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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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ke symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. it's 5:00 on the east coast, 2:00 on the west coast, 11:00 p.m. in munich where they're investigating a terror attack. another european city, the site of yet another bloody rampage. i'm shepard smith in new york. "the five" will not be seen today so we can bring you continuing coverage and new nfction as information as it comes n nine people are dead and checking to determine whether the most recent body they found is that of the attacker or an attacker. police warned that they believe there is more than one attacker. but there is no confirmation on that at this moment. german media reports indicated that one gunman shot himself in
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the head. this all started just before 6:00 p.m. local time. so 11:00 a.m. here on east coast of the united states. investigators say a gunman opened fire at a mcdonald's restaurant near a shopping mall. we have amateur video of that shooting. here sichlt see right there. that is the mcdonald's. and out this door will come an assailant. there he is. you can see appears to be a gunman firing as panicked people ran for their very lives. more amateur video shows what we believe to be a suspect packing -- pacing on a parking garage and firing a gun. here's that video. our european sister network sky news in the united kingdom but covering all of europe reports that at one point the gunman shouted, i am german. there are various reports that he followed that with saying, an explitive about foreigners. officials say members of germany's anti-terrorism task force are now responding to the
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shooting. now what do all of these details mean in the big picture? here's what we believe internally at fox news at this moment. what we believe is there was initially a report of three gunmen. that report came from official sources, not from something else. they believe there were multiple gunmen and they believe that those gunmen had left the scene at this mall, this very large two story l shaped mall. and might have traveled by subway to center city. where there were initial reports of possible violence there. and as those reports came in, they cleared center city. they shut down all the subway lines. they wanted to stop whoever these attackers were from being able to move from one point to another. from being able to spread this reign of terror. but as we witnessed in dallas where there were initial reports of three gunmen, as we witnessed in terror attacks after terror attacks of multiple reports of
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multiple gunmen, authorities believing to the core of their being that there was more than one. think about louisiana. so on and on it goes. and here's the picture that is coming together for us. it appears to us at this hour, not confirmed, it appears to us there was one gunman and he killed himself. he had a gun. he was seen by witnesses to kill himself. there had been six people dead, two more died and they found this ninth. now it's too early for them to confirm this was the gunman because there are a lot of policing to be done. but our belief at this point is that there was most likely one gunman that there are eight other victims that the gunman is dead having killed himself and it sounds as if from all of the eyewitness reporting that we, have we brought in eyewitness reports from many different networks and newspapers and it appears at this point that this man had a -- was upset about foreigners. he may have been some sort of
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right-wing attacker. political bubbles have been boiling in germany about immigration regarding the syria conflict and all of the syria refugees that had nowhere to go. their vetting situation is not like ours. there they just come into the country. it's not like in the united states where there's a whole series of events, series of questioning. three layers of questioning before they ever even begin the process of coming here. it takes up to two years. there it was happening in real time. and there's been concern with germany about this. and the extremes of society have taken to extreme measures in some cases. remember, it was just a week ago, not even now, that a man with a hatchet or an ax got on to a train in the middle of germany and began hacking people on that train. like eight people were injured. remember that? that was tied in some way to this as well. now we have what we believe -- all that we can confirm is one
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gunman. we see the video of the one gunman. we seat gunman coming out of the mcdonald. we see the gunman on the roof. we heard vif lens in the center it is yif muni city of munich. we have a half dozen people back here doing nothing but monitoring everything twitter and facebook and instagram and every feed coming out of central munich for two plus hours now. there's been not one thing. not one eyewitness to anything in center city. at least as of this reporting it would appear that might have been some sort of panic. that they heard what was going on. there was a rustle. people were running. we don't note circumstances. but there is nothing to suggest there was violence in center city. here's what the evidence is. the evidence is that there was an attack at a maltl that eight people are dead. if there are others, there is zero evidence of it. there is zero reports of it from outside of this one area. this is starting to look like a
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lone wolf with a beef against foreigners and a couple of weapons. let's go to josh hunter. he was in munich when this happened. what did you see? >> we were in -- in between olympia and we were at a beer festival. we got there around 5:00. and we started to see helicopters and people getting on their phones. we actually found one person that was from the u.s. and they're like did you hear what happened? we're like, no, what are you talking about? they said there is a shooting on the other side of town. and then suddenly, there were cars coming by. you know, more police vehicles, more helicopters. and then we -- they started shuffling everybody. they started closing down all the beer tents at the festival and they put us into a building and they locked it down and we, you know, all the subways were shut down and they said nobody
