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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 24, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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disorder at the dnc. "on the record" live to you from philadelphia all week long. we will be at the democratic national convention. earlier this weekend, all the talk was secretary hillary clinton's vice presidential pick senator tim kaine from virginia. today a bombshell. dnc cha debbie wasserman schultz
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stepping down. trump jumped in saying this. >> today proves what i have always known, that reince priebus is the tough and smart one, not debbie wasserman sh wults. moments later he tweeted again. i always said debbie wasserman schultz was overrated. >> it is a dumb process that disadvantaged our campaign. the system has many flaws. the super delegate situation we have now is absurd. >> we have had our differences of opinion with the dnc. >> dennis kucinich is on the record. good evening, sir. this is a bombshell.
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debbie wasserman shultz, the chairwoman and they haven't even gavelled the convention to open and she is apparently out at the end of the week. >> it is a surprise on one hand. on the other hand, as more of these e-mails come forward, i think you will see reverberations, not just down the ranks of the dnc but up toward the clinton's campaign. >> the dnc is supposed to be neutral. like the rnc is supposed to be neutral. they are not supposed to pick sides. do you have any doubt reading these e-mails before the primary ended, when secretary clinton got the numbers that the dnc had picked sides? they have picked sides. what sanders supporters said that the process was rigged there's evidence to support that. and here more roof and i think that will be felt on the floor of the convention as the sanders sell gatdelegates asemable. >> what are they going to do, they could walk out, you could see a demand for about an
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apology, a renewed effort on the floor to wipe out the super dgts. a lot of things they could do. >> how could an apology rel rec rigged system. >> the clinton campaign seems to be tone deaf. you are not hearing remorse. why because that's probably hue they play ball. >> almost as damming is the e-mail about his religion. as though the first amendment, freedom of religion is dead at the dnc. they were going to use his religious beliefs against him. >> in case no one has a copy of it, i brought a pocket constitution with me, in case people running the dnc forgot about the first amendment which guarantees freedom of religion. >> how do you a -- are you appalled. >> i'm offended by it. the fact of the matter is we are supposed to stand for freedom of
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religion. when the democratic national committee attempts to make an issue of bernie sanders religion, and use it for political advantage in key states where there's a strong christian population, no, that's not fair. that's out of bounds and there has to be some kind of penance for it. >> early on in the primary season, governor o'malley, who quit the campaign after iowa, he complained because he thought that debbie wasserman shultz rigged the system against him, basically hiding the debates on a saturday night so he couldn't do the debates in a public forum and raise money and funds. he was like wise saying the system was rigged against him. >> he was right and it was rigged with respect to the debates. if those debates had been in primetime and on days people were available to watch and more of the debates, the outcome may have been different. you have to remember when you talk about actual delegates, bernie sanders came very close.
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hillary clinton had an advantage from the start with the superdelegates which is part of the stacked deck. >> should she be fired tonight, after what happened this week should she be a part of this at all? >> i want to hear from secretary clinton what she thinks about the dnc did. it would be interested to see e-mails reveal whether there was coordination. >> if i were bernie sanders i wouldn't be satisfied with an apology. i'd want to have them tell me how to fix it and level the playing field. >> this is so bad. under other circumstances, a candidate like bernie sanders could bolt the party over. that's how serious this is. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> thank you. while we still have this one coming, the donald trump campaign jumping all over the dnc e-mail leak. what a political gift the dnc just gave donald trump. trump's campaign chair paul manafort blasted the dnc saying
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the fix is in. >> the e-mails have proven the system was rigged against them from the start. the only reason they are not the nominee is because the superdelegates, the fix was in the beginning. >> paul manafort will join us later in the hour. right now, gop presidential candidate and trump supporter mike huckabee goes on the record. good evening. >> great to be with you. >> what is it about the democrats and e-mails they don't seem to be able to use e-mail. >> all i can say is this is certainly got rocking, rocking the house here in philadelphia. this is quite stunning. how can they possibly reckty ti this? ? >> it is too late to do that.
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even if they fraud march debbie wasserman shultz through the wells fargo arena, it doesn't change the fact that this was, in fact, a rigged system. now we all know. hillary clinton comes in to this convention with more baggage than delta airlines, and this is just one of the big blow she will have to shoulder all week long. not a good way for the democrats to start their convention, just not good. >> so far i don't see this as secretary clinton's fault or mistake or doing. however, this lands on her lap because she's the head of the party and this is debbie wasserman shultz who was her cochair in 2008. now we will have bernie sanders tomorrow when this opens up. he will be out there. he was going to say i was right. it was rigged. look at these e-mails. to take it one step further, they were trying to denigrate my religious beliefs. >> well, and that's really offensive. by the way, i want to commend
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congressman kucinich because he is a straight up guy and didn't try to spin it like some would. he was straightforward and honest and admitted this was a mess. dnc has egg all over their face, enough to make an omelet for 100 people. i think secretary clinton has got to step up and demand the resignation of debbie wasserman shultz. she is going to resign the end of the week, i would have it happen immediate lip and disavow everything that happened and especially the attack on bernie sanders religion. >> what do you think bernie sanders will do tomorrow? >> you know, he's really kind of folded the tent. i don't understand this feisty, go get it kind of guy all through the campaign. i guess he resigned himself that he will go back to the senate and angling for an assignment should hillary become the president, god forbid, let me add. >> i don't see -- i don't see
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him as sort of sitting back. he has the most passionate supporters, more passionate than either side of the aisle. we will see what happens when they gather tomorrow. >> let's take a closer look at what else is inside the dnc e-mail. fox news correspondent and i confess, one of my favorite correspondents, elizabeth is live in washington, d.c. what's in these e-mails. >> first of all it is mutual. let's break down some of the alleged exchanges. each requires context and so does the source, wikileaks. it was founded by julian assange years ago. it is a hub for documents that have made headlines for years. the site claims it is an outlet for journalists and whistle-blowers. members of the clinton team point to russian hackers, something wikileaks is staunching denying. let's talk the e-mails. first we flagged dates back to april, the head of the june california primary.
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dnc staffers were talking about sanders, who was voicing concern for the democratic nomination process had been unfair to him. he was pointing to the debate schedule as one example. debbie wasserman shultz responded at the time writing, spoken like someone who's never been a member of the democratic party and has no understanding of what we do. all right. fast forward to may. remember the back and forth between the dnc and the sanders camp over the nevada democratic party convention. you remember this video. there was a complaint filed against the campaign after supporters grew angry about rules they perceived to be bias. debbie wasserman shultz responded saying supporters should act civilly and then questioned the fairness of the state party rules. she responded damn liar, particularly scummy he barely acknowledging the violent threatening behavior that occurred. days later, staffers were e-mailing whether they should respond to a sanders interview
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appearance where he discusses a hypothetical replacement of debbie wasserman shultz as chairwoman, who which she dismissed, this is a silly story. he isn't going to be president. although we are still digging, what seems to be a constant irritation with the sanders camp is prevalent but it is important to note that dnc staffers were calling out lawmakers and journaljour journistalisjourn journalists too. >> new york is home to donald trump and secretary clinton. one famous new yorker is choosing sides. on wednesday, michael bloomberg will officially endorse secretary clinton at the democratic national convention. mayor bloomberg has not been a member of the democratic party since 2000. elected mayor of new york as a republican, later an independent, he flirted with a white house run and now said he is dismayed by trump.
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what a way to start the democratic convention hasn't been gavelled to order and already a shock. debbie wasserman shultz, the chairperson of the dnc getting the boot. joe is here to go on the record. am i overstating how bad this is? >> i think so. >> why? >> look, i think the fact she is stepping down takes a lot of the heat out of this. i don't think she will be addressing the convention. >> here's the problem. you have a candidate, a contender, senator bernie sanders who has a lot of passionate supporters who said the system was rigged against him and basically the dnc basically said no, it wasn't and now it turns out it was. an they are trying to use his religious believes against him. >> that's the part that -- >> so you think i'm overstating this? >> no. i think a couple of things. one, there's a reason -- when
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you run against the 35er9 as an insurgent, if the party is not trying to stop you you are not an insurgent. that happened for trump and sanders. >> aren't they supposed to be neutral? >> yeah. but howard dean's campaign the party stopped us, they did every step of the way. the part that is appalling is the religious stuff. the things they were talking about. those things, i mean, i don't think it ever happened. i don't think we saw reports on his religion but the fact they were talking about it is, from as a progressive is appalling and someone who always thought that sanders was running an energized campaign with all of those young people coming in to the fold. yeah, i think a lot of them are angry already. this isn't going to help. debbi stepping down. >> should she step down tonight or wait until the end of the week. >> i don't think it matters what
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day. i think it matters if she addresses the convention. personally i hope she doesn't do that. >> what do you think bernie sanders will do, if anything? >> i think bernie sanders has said what he will do. i believe he has reconciled with the fact she's not going to be the nominee, that hillary clinton is. that the most important thing, right now, is to help her get elected and stop donald trump. >> you think tomorrow he will say that's okay and. >> no. >> he may talk about the rigged system or what he perceives as a rigged system. i don't expect him to be polly anna, but i think he will be trying to unify the crowd an the party. >> should secretary clinton address the religious portion, that the dnc at least in an e-mail suggested we will use his religion against him?
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>> i don't know. >> should she? >> i don't think so. >> she should ignore it. >> she didn't do it. >> i know. >> i think the campaign -- her campaign has made it clear that's not what they stand for. throughout the campaign they have made it clear. >> as far as we know, there's no indication that secretary clinton was in on this. >> that's never. >> nobody said that so far. >> you can't be -- these are people who have been in the party for ten, 20 years. they are people that have been working in the state parties. some guy from outside the party says i want to take it over. the same thing. people at the rnc were for jeb bush or ted cruz. i'm sure, i don't want to -- wait until we see these e-mails. >> i'd'd love to see it. i'm equal opportunity f. the republicans want to, i have to go, thank you. the convention will open tomorrow. but outside protesters are ready for the week.
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police are working double time in this incredible heat to protect the right to peaceful protest and keep us safe. >> we are in fdr park, a few blocks from you in the arena there. this is the official sanders rally behind me there's music playing and people, 1,000 or so folks are having a good time. voices on the stage earlier, many sanders delegates, one from debbie wasserman shultz furious, speaking passionately saying it confirms the suspicion the system is rigged and call to leave the democratic party. this is the first of many protests scheduled this week. some others maybe less peaceful, and we talked with police commissioner richard roth. here's what he had to say about the coming week. >> we started the minute we found out we were getting the
10:17 pm
dnc. that was a year ago. in terms of going to cleveland, gleaned a lot from that and we had people on the ground, as well and able to determine fe with are doing in the right things. both cities were similar in regard to what they were trying to do and obviously cleveland did an exceptional job. we're going to do the same thing. >> quick look here. this is fdr park, a main area where sanders folks will be holding protests all week. you never know what will happen. in cleveland we have seen a larger police presence and harder security as you witnessed trying to get in here it is hardened an the police commissioner said they are ready for whatever comes here this week. >> the protesters may move out because of the heat . it is punishing this city. the leaked dnc e-mail putting the nail in debbie wasserman shultz coffin. will this hurt secretary
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clinton? and did the dnc rig the system against sanders? the trump campaign jumping all over the news. paul manafort is kicking off here. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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a. on the record in philadelphia kicking off primetime for the 2016 democratic national convention and it's a bumpy ride for the democrats already. debbie wasserman shultz caught up in an e-mail scandal. she's now resigning after the dnc caught e-mailing anti-bernie sanders e-mails. here are some of those e-mails. this e-mail from april 26th shows dnc staffers already talking about clinton as the nominee. hey there, it was basically just a general check in meeting where she thanked us for being flexible as we wait for a nominee scene she said they are trying to look what the collaboration will look like once she gets it. may 1st, a month before the final democratic process when sanders was still competing, a
10:23 pm
dnc staffer send debbie wasserman shultz an article about sanders vowing there will be a contested convention. this is how debbie wasserman shultz responded so much for a traditional presumptive nominee. suz, suz,. >> tell me, this is serious. joe says i'm overstating it. how serious is this,s are these e-mails for the democratic party? >> the fallout is the question. today bernie sanders put out a statement saying that debbie wasserman shultz did the right thing by stepping aside but he included in that statement this point that the process was not fair. it was not impartial. i think that is the lingering issue. despite the fact they have now taken away debbie wasserman shultz from the whole scene. >> not completely. >> right.
10:24 pm
she wants to gavel -- i don't know if that will happen, if she is going to do that but the issue is the process was not impartial. i think that is the sentiment among bernie sanders supporters. they will come here and potentially demonstrate and see how big of a fuss will they put on at the convention. a they willing to say now the dnc chairman stepped aside that's enough for them. >> there's no indication that secretary clinton had anything to do with it. this is totally at the dnc level. i would be furious, even though they might be glad -- i would be furious if i were secretary clinton. >> secretary clinton just named debbie wasserman shultz of her campaign. >> since the revelation? >> yes. >> that's bad. >> since the revelation of the e-mails, that's not good. >> you bring up the point 0 about the fallout. it is not going to satisfy bernie sanders supporters. she was mocking the republican party for their division.
