to win the necessary 270 electoral college votes. as for this fbi investigation, lock for trump in the next hour to tee off yet again on hillary clinton. there has been talk about whether or not he shall command in a congress investigate the fbi for the way in which they essentially resolve this case. the word in the audience today has been that comey essentially exonerated the
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former secretary of state and this being in the middle of the election they think that's very, very dirty pool. kimberly, trump has been trying to tamp down the rhetoric and put together what he calls a more presidential campaign less teleprompter. tonight is a night to expect it to rip. anger and cynicism on the right. we have heard from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. speaker of the house paul ryan. all of whom say this is a miscarriage of justice or a dereliction of duty. tonight donald trump is likely to up that ante substantially. kimberly? >> we look forward to taking that live the moment it happens. thank you, carl. immediately after the fbi announced the decision the outrage and disbelief began pouring in. >> no reasonable prosecutor to bring a case. >> unreasonable for a prosecutor not to go after it and misrepresentation of duty. >> mishandling information. now anyone can do it. >> why have a server that is
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not a part of the state department, therefore, the government record if you are not intending to traffic in secrecy? >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their happened ling of classified information. >> many say extremely careless grossly negligent. >> clinton about above the law and if you ever thought so, now you can absolutely agree with that. >> this is the special exception for the clinton. >> she wasn't cleared. she just wasn't charged. >> the "on the record" political panel is here to hash this all out for the "wall street journal." shelby holiday and for the national review murdock. thank you both for being here. what a political news day indeed. i will begin with you. kind of get your thoughts and the information that's been coming in. the reaction to this kind of stunning news. no one was expecting that we would get that kind of message today this early with the campaign still going on.
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>> absolutely. >> look, four words above the interest to the supreme court. core tenet of this american public, american equal justice under law. put a line through equal. hillary smith with 2 classified emails she would be prosecuted. hillary clinton top secret after saying she didn't have any and in fact were being trafficked back and forth hillary jones would be indicted. instead hillary's last name is clinton and she gets away with it. >> by the way, listening to director comey speak eloquently, laying out what many of us thought was going to be the case for a recommendation and then kind an about face right at the end. >> right, he laid out a laundry list of what clinton did wrong. he delivered a scathing critique of her job performance as secretary of state, but then he went on to to stay is he not recommending charges. well, i thought the point you bring up is very important it makes her look like she is above the law that helps trump. donald trump is already
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fundraising off the news today saying the system is rigged. help me fight it and help me get into washington and eliminate the corruption. but it also really hurts clinton down the road because of the honesty and trustworthy issues. he just essentially laid out all of the reasons she has been lying. she didn't turn over all the emails like she said she did. she didn't set up the server for convenience sake. multiple servers and multiple devices. and at the core of this is she has said she did not send or receive classified information. in fact, there were more than 100 emails with classified information. >> and pointed thought that the sound bite is why would she set all this up like shelby is saying and traffic in secrecy. that seems to be even right there the intention to deceive and to not be transparent to keep information. >> absolutely correct. >> people are writing in. >> she said early on this is for convenience because i need to do help president obama with foreign policy. listen, i have got to work on treaty negotiations.
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you guys give me a email address and use the standard system. got somebody to set up multiple servers and paid somebody $140,000 out of her personal pocket to run this stuff and not one server we now hear multiple servers and take them out and strip them and so on. this is not a matter of convenience. it's a matter of hiding from foia requests and federal records act. there was definitely intention to be opaque and to hide things from the american people. >> the follow-up question because she knew she would run for president. >> you have to assume that that was a factor in this. she said she didn't want the personal being available. we can only assume what that personal is. it could be much worse than reality. that does lead to the imagination. whether or not this would come to light you would think she would get away with this. especially running for president. you would think she would do everything by the book if you knew you were running for the highest office in the country and voters were going to judge you by that. >> some of the trump supporters say this is actually helpful to donald
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trump he doesn't have to run against joe biden. >> in that respect i guess it is helpful. it helps trump's whole idea that this is a rigged system. underlines that hillary may still be on the hook as far as clinton corruption. was it a pump. we didn't hear anything about that. >> ongoing investigation. >> perhaps so. >> on that. maybe she is going to -- or is he going to try to get some of the bernie sanders supporters by saying the system is rigged. >> is he definitely trying to do that. >> big tent for the bernie supporters. don't go away. we will get back to you. many people watching that fbi news conference left wondering why james comey didn't take any questions. were you thinking about that? fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge was in the room when director comey spoke. she was right there. and she goes "on the record" from washington, d.c. catherine, good to see you again. what stood out from you in terms of being the most memorable since you were right there up close and personal?
