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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 25, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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with my colleague. good night from philadelphia. new special. good night from philadelphia of it is monday, july 25th. disorder at the dnc. a major shakeup rocking the democratic party amid a new e-mail scandal just hours before their convention kicks off in philadelphia. >> dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz amid the e-mails plotting against bernie sanders. >> you're watching fox friends first. >> good to be here. >> no shortage of drama and we have fox news coverage on every
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angle of this story. >> the trump campaign slamming a quote, rigged system. and the very latest from doug. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, these political conventions serve two fundamental purposes. first obviously to officially nominate their candidate for president but also to serve as squeaky clean into mer shl. chairman debbie wasserman schultz decision to resign as chairman before the convention gets underway. the last thing party officials wanted to see is a course of boos from the floor if she was to take to the days but democrats have succeeded so far from caping their kacandidate's name out of this e-mail muck.
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>> i don't know about these e-mails. i'm proud of the campaign that i ran. i can't speak to people that were not working for me who were saying whatever they were saying. i can only speak to my campaign. >> reporter: for his part, bernie sanders has remained remarkably calm throughout this e-mail controversy. his convention speech scheduled to be delivered tonight will be chock full of donald trump criticisms and hillary clinton praises but he won't be far from firing away inside the democratic party tent. he has long suspected a conspiracy within the dnc to deprive him of the nomination. >> it is not a great shock to me. it's what we talked about six months ago. no question to my mind and i think no question to any objectiobject observer's mind. >> reporter: but sanders'
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supporters are not so magnanimous. thousands gathered yesterday to protest. it was a larger gathering than anything we saw in cleveland. this was before the convention got underway. also the conditions. it was oppressively hot and humid in downtown philadelphia yesterday. those protests, by the way, are far away from where we now stand at the convention center site. but as the convention is gavelled into session today we expect those protests to migrate to this neck of the woods. we'll be hearing it loud and clear, i'm sure. back to you. >> i have a feeling that you will. thank you, doug. well, doubling down on the rigged system, the rnc chiming in saying that debbie wasserman schultz' resignation was inevitable and the trump camp is calling for hillary clinton to follow her lead. we're joined now live with the latest from team trump. no shortage of drama this morning. >> there are no surprises in
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this at all. i should say there are more surprises that keep coming every day. the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz is a stunning development within the democratic party and as you can imagine, donald trump wasted no time jumping all over it. he tweeted his reaction on twitter stating this. today proves what i have always known, that priebus is the tough one and not debbie wasserman schultz. bernie is exhausted. no energy left and later trump tweeted this. the highly neurotic debbie wasserman schultz is angry that after stealing and cheating her way to a crooked hillary victory, she's out. priebus says the democrats are starting off with an uphill climb in losing their party chairwoman.
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>> when you rig a system and you -- you know, you spread e-mails arntsound and senior st in that matter i think this outcome is inevitable and i think obviously the end has come. >> in the wake of the e-mail scandal trump campaign manager is now reaching out to the supporters of bernie sanders. >> the point that donald trump has been saying, the rigged political system needs to be changed and bernie sanders is suffering that plight and we think that the supporters of bernie sanders who are voting for sanders because they were against wall street influencing politics and hillary clinton is the wall street candidate, they were against the rigged political system, we think they'll take a look at us now. >> donald trump will return to the campaign trail today in virginia and north carolina where he will continue to blast clinton and the dnc. >> i'm sure he will. all right. thanks for being with us this morning.
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well, the convention has not even started yet but debbie wasserman schultz forced resignation from the dnc causing chaos in the streets of philadelphia. >> so what kind of fallout can we expect? thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> so, a little bit of chaos, you could say this morning as we wake up and the convention is just beginning. so what do you think the fallout will be this week? >> look, you know, chaos, no. distraction on the eve of the convention, yes, most definitely, but look, tonight we'll have bernie sanders who's going to be speaking. he'll be the keynote speaker. he's going to do exactly what hillary clinton did for then senator barack obama which is lean in and make sure that he delivers his delegates to -- to hillary clinton. when i say deliver meaning like make sure they unify behind her.
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and so i think that's really important to note and he's still in. he understands the importance of making sure that in november we reject donald trump unlike last week with ted cruz who actually told his delegates to vote their con shenscienc conscience. i think a distraction but we're going to unify our party and we'll see a stark difference than what we saw last week. >> hillary clinton has waited for this moment for this week for many years now, and she was hoping that they would be talking about her today, talking about tim kaine, talking about her message. talk to us about how bad the timing is here. i mean, this came out less than 24 hours before this convention kicks off in philadelphia. >> absolutely devastating timing. it couldn't be worse as the party is trying to project some unity. i think we all expect that bernie sanders having already endrs.ed hillary will continue
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in that vein. what else we're going to see tonight. debbie wasserman schultz will still gavel in the convention today. are bernie delegates going to applaud politely? is this going to be unrest or dissatisfaction? i think the potential for more blowback is still there. >> i was surprised that she was still going to open the convention. do you think that she should have just stepped down immediately? >> i mean, to be honest i was surprised as well, but loorks i think the two things that need to come out of this convention is making sure that we unify and also talk beyond our base. jump start into the general election. so i think that is going to happen and we have to remember the democrats have a big tent. we'll have michelle obama speaking tonight and we saw what she did for the president back in 2012. she gave this amazing speech. i was on the floor. i watched it so i think she'll do the same thing this time
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around. we'll have the vice president, the president on wednesday, so -- and we have elizabeth warren at some point this week as well. so we have a big tent and i think that will continue and the job for right now for the -- for the dnc and for the hillary campaign is to make sure that we unify. >> you know, there was so much talk about the disarray within the gop and how divided the party is and here we are going into the democratic convention with this all breaking, you know, the bernie sanders supporters many of them not happy as we just heard from doug protesting in the streets likely over the next few days. which party is more divided at this point? >> everyone was expecting the protests in cleveland to be a big deal. there really wasn't much going on there. already we've had ooa protest on the sunday that was bigger than anything we saw in cleveland so there could be more going on in the streets in the days to come. it's true that we'll see an impressive display on the part
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of officials but it includes a lot of people for whom the highest priority is not electing hillary clinton as president but achieving progressive change in america. and bemind me a lot of those people at the convention and who knows what they're going to do. >> and which party do you think is in more disarray right now? >> oh, i think most definitely -- well, i'll put it this way. when you have the gop nominee on friday saying hey, you know what, i'm going to put together a super pac to go after my rivals, one of the rivals being the governor of ohio, one of the most important battleground states especially for republicans, you can't win the white house without ohio i think that answers that question right there. >> never a dull moment in this election, that is for sure. h >> thanks so much for being here. >> let's see what else is in the 20,000 e-mails that were sent and received. we want to know what you think is the resignation of debbie
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wasserman schultz enough? who should be held accountable for the dnc plot to take down sanders? send us a comment. >> well, the time is now 11 minutes after the hour. donald trump dubbing hillary clinton's running mate corrupt kaine tweeting is this the same kaine that took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and didn't get indicted? >> who is tim kaine and what do we know about the virginia senator? our next guest digs into his background.
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i don't think i have all the answers. i believe that he will give me his best advice. >> missionary civil rights leader, federal official, i've
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climbed and i haven't missed a rung on the ladder. >> hillary clinton may have high praises for her running mate but donald trump is already slamming his background giving him the nickname corrupt kaine. so what do we know about him and does anything in tim kaine's past fit this title? here to discuss is kerry picket. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> of course. let's take a look right away at the tweet that went out by donald trump, one of them. he says, is it the same kaine that took hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts while governor of virginia and didn't get indicted while bob m did? so what is he talking about and does he deserve the nickname corrupt kaine? >> well, actually, tim kaine and bob mcdonnell it's more of a perceived corruption. the laws in virginia are relatively lax and so when kaine
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ended up getting gifts from donors such as dominion power which is of course is a big electricity company over in virginia as well as a big wealthy venture capitalist as well as a drug company that ended up buying facilities over in virginia, you know, he didn't get busted for it because the laws are very lax in virginia. he ended up getting ncaa tickets for the final four, but the thing is that he disclosed all the that information. it was about $160,000 worth of gifts and of money. however, on the other hand, bob mcdonnell, he didn't disclose the gifts and a loan he ended up getting from a supplement company. however, you know, kaine did plead on bob's behalf when he ended up getting convicted.
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however, that particular conviction was vacated by the high court and that is going to be dealt with later on. >> you mentioned 160,000 in gifts that was between 2001 and 2009. also in 2005, he received 18,000 in vacation, 2003 to '05, 5,500 in clothes. in 2008 obama campaign gave him 45,000 for travel. this is feeding right into donald trump's message of the corrupt system. is this something that's going to stick this corrupt kaine narrative? >> well, certainly, because here's the thing. when tim kaine ended up becoming senator, you know, the federal giving laws are very strict, so if he ended up getting these same types of gifts as a senator, well, then that is illegal and he ended up writing an on-ed in 2013 and he ended up regretting saying that he didn't change the laws in virginia and gee, i wish that the laws were
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different in virginia. why didn't he change the laws? he ended up benefitting from them a whole lot during his campaign. >> what about the final year as governor when he also served as head of the dnc and when president obama was first elected as well, he was criticized by the state's gop party at that time because of taking a political job during his time as governor? >> absolutely. during his first year as head of the dnc he promised the people of virginia and this is his last year as governor of virginia that he wouldn't spend a whole lot of time, you know, basically as -- as dnc chair he'd make sure that he spent as much time as possible as governor of virginia, but it turned out thanks to the richmond dispatch that he spent a whole lot of time as dnc chair on the taxpayer dime using the virginia
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police as his detail on dnc trips. >> all right. thank you. we have more to talk about and we'll bring you back next hour. we'll see you soon. >> looks like that role is open right now. thank you. the time now is about 18 minutes after the top of the hour and protests raged at the dnc and pete was right in the middle of all of it. >> and right now he's there with a special message for the officers there. pete joins us live. that's next.
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and they started and pulled out a flag and started to try to light it which is why there's a safety reason you have to expand the perimeter or else you're
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going to light the whole crowd on fire. this is an unlawful protest. god bless our police officers. >> absolutely. we showed you this video. more than a dozen protesters arrested at the rnc in cleveland after setting the american flag on fire. pete was there and he says it could have been much worse if it wasn't for law enforcement. >> and now as the dnc kicks off today pete is there live with a message of gratitude for the police keeping everyone safe in philadelphia. the work you're doing is so important. good to see you. >> good to see you too and we wanted to get a glimpse of what law enforcement here in philadelphia will be facing, so we hit the streets last night in light of what he saw in cleveland last week to ask them what they felt about the mood, how they felt about things here in philadelphia, and there's no doubt they feel a little bit -- the majority of the officers felt like there is a target on their back, there is a lot of scrutiny. social media has hyped up what was going on. you can see the photos of us
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last night. a protest had gone on from bernie sanders supporter just hours before that was peaceful. their condition is that outside agitators could take planned protests that have been planned for many months and accelerate them with violence. so a lot of uncertainty, but incredible officials on the street we were talking to who have been many of them law enforcement officers for decades in philadelphia. have seen high profile events like the pope, previous conventions so they feel ready to go but definitely a sense of unease. >> what are some of the things they're doing to prepare for these protests? >> they've done a lot of early thinking and planning even with protesters. they have a very good sense of what marches might be happening and when. there's also been a lot of proactive intel work and proactive policing in reaching out to those organizations but also the communities and they're surveilling. who might be coming and going, what their intentions may be,
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and they're tracking movements of crowds that they can allocate police officers as effectively as possible, but they did say their rules of engagement as they escalate, they're trying to deescalate at every turn. they're trying to make sure that everyone here at the convention feels welcomed but you know right behind the scenes they're ready to go should things turn violent. >> i understand that some of the projections are between 35,000 to 50,000 protesters there in philly and what, about half a dozen sanctioned sites where they're allowed to protest. what about in terms of feeling like they have a target on their backs? have the police said anything about that? >> reporter: they sure did. they talked -- multiple officers talked about how they the feel the scrutiny, they can see the kr scrutiny. they said today there's just no
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doubt -- they're checking their six more frequently. they're concerned about their own safety but they also said hey, it's not about black lives matter, it's about all lives matter and we should be just as concerned about that young black kid in philadelphia who was shot by another black as they were about police altercations and many of them were frustrated that will will be three mothers of the fallen blacks that were shot and no mothers of the police officers that will be here. they had a sense they'd love to see the lives of police officers featured as well as the black lives matter protests. >> what do we expect to see from you today? are you going to get out on the streets and see what's happening? >> we'll get out and see what's happening real time. but most of cleveland was real calm and the police officers did a nice job but we'll get a sense
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of the security situation. the dnc and the leaked e-mails and everything with bernie, they've turned the temperature up on that. >> we'll be there every step of the way. >> thank you, pete. we'll check back with you. 27 minutes after the hour. the democrats in full damage control mode. debbie wasserman schultz out as the dnc chair, but immediately hired by hillary clinton? what message does this send? >> and bernie sanders standing by hillary clinton but his supporters, they're furious over the plot to take down his campaign. will they join team trump? our panel is on deck to debate all that, up next.
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good morning. the monday, july 25th. disorder at the dnc, a major shakeup rocking the democratic party amid a new e-mail scandal
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and just hours before their convention kicks off in philadelphia. debbie wasserman schultz announcing her resignation amid leaked dnc e-mails plotting against bernie sanders. >> good morning. you're watching fox and friends first on this monday morning. a little early today. >> thank you so much for joining us. the democratic convention overshadowed by drama at every turn. >> let's get to doug with the latest. good morning. it's long ago ceased to be any sort of drama at these republican and democratic conventions in terms of the nominating process. all that hard work is done at the primaries. so basically what's left is to be a squeaky clean into commercial. the la thing they wanted to see was to see that sullied up by any sort of drama or controversy.
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that has now happened with the release of these dnc e-mails and the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz. the last thing they wanted to see was a course of boos if she were to take the days here at the convention. but the one good thing for democrats as they approach the convention start today is that there has been no linkage that we know of as of yet between hillary clinton and the dnc to deprive bernie sanders of the nomination. >> i don't know anything about -- about these e-mails. i haven't followed it. but i'm very proud of the campaign that i ran. i can't speak to what people who were not working for me, who were saying whatever they were saying, i can't speak to that. i can only speak to my campaign. >> reporter: for his part bernie sanders has remained remarkably calm. that's been his demeanor throughout his years in
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congress. he's never been a flame thrower and that's been the case here. he is deeply disappointed with this, but he's not throwing fire here. listen up. >> i think it's outrageous, but it is not a great shock to me. it's what we talked about six months ago. i mean, no questions in my mind and i think no questions to any objective observer's mind that the dnc was supporting hillary clinton, was in opposition to our campaign. >> reporter: the convention gavels into session today with the first votes set for 4:30. the theme of today's convention is united together. tell that to the bernie sanders supporters. some of the speakers that we expect to be speaking are sanders himself, also michelle obama and sylvia, what's her name? and the speaker lineup with the presidents of the seiu.
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the afecio and the american federation of teachers all set to take the days tonight. >> a lot of eyes will be on bernie sanders as well. doug, thanks. >> reporter: you know it. >> thank you, doug. [ chanting ] >> those are outraged bernie sanders supporters protesting the streets in philadelphia as the e-mail scandal causes chaos right before the convention even starts. >> so will these voters now throw their support behind trump? >> bernie sanders campaign and washington examiner political reporter, thank you both for joining us. chuck, i'm going to start right away with you and how you're feeling about all these e-mails that have come out and what do you think is going to happen in terms of bernie supporters like yourself?
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>> i think bernie made a good point yesterday. none of this is really a shock. we were talking about it forever. from the first time we had dnc debates on a saturday night the week before christmas, but it's not a surprise. bernie had been calling for debbie to step down and guess what? she's no longer going to be there. their grass root movement has had an impact not only on the platform but also the convention itself and yesterday was a democracy in action letting their voices be heard. >> do they still support hillary clinton or will they go across to trump? >> i think you'll see in all of the polling that we've done with bernie supporters the big majority of them go to hillary but there's a section of any support group that would go to trump, i would say a few go to libertarians, but that's a small percentage of the overall vote. i think the biggest people that come to philadelphia will line up behind hillary at the end of
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the day. >> the head of the republican campaign said this. >> the point that donald trump has been saying, the rigged political system needs to be changed and bernie sanders is suffering that plight and we think there are supporters who are not side logical but who are voting for sanders because they were against wall street influencing politics and hillary clinton is the wall street candidate. they were against the rigged political system. >> the trump team, they say they've got the bernie sanders folks now. >> yeah, well, you know, i spoke to a number of democratic delegates after the senator endorsed hillary clinton and what they told me is that they felt that he sold out. and you know, to now see his subdued response to these e-mail leaks really validating much of his message during the primary and the feeling among his supporters that debbie wasserman schultz was working to elect hillary clinton all along, to see that subdued response i think that a lot of bernie sanders supporters who genuinely
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feel that the system is rigged will at the very least start to consider donald trump. but in order for donald trump to win their support he's going to have to hone in on a message about the rigged system because these supporters of bernie sanders aren't attracted to his rhetoric like trump's base is. >> so chuck, in terms of which party is less united at this point, you know, the theme today and moving forward for democrats as united together, we're supposed to hear bernie sanders speak amongst some others today, some key speakers so which party do you think? we just wrapped up the rnc, is more ununited? >> i think the democratic will be more united when they come together. we'll have our sole focus on donald trump, but i think the point is i'm a political operative and that was brilliant what he was saying. when you think about him trying
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to tag her as the candidate of wall street you'll see them talking about trade. this is going to be the most unique independent expenditures that you'll see out there. i'm talking about wall street and trade as a republican. i think that will change this election and this is going to be different than anything you've ever seen. >> all right. we'll get you guys back. thanks for being with us. >> thanks very having us. all right. