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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. a shopping mall under attack in munich, germany, at least six people confirmed dead. as the manhunt continues for at least three gunmen. now, we want to warn you that the video you're about to see, some may find disturbing. it's believed to be one of the shooters outside a fastfood restaurant. take a look. [gunfire] [bleep] >> you can hear many shots fired. reports that highways and the transit system have been sealed off, closed down.
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welcome everyone. i'm stuart veteran any in for -- varney in for neil cavuto. this is your -- "your world." the state department telling americans in europe to shelter in place. kitty is here on the hunt for the suspects. >> reporter: just in the past half hour police confirmed that six people have been killed in this attack. there are many injured. they can't say how many. we also don't know exactly how many suspects there may be involved. there are witness reports of three different people with guns, and police say at least three suspects are involved in this attack, but it doesn't seem to be exactly clear and as is typical in this situation there may be quite a bit of confusion amongst witnesses. what we do know from police is that the shooting began inside a restaurant, they say. that will be the mcdonald's, very close to the shopping center. the shooter continued into the mall. now, this mall would have been open until 8:00. a busy friday evening.
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pretty full of people. now, what we do know is that the suspects somehow managed to escape that scene. police say they can't say yet how they managed to evade security forces but all units, they say, are now involved in this intensive manhunt. the police say, at this stage, they cannot confirm any indication of islamic terrorism. they don't know what the motive might be but they are working on the assumes this is a terrorist style -- on the assumption this is a terrorist style attack, but they say they have to wait until they getmer to -- get more details to determine exactly what has gone on here. the police are urging the pock to stay off the street to stay in their homes. the city is under pretty much a lockdown, which is standard procedure in these circumstances, while they hunt the suspects. there is a hash tag now on twitter called open door with residents offering to help
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passersby who are stranded. we are seeing escapes of panic of the streets of munich. this has been of course perhaps unfortunately on the cards for germany. just a few days ago the german interior minister has warned that there could be further trohist attacks in the country following the incident on the train in southern germany a few days ago and the police in munich said this is the most serious incident they have debt with in a decade. >> kitty logan, thank you very much. much of the video you'll see takes place in daylight hours. the germ yap police have canada people not to post any photos or video of the police in action. that could help the suspects. that is why the video is in daylight, whereas right now in munich it's past 10:00 at night. to rod wheeler. the impact on munich is going to be extraordinary. they're searching for three suspects. it's a big city, 1.3 million people in it. ll take a long time to clear it
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block-by-block. >> that's correct. at a matter of fact this is a very fluid situation, as i speak right now and not only that, this is a situation that is not necessarily contained quite yet. why die say that? because the police have not been able to identify a suspect or suspects, even from the shooting situation at the mall. a lot of the witnesses reported they perhaps saw one. if not two of the suspects get into the subway system there was earlier reports that maybe at the city center is what the call it, maybe there was another incident going on there. so you have multiple crime scenes here. you have massive amounts of police involved right now. trying desperately to search for these individuals who are obviously very armed and very dangerous. now, what is going to happen as the night goes on, you'll continue to see massive moments of more police come in from various parts of germany, and i'm hearing reports -- it was reported earlier -- some part of the border may be shut down.
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some viewers may be wondering why are they shout thing bored are down? in a situation like this -- this is critical. we want to make sure the bad guys don't get out out of the country. if it's a terrorist situation they'll trite to get out of the country so you shut the borders down. >> what our viewers are saying is one pan pacing on the top of a parking lot at the mall, the oez shopping mall where the shootings took place. eventually just before the video ends you see that man fire a shot. he is one of the suspects. now, we also have highways going out of munich, closed down. the train station, shut down and evacuated. and, rod weaver, we're getting reports that the german police are asking for help and bringing in people from austria. so clearly to they're about to launch a huge police operation using manpower from all over the country, and outside the borders, and the police officers
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we have seen so far have been very heavily armed. we'll be able to show you video of men running through the streets with submachine guns with long ammunition clips fully in battle fatigues. a gentleman right there special forces. this is a massive police operation and again, rod, i have to say, it's probably going to go on for some time, which means an enormous impact on the city itself. >> absolutely, on the city and the country for all that matters. what we're looking at now is their version of our version of a s.w.a.t. unit. major tactical team, and they're bringing these individuals in will havely armed weapons, very powerful weapons. they don't know exactly what all they're deal with here. this is a situation that is not contained. one other thing real important here is they're telling the residents over there in that part of the world, in that part of the country, stay indoors, shelter in place, look your doors because they nor there's some individual out there that
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is shooting anyone they can, and they can't find these people so right now people over there need to really heed the police warning. >> dog mckelway, fox news, just completed on interview with homeland security chief jets johnson, we have to get some input from that momentarily. our viewers are watching scenes from the streets of munich a couple of hours ago. the first shots, the first report of a shot, came at just before 6:00 p.m., local time. in other words, this incident is four hours old. theft it in that time period, we have confirmed deaths of six people. we have confirmed by the police that three shooters are on the loose. they haven't got them yet. the city is in lockout. there's one over the shooters. you'll see him pace around the parking lot above the shopping mall. he will eventually fire a shot. video of a terrorist, we'll call him that -- on active shooting, you're about to see him take a
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shot there. and have unconfirmed reports from the build newspaper that at least one of the shooters was wearing the kind of boots that are associated with neonazis, extreme far-right people people. so we must not jump to conclusions who did this. this man was complaining about foreigners, screaming about foreigners as he was firing. in other words, rod, we should not jump to any conclusions as to who did this, but this may be a new era, a new element, i should say, in the whole terror scene in europe. >> that's right. it is a new era, and a new element, and add insult to injury with this situation real quickly here, we notice that terrorists these days are changing their tactics and going after more soft targets. have you've noticed with thieves incidents that have recently happened we're looking at shopping malls, hospitals. soft targets. what does that mean to news the united states? we have to be one step ahead of. the. we have to be pro-active and we
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have to do a better job at protecting our facilities here in the united states. now, the other thing that is real important here is that shopping mall over there is very similar to our shopping malls. two-level shopping mall, 135 stores, a lot of people. so law enforcement over there as well as in the united states, we have to take heed to these new tactics so we can try to prevent these things from happening. >> rod wheeler, thank you very much for joining us. now, this concept of the soft target is very important because that does indeed spread terror and that spreads to everybody. sebastian gawk iris with us. i want to talk about this idea that this may be a new element in terror. we have reports from a newspaper, as i'm sure you have heard, that one of the shooters was wearing these boots associated with neonazis, he was screaming about foreigners. i'm not going to jump to conclusions but that's a neonazi group, that would be a new
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element in terror in europe, it would not? >> yes, if we are seeing multiple attackers in synchronized operation, it would be. so let be very cautious, stuart, with the initial reports. i myself have a colleague, a friend, in germany, a journalist, who is analyzing the video of that individual shouting on the rooftop. he said the accent was a german accent and potentially an east german accent so shot somebody with a foreign accent to their german. so, yes, there are certain indications that this could be some kind of neonazi attack, but we usually don't see them coordinated. we see maybe one person, but not three at the same time, using small arms in a coordinated attack so if that turns out to be true, stewart, that's a new threat for the continent. >> assess for me the psychology of this attack. what it's going to do to the psyche of germany, because
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germany and much of europe has been split, divided, by the recent terror attacks. some of which have been blamed upon migrants, all of whom were invite bed the country bit germ enough's leader, angela merkel. enough this attack railroad -- regard'sless of the perpetrators have shut down munich. mat does that do to the psyche of germany? >> angelamarkle wag the stabbed bearer for mirings into the european union, she said as chancellor of germany there is no limit to the amount of immigrants, refugees, we will accept as a nation from north africa, the middle east and so forth. so she is now the lightning rod and unfortunately she just left on vacation. her interior minister left on vacation so he is going to be feeling the heat wherever she is right now because the question is, is germany now more unsafe