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can go anywhere. and all public transportation was halted at the moment. >> josh hunter on the line us with. we're showing the pictures that you sent in so our viewers know, josh is cousin of one of our information specialist here's on the fox news it deck and in munich at the time. how you would describe the scene now? it's seven minutes after 11:00 at night. what would munich normally look like on a friday night with a festival going on and what does it look like tonight? >> it's quiet. there's nobody on the streets except for the -- you know, there are still police cars going by every five minutes now by our hotel. but there is nobody out there. it's erie. it's quiet. i think serve kind of, you know, taking in for the night. >> it was requested -- in fact, ordered by local authorities that people shelter in place if you're not at home, get to home if can you, but don't use the subway or the mass transit and get off the street. is that what they said?
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>> that's exactly what they said. and we were watching the german police twitter and they blocked off all the subways. so there is nowhere to go unless you're walking and everybody is off the streets. >> josh hunter on an off and on rainy night in munich, hunkering down now as police request. josh, all the best. thank you for calling in. think of this. there is chaos at a mall. it is early evening. it's a shopping day. it had been a beautiful evening we're led to believe in munich. started raining after this began. and first there is the attack at the mall. the gunman seen in different places. you saw the video of the gunman on the parking garage. you saw the video of the gunman coming out of that mcdonald's. i was believed by many there you see a gunman there and there. that is two gunmen. it's now the belief that is not two gunman. that is one gunman in two different places. this is not to sat investigation is over. it absolutely is not. authorities are on the search.
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they are checking to see if will is more. but just as happened in dallas when they were confident there were multiple shooters, there is chaos going on. and even best trained people lose track of what is happening around them when severing completely foreign you to. i say this because this is what authorities tell us as we learn about how to cover these sorts of things. they give you an idea about how human beings react in the middle of chaos. more importantly, when you are doing a normal every day thing like you're pushing the stroller in the mall on a friday night, something you do, something you do and all of a sudden okay ott breaks out around you, it's more disconcerting it would be than if you were in something that was unfamiliar. there is a way this is supposed to be. this way is not included. and that makes people think they seen things or experience things they have not. police don't describe this as some -- police describe this as
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a suddy of human behavior. tlaen is a pattern it to. sadly, it happened so much lately that we witnessed it. now police are confirming exactly what i just reported. that is, and i quote, munich police are now adding that one person appears to have committed suicide. they're checking whether or not there are other attackers. so just as i said, we had many reports from many news organizations and we trust and have worked with for years and years that a suspect had killed himself. at the same time, the death toll went up to nine. so we have eight victims, a suspect who killed himself. and they're searching now for the possibility of other gunmen. they have to do that. they have to keep the streets closed. but it appears to us that worst of this is over. let's get to kitty logan. she works for sky news in great britain an beyond. is a german speaker. i wonder if can you tell me if this assessment seems right. the investigation is that there
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maybe others. if it seems like this happened at the mall and beyond that was something related to panic? >> well, that would be typical of these kind of situations. you just been xblang, whexplain. what german police are saying is if they're looking into one of the dead they discovered in the mall could be the shooter. they are still saying that there could be up to three suspects. but when you think about this, this came from witness reports. witnessing saying they saw multiple gunmen. police never confirmed the actual number of suspects on the run. it is quite interesting to note that just an hour or so earlier, they told us that they didn't know how the gunman would have escaped the mall. they did deploy all their resources as quickly as they could and two new special units. so if the gunman is dead in that shopping mall that, would explain how he wasn't able to get out. but as for the city going into lockdown, the police tell us that that is standard procedure in this kind of situation when
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there is an armed man on the loose. they will shut down public transport, shut down the city. the reports we heard earlier of possible shootings elsewhere, have been down played by police dwoevenlt have any confirmation of that at this stage. what we do know and what police confirmed is that the shooter started in and out a restaurant. it must be a mcdon alald's in t shopping mall. now this was around 5:50 local time. that mall is open to 8:00. german was have been finished work by this time and out shopping for the weekend. that would have been a busy mall at this time of day. as for the motive, we simply don't know yet. police spokesman told the press just in the last hour or so that they don't believe or they're not seeing any evidence yet of an islamic terrorist motive. they do believe that this is a kind of terror attack they are considering it to be a terrorist attack. but that is simply because they don't have anything else more on this stage to work on. they're still investigating.
