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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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democrat voters switching parties, ohio may be anybody's to take. and tomorrow we take you on the road in pennsylvania inside an 18-wheeler to find out what truckers think. greta? >> here's bill o'reilly. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [chanting] >> what do we want? >> dead cops. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> demonizing police. certainly the black lives matter has done that did it directly lead to the murder of some cops? we will debate the question tonight. >> i'm just saying [bleep] and i'm not ready to give that away. >> a 14-year-old in georgia wins a poetry contest after he rants about white privilege. you are not going to believe this one. >> hillary clinton understands that if someone in america works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty.
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>> also ahead, bernie sanders endorsing hillary clinton but more importantly he has radicalized the entire democratic party. talking points will define it. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. trump versus hillary with bernie sanders thrown in. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know senator sanders endorsed hillary clinton yesterday. he was perspiring heavily as did he it. i guess it was hot in there in the live free or die state. okay, bernie. the endorsement doesn't really mean very much. the democratic party has already coalesced behind secretary clinton and it's all about voter turnout for her if she gets barack obama's type enthusiasm has a very god chance to win. if she does not, donald trump could pull an upset
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that's because the democratic party has veered sharply left thanks to senator sanders. here now his vision for america. >> this election is about the leadership we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform and repair a broken criminal justice system. it's about making sure that young people in this country are in good schools or at good jobs, not in jail cells. secretary clinton understands that we do not need to have more people in jail than any other country on earth at an expense of $80 billion a year. >> so let's break that statement down. sanders wants amnesty for all illegal aliens presently in the u.s.a. all of them. amnesty. he also wants quasiopen borders. doesn't really want to stop
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people from coming in here illegally. factor could not find one, not one specific statement made by bernie sanders that dealt with inhibiting illegal immigration. although he says he wants to prevent it, whatever that means sanders supports sanctuary cities and opposes kate's law. on the economic front the senator wants guaranteed jobs for every american. and guaranteed wages. that was apparent when he said this: >> hillary clinton understands that we must fix an economy in america that is rigged and that sends almost all of the knew wealth and income to the top 1%. hillary clinton understands that if someone in america works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty.
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>> so if you do work 40 hours you should be guaranteed a wage that would allow you a comfortable life. that kind of mandate is a violation of the free marketplace, of course. and if the feds start paying mandate ada tore wages, america's economy would collapse. on the crime and punishment front? sanders wants little punishment. he believes that providing people with jobs is the solution to violent crime. he rejects harsh mandatory punishment for people who kill, rape, or maim. he believes the u.s. justice system unfairly targets minorities for prosecution. now, there is no question that bernie sanders is an extremist, but is he upfront about it he calls himself a socialist he doesn't shy away from demanding that millions receive trillions of dollars in entitle's
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including free education and healthcare. hillary clinton has an interesting dilemma. will she repudiate any of this far left stuff or will she embrace it? she does have a fall back because the media will not define the real radicalism that sanders wants. instead, treating him like a first cousin to the colonel sanders, a benevolent seller of chicken. in other words, the press does not tell us the truth. shocking. talking points believes hillary clinton is not as radical as bernie sanders. but, the democratic party is certainly heading in to the world of radicalism. harry reid, nancy pelosi, even to some extent barack obama. all hold views far to the left of mainstream america. so the presidential election in november is about much more than trump versus clinton. it's about what kind of country we want. america is in trouble. all the polls say the folks know it yet, the democrats
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continue to march left ward. even for those of you who do not like donald trump, that has to be a consideration when you cast your elizabeth in november. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, here in new york city eboni williams and monica crowley. so do you believe that there is a chasm, word of the day. between hillary clinton and bernie sanders? >> not as large as some people might think. i think when you lock at mrs. clinton's pack ground, ideologically and temperamentally she is with the obama sanders far left and she always was. >> can you back that up? >> well, she started out as a gold water girl and became radical lied in the 1960s when she became the democratic party. she served on the watergate house committee to impeach richard nixon. she became very radicalized in the 1960s, here is the problem 25 years ago her husband dragged the democratic party kicking and screaming from the left to the center. >> she didn't reject for that. >> she was rewarded twice for that because the two of them want to do win.
