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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  July 18, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PDT

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an emotional and unapplicant predictable day one of the republican national convention. good morning, good evening to everyone. i'm heather childers. >> ditto, donald trump and the republican party dubbing the first day, make america safe again. the presumptive nominee again broke convention with this. he came out on day one of the convention like this. there it is. his silhouette towering trump so-called never trump forces were denied a chance to vote. >> and for more on the opening day of the republican national convention, we're going to bring you a lot more. let's bring in shannon breem
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reporting live from cleveland right now. shannon, what are some of the highlights of day one? >> well, kelly, of course, as you mentioned, the theme for day one was, make america safe again, so many of the prime time speeches were from top military and security officials but the speech everybody was really watching for was the one that came from the woman that donald trump introduced as the next first lady of the united states. here she is, part of her remarks making the argument of why her husband is the right man for the job. >> i have seen him fight for years to get a project done or even started. and he does not give up. [ applause ] if you want someone to fight for you and your country, i can assure you, he's the guy. >> tonight, there are also questions being raised about a passage in melania trump's speech that appears to be very
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similar to a passage from michelle obama's dnc convention speech in 2008. both speeches talk about the values the women were raised with. both use the phrases, work hard for what you want in life, your word is your bond, treat people with respect and then within a sentence or two, both go on to say, we want our children in this nation to know that their achievements are limited only by the reach of their dreams and, quote, your willingness to reach for them. the similarities were so striking, it's gotten a lot of attention. i have reached out to the trump campaign tonight, asking them for their comment, and we are awaiting some type of response from them about the situation. >> how was she received? melania trump. >> you know, it was very warm. i think that people had been very anxious to hear from her. they haven't, as you said, heard her a lot on the campaign trail. i've seen her a few times outs there on the trail. it seems like it's something she's gotten used to and warmed up to. her priority is really raising the young son that she and donald have who is very much in
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school and she feels that he needs a parent at home and that regular routine but the people tonight were very interested to see her and hear from her and warmly received. >> let's talk about someone else that was discussed quite a bit, although she was not there, she will be in philadelphia next week, but hillary clinton, the presumptive democratic presidential nominee was in ohio as well today. what about her visit to ohio? >> yeah, she took on some really tough issues today, controversial topics that are in the headlines. she was speaking at the naacp convention today. she praised law enforcement, talked about the tough job they have to do, praised their families as well and the concerns they have to live with, but she also urged all americans to think about things, to walk in someone else's shoes, to think about what it must be like to have to sit down your son and daughter so explain to them how to very carefully deal with police so they aren't hurt or even killed, she said. she did say that a lot of progress has been made. she talked about children sitting side by side in classrooms, of all races and, people sitting in boardrooms together and, you know, all
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kinds of industries across this country being able to share in those things together. she said, you know, look, we even have president obama elected historically to the white house, but she also saz there's still more work to do. she also touched on the tragic events of three officers being killed in louisiana yesterday. here's a bit of what she said about that. >> watching the news from baton rouge yesterday, my heart broke. not just for those officers and their grieving families, but for all of us. >> she also said that it's time this country has very difficult, honest conversations that are not going to be easy to do but they're necessary if we're going to bridge some of those gaps. of course now a lot of the speculation for her is when she will name her vice presidential pilk pick. a lot of speculation about that and the people she's been meeting with, including colorado's governor, a cabinet secretary and also a senator. we'll see.
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we'll know soon. >> so real quickly, we know that john kasich, the governor of ohio, will also be speaking to the naacp. do you think donald trump will accept the invitation to speak there? >> i don't know. i mean, it's an interesting question because you know that we've had people from both parties do it and both parties decline. so, i think that people know it's a very charged atmosphere to go into, and it has to be handled very carefully. so, i'm not sure. >> shannon, thank you. well, the big first night at the gop convention, several speakers pumping up donald trump, and joining us now is one man who still has not endorsed him. he was there this evening for at least part of it. with us now, republican congressman from texas, are you there? >> i am. and it's great to be with you. >> thank you so much for joining us. let's talk about your general impression of day one. >> well, tonight was just terrific. it was really fantastic. including the drama of the silhouette and smoke as the
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donald came out and introduced his wife. and you were right in your comments earlier, there was a kind of -- i don't know, an air of expectation, is she going to be able to live up to the hype, and i thought she did a good job. but earlier today, there was -- it was a rip that just seemed so unnecessary. you had mentioned it, but on the rule vote, you know, it sound like there probably were more ayes in support of the rule than no's, but there was a, you know, role call vote requested, and there were a number of states submitted. >> and let's actually -- >> and there was controversy. >> let's let people at home, before you want to go on, i want people may have missed this.
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this is what happened. >> in the opinion of the chairs, the aye's have it and the resolution is agreed to. >> you are ignoring delegates who have been elected to this convention! this is not how you unify the republican party. >> all right, so it made for some exciting moments, but not exactly the show of unity that the party wanted starting off the convention. so, tell us what was happening there. >> well, you have to have, under the rule, seven states request a recorded vote and the states that wanted to make sure there was a recorded vote submitted ten states' names so that they would be covered. and then there were allegations that perhaps some heavy handedness was put into play,
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some of the delegates pressured to pull their names from their support for the state. having a role call vote. and so, the chair announced that, gee, there were only nine states and three of them didn't have sufficient request for it to fall below seven, therefore, no role call vote. and then you had them asking for a point of order. they refused to recognize him. and i really thought, heather, this was a chance to unify folks. we're not like the democrats that, you know, violated the house rules and, you know, did a sit-in. that's not what republicans are. just give a vote and -- and there was a real opportunity denied. okay, if the vote failed after a role call vote, that's it. >> that being said, finally, as i introduced you, i said that you have not yet thrown your support behind donald trump. are you now prepared to do that
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for the sake of unity? >> well, i had hoped to have a chance to talk to donald and work out a couple other things i was concerned about, but it was a really big deal for me. a couple weeks ago, when trump met with the republican members of the house and i guess it was about 9:45 when we had -- i had a chance to step up to the member mike. i mean, it's a small room, 250 in there, and he was very, very warm, and i said, look, you've been talking about unifying, and yet there was a headline that said you felt like you could win without ted, that you could win without kasich, and, you know, you were number one, ted was number two, and you worked together so well early on, and really were a good team early on before it got nasty. >> so, are you going to get on this team?
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we don't have a whole lot of time. i'm so sorry to interrupt you. i don't like to do that. >> i had a sit down one on one with ted, and he agreed, i thought it was extremely gracious. he had asked to him speak, even though he hadn't endorsed. that's a big deal to me, heather. >> well, it sounds like you're going to support him. >> well, i'm going to support the party's nominee, and that's still yet to happen. >> all right. thank you so much. still a lot of days left to go. day one complete. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks so much, heather. >> joining us now for some insight, pat goddell, one time pollster for jimmy carter, former advisor to president bill clinton and from the state of new york, they're all here to talk about what's going on, the panel weighing in, the insiders telling us what's happening, and we're going to basically talk to them by starting off with -- let's start off with john. john, you're here in our studio. tell us what you think about
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tonight's first day of the republican national convention. >> i think everything that happened that was scripted, the evening events went off without a problem. i thought that mrs. trump was fantastic, really great, actually, and he was good when he came out and introduced her. i think the only problem the whole day, really, that i don't understand is why they -- we have the convention in cleveland because ohio is the key state for republicans to win. why did someone decide to take the ohio delegation and disz them by putting them in the back to the room, angering them. why are we declaring war on john kasich repeatedly during the day? >> well, he's not coming. >> i know, but -- >> why is he not coming. >> why is new york in front? why is ohio in the far back? the whole point of -- we're not going to win new york in november, all right? but we have to win ohio to win the presidency. now, why are you angering the
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ohio republican party? >> let's go up to cleveland. >> do you think that's why john kasich didn't show up? do you think that happened before or after he said he wasn't going to come? >> i don't know. it just was decided this weekend to move them into the back, and they're all ticked off about it. now, you're trying to win this state. you need the ohio republican party behind you. i think -- now maybe the trump campaign calculates they don't need it, they can win without it. >> all right, john, thank you for your perspective. let's go to cleveland where your colleagues are. what do you guys think about what john was just referring to? >> i have a slightly different perspective. where delegates sit in the hall really is not indicative of anything other than a seating arrangement. but there's a but, kelly. if the governor is a subject of delusion and attack, when he won the state, and he holds the level of power and has a decent approval rating, that's just a mistake by the republicans. you just ignore the guy and you
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try to work out some sort of accommodation as louie goehmer was saying. frankly, i think the republicans did the right thing. they don't do a role call, they have the nominee. but i think it's a mistake for donald not to try to be more inclusive in trying to get somebody like john kasich back, at least neutral if not supportive of his candidacy. >> i can agree with what doug said, but i do have to say, i think john kasich has been a particularly sour pickle about this. the poll thing about not being the nominee. >> you're talking about being sour, you're pointing out governor john kasich. what about senator ted cruz? i think that senator cruz -- look, they had a very tough battle, but senator cruz, i think, if you -- as louie said,
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he and trump met, they had an accommodation, and that seems to be moving on. and a lot of his delegates are moving on. in kasich's case, i understand the frustration, but i agree with doug, and also with john, first of all, the hall is so small. i mean, it looks like he'd be way in the back, but in the hall, they're right there. but usually the home state is up front. so it is kind of a sleight and then it's an unnecessary one. but the point is, it's the reaching out. i mean, you may have to swallow a lot of gall here, but the fact is, you need kasich, you need ohio, and he needs to be accommodating too a little bit. he has had his, i think, nose out of joint a little bit too far, and you know, he took a pledge -- they all took a pledge, including mr. bush, but they all thought the pledge applied to donald trump and patriotism n apparently not to them.
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>> exactly. very early on, they signed that pledge. >> if you're going to play with the big boys, you have to play by the rules. >> speaking of sour pickles, what about the incident that happened with some of the delegates early on today? >> i'm with doug on that. let's nip -- if that vote had been taken, that's all the story would be. there are this many people een, you know, it's not necessary. they have a nominee. and they should -- >> and i can tell you, the presidential election is not going to be decided by whether there's a role call vote or a voice vote. trust me. >> john, finally? >> you know what, i think the media really wanted that story today. >> desperately. >> fox didn't make a big deal, but the other two really did. to really make it look like there's this disunity in this convention, which i don't think there really is. it got twelve votes in the rules committee when we had heard they had 28. they didn't. >> and regardless, he is the nominee. he's going to be the nominee. >> yeah. >> all right. gentlemen, we thank you. i'm sure we'll be talking to you
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throughout the night, so stand by. meantime, one of the more powerful moments of day one of the convention, a sheriff from wisconsin declaring blue lives matter. >> it comes on the heels of the country reeling from yet another ambush targeting police officers. up next, what can be done to help protect those who are working to protect us? what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. the republican national convention, the world getting a closer look at the trump family tonight after being mostly silent throughout this campaign, melania trump, the wife of donald trump, took to the convention floor tonight.
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joining us now is adam walner, senior political analyst from the national journal. what did you think about melania's speech tonight? >> well, i think it was certainly one of the bright spots of the event tonight, but unfortunately for the trump campaign, it's been kind of overshadowed by some of the controversy that's followed the event. it looks like that certain paragraphs from her speech were plagiarized from a speech michelle obama gave during the 2008 democratic convention. so you know, i think this was a speech that really didn't stick out tonight because a lot of republicans who were speaking tonight were talking about law and order, talk about making america safe again, that was the theme of the night but then donald trump's wife came up there and gave a more uplifting message, but that's going to be overshadowed going into the second day of the convention by these questions that are being raised about how authentic some of these lines were. >> tomorrow, what do you anticipate -- do you think that she'll be questioned about where
10:22 pm
she got the source for that speech? >> i'd be very surprised if she was the one who actually wrote the speech herself so we'll have to find out who was the speech writer for this and find out where all this came from, but right now, the evidence looks like if you compare the speech that michelle obama gave in 2008 to the one that melania trump gai gave tonight, a lot of the lines were strikingly similar, and i think this is going to be a controversy that's going to last into tomorrow. >> we're going to hear her speech in its entirety later on throughout the evening, but i wonder if we can go right now, producers, to just a little bit of what she had to say. let's listen to a snippet of melania trump -- we're not ready for that yet, we'll get to that in a moment. but tell me about the overall picture of day one, melania trump being introduced by her husband, her husband coming out kind of in a very dramatic way, almost a shadow effect of wwf. we have that. let's go to it right now to hear what melania has to say and i'll
10:23 pm
come back and ask my question. >> donald wants prosperity for all americans. we need new programs to help the poor and opportunities to challenge the young. there has to be a plan for growth. only then will clearness result. my husband's experience exemplifies growth and successful passage of opportunity to the next generation. his success indicates inclusion rather than division. my husband offers a new direction while coming change, prosperity, and greater cooperation among people and nations. donald intends to represent all the people, not just some of the people.
10:24 pm
that includes christians and jews and muslims. it includes hispanics and african-americans and asians and the poor and the middle class. >> so, tell me about that, adam. she took it to another level tonight by expanding the vision of donald trump, who had been known prior to this as someone who wanted to exclude the opinions of others. but tonight, she made it very clear that her husband wants to include all people and make america prosperous for all. what do you say about that? >> that's right. and you look at some of the polls that came out this weekend just before the convention in the nbc "wall street journal" poll, for instance. 60% of all voters had an unfavorable view of donald trump. this is about as divisive a figure as you're going to get in american politics and clearly his wife was trying to paint a more inclusive picture of her husband, soften his tone a little bit. and while i think that part of the speech was certainly well received, i don't think how much
10:25 pm
this is going to do in the long run to help donald trump because so many of those views about him are so baked in, it's going to be tough to change people's opinions about him, whether you like him or you don't, before election day. >> thank you for joining us this evening and sharing your perspective on melania trump coming out and giving her first speech a major speech at tonight's rnc convention, day one. thank you. >> well, milwaukee county sheriff david clark taking the stage tonight at the republican convention and calling for support of police officers. >> what we witnessed in ferguson and baltimore and baton rouge was a collapse of the social order. so many of the actions of the occupy movement and black lives matter transcends peaceful protest and violates the code of conduct we rely on. i call it anarchy. >> his remarks coming after these three police officers were killed in baton rouge on sunday. five officers shot and killed
10:26 pm
earlier this month in dallas. so, how can we do more to protect our law enforcement? joining us now the rod wheeler, a former homicide detective in washington, d.c., and a fox news contributor. thank you so much for joining us, rod. >> absolutely, heather. good to be with you. >> you heard what the sheriff had to say right there. he called it anarchy. do you agree? >> i won't call it anarchy but i will say that blue lives matter. the fact of the matter remains that we know in law enforcement that we've had some individuals join the ranks that were rogue cops and you have that in any occupation, and so what we're trying to do all across the country, police chiefs, they're working diligently to try to eradicate the police forces of these types of individuals, but at the same time, 99% of police officers that put on that badge and that gun each day and that blue uniform, they go out here to protect us and keep us safe and we need to support them so i do agree with sheriff clark in that regard. >> the theme was, make america
10:27 pm
safe again. obviously, this goes right into line with that. what is your opinion on the black lives matter movement? >> i think, you know, there's elements of the black lives matter movement that are valid. i mean, they do have some validity to their arguments. but at the same time, when you start getting into the issue of protesting and violence and things like that, let me give you a quick example. one thing that i learned when i was in dallas last weeks, you remember i was there, the new black panthers party aligned themselves with the black lives matter group, and the black lives matter group should have immediately said to them, we don't want you to be part of our group because the new black panther party as we know is a very violent and hostile group. dangerous group. so, i have problems with that. but i do think that there are some elements of the argument that black lives matter have that are valid, that we need to work together to find resolutions for. >> i spoke to you a couple times while you were there in baton rouge. what is the latest as you understand it in that investigation, specifically, where the suspect was able to
10:28 pm
get his weapon. >> right. you know, the types of weapons that he had that the chief explained earlier today to us and i was in baton rouge today and yesterday. i'll tell you, it was amazing. i'm shocked that this guy was able to get a couple of those weapons that he had. now, the investigation is going to continue because the investigators in baton rouge and the fbi, they are still aggressively trying to pursue whether or not this guy had help. he had to have help getting those weapons, some kind of way, unfortunately, we lost the officers, the three officers and one is fighting for his life. we're going to learn from this, but i'll tell you, the officers down there are heros, and even after that horrific situation, heather, they still put on their uniforms, they're still out there in the streets protecting everyone in the community. >> absolutely. i do not know how they do it. you as well. i have no idea. thank you so much for joining us. always appreciate your insight, rod. >> thank you. have a good night. >> you too. >> invaluable insight. it's been a very busy night and
10:29 pm
will continue to be. benghazi a huge focus at the republican national convention. >> up next, hear from the mother of one of the victims in that attack in what was one of the most emotional moments of the convention so far. te doesn't go. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double. the uncertainties of hep c. i don't want to live with or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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one of the speakers, patricia smith, mother of sean smith, who died in the attack in benghazi. listen. >> for all of this loss, for all of this grief, for all of the citizens of the tragedy in benghazi has wrought upon america, i blame hillary clinton. [ applause ] i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. that's personally. >> well, senator from new york -- i'm sorry, former new york congresswoman nan hey worth strongly condemns the attack that took place. we want to weigh in with her and get her impressions of what tonight's speech was about and the whole benghazi scenario and how that will be utilized by republicans in their attacks
10:33 pm
against hillary clinton who is running, of course, for the democratic presidential ticket. what do you say about tonight's message about benghazi? >> well, kelly, of course, mrs. smith was extremely moving, and her anguish reflects not only her heartbreak but also, quite properly, the rage that she feels, and frankly, the outrage that we should all feel about the fact that hillary clinton, when she was secretary of state, when she was empowered with one of the most -- the heaviest responsibilities in the country, sacrificed the truth for the sake of a political narrative. she is thoroughly dishonest. >> and she made a very strong statement about calling hillary clinton a liar. >> yes. yes. well, because we all know that hillary clinton communicated with her own daughter that this was a terrorist attack. she had other communications that indicated that she knew it
10:34 pm
was not the result of a video. and yet, to these families who were bereaved, who had lost their loved ones, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of this country's safety, she spun a tale. why? for the sake of a political narrative, because right before the 2012 election, it would have been highly damaging for her and for the president to express the understanding that, in fact, they had failed us, and that's the other great theme, the very important theme, failure to protect. hillary clinton's term as secretary of state was marked by failures from the reboot russia, which was a complete farce to benghazi to the rise of isis. >> you know, we talk about that and you're talking about the rise of isis and the reboot of power. a lot of people are now saying that because of benghazi and also you look at today's situation in baton rouge and dallas, texas, and the police
10:35 pm
shootings and the climate totally changing in america with terror attacks abroad and attacks happening here, all of that is being correlated in some way to benghazi. what does that mean for republicans who are in support of trump and what does it mean for those who are saying anyone but trump? >> well, what it means for all of us across the country and what it means for us as republicans is that hillary clinton is neither qualified nor capable of doing the job of chief executive. and that's something that every american should be concerned about, kelly, and every republican should unite behind our candidate, donald trump, who will be forthright, who will put the defense of this country and of those who serve this country first and foremost, as he should. >> and we will leave it there for tonight. thank you for your perspective on this and for talking to us at this late hour. again, we'll continue to follow all the developments as they become more available. you know, we talked about it earlier in the hour, and we will
10:36 pm
continue to talk about donald trump's wife taking the stage and you'll hear her entire speech next. >> stay with us. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer
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right now, since kicking off his presidential bid more than a year ago, donald trump has made it clear his race for the white house would be a family affair. in fact, three of his children have played key roles in their father's campaign and heather, as we all watched tonight on the first day of this convention, we have heard from his wife, and here's her speech in its entirety. >> thank you very much. you have all been very kind to donald and me, to our young son, baron, and to our whole family.
10:40 pm
it's a very nice welcome, and we are excited to be with you at this historic convention. >> we love you! [ applause ] >> i'm so proud of your choice for president of the united states, my husband, donald j. trump. [ applause ] and i can assure you, he's moved by this great honor. the 2016 republican primaries were fierce and started with many candidates, 17 to be exact. and i know that donald agrees with me when i mention how talented of all -- talented all of them are. they deserve the respect and gratitude from all of us.
10:41 pm
[ applause ] however, when it comes to my husband, i will say that i'm definitely biased and for good reason. i have been with donald for 18 years, and i have been aware of his love for this country since we first met. he never had a hidden agenda when it comes to his patriotism, because like me, he loves this country very much. [ applause ] i was born in slovenia, a small, beautiful, and then communist country in central europe. my sister, inez, who is an incredible woman and a friend and i were raised by my wonderful parents. my elegant and hardworking mother, amalia, introduced me to fashion and beauty. my father, victor, instilled in
10:42 pm
me a passion for business and travel. their integrity, compassion, and intelligence ruffleflect, to th day, on me and my love for family and america [ applause ] from a young age, my parents impressed on me the value that you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, and you do what you say and keep your promise. that you treat people with respect. they taught and showed me values and morals in their daily life. that is a lesson that i continue to pass along to our son, and we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow.
10:43 pm
[ applause ] because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. [ applause ] i'm fortunate for my heritage but also for where it brought me today. i traveled the world while working hard in the incredible arena of fashion. after living and working in milan and paris, i arrived in new york city 20 years ago, and i saw both the joy and hardships of daily life. on july 28, 2006, i was very proud to become citizen of the united states [ applause ] the greatest privilege on planet
10:44 pm
earth! [ applause ] i cannot or will not take the freedom this country offers for granted. but these freedoms have come with a price so many times. the sacrifices made by our veterans are reminders to us of this. i would like to take a moment to recognize an amazing veteran, the great senator bob dole. [ applause ] and let us send all of our
10:45 pm
veterans in the arena today and those across our great country [ applause ] we are all truly blessed to be here. that will never change. i can tell you with certainty that my husband has been concerned about our country for as long as i have known him. with all of my heart, i know that he will make a great and lasting difference. donald has a great and deep and unbounded determination and a never-give-up attitude. i have seen him fight for years to get a project done or even started. and he does not give up. [ applause ] if you want someone to fight for
10:46 pm
you and your country, i can assure you, he's the guy. he will never, ever give up, and most importantly, he will never, ever let you down. donald is and always has been an amazing leader. now, he will go to work for you. [ applause ] his achievements speak for themselves, and his performance throughout the primary campaign proved that he knows how to lead. he also knows how to remain focused on improving our country, on keeping it safe and secure. [ applause ]
10:47 pm
he's tough when he has to be, but he's also kind and fair and caring. this kindness is not always noticed, but it is there for all to see. that is one reason i fell in love with him to begin with. [ applause ] donald is intensely loyal to family, friends, employees, country. he has the utmost respect for his parents, mary and fred, to his sister, mary ann and elizabeth, to his brother robert, and to the memory of his late brother, fred. his children have been cared for and mentored to the extent that even his advisors admit they are an amazing testament to who he is as a man and a father. [ applause ]
10:48 pm
there is a great deal of love in the trump family. that is our bond, and that is our strength. yes, donald speaks, which is especially important when considering the presidency of the united states. no room for small thinking, no room for small results. donald gets things done. [ applause ] our country is underperforming and needs new leadership. leadership is also what the world needs. donald wants our country to move forward in the most positive of ways. everyone wants change. donald is the only one that can deliver it. we should not be satisfied with stagnation.
10:49 pm
donald wants prosperity for all americans. [ applause ] we need new programs to help the poor and opportunities to challenge the young. there has to be a plan for growth. only then will fairness result. my husband's experience exemplifies growth and successful passage of opportunities to the next generation. his success indicates inclusion rather than division. my husband offers a new direction welcoming change, prosperity, and greater cooperation among peoples and nations. donald intends to represent all the people, not just some of the people. [ applause ] that includes christians and
10:50 pm
jews and muslims. it includes hispanics and african-americans and asians and the poor and the middle class. [ applause ] throughout his career, donald has successfully worked with people of many faiths and with many nations. like no one else, i have seen the talent, the energy, the tendency, the resourceful mind and the simple goodness of the heart that god gave to donald trump. now is the time to use those gifts as never before, for purposes far greater than ever. and he will do this better than anyone else can. and it won't even be close.
10:51 pm
[ applause ] everything depends on it for our cause and for our country. people are counting on him, all the millions of you who have touched us so much with your kindness and your confidence. you have turned this unlikely campaign into a movement that is still gaining in strength and number [ applause ] the primary season and its toughness is behind us. let's all come together in a national campaign like no other. the race will be hard fought all the way to november.
10:52 pm
there will be good times and hard times and unexpected turns. it would not be a trump contest without excitement and drama. [ applause ] but throughout it all, my husband will remain focused on only one thing, this beautiful country that he loves so much. if i'm honored to serve as first lady, i will use that wonderful privilege to try to help people in our country who need it the most. one of the many causes dear to my heart is helping children and women. you judge society by how it treats its citizens. we must do our best to ensure that every child can live in comfort and security with the
10:53 pm
best possible education. as a citizen of this great nation, it is kindness, love, and compassion for each other that will bring us together and keep us together. these are the values donald and i will bring to the white house. my husband is ready to lead this great nation. he's ready to fight every day to give our children the better future they deserve. ladies and gentlemen, donald j. trump is ready to serve and lead
10:54 pm
this country as the next president of the united states! thank you, god bless you, and god bless america. well, we just got a statement from a trump senior communications advisor made some comments on the similarities between michelle obama's speech back in 2008 and melania trump's speech that you were just hearing there, and the statement reads this. quote, in writing her beautiful speech, melania's team of writers took notes on her life's inspirations, and in some instances, included fragments that reflected her own thinking. melania's immigrant experience and love for america shone through in her speech, which made it such a success. so, now, let's go to our guest who is standing by. he's executive director of the daily caller.
10:55 pm
thank you so much. you're always with us here, even with us through the primaries. >> that's right. >> let's begin there with this breaking development, a little bit of controversy concerning melania trump's speech this evening and some similarities to michelle obama's speech, and the statement that we just received from the trump campaign not specifically addressing that concern, though. >> not exactly, no. it's kind of interesting. obviously, the trump campaign feels compelled to answer this. they clearly have to. the similarities between the two speeches are very similar. i mean, there's no question that there was a relationship somehow between that original speech and what melania gave tonight. and just sort of the statement you just read referring to fragments were included by her writers, i think it's interesting that they're basically getting away from this notion that melania was the chief architect behind those specific lines and that those fragments were introduced by outside sources, third parties
10:56 pm
that are outside the campaign. this is the beginning of the trump campaign, to an extent, sort of distancing themselves from what they see as an issue in melania's speech tonight. >> apparently, she's already done an interview with matt lauer, which is going to air tomorrow, in which she discusses and says that she tried to receive as little help as possible in the speech. but regardless, it was a beautiful speech this evening. let's talk about the theme of this evening, though, and it was keep america safe again. with so many scary developments of late, we just had the shooting of three police officers, three others injured in baton rouge, we have the five police officers shot dead in dallas, terrorist attacks here at home, orlando and overseas. how do you think they did? tackling this topic? >> well, i think it was the right topic, right? i mean, i haven't talked to anyone in cleveland yet who wasn't anxious coming into this week. this is the most watched event in the entire planet this week, and definitely the biggest security concern. and i think a lot of people coming into cleveland thinking, man, look at all of these
10:57 pm
attacks we've seen around the world, and there's nervousness and whether or not you're in cleveland, i think there are a lot of republicans, i think there's just americans who are watching this and hoping everything goes well. and i think with that in mind, you've got donald trump deciding, hey, the first night of this -- of this convention is going to be about safety. it's going to be about make america safe again, and the speakers, one after the other, went after hillary clinton as irresponsible, as not right for keeping america safe, and by contrast, tried to present donald trump as the steady hand. >> we'll talk a little bit later about how well they did in that effort. so we're going to bring you back. thank you so much for joining us still more to come. cleveland wrapping up security after the terror attack. we'll have that and more. thy... just rustic. [laughing] oh my gosh. wow. [owl howling] [gulp] uh, how about an island?
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11:00 pm
it was a long night wrb right? >> it was a long tight. >> heather and i are keeping you up to talk about the events. >> i'm heather chilleders. expected to take the stage in cleveland last night including donald trump himself. and did you see this? he appeared larger than life, you could say, as he walked out on to the stage. silhouette looming over the stage there. >> someone asked where are the columns.
11:01 pm
>> yeah. >> back to president barack obama again. >> a little wwe-ish we were saying. breaking tradition to introduce his wife. >> form are new york city mayor rudy giuliani also speaking. very impassioned. giuliani fired up the crowd as he delivered a strong message to terrorists. >> in the last seven months, there have been five major islamic terrorist attacks on us and our allies. we must not be afraid to define our enemy. it is islamic extremist terrorism. [ cheers and applause ]
11:02 pm
i, for purposes of the media did not say all of islam. i did not say most of islam. i said islamic extremist terrorism. you know who you are. and we're coming to get you. >> one of the biggest moments i would say of day one of the convention and for more on the opening day, of the republican national convention. fox news correspondent rich edison live from cleveland. a lot of excitement stirred up there with former mayor giuliani. what else did you take away from today? >> reporter: good morning, heather and kelly. when you look at what we've got the first day, it was a pretty surprising opening for donald trump and for somebody who is going to be the presumptive republican nominee or going to be the republican nominee in all likelihood. but it is pretty unsurprising for donald trump himself. he took the stage the first day that something fairly unconvention yl at republican or
11:03 pm
even democratic convention. spent the first few minutes, introduced his wife, came in in dramatic form then got to the headliner of the day, that his his wife, melania trump. here is a bit of her speech. >> that is a lesson i continue to pass along to our son. and we need to pass those lessons on to the many generations to follow. because -- [ cheers and applause ] because we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievement is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. >> there is criticism in those pointing out that that sounded an awful lot like the 2008 convention speech that michelle obama had given when she said because we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams and
11:04 pm
your willingness to work for them. the campaign has responded to that sort of saying, that essentially she had writers take input from melania's life story but they do not address their statements of plagiarism. earlier in the day this started with an anti-trump faction trying to unvying delegates, allowing delegates to vote for whoever they wish. this effort was defeated. a number of delegates walked out of the convention in protest. this started a little bit of controversy and ranker before the speakers actually got to the stage. once that happened, the theme make america safe again, you heard from rudy giuliani, that's the theme of the first night when it came it terrorist, domestic and national security. also on the speakers stand tonight, jason beardsley of the concerned veterans for american spent a combined 22 years in army and navy. lieutenant general michael flynn who served for the obama
11:05 pm
administration but credits obama's policy since leaving the administration and also a veteran and u.s. senator joni ernst from iowa and the theme of president obama's foreign policy they claim is not keeping the united states safe and they tied in president obama to his former secretary of state, hillary clinton, who is of course very likely going to be the one running against donald trump if november. day two is make america work again. more of an economic focus. i would like to say today doesn't feel like today, it is a while from now but it is today. >> welcome to my world. i'm afraid my alarms haven't gone off yet. normally wake-up time. thank you so much. we will check back with you. do not go to sleep. >> while you're up with us right now, thousands of officers have been patrolling streets if cleveland, as you can imagine, as republican faithful take over the city for their national convention. for more on this, we have steve,
11:06 pm
detective in the cleveland police department. steve, thanks for joining us this evening, this morning i should say. good morning to you, sir. tell me how the situation is in terms of security in cleveland particularly around the rnc convention. >> we had no problems at all today. we had people came down and were able to have their say and there was plenty of police officers on hand it make sure that everybody was safe. and we had one arrest, and that was really not rnc related. it was an arrest for a warrant. and a police officer injuried in a motorcycle accident. but he is going to be okay. so we're doing good. knock on some wood for us, please. >> it is good to hear that officer in an accident is going to be all right. and one arrest nonrelated to the rnc convention. but i wanted to ask you this,
11:07 pm
you have taken kind of a very visual approach yet your officers are engaging, inviting, and wearing their soft gear, as it were. what do you mean by soft gear? >> well, they are wearing their regular uniforms and instead of any type of protective gear, personal protective gear. riot gear. anything like that. they are in their uniforms. bike guys are in their shorts and polo shirt. and you know, we're engaging in the community, in the people there. even the protesters, you know. hey, you who you doing, guys? welcome to the city. is there anything we can do for you? and that works. it works in spaces. it is very hard it hate up close. and so the guys and gals are doing a fantastic job out there. >> i like the way you say that. it is hard it hate up close. but it underscores climate where
11:08 pm
we see what happened in dallas and baton rouge. does this cause you to be more diligent and observe everything that moves there? >> well, yes, sir, it has. we always train for worst case scenario. we hope for the best. we haven't changed our training or preparedness for this, but it has made us more aware. a little fear, that is not necessarily a bad thing. for law enforcement officers. it keeps you on your toes and your surroundings. and we have nobody this tragic history of our country right now. >> yeah. i was going to agree, fear keeps us on our toes. always looking out for what we have to be proactively involved in and of course community policing and also taking care of the public. steve loomis, thank you so much at this hour to talk about security there at rnc convention in cleveland. >> you're very welcome.
