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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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in the meantime vsh, have a goo night, everybody. "the factor" is on. tonight -- >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information. >> hillary clinton taking a pounding because the fbi has contradicted some of her public statements on the email fiasco. how much damage will this do to mrs. clinton's presidential campaign? we'll answer that question. i told you that we were being played throughout this whole thing. i never wavered. >> did she try to lie about it? no, no.
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the fbi has told us about that. >> partisan reaction furious. bernie goldberg will take a look at what is fair and what is not when analyzing hillary clinton. and we've obtained some to the -- some photos of barack obama at a muslim wedding. "the factor" begins right now. ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the talking points memo on why president obama is sympathetic to islam will be in our third segment tonight. first, the lead story. how badly has hillary clinton been damaged by the fbi's investigation? "the factor" staff put together a series of statements 345ed by secretary clinton and refuted yesterday by fbi director james comey. >> i did not e-mail any
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classified materials to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified e-mail. >> from the group of 30,000 e-mails returned to the state department in 2014, 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. >> i responded right away and provided all my e-mails that could possibly be work related. >> the fbi also discovered several thousand work-related e-mails that were not among the group of 30,000 e-mails returned by secretary clinton to state in 2014. >> i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> secretary clinton used several different servers, and administrators of those servers during her four years at the state department. and she also used numerous
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multiple devices to send and to read e-mails on that personal domain. >> so it is clear beyond any doubt from the fbi's investigation that secretary clinton attempted to mislead the public. now, intent comes into play here, as well. is mrs. clinton's memory faulty or want to deceive us? if the latter is true, her presidential chances may vanish. there is more to come on this story, as fbi director james comey will testify in front of the house tomorrow morning. and mrs. clinton's misleading public statements should be among the lead questions. brett stevens joins us now. so what i'm trying to get at here is that if -- you would admit that montage put together is embarrassing? >> it's devastating. >> nobody can defend it? >> least of all mrs. clinton.
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>> nobody can spin it or say it didn't happen. it's beyond a reasonable doubt any fair minded person would say this woman is a deceiver and now she wants to be president. so i'm saying does it matter? >> i think in any normal political season this would destroy her candidacy. back in the '90s, bill sapphire, the late "new york times" columnist, called mrs. clinton a congenital liar. what you just showed demonstr e demonstrates what was true two decades ago is true today. even though director comey decided not to indict, the evidence he laid out shows she's been telling untruth for at least 15 months consistently. >> in the biggest case of the presidential campaign so far. >> but it's not a normal political season. >> it isn't, because you have donald trump, who is a very polarizing man. but i'm saying it's going to be
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harder for people who weren't that enthusiastic about mrs. clinton but didn't like trump, it's going to be harder for them now to still pull that lever for her. >> this ought to play into trump's sweet spot. his view that the system is rigged. there is a system for everyone, and then there is a clinton exception when it comes to this kind of behavior, extreme carelessness opposed to gross negligence. so that should play into his wheel house. except a week when he should be gaining strength, what is he doing? he's talking about saddam hussein being terrific when it came to the war on terror. >> he's a little more focused, he was last night, but then last night in his north carolina speech, he accused comey of -- he's got to stay in the factual zone and not blow it out so that he can be an object of derision. comey himself, "the wall street
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journal" today has a good editorial about his decision, but people still aren't -- establishment people still want to say he's corrupt. trump says he's corrupt, but you don't? >> when he was made fbi director, he ran an editorial called the political mr. comey. he's terrific when it comes to prosecuting martha stewart, prosecuting unpopular people, doing what the washington beltway thinks is the right thing to do. very different when going against the presumptive democratic nominee who is going to save the world from donald trump. so this decision was totally predictable for anyone -- >> so you believe that comey set aside -- this is what you're saying, set aside his sworn duty to uphold the law because he felt that politics, if he brought charges, would influence him? >> the evidence that he produced is directly contradictory --
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>> we've established that. but why did he do it? are you saying he puts politics over honesty? >> i'm saying he puts politics first. >> you are? james comey, the director of the fbi, puts politics over what is honest in the criminal justice system? >> this was a purely political decision by an fbi director who should not have been recommending what prosecutors should do in terms of mrs. clinton's case. >> now, if that's true, and i don't know that it is, it's your opinion, right? >> it is my opinion. >> but you look a little smug on the opinion, you look like you are 100% convinced that what you just said that comey puts politics over what's best for the country and you look like
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you're 100% convinced of that. >> i'm only 95% convinced of anything i say, but this is my best judgment. if you followed jim comey's career over many years, especially when he was going after people like john ashcroft in the first bush administration, the witch hunt against scootier libby, jim comey is very good going after targets who are already objects of hatred and derision among the liberal establishment in washington. so when we wrote that editorial three years ago, just lifting his record, we were relative loners. people were applauding him as a straight shooter. this coming as no surprise he would not take on a target as politically significant and favored by so much in washington as mrs. clinton. and i say that as no fan of the other guy. >> if what you're saying is true, this country is in serious trouble, because we don't have equal justice for all, do we?