10:25 pm
now how the tables have turned. we're here, 19,000 e-mails released suggesting she was favoring clinton throughout the campaign. she is not going to step down until the end of the week and didn't release an apology or take responsibility. >> the e-mail about using senator sanders religious beliefs against him is terrible. >> no one is stepping down either. >> they are mute on the topic. >> that person that sent that e-mail was the financial -- >> that is the intern. >> cfo. >> still working here for the dnc. the thing we need to watch for this week is bernie sanders's speech this week. how robust of an endorsement will he give hillary clinton. he will endorse her. he says so. will it be lukewarm? >> after he said the system was rigged and he was suspicious it looks bad. any way, thank you both.
10:26 pm
>> thank you. >> philadelphia, well, maybe the city of brotherly love but that love is sure to be tested this week. senator sanders endorsed secretary clinton but before he saw the e-mails. we are back in philly live in moments and check out my facebook page. i have videos and photos behind the scenes. you have to see it and make sure you like my facebook page and share it with your friends.
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on the record live in the city of brotherly love. kicking off the democratic national convention on the number one network in all of cable. this big democratic political week already off to a rocky start. dnc chair debbie wasserman shultz resigning. >> the pick of secretary clinton's, i have known tim kaine for a number of years. we served in the senate. he is a very smart, nice guy. his political views are not my political views. he's more conservative than i
10:31 pm
am. would i have preferred to see somebody like an elizabeth warren selected by secretary clinton, yes, i would have. >> fox news correspondent shannon bream is live in philadelphia with us. shannon? >> greta, we are tracking a couple of progress i have groups, big bernie sanders supporters but not officially linked with his campaign who say they are trying to do something about bumping kaine off the ticket. they say they have gone out and talked to all of the death delegates supporting sanders. they think 88% are not happy with kaine. that he is unacceptable to be on the ticket. they have thought all along with bernie sanders having hundreds of thousands to turn out to support him in person, he won 23 primary contests, they thought they would have more sway trying to get the clinton ticket to add someone to the left, more progressive. they are disappointed that didn't happen and feel it signals to them that hillary
10:32 pm
clinton doesn't care about their concerns and is now going to ignore them now the primary contest is e of their problems with tim kaine. they say he is too soft on abortion, personally pro life, support a partial-birth abortion plan. they say they don't feel they can count on him on issues of gun, trade, bank regulation and unions. they say this is not the guy for us. we don't think it is acceptable. they are talking about what they can to to show displeasure. anything besides complaints. they are talking about when he takes the stage they will turn their back or walk out. today they took it up another level and want to see if there is a way technically they can contest not the entire convention, not the presidential pick but the vp pick. what they would like to do is get kaine kicked off and elizabeth warren senator on to the ticket. they acknowledge she would have to participate in something like that. it is doubtful she would.
10:33 pm
they say they are looking at their options but admit the last one is a highly unlikely scenario. >> thank you. >> before friday tim kaine was not a household name but that has now changed. >> together, we are going to win this election and move our country forward. please join me in welcoming the next vice president, my friend, senator tim kaine! >> these are tough times. tough times don't last but tough people do. they don't come any tougher or any more compassionate than hillary clinton. so let's go make history and elect hillary clinton the 45th president of the united states.
10:34 pm
>> susan, senator tim kaine is a choice, and bernie sanders supporters. they don't like him but secretary clinton gets to make the pick. that's her pick. >> i think the ultimate leverage for those who supported bernie sanders is the vp pick. they hoped it would be a progressive like elizabeth warren and they didn't get that pick. now the question, it is not sot much that kaine is a bad choice. he has many advantages for hillary clinton coming from a swing state, bringing in moderate voters, but who he is not. he is not the progressive democrat they wanted and felt entitled to after bernie sanders won so many primary and caucus states. they have felt they should have had that leverage on the ticket. we always say vice presidents don't matter that much in presidential elections. here's a case where it may matter. clinton's problem is bringing in the sanders millennials.
