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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 6, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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kimberly guilfoyle is on, big show tonight. >> huge. >> i guess that's it. "special report" is next. who will it be? the running mate guessing game is on, even as possible contenders drop out. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm shannon brean in for bret baier. the guesses keep coming as to whom donald trump will pick as a running mate. but just after trump rolls them out, some are already saying no thanks. so who is on the donald's top ten list? correspondent carl cameron with some predictions tonight for what has been so far an unpredictable campaign. >> reporter: donald trump returns to ohio tonight, and
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newt gingrich, who is being vetted, will share the stage and was even spotted with trump in new york this afternoon. >> newt is newt, great guy, tough and smart. and just a fantastic guy. >> reporter: trump had tennessee senator bob corker on stage last night in north carolina. afterwards, corker said he was not interested being his running mate. >> bob was with me yesterday and he told me everything that he would like to do, and bob is a terrific guy. we spent the day yesterday and it's an honor. >> reporter: trump continues to consider senator joni ernst, though she's expressed her wishes to stay a senator. others include chris christie, mike pence, and alabama senator jeff sessions. trump's also said he's considered military brass, but wants an experienced washington politician. >> i like the generals. i like the concept of the generals. we're thinking about -- actually
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there are two of them under consideration. we really were looking to go more the political route. >> reporter: he raised eyebrows last night in north carolina by praising toppled iraqi dictator saddam hussein's brutality. >> you know what he did well? he killed terrorists. >> reporter: paul ryan rejected trump's praise. >> he was one of the 20th century's most evil people and committed mass genocide against his own people. >> reporter: with the fbi refusing to recommend charges against clinton, trump and the right have a new rallying cry, that the legal system's rigged. he also slammed clinton for a newspaper report suggesting that clinton might keep attorney general loretta lynch if he elected. >> how can you say that? it's bribe! >> reporter: trump raised far
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more than any other similar period to date, but not quite as much as hillary clinton, which said they raised almost $70 million. we won't know exactly for sure until the federal election commission releases their papers after the 15th of this month. >> thank you, carl. and this just in. attorney general loretta lynch will not charge hillary clinton in the e-mail investigation. clinton remains mum about the fbi findings over her e-mail practices and instead blasted her opponent today. this as her remaining democratic opponent gets less than a warm welcome on capitol hill. jennifer griffin reports on the latest hits from the campaign trail. >> reporter: for the second day, no public comments from hillary clinton about the end of the fbi investigation into her handling of information. clinton met instead with striking workers outside the taj
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mahal, which used to be owned by donald trump. she tried to shift the discussion to trump's business practices in atlantic city, where the billionaire businessman went bankrupt four times. >> you can just make out the word "trump" where it used to be written in flashy lights. just down the board walk is the trump taj mahal. donald once called it the eighth wonder of the world. it filed for bankruptcy in 2009. >> reporter: trump tweeted before clinton began speaking, "i made a lot of money in atlantic city and left seven years ago. great timing, as all know. >> i'm here to help ensure this manipulation of people by trump will not continue on a national stage. >> reporter: clinton was joined on stage by marty rosenberg,
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whose atlantic plate glass fabricated the windows of trump's taj mahal. he and other contractors say they lost millions when trump didn't pay his bills. >> here's what he says about the whole experience. he brags about it. "atlantic city was a very good cash cow for me for a long time. the money i took out of there was incredible." >> reporter: she then took a swipe at trump's shirts and ties made overseas. >> trump lamps are made in china, not altuna, pennsylvania. he wants to make america great again, maybe he should start by actually making things in america again. >> that's because they don't even make them in this country, because other countries devalue their currency so much that our companies can't compete. >> reporter: early on capitol hill, another clinton opponent, senator bernie sanders, got booed during a closed door meeting with members of his own party, who think it's time for him to endorse hillary and stop
