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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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18% say can't even see what it says there. no yes or no. maybe that's on your screen. that's all for knew. 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> the royale factor is on. tonight: >> did hillary clinton lie? we have no basis to conclude she lied to the fbi. >> did she lie to the public? >> that's a question i'm not qualified to answer. >> a house committee grilling fbi director james comey. did the agency go soft on hillary clinton? >> one of the president's most important advisors had a server in her basement that had information that was collected from our most sensitive assets and it was not protected by anyone and that's not a crime? that's outrageous. >> we have a number of reports tonight. >> a set of immigration bills both failed to move forward in the senate today. >> democratic senators blocked kate's law, a disgrace.
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we will tell you exactly what happened. >> do you have a problem with christmas break? >> yeah [bleep] christmas. >> also ahead, jesse watters on microaggressions. are you offended by everything? >> i think that hat might be a microaggression. >> i don't care. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the nation in an uproar over hillary clinton and today fbi director james comey had to explain himself in a house committee. the talking points memo usually heard in this spot will be later on because the comey testimony is our lead story. republican congressman not happy with the director. democratic congress people trying to petty fog the issue not really interested in what happened.
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in other words, partisan politics. dominated the hearing. but there were a few interesting moments. >> did hillary clinton lie under oath? >> not to the fbi, not in a case we're working. >> did you review the documents where congressman jim jordan asked her specifically and she said, quote: there was nothing marked classified on my emails either sent or received, end quote? >> i don't remember reviewing that particular testimony but aware of that being said though. >> did the fbi investigate her statements under oath on this topic? >> not to my knowledge. i don't think there has been a referral from congress. >> do you need a referral from congress to investigate her statements under oath? >> sure do. >> you'll have one. >> now, i don't really understand that, why the fbi cannot investigate public statements made under oath in the course of an investigation without a
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specific referral. we have been trying to find out very specifically. i don't want to make any mistakes here so we are working on it now, most of the other testimony was a rehash of what has already been said. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails either sent or received. was that true? >> that's not true there were a small number of portion markings on i think three of the documents. >> secretary clinton said did i not email any classify material on any of my material there was not classified material, is that through. >> was classified material ejailed in secretary clinton said she used just one device. was that true? >> she used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> in the end few minds will be changed by the comey testimony today. his fall back position remains the same. >> people are concerned. what does it take for
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someone to misuse classified information and get in trouble for it? >> it takes mishandling it and criminal intent. >> and so an unauthorized server in the basement is not mishandling? >> oh, no, there is evidence of mishandling here. this whole investigation on the end focused is there sufficient evidence of intent. >> joining us now from washington attorney and former aide to hillary clinton david good friend and former attorney general for the commonwealth of virginia ken cuccinelli. i know you are a state guy mr. cuccinelli. can you give me a little bit of explanation about why the fbi ignored secretary clinton's under oath testimony in front of congressional committees because that speaks to perjury in a case that they're investigating. does it not? >> well, there is also, in addition to that, bill, there is a statute.