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over the last eight years barack obama has moved the party successfully back to the radical left. this is why she has had difficulty of this gating the democratic party. it's no longer her husband wants democratic party it's obama's radical party. >> do you think there is a difference between sanders and clinton. >> i actually do. i know the hillary clinton of the 90's. i know the one was more hawkish more reluctant to talk about dollar amount in anyone mum -- minimum wage. bernie sanders has made her present herself as forethrottled progressive. >> make a prediction is, she going to run on a far left platform. >> yes. >> elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and barack obama. >> they are going to be up there, we are going to pay for everything? >> sure. >> give you everything? >> free college. but will it stick and also is that how if she gets to the white house how she will govern? i do not think so. >> if you are a presidential candidate and you are saying all these things and then you get elected and you
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don't do them, i mean, come on. >> first time she will do something against what she said, right. >> this. >> this is why she is having such a stuff problem in her own party. >> she is not having a problem. did you see the latest polls. >> bernie sanders especially with younger voters. >> almost 90% of registered democrats now support hillary clinton. she is not having a problem in the party. >> she is having a big problem with the base. i'm talking about bernie sanders far left -- >> -- that's a radical fringe though, isn't it. >> no. but if she is going to run this way because she can't afford to completely alienate her party, right? so she tries to do the traditional move back to the center. she is going to have a big pr her base who will not show up. she needs massive turnout of the kind barack obama had. >> you believe she is going to run against trump as a progressive far left person? >> i think she is going to have a very tough time walking that line. >> i think she will -- i think after the convention she is going to drift into more moderate precincts. last word? >> i think she will run far
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left where the enthusiasm is. that's where the excitement is in the democratic party to. win this thing, you are right, the middle has to be a factor independent and moderate voters. now, trump could be attractive there but he is the best friend and worst enemy because sometimes people thinks he makes policy wise. >> if she runs far left, trump, i don't know whether he can do it but a potential existst that he could destroy her. >> persuadable voters the 30%. >> the far left vision has never worked anywhere. >> that's right. >> anywhere. >> they don't care about that. it's all ideology. >> trump has enough money to send camera crews to venezuela. he has enough money to too it you know what, secretary, i want you to see this. i want you to see that. >> stay disciplined and don't say something to alienate. >> that's the key to donald trump's victory or defeat. thank you very much on the debate. rundown how anti-cop
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rhetoric in america is putting law enforcement in danger. we will give you the fact. miller has vp picks for both parties. the factor is coming right back. but the mortgage process has proven to be challenging.. not with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. i stand corrected. [whisper] rocket. for once. see star trek beyond in theaters. ♪ ♪ ♪
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impact segment tonight, demonizing the police, funerals held today for three of the five slain police officers. you'll know they were killed in dallas on thursday night. very sad occasion for the country, obviously. there is no question that the black lives matter and other far left radical groups are attacking the credibility of u.s. law enforcement in general. they're doing that despite facts that destroy their contention that american police are boyed against black people. according to the bru of justice statistics from 2012 to 2013, latest available, african-americans are responsible for 22.4% of all violent crimes in the
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u.s.a., despite being just 13% of the population. whites responsible for 43% of violent crimes with caucasians making up 62% of the population. here's the kicker. when you look at police shooting victims whites comprise 50% of those shots, blacks just 26%. joining us now from irvine, california, heather mcdonald, author of the brand new book "the war on cops, how the new attack on law and order makes everyone less safe." so i believe that there is a false narrative and you do, too. i read your book. how did that get out in to the public where half the public believes that the cops are institutionally racist against blacks? >> well, if the media seized on every video of an officer killing a white person, we might think this was an epidemic of police killing whites in this country. this is completely a function of what the media chooses to focus on.
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it's a media-driven phenomenon. i would also love to see the media focus on those children in inner city communities whose lives have been lost in the last year thanks to police officers backing off of exactly the proactive policing that the media denounces is racist. it's hard to make in terms of specificity. you can say in chicago more than 2,000 killings -- not killings, shootings. more than 2,000 shootings so far this year. nothing is being done about it black lives matter doesn't seem to care about it they never show up. you can make that case. but, police backing away, it's a theoretical case. let me challenge -- >> -- it's not theoretical, bill. you cannot talk to an officer today who doesn't say -- >> -- that's antidotal. there are no hard facts. >> yes, there are. >> the facts that we just presented show that there isn't an epidemic of blacks being gunned down by police. that whites are far more
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likely to be killed by police than plaque -- blacks. i believe the media sensationalizes every videotape that a minority is being abused by police or a white person something abused by police or allegedly. isn't it true that millions of black americans have had bad regions at one time or another in their own personal lives with the cops so that they are much more incline to do want to believe this? >> well, it is certainly true that we have a very bad history in this country of racism and policing. and that memory takes a long time to die out. there has been complicity on the part of the police and jim crow segregation, slavery. i'm not so sure that we have millions of people with unjustified encounters with the police. i think they are overwhelmed by the number of minority citizens who say with the
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bronx thank heavens for the police. please, jesus, send more cops. >> yes. i think you will get that i think it is true that millions of african-americans feel aggrieved at some point in their levees. your book focuses on cause and effect. all right. one of the effects of the demonization of american police is that violent crime is now for the first time in decades on the rise in american cities. correct? >> correct. and cities with large black populations. the rise is truly alarming. it's anywhere from 54% in washington, d.c. last year, increase in homicides to a 90% increase in homicides in cleveland. and, of course, bill, as you can well predict, who is being killed? blacks? who is killing them? not the police, not whites, but other blacks. this is what happens when police back off from the sort of proactive policing that gave us an unforeseen and unprecedented 20-year drop in violent crime.
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>> your book backs that up with statistics, heather, we appreciate you coming on today. we have a bill o' poll question for you. do you approve of black lives matter? do you approve of that organization, simple yes or no. we know the outcome of this nonscientific poll. we know what it's going to be. but we want to see the plurality and stack it up against the scientific polls on the subject. so please vote. directly ahead. demonizing american police, bolling will. miller has v.p. picks for both parties up ahead.
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personal story segment tonight, can anything be done about the demonization of american cops. here now eric bolling and geraldo rivera. what say you, rivera. >> the president's biggest failing, bill, has been his failure to deal with the
5:22 pm
crisis in the urban envarmt. the urban society. the break down, the family breakdown. the dysfunction, the drug abuse and so forth. i think that had he dealt with that with verb, with energy, he had fulfilled of being the promise of the first african-american president. i think we wouldn't be in this tough spot we are in now. i absolutely disagree with every fiber in my body with the premise of your previous guest that police are being did he none mizeed and that demonized and the black community doesn't feel disenfranchised with the delegate of the thin blue line. >> she backs it up with stats. i tend to think that number of african-americans personal experience have a negative view of the police. i think that's erroneous and narrow view. they should take the bigger view that the cops are protecting you from the huns, what did you say? >> heather macdonald the prior guest has a piece out today and she talks about you referenced it 2,000
5:23 pm
shootings in chicago this year. how many of those were perpetrated by police officers? the next line says 9 of the 2,000. the rest are inner city black on black crimes. >> violent drug crimes and all that. >> your question is what can we do to fix the problem? >> no. my question is more of this i think the the demonization and i agree with mcmacdonald has been with the media they run it and they run it and they run it whereby people -- they don't see the context of it would i be wrong? >> in the same vein, the president will go ahead and talk about black lives matter at a dallas memorial for drop officers. he should have let that out. >> with all due respect to barack obama, i don't think he is the central part of the problem. i think the problem lies with the people. >> the problem lies with the people. going back to social media, remember, this is a relatively new phenomenon, the fact that everything is on videotape.
5:24 pm
everything a cop does, police work is tough work. you are dealing with drunks and disturbed individuals, with domestic disputes with drug dealers, and drug users. it's tough work. and when you see it on video, in a raw and unedited fashion, it's very, very difficult to deal with oh my god, he shouldn't have put both hands on that person. he should have. >> and context and so forth. >> remember, i was a street lawyer in this town. i lived on avenue c. i speak with experience. prior to social media and now, there is not -- i would submit to you that you could go to the three buildings on this block, sixth avenue, avenues in the americans in the middle of new york and ask every single black man, every single one of them and i bet you all of them have had negative experience one way or another. there is sharpton used to talk about and i know you have a much dimmer view of sharpton than i do. the crime of being driving while black. i told my kids. >> do you think these cops get up every morning and say
5:25 pm
i want to harass a black person? >> i do not. i absolutely do not. but when i was growing up there was officer crump, you know who the cop was. you don't have that anymore. dealing with urban environment. >> commit violent crimes far out of portion. >> no doubt they do. >> so if you are a police officer, bolling, and you are -- maybe you're afraid. maybe you don't want to be killed because you know that the level of violence among african-americans, particularly young men is much, much higher than any other group. >> of course, it's elevated. >> yeah. and so all the statistics that the left will throw at us, saying oh black african-americans are incarcerated at a higher rate and you pointed out, bill. committing crimes. violent crimes. >> hard to be incarcerated in the major cities. it's hard. they don't want to send them to prison and you know that, geraldo. >> we also have mayors in these cities who say to cops be careful how you treat the
5:26 pm
african-american community. >> let's take it down to real life here. so you have a cop stop someone for a broken traffic light. how many broken traffic lights are there in the black community? so he stops another black man for a broken traffic light. the guy has a gun in the car like the case the. >> minnesota. >> got a gun in the car. officer i have a gun in the car. and he doesn't say let me whip this out. i'm getting my license. >> how do you know? how do you know? >> 80% of the encounter is on videotape. >> picked up after the guy shot. >> you know better than that because you are a very experienced reporter. you cannot make a judgment until all the facts are in. >> aren't we talking about people's attitudes and their fears. we are not talking about reality. it's perception. >> attitudes are being anti-american forces. black lives matter, anti-american. the press doesn't like the authoritative role the police play in general. those combinations are
5:27 pm
shaping. >> can i make a bold prediction? black lives matter will come to be regarded in a formal positive light in the future. >> you are nuts. is he crazy but go ahead. >> even before we knew the facts, the president didn't know the facts. >> back to obama. you are back to him. >> i'm not blaming him. >> he doesn't have anything to do with the grass roots. >> go to the podium and say this has got to stop until you know what actually happened. know the facts first. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you. we have a footnote for you. a group called the federal law enforcement officers foundation petitioned the white house to illuminate the grounds with blue lights in honor of the police murdered in dallas. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke asked about it today. >> has there been any consideration or thought given to lighting the white house in blue in honor of law enforcement? >> i don't have much to say about potential consideration. can i tell you that is not something we plan to do at this point. >> for the record, i believe that bathing the white house in blue would be a noble thing to do.
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plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. inincredible story out of georgia poetry contest by using profanity and white privilege. miller on who he wants to see in the vice presidential arena. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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murder, sentence to do 20 years to life in connecticut. 2013, after serving 11 years in prison. mr. skakel was awarded a new trial by a connecticut judge. the case can sensational because he is part of the kennedy family. his cousin, robert kennedy jr. has written a new book called "framed" why michael skakel spent over a decade in prison for a murder he did not commit. that says the -- the book says skakel is completely innocent. i talked with mr. kennedy earlier this week. >> so i don't want to adjudicate the case on television that's not fair. i do want to get into the fact that the connecticut supreme court will make a decision on whether there is a new trial for michael skakel any time now, do you have any heads up on that. >> no. could be as long as cob two weeks. >> you don't know but. if they say no new trial then skakel goes back. >> he would go back. michael served 11 and a half years on a 25 to life
5:33 pm
sentence. if they overrule that michael goes back to jail. if they uphold it, then the prosecutor has to decide whether to retry the guys that i found were the real killers. >> what i found fascinating about your book was that you and your cousin, michael skakel weren't exactly friends when this whole thing went down; is that correct? >> we were friends in the early 1980s. we were very close. we both got sober at the same time. but, our friendship deteriorated and we were estranged during his trial. really wasn't until this january that we reconciled. but i wrote the book even though, you know, michael was not speaking to me. i knew that he was innocent. >> you, from the jump, were on his side and proclaiming his innocence. why was he angry with you? >> you know, he went through as i spo in the book he went through -- he had a really difficult life and he was put in this very brutal
5:34 pm
reform school where he was tortured every day for two years. and 11 years of prison and before that he had a very tough time. so, he has, bill, a very acute case of post-traumatic stress syndrome. and when mark fuhrman began attacking him and the path that would later put michael in prison, he thought that, you know, the reason that he was being attacked was because this association with the kennedy family. as i show in the book there was no relationship between the kennedys. >> irrational opinion that he had and he got mad at you. the reason that i gave you that blurb that's on the cover of the book was because i admire your loyalty to a man who wasn't real fond of you at the time. and so you said i'm going to put all the personal stuff aside where i don't think most people would have done that and i'm going to try to seek justice and i believe you are trying to seek justice.
5:35 pm
now, whether you are right or wrong, i don't know. i don't know. that's why i should say you should read kennedy's book. you should listen to what the prosecution has to say and we will see what the supreme court has to say. but your loyalty to the man is very, very unique, i think. >> well, you know, loyalty can cut both ways. a lot of people have accused skakel family members of being loyal to the extent of covering up a murder which, you know, none of the skakels has the kind of moral bankruptcy to do that kind of thing. you know, i saw somebody ohio knew was innocent and i, you know, it's like if you were to witness a mugging on the street, you have to make a choice as to whether or not to get involved or to put your head down and keep walking. i saw a guy put in jail for life for a crime he did not commit and, you know, i felt like i had no choice but to do what i did. >> all right. mr. kennedy, thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> we come right back,
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miller. he has his vice presidential picks for both parties. d-man is next. what's it like to be in good hands?
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tonight, three hot topics, including something about sharks. but, first, who miller wants as the vice presidential nominees for both parties the sage of southern california joins you now from santa barbara. miller, before we get to that the hair cut, you look like beiber's older brother tony dow. >> billy, it's not a hair cut, it fell out when i was watching loretta lynch's testimony. i thought the attorney general was supposed to prosecute people who obstructed justice not perfect it. she made comey look like sammy the -- on a karaoke bar. >> she was a tough -- it was a tough slog. all right. vp. hillary clinton, who do you want to see running with hillary? >> well, for hillary, obviously i think it has to be bernie. bernie madoff. i think he and hillary are perfect. i don't know if she can get him out on weekends. >> she can't. he would have to campaign inside the penitentiary if that happens. >> i think he would be perfect.