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there is still at an early stage. it is interesting to note that just a few days ago the german interior minister said that germany is very susceptible to attack. and he warned that an attack could be imminent. and that was a few days after this stunning incident in germany. but meanwhile, the white house has condemned this attack, not surprisingly, said it would work with german authorities. he was on his way to the u.s. he is now returning home to deal with this crisis. >> kitty, stay with us if you could. i want to show viewers the area we're talking about. this is the layout of this area. this is the shopping mall right here along with the parking garage or the car park as they put it. and up here is the mcdonald's. so it's just across from the main entrance here. to suggest there may have been a shooting here in the mall where a number of people are dead, it appears that they have begun at the mcdonald's, seems to make sense. he came running out of this mick
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don aldz a mcdonald's and then a parking garage tlachlt sour landscape on this. tell us what you know of domestic political concerns among the people regarding immigration and assimilation and where the public discourse is on that matter. not the country as a whole. just as in the united states, there are different thoughts in different regions. munich, in munich, where were the discussions? >> germany is divided on the issue of refugees come together country in such large numbers. there are many people who welcome them. but also this has split the country. it has certainly encouraged those on the far extreme right to oppose this level of mass immigration. and there have been several violent incidents outside asylum seekers' homes and there are concerns that there could be members of isis infiltrating the
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refugees. but until now, until this week, germany hasn't seen an isis related attack, an isis relate add tack. the german interior minister believes that nice attack was in fact related to islamic state. nothing has been proved so far. population in germany is divided in opinion and feeling about. this chancellor angela merkel is under a lot of pressure dealing with this refugee crisis. >> two more things, briefly if we can, we have these confirmed reports from multiple witnesses in multiple areas about this suspect. when he was at the top of the parking garage, the car park, he is screaming and people who live right across the street have balconies. they are hearing him and one of them videotaped. this and we have from multiple witnesses that he was screaming i am german and blanking foreigners. he seemed to be railing against foreigners.
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he had some other things to say. that sort of fits with this political idea and the political bubblings you've been discussing. and some of his clothing has been described as the clothing of some of these far right organizations. i'm not saying that's the case. but that's what the early reporting is from witnesses. >> yes. now german police are being cautious on. this they were asked at the press conference quite specifically if they had heard reports that these claims had been made, that these witness accounts were true. they say they haven't heard about it yet. maybe they just want to come forward with that information. it's not improbable. we just simply don't have confirmation of it yet. certainly the far right is empowered by the influx of refugees in germany. certainly if you like a bit more extreme and the actions in the country. it's not unthinkable but what we do is the german police have not confirmed that yet. >> one other fact i'm going to pass along to viewers.
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i'm not even sure if this is part of context. but it was five years ago today that anderes brevik went on a shooting spree. it just so happened this is five years to the day since that happened. how does this fit into it? i don't know. it say poivenlt fact. it happened on this day five years ago today. kitty logan, i said with a sky news correspondent. she is now a fox news correspondent and helping us throughout the day and every day. kitty, nice to see you. thank you so much. so we're waiting for more from authorities. here's what we know. eight people are dead, a gunman is dead, they're looking for the possibility of others. the victims are at the -- in the area of the miscdonald's and ma only. earlier reports of possible violence at city center have not panned out. police have not mentioned them again since the early mentioning of them.