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because of the migrants? look at nice, look at brussels. and now do we have a double threat in terms of a potential racist bigoted backlash of people who said, enough is enough, and i'm going to use terrorism to respond. that's a double whammy for angela merkel if it proves to the the case. >> itself might actually rates the anxiety level because you now may be seeing -- i'm not rushing to connections -- but you may now be seeing civil strife. now, that's an important step up in the terror situation in germany. what do you say? >> look, i think you could be right there. the people believe that west germany and then the reunited germany is a different kind of animal. it's completely excised the
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ghost of nazi mindset. there are minority who have racist views, maintain some kind of neonazi views, but it's not just about rallies. it's not just about blogs. it could be that now they're going say, enough is enough, and i'm going to kill immigrants or my fellow germans in protest at what has happened. so if that turns out to be the case, that's a completely new dimension that the eu and the leaders have to deal with. they can't ignore it any longer. >> sebastian, i have this report from german police. they say they cannot rule out entirely islamic terror but they have no indication of it at this point. that's the language which they are using. i'm translating this from the german. furthermore the german tv
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station says munich is now in a state of emergency. what do you milwaukee of that, sebastian? >> i was reading the german police twitter feeds as it was happening. the mayor declared a quails -- quasi-state of emergency for munich and a quarter u.s. consulate said stay home and don't leave your offices and then we have reports the hospitals were re-calling surgeons so people who has gone off work were being called back to the hospitals just in case. so, this is serious. have to guys with small arms, on the run in one of the biggest cities in europe, that's a serious, serious situation. >> thank you very much indeed. to sum up, munich, large german city, 1.3 million people, locked down. it's in a state of emergency. the center of the city virtually evacuated. people have been told, don't go out on the streets.
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ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. state of emergency in munich, germany. six people dead. three suspects on the run. a shooting incident at a shopping mall. a very soft target. we're just getting this from the munich police. they're working on the assumption that it is terror, there are no craigs of islamic extremism involvement but they're not ruling that out. they don't know yet. a newspaper in germany suggests that is the -- an association with the far right. they say that one of the shooters was wearing the kind of boots which are associated with the far right neonazis. the man, according to witnesses, was shouting, screaming, complaining about foreigners. on the phone, former boston police which iser jed -- ed davis on what it means as we
1:19 pm
have just heard the authorities in germany and in munich are declaring a crisis situation. you're the police commissioner -- former police commissioner in boston. what does that mean? a crisis situation, sir. >> well good, afternoon, stuart. clearly there are at least one gunman and probably multiple gunman on the loose here, and -- >> they're working on three, ed. on the assumption it is three. witnesses described three people carrying guns. so we're up to three and six dead. what does it mean when a city is in crisis mode? that's been declared a state of emergency, by the germans. >> well, what that means is it's a very fluid situation. the police are out in force. they're being joined by military forces in germany and they're circling all locations these suspects were last seen in-with an attempt to isolate them. but they are in the wind right now and it's a very, very
1:20 pm
dangerous situation. so in this particular case the police have ordered that the residents stay inside their homes and shelter in place. >> the question is, how long does that good on for? i guess it goes on until they've got these people, and dealt with them. that could be a very long time. >> right. you remember in the boston bombing it was four days before we actually got them in one location and pursued them directly. the lockdown and n boston did not occur until after the shootings happened and they had disappeared on us. before that, they were still building bombs. they were still putting together plans to hurt and kill other people. and that could be exactly what is happening right now with the second assault possible. >> rueters reports a music festival has been cancelled and the people are going home. the streets are largely
1:21 pm
deserted. the transit system has been shut down. some highways north of munich have been closed down. the police are trying to catch three suspects who are armed and have killed six people. how many police does it take, ed, to police this kind of situation, in a city 1.3 million people. >> it takes thousands of police officers to do what they're doing right now. they are limiting the options that suspects have to move around. they are stopping people at checkpoints around the and i limiting public transportation, making sure that the suspects are held in one area so they that can catch up with them. >> got it. ed davis, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your expertise, to sum it up, ladies and gentlemen, munich in a situation, 0 state of emergency, six dead, three shooters on the loose. no confirmation as to who they are but police are searching for them. the state of emergency declared. transit down. the streets are deserted. this is a soft target, a
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germany mobilizing all possible forces to deal if what is now an emergency situation in munich, germany. they marshaled forced from northern germany, and nuremberg and they asked for police force operatives from austria, a neighboring country. this just in. the elite anti-terror foist in germany is on the way to munich. reaction now from the department of homeland security chief, jeh johnson, doug mckelway just spoke to him. what did he have to say?