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>> kimberly i was sitting in the front row. we usually don't have question and answer sessions with the director in that room. it's usually up in one of the offices on the seventh or eighth floor. that struck me is that this was really uncharacteristic engthy statement and thenuch take no questions from reporters afterwards. what is standard for him, in fact, is to give a statement and often on very tough topics. just recently with the terrorist attack in orlando and then be very sort of free and open in taking reporters' questions on the record. so this was a real departure. we don't know why he took that strategy but that was a strategy he stuck with today, kimberly. >> we have had discussion on this show and the five earlier in terms of what are next steps because people at home are also wondering what about the clinton foundation? there was also that investigation that was going on. >> well, this evening i spoke with the republican chairman of the house
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oversight committee jason chaffetz who had a conversation with director comey after that statement at fbi headquarters today. and he asked the director whether this meant everything was closed and there would knob charges for clinton aids or in other investigations that grew out of the email matter and the director said that he could not discuss those matters at this time not clear whether the whole thing is closed or some elements remain open. technically this now goes to the justice department and it's up to the attorney general to make a final decision, but she has already said she would accept the recommendations of career prosecutors and investigators, the fbi director would have obviously the key say in that. but, it was really a very confused picture today, frankly. and i guess what i would leave people with is that this was really quite out of character with what we have seen from the director in the past. especially when he has been very open and willing to
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tackle controversial topics, very sensitive topics like terrorist attacks in this country. did he not take questions today. but that really was his call. >> the juxtaposition is quite telling so at this hour the questions remain more than the answers that were given. catherine, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> secretary hillary clinton wants to put this email scandal behind her but can she or will this follow her throughout the 2016 election? that discussion is next. also, we are awaiting donald trump in raleigh, north carolina. we will take you there, all of you, as soon as he begins to speak. stay with us. let's start over, let's rewind and let's go back and not quit the gym and have a chance to say goodbye to grampy tim oh, that's the power to turn back time. (vo) get the ultimate all-included bundle.
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a rally in raleigh. donald trump is about to take the staple at the duke energy center for the performing arts. the moment, i'm promising you, he is at the microphone we will bring that you rally live. right now secretary hillary clinton dodging a huge political bullet. the fbi announcing it will not recommend charges against secretary clinton in her email scandal. secretary clinton herself kept quiet about it today. but her campaign sent out this statement. we are pleased at the career officials handling this case have determined that no further action by the department is appropriate. as a secretary has long said, it was a mistake to use her personal email and she would not do it again. we are glad that this matter is now resolved. so, will secretary clinton be able to move on from this scandal? or will the dark cloud continue to hang over her head? democratic strategist joe trippi goes "on the record." joe, how did you like that introduction? what do you think today? does this surprise you or did you see this one coming? >> it didn't surprise me
4:24 pm
much at all is a lot of legal advisors political folks on both sides believed that. so i didn't expect anything other than what happened today, comey made pretty strong remarks about her carelessness and i think those are political consequences of that. that she suffered from the second that she said that there was a private server and it was a mistake. that's going to happen all the way through november. donald trump and her opponents are going to use this. i'm sure we will see it in ads. there will be a political price to pay. i do believe there is a huge sigh of relief and a sense that, you know, look, even with all this going on she still remains ahead in most of the national polls and ahead by four or five points
4:25 pm
over trump. so you have got to feel -- this it didn't get worse it got better today. i think that's a problem for -- we will see what donald trump says in speech now. >> you have to see what the polls suggest going forward. maybe people staying out of it donors, et cetera, but if she is going to essentially given the green light by director comey. this is taken off the soldiers of loretta lynch. pretty quick after the debacle on the plane. >> no. look, i think that's right. you're going to see, i think, a lot -- there was this cloud. that cloud is going now. i think, you know, again, another -- from the political side of things, the plane thing, just why, how, who, why did it happen? but it did. but the other side of this is she said she would accept the recommendation of comey.