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we're used to hearing about obstruction of justice. there is a separate federal statute that addresses attempts to mislead law enforcement investigations and other investigations in to wrongdoing not based on sitting there with an fbi agent but on other statements and you identified in your introduction statements under oath that the fbi identified as false and there were public statements in director comey's press conference that he identified that were false. that's a felony by itself. >> it's disturbing here and because if director comey is saying and he did, mr. goodfriend that we did a thorough andzk[ll!7axp honest investigation yet, on the record in front of a congressional committee, under oath, there is secretary clinton denying a bunch of things that director yom says happened. then why wouldn't comey then use the record under oath as part of his investigation? >> well, he essentially left
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the door open, i think. >> why wouldn't he do it in the beginning? doesn't that disturb you as an snrn this is supposed to be comprehensive -- >> -- can i answer. >> go ahead. >> so the answer to your question is, the law enforcement agency is addressing the allegation of a crime. they can expand their investigation. they can add other elements to it. but that was not within the scope of the fbi's charge. what he was saying was. >> let me pose the question and explain it to me. >> okay. >> what the fbi is trying to tell the american people is that there was no intent. >> um-huh. >> all right. so subvert the laws of the united states. yet, the secretary goes in front of a congressional committee under oath and does not tell the truth. doesn't that indicate intent to deceive was there? >> no. because what the director said was she told the truth to me to the fbi, to our
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questions. >> so, look. can you ask and i think this is perfectly legitimate question. >> did she tell the truth to the fbi is f. that what is the fbi is saying. >> now you have the committee saying. >> did you tell the truth to the congressional committee and that's provable and comey didn't even look at it? >> so i think, bill, what comey signaled to the chairman of this committee was there is nothing stopping me from taking that up. give me the referral. >> i got that but i'm upset, mr. cuccinelli, because i heard the words out of comey's mouth that this was a top shelf comprehensive investigation by the best guys in the country and here we have congressman chaffetz blowing the lid off it right in front of him. >> yeah, look, bill, when law enforcement talks about a thorough investigation. that typically, especially in the case of the federal government, the fbi and the department of justice or department of whatever they are now, it usually means anything we find in this first narrow investigation that is similar or related
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will be included. that's what comprehensive, that's what thorough means. and they say this themselves. the biggest failure here on director comey's part is he did not meet his own measuring stick. you mentioned, bill, that he talked about zeroing in not on intent but on criminal intent. and that's important because clearly then secretary of state or incoming secretary of state clinton intentionally set that server up in a way that she would be off a classified system and then she used it for four years. that was intentional act. >> she can justify that by saying. >> that's not enough to prosecute. >> that's not right. >> saying she has other secretaries of state have done it. >> it is not true. >> it is true. >> not to the extent the other secretaries of state. >> no other secretary of state set up their own servers. >> i'm under the gun on
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time. 30 seconds to answer it. okay. isn't it troubling to you as an american, mr. goodfriend, that the head of the fbi, who had clear access to all of secretary clinton's testimony in front of a congressional committee under oath, says that he did not even take that into account in his comprehensive investigation? is that not troubling? >> congressman cooper from tennessee put it best, a lot of armchair prosecutors today. i trust this top prosecutor and so should you and so should all americans. >> i'm troubled by it? >> when we attack law enforcement, that attacks the rule of law, bill. >> not attacking. i'm raising the the rule of law. >> the constitution of the united states, that's what we ought to be supporting here. >> what we ought to be supporting here is the truth and to get to the truth because we're talking about the president of the united states here. gentlemen, good debate. we appreciate it. dana per perino on whether
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impact segment tonight. pig question. will hillary clinton lose support because of the email fiasco. here is dana per reno. we try to stay away from partisan politics. i think you understand. we are much more information eccentric. i am blabber mouth and i give opinions. i'm genuinely confused. you heard the interview with the two attorneys.
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intent and right after you, we have a "the washington post" reportbu"o is going fascinating. >> right. >> thawnt take into account comey's ignoring this amazing testimony that chaffetz pointed out. like saying well, i didn't have a piece of paper. i mean, come on. >> chairman chaffetz said okay well you will get a referral. >> that d]pq#"ñ matter. he said investigation was comprehensive obviously itbkyd was not. >> not enough. >> i also think it with s. probably over. >> you might be right poly1pf$lly it might be over. but chaffetz is a pretty determined guy. and that ties in with do youaspb think hillary clinton is think hillary clinton is ge the election? >>çjñlsu)5&áu(r
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i think she might take a little bit of a$aqx dip in the polls but i don't think there are as many democrats who think, first of all, i don't think manq> no. >> every one of them did. and that tells me that thehu07÷ democratic party is bankrupt. it has fallen apart. party politics mean more than justice búóñ or truth oâq
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anything and i'm an independent. all right? i can't imagine john and robert kennedy not voting >> i agree. i think the senate democrats are not going to cross their big constituency groups or their big city mayors. so they stayed unified. no matter that the legislation made perfect sense. they will. >> 57. we will give you the count everyone and the names of the people. later on in the program. but, 57. you were three short. and you couldn't convince -- and schumer, schumer, i talked to personally about this, and told me would look called him this week wouldn't take my call. >> i'm not surprised. ser in new york. you are gutless, man. you are a0rñ gutless guy and á"t up)q it. all right. >> i don't blame you. >> i don't like the fbi's comprehensive thing. i don't think it was comprehensive and this kate's law thing is a disgrace. i'm sorry.v,;t)q''t take it out.