1:26 pm
>> reporter: literally just finished the interview a couple of minutes ago. jeh johnson was kind enough to stop on his way out of the tour of the arena here to talk to us. the key points. first off, no upstick in chatter, do that the department of homeland security is aware of. no specific credible threat that they department of homeland security is aware of. in light -- -- >> going to jeh johnson, homeland security. no increase in chatter. observed by homeland security. jennifer griffin is in tampa, florida, following the hillary clinton campaign. jennifer, how have they reacted to the news of the shooting in munich? >> reporter: well, stewart, we just received a tweet from hillary clinton in which she reacted to the munich attack. it came at 4:11 p.m.
1:27 pm
says monitoring the horrific situation in munich. we stand with our friends in germany as the work to bring those responsible to justice. so not much from the hillary clinton campaign. she was meeting earlier just a little while ago with families and friends and some survivor's of the ore -- orlando attack at the night club. she did not reference the munich shooting during that meeting, but it was a very emotional meeting, i'm told. she was very serious, very somber, paid her respects, again, to those killed at the pulse nightclub. she is now on a plane heading here to tampa where i'm standing at the state fairground where she is expected to speak at 5:00. not clear, again, whether this munich attack and the news out of munich will impact in any way her announcement of her vice-president, which we expect to happen either today or
1:28 pm
tomorrow here in florida. >> seven fer -- jennifer, i have to ask you've. right after the nice event where 8 people were killed, donald trump postpone the announcement hoff advice vice-presidential pick. now we have this incident in munich and hillary clinton was suppose to be delivering her pick very soon. enough suggestion at all that she might postpone it? >> reporter: let me correct one thing, stuart. there were suspicions she might announce the vice-president pick or might tweet out her vice-president pick sometime in the coming hours. but we have always been given an indication that the first time she appears with the vice-presidential pick would be in miami tomorrow. so, it was never the plan to have her vice-president pick here at this state fairground in tampa. that being said i'm told from a very senior democratic source it is unlikely that the munich attacks would speaker fear with the -- interfere with the potential rollout of heir vice-presidential pick because
1:29 pm
there was so much criticism of donald trump by top democrats as well as the obama administration for him postponing that announcement, suggesting that you don't let terrorism get in the way of your lives. that's the way the israelis have been. that life goes on, and so she's, i think, campaign sources i've talked to say that it would be much too premature to indicate there was any change to the timing of that rollout. the campaign has never told us exactly when the rollout would be. a lot of this has been reporters reading tea leaves and hints from democratic sources. so my guess is that she is going to continue tomorrow and appear with her vice-presidential pick in miami, stuart. >> jennifer griffin, thank you very much wimp just heard an increase moving up in the death toll in the munich attack. it is now at eight. that's from the munich police department. they have just said eight people
1:30 pm
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now just pat 10:30 at night in munich, germany.
1:34 pm
four and a half hours ago the incident started. a first report of a shot fired at a fastfood operation in munich. the times of london shows the headline: terror in munich. that is what is happening now. three shooterred identified, carrying guns, killing now eight people. again, it was a soft target. it was a shopping mall. the gunman escaped. they have not been caught and police have mounted a massive search operation. they've drafted in reinforcements from as far away as austria. if you see the video, heavily armed police officers running through the streets. they're looking for three gunmen who person traited this. we do not know at this point who they are or what their motive is. germ enough police officerrers working on the assumption it is terror. they have no indication it is islamic extremists involved but don't know yet, they won't rule it out. they're working on the assumption that it is terror. joining me now, former new york
1:35 pm