11:09 pm
just very quickly, the support that men and women and police departments are getting, we heard a big commotion and i looked up uk lid avenue and it was -- everybody was standing ovation for the police officers coming down on the bicycles. you would have thought it was lebron james after we won. >> i'm sure they enjoyed being there compared to king james. >> absolutely. and the guys and gals is in support of the community right now. thank you very much. >> steve, thank you for sharing that. god bless you guys. >> thank you very much. you too. >> they should be treated like lebron james every single day. well, a closer look now at what some people are referring to as a ruckus earlier on as never trump supporters tried to force a vote on the convention rules. listen to this. >> the ayes have it. and the resolution is agreed to. >> delegates have been elected to this convention.
11:10 pm
>> talk more about exactly what happened there and whether it will impact the rest of the convention. i'm joined now by terry mcdonough, director the franklin and marshal college poll. thank you very much for joining us early this morning. >> good morning. >> so we just saw a clip of what happened there. explain to everyone at home what was going on. >> yeah, they were adopting the roles of the convention which is standard practice for both parties. rules are not final until the convention delegates approve them. and the effort to get a roll call vote on the rules was vote heed down very quickly by the chair, supported by majority of the delegates, and that prompted what you heard in the clip that
11:11 pm
you played and the colorado delegation walked out of the convention. the whole thing lasted about a total of 15 minutes. >> yeah, i was watching it at home. but and so, it didn't last very long at all. but why did those that were doing all of the yelling, they wanted the roll call vote. and those that did not want it and kind of brushed past it, why did they want the different things? >> well, let's start with the fact that this is from some time ago and it took form and the rules committee which is 112 members and they failed to get enough votes. they needed 28 in order to get this rule brought up, and as a result of that, they brought up an effort to get a roll call vote. they wanted to get on the record and particularly led by a
11:12 pm
delegate from colorado who heads to free the delegate movement, they wanted everyone on the record under a roll call vote. and the majority of the delegates, you know, voted otherwise. now could they have done this? sure. would it have taken a good bit of time? probably. is it going to have a huge impact? i think not. so a lot of the folks who are unhappy with donald trump are not at the convention. and we can go through the list of some of them if you want. this is a trump convention. he has a solid majority of the delegates. they adopted the platform. a very conservative platform. without a fight at all. >> so that being said, though, why not go ahead with the roll call vote? because he is going to get the nomination regardless and the argument was, this would show that the republican party is being inclusive, including everyone. >> right. well, i think that probably for a couple of reasons.
11:13 pm
one it would have shown the discord and in addition, it would have taken considerable time and it was an irritation and what they have decided. and you can tell the moment that chair ruled that they didn't have enough support. in order to get this automatically, they needed seven states to request it. they started out with nine, but three states withdrew their request and they ended up with six. >> they didn't have enough. >> that's exactly right. >> okay. >> again, i don't think it will have a big impact. they could have done to be sure. at the end of the evening, i don't think this will be anything more than a memory. >> all right. terry madonna, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> joining us at this hour for
11:14 pm
insight into monday night's activities and highlights, adviser to hillary clinton's 2008 campaign, judith miller at manhattan institute for policy research and pulitzer prize winning journalist deroy murdoch joininging us now. the panel is here. and heather we will ask the illustrious panel, what say you of day one of the republican national convince in cleveland. we will start with the ladies. judith, how about you first? >> i think it was a rocky start. it was clearly rocky because of the flap over melania's speech, the plagiarized part that came from not just anyone but michelle obama. >> allegedly plagiarized. >> 22 of 24 words. that's pretty close. >> donald trump said he wanted to inject some show business into this first night. apart from his own rather
11:15 pm
unusual appearance be there wasn't a lot of showbiz. there was the ruckus in the morning. all that being said, i still think it was pretty good given the absence of so many republicans from this gathering of you know, 50,000 people expected to attend. but i think that what we have seen is the beginning of what's going to be the most negative campaign that we have experienced. because as the republicans were speaking, hillary clinton was talking to charlie rose about what a dangerous man donald trump was. so we have seen attacks on her. as crooked from the convention floor. called for her to be in jail. and she's responding with the dangerous theme with respect to donald. this is going to get very ugly. i think we saw the first round tonight. >> interesting p. >> your perspective? >> i would certainly agree with judy that it was rocky. it was not the start that donald trump wanted. i think it was interesting as i
11:16 pm
was watching from the memes on twitter where you have dancing versions of president obama or dancing verg versions of secretary clinton, really saying they think democrats are excited about how this convention got off where there was just so much unfocus around the fear mongering and just a lot of anger on that stage. but i will say what i was most surprised with is the fact melania, besides the fact she plagiarized her speech, the fact she didn't share any details and nuance about their relationship. a story about donald trump that was open him up more. conventions are about broadening your platform and bringing new people in and expansion. that is not what tonight was about. this is still preaching to the choir from the republican -- >> by this campaign from the very beginning is about something different. it is a different sort of campaign. it is not the tradition yl thing
11:17 pm
that you always hear. and i do want to say, once again, the fact it was a plagiarized speech, we can't do that. issuing one statement so far and we will have to determine exactly what happened there. also, she did say she did have some help writing the speech. as we know, everyone does. everyone has help writing these speeches. that is true. all right, your comment on your overall thoughts? >> let me correct one thing. i appreciate the comment that i'm a pulitzer prize winner, with you i'm actually not. >> well we just made you one. >> i didn't know -- >>. >> they haven't told you yet. >> that's a big surprise. >> what most struck me is the theme which is make america safe again. i think the convention did a very good job of illustrating how unsafe things have become. talking about for example the difficulty on the border. not just a matter of people coming in and perhaps putting pressure on american job market and people coming across and engaging tremendous violence. we saw victims of people who had
11:18 pm
their relatives killed by illegal aliens coming into the united states. broken law. huge rap sheets deported. and having their son killed by someone on drugs, drunk driving, driving 35 miles the wrong way and eventually smacking killing her son. we also had, i thought, very compelling story from patricia smith, the mother of shawn smith, one of the gentleman killed in benghazi. very compelling discussion about her feelings and her status about losing her son and frustration about not getting clearances from the state department. she said i blame hillary clinton personally for my son's death. that's tough stuff. i thought the convention did a good job of describing how unsafe we are. hopefully we will be safer again. and bringing out victims to talk about their personal testimony as a result of the unsafeness we are experiencing today. >> did trump do the right job tonight in sending a message about handcuff hillary on law and order?
11:19 pm
>> i think that came across very clearly on law and order. certainly the rule of law. we heard the statement repeatedly there are two standard of law. one for the rest of us and one for her majesty, hillary rodham clinton. >> her majesty? >> yes. she was exonerated so now i've elevated her to majesty. and you heard the audience chanting "lock her up, lock her up, lock her up. ." there is a sense that she breaks the law and gets away with it. there are two sets of laws. one for the clintons and one for rest of us p. >> expand your base and reach the people who are independent, politically independent like me. and yet you haven't heard a lot about why people should actually vote for donald trump. you heard much more negativity, much more on why hillary was a
11:20 pm
danger. i think that will be a real problem. >> what about patricia smith? what did you think about her specifically? she didn't move you one way or another? you don't think that's good close? >> i think if you are going with a security theme you clearly have to have that and what she said was very moving. but the fact remains when you are trying to expand your base. when you are trying to move beyond the people who are already on your side, you have to offer something personal and a reason to believe in someone. and i'm not sure i heard that tonight. >> i see nodding in agreement. real kwukquickly. we have to go. >> we heard about tuna fish sandwiches and writing in the sand when it was ann romney's turn. he didn't even listen to patricia smith's speech. he called on bill o'reilly. >> thank you. we'll be back with more. still ahead. >> stay with us.
11:21 pm
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11:24 pm
welcome back. the is her you've of milwaukee county in wisconsin, david clarke, one of the prime time speakers at day one of the republican convention. clark energizing republicans right off the bat with just three words. listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would like to make something very clear. blue lives matter. in america. [ cheers and applause ]
11:25 pm
i stand before you tonight with a heavy heart as the law enforcement community prepares to bury three of baton rouge, louisiana's finest. but there is some good news. out of baltimore, maryland, as lieutenant brian rice was quitted on all charges. in the malicious prosecution of activist state's attorney marion mosby.
11:26 pm
nine more officers were murdered. two more in baton rouge, louisiana and that is the importance of making america safe again. you see, i believe that this noble mission is not just a requirement but a prerequisite for achieving the campaign's goal of making america great again. >> we can't be safe if we don't feel safe at school and in our homes. i see this everyday at street level where more americans increasingly have an uneasiness about the ability of their families to live safely in these troubling times. this transcends race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age and lifestyle.
11:27 pm
and if you don't believe it a recent gallup poll confirms it in more than half of all-americans now worry a great deal about crime and violence of consistently and dramatically from just a few years ago and for mafrican-americans that number is 70%. sadly, for a growing number of communities and sense of safety that many of us once took for granted has been shattered. americans don't always feel safe no matter if they are working in a big city, living in a suburb or rural areas all around this great country. i often tell residents in milwaukee and the city and towns that i've visited, that safety is a shared endeavor.
11:28 pm
it starts with the willing acceptance of people to play by society's rules. a code, a code if you will, where we collectively agree upon that ensures stability, fairness and respect. it is built on a foundation of trust and each other and in the people who administer and enforce society's rules which add its foundation is the rule of law. in 1963 dr. martin luther king jr wrote passionately about the interracial of all communities and states and our network of mutuality tying us in a single garment of destiny. he spoke of the basic morality of the rule of law provided it
11:29 pm
is provided equally to both the wealthy and impoverished. both men and women. and yes, the majority and minority. [ cheers and applause ] what we witnessed in ferguson, dallas and baton rouge, so many actions of the occupy movement and black lives matter transcends protest and violates the code of conduct we rely on . i call it anarchy. you see, american law enforcement officers understand that race has been a heated issue in our country. most appreciate the vital need for thoroughness and pursuit of the greater good in their action answers in their investigations.