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i'm sorry that you had to even hear it. >> i'my7÷ glad you could be here. >> i need people to be here for me. >> it's extremely frustrating. you are not[ alone in frustration. you are leading it. >> my toe pay is going to blow off. i don't have a toe pay. it's a expression. >> directly ahead. equal justice. if an american hero like david petraeus. and is he a hero, gets charged and hillary clintonjç>÷ doesn't. should americans be outraged? we have a special report. later the talking points memo on why democrats and republicans loathe each other upcoming. fall in love with a new daily fiber. new mirafiber from the makers of miralax. it's the only fiber that supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber. so unlike others, mirafiber is less likely to cause unwanted gas. love your fiber. new mirafiber. shmorange! and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word!
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. factor follow-up segment tonight. much has been made of the prosecution of the cia chief and american war hero
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general david petraeus. remember, he pleaded guilty to mishappened ling classified information. a misdemeanor. his punishment, two yearseqd bts punishment, two yearseqd now, many believe what general petraeus did, not nearly as serious as what hillary clinton did. the petraeus case to my mind illustrates perfectly the kind of cases the department of justice is willing to prosecute. in that case, had you vast information, including special sensitive compartmented information. that's the reference to code words, vast quantity of it not only shared with someone without authority to have it, but we found it in a search warrant hidden under the insulation in his attic itbxir during the investigation. >> joining us now from d.c. adam goldman reporter from the "the washington post" who has covered both stories. first of all, were you surprised when director comb were said the comprehensive investigation and then the questioning on the cover that he didn't even look at secretary clinton's testimony in front of congress under oath.
5:22 pm
did that surprise you? >> not particularly, bill. this is7v'ñ prettyidç bureaucrac town when classified information appears in the newspaper and it's owned by the cia. the fbi waits for a referral from the cia to begin investigating. they don't automatically investigate it? >> director comey's charge was to do a comprehensive investigation about whether veacket clinton violated the u.s. law. okay? now, part of that is intent. he says there was no criminal intent, but, testifying falsely under oath seems to contradict that. does it not? >> well, if the fbi is going to investigate that bill. they are still going to need to prove intent.d0a4(p&c the standard is not going to6éxd in front of congress. the question will be didme she know at the time she made that statement to congress was she lying? did she knowingly lie? >> the misstatement doesn't matter. it's did she know at the time that shes with misstating? but shouldn't that have been) fbi before8z now? why do youc;t]ú have to wait for a referral? they can investigate
5:23 pm
anything they want to. can theyr2t(t not? >>:=tñh r!÷ predicate investigae anything they want. >> you as a reporter onl)0 these stories makes sense to you that if they saw up in the intent category, they might check it out. they don't need a piece of look at these statements they could have done it, correcttpiw >> it's possible. it's possible. but i think -- ig;tyy think we'e dealing with a bureaucracy. >> i'm not disputing that. but if it is possible and i believe that you are correct, that mr. comey then his conclusion about intent is not comprehensive huge part of it, is he not? doesn't that rate an article in the "the washingtonz! post"? >> look, if comey was and the fbi agents were going to ask hillary clinton about the setup of the
5:24 pm
server, yes, i'm not going to disagree with you. somebody could have asked her about her stateme0/ to congress. >> thank you. because this is vitally people to know whether this honest way. and a credible way. and i'm very upset tonight. and i'm not trying t/ get to1 you say anything. i don't. you are a good reporter. wouldn't have you on here if you weren't. i think you should look into this mr. goldman. i would like to work with the "the washington post" so here. et to the to the>qs bottom of this and give the american people a truth about it thank you for coming on tonigh8t plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. kate's law blocked by democrats in the senate. total disgrace. what happened. and then watters on americans offended by almost everything. >> i'm like hey, you know, for the retreat why don'th0 go to the club and play a ágolf. >> golf that could be