5:41 pm
i think they run the same sort of pyramid scheme at some point. >> so clinton and madoff. can i see the sticker now. >> well, no, it would say clinton-bernie and the kids would come in who? there is another bernie? >> you would be deceiving the low information children. >> you could say clinton brigitte loves bernie and the kids would go in and vote. >> and for donald trump? >> i have got a sneak take on trump. i think that he should nominate, i think we have a mockup of the picture of ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail logo which i was looking at locks like the comb over, too, the logo hair and trump, they could go out together and put a little fan on him and they would like like ann margaret with kit within a whip or something. as a fall back position i think he should have a
5:42 pm
runway show and bring out all his people one at a time like america's top model gingrich and general flynn and back up for hillary i think should should appoint her old man bill because let's just say that i heard rumors that bill would like to get out of the town hillary is in to go to some funeral in foreign countries. >> i don't think it's allow to do run a logo as your vice presidential nominee. i don't think that's allowed. >> what was biden for god's sake? >> biden. one of your favorite guys and you have nicknamed him? >> well, i have got a lot, plugs mckenzie. jar jar biden. you throw a dart and pick the one you want. >> i will. thank you for the edification on the vp's. now new study shows that more americans are killed when they are taking pictures with their dopey machines than are killed by sharks, miller. >> you know what's really
5:43 pm
dangerous, billy? sharks taking selfies. now, i was in manhattan around a month ago. i show a shark over on sixth that doughnut shop across from fox. he was taking selfies. open manhole. the shark fell. in i'm not saying that he wouldn't have died eventually anyway because he was on hand and sharks, if you are watching, i know nobody is calling anything on anybody anymore. don't go on the land. if you are a shark you can't live there, you will eventually die. to fall into the manhole certainly expedited it. i could tell as i looked down why they call them thresher sharks. >> the shark died after trying to take a picture of himself is what you are contending. >> shark selfie is what i'm saying. i think selfie paparazzi not vibrant enough to attract paparazzi. >> that's true. >> billy, my wife and i don't go out much so we hired a shut-in paparazzi, follows us around at night. >> have you ever been to
5:44 pm
timmonsville, south carolina, miller? small town. >> that's where my presidential library is. [ laughter ] >> they passed an ordinance that says you cannot wear saggy pants that intentionally display undergarments. you cannot wear them in timmonsville, south carolina. pull over, boy, i don't like the look of your pants. >> well, how long before that is deemed to be racist? i mean, pretty soon they will tell you not to brush your teeth and make chem white because that's racist. i don't care anymore. guy out with one goal in mind now it's not to interact to see what the kids are doing with their splendor. i go out to get what i want and go back home as quickly as possible. i don't trust it anymore. and i don't care what you wear, okay? you can put your undies on your head and you can put a hat on your as. just leave me alone. >> all right. don't get in my way when i'm going to 7/11, spread out. get my stuff and get out. >> i don't want to exchange
5:45 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? in georgia, 14-year-old eighth grader royceman won a poetry contest in may. here's the winning verse. >> i'm just saying that i [bleep] being privileged and i'm not ready to give that away. i love it because i can say [bleep] and not one of you to the fact that everyone in my skin color has a dirty mouth. i love it because i don't have to spend an hour every morning putting on makeup to meet other people's standards. i love it because i don't
5:49 pm
worry about what kind of food is on my plate instead of whether or not there will be food on my plate. i love it because when i see a police officer, i see someone who is on my side. >> i don't think he wrote that here now to explain further trish reagan from the fox business network who is in for martha maccallum this evening. what school is this. >> the padae school $23,000 a year for eighth grade. >> private school. >> private school. and your hunch when you said i don't think he wrote it. that's probably you are on to something. you know, the school itself seems to be more on the progressive side. >> of course. >> also the kids' parents are definitely on the progressive side. >> how do you know. >> the mother is a political activist. they have a family website and she is a political activist. she says on the website she was 2012 delegate to the democratic convention. and, you know, she has been a political activist for much of her life. also an actress and interestingly, this kid is an actor who has acted in a couple of movies.
5:50 pm
you know, when i was watching the video, bill, i thought he is pretty good at delivering the lines. >> is he a little progressive pro. that's what this kid is. all right. but i knew when i saw this thing that he didn't write it. this is probably a family thing that they wrote. and that he has got the f word in there family thing, and he's got the f word in there, and he's in eighth grade. >> unnecessary. >> if you're progressive, that's okay. you can do that. so they want to give him the award. fine. >> the school is giving him this award. he's won first place in this slam poetry place. >> white boy privilege is the name of the people. >> that's something we're seeing, this sort of sense we need to be sorry because we, as whites, or you as a white man, have privileges that i don't, as a woman, or a black-american doesn't have. >> the rights to public school, and use the $25,000 to the naacp, that would be -- >> that would be word of mouth, right? >> that's what you should do.