10:35 pm
>> virginia, too. the elector at college. >> i think she is more interested in getting the electoral college and a few people out of madison, wisconsin and berkeley. >> this shed a lot of light on her strategy. she is going after independents and moderate republicans who are hesitant to get behind trump. this is a guy who could attract some of those voters who typically vote republican but might vote for hillary clinton. and he supported obama in '08. they are kicking off a bus tour, ohio and pennsylvania. those are two states trump is after in this election and he will focus on the economy. number one issue and that's been his strength in this election. >> it is like clinton rode owro those bernie or bust people. >> she won and gets to make the choice. the real problem tonight is
10:36 pm
debbie wasserman shultz. >> the potential going for the swing states and independents is always the secret for democrats to win presidential elections and bringing out the base. who's their base right now? a lot of them back sanders. >> i assume president obama will bring that base out. he will be speaking. >> shelby, susan, thank you both. once again "on the record" hitting the road. a trucker who's undecided why? that's next. plus, will this week be about the democrats and secretary clinton or does donald trump have a secret plan to hijack the coverage? trump's campaign chairman paul manafort in minutes.
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life in philadelphia, pennsylvania, where the
10:41 pm
excitement is growing. last week in cleveland it was the republicans but this week is the democrats turn. democrats with two goals this week give party unity and the next part of the series is here. aun decided voter is leaning toward donald trump. >> i never pulled one of these. this is a high honor. >> this is an ohio voter, die-hard buckeye fan and truck driver who regularly cruises across the state that will decide this year's presidential election. we caught up with him at a truck stop in pennsylvania where he decided to give us a ride. >> you are in a 2008, 787 peterbilt. i'm from ohio. been driving for 42 years, august 10th. >> for dave, who owns his own rig, this year's big issue is health care. >> right now i can't afford to retire because of health care.
10:42 pm
the health care benefits is over $1500 a month and social security 2,000. what are you going to live on, you know? >> do you blame that on the last several years of government? >> yes, i do. i thought it was going to be a good thing. the way it was explained to the american people it was going to be a good thing. >> obamacare. >> yes. the way it ended up being it's not good for anybody. except for people on welfare and don't work and they don't care because it is free and don't care what it costs. >> it isn't translating in to support for a candidate. >> what do you think between trump and clinton? >> i don't trust either one of them. i don't think that american people have very good choices to make this time around and a lot of votes will go to trump because people say what the hell, everybody else has messed up, let's see what somebody different can do. i'm at the same point, i don't know who to vote for. i'm really undecided. i think bernie sanders might have had a better grip on the pulse of the nation than trump
10:43 pm
and hillary do. >> one thing i sensed on board is a di disillusionment with politics and politicians in general. consider what he had to say about the federal bureaucrats that oversee the trucking industry. >> they are in to our business but none of them have ever driven a truck, you know? >> reporter: when forced to decide between what he described as a lesser of two evils, here's what he had to say. >> right now, if you had to vote today, how would you vote? >> trump. >> even if he's not totally sold on donald trump, there's one thing he's completely sure of. >> buckeyes, number one. >> reporter: from pennsylvania. for "on the record," fox news. [ horn honking ] >> no question about it. exactly what secretary clinton did not need on the eve of the
10:44 pm
convention, an explosive shake up in the democratic party. is the party fractured from the inside? bill o'reilly goes on the record next.
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"on the record" live in philadelphia, pennsylvania. listen to that music. tomorrow the democratic national convention kicks off and they are feeling the headache forces debbie wasserman shultz out of her job. host of the o'reilly factor, the number one show in all of cable news and executive producer of "legends and lies," bill o'reilly is on the phone. what do you make of the e-mail
10:49 pm
problem? >> i think it is a few days to worry, i don't think that many people care about congresswoman shultz. the interesting part of the story is how the democrats were using certain people in the press to get out whatever message they wanted. so it was the reporter, i guess from "politico" running by stories and getting them approved by the dnc before they went on the website. that kind of stuff. we're investigating that now. that's a serious thing. debbie wasserman shultz, eh, she's a partisan. i don't think she will have much to do with the election. >> but bernie sanders said it was rigged. was the system rigged against him? >> yeah, sure it was. i said that last year at this time. they didn't want think dnc, the democratic establishment didn't want any part of bernie sanders because they knew americans
10:50 pm
weren't going to elect a socialist president. >> let me turn to what starts at 8:00 tonight. you have a special show tonight. what is it tonight? >> "legends and lies" this is the sixth episode and one of my favorites tonight, the first guerrilla fighter and he was under george washington too tie the british down in south carolina and charleston was the big there. and francis marion did an amazing job and people don't know who he is and a lot of america never heard of this guy. the he perfected guerrilla fighting and as an exciting episode and we hope everybody will stay tuned for it. >> you say people didn't know who he was but in preparation for the show an hour ago i said to my assistant who is this guy. >> yeah, you didn't even know. >> i had no idea so i will have to stick around.