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>> no. politics is the first refuge for scoundral. >> thank you. mr. teac next on the rundown, media reaction to the hillary clinton e-mail fiasco. bernie goldberg has some thoughts. and we have photos of barack obama allegedly attending a muslim wedding, up ahead. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax
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i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning. ♪ look up at a new day... hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. obviously, the media running wild with the hillary clinton fbi story. >> i hope none of you are depressed. i'm sure a lot of you are. i told you that we were being played throughout this whole thing. >> you have to decide what you're going to question the integrity of james comey, who until now, has had an unpeachable reputation for
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integrity. where he said definitively there was no basis to prosecute her. >> she should at least resign as a candidate on the ground it is she can't pass a top security clearance she can't be president of the united states. >> did she try to lie about it? no, no, the fbi told us that. did she make mistakes? absolutely. >> but as we just demonstrated, the congressman is misleading us. the fbi clearly stated that some of hillary clinton's statements were not true. so congressman, this is from me to you, you need to be a bit more careful in your statements as a representative of your district, okay? joining us now from north carolina, bernard goldberg. general question, has the media reaction to this story been fair? >> you know, that's a lot of the main stream media that has been fair. i'll give you fair examples from
5:14 pm
the broadcast networks. on abc, brian ross said the fbi statement is an indictment without a criminal charge. that's pretty tough. on cbs, john dickerson said, comey undermined a lot of what hillary clinton has said about her private server. that's a nice way of saying she lied. and on nbc, chuck todd said hillary has a credibility problem, but then he says, but she can recover because her opponent is donald trump. that may sound biased, but it isn't, because donald trump has a credibility problem himself, and if it weren't for donald trump, she would be in far more trouble today than she is. >> but i don't like that statement from todd for this reason. it shouldn't be a comparative situation when analyzing hillary clinton and her e-mail. what she did and what comey said, she was dishonest. and the history behind secretary
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clinton, all right, is one of a pattern of behavior, as mr. stevens just pointed out. so trump really didn't have anything to do with this right now. >> well no, i disagree in this respect. it's fair analysis to say this woman would be in real, real trouble, maybe the kind of trouble you can't extricate yourself from, except you have to consider who her opponent is. now, where it gets partisan, bill, is when the partisans get involved in the debate. you played a sound cut, i don't have return video. now, there are some hillary supporters -- you could have a videotape of hillary clinton personally, personally shredding documents, shredding e-mails, and it wouldn't matter to them. >> remember james carville, when
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the president's lie was finally exposed and carville had been telling everybody that oh, no, no, he's telling the truth. then the next day, he just said, it's only about sex. >> let me make one other point, and i wrote about this today on my website. on the other side, conservatives, a lot of them, say the fix is in. that's the other side of the coin. and it's understandable that they would say that, because jim comey laid out a case against hillary clinton that would inevitably -- you have to conclude she's guilty of something or the other. then he comes to then conclusion that she shouldn't be charged with a crime. i think, and this is what i wrote about on my website today, i think it's more complicated than that. i think jim comey doesn't want to be the guy who throws the 2016 presidential race into a
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chaotic turmoil. >>bernie. >> that's my point. just as chief justice did that in the obamacare base, it wasn't his job and it's not jim comey's job. >> stevens, pretty emphatic about comey's background and he has a pattern of behavior, again, the words pattern of behavior, that when in a tight political spot where it might come back to bite james comey, he's going to go for the easy way out. and then he cited martha stewart, but hillary clinton could be president, so he's not going to recommend. i'm not sure that's accurate, because it's based on speculation. certainly you could put together a circumstantial case for that, but i'm worried about the folks. this fbi pronouncement yesterday has shattered the justice system's image for most of the country. >> yes.