11:30 pm
these are self evident to me and which i practice and they are the truth that donald trump understands and supports! [ cheers and applause ] donald trump is the steadfast leader our nation needs. he has spoken passionately to me of his belief in our american system of justice and he speaks to the values that are at the foundation of our social contract. throughout his campaign and over many years before he has consistently and constantly raised his voice not only in defense of the character of the american police officers but the need for all people to feel that they are being treated fairly and respectfully by law enforcement.
11:31 pm
you see, donald trump understands that what can make our nation safe again is a recommitment to a system of justice in which no government official, not even those who have fought their way to the marble and granite halls of washington, no private citizen, no elected official, even hillary clinton, and no group of people despite the fervor with which they press forward their grievances can claim privilege above the law. it cannot happen in the united states. [ cheers and applause ] the rule of law in america is strong. it is in those simple facts and in our acts we will move forward
11:32 pm
toward making america safe again. god bless you, and may god continue to bless these united states of america. >> that was the sheriff of milwaukee county in wisconsin, david clarke. >> let's go to our panel quickly for their reaction. panel, what do you say about david clarke's statement tonight? >> well i think he is one of the most effective of the donald trump supporters. he is articulate. he speaks for law enforcement with deep knowledge. he echos the theme of blue lives matter and as giuliani said, all lives matter. that being said and bill bratton and police commissionener new york said, are in unchartered waters when you have eight cops killed in the past two weeks. i didn't hear a lot of specifics about what to do. >> i thought he was very forceful and eloquent. he is an extremely well-spoken man and on the issue of blue lives matter i thought juny spoke live as well.
11:33 pm
they don't ask what color you are. they just come. and they ask about police loved ones and unjustified and a very interesting comment coming from him and all of the heat taken from racist unquote for bringing up the issue of black on black crime. in fact when he was mayor, if the crime continued, something like 8 will,000 more people would have been killed so he has credit for saving 7,000 to 8,000 lives in the city and he never does. >> i think he got the largest applause for the evening. but this is someone who called african-americans uneducated, lazy and morally bankrupt. this goes back to the issue of who are you speaking to at your convention. are you speaking to the people who are going to cheer the loudest for david clarke, that is not who is going to put donald trump into the white house p. so i do find it a little bit surprising that they went with the most polarizing speakers on this first night. when they have an opportunity to tell a different story.
11:34 pm
and the other thing that story telling wasn't a part of tonight but also truth telling but the fact that crime has plummeted in the last two decades when you have a sheriff up there stoking fear when he should be saying, violent crimes have decreased significantly in the last 20 years, that i think is not -- >> thank you for your comments. a lot of people would dispute a lot of the things that you said because some would say that crime has arguably risen in the urban communities where it has to be fought most. and that takes a lot of account and responsibility. i was struck by him using martin luther king, jr. about interconnected us. it reminded me of bernice king, daughter of martin luther king, jr., and coming together as a society. the floor is dark right now. but hours ago it was packed with men and women who could become the future of the party. >> we will talk about that up next. stay with us.
11:35 pm
11:36 pm
11:37 pm
as they say, the first few days of a convention is about the party and the last night or last days about the candidates. >> that's where they say. and certainly one of the goals of a convention is to lay the ground work, if you will, for future races and if you look very carefully to the crowd at the quicken loans arena in cleveland you may have spotted a few men and women who represent the future of the party. joining us now from cleveland,
11:38 pm
columnist for the national review magazine, on, good of you to join us. wish you were in new york but looks like you are having a great time-out there. tell us, based on what we saw, as we looked out over the audience tonight. >> this convention is a transition from previous conventions. this is a different type of candidate in donald trump. a lot will be told in the november election. if donald trump wins and becomes president, his issues will be highlighted. if he loses i think there will be a lot of regret and people who say we shouldn't have began and taken a different turn. another candidate might have done better. and i think the party will pretty much putview mirror. a lot of this depends on november. pure and simple. >> his vp choice, mike pence of
11:39 pm
indiana, calling themselves law and order candidates. you think they were able to drive this message not only to people in cleveland but to people throughout the united states tonight in. >> in 1968 richard nixon took advantage of the chaos and uncertainty in the country and was also able to call himself the law and order candidate and he gain smed some votes from th. donald trump benefits from everything international and domestic that leads people to think after eight years of barack obama the country is more unstable, the world is more uncertain. allies are confuseed. i believe to the extent that there is more instability and more incidents like the one in baton rouge, hillary clinton has to more or less defend the obama record and donald trump can go straight after it. >> john, when you look what rudy giuliani talked about tonight, former mayor of new york, and mayor during the 9/11 attack,
11:40 pm
when he said what happened to there is no black america, no white america, just one america, what happened to that? he was of course referring to the statements that then senator barack obama, wasn't and even senator yet, running for senate in 2004 when he said that in boston. i was there. we said yeah, there are no blue states or red states or purple states, we are one america. giuliani is asking, what happened to that? >> barack obama had enormous goodwill becoming president. lots of people wanted him to succeed. sadly, i think he reverted to the themes of the far left of his party. which is all about victimization. and the easiest victims to identify and to tell about their flight are minorities. and sometimes that's appropriate and sometimes it's frankly political demagogue and patronizing. >> and also good to let victims know that they too can be
11:41 pm
victors. >> i don't think there was enough of that under the obama years. >> thank you. good of you to join us this hour in the morning. >> sure, thanks. >> tonight, kelly, we may have gotten a preview of donald trump's big speech later this week and the campaign strategy against hillary clinton. and joining us now from our new york studio is the host on fox and fox news contributor and we should say clinton supporter. donald trump and republicans will try to convince voters that he is the law and order candidate. they have strongly word aid tacks against clinton. tamara, what did you think? how did they do? >> i think they did well. this has nothing to do with me being a clinton supporter. i know sometimes people think if you support one candidate that is why you would attack another. that's not my position. i have tried so hard it actually
11:42 pm
support donald trump. i found this -- i found this law and order tone to be so negative. and i understand that that people are scared in america. s pokemon and i was afraid of terrorists. i don't think the fear mongering, law and order focus, that's all it was, no policy, no uniting of the american people, i found it to be aggressive and just nonconvincing. >> will the topic keep america safe again, we heard marcus come forward, we heard shawn smith's mother come forward. she is specifically blaming hillary clinton. saying she hold her personally accountable. what were your thoughts on her speech specifically?
11:43 pm
>> well, you know, i feel like a lot of the speakers have spoken frequently on fox news and there's the ones that everybody sees that who watches fox news and there's nothing new. i'm not saying that their message is not important. i think what she's been through is terrible and she will mourn the loss of her son's life forever. but there are many ways to attack hillary clinton. and the benghazi attack over and over and over again isn't enough to get voters. and it is the same people saying the same things. i think it is because donald trump has no other options except to watch this great network that we're on and get his speakers -- >> you use the word fear mongering and you mention you yourself being afraid that you know there will be a terrorist attack. there has been a rise in terrorist attacks both here at home and overseas.
11:44 pm
that, no one can argue. also a rise in attacks and deaths of police officers on our streets trying to do our jobs and good in and protect people regardless of the color of their skin. so do you feel safer now than you did before? >> well i think we have to separate the issues. one of the things i am is a lir and we learn in law school how to separate the issues. the attacks on police officers are not the same as dealing with islamic extremists. and just keep in mind that the man who just killed police officers in baton rouge, he was a veteran of the iraq war. we have 20 veterans die a day by suicide. we have a serious mental health crisis in america with veterans. and i find it interesting that that isn't talked about. of course that's not an excuse. but we don't know why this was a trigger. and that could have been one of the reasons. i think it is interesting that pro veterans people forgot to
11:45 pm
talk about that. >> tam tamara, we do know that he was all over the internet. he add youtube channel where he talked about killing police officers. he talked about race. specifically talking about the incidents that happened in the last week. >> and was also a veteran of the iraq war. >> from what i understand he had desk duty. >> it doesn't matter what kind of duty he had. he was a veteran and went to war for the united states. i don't think you can minimize who did what. he was there and exposed to a war environment. it is something it look at. i'm not making a excuse for killing police officers. that's a terrible thing. but we also need to look at entire person before we just make a blanket statement about why they did something. >> yeah. all right, tamara, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate you very early this morning. no one would argue, of course our veterans absolutely deserve better care. we need to be taking about it.
11:46 pm
but perhaps that had nothing to do with this specific incident. >> we don't know but she is good on the point about mental health issues. we have too many soldiers, veterans losing their lives on a daily basis by suicide. we have so much more to cover tonight. we will get a reaction on what happened overnight with the rnc day one and from the founder director of the center for community violence, he will weigh in on the police issue. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. bp wind farms are monitored 24/7 at our remote operations center, so onsite teams can count on early warning of approaching weather. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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>> joining us by phone now, bobby kipper, founder and director of national center for prevention of community violence. bobby is a former police officer out of newport news, virginia and worked with the bush administration and state of virginia in stopping gang violence or at least trying to bring an understanding of it and he talks a lot about community policing. bobby thanks for joining us this morning, this early morning, to weigh in on this issue and what we heard rudy giuliani talk about. which is when police officers come in to save someone, they come to save you regardless of what color you are or what faith you are. they are coming to save pup what do you say about rudy giuliani's comments earlier this evening. >> caller: he is right on target. since the dallas incident
11:51 pm
recently, understanding that police officers were there trying to ensure that people's first amendment rights within the community, to is a voice, get activists out there, and their own belief systems and yet in the midst of all that the officers come under attack. he is right on. he is right on target. police were there trying to do the best they could in responding to law and order for everybody involved. and so he is write on target. >> to your point, dallas police community is one that actively cares about its policing and reaches out to all of the community and they were a model of that. in baton rouge you heard that the governor talk about today there, of louisiana, explaining how this was a diabolical attack on three police officers and that he wanted to say that community of baton rouge came out and supported police officers even in the wake of what happened with alton
11:52 pm
sterling. so when you have police actually try to go out and engage in the community in the preppate manner to reach out and build the trust so that it is not broken, and even if it broken, they are trying to bring that reconciliation back. what do you say in terms of what is going on right now? eight police murders and no one is talking about moving forward. you worked with that. what does america have to do to move forward and heal this wound? >> i think that a bridge that separates many communities and tremendous work on behalf of law enforcement and m america on trying to have more standard across the board. and we believe that if you bring everyone to the table and explain what it is that you care for one another and it is a process of actually caring for
11:53 pm
people but we are across america becoming very popular under a number of states. we just believe that bridges that separate and a lot of rhetoric. people dent understand what the policing is in our country. the major police chiefs in america want dialogue. they want open communication with they're people. they want a community, including activist in community, so you have to make that and -- [ inaudible ] >> bobby kipper, thank you for joining us. we will have to you bayou back talk about actively caring and policing and many of the chiefs in many situations have said repeatedly they reached out to the communities and work well with communities. we appreciate your perspective on what you are doing to help your fellow police officers gain
11:54 pm
the respect that they deserve in their communities. bobby kipper, thank you. >> thank you. >> fox news alert for you now. u.s. military confirming that north korea launched three missiles. not known if it was meant to coincide with day one of the convention which has the theme make america safe again. for more on this, green, part of hillary clinton's 2008 campaign, and manhattan institute for policy research and syndicated columnest, deroy murdoch. i will start with you, deroy. north korea possibly launching three missiles. this world today we have north korea. we have problems in the south china sea. we have russia. we have syria. iraq. and iran.