5:25 pm
offend somebody. >> wow. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. thank you is what we say. but we mean so much more. we mean how can we help? we mean what can we do? we mean it's our turn. to do our part. to serve you, for all you've done to serve us. ♪
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5:29 pm
hatred. recent pewv study defines the issue. a 5% of democrats say the 4% of republicans fear the dems. 70% of democrats believe republicans are more closed minded than other americans.icat way about dems. however, 47% of republicans feel democrats are more immoral. immorality view sphrems abortion and ucbmz views on traditional marriage. two issues many democrats spotlight. in some theologies abortion is a major sin and heterosexual marriage a corner stone, thus the moral judgment. the closed minded deal largely has to do with guns.  sales and don't understand compromise. just the words right wing are enough to cause fear and
5:30 pm
loathing in many liberals. shared by conservative americans who believe that átj of unfettered immigration and political correctness to the point of absurdity are severely damaging the u.s.a. so both sides are really angry, not willing to eveng!ffe consider opposing points of been present in america. thomas jefferson, john adams other in the campaign ofv1ñ 1800, which jeffersonuxj today, according to pew, 86%  republicans dislike president obama. yúuájjpás disagree they like him a lot. look at that divide. now that kind of a divide feeds a kind of hyperhatred. cable news, talk radio, theq/5 internet giving platforms t whip things up with little thought of being fair on both sides that being said, robust debate is necessary in a free society. n should not follow.itvñvp
5:31 pm
things like kate'sld(ñ law.&í confronting evil jihadist and protecting poor people as in chicago really don't have two sides, do they? there is a right and3 in this world. unfortunately today both political parties believe they have a monopoly on right. new york city eboni williamsg"dç and eric bolling. >> i think you nailed it especially the one talked about president obama. that is where the divide is actually being further pressed because the republican g.o.p. is frustrated with the +xlz÷v(e president obama has taken executive53t0a pen, execute power and done things with, also, immigration. kate's law is a great immigration, he tried to are turning on each other. >> frustration is to be expected,&2ú eric. historically that's what we"hcey we have adversarial process
5:32 pm
that hopefully gets to us fairness and justice. we have gotten away from that we are not adversarial nasty and negative. people are condemned and demonized when they try to compromise. >> how can it not be nasty and negative when you have a kate's law which any sane person would say, you know, this. >> the kennedys voted for it. >> we need to protecpmr people like kate steinle from being shot in the neck by a guy who defied deportation five times. >> convicted of crimes. >> every singlejavpa democratic2 senator with the exception to do it because we're pandering. >> money, money. >> idealogues, too. they can't possibly in their heart believe that bill is wrong. let's be fair and balanced on this. you can say that there are republicans that can't honestly believe in their hearts that a background check would be bad for society. i can defend. >> they do slippery slope
5:33 pm
thing. >> the narrative says the minute you talk reasonably like that, eric, and start bill. you are demonized asuyyo real progress. and you are now a demon to your own party and it's sad. >> i came out of hamilton the other night. y >> you got a ticket? wow. how did you pull that bill? how did you pull that bill? >>9r to the castf[rñ afterwards and gave them atta boy. i came o!hi and thousands of people on the street of new i'm walking down and one÷ijó÷ woman goes boo. i stopped and said why are you booing me? and didn't know. didn't know. but didn't like me. >> hillary. >> i get along okay with hillary. is against progressive thought and i w2xç generally. i don't really know. i think we have got to stop
5:34 pm
it we have got to cut it down. we are not going to because divisive race you could possibly get. polarizing sides. >> bolling's new book "wake up america" is a best seller.iiz]u wow. bolling. congratulations. >> mr. o'reilly, would that be your name on the top ofa the back cover with the quote? that's got to be why.f0h÷ compliment to bolling and he takes the show over. we have electricity in your chair. >> how democrats killed kate's law and watters on  are too sensitive. factor is coming right back.