police lieutenant john rafferty. give me some indication, john, some idea, what it's like in munich when you havely armed police, the streets are deserted, people are told to avoid crowds, stay inside, shelter in place. we don't in the how long this is will good on. >> a little chaotic at the moment and people with anxiety. which is expected. it's unknown what will happen. the three people are still outstanding and we don't know is there a second round of gunfire happen doing. >> viewerred about to see video of a gunman emerges from a mcdonald's and was shooting. that was video we got earlier. confirmed that its one of the gunmen who emerged from the mcdonald's at the shopping mall. terror on the streets. >> absolutely. we don't know what the outcome will be at the end and how much more casualties to follow, when they are caught. >> how do you find these guys. >> anyway start looking at videos' special media, will
1:36 pm
somebody take any kind of acceptability for this. but there's a lot of work going into this investigation. they have a perimeter set up and hopefully they're within it. >> they have to get information from the public. >> absolutely. >> the public has to say i saw this guy, he has a gun, here he is. the immediate thing -- >> home hopefully there's a family member that may know or suspect they're involved. they need tips. that's why they have ask the public for tips. >> the police force said, please don't stream out live video because i guess, john, that would be a strategic importance to the gunmen if they're toupe into social -- tuned into social meal mead ya. >> social media conclude beneficial or detrimental. beneficial, you can expect the dots. detrimental in the sense they're going to disclose the location of the police when they're securing an outside perimeter. >> more from the munich police. nine bodies found. that may include one of the
1:37 pm
gunmen. one of the gunmen may be among the nine bodies. so we confirmed that eight people are dead, nine bodies in total. one of them may be the gunman. that would mean, john, would are still at large. and by the way, you're seeing video of the daylight hours because they don't want you videoing out nighttime hours. it's now 10:40 in germ anyway. toy wasn't pant any strategic information to the shooters. >> right. i believe what it is, you have to keep the people off the street and even keeping people safe. limit the casualties that could occur. and taking people off the street, cars off the road and minimizing contact with the public its crucial. >> this is aer soft target. >> it is. >> there's 135 stores at the mall that was attacked. the large nest munich, the oez shopping mall. you cannot guard any of these
1:38 pm
soft targets. you can't. >> it's impossible. and the whole thing is, you have to prepare for when an incident happens, what us is your reaction? when you see videos and you see cops running to locations to help people, when everyone elves is running away, we have to support our police and we have to give them the equipment and the necessary firearms to combat these scenarios. >> dr. offer is with us now, a muslim, frequently appeared on fox news, and on my own program on fox business. welcome to the program. we do not a know -- we have not confirmed who these shooters are and we will not speculate about it. but it's, again, another horrifying terror attack with an enormous impact in europe. go. >> really does, stewart. what they're trying to do is rip apart our society from within, cause us to be an defense, and it's become -- if this is
1:39 pm
islamist inspired which it may be it's going to show that nice and paris and brussels and now this attack are all about taking countries that welcomed muslims, like germany, the largest influx of refugees, taking them and making them pay a price to be on defense and that is going to happen ace long as we don't have a strategy, and as longing a we aren't monitoring the precursor ideology. we can't predict when all of a sudden a shooter is going to walk into a mall. there's no way to protect them from that unless we're following their websites, social traffic, supporters of the taliban or i've sis or radical ideologies that so far in our encountering violent extremism narrative is not on the radar. counter extreme islamism would be. >> we're hearing pro. munich police. hold on. other reports of shooting elsewhere in the city of munich. the shooting started at the oez
1:40 pm
shopping mall and now we have reported from the german police, the police in munich, two other shooting incidents away from that shopping mall, the olympia shopping center you can see in the middle of your screens. this could be that the police have coronerred, marsh one of -- cornered maybe one or two of the suspects. don't know that for sure but they are saying there are other shooting incidents in the city. john rafferty, that's the worst possible news. that means that the entire city is open ground, essentially, for shooters. >> absolutely. so these people are arrested and stopped, this is going to be a long night for the german police department, and we don't know who else is involved. so you have these three people but you still have not connected the dots of where they're from, who affiliated with and what would deon the horizon. >> i keep beginning bag 0 to the impact on that city. that is a major german city.