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people that were there for panic -- they absolutely had panic. there police were moving in large numbers. they're bringing police in from neighboring regions and neighboring countries. with all of that said, there is direct evidence of one gunman. direct evidence of one. this is not to say they won't find more. it is to say there is direct evidence of one and nothing has happened. nothing has happened since this man shot and killed himself according to witnesses. we have had nothing strangely from the german chancellor angela merkel. i say strangely, it's been a number of hours now. it's 18 minutes past 11:00 at night there. and there is nothing. the german president, though said that he was horrified by the murderous attack in the shopping center which left eight people dead. i'm with all the victims in my thoughts and all those mourning are fearful for their loved ones. we stand in solidarity. emergency services and personnel trying save people and protect
2:19 pm
lives. we heard from the german president. we heard from the german interior minister. we have not heard from angela merkel. we don't have any further reports of violence outside of that mall. police are calling this a -- what is believed to be a terror attack on that mall and at that mcdonald's. our coverage will continue right after this. ♪ what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going... sara, will you marry... [phone rings again]
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breaking news continues of the attack in munich, germany. let's add to the discussion, the associate editor of the wall street journal. we have a lot of information. there are eight people dead. a gunman killed himself. that is the ninth dead person. we know there were reports of this potential violence in center city. it hasn't panned out that that's true. the subways closed down and people told to stay in place. we know the mall is an active crime scene. beyond the initial shooting spree, nothing. >> right. >> we don't know whether it was this one shooter at the end of the day. we don't know whether this was terrorism in the form of isis related or terrorism in the form of homegrown terrorism. in germany, a right-winger who might have, you know, initiated all this. we just don't have that information yet from the police. >> there are a lot of us. i would venture to say majority of us who really don't understand where they are
2:24 pm
politically at this moment in that city regarding immigration and more specifically refugees. >> yeah. let's talk for a second about if this is possibly a right-wing incident. putting aside what happened in germany which is a topic in and of itself. one point last year 10,000 refugees were coming across that border per day. 1.1 million in 2015 alone. it was impossible to know who is coming through. they had not only the ax incident nearby in southern germany a couple days ago on the train where the 17-year-old injured a number of people on the train. but earlier this year, they had a isis inspired event that they broke up. there were three people they arrested. they were going to attack downtown. so this has been on going in germany. the terror side of it related to isis. >> the right-wing is as
2:25 pm
intractable a problem for germany. it got worse over the decades. a lot of this has been there since world war ii. it's always been a right-wing neonazi element in southern germany in particular. but when east germany came back into the fold right-wing element in germany. and that will be there now for decades. you have hate crimes pretty much every year. you have murders in the 1990s. you have big marches in the 2000s. this has been part of germany, unfortunately. a very small minority.
2:26 pm
nonetheless ashgs vocal minority. >> and there is great division and much dialogue openly within the press and among people about this refugee crisis and how to handle it. there are two things you have to think about. they're not separated by vast seas in the way that we are. this shapg right. there and millions of people because of a civil war of unimaginable proportions with thousands of people dead, there are people fleeing to safety. they need a place to be. there is this conflict of i want to help you my fellow human, but i'm concerned about our own way of life. it's a daily discussion. >> that's exactly right. and angela merkel has said we must, because we can keep our doors open. and help these people. at the same time, 1.1, 1.2 million refugees now in a country of 80 million. is that over four million
2:27 pm
refugees? >> one out of 80. >> suddenly in a year's time they come into the country from a part of the world that has had very big problems with terrorists. so it's a population that is concerning. and hasn't figured out a way to metaboli metabolize. this is not a country -- look, we have problems with multiculturism in the united states. >> they're not equatable. >> europe is behind the united states in addressing, you know, manufacture of the issues. people have been there for generations are still referred to as foreigners. the turks that came in the 1950s have never fully been intergrated into, i mean many have, but the communities still feel isolated. so you have germans who are quite fraught about the refugee situation. >> now we wonder what things are like there. let's get straight to sky news reporter who is on scene very close to the scene.
2:28 pm
listen. >> when this lockdown was on, they were hand willing out bottles of water. they were giving them afternoon tea. after the people arrived, the security did then do rudementry security searches on the naem were coming in. but as i said, it's been now a little bit now and this may here which would normally be a throng at revellers at this time of night is more or less deserted. there are lots of police vans going past. i should say, it is very quiet. >> of course this is following that attack on the bavarian bav railway carriage. and people will be feeling perhaps now very vulnerable in that city ghu
2:29 pm
there was no incident there. but obviously, people are feeling that you cannot be complaisant here. >> sky news reporter reporting selfie style if you will, holding her own phone out and report forg sky news. i do have new information to pass along. the matter of this person, the ninth person who was found dead now we are almost certain that this was a shooter as there was a gun there. we believe this was a gunman if not the gunman. his body we now have confirmed -- well, the veteran police reporter oliver brextin told the news organization that his body was believed to be that
2:30 pm
of the perpetrator who opened fire in frontst mcdonald's. they want to aproecht body with great caution believing there may be explosives in a bag that he was carrying and is now on the ground. there they're going to send in a robot to investigate that body. kate connolly passing that along us to. in addition, we mentioned that lack of a statement from angela merkel and there still has been no statement, but there is this. she is to convene a security council meeting after the munich shooting. but still nothing official from angela merkel. if you've been able to read through the lines, she has been firmly on the side of openness, firmly and vocally and steadfastly saying we must allow refugees in this country because we can allow refugees in this country. and since we're not all together positive of exactly where this is going, angela merkel would stay on the sideline and smak
2:31 pm
some sm degr -- make some degree of sense. this notice from a spokesman she is convening the nerm an security council after this shooting leads us to believe that we're on the road towards something from her. i'm not sure, john busy, how much that matters to the investigation itself. it certainly mat ferz this turns out to be someone who is on one side or the other on that conflict. >> jae, our correspondent in germany has reported, she's been traveling. she's coming back to germany and coming back to the scene. look, you know, the german ambassador to the united states was in our aoffice just a coupl weeks ago. he did an op-ed in the paper. he said it's a huge problem. we are trying to educate them on social democracy. it's going to take a lot of effort and a lot of money. >> john, we have to take a
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as we've been reportsing, the president reacting to the attack in munich saying the united states stands with germany. let's get to the white house and our correspondent kevin core. >> good day you to. you're right. unfortunate lishgs another friday and another terror attack. this has become all too familiar, unfortunately, for the world. once again, the white house is on alert. and that means the situation room is active at this hour. now earlier today, of course, the president was despondent, frankly, disappointed and once again heart broken for the city of munich, germany, suffering at the hands of a gunman or gunmen. and we continue to unpack the details, you've been doing a tremendous job, we do know this. the president and the secretary of homeland security have been briefed on this situation.
2:37 pm
>> we don't yet know exactly what is happening there. but obviously our hearts go out to those who may have been injured. it's still an active situation. and germany is one of our closest allies. so we are going to pledge all the support that they may need in dealing with these circumstances. >> as you know, shep this is the situation. the u.s. apparatus and national security team will be in consultation and cooperation with their german counter parts. one thng we can definitely tell you, it is incredibly unlikely we'll hear from the president again on camera here tonight. we'll be monitoring the situation from our perch at the white house, my friend. >> kevin, thank you. >> breaking news now on fox news channel. local media have just confirmed that one of the victims of this terror attack in munich today was a 15-year-old girl. we had earlier reports from witnesses that the gunman had been inside the mcdonald's which is across the street from that
2:38 pm
mall. there were various reports that the gunman had at least at one point been targeting children potentially in a bathroom there. and now this report that in fact -- that, in fact, a 15-year-old girl is among the victims, a 15-year-old girl among the victims. eight total victims that we're aware of plus the gunman himself or a gunman. who is said to have killed himself nearby. here's the update on. that police have not gone over to investigate the body of this gunman yet. they needed to bring in a robot. it's our belief now that the robot is on scene and that they're beginning this process. we can't confirm that yet, as you might imagine. they moved cameras away from that area. they're not allowing people to use social media in that area. there are no witnesses to this. but the gunman's body, this one gunman's body was near this scene. it is described about a kilometer away. his body described as in a green space about, a kilometer away
2:39 pm
from the mall. the mall and the mcdonald's are right across the street from one anothe kilometer away from here in a green space is this gunman's body. now next -- there is a gun there. potentially more than one gun. though of that i haven't been given direct information. but i have been given direct information that there is a bag there, a bag this gunman was carrying. remember, at one point it looked like he had a backpack. to observers there, like i said sh at one point. witnesses were saying -- and they said repeatedly, they believe he had a back pat. we have repeated instances of witnesses saying -- remember, when he's on the top of that parking garage right there, people live right across the street. en that have balconies from this apartment building, condo building. there are a lot of balconies. people were out there filming this. the word from the witnesses is that this man on that parking garage said in german, stop
2:40 pm
filming me. at one point said, i am german. then he said blanking foreigners and then took a shot at the building accord together witnesses. and this is a new view of that same area coming to us from sky news. this is a parking garage. now sky news is talking about what is in the papers to day. that is worth seeing. we'll get back to. that the headlines across the uk and europe are of this. that gunman on top of that shouting across at people who were across the way. shouting in german saying i am german. blank the foreigners. and telling them stop filming me. stop filming me and then took a shot at them which you might imagine moved a lot of them back inside. that's a reason we have this view of this parking garage. low rise parking garage and across from that is that mcdonald's. kilometer away from that is where they found the body. and they're afraid for obvious reasons that that bag might contain a bomb. rather than sending any police over there to it, they're sending a robot.
2:41 pm
now they're acting out of an abundance of caution, obviously. this man was moving around a lot f there . if there is a explosive device there, it's been moved a lot. but we're in no way under the impression that police took this man out. in fact, witnesses say he took his weapon, said something and put it to his head. now if you're following this on social media and i'm sure some of you are, you know, we're a first screen and that is the second screen or the other way around, i'm not oblivious to the fact that there are reports on social media and in fact in one other network that this guy screamed akbar. we have witnesses saying he said absolutely other things nakt, i am german and blanking foreigners and stop filming me. we have that from witness after witness. we don't have that other stuff. we have no reason to believe that other stuff is true at this moment. later when authorities come to us and tell us, you know, the
2:42 pm
tick tok of all this, that may become the case. it may turn out this is some islamic state thing. they may claim credibility and claim credit for the thing and he may have stuff on his facebook. they'll be able to tie it altogether. that is not the information we have now, at all. at this point, the information we have, all of it, points to this is a right-winger in germany, in this case we start firing off right-wing crazy works and ended the lives of a 15-year-old girl and seven others and then took the gun according to witnesses and put it to his head and killed himself. now authorities say they're looking for other gunmen. they say from the beginning, we believe there are three gunmen. they sthaed aid that in dallas well. that was wrong. those are highly trained, well skilled, well trained police officers who thought gunfire was coming from everywhere. they were wrong about it. there was only one gunman. and today, the initial reports were three. now we have one dead gunman and no other activity anywhere.
2:43 pm
could others be hold up? they could. and that's why the investigation is still on going. that's why there is still a terror alert across munich. that's why police are being brought in from other areas. the feds are in there investigating this as a terror attack. and for this moment, that's where we are. our coverage continues right after this.
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breaking news now. we're watching hillary clinton event. this is coming to us from tampa, florida, and the state fair down there. the reason we dip in here for a moment is because a number of reasons. it's possible she might react to what happened in bavaria, in germany. it is also possible, you know, we expect vice-presidential announcement tomorrow in miami. so we're going to be watching this for you, listening. if she says anything about the vice president, which i don't think she will, or about this attack in germany which i say we
2:48 pm
suppose we could bring you that right away. i have new information in munich. munich is in southeast of germany. it is in bavaria. it is really about a fifth of the landmass of that country. 12.5 million people live in the state. munich is the capital of bavaria. now bavarian news broadcasters are reporting two things. they back up the reporting that we've had here. bavarian broadcaster br reports that dead man found near the scene, a little less than a kilometer away from the scene of the shooting has a red backpack with him. and if you remember, the shooter at mcdonald's was wearing a red backpack. you can't see it as much in that picture that we've been showing up as he came out of the mcdonald's. can you in the video. the locals saw it. in addition, the bavarian broadcaster is saying they're using a robot to investigate. that let's go to the phone now. actually -- we don't have the guest? okay.
2:49 pm
that is new information. so the bavarian broadcaster br said that they now have the robot on scene. this is going -- we're going to get a lot more information if they get in there and, a, detonate a device if it's a device. or, b, rule it's not a device. then they'll tibl gbe able to gs there and figure out who this is. he is either wearing the gearing of and professing the sayings of the right-wing in that country or he's not. it's one or the other. if it's not, then we have to look at other things. if it is, then it's another in what has now become a small series of right-wing attacks. we can't know that until they get in there and tell us. but witnesses have certainly said that everything about this screams of a right-wing attack. in a country and especially a region where tensions have been high from the right-wing. we should know more shortly. we'll be right back.
2:50 pm
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new information coming out of germany. cal machi who is reporting of a horrible scene at a local hospital talking about a cousin who walked away, hiding the phone when her father
2:54 pm
approaches. her cousin has received images that a boy was seriously hurt if not killed. this man's daughter. the daughter made it out. they cannot find the son. the new reporting from the guardian, as many as 20 people are injured. the search is on. alan hall is a "daily mail" call from germany. what can you tell us. >> 20 people were seriously hurt. some were so badly hurt they had emergency sergery performed on them at the scene. two more suspected terrorists and because germany is in the zone, they're trying to shut down autobahns leading out of the city. the state of emergency across the city, all public transport too. >> by state of emergency, is there an order to shelter in place? is that a request or how would
2:55 pm
you describe it? >> what happens is all public buildings are shut down, public transport is shut down. people are being told to keep off the street. it's not a national guard situation, but it's as near as it can be really. more units of the sek, that is the german military sniper police are being moved into munich. a very my level of fear across the country at the moment because earlier this week as you know an afghan refugee only 17 years old attacked five people on a train. two people are fighting for their lives from that attack. german intelligence has warned about a terror attack was a long time coming but it now seems as you might have said it might actually be a right-winger, a lone right-wing fanatic. it doesn't bear the hallmarks of a terrorist because usually they're very specific income
2:56 pm
their targets. >> indeed. i thank you for being with us. appreciate it very much. alan hall from the "daily mail".com. here's where we are. the police are on the scene with a robot. it's a special report. lead story. bret baier is reporting live from philadelphia, the site of the democratic national convention which starting on monday. we'll way in on politics from the republican side. donald trump a little off the campaign trail today but had some things to say first. they'll get to charles krauthammer and others. it's a big hour ahead in just three minutes on fox news channel. whatever you're drinking. wherever you are. splenda zero is a fun, easy way to get the perfect amount of
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sweetness, down to the last sip. zero calories. zero carbs. zero sugar. zero effort. new splenda zero.
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in philadelphia tonight, site of next week's democratic convention. all the political news is coming up, but first what appears to be another brutal act of terror in europe. authorities in germany say at least nine people are dead after a shooting rampage. a shooter may be one of those people. he may have killed himself. there were reporting early on that authorities were searching for others. munich has been in a state of emergency since this afternoon. mass transit's shut down in that city, highways closed. reporter


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