5:18 pm
and here's why -- you can't help but conclude from jim comey's statements -- by the way, i'm a big fan of brett stevens, i don't know if he's right, but he's a very thoughtful guy, so he may be right, you know? but the inevitable conclusion based on what jim comey said and how he ended his statement with no recommendation, is that there are two systems of justice in the united states of america. one for hillary clinton, and one for mere mortals. the rest of us. the people who aren't nearly as important as hillary or bill clinton. that is not good for the country. >> it's bad for the country, but it's good for donald trump, because now trump university, doesn't matter what he did. it doesn't matter what he did. >> exactly. but donald trump -- and this was the headline of my column today,
5:19 pm
the headline was, will donald trump graciously accept the fbi's gift? jim comey gave him a gift, and he needs to take advantage of it. directly ahead, president obama's ties to the muslim world. wait till you hear this. later, miller will weigh in on the fbi hillary deal. and we are coming right back. whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] you get relentless protection. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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president obama and islam. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. many americans, include thing one, believe barack obama's emotional attachment to the muslim world has hurt the usa. there's no question the obama administration's greatest failure is allowing isis to run wild, murdering thousands of innocent people all over the world, including many muslims.
5:23 pm
mr. obama has never, never acknowledged that mistake. nor does he define the isis threat accurately. that group is killing innocent people in order to impose a radical version of islam on the world. the jihad is solely based on theology. perverted as it may be. president obama, as we all know, will not even use the words islamic terrorism. again, today when telling the nation that the u.s. will maintain thousands of troops in afghanistan, the president did not accurately describe the situation there, putting forth that it was more about politics than terrorism. >> that is why the united states will strongly support an afghan led reconciliation process and why we call on all countries in the region to end safe havens for militants and terrorists. >> but they are not just militants and terrorists.
5:24 pm
they are islamic driven killers who protected al qaeda before the 9/11 attack. yet the president of the united states does not define the terror issue clearly. here's why. barack obama's father, who abandoned his family, was a muslim who turned atheist. then his mother married another muslim, moving to berry to indonesia where he was exposed to the islamic world, even though he did attend a catholic school in first grade. according to his half sister, barack obama attended his half brother's wedding in the '90s, malik obama was a muslim. "the factor" has attained pictures from that wedding, which we believe was held in maryland. details on the ceremony, the location, whether the reports that barack obama was the best man are very difficult to verify at this point.
5:25 pm
what we can tell you with certainty is that barack obama has deep emotional ties to islam. >> as a boy, i spent several years in indonesia and heard the call of prayer at the break of dawn and at the fall of dusk. as a young of man, i worked in chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their muslim faith. >> now, to some extent, i can identify with president obama on the religion issue. as a roman catholic, i was appalled when the priests pedophilia scandal broke. there's absolutely no excuse for the catholic church covering up many horrendous crimes. however, like barack obama, i do make the distinction between the faith and the people who abuse it. >> the church is not the men who run it. the church is the theology
5:26 pm
behind the doctrine of jesus, and the country is the abiding philosophy behind the constitution. and i think if everybody understood that, you could put it in perspective. >> but here's where i depart from the president. i went after the american leaders of the catholic church with a vengeance. >> as we now know, the leaders of the catholic church in america covered up the sexual abuse. it's my opinion the cardinal in boston could be arrested and charged with criminal negligence. remember, he admits to transferring pedophile priests to place where they still had contact with children. americans have the right that authorities take care of cardinal law, not the pope, a man who aided and abetted the molestation of american children. we have the right, every american citizen, to demand that this cardinal law is removed. it's way beyond just catholics. >> law was eventually booted out
5:27 pm
of boston, but then given a cushy job in rome, another embarrassment for the catholic church. barack obama should do what i did, call out those who abuse the muslim faith, who commit atrocities under a religious banner. he should make defeating the jihad a central issue. and stop trying to diminish islamic terrorism by avoiding the simple truth. radical islam is a direct threat to the entire world! whether they live in afghanistan, iran, iraq, syria, or africa. it is islamic killers who are the central problem on the planet. president obama should acknowledge that today. and begin to correct his mistakes. and that's the memo. when we come right back, reaction. then miller on the fbi/hillary clinton deal, moments away. clean food.