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running for president. we've just learned from sources that the sanders' campaign is in talks with the clinton campaign about bernie sanders possibly endorsing hillary clinton as early as tuesday in new hampshire. shannon? >> folks are waiting on that. jennifer, thank you so much. as we just reported, the attorney general says the case is closes on hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. loretta lynch said just a short time ago, she accepts the recommendation of the fbi not to press charges. thursday, the fbi's director plans to talk about it all before congress, and it's almost certain that among the many questions he'll be asked is why, after all the evidence the fbi found was clinton let off the hook? catherine herridge reports. >> i would really like to know the difference between carelessness and negligence, because the director frequently referred to intent, but that's not in the statute. >> reporter: that's one of the questions the republican
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chairman of the house government oversight committee will put to fbi director james comey tomorrow about hillary clinton's e-mails and her use of a private server. >> i think that goes to the intent. i want to ask the director what was the intent? >> reporter: the house and senate judiciary committies want him to explain how the investigator's findings back up his decision not to recommend criminal charges. in this letter, congressman goodlot asked whether all investigations are now closed. senator grassley said the evidence should be released so the public can make an educated decision on its own. democrats said, get over it. >> it's time to move on. republican attempts to continue their political hit job are just that. >> reporter: the house speaker said the nation's spy chief should step in. >> i think the dni, clapper, should deny hillary clinton access to classified information during this campaign, given how she so recklessly handled
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classified information. >> reporter: the fbi director was silent tuesday, but said most government employees guilty of similar behavior would be punished. >> those individuals are often subjected to sanctions. >> reporter: a naval reservist recently pled guilty to the unauthorized removal of classified information and lost his clearance. chief petty officer lyle white took home classified documents received a sentence. and john deutsche took home classified information and faced misdemeanor charges. >> to say that there's no precedent is different than say thing's no reason to prosecute her. so if no one has ever been charged because of e-mail security issues and e-mail security has only come into the fore the last few years, that should not have been an obstacle in this case.
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>> reporter: loretta lynch was already scheduled to testify next week. shannon? >> should be a very interesting hearing tomorrow and next week with the attorney general. the president reverses course for the second time on his intention to wind down america's longest war. president obama announced today that nearly 8500 troops will remain in afghanistan long after he leaves office. a decision from the commander in chief who came into office promising to end the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> i'm announcing an additional adjustment to our posture. >> reporter: president obama today announced that he would keep u.s. troop levels in afghanistan at 8400 through the end of the year. that's some 3,000 more than
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previously planned. >> i'm reaffirming the enduring commitment of the united states to afghanistan and its people. the decision i'm making today can help our allies and partners align their own commitments. >> reporter: the president said greater u.s. force levels would better position the next commander in chief to execute the plan to train and assist afghan troops, while supporting international counterterrorism efforts against the taliban. and while the number of americans in afghanistan has dropped significantly since its peak in 2011, the latest drawdown revision is the fourth change to the administration's plan since may, 2014. on capitol hill, reaction was mixed. republican senator john mccain, chairman of the armed services committee, said the decision to remain 8400 u.s. troops in afghanistan into next year is certainly preferable to cutting those forces by nearly half. >> it's rather ridiculous that a commander in chief of the united states would decide that we can
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only have no more than 8448 individuals on the ground in afghanistan. >> reporter: texas congressman mac thornberry. >> it tells us this is a political number, not a number to achieve success. >> reporter: but success in afghanistan has become increasingly difficult to define. experts say that while the taliban control large parcels of territory in the mountainous nation, changes to the rules on air strikes and this latest policy shift should help the u.s. and in turn, the afghans themselves. >> today's announcement is an important boost to the national unity government in afghanistan. and will help boost the confidence of afghans that the international community led by the u.s. is not abandoning afghanistan. >> reporter: all this coming just ahead of the upcoming nato summit in poland. one thing the president did not mention today, cost. it will cost more money to have more troops in afghanistan into january.