4:26 pm
comey said no one knew what he was going to say today. i believe that so, you know, she is -- she said beforehand she would accept his recommendation. he has made that recommendation. we will see where it goes from here. i think this is over. from a legal point of view. >> hov lane, right? no traffic obstructing. >> politically like i said and i meant it, politically it's going to be something that will be used against her and it's self-inflicted and i have been saying that from the beginning. >> right. he exactly didn't praise her. he listed a whole litany of violations and things that she did and said she was extremely careless which is not a winning endorsement for the future potential commander and chief of the military and someone in charge of our national security and that could be problematic and i'm sure donald trump is going to capitalize and you will hear about it right now. thank you. donald trump is taking the stage right now in raleigh, north carolina. let's listen. in.
4:27 pm
[cheers] >> it's incredible thing. the system is rigged but we're still happy to be together, right? totally rigged. what a system. what a group. i will tell you. what what's going on. and we are going to be talking about it. but, before i do, a great friend of mine, somebody respected by everybody, senator bob corker. come on up, bob. come on up. [cheers] >> i wasn't going to say anything. i just came to visit. [ laughter ] but i have to tell you something, the rallies that i have back home aren't quite like this. >> pretty good. >> pretty cool, yeah. this is unbelievable, isn't
4:28 pm
it? had a pretty remarkable day today. pretty remarkable day. you know, it says a lot about a person to meet their family ivanka and eric and their son-in-law and to be around the people that have worked in the trump organization for 25 and 30 years. to see the respect that they have for the person they have worked with and father and father-in-law that they have. to see how he treats the people that are around him. so many times in these campaigns people become caricatures of what the media makes them and all too often, after a race is over,
4:29 pm
people realize they never really knew the person. somebody once told me it's not who you know in life it's how you know them. and i had the incredible privilege today to spend time with this man, to spend time with his family and to spend time with those who know him so well. i figured out the reason that you love him so much is because. [cheers] [chanting trump] >> i'm taking up his time. let me say. this the reason you love him so much is because he loves you. he loves you.
4:30 pm
and he wants the best for you. the republican nominee for president donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> great why. great guy. great person. so, i have to tell you a few things, numbers just came out just now number one, we're doing very well in the polls, that's important, okay? very well. very, very well. but, you know, the numbers just came out that during the primary system, during the primaries, the republicans, i wonder why, we're up 62%. the democrats were down 21%. these are final numbers. just came out. that tells you a little bit
4:31 pm
about what's going on. what's going on very big and big league is what you witnessed today and over the last week from bill clinton going to the plane, just happened to be there just happened to be there. [crowd booing] >> i wonder how long he waited. but for bill clinton to go to the plane and then to have what happened today where essentially i thought everybody thought based on what was being said she was guilty. she was guilty. and it turned out that we're not going to press charges. it's really amazing. (crowd booing] >>like, we have a rigged system, folks. i used to say it during the primaries. we are all together. i won north carolina big league because of you. big league. [ applause ]
4:32 pm
and not only did the republican party go way up from what it was four years ago, way, way up, but donald trump in the history of the primary system, republican party, with 17 people running. a lot of people don't understand where you say 17 people, i got almost 14 million votes more than anybody in the history of the republican party. more than ronald reagan. [cheers and applause] more than the bushes, more than richard nixon. more than dwight d. eisenhower, who did win the second world war. certainly helped a heck of a lot. we got the highest vote count in the history of the republican party. that was such a big thing for me we won 37 states. i mean, it just got stronger and strong and stronger and i think we are stronger now than ever before. we are fighting a very dishonest media. [chanting trump] >> do we have a protester?