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5:32 pm
relative who was a muslim doesn't necessarily mean he has deep ties to islam. >> you couldn't say that if your father and stepfather, both islamists, and then your half brother and half sister, both muslims, you wouldn't call those deep ties? >> well, they are ties. president obama is a very unique cultural figure. he has ties to various worlds. he has ties in the african-american world. he has ties to kansas where his mother was born. he himself is a devout christian. i would follow him around -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa, devout christian? he doesn't go to church on a regular basis. how did you arrive at that assessment? i believe he's a christian, i'm not one of these guys who says he's a muslim. but i don't think he's a devout christian. >> well, he would go along the
5:33 pm
campaign trail here in iowa, he would have the holy bible sitting in the door compartment of his vehicle and refer to it consistently. he and michelle would attend services of -- you can go back to jeremiah wright if you want -- >> i don't know if that's devout in jeremiah wright's church. >> but he's given expensive interviews about his beliefs in christianity. >> but what you say and what you do are not necessarily the same thing. i base my analysis that in my opinion, and i could be wrong, but i'm not, president obama's sympathetic treatment of muslims put the country in danger and he allowed isis to be created because of his foolish decision to withdraw troops in iraq and to pretty much run wild for five years. so another president, you know, angry about the jihad, would not have done that. am i wrong?
5:34 pm
>> well, i think president obama is very sympathetic to all cultures, all religions. he grew up in a -- >> is that good for a commander in chief to be sympathetic for all cultures and religions when thousands are being murdered? >> obviously you think it's a bad quality. >> you don't? >> well, i think he is a unique figure in that he can see various viewpoints. >> he's the commander in chief of the country -- wait, wait, mr. mendell. he's the commander in chief of the united states and his main charge is to protect us. it's not to be touchy-feely for all these different cultures. >> and he's being criticized by the left, by human rights groups for his drone policy, by killing what i would assume are mostly muslims through drones in the middle east. so i think his language is very cautious. yes, he's a cautious man. he's the president of the united
5:35 pm
states. he's always been a cautious politician with his language. but i think it's a little unfair to say that because he grew up in his younger years, he had some ties to the muslim world that he is sympathetic to. >> i just want to be clear before we let you go. >> there's no connection between him and terrorists. >> and i'm not making that connection. my thesis is that he has an emotional tie to islam, and that has clouded his judgment in attacking the jihadists. last word. >> well, that's your opinion. i think that he's a devout christian. i see no evidence that he has fomented terrorism in any way. he's the man that gave the call to kill osama bin laden.