1:41 pm
>> absolutely. >> they're on lockdown, it's just 10:40 at night there now, and unless they catch these shooters and clear this thing up, that's on lockdown for some time to come, with an enormous impact. >> this is what you have to do with these. you can't open up the roads and the city and put people's lives in danger. >> i want to go back to very beginning. it's now 10:40 in munich. that means this incident is approximately five hours old. five hours ago, the first report came in of shots fired at the shopping mall. the first report was it was a fastfood operation at the shopping mall. and we have since received video of a man coming out of a mcdonald's shooting. it's brutal video. if we are going to show it, we give you due warning. it is a very difficult thing to watch. this is terror in action. a man firing his gun -- there we
1:42 pm
go. coming out of the mcdonald's and raises the beginnings and people coming towards him and he is firing. whether he is firing aft those people, but they're certainly running away. the camera then guess wild. that was about two hours, three hours ago we got that video, and first started to see what was happening. since then, the police have closed virtually sealed off the center of munich. they've closed the railroad center. shut down the entire transit system. closed down highways north of the city. evidently they're trying to get to grips with the two or three shooters still on the loose, and now we have reports from the munich police that essentially there are other shots being fired elsewhere in the city with at least two other incidentses. whether that means they cornered the suspects we don't know. come in, please, this puts muslims in exceptionally difficult position. all eyes turn to you. there's immediate speculation that it's muslims that have done
1:43 pm
this. you are in a very difficult position. >> well, think one of the things i want to bring attention to, fox news reported about a billboard in new jersey that said muslim to muslim. see something, say something the vast majority of muslims are beginning to wake up. the problem is there were some groups that said that imply wes don't report anything. one reason you're seeing in munich right now this type of response is they're remembering the security services are saying, wait, in paris, that same cell committed an act four months later from november to march with two of the brothers that escaped and went to belgium to commit another act, why? because they were protected by certain enemy neighborhoods that were not reporting, and its took fingerprints and other things to finally find them. so now we need to engage muslims to demand that they start becoming the neighborhood -- most neighborhoods do not but it's important to -- i think what they're trying to do now is prevent that type of sheltering
1:44 pm
that may happen. >> okay. thank you very much indeed for being with us today. we have reaction from the white house. they have con determined in the strongest possible terms what they're calling this apparent terror act. we have a response from jeh johnson, homeland security secretary. he said there was no increase no pickup in chatter prior to this latest event in munich. as we speak the munich police are reporting two other, maybe more, other shooting incidents away from the original source of the shooting which was a shopping mall in the center of the city. that's what we have for you so far. it's is an ongoing situation, heavily armed police on the streets munich. it is indeed a crisis situation and they have declared it that way. back in a moment. routine. it's a hard thing to break. day in, day out. from point a to b, and back again. there's a difference between being alive and living.
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1:48 pm
shopping mall in munich, germany. just got this from angela merkel's chief of staff. she is on vacation at this moment but her chief of staff said this: we are trying our best to prevent extremist attacks. it is not clear if it is terror or the work of an individual, singular, individual. that contradicts police reports, official police reports which say they have three suspects on the run. now, angela merkel's chief of staff went on to say: we cannot be in any way -- you cannot have absolute security. that's a direct quote. from german, into english. chief of staff, there cannot be any absolute security. i want to bring in kevin cork, white house correspondent. kevin, can you imagine a president of the united states saying, there cannot be any absolute security? i believe the president addressed this earlier. tell us. >> you're right on the money. it's very interesting because as
1:49 pm
you know, soft targets make the toughest opportunities not just for law enforcement but also make the toughest opportunities for the people who are unprotected. you're out in a mall, a restaurant. what are you going to do if a mad man or group of madmen decide to shoot up a building. earlier today the president did address what has happened thus far in germany and said, we continue to lend our support and our thoughts to the german people and because they're such a close ally we will continue to offer any support. but it was interesting. you may know this. today we were actually in a news conference with the president, alongside the leader of mexico, and during the news conference this story began to break and ironically the president was talking about what donald trump was saying last nights at the rnc about the fact there's more crime and less security in america. listen to how the president responded to that and i'll have more on the back side. >> this idea that america is somehow on the verge of
1:50 pm
collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn't really jibe with the experience of most people. some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don't jibe with the facts. >> reporter: that is the real issue. because we live in an interconnected global community right now so when you see this in the 24-hour news cable world it adds to the feeling of insecurity and president has to taj that despite the fact that stackly crime might be down and doesn't feel like that when a major european city has been rocket by terror. >> kevin cork, at the white house. thank you very much, kevin. want it to bring you more from angela merkel's chief of staff. she is the chancellor of germany. he has already said, we cannot be -- they cannot be any absolute security. that's a direct quote.