4:33 pm
all right. get him out, please. [cheers and applause] we love our protesters, don't we in the only time i get the cameras to turn. the only time we get those cameras to turn. look at the size of this place. this is really great. this is really great. get them out. get them out. get them out. all right. thank you. [crowd booing] thank you. that's all right. take it easy. take it easy, folks. you know, if i could speak to these people for a little
4:34 pm
while, what do we want, when you think of it? we want good education, we want a strong military. we want strong borders. we do want the wall. we want to keep our jobs in north carolina. [cheers and applause] we want to keep our jobs in north carolina. i mean, look at what's going on, folks. we're going to build a wall. don't worry. who is going to pay for the wall? who is going to pay? i didn't hear you. who is going to pay? >> mexico. >> you better believe it they are going to pay. they will be happy to pay if the right person asks them. they will be happy to pay. no problem. if the wrong person like crooked hillary clinton asks them they are never going to pay. but she is never going to ask. she is never going to ask. i will tell you what, when it comes to trade and i just got a list of companies that have left north carolina and they have gone down to mexico and taps disgrace
4:35 pm
what's happening. it is a disgrace what's happening. and we're going to stop it. and it's not going to happen any longer. we are losing our jobs. we're losing our manufacturing. we're going to stop the nonsense that's going on and it's so easy to stop. we will stop it so fast you're heads will spin. remember that your heads will spin. we'll talk a little t about trade later. it's so easy. the trade is so easy, folks. it's so easy. the trade of all of them. we're going to knock the hell out of isis. we have. [cheers and applause] by the way, by the way, we have a president who is out campaigning for crooked hillary clinton and he should be homeworking on isis is where the threat is getting worse and worse. he should be working on trade. he should be working on the
4:36 pm
borders. people are flowing in to our country from lots of places. but from syria, no more. no more. okay? they are not coming. no more. we don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. they have no documentation. they super no -- they have no paperwork. who knows? who knows? you know what? we can't take any more chances, folks. we can't take any more chances. if you look at. [cheers and applause] if you look at crooked hillary, she wants to increase the immigrants coming in from syria, again, they could be isis. [crowd booing] >> this could be the all-time great trojan horse. do you know the story of the trojan horse. this could be the all-time great. look at what one person, one person has done in orlando. just take a look. one person. look at the horror that that
4:37 pm
person has reaped on our country. the gay community, the lbgt community was just -- they cannot -- nobody can even fathom what took place. that's one bad apple. we have many people coming in and do you know what? it just takes a small percentage, but there is something going on and guess what? we have a leader that doesn't even want to discuss the name of the problem. and the problem is radical islamic terrorism. and it's a problem. it's a problem. [cheers and applause] [chanting trump] >> and we've got hillary
4:38 pm
clinton whose weak, whose ineffective, she will never be able to do the job. her judgment is horrible. look at her judgment on emails. who would do it? look at her judgment. her judgment is horrible. all right? her judgment is horrible. now, who said that about hillary? bernie sanders said her judgment is bad. she's got bad judgment. okay? now, let me tell you, whether it's isis, whether it's trade, whether it's borders. whether it's jobs. it's going to be four more years of the same thing. the last thing we need is another clinton or the last thing we need is obama-clinton in the white house. we have got a mess in this country. we owe $19 trillion. soon to be 21 trillion. the debt has doubled under obama.
4:39 pm
it's doubled wait until you see. we are sitting on a mess and it's got to be taken care of. the way it gets taken care of, at least that aspect of it is jobs. we're going to bring jobs back to north carolina. we're going to bring jobs back to our country. it's getting to be america first, not all these other countries that don't give a damn about us. it's going to be america first. america, america, america first. [cheers and applause] [chanting u.s.a.] we got a person in the white
4:40 pm
house that's having a lot of fun. i watched him today. it's like a carnival act. a lot of fun moving around. the whole thing, great, great, great. i'm saying this is a president. we need a president who is going to bring us back. we need a president that is not going to be divisive. we need a president who that's going to take care of the african-american community. remember that. remember that obama is all talk and no action. we need a president that's going to create jobs for hispanics who don't have the jobs. we need a president that is going to turn our country around and obama cannot do it and hillary clinton will be even worse, believe me she will be even worse. i brought up something last night. i heard they are flying down on air force one it sucked
4:41 pm
up a lot of gas. a lot of fuel you turn on those engines, it's a lot of money. let me ask you a question. why is she campaigning with the plane of the united states? why is she campaigning and why is he allow to do come down, get on that very, very, very expensive plane, you know, he talks about the carbon footprint, okay? he wants to solve the carbon footprint but he gets on an old boeing 747 that's spewing stuff on the air. he gets her on the plane, we will fight environment. we will fight for the carbon footprint and then he gets back on to the 747 and goes back to washington.