5:36 pm
>> i don't know if that was a difficult call. again, we appreciate your point of view. did you know that one of general washington's officers tried to assassinate him? and miller on the hillary clinton-fbi deal and lady gaga. stay tuned for those reports. with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have, or ever had, a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine,
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thank you for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. let's get right to the sage of southern california. joining us from santa barbara. so miller, when you heard yesterday the fbi director say no charges against secretary clinton, what went through your mind? >> well, i was surprised, because he was dropping bread crumbs and then whipped out a vegan scone. it's like putting in happily ever after at the end of "the exorcist." i thought he was going to lay into her, then backed off. it looks like hillary, the only way we're going get her eventually, is if she kicks in a hotel door in vegas to claim
5:41 pm
some bobbleheads that are hers. i guaranty today she's on a better private server. >> so you say the only redemption hillary clinton has is if she pulls an o.j. simpson and goes in and steals memorabilia and gets caught, that's your analysis? >> in a country that's increasingly creepy, the creepiest person gets to be the head creep. so i guess she's going to be president. >> it is pretty bizarre. let's go to your state, california. the university of redlands, i guess that's a treehouse up in the forest -- >> i think that's where that mendell goes. >> any way, they want men to focus on masculinity with a dude's understanding diversity project. >> dudes, i don't know what it
5:42 pm
stands for. but can i get a second over here to adjust all the new mail. i remember seeing bruce jenner on the cover of a magazine and now i'm supposed to digest this all in five seconds. give me a second to catch up. it's like he made blackjack 22. i can't get my head around it this quickly. >> are you going to enroll in that course? i think you can do that online. i think you should. >> billy, i am -- here's what i am right now. female about to go back to male. that's how far out there i am. >> you heard about the hot dog eating contest. in buffalo, new york, they have a kale eating contest. are you involved? >> listen, billy, all i know, if that asian kid could eat 70 hot dogs, i can't imagine how much
5:43 pm
kale he can throw down. it's like an entire farm's worth of kale he'll be able to jam down his gullet. all these people that want to get you healthy, they want you to live forever so they can constantly tell you what to do. leave me alone! i want to eat a hot dog. i don't want to eat your kale. you're going to come in with a speech therapist and correct my death rattle. lay off me! >> i agree with you, miller. my makeup artist, she has stuff, i'm like, is that food? why don't you eat the wallpaper. finally in china, lady gaga has been listed as a hostile foreign force by the chinese government. >> i think she met with the dalai lama and they're not going to let her into the country. imagine that's the reason you don't get let into the country. you can show up somewhere in a dress made of meat you can get into the country. by the way, i'm not going to the kale eating competition.
5:44 pm
i'm going to a competition where the asian kid is eating lady gaga's dress. >> it's worse than that. dalai lama is taking on tony bennett's place and they're going on tour with lady gaga. nice to see you. ♪ i left my heart in nepal >> no, he's in tibet. martha mccallum on deck. another police shooting, this one in louisiana. martha is next. fall in love with a new daily fiber. new mirafiber from the makers of miralax. it's the only fiber that supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber.
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back of the book segment did you see that? baton rouge, louisiana, police have shot and killed a
5:48 pm
37-year-old black man, and that is leading to racial tension. >> police say they were dispatched after an anonymous 911 call. when they arrived, two officers confronted 37-year-old alton sterling and things escalated. this video, reportedly shot by a witness from inside a car, and not verified by nbc news, shows what happened next. it shows the two police officers tackling and wrestling sterling to the ground. what happens next is not as clear. the camera turning away from the incident. seconds later, someone can be heard saying "he's got a gun" followed by audible gunshots. >> now with more information, martha mccallum. so the man who was killed, right, did he have a gun? >> we don't know for sure. the owner of the store claims that he saw the police hold him down and that after the shooting
5:49 pm
they pulled a gun out of his pocket. we also know that the caller who called in claimed that the man in the red shirt who was selling the cds had threatened him with a gun. >> i don't know what the cds thing is. >> he was selling cds and his wife said that's what he did. he was in a shelter, a transition shelter. he did five years in prison. his priors include marijuana possession, resisting arrest, and in 2000, he was convicted of one count of carnal knowledge with a joouvenile. >> do we know anymore than that? >> we don't at this point. we know that there were cameras. there's a camera inside the store, there's a dash cam. the word is that the cameras that they had on the officers were dislocated during the altercation. we don't know if that video is going to be good or not.