10:51 pm
who is he? i didn't know who he was. >> in the late '50s, disney did a movie on him called the swamp box and that's the last we heard of him. people should know him and that's why we did the episode. it is an exciting thing and i'm very proud. >> bill, we will be watching at 8:00, obviously i need to watch it more than most because i didn't know who he was. thank you for joining us. >> greta, thank you for having me in. >> one more reminder, tonight legends and lies" after on the record only on fox news, the number one network a owl -- in all of cable news. don't you wonder what donald trump will be doing all week? does he have something up his sleeve paul manafort here next. routine. it's a hard thing to break. day in, day out. from point a to b, and back again.
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on the record live.
10:56 pm
we are here in philadelphia all week long. hillary clinton kept quiet during the republican national convention but donald trump probably will not say silent. paul manafort goes on the record. nice to see you, paul. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> before i ask about donald trump's week, i'm curious about the latest with the debbie wasserman shultz and the dnc and e-mails. does the trump campaign plan to use it in any way during the campaign season, or is this an issue for the democrats or one you will use? >> well, it's certainly exposes the dnc of being come police it is in bernie sanders's accusation that the system was rigged in favor of hillary clinton. that's not the biggest concern. the biggest concern is the hacking of the server put the dnc at risk. imagine what a server sitting in a closet in hillary clinton's home in chappaqua, what was put
10:57 pm
at risk there. if the dnc server was hacked, you can imagine how many foreign countries must have hacked her unprotected server, putting national security at risk. it's ironic the point that donald trump has been talking about the last year as far as hillary clinton's violations of ethics and crimes against national security gets exposed dramatically on the eve of the democratic national convention by the dnc itself. >> what would you if you are advising bernie sanders, i know you are not, should he accept an apology or it seems there was scheming against him and using his religious beliefs against him. what would you advise bernie sanders to do or not do? >> well, look, unfortunately for bernie sanders the primaries are over. the superdelegates are put in place to nominate hillary clinton and that's going to happen tomorrow. the point that donald trump has
10:58 pm
been saying, rigged political system needs to be changed. bernie sanders is suffering that plight. we think there are supporters of bernie sanders who are not ideological but voting for sanders because they were against wall street influence in politics and hillary clinton is the wall street candidate. they are against a rigged political system. we think voters will look at us now. >> what is donald trump's plans this week, is he going to lie low w450i8 the democrats celebrate in philly or something else? >> donald trump will not lie low. he will be out campaigning starting tomorrow. tomorrow he and governor pence will be campaigning together. we will be going to a number of bat 8 ground states this and talk about the issues that will be framed by his convention speech on thursday. >> do you expect a bounce in cleveland and if so what bounce would you be satisfied with? >> the bounce has been happening
10:59 pm
since the fbi indicted -- should have indicted secretary of state clinton but didn't. since this time donald trump's members of the ju message was heard more clearly. we have been growing. we expect that we will be ahead in a lot of battleground states. already in a number of national polls donald trump is even or slightly ahead. >> paul, thank you for joining us. hope you come back. >> thank you, greta. >> that's all for now. make sure you are right here on monday night at 7 p.m. as "on the record" kicks off the democratic convention primetime for the number one network in all of cable. we are live from philadelphia all week long. tune in at monday at 7 p.m. and go toy facebook page and like it. so much behind the scenes of what is going on here in philadelphia. you don't want to miss that.
11:00 pm
up next "legends and lies," my colleague bill o'reilly executive producer and he will give us a history lesson tonight. i need to watch it. join us tomorrow night at 7 p.m. see you then. hillary, is the nominee but are her problems just beginning? with her party lurching farther left. >> no one in this country who got rich on their own. bernie is the candidate we support overwhelmingly. >> sometimes it seemed like she's scrambling. >> i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> will she galvize her voters? >> will she scare some away. >> i never voted anything but de


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