5:51 pm
all right. now before the terrible assassinations in dallas, there was a murder in tennessee, and it involved a black man shooting at white folks, roll the tape. >> reporter: the gunman is identified as lakeem scott. early thursday morning he was, quipped with ammunition, and automatic rifle and pistol, randomly shooting at innocent victims until exchanging gunshots with police. officials say scott may have been troubled by recent incidents by african-americans, and law enforcement officers in other parts of the country. >> okay. so he was obviously arrested and charged with murder. he killed one and wounded seven. this was before. again, before dallas. hasn't gotten any publicity. who is he and what's going to happen to him? >> originally, law enforcement believed this was racially motivated. they walked that back, but the concern was he was very angry
5:52 pm
with white people, and he was deliberately targeting them. and again as you point out, this is before dallas. i think one of the reasons you have seen them walk that back in recent days is because there's concern about copy-cat type crimes. >> do they have any evidence that it wasn't racially motivated? have they put forth anything? has he said anything? >> no, they have no evidence to suggest it wasn't. >> so they're just being politically correct by saying we don't know? >> i think their fear is if there are more and more crimes like that -- >> it's not their job, trish. >> it's not their job. >> the truth, as far as i know -- and you correct me if i'm wrong -- this guy put himself on a highway awith a rifle and started killing them. is that not the truth? that is trade. >> he hasn't made any statements? >> nothing at all? >> nothing. >> holding him i assume without
5:53 pm
bail and the system won. all right. i wanted to follow that because that has gotten zero publicity. perhaps the biggest act of prettie tretrey in american history moments away.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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"off killing reagan," the day the president was shot, remains the number one book in america. now, new jersey, it was obviously kirsten powers, taking position to infuriate feweviewe. they are acting. come on, lou, that's just dopey. they give their opinions honestly, or they wouldn't be here. gary stromfeld, california. would be fair to advise your audience o'reilly how many times you have contacted her? we have an ongoing dialogue with the clinton campaign and believe she will appear on "the factor" shortly. i hope that belief is correct. robert farmer, houston, texas, i was dpisgusted by trump's comments about the shootings in
5:57 pm
baton rouge and minnesota. neither mr. trump or obama has condemned american police. quite the opposite. i do agree that a controversial police shootings, judgment should away tit the facts. barry steel, browns town, bill, how did you become so wise? by making a huge amount of stupid mistakes, barry, but finally, learning from them. scott o'brien, rodgers, arkansas, finally became ail bill o'reilly premium member, and the only downside, i waited so long. you're part of the vanguard, scott. enjoy it and you'll meet some great folks as a p.m. trinity baccus, i've watched "the factor" since i was six. i now do the news at my school. thank you for being an inspiration. you're welcome, trinity. you're going to go far. very happy to mary lillard, and
5:58 pm
gilbert low hit the century mark. and legends and lies, at 11:00 p.m. is developing into a huge hit. this coming sunday we'll concentrate on treachery. >> where is general arnold? >> he received a personal dispatch and went to his chambers. >> arnold has been conspiring to deliver this port to the british. he is a traitor. >> washington knowso arnold's deflection will be a crushing blow to morale. >> now for the hunt. get on your horse. >> of course west point.
5:59 pm
benedict arnold, an amazing story. legends & lies this sunday, 8 and 11:00 p.m., and we're going to tell that you story. after "tip of the day," and that is it for us. please check out the web site, also we'd like for you to spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly, if you wish to opine word of the day, in writing "the factor." all right. tomorrow, we've got two big-time stories. one, the u.n. is condemning the usa for racism. we're going to get into that, and donald trump, whoever he picks for vp, going to appear on 60 minutes sunday night, okay? so we've tasked bernie/goldberg and we told him no foppery, bernie. to say how he would interview trump, and who the vp is.
6:00 pm
it's going to be ygingrich or pence. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember it stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, president obama in an attempt at a healing moment on race relations, may have fallen short again. we'll get to the guest list at the white house in a moment. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. a short time ago, president obama met with law enforcement, elected officials and some black lives matter activists from across the country. in a get-together that the white house described as a quote conversation about community policing. >> we're not at a point yet where communities of color feel confident that their police departments are