4:42 pm
his greatest was when he want to do play golf in hawaii. so he takes the 747 and by the way he has played more rounds just about people that play professionally on the pga tour. i mean, this guy and he gets on this plane, flies to hawaii. he is there for a long time golf, golf, golf, golf, more, more. learning how to chip. learning how to hip the drive. learning how to putt. i want more. our country is going to hell. isis is laughing at us. they are chopping off heads. they are drowning people in steel cages and he is out there playing golf with just about as long a trip as you can make from washington. then after a long extended vacation, he gets back on the plane, flies back,
4:43 pm
lands, starts talking about the environment. okay. give me a break. folks. give me a break. give me a break. [cheers and applause] now, you know, we need unity in the republican party. i have to be honest, i think i win without the unity but we need unity in the republican party. and for the most part we have unity. we have some pretty good staff and we have great people like bob who just came up and so many others. so many senators, so many congressman and women. we have great people but we need real unity and the leaders have to get supportive and if they don't get supportive, we're going to win anyway. don't worry about it in fact, probably i do better without the kind of support that we're talking about. because that's where i'm hearing the first place. that's why i'm here in the first place. the convention is going to be terrific. we have great speakers. we have fantastic speakers.
4:44 pm
we have so many people that want to speak. you know, they give us the stuff. oh don't have enough. we have some people that want to speak. i have made so many enemies by saying i can't let do you it we want people that love our country and want to be there and that love our party. and if they don't love our party, they shouldn't be there. let me just tell you one little thing which turns out to be a big, big thing. defense is always most important, right? we have to defend our country. we have to build up our military again. it's really depleted. it's in bad shape. we're going to build it up. we're going to take care of our vets like you wouldn't believe because our vets are being mistreated, horribly. horribly. our greatest people. and we have a plan that's received universal, fantastic reviews. i'm the only one, you know, i made a speech up in a great part of the world. knock i won't even mention
4:45 pm
where. but i made a speech. during the speech said let's raise money for the vets. we ended up raising $5.6 million for vets for vets. i gave a million and we ended up, i could have made a speech and left. and the press comes down. well, he should have given here. he should have given -- we have to vet the vets. right? they are groups. who knows? we have to check them out. we raise $5.6 million for the vets. i am so proud of it i love the vets. i have received more accolades from the groups -- we are sending groups that never had money, 100,000, 200,000, and in one case 1.1 million. in another case 250. 75,000, 50,000. all of these groups, i don't know, 30 something groups. it was so beautiful to see. i, you, all of us we have received accolades. i safe all of this because this is a movement, folks.