5:50 pm
we have to wait. we have to be very careful. but those are the facts as we know them. we know he suffered several gunshots in the chest and back. that comes from involved, they' suspended. >> they have been suspended, that's standard operating procedure for anyone involved in an incident like that, one is a four-year police officer, one is three years in baton rouge. >> those are the facts. we'll follow the case, legal will look into it. you know, we want to be fair. >> the justice department has already opened a civil investigation into this. >> the feds are already down there, so that's a good thing. >> that's fine. >> you want all the top investigators down there. all right, in baltimore there have been a few looters, remember, after the freddie gray incident, massive looting in town. some of them have been prosecuted, and the latest one really got hit. roll it. >> prosecutors say 20-year-old donte bets was the key player in
5:51 pm
the riots, looting, setting fires, and even attacking police. squirting lighter fluid on a pile of propane cylinders, this infamous photos was one of many that went viral. the man in the picture will now spend 15 years behind bars. >> wow, 15 years, huh? >> 15 years behind bars. they had photos and video of him, he wrecked police cars, also looted a pharmacy there, but it needs to be mentioned he also in this same charge included in the 15 years is that he shot a woman, did not kill her, during a drug deal. she spade 20 for heroin, he claimed she owed $40. >> he's a drug dealer, took advantage of the freddie gray thing to commit even more crimes. there have been others convicted, how many others? >> four others convicted and a couple more in the pipeline, but they are clearly sending the message they want these to be dealt with very seriously, and
5:52 pm
this young man didn't deny it at all. he said this is my moment to go wild on the police. that was his quote. >> he didn't plea not guilty? he said he did it. long rap sheet, obviously, a drug dealer, right? >> he has prior convictions, as well, drugs and assault. >> martha maccallum, everybody, thank you, we appreciate it. back to present day, thomas jefferson, was he a good guy or not? the tip moments away.
5:53 pm
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president obama is a role model. please explain. glad to, robert. there is a difference between policy and private behavior. mr. obama has presented himself very well as a responsible parent, a good dad, a loyal spouse, and concerned about people who need help. he has presented himself well on all of those fronts. linda wright, decatur, alabama, we watched legends and lives the patriots and then traveled to boston for vacation. the freedom trail really came alive after seeing the show. excellent, linda. if you're thirsty in bean town, it's not soda there, it's tonic. that's what they call soft drinks, tonic. like a foreign language. and finally tonight, the fact and tip of the day. the sunday fox news series dominating the ratings once again last week. highest rated show on all the
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cable news networks for a saturday and sunday of the entire weekend. now, this coming sunday we'll take a look at thomas jefferson, samuel adams, and the deck declaration of independence. >> you've been one of the main instigators of the drive for independence, after all. >> i will not. you should do it. >> why me, sir? >> because, as you said, we new englanders instigated the drive for independence, therefore, a virginian ought to be seen at the head of the business to avoid alienating the south. and you can write far better than i. >> hear, hear. >> all right, that's john adams and franklin talking to thomas jefferson. very interesting stuff.
5:59 pm
one of george washington's officers tried to assassinate him. got to work that in, too, sunday night. check out "legends and lies: the patriots every sunday night 11:00 p.m. eastern time. that is it for tonight. now, tomorrow we have a survey about republican americans and democrat americans hating each other. hating. and why. okay, so it's very interesting. spent a lot of time on this writing it up, and i think you'll enjoy it, so please check out the fox news factor website tonight. if you wish to apply word of the day, write to the factor. if you say do not be a pecksniffian, you are grammatically incorrect and i'll have to come to your house. it's do not be pecksniffian.
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as someone once told me while holding a giant ruler this thick. again, thanks for watching us tonight, i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here, so definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight just over 24 hours after the director of the fbi recommended no criminal charges for hillary clinton and the u.s. attorney general declares that the investigation into mrs. clinton's e-mails is officially over. but congress says not so fast, demanding that both james comey and loretta lynch step forward and answer questions. good evening, and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. tomorrow we'll see the first of two high profile hearings as a republican-led congress demands to know how an fbi investigation can find secretary clinton did so much wrong in the handling of top secret information but does not qualify for prosecution. but even before the questions begin, team clinton is
6:01 pm