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that means the white house will have to go once again to congress for more funds. but keep this in mind. since 2002, they've appropriated more than $62 billion, if you can imagine that, for afghan security forces. which means this could be a tough sell to come. >> kevin cork live at the white house. thanks. britain's decision to go to war with iraq came from flawed intelligence, lack of foresight and inadequate planning. that's the new report that places much of the blaine on tony blair. it stopped short saying whether the invasion was legal and did not accuse the former prime minister of deliberately misleading the public. problems continue to plague the v.a. tonight, correspondent rich edson looks at the issues and what's being done, if anything, to right the wrongs.
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>> reporter: america's military veterans deserve much better. that's the conclusion of a congressional commission on health care at the department of veterans affairs. despite efforts to reform the health system, the commission found many profound deficiencies and it requires urgent reform. the report determined although care dlelivered by v.a. is in many ways better than in the private sector, it is inconsistent and can be compromised by problems with service, access and poorly operating processes. >> there's a culture within the bureaucracy that doesn't want to seem to change. as health care in the 21st century has changed, unfortunately in many ways the v.a. has stayed the same as it was 40 years ago. >> reporter: the commission said the v.a. system needs dramatic change, as problems with staffing, facilities,
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information, and funding threaten its long-term viability. congress discovered v.a. employees covered up prolonged delays for care with secret waiting lists. an investigation found 40 patients died waiting for an appointment in phoenix from april 2013 to april 2014. robert mcdonald was then named the new v.a. secretary. he said the v.a. is implementing many of the recommended reforms and claims 97% of appointments is completed within 30 days. >> there's no denying that there's a lot of important work that remains to be done. >> reporter: the report says the v.a. has a firm foundation which to build a new functioning system. however, the commission also says the system needs a profound reengineering. the white house says it's going to review the recommendations in this report over the next few
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weeks. >> rich edson, thank you. up next, the uproar of the death of a black man in police custody. but first, fox 10 in phoenix where fear os of a serial killer are growing, following a string of murders in the area. five people have been killed in april in is same area just west of downtown. so far no suspects have been named. fox 25 in boston where a taxi driver found $187,000 in cash left mibehind in his cab a he returned it. he said he took the backpack to police, because his mother taught him it is the right thing to do. buzzy was given $100 for his honesty. and this is a live look at orlando. the big story there tonight, more warning signs about alligators in the area put up in the wake of the death of that toddler at a disney hotel. 50 additional signs are being
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s >> the u.s. has officially placed sanctions on kim jong-un and several other north korean officials over human rights abuses. the sanctions target property and assets within u.s. jurisdiction, and extend to ten other individuals and five entities. it marks the first time the u.s. had identified the north korean leader as a direct target for sanctions. the search is on in brazil for the former guantanamo bay detainee missing following a 2014 transfer to uruguay. brazilian administrators say this week the police are trying to locate him within the country. the confirmation of the search comes after an alert last week that he may be trying to enter brazil using a fake passport. he's one of six former detainees resettled in uruguay in 2014. brazil is set to host the olympics in less than a month. calls for justice in louisiana after a witness reports the shooting death of a black man by police. the governor called the video disturbing, and now the justice department is stepping in to
3:21 pm
investigate. correspondent casey steegle reports. >> reporter: eyewitness cell phone video shows the deadly confrontation between two baton rouge police officers and 37-year-old alton sterling. police were called to a store on tuesday after reports of a man outside the store selling cds, had threatened somebody with a gun. that man turned out to be alton sterling. >> when officers arrived, sterling was armed and the altercation ensued. >> reporter: the video shows two white police officers telling him to get on the ground and a scuffle breaks out. the officers appear to pin him down. seconds later, gunshots. >> i have serious concerns. the video is disturbing to say the at least. >> reporter: so disturbing, edwards announced that the u.s.