11:55 pm
the nuclear deal. how do you think that republicans did regarding those issues this evening? >> i think these missiles completely underscore the point raised. it is an incredibly dangerous plan and is more and more dangerous day by day. missiles flying over north korea and racing over iran. since the iran nuke deal there have been i believe four ballistic missile tests that iran conducted even though the u.s. resolutions tied into the iran nuke deal said those were not to take place. they are. this is on top of the $150 billion that this government gave to the ayatollahs in teheran. the number one sponsor of international radical islamic terrorism. despite all of the wonderful concessions and hard cash we have given them you have illegal missile tests going on taking place in iran and now missiles fired from north korea as well. >> and judy, in terms of hillary clinton, who was secretary of state, during president obama's
11:56 pm
years, for a portion of the years, she would be held accountable for some of this. >> she is going to be held accountable. she said i am not a clone of obama. she said that tonight but i do intend it carry forth his legacy. however, i really have to take issue with my friend deroy because i have studied and written about the iran nuclear deal a lot. and virtually every major defense official who looked at this said for the moment the deal is actually working. it is not $150 billion that's been given to the the iranians. it is less than 50. and moreover, even the israelis that i spoke to last week when i was there, are saying that for the moment this is a good deal for america. i think we can argue the iran deal back and forth. there is no doubt that a country like north korea is enormously problematic for the united states and that this young unpredictable material leader is going to give whoever is elected
11:57 pm
press a lot of trouble. >> jimez. >> it is interesting we are talking about the possibility of north korea when you have someone in donald trump who started his convention tonight who has praised this leader. praised saddam hussein. it is interesting when you compare rnc opening night and dnc. i think you will hear a lot more nuance and more details and substance of how we face these global challenges versus maybe just praising the donald trump has done of these lunatics. >> we have to step in there. donald trump's vp pick, mike pence, making a cameo in cleveland for day one.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
nomination. each day gets to say how its delegates are voting. he broke with tradition to introduce his wife and he walked out to queen's iconic tune "we are the champions." >> and for more on the opening
12:01 am
day of the republican national convention, fox news correspondent rich edson joins us from cleveland. >> reporter: day one was a day that the republicans highlighted national security, domestic security, support for law enforcement, make america safe again was their theme for the first day. it was an evening of claiming president obama and his first secretary of state hillary clinton have done a poor job of securing the u.s. through their foreign policy and domestic policy, and here's a bit of that. >> we do not need a weak, spineless president who is more concerned about issuing apologies than in protecting americans. we do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law. >> for president obama and hillary clinton being popular is
12:02 am
more important than being the commander in chief. >> usually, you don't see the nominee or the presumptive nominee until the final evening or a little bit later in the convention schedule. we got that last night, donald trump making this dramatic entrance, all with the purposes of introducing his wife, melania trump. she pivoted the tone of the campaign, spoke an awful lot about her story, what it's like for her husband to be running for president, his decision to do so. but there's some criticism of her speech in that it sounded an awful lot like the one michelle obama had given in the 2008 democratic national convention. we've gotten a statement from the trump campaign about those similarities and charges of plagiarism. the campaign says, "in writing her beautiful speech, melania's team of writers took notes on her life's inspirations, and in some instances included fragments that reflected her own thinking. melania's immigrant experience
12:03 am
and love for america shone through in her speech, which made it such a success." not addressed in here in this comment from the trump campaign anything having to do with the questions we've asked, was okay, it sounds an awful lot like that 2008 speech. before the speakers from last evening got on stage, there was a bit of convention business to take care of. the anti-trump faction again tried to unbound delegates. essentially what that is, it would allow delegates to vote for whomever they want as opposed donald trump on the first ballot. that could open this up to an enormous -- the convention chair essentially put that down. there were protests. a number of delegates walked out of the convention. but it moves forward again today. today's theme is supposed to be make america -- or make the economy strong again. make america work again. sorry. it's an economic focus from what we had today of course was a national security focus. so we'll hear about the economy, the economic plan from republicans today, after a day of national security on day one. back to you.
12:04 am
>> rich, we appreciate your efforts and for staying up and giving us a full report on what's going on. we look forward to what will take place later today there in cleveland. rich edson reporting live. meantime, indiana governor mike pence arrived in cleveland late monday for more on donald trump's vp pick i'm joined by adita sa richlt na,er aide to george w. bush, and she worked with governor pence on his campaigns for governor and for congress. thank you for joining us so early this morning, didi. >> anything for you, heather. >> tell us a little bit more about governor pence. some inside scoop since you worked with him. >> well, i definitely had the inside scoop, heather, because i grew up in southern indiana right down the road from where mike grew up. we also went to the same college at different times. and were in the same major. so i get how mike thinks. i know him very well. in indiana it's a close-knit world. so mike is one of those guys
12:05 am
that everyone likes. he's easy to get along with. and if he says something he means it. this is like a guy next door that you would trust with your kids. this is someone that -- he's just like the salt of the earth. and the thing about mike, i was thinking about how do you talk about trump and pence as a pair and wanting to continue? it made me think of "top gun." the reason for that is because donald trump is like maverick. he's the guy that's always shooting the bullets and he's always shooting people down. and you you know, he ends up winning in the end but he does it in an unconventional way and very aggressive. and then you've got mike pence, and he isy iceman. he doesn't move quickly and he's very dependable and he's accurate and he says what he -- he says what he means and means what he says. mike's just one of those guys that you just love. and he's going to bring in the christian conservatives and also the social conservatives. and those are people that donald trump needs to bring across the finish line. >> dee dee, there's also not
12:06 am
only the difference in the personalities, there's some difference in how they stand on some of the issues as well. how do you think they need to address those, or how do you think that governor pence will address those? specifically dealing with the vote on the iraq war, dealing with trade negotiations. >> well, look, governor pence, he's going to be very respectful of i believe future president trump because otherwise they wouldn't be a team. he will be his wing man. he will say look, they're not going to agree on everything exactly but he's already made some adjustments, as he should, because if he's going to serve with future president trump hopefully, they've got to be on the same wavelength. you know, and he's already made those adjustments. and look, mike is a conservative. he is a rock solid conservative. and again, you're not always going to agree completely. look, bush-cheney was a wonderful team, but they did not always agree. but they made it work.
12:07 am
mike pence will be a wonderful vice president. he -- >> how will he -- i'm sorry, dee dee. we have limited time. >> sure. >> how will he help bring in those independents or some additional voters in those key swing states who are undecided? >> well, i think he'll motivate the base. and we have got to motivate the base to win this race. and the problem is you know, there's a little bit of a ruckus on the floor. and the thing about mike pence is he's going to calm those people down. because you know, a lot of people that have trouble with donald trump they say he's not conservative enough, they don't know him, they don't see it. well, look, mike was in congress. he was number 3 in the country in congress, and he's a social conservative. he is very trustworthy. i do think -- and people who don't know donald trump, they do know mike pence. he's been around. and i think when he gives a speech this week people will fall in love with him. i think it will make a big difference and they'll work well together. they're the ying yang. it's going to be a good team. they're going to win. >> he has some strong numbers economically that he can discuss
12:08 am
there and show in terms of indiana and his term there. dee dee sorvino joining us live this morning. thank you so much. great to see you. >> thank you, heather. so great to see you too. and now for more on day one of the convention, we turn now to david scaros. i'm sorry, dino scaros, executive editor of the national herald and author of "grumpy old party: 20 tips on how the republicans can shed their anger, reclaim their respectability, and win back the white house." let me start with that one, dino. how do they do that? >> well, first of all, they have to stop doing what they've been doing for the last dozen years or so, and the republican party is foundationally dysfunctional. they have to come to terms with the fact there are four different types of republicans. there are what i'd call the country club republicans like the mitt romney types. they're about amags and keeping
12:09 am
as much wealth as possible without having the government interfere. you have the rand paul types. they're the libertarian types that are afraid of eminent domain and big brother. you have the evangelical christian -- evangelical christian values types like the ted cruz types. and then you have the national security law and order types. and right now that's the wing of the party that is gaining the most traction, and the problem is all four of those cannot really comfortably live under one big tent. the whole big tent theory is a myth, i think. >> you remind me of something then president george w. bush said when he spoke to members of the naacp as well as the national urban league and then he talked to the republican party, explaining that they all need to be more inclusive to reach out to everybody. to all races, all faiths, all ethnicities. has the republican party in your
12:10 am
opinion been able to accomplish that or because of these four definitions that you've talked about, they've remained at odds with each other. >> i think for the most part they've remained at odds. it's not so much for lack of trying even though in some cases it is because i remember after 9/11 then president bush and vice president cheney were driving up the upper west side. and i think somebody joked to them in manhattan and said i think we got about two votes in this neighborhood and that's -- >> dino, in the interests of time, why is this happening within the republican party? it seems to be something that's plagued them for a while. and why can't they get their act together? and is donald trump the one to bring together the unity? >> well, donald trump is -- i don't know if unity is the answer because i think that the party leaders and the party powers that be are so out of
12:11 am
touch with the voters, and i mean, we've seen that in this election. and the theme of my book is how clueless they are in terms of winning elections. i think donald trump is a prime example of the fact that there is a huge chunk of republican voters who have been double-parked in the republican party since ronald reagan because reagan was really more of a populist and a patriot than a pure trickle-down economics guy. and i think this brand of extreme trickle-down economics that a lot of the country club republicans are purporting is not what these voters really want, and they've been voting republican by default. and trump comes along, who's really more of a populist, and the strategy to keep him down was oh, well, he's not conservative enough. and a lot of these leaders don't realize that the people are saying you know what, neither are we, and we just figured it out. >> dino, we thank you for your
12:12 am
perspective. and your book is called what again? >> "grumpy old party." and it talks about all this and more about the election. and i really hope the powers that be read it between now and election day so they can get their act together. >> all right, dino, thank you. good day to you. rejoining us this hour for some insight into last night's convention highlights, jimmy green. judith miller is a pulitzer plies-winning journalist and adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research. and deroye murdoch, syndicated columnist. thank you all for joining us once again. deroye, i'm going to start with you this time, and i would like for you to react to jimu, as we finished our last segment we were talking about the term "unpredictability," which we did hear this evening. and jimu referenced that in terms of north korea who we heard with the breaking news, possibly has fired three missiles this evening. also donald trump, his past comments about saddam hussein.