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use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief >> thanks for staying with in the factor follow up y yesterday in the senate. democrats once again blocked pfpñ t passage of kate bills follow trump's lead in demonizing and criminalizing immigrant latinozsñ families. ability of local law enforcement to9!!dñ police their own communities to ensure
5:39 pm
public safety. senator cruz's bill is no better it would enact mandatory unnecessary sentences cost billions and billions of new[kmñ dollars. increase the prison population andójhót siphon+e1: funding from state and local law enforcement. not fitz4y to serve in any capacity. nevada should be ashamed is he a political hack of the worst kind. is he actually sayingp÷ that a convicted felon, aggravated felon, thismrl guy who shot allegedly shot kate'ñ7 steinle, okay. he is convicted of seven he comes back six2cjsgo!? time. but reid doesn't want to put him in prison on a mandatory term becauseñerl overcrowding and it costs too much. all right? it doesn't get worse than that.?+ democrats in the senate, because of reid, voted for kate's law, indicating the party has 'q senators feinstein and boxer did not support the law despite the fact that kate
5:40 pm
steinle 9yhxv murdered in san francisco and her family are constituents. of course,j feinstein and explain their vote and the rest of the democrats in the senate should be ashamed of themselves. all of the republicans voted for kate's law with the exception of lindsey graham and mike lee who did not vote. graham out of the country. leon vacation. we assume both men(' would have supported kate's law and that would have brought the 57 in favor. threenáq shy of the 60 need to do get a floor vote. national media ignored kate's law giving coverage against it even some joining us now from washington kevin ring, vice president of families against mandatory minimums. so, mr. ring, i read a law. give you a chance to tell me why. outset that i do not support open borders. i don't want to defend harry35hk reid. and i think, you know, i 1992÷t'ñ the original trump. i worked for attorney general john ashcroft.
5:41 pm
i believe borderk important. i think borders define our country and our culture. and as a father of youngqzzpm children, you know, what happened to me]@lç happened -- happened to my family i would be mortified. would have done anything i could to prevent this sendsless tragedy. but it for that reason i would have opposedñ,ouçh% 8 kas law because of all the options out there. defunding sanctuary cities. building a wall. mexico to keep returnedtbp=q hpárr'k kate's law is the worst idea.xb)9 i think it's dumb. i think it's counter productive and i tp7"2 it would make us less safe. >> okay. let me read what you said in your column.cyb$ quote: do we really need to reenter here illegally in an persecution by isis or to donate a kidney to a blood relative? no one each thought to ask. but that's what the mandatory minimum would do. that's not what the mandatory minimum wouldo6zj do. it's only about aggravated felons.
5:42 pm
you mislead everyone in your column. >> no. no. >> the bill was changed. >> yes, it was. >> no, itxnñ wasn't. right, and ted cruz and i worked together on it, it was always about aggravated felons. and it is now. and you just saidcmyfv on this program that even though it's about aggravated felons, you would not supportákds them getting a mandatory federal prison sentence. first of all, you mislead all, your reasoning doesn't makepñ any sense.m.@ >> no, misleadksuux everybody. when you originally proposed this idea you said for anybody who reenters the country they should get a mandatory minimum five years. jump violenttç felons. >> took your idea and crowed about how they introduced any exception.n!c&k it didn't require. >> we're not talking about that. because from the very beginning it was aggravated felons which it was yesterday. >> no. >> still opposed.
5:43 pm
mr. ring, cut through the bull. you still oppose aggravatedr]]á% felons? >> right. >> you still do. >> because you know what an aggravated felony is? crime that could be failure to appear in court.ehshp &c >> no it's not.a i >> yes, it can be. >> aggravated means there is some kind of violence attached to it. drug dealing, hard drug dealing with aggravated. >> that just means you don't immigration law defines what's an aggravated felony. and so it could be failureac8q to appear. >> this all defined that it would be a violent offender and have to be a conviction ç felony conviction. lock, mr. ring, i have got to tell you and@'hbv÷ not respect. you lied in your original column and you are lying tonight. and i'm going to leave you now because you are not an honest man and we don't like this on the factor. all right? mr. ring, there he is. and we will tell you, in the tip of the day, what you can do about kate's law. next, watters,-/fv the
5:44 pm
microaggression edition. are you easily offended? then you probably are offended by that last segment. watters is next. bí!çç to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain.