3:22 pm
justice department and fbi have now opened a civil rights investigation into what happened. protests in the streets of baton rouge. the naacp president is calling for police chief to resign, while dozens of activists come together demanding answers. >> i will not rest or not allow him to be swept in the dirt. >> reporter: the mother of alton sterling's oldest son fighting back tears in front of reporters, saying now his five children will be forced to grow up without a father. >> the individuals involved in his murder took away a man with children, who depended upon their daddy on a daily basis. >> reporter: the two officers involved, one a four-year veteran with the ept the, the other had three years on the
3:23 pm
force, have both been put on administrative leave while this investigation plays out. shannon? >> casey, thank you for the update. a set of immigration bills both failed to move forward in the senate today. one called kate's law would have boosted certain sentences for immigrants who enter illegally repeatedly. the second would have blocked congressional funding for so-called sanctuary cities. both failed to get to 60 votes. the dow was up 78. the s&p 500 grew by 11. nasdaq jumped 36. coming up, they're seeing green in florida and it's not the good kind. what's cause thing mess and a state of emergency? next. beyond has a natural
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the plumes that -- several counties in florida are under a state of energy due to an algae bloom that's sickening residents. >> you don't see any pelicans or bird life. you don't see pretty much anything happening. >> reporter: but what you do see is a repulsive toxic blue-green algae bloom that's sickening floridians on both coasts. the county commission has hired its own scientists to take daily samples from the st. lucie river to a company. people are warned not to touch the algae or even smell it, as it's causing sore throats, runny noses and headaches. >> we've never seen the blue-green algae out on the ocean and in our beaches before. this is our second week of
3:29 pm
random beach closures. >> reporter: the state of emergency remains in effect for these four counties. when lake okeechobee gets too full, the u.s. army corps of engineers releases millions of gallons into the st. lucie and calucihachee rivers. residents are furious as this algae problem is a recurring problem. each time, killing tourism and business. the surf camp is losing tens of thousands of dollars as parents have pulled their kids out. >> it's scary. they're scared of the water, just unsure. >> reporter: both florida senators have come to see the bright group goop firsthand. >> as long as we have to release water, then we're going to have this pollution problem. >> this is an economic disaster. >> reporter: governor rick scott blames the obama administration and the federal government for
3:30 pm
not fixing the herbert hoover levy sooner. and this very thick blanket of algae will eventually sink to the bottom, but taking out the oxygen, killing thousands of fish. shannon? >> be careful. thank you, phil. the death of a navy s.e.a.l. candidate during a training camp has been ruled a homicide. 21 james loveless died in may of drowning, after his instructor repeatedly dunked him. the medical examiner cited a heart problem as a contributing factor. the instructor has not been charged. what goes up could come down. in court. a connecticut father and son are
3:31 pm
fighting with the federal aviation authority over what they can be forced to disclose about their recreational drone use. and the case could set a precedent across the nation. >> reporter: gunshots fired from a drone rigged with a hand gun. this youtube video has been seen more than 3.5 billion times. it was posted in july 2015 by the drone's owner, 19-year-old austin of clinton, connecticut. the faa alarmed by the flying again, opened an investigation and subpoenaed austin and his father, but they refused to comply. the faa subpoenaed them again in september. but on the day they were supposed to appear for questioning and to hand over any drone documents, austin posted another video, this time showing a drone with a flame thrower
3:32 pm
roasting a turkey. faa officials state "based on media reports, the faa believes the respondents have built and/or operated at least two unmanned aircraft systems, carrying weapons with the capability of causing serious injury to a person or property. the materials sought regarding their use, therefore, is relevant to the investigation. in federal court today, their attorney argued the faa definition of an aircraft is too broad, because it doesn't distinguish between a paper airplane or a drone. by trying to investigate a drone on private property, lawyers argue the faa is overstepping its constitutional authority. >> because it gets them into our backyards and lets them regulate toys. there's no purpose. it's just a child growing up that does things. he's built remote control toys, electric scooters.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: this is the first federal case challenging the authority of the faa to regulate recreational drones. and the decision could set a precedent nationwide. hillary clinton off the hook. the attorney general general says she does accept the fbi's recommendation not to press charges. our panel weighs in, next. piecy life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ that it was more convenient to use just one device. the fact is, the fbi director said hillary used several different servers, even show she said it was one, and numerous mobile devices, to send and read e-mails. in other words, hillary's secret e-mail server existed for the reason we all know, to keep her e-mails from ever being read by the public, had nothing to do with just wanting to use one device. okay.