12:13 am
>> sure. well, i think the unpredictability is something we see all the time. i literally find myself dish go out to see friends for dinner, i come home, turn on the tv, and this happened a few nights ago. chaos in dallas. five cops killed. seven others wounded. and then yesterday, a couple days ago we had the three cops shot in baton rouge. i mean, it's gotten so bad to be candid sometimes i just turn off the tv. it's that awful. the unpredictability is not that maybe something good will happen we haven't predicted. it's going to be one awful thing after another bit of bad news after another horror show whether it's paris or brussels or san bernardino or orlando or what have you. and i think the unpredictability unfortunately is the result of an increasingly unstable nation and planet and it's just usually one bad thing after another. >> but is it fair to compare donald trump and his unpredictability to the leader of north korea? >> no. i'm more referring to the fact that it's an unstable and unsafe world. i think as a result of obama's and clinton's policies. i'm hoping donald trump as
12:14 am
proech will 's approach will be a better approach. what he said about saddam hussein, he repeatedly said he's a bad guy, terrible guy, the one good thing he did was kill terrorists. actually i think saddam hussein was supportive of terrorists. but it actually wasn't like trump came out and said what i great guy saddam hussein was. i think those comments were taken out of context and twisted. >> what we're talking about here is leadership. i'm reminded of what mayor rawlins of dallas, texas said in the wake of the attack on police officers in dallas where five died and were recently funeralized. now we have baton rouge. so it goes to the core of national security and making america safe again, which was donald trump's theme for the first opening round of the republican party. but mayor rawlins wanted to say words matter and we must find healing from our community to all of the nation, that we have to stand together and hear and words matter. then he said leadership matters. so i want to pose this question
12:15 am
to the panel. are we seeing enough leadership from the republican party? and are we seeing enough leadership from the democrat party? i mean, americans are at their wids' end saying who's really going to lead this nation to be better than what it was today and yesterday? >> i certainly don't think fear mongering is leadership, and i don't think -- listening to all of the speeches from tonight, i don't recall any healing words -- >> but jemu, why is it -- >> -- being spoken at the convention. >> why is it fear mongering when it is happening? it is happening. people are not safe. our police officers are not safe. >> well, i think, again, you have to look at the difference between rielg ling up your base truth telling. crime is down in the last two decades. immigration from mexico specifically, an area that donald trump really cares about, that is at a record low.
12:16 am
there are less immigrants from mexico -- >> open carry laws. how do you feel about open carry laws? >> well, i think the law enforcement community has said very clearly they don't feel safe about -- >> texas, specifically, where open carry is allowed. dallas, texas specifically where the shooting happened. you're right. crime is down. but law enforcement -- >> they would prefer they don't have civilians walking around with high-powered rifles. >> but crime is down and -- >> to kelly's point about words matter, i think this is really important if you think about the political rhetoric and how far we have come. if you think about in 2004 if john kerry had put on the convention stage victims of 9/11 blaming george w. bush people would have been up in arms. that is what happened here tonight. and there is no one saying how far did we come -- >> i don't think it's a matter of -- >> -- to come together az
12:17 am
country -- >> i don't think it's -- >> when you have victims of a terrorist attack -- >> -- that relatives -- >> -- blaming an elected official. >> of people killed in benghazi saying they blame hillary clinton for it when they specifically had their relatives saying we need more security, our protection's being taken away -- >> would you have supported that on the floor with 9/11 victims? if john kerry put 9/11 victims on that stage -- >> i don't think -- there was no connection -- >> whoa, whoa, everybody. just for a moment. we have a minute left. the bottom line is you were saying fear mongering. was it fear mongering by rudy giuliani to say that when police respond to these calls they don't care if you're black or white, they want to come in and save you. judith, i'll give you the final word. >> of course rudy giuliani has been a fierce champion of the police, and the police respect that. police organizations, many of them have endorsed donald trump. but let us remember that a major police organization asked john
12:18 am
kasich, the governor of ohio, to ban the open carry, suspend, it rule for this convention and john kasich said there's nothing i can do, the law is the law. the problem is we are now so politically polarized that what people say is bound to stir up one side or another and be interpreted in one way by one side and exactly the opposite by the other. and bringing us together now, that is a wonderful kumbayaish feeling. it ain't going to happen. >> i'm glad you raised that because mayor rawlins of dallas raised that issue and he was right on the target. and the problem is that our politicians are not always listening to what our law enforcement personnel are saying. >> yes, but kelly, barack obama changed his rhetoric as the killings increased. he went from talking about the fear of blacks in their own communities against the police to doing something about establishing law and order and
12:19 am
the police. rhetoric has to be adjusted. and we haven't seen that from either side. >> i'm getting a wrap. we could take this so much further. >> absolutely. >> it may be a first in american presidential politics. >> yeah. and those politicians i would add are not always honest. well, ohio's governor is a no-show. we talked about that. while his state hosts his party's convention. and just another unconventional return. is that what it is? we'll talk about this roller coaster of a primary and this roller coaster on the set up next.
12:20 am
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at a great price with over $500 in savings. call today and ask how to get these savings plus a $250 prepaid card. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. republicans raised the curtain on their convention with several notable absences, including ohio governor john kasich, whose
12:23 am
state is in fact hosting the event. the governor suspended his own presidential campaign earlier this year and has been an outspoken trump critic. joining us again from cleveland, vince colonise, executive editor of the daily caller. thank you for sticking around for us. thank you so much. your take on this. why wasn't he there? >> well, he's clearly ticked off at donald trump. and he likes being in this position where he can sort of battle him. a lot of people are saying he wants to run again in four years, he's kind of expecting donald trump to lose. it's just bizarre. it's just amazing to see that the republican governor of ohio is not even attending the convention in his own state. but he was just feet away today from the convention giving a speech just outside the security perimeter. he clearly likes the atext tension. he's coming into the vicinity because i think he li concentrating on the fact that he's openly not supporting donald trump. >> we talked earlier about the
12:24 am
entire ohio delegation, and normally tradition would have it that they would have a key spot up front in the convention. they're a little bit in the back this time. or they are in the back. and the reason being given, i was listening to bret baier is that in fact trump didn't win ohio. does he need ohio? does it matter that kasich's not there? >> i think he wants ohio. i think he wants the working-class voter in ohio to support him. and he definitely wants ohio. right? but i think he feels very slighted by john kasich. and let's thinking back to the last time we had a huge political event in cleveland, which was the first gop debate on fox. and that very first question that bret baier, who you just mentioned, asked about whether or not you would support the eventual nominee. when those -- that hand raising that went on there, john kasich pledged to support the eventual republican nominee on that very stage inside the quicken loans arena and now the convention's there and he's not supporting trump. that's pretty big. >> so today's events they're
12:25 am
focusing on the economy. the first day they focused on security of americans both abroad and here at home. if you've been watching, we just had a fiery discussion on that front. how do you think that they did today? day one as we wrap up. >> i think they succeeded in making this both an indictment of hillary clinton's handling of national security issues and in trying to -- i don't know if they've succeeded but they definitely made inroads into trying to convince the american public that donald trump is the steady hand. if not steady certainly is decisive about what he sees as real threats. very, very impassioned speeches about he's going to go after terrorists. he's going to kill them. and that's the kind of not -- you get much more nuanced indecisive rhetoric from the hillary clinton side of the aisle, and i think donald trump's surrogates really tried to make a case today that he's the one who's decisive. >> but was it all fire and not enough substance? i think that is what we're trying to get at here. what do you think? >> well, obviously, donald trump
12:26 am
has a lot to prove when it comes to substance. a lot of people are sort of waiting for him to continue to flesh out the specifics of his policy proposals. he's leaned heavily on mysteriousness is good in national security, that if he's vague about these things it doesn't tip off our enemies in any direction that he's going to head. but both donald trump and hillary clinton are unpopular in a lot of ways with the american electorate. but if trump succeeded today on this first day of making security the emphasis in a world where security is very much a concern, he's going to greatly benefit i think. i don't think today was a disaster by any stretch of the imagination. i think he succeeded to some extent. >> i don't think he needs to make an emphasis. i think in light of all the current events it is an emphasis for all of us. thank you so much, vince, appreciate you joining us. i'm sure we'll see you throughout the week. >> absolutely. thank you. >> and as we've discussed, terrorism is a major issue in this year's presidential election. >> our next guest says the ongoing threat of radical islam could be a major factor as
12:27 am
voters pick the next president. that on the other side of the break.
12:28 am
12:29 am
former new york city mayor rudy giuliani taking the stage at the republican convention, highlighting the night's theme, make america safe again. has the crowd clearly fired up as giuliani spoke passionate words about police officers and
12:30 am
criticizing hillary clinton's record as secretary of state. here is his speech in its entirety. >> thank you, new york! for a new yorker for once on the ticket. donald trump. i'm here to speak to you about a very serious subject. how to make america safe. the vast majority of americans today do not feel safe. they fear for their children. they fear for themselves. they fear for our police officers, who are being targeted with a target on their back. we pray for our police officers in dallas and balloton rouge and
12:31 am
their families. [ applause ] and we say thank you to the cleveland police department for protecting us. thank you! [ applause ] we know. we know the risk you're taking. and we say thank you to every police officer and law enforcement agency who's out tonight, protecting us, black, white, latino, of every race, every color, every creed, every sexual orientation. when they come to save your life, they don't ask if you are black or white! they just come to save you!
12:32 am
we also -- we also reach out. we reach out our arms with understanding and compassion to those who have lost loved ones because of police shootings, some justified, some unjustified. those that are unjustified must be punished. those that are justified, we must apologize to. it's time to make america safe again. it's time to make america one again. one america!
12:33 am
what happened to -- what happened to there's no black america, there's no white america, there is just america! what happened to it? where did it go? how has it flown away? i know, i know we can change it because i did it by changing new york city from the crime capital of america to the safest large city in the united states. what i did for new york donald trump will do for america!
12:34 am
i have known donald trump for almost 30 years. and he has created and accomplished great things, in my city and all over the world. but beyond that, this is a man with a big heart. every time new york suffered a tragedy donald trump was there to help. he's not going to like my telling you this. but he did it anonymously. when police officers were shot, when firefighters were hurt, when people were in trouble, he came forward and he helped and he asked not to be mentioned. well, i am going to break my promise to him. i am going to mention it. this is a man with a big heart who loves people. all people.