4:46 pm
this is not like a normal situation. look at this room. look at the size of this room. [cheers and applause] and there are thousands of people and i got wiped out getting off the plane. it was raining and windy and i want to tell you, it's actually beautiful. beautiful. and now you know it's my hair because any hair that could withstand that wind. the pilot. [cheers and applause] it is my hair. the pilot said, sir, i would wait about 10 to 20 minutes before you get out of the plane i said why, 35, 40 mile-per-hour gusts. raining. i said no, we are not going to keep these people -- we are going to make america great again. and i will tell you, i'm so proud of what's taken place. so we really did that and so
4:47 pm
many other things because it is a movement. it's a movement like nobody has ever seen before. they actually say, i watch bill o'reilly. he said it's the single greatest -- good man. i'm on tonight. but you guys are here so i are not going to see him but you can watch it later. i'm on tonight. did i a phoner. always good when they take you by phone. that means you're hot. if you can do it by phone, when you start getting asked -- i said i won't be able to do it i'm going to north carolina. how about by phones? they don't doo phones. have you ever seen anybody call in to bill o'reilly. i have never saw it we do phoners to meet the press. we do phoners to face the nation. this week, so much easier, folks, you are sitting at home. hi, how is everything going? how's the world? but, it is a movement that we have going on. people have never seen anything like it pundits that hate me, of which there are many. look, we have made them look
4:48 pm
pretty bad. don't forget this: most of them said he is not going to run. then they said if he runs well, he won't do good. is he going to have fun. he is going to leave in july. i mean, i only announced on june 16th. give me a little credit. right? he is going to have fun. he is going to get some kicks. he is going to build his brand. that's just what i need more to let more people know who i am, right? [ laughter ] meantime i got killed. you know, i lost the shirts because macy's was so disloyal. i lost the ties because macy's didn't like what i was saying about illegal immigration. can you believe it? is not the most profitable thing i have ever done too long this. i don't care. what i care about is making america great again. that's much more important. much more important. but i have lost -- i mean, if you think about it, the apprentice, north small stuff. big show. they came to me and they
4:49 pm
said we want to renew two more seasons. we want to renew you. we will pay you anything. it's a lot of money in that show. i have done 14 seasons at the apprentice. i gralt guy testify burke said no you not you are going to. >> not allowed it's called actually time laws. at least i'm pretty sure because that was three months before, let me tell you it takes guts to do what we are all doing but it takes guts to do what i'm doing. it takes guts. it's not easy. you get hit by dishonesty. not all reporters are bad. some are terrific. some are honest and goodable professional. a lot of them are unprofessional. get hit from 15 different directions unfair to be hit with get hit in so many different ways it started
4:50 pm
off with 17 people and then it gets down to one. they made the right choice. am i doing a good job by the way? am i doing a good job? because i'm a messenger. [ applause ] you know, essentially, essentially, i'm your messenger. [cheers and applause] the message is simple we're going to take our country back. we're going to have everybody included, folks. we want to include everybody. we want to help african-american youth. we want to help african-americans. we want to help hispanics, latinos. we want to help everybody. we have got to help everybody. we have got to bring our country together. [cheers and applause] >> we have got to bring our country together. so important. when you look at what's going on and then you look at what's going on with isis, where they are blowing up airplanes. where they are doing things that are just inconceivable that hasn't happened to mid
4:51 pm
evil times. i mean, we studied his industry. and we loved history. i loved history. chopping off heads, that's mid evil times. today it's like a common occurrence. and these are animals. these are animals that have to be stopped. and i. [cheers and applause] and i was against the war in iraq. now, i was a civilian. i'm a businessman. it was a long time ago, but i was against it i was always against it i didn't want to go the war in iraq. i said i think you are going to destabilize the middle east. i think you gring to have a lot of problems. who would have known this was going to happen. on top of everything else what else did we get out other than a total destabilization. thousands and thousands of our lives and other lives. thousands and thousands of our young people's lives destroyed. tens of thousands of wounded
4:52 pm
where they are wounded so gravely. they are the bravest people i have ever seen. they have a better attitude in life than i do. some of these people have the best attitude i have ever seen. i work with them. we help them. and they have the best attitude i have ever seen. i have never seen anything like it. i'm serious. they have a better attitude about life in some cases than i do. these are amazing, amazing people. we shouldn't have done it. but what did we get out of it? we got isis on top of everything else. now, we have a president that doesn't know what the hell is doing. he doesn't have a clue, folks. and, instead of staying there with a fairly small force. he announces to the world he is going to take everybody out. and they will be out by a certain date. and the only thing that was a little surprising is the enemy didn't believe him because they said nobody could be that stupid to announce that we're going to be out on a certain date. [cheers and applause]