3:38 pm
we understand that. but that's not what she said. she said something very different under oath, she said something very different to everybody. and how about the 33,000 e-mails that were wiped out? 33,000! how can you do 33,000 e-mails and it was wiped out? in testimony to congress, hillary clinton said she turned over all of her related e-mails, right? she said that. i saw that. the fbi director said hillary failed to turn over several thousand work-related e-mails, including e-mails that were classified. right? rigged system, folks. remember, i used to say -- i'm the one that brought that word up. now everybody is using it. bernie sanders is rightfully using it. because honestly, what they did with him was not good, not good. now we have false statement number three, and there are
3:39 pm
many. i just don't want to bore you with too many of these. in her testimony to congress, hillary clinton said there was nothing classified either sent or received. i heard it, you heard it, we all heard it. the fbi director said hillary had sent or received more than 100 e-mails with classified information, including e-mails with confidential, secret, and top secret information. that's what they said. but she didn't say that. benghazi also. hillary said fact number four, these are all lies, we say lie, lie, lie. lie! dirty, rotten liar, right? hillary said her private server -- that's what it is. and you know, i'll tell you something, folks. i'll tell you something.
3:40 pm
you know when it's going to be set straight? in november, you're going the get out and vote. [ applause ] because when you look at terrorism, when you look at her decisions, when you look at the fact that she has got such bad decision making ability, when you look at what's gone on duringook at what's going on with radical islamic terrorism. we have a president and her, except that i sort of shamed her into it, okay? just like i shamed her into not approving tpp, but if she ever won, she would approve that so fast. and that will do to you worse than what nafta did to you. but she has got bad judgment and you know who said that? bernie sanders. that hillary clinton has bad judgment, and number one, it's illegal what she did here. but it's also bad judgment. what did she do it for? she knows why. most of the people here know
3:41 pm
why. false statement number four, hillary said her private server was secure with numerous safeguards. they had no security breaches. no security breaches. now they're saying everybody -- does anybody have her information? you know what's interesting? i always heard once an e-mail gets sent, it's always out. you can really never wipe it out. i don't think anybody has looked too hard, because when you wipe out 30,000 e-mails, i hear 33,000 actually, i hear two numbers, 30,000, 33,000, pick your choice, what difference? when you wipe out 30,000 e-mails, 30,000. i've always heard if you like are in litigation and everything es, there's no way of really expunging those e-mails. they're always with you, if you have the right people looking. there are probably a couple of super geniuses in this room that would know exactly how to find those 30,000 e-mails. i don't think they looked too
3:42 pm
hard. does that make sense to anybody? i've always heard can't get rid of them. the fbi director said it is possible that actors gained access to hillary's personal e-mail account. and think of this, she used her insecure e-mail account and the e-mail while traveling abroad in territory of sophisticated, and these are highly sophisticated adversaries, right? the fbi director also said hackers successfully breached the e-mail accounts of hillary's friends. okay? they breached it. some friends. our enemies likely have a blackmail file on her, which actually should disqualify her for even running for office, right? [ applause ] and then in her testimony to congress, hillary clinton said her attorneys conducted a
3:43 pm
rigorous review of her e-mails and said they went through every single e-mail. but the fact is, the fbi director said the lawyers doing the sorting for secretary clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails before destroying them. what's going on, folks? what's going on? [ crowd booing ] >> i mean, it's very sad. you know, it's very sad. you know, we have a crooked system. we have a rigged system. we have a dishonest press. let me tell you, i was in north carolina last night. i have to say, because i just loved doing it. thank you, i love you too, man. it's a guy, but i love him. i love everybody here. i don't care. [ applause ]
3:44 pm
i don't care. but we have a rigged system. we have a crooked system. i mean, we have a crooked system. but talk about the press, okay? i love talking about how dishonest they are. if you're a republican or a conservative, and i heard it for years, but i had no idea. and when i was running, and bing, bing, bing, knocking out one after another, right? am i doing a good job for you folks? i'm knocking out one after another. so when i'm out running, and it was bad. i thought it was unfair. but they had 17 people that basically they didn't like too much. me they liked the least by far, by far. but now it's all toward me. and i watch and i say things, like there's a guy on "meet the press" called "sleepy eyes" chuck todd. the guy was dying on "meet the press" a year ago. nobody was watching.
3:45 pm
they were talking about taking him off. then what happened was he called me and wanted me to do an interview. and i did it. and it was one of the highest rated interviews this the history of "meet the press." but these are disloyal people. so after two days he forgot about it. then he did a little bit more and "meet the press" is fine right now, because i watched him. i watched like yesterday, and i made the statement something to the effect, i was talking about terrorism. and i said, saddam hussein is a bad man, you heard this, right? right? you heard this. he's a bad man. they wanted me to talk less, i spoke for 106 minutes. a long time without notes, without papers or anything standing up for four or five networks. so i said last night, i'm not reading and no teleprompters.
3:46 pm
i do like teleprompters. it's a lot easier. let somebody come up and do what i do, right? i would have about 12 people instead of 7,000 people. but i said, very simple, i said saddam hussein is a bad man. bad guy. and i said this three or four times. really bad. i said, but one thing he's good at, they wanted me to talk about hillary for like hours. just crooked hillary, that's all you have to know. she's crooked as hell. it's unbelievable. but listen, listen, listen, after a while we want to talk about terrorism, right? because we'll beat hillary. if we beat hillary, what difference does she make, as she says. what difference does it make?
3:47 pm
makes a big difference. what difference does it make? remember the famous statement, green dress. okay. so green dress, yeah. green dress. she said green pants suit. so look, listen, last night i said -- and it was an unbelievable crowd in north carolina, standing ovations all over the place. but i said, bad guy, saddam hussein, bad guy. i said again, saddam hussein is a bad guy. but he did one thing well, he killed terrorists. right? that's okay. just a quick statement. but i wanted to emphasize, because i know if i didn't emphasize they would say i liked saddam hussein. so i said it three sitimes bad,
3:48 pm
bad, bad. so what happened, somewhat happened, i said it very strongly, bad person. okay. now it's over. and we talked about terrorism. we talked about trade. we talked about terminating obamacare and replacing it with something great, which we're going to do. we talked about getting rid of common core and bringing our education locally and taking it away from washington. we talked about voters. we talked about building a wall, right? we talked about our depleted military, right? we talked about our very depleted military. build a wall. don't worry, we'll build a wall, don't worry about it. we're going to build a wall. going to be a real wall. such a low ceiling. oh, we're going a lot higher. and every time they find us on
3:49 pm
that wall, it gets ten feet higher, folks. we're going to stop the drugs from coming in. you know, just in case you didn't know, the border patrol agents, 16,500 border patrol agents endorse donald trump. they know what's going on. and their job is much easier now if they're with me. because when they're with me, they're going to be working hard. right now they just stand there and say oh, go on through. welcome to the country. we'll take care of you for the rest of your lives. it's a lot different. and also sheriff joe, we love sheriff joe. he endorsed me. so we have a situation, right, where we go on and we continue to go on and we continue to make speeches and we continue to waste time. because the politicians aren't listening, right? they're not listening.