12:35 am
from the top to the bottom. from the middle to the side. i am telling you this because i am sick and tired of the defamation of donald trump by the media and by the clinton campaign. i am sick and tired of it! this is a good man! and america should be sick and tired of their vicious, nasty campaign. you deserve to know this about your next president. he's been a great father. father-in-law, grandfather, and friend to me, my wife, judith, and my family for now almost 30
12:36 am
years. i know him personally, and this is a very good and decent man, and he will be a great president. [ applause ] in the last seven months there have been five major islamic terrorist attacks on us and our allies. we must not be afraid to define our enemy. it is islamic extremist terrori terrorism. i, i for the purposes of the med media, i did not say all of isl islam. i did not say most of islam.
12:37 am
i said islamic extremist terrorism. you know who you are! and we're coming to get you! [ applause ] failing to identify them, failing to identify them properly maligns all those good muslims around the world who are being killed by them. they are killing more muslims than anyone else. it also sets up a fear of being politically incorrect that can have serious consequences. it did in san bernardino. it did with major nadal.
12:38 am
he was yelling allah akbar. the only person who couldn't figure out this was an islamic terrorist extremist attack was barack obama. who called it workplace violence. this is why our enemies see us as weak and vulnerable. donald trump has said the first step in defeating our enemies is to identify them properly and see the connections between them so we can find them and catch them. to defeat islamic extremist terrorists we must put them on defense. if they are at war against us, which they have declared, we must commit ourselves to unconditional victory against
12:39 am
them! this includes undoing one of the worst deals america ever made, obama's nuclear agreement with ir iran, that will eventually -- that will eventually let them become a nuclear power and is putting billions of dollars back into a country that's the world's largest supporter of terrorism. we are actually giving them the money to fund the terrorists who are killing us and our allies! we are giving them the money. are we crazy? donald trump will make sure any
12:40 am
agreement with iran meets the original goals of the u.n. and our allies, a non-nuclear iran. [ applause ] donald trump is a leader. he will reassert america's position as the nation with the best values to lead the world. it was hillary clinton who advocated for the overthrow of gadhafi in libya. now libya is in chaos. hillary clinton is accountable for this and much more. her dereliction of duty and failure to keep her people safe played a major role as you heard tonight in the horrific islamic terrorist murders on september 11 and 12, 2012 in benghazi, which claimed the lives of four brave americans. ambassador j. christopher
12:41 am
stevens, u.s. foreign service officer sean smith, and cia agents tyrone s. woods and glenn daugherty. may they rest in peace. [ applause ] and clinton in the obama administration for political reasons lied about the purpose of the attacks including hillary clinton lying directly to the families of the people who were killed right to their face! hillary clinton's answer to congress about the death of these four brave americans, because of her gross failures as secretary of state, was "what difference at this point does it make?"
12:42 am
what difference does it make? watch the video yourself. and see the arrogant disregard for american lives lost unnecessarily because of her and then make up your own mind. anyone who -- [ crowd chanting "usa" ] it means we're getting to them. it means we're getting to them. it means we're getting to them. anyone who can say that it makes no difference how or why people serving america are killed should not be entrusted with the awesome responsibility to protect them and us and should
12:43 am
not be allowed to be our commander in chief. who would trust hillary clinton to protect them? i wouldn't. would you? donald trump will change all of that. and more. in short, he will lead by leading, not by following. you know donald trump will secure our borders. his opponent has had her chance to do this, and she has failed. hillary clinton is for open borders. she is -- she is in favor of even taking syrian refugees, even though the islamic state has told us they are going to put their operatives in with the syrian refugees.
12:44 am
operatives who are terrorists who are going to come to western europe and come here and kill us. they've told us that. and she still wants to take in these syrians. we can't afford to repeat the mistakes of the past. hillary clinton's -- hillary clinton's experience is the basis for her campaign. hillary clinton's experience is exactly the reason she should not be president of the united states. there's -- there's no next election. this is it. there's no more time for us left to revive our great country. no more time to repeat our mistakes of the clinton-obama
12:45 am
years. washington needs a complete turnaround, and donald trump is the agent of change, and he will be the leader of the change we need. he will make america once again like the president i worked for, ronald reagan, the shining city on the hill. vote for donald trump for a safer america and for an america headed in a different direction. greatness! god bless our next president donald trump and god bless the united states of america! usa! >> that's former mayor rudolph giuliani speaking at the rnc.
12:46 am
joining us now from cleveland, john fund, columnist for "national review" magazine. john, what do you say of rudy giuliani's fiery speech on the convention floor? >> take no prisoners. >> yeah. >> it's hard to believe rudy giuliani was once a democrat and even supported george mcgovern for president. come full circle. this was a searing indictment of hillary clinton's leadership capabilities, her record in office, and of course barack obama, the person who hired her as secretary of state. this was red meat for the audience. >> i was just going to say the same thing. he spoke to the base for donald trump. and one would have to judge by viewing the people on their feet applauding him throughout that speech that he delivered exactly what donald trump had been hoemg he would do that particular night for the opening night. so how does it look going into
12:47 am
this as donald trump tries to declare himself as a law and order candidate and then hearing that through the eyes or the perspective of rudy giuliani? >> well, i think the convention has to strike a balance. on the one hand, there's all kinds of renneses to go after hillary clinton and indirectly barack obama. on the other hand, there also has to be a positive vision of america. and i realize that tonight was mostly national security. there will be other themes the other nights. but they have to be a balance. i don't think donald trump can win over independent voters unless he convinces them that he has to put meat on the bones, how to make america great again, exactly how do you do that? >> that's the question a lot of people are asking. yes, exactly. you have to get beyond just the sheer rhetoric. so i want to go back to what rudy was talking about and kind of unpack some of this because as you're talking about that, they have to put meat on the bones, one of the things he said that really struck me, and this is a direct salvo that he was
12:48 am
firing to hillary clinton and barack obama by using some of president obama's own words, he went on to say what happened to there's no black america, there's no white america, there's just one america, going back to that 2004 convention speech that then barack obama was campaigning to become a senator stated on the convention floor, the democratic convention in boston. >> the contrast between barack obama the candidate and barack obama as he leaves office is wide. and a lot of people of course had enormous goodwill when barack obama was inaugurated. a lot of that has dissipated. and rudy giuliani really put it to barack obama because ultimately although there are lots of things that happen in the country the president isn't responsible for, the president is responsible for the tone of his rhetoric. and barack obama's rhetoric and his approach and his treatment -- rhetorical treatment of police officers has not been healing. it has been divisive.
12:49 am
>> before i let you go, getting back to the police officers now and the divisive issue, giuliani said something that was also very key. he said when police come to rescue people it isn't because they're black or white, they're coming to save you. >> well, i live in new york city and i certainly remember that rudy giuliani and his police commissioners had a great deal to do with making new york much more safe and livable. and err seeing the benefits of that to this day. barack obama -- you know, again, at the very minimum barack obama didn't have to get involved. doesn't have to get involved in every single incident, police incident around the country. he does it very selectively and he does it in such a way i don't think hens the situation. he either should stay out of all of them or he should be more healing. >> john fund, we thank you for that. to be fair, giuliani also said when police are wrong they have to be punished. >> amen to that. >> he covered a lot of bases. john fund, good of you to join
12:50 am
us tonight. thanks for staying up all night to bring us all the details. thank you, sir. >> and we are not done yet. coming up next we'll have some final thoughts from our panel. so stay with us.
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12:53 am
what a day. what a night. a few final thoughts now from our panel of political insiders. jehmu greene, adviser to hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. judith miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research and syndicated columnist deroy murdoch. take it away, jehmu. >> goodness. well, it was certainly trumpesque. his entrance by far. but if i was a republican i would be concerned for the future of the party. they did not appeal to any
12:54 am
better nature or our better angels of our nature. they did not try to broaden or expand the support base that he's going to need to be successful in the general election. and it was so dark and so negative. i just think they turned people off instead of inspiring them. which is what political conventions are supposed to be about. >> yeah, i mean, i think the kind of batman opening, appearance of donald trump was reflective of a very dark theme. i have to agree with jehmu on this. he said he wanted to inject some glitz and showbiz into the convention. i don't think that happened. this was a red meat convention. and you know, this is not one big tent. it's not even headed that way. when you have john kasich plus eight governors staying away, when you have 17 senators staying away. when the bushes aren't there, the cheneys aren't there. the romneys aren't there. you have a deeply divided party. and i'm not sure what we heard tonight, even though it rallied
12:55 am
the base, is going to succeed in reaching out and expanding never mind independents, just the republicans who now feel left out. >> but is there a way that, deroy, that would play into his favor when judy mentions the base, his followers, the strong following he's had, actually they don't want him to be part of the establishment? >> well, i think that there are a couple things. one is the theme was dark tonight because i think the times are dark. i think people really feel there's a lot of danger facing this country and in this country, and i think he addressed that or the people who spoke addressed that topic. i think tomorrow's theme is going to be make america work again and i really think -- i agree with john fund and some of the comments that judith is suggesting. jehmu as well. that there needs to be a positive, upbeat optimistic theme. and i think that will be economic growth. obama's the first president i believe in recorded history to have not even one year of 3% economic growth. and i think part of the reason people feel so upset and alienated is the fact the economy's sluggish. and i think a very positive discussion about how we restore 4%, 5%, 6% economic growth, i
12:56 am
think at one point we had growth approaching 7% under ronald reagan. what's the formula to do that in terms of tax reduction, regulatory relief, more independent energy, making america energy independent, those sorts of things will boost economic growth. and i think when people are able to pay their bills, able to find work, able to invest and see good results, people cheer up and you don't get quite the level of social tension we're suffering in this country, in part because people feel economically under fire. >> and it certainly feels that people are very uncertain out there. they're not only afraid about the social security fabric of their country, in terms of their well-being economically, but they're also very concerned about the safety of their country. given the fact we've lost eight police officers and we still have this threat of terrorism over our heads. >> lost 30 police officers so far just this year, and in all of last year i think the number was like 14. >> so we have this conversation that america must have, a
12:57 am
conversation on race america must have, on how we treat police officers, how police officers treat communities, and we're certainly seeing that conversation come. but there's also the conversation about what do you do about terrorism and what do you do about healing in america and moving it forward so that it can deal with terrorism by calling it what it is and going after it as it is. and of course that was a red meat moment for rudy giuliani to say to the islamic terrorism, we know who you are and we're not just talking about all muslims, we're talking about those that know that -- >> we know who you are and we're coming to get you. >> so interesting first day for the republican convention. we will be here coming up next is "fox and friends" live at the top of the hour. >> i'm staying here. we'll see you tomorrow. >> see you. >> stick around. ♪ ♪
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donald trump breaking tradition, showing up center stage on the first night of the republican national convention. >> the republican presumptive nominee introducing his wife, melania. >> it is my great honor to present the next first


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