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back of the book segment recently rereported>#gprjz a blog post reported by a university of north carolina administrator which lists unforgivable microaggressions. the pinheads in1=k(r,$2áhill saying you can't tell someone you have a husband or a wife or boyfriend or girlfriend. you can't ask someone to play golf because these things may bec"éuñ offer.o/áy if that sounds like fiction, it's not. we sent watters toç-jq÷ chapel hill, north carolina, to find out what's going on.r&÷b3(
5:48 pm
>> now,(éq if a man says to a woman "i love your shoes." do you find that offensive. >> i think not at all. >> ira8l think that could really be taken as a microaggression. >> i really admire your shoes. >> if i tell a woman oh i love your shoes. >> i think it's fine, i think. >> do y/÷ fetish? ç> yes.v >> don't women like they're crazy. >> at love them are. >> if you see someone and you say oh,hh(bc where yous(e%uñ >> that'scad just something disproportionately targeting people and trying to pigeon hole them in a certain way it might hurt someone's area. >> are you offended i ask you where are you from? >> no. >> where are you from? >> i'm from india. >> how about you? >> oh, i have been here for
5:49 pm
a while. people know me. >> do you think it's offensive if i invite someone to play golf? >> it's definitely could be experience ÷x3fore.c >> golf and maybe everyone doesn't like to go to the club then. >> who doesn't like to go to the club? >> if i invited to you play golf. >> um. zrñ offended? we're waiting. >> >> do you have a problem with christmas@j >> yes. >> [bleep] christmas. >> you are going to get coal in your stocking. >> ho, ho, ho. >> winter break is fine. it's technicallyned happening during winter. >> what other holiday is around winter? >> kwanzaa? >> should they call it gaunppgk
5:50 pm
break? d ramadan break.l >> i'd convert just> if you say to someone, hey, how's your girlfriend or how's your wife, uh-uh. unc wants you to say how is your spouse or how's your partner? u.mì(lc . >> how's your significant other? thsñ to go. >> a partner is likebbxtç batma robin. >> there's domestic partnerships. >> are you saying batman and robin were -- >> how do you self-identify? >> i'm queer. i'm latina. >> you're a hispanic lesbian? >> yes. >> do you have a boyfriend? >> not at the moment. >> what are your feelings on me? >> you're@t;z an attractive hum m u$an me. >> you certainly don't have to worry about me. bv >> i'm good.ç'9 >> jesse watters with "the o'reilly factor". we wanted to
5:51 pm
microaggressions. >> i have no commebk÷4so if you could lead, that would be very helpful. >> was i too aggressive? >> no, not really. > some of these thi8wudqqs little ridiculous. we just wanted to find out what was going on. 9xw >> i don't care. it doesn't bother me. >> i want you to say in indian, i'm watters, and this is my world. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he nailed it, and here's watters. so the lady that you interviewed -- >> yes. >> she is the administrator at north carolina, university of north carolina, who put her name
5:52 pm
on the endorsement of this insane -- >> right. >> is it still up? is all this stuff still up? >> well, they distanced themselves from it because the school said this isn't like a school wide policy. this is just a few staff members that put out recommendations. so unc is a little embarrassed. >> okay. but we believe in freedom of speech. we don't think it should be taken down or anything. >> correct. >> but we do believe it should be mocked. >> right. >> which is i think what we did. >> when you click the link on it it now, it says it's not found anymore. >> link not found? what does that mean? >> on the internet, when you click a link, sometimes the page doesn't come up, and it says it's not found. >> why not? >> have you ever been on the internet, bill? >> not really. why isn't found? did someone take it? >> i think someone wiped it clean if you know what i mean. >> so maybe the north carolina authorities did do that. >> i'll launch another investigation. >> that, i think, is a microaggression. scrubbing the internet of the microaggressions. >> that's right. >> i'm offended by that. >> a reverse microaggression. >> one more thing, watters.