4:53 pm
and then that day came and we were gone. we were gone. we shouldn't have been there. we shouldn't have destabilizeed saddam hussein was a bad guy. right? really bad guy. do you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. he did that so good. they didn't read them the rights. they didn't talk. they were terrorists. today, iraq is harbor for terrorism. you want to be a terrorist, you go through iraq. it's like harvard, okay? so sad. so sad, okay? so sad. and we're going to take care of it, folks. we have no choice. we have no choice. it was -- when they cut off the heads initially, we were all amazed. i think they overplayed
4:54 pm
their hand. and if they didn't, then we are all fools because we cannot let them get away with what they are doing right now, terrorizing the world. we're going to be so strong. we're going to so tough. we're going to be so vicious and we're going to knock them for a loop. we have no choice. so, i just want -- i wrote some notes coming in the plane because i was watching this tragedy that took place today and over the last few days. it's a tragedy because we're a country of law. we're a country of order. other people have been so badly hurt by doing things so much less than crooked hillary clinton. so much less. right? so much less. i mean, you look at so many people have suffered so
4:55 pm
gavely for doing so much less. does that mean that we expunge their record? does that mean that we say all of you people that have been so guilty for some years we can no longer accept that as a ruling because what we have done for her and she was so much worse than anybody that we're talking about, does that mean that we have to exonerate everybody? we have to take back the punishment that we gave them because we have a country that's supposed to be fair. and when you hear what was said by the fbi director today, and you listen, you listen to what he said, and in the middle of it he was talking about so many different things. he talked about extremely careless. she was extremely careless. that's a tremendous word. you didn't have to be careless. you didn't even have to really know that what upper doing was wrong and you are guilty. because we are talking about
4:56 pm
serious stuff. we are talking about the live blood of our country. we are talking about the safety of our people. the law was are very explicit. stupidity is not a reason that you are going to be innocent. okay? it's not a ryan. and i don't happen to believe that it was sthiewnt. okay? but even stupidity is not a reason and, boy, what they have done. so i wrote this out and i'm going to read some of it to you. and i think it makes sense. and i think it's important for us to understand. today is the best evidence ever that we have seen that our system is absolutely, totally rigid. it's rigid. [cheers and applause] and i use that term
4:57 pm
initially when i was running in the republican primaries and i was the first to use it and then all of a sudden everyone was using the term rigged, rigid, rigid. if you remember, i would win louisiana and then i would find out i didn't get enough delegates. what happened? places like colorado was so good to me but then we find out they don't have other votes shalt if i didn't win in landslides i wouldn't be standing up here you would lose so some politician politicianlessing to mostly cloudy. believe mee. i used the term rigged. then all the sudden bernie san dense and i'm the one that prout it out i here it's a rigged everything? it has to be somewhere along the line but it hasn't.
4:58 pm
think of bernie sanders who is the most angry about this? i think the one with the most to lose is bernie sanders. because, honestly, he was waiting for the fbi primary. and guess what? he just lost today, the fbi primary. he lost the fbi primary. bernie, my poor bernie. oh, bernie. i feel so badly for bernie. but you know what? a lot of bernie sanders supporters are going to be voting for trump because bernie sanders was right. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders was right about a couple of things. he is right about the system being rigged. but he is also right about trade. our trade deals are a disaster. they are killing our jobs. they are killing our families. they are killing our incomes. i mean, people in this room, many people in this room, and i'm going to fight for you because it's going to be changed fast. many people in this room are
4:59 pm
making less money today than they made 18 years ago effectively. and they are working two jobs instead of one. and there is horrible, stupid obama scare is a kidding which is giving them part-time employment when they never had part-time employment in their lives. ened the premiums are introduce the are ofenned a the debt tubs are is high that you never be able to use did unless you die a very dishes, happening, slow death, okay? and it's going to explode 17 anyway and we're going to replace it % it explodes. replace testimony with something that's grate gringt less expensive. >> donald trump speaking are raleigh, north carolina. that's all for now.
5:00 pm
"the o'reilly factor" starts right now with his guest, donald trump. good night. blue cross, blue shield, raised 60%. you saw that last week. a 60% increase in premiums. blue cross, blue shield. -- >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reason prosecutor would bring such a case. >> the fbi saying no charges will be brought against hillary clinton. scorching the former secretary of state for her behavior regarding national security. tonight, we'll give you the facts and answer all the provocative questions in this case. >> but i can assure the american people is that this investigation was done honestly, confidently and independently. >> billions of americans do not believe that are they being fair? charles krauthammer will have some thoughts.


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