1:51 pm
he has just gone on to say, we're not ruling out any hypothesis. in other words we don't know who did this in munich, germany. the democrats convention begins next week in philadelphia. want to bring in shannon bream, who is in philadelphia. i want to -- tell us about the latest on security at the dmc. >> officials say they're monitoring current events from terrorism to deadly attacks on law enforcement officers, as they watched that they're beefing up, adjusting plans to handle the influx of thousands here in philadelphia and the potential threat to the dnc. the philadelphia police department actually had a team on site in cleveland at the rnc, watching operations there, using information cleaned from that to finalize their own plans and expect significant protests, up to 50,000 people per day. many of the groups have gone through the permitting process and it's the wore that it someone could get amongst the groups with a different purpose
1:52 pm
and exploit that to cause some serious threats. secret service director joseph clancy says every major event like this, quote, presents difficult challenges but says he has been confident and comfortable in at the planning for cleveland and philadelphia. >> we have gotten a feature in cars, we like bikes. bikes are a good way to deal with people and large groups. so we're ready to go. we have done the rnc in 2000, some roasts up there, and it was handled and everyone was fine. we're a welcoming city. the roach is very close from here at the event stadium and arena to the airport not far
1:53 pm
away. so both will be limited with terrorism very much a worry at this point. >> it is. thank you very much indeed. want to bring you more from angela merkel's chief of staff. he said there cannot be any absolute security. nobody wants a surveillance state. that would be needed for absolute security. john rafferty, former guy in the new york city police force. >> a lot of our leaders across the different countries are missing the point here. we do need surveillance and we have to take a look at certain people, where they're coming from. who they're connected to, and try to revent these things from happening.
1:54 pm
trying to stop it before it happens. they're no way to prevent attacks from happening. >> live pictures from munich. it's darkness there. you can see it is darkness there. there is a police vehicle circulating in the city. they're looking for the shooters. they have not caught them yet. we did have reports of shooting incidents in the city away from the shopping center. the center of it. we do not know what the shooting incidents amount to. but this very been reported by the munich police. at various times throughout last four or five hours, we have shown you heavily armed police officers in germany. when i say heavily armed, they look like seal team six members. it so happens that a former member of seal team six is us with. dave, i'm sure you've been seeing this video. these guys look to be as heavily
1:55 pm
armed as i've ever seen before. they look like seal guys, right? >> roigt. they certainly do. likely you'll have come in from bonn, a border patrol group. and we often work with and train with. they are highly competent and extremely capable. >> dave, we actually heard that elite anti-terror force in germany is on its way to munich. so we expect them there momentarily to take part in this search. but they must be very -- they must be really surprised in munich. you don't see guns in germany very often. and now you're seeing automatic weapons every. where look at this on your screen right now, dave, that's what i'm talking about. extremely heavily armed troops. they look like troops. they're actually police officers. heavily armed people on the streets. that's a shock to the system of the people, it is not, dave? >> it is. and i think you're seeing that here as well. police are starting to look more
1:56 pm
militaristic in terms of response to these type of events. it's happening here as well. >> there is no way around it, is there? >> i think there is some things question do. you have two prongs. you have prevention and response. right now you're seeing response. the prevention end, the pendulum has swung towards technical surveillance. monitoring social immediate yashgs eavesdropping, signal intelligence. we need go back towards the human intelligence arena and start getting in the communities, recruiting people in the communities, doing the work on the ground. >> all right, dave. thank you very much. john and dave, we appreciate you being here. i'm going to sum up. five hours ago in munich, germany, the shooting started at a shopping mall, the oez shopping mall. a very soft target. we now have nine bodies, eight civilians, one body may be that of a shooter. three shooters are on the loose. the center of mun sick locked down tight. munich is locked down tight. police vehicles are every.
1:57 pm
where heavily armed police officers. they're all over the place. they're drafting in from northern germany and austria. they're searching for three gunmen. we don't know who they are or motivation. but that's what's happening now. terror in munich. more in a moment. anks to leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪ and who doesn'tb then seize the day already. crabfest is back at red lobster with so many kinds of crab and the most crab dishes of the year. so dive into whatever floats your crab-loving boat. like crab lover's dream. crack open tender snow and king crab legs, and twirl creamy crab alfredo.
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