5:53 pm
i'd like you to leave. i loved her. i loved her. we invited her on, by the way, and she didn't accept. jesse watters, everybody. factor tip of the day. what you can do about case law. the tip, moments away. ladies, why just dream of worry-free nights? i'm linda, and like millions of women worldwide i trust tena. and with new tena overnight underwear i can now sleep worry free all night. the unique secure barrier system gives me triple protection from
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factor tip of the day on kate's law in a moment. but first another big beach weekend upcoming. so get that umbrella, avoiding cancer-causing sun light and read a good book about history like killing reagan. like regionnds of lois. if you become a member, you get any one of my books free of charge, your choice, including the upcoming killing the rising sun. now the mail, larry, oak dale, california, director comey investigated, indicted and convicted hillary clinton in the court of public opinion. doesn't sound like a timid person to me. mike, cork ireland. what hillary clinton did is no worse than what bush, kennedy or reagan did in foreign policy. there is blood on the hands of all presidentsment even if your
5:56 pm
far left view is correct, mike, which it isn't, it doesn't pertain to secretary clinton. each case must stand on its own or no one would ever be held responsible for anything because you could always say, genghis kahn was worse. mike mahaffey, austin, texas. good job on the talking points discussing president obama's emotional ties to the muslim world. we could really have used that eight years ago, but no body of evidence about cause and effect existed then. mike, come on. that memo is posted on roger paul, glendale, arizona. so are you saying obama lied when he claimed to be a christian? that's what it sounded like to me, o'reilly. you know, i know it's hot in arizona, but you're delirious, roger. talking points, again, posted on billoreilly.c get a cool drink, big straw, and read it. tarsen wood, king george, virginia, sir, it is plain to see that every muslim has to fully commit themselves to world domination by islam. you are misleading the american people.
5:57 pm
so let me get this straight, carson, in your mind, every single muslim on the planet bent on jihad, even the people in jordan fighting isis. it's kind of a -- good grief. tina lewis, surprise, arizona. o'reilly, thanks for all your commentaries. i love the tonic line about boston. i lived there, and the first time somebody offered me a tonic, i said put gin in it. soda, called tonic in many parts of new england. hero sandwiches are called hoagies. ethan yolk am, glendale, arizona. just became a premium member. the no spin news and podcast are worth the price of admission because you will get back because pms get ba20% off. the no-spin news is just for you guys. more analysis, stuff i can't say on tv. luke, chesh ir, connecticut. i'm 12. just finished the day the
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president was shot. i really enjoyed it and will use it in my history class. way to go, luke. the day the president was shot, number one in juvenile non-fiction across the country. a very happy birthday to marion willard in grass valley, california. 105 today. whoa, mary. okay, the tip of the day. corruption in washington. it's obvious to any honest person that after seeing the events of this week, the e-mail fiasco, the rejection of case law in the senate, that we the people are in trouble. there are far too many folks in washington who are blatantly dishonest. polls show the american people know that. they've lost confidence in congress, and the leadership vacuum in d.c. is frightening. not everybody. not everybody. but i think we're being overwhelmed. doing the right thing is far down the list of priorities for many in power. we the people are partially responsible for the mess.
5:59 pm
as many americans are too lazy and selfish to even pay attention to their own country. so here's the tip of the day. speak out. let those who represent you know how you feel. a list of senators who rejected kate's law now posted on without any hateful language, let them know how you feel. that's the tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from o' name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no juing goism when writing to the factor. on monday, we're going to try to pursue this fbi admission that did not look at hillary clinton's statement under oath to congress. so we're going to have a lot on that, because i think that's a very, very important story that has been overlooked.
6:00 pm
again thanks for watching us tonight, i am bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. almost five hours of testimony from the director of the fbi is raising serious new questions about the judgment and experience of a woman who president obama calls the most qualified person ever to run for the highest office in the land. good evening and welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. for hours today on capitol hill, lawmakers grilled the director of the fbi over his decision not to recommend criminal charges for former secretary of state hillary clinton over her use of a private e-mail server. and in moments, two of those lawmakers will be here. chairman of the house oversight committee congressman jason chaffetz will tell us why he now thinks the fbi needs to open another criminal probe