3:50 pm
but i made a speech, and this speech last night was good. and what happened? i wake up in the morning and we had -- you ought to see this crowd. this crowd was unbelievable, the energy. unbelievable, the energy. i wake up, i turn on the television. donald trump loves saddam hussein. he loves saddam hussein. i was just asked a question by the cincinnati enquirer. mr. trump, is it true you love saddam hussein? sort of that, you know, i said that's not what i said. that's not what i said. so that's the narrative that goes around. i actually put a press release out, and now the people that saw it say that was great, but they are liars. these are bad people. these are bad people. what i did say, and what i did say is that he was good at one thing. he was really good at killing terrorists. he didn't wait around. you think they gave the terrorists trials that lasted 18 years?
3:51 pm
and then after 18 years, if they had the right lawyer, they erect a statue in honor of the terrorist, right? not with trump. so i said, bad guy, really bad guy. but he was good at one thing. he killed terrorists. next day, donald trump loves saddam hussein. i don't love saddam hussein. i hate saddam hussein, but he was damn good at killing terrorists, and now terrorists, people who want to be terrorists, they go into iraq, and i said last night, it's the harvard. the harvard university. it's the harvard of terrorism. that's where you want to learn how to be a terrorist, you go to iraq. before, boom. you're a terrorist. boom. look at the problems we have right now. we are a very unsafe nation. we are allowing people to pour into our country. we're allowing people to pour into our country. we have no idea who they are. these are people coming from the
3:52 pm
middle east, we're taking syrian refugees. by the way, i have a bigger heart than anybody. and we'll work with them, and i'll get other people to put up the money because we're $19 trillion, and now with the kind of budgets that get passed in this country, we're going up to $21 trillion. we don't have the money, but i'll get the gulf states to put up the money and we'll supervise it, and we will build wonderful, as wonderful as it can be, in syria, safe havens. we'll build safe zones. we'll keep them there. we don't want them here. we don't want them here. they're moving people into ohio that you people don't even know about. they're moving people into ohio that very well this could be one of the great trojan horses of all time. they're moving people into ohio like nobody's ever seen. and every state.
3:53 pm
and you don't know, and your government officials don't know. and nobody knows what the hell is happening to our country, and we have a president that won't issue the words "radical islamic terrorism" and it's a real problem. it's a real problem. and if you don't say what the problem is, you're never going to solve the problem. right? so i watched these media people, very dishonest people. and i watch that, and then i also watch -- so i get these standing ovations. it was on all three, i think it was on fox live, fox news has been very nice to me, i must say. it was on fox live, on cnn live. cnn is terrible to me. terrible. no, they're -- they're dishonest. you ever see it where there are like seven people, and i'll have jeffrey lord. i love jeffrey lord. but i don't watch it anymore because you know, in life, when
3:54 pm
you don't like something, when something is unpleasant, don't watch it. turn to something else. okay. that's what i do. people don't believe it. i don't watch anymore. when people treat you unfairly, turn your back and go someplace else, or knock them on their ass, one or the other. so i mean, cnn over the weekend, i'll give you an example. so one of my guys, who is mar married to a jewish woman. this is a very fine person, dan, he put out a tweet talking about crooked hillary clinton. and on the tweet was a star. a star. like a star. and i said, oh, because when i looked at it, i didn't think anything. all of a sudden, it turned out to be in the minds of the press only, because it could have been a sheriff's star, could have been a regular star. my boy comes home from school. baron, he draws stars all over the place. i never said, oh, that's the
3:55 pm
star of david, baron, don't. it's a star. have you all seen this? it's a star. and it actually looks like a sheriff's star, but i don't know. and behind it, they had money. oh, but there's money behind it. so actually, they're racially profiling. they're profiling, not us. because why are they bringing this up? why do they bring it up? because -- so anyway, so dan is a wonderful guy. a really good guy. i didn't get angry at him. i said, dan, that's a star. don't worry about it. he said, oh, i'm so -- cnn from morning to night, bigger than the fbi with clinton who is crooked as a you know what. bigger than the fbi. all weekend long, cnn, dishonest as hell, cnn, morning to night, i have tweets saying cnn won't talk about anything but the star. they say it's the star of david. all right. i have a son-in-law who is
3:56 pm
jewish, jared, who is a great guy. my daughter is jewish. i have grandchildren who are jewish. okay, and i love them. i love them. and these are great people. ivanka, married a jewish guy who is brilliant, who is wonderful, who has a great heart. they have kids, beautiful kids. beautiful kids. so they took this star, could have been a star for anything. to me it was just a star. but when i really looked, it looked like a sheriff's star. but cnn started this dialogue going, it's the star of david. and because it's the star of david, donald trump has racist tendencies. these people are sick, folks. i'm telling you, they're sick. they're sick. and i'll tell you, some day i'm going to tell you the real story of cnn, but i'm not going to tell it yet. but they're sick. i don't watch it.
3:57 pm
don't watch it. don't watch it anymore. and i have to say, fox is tough on me. bill o'reilly, a lot of these guys, but at least they're fair. you know, they're toucgh, but they're fair. nobody watches msnbc, so i can't tell you. i mean, nobody watches it, but i think they're better. i hear they're better than cnn. okay. they call cnn the clinton news network. clinton -- think of this, think of it, seriously. so the star, which is a star, not the star of david, when they told me the star of david, i said, you have to be kidding. how sick are they? actually, they're the ones with the bad tendencies when they can think that way. they're the ones. then they said, remember what i said, but there's money around the star. and therefore, you know what that represents. he these are sick people. they're bad people. they're bad people, and what you do is don't watch cnn anymore.
3:58 pm
i don't watch it anymore. i like anderson cooper, i like a couple of the people, but mostly it's just negative. and they sit around the table, they talk badly about donald trump. what's to talk badly about? it's very interesting. we started off with 17, and here i am. you and me and look what we have done together, right? look what we have done together. so we have unbelievably dishonest media. so think of that. you have the star, which is fine. i shouldn't have taken it down. they took the star down. i said, too bad. you should have left it up. i would have rather defended it and said it's not a star of david. it's a star. corrupt hillary. but she sent it out. this is the star. she's the one who started the dialogue. you know why? because she wanted to get off the fbi. you know who got hurt worse by the fbi? than anybody?
3:59 pm
bernie sanders, because he was waiting for the fbi to make him the nominee, and it didn't work out. and he's the other one. you know, he copied my language a little bit, but he was starting to say with the super delegates that the system is rigged. and you know what's happening? they're doing polls. i just saw a poll, 22% of the bernie sanders voters are coming to trump. i don't know. i don't know. who knows? who knows? and we're having a good time. let me just tell you, the other thing i got criticized last night. i thought it was one of the better speeches. hey, do i give good speech? i thought it was one of the better speeches. the place was packed. they never show how many people. by the way, can you imagine if i ever had an empty place? the biggest story in the history of the news business. the place was packed, right? everybody was having a great
4:00 pm
time. considering the subject is no good. because the subject is about our country. and our country is in trouble. between the debt, between the joblessness, and let me tell you, with a phony 5% numbers you hear about unemployment, it's a phony number. a phony number. it's a number that when somebody looks for a job, and i don't want to have you raise your hand because you may be embarrassed. i would be a little embarrassed. somebody looks for a job, and they give up. and they're great people. they're unbelievable. they worked all their lives. they can't find a job, right? and they give up. now they're considered statistically employed. so we show this phony number. and on that, i don't blame obama so much because frankly, that was to make presidents look good and make politicians look good, which is not an easy thing to do, okay? because they want to show, oh, how wonderful the economy. so just as i was getting off the plane today, we announce trade deficit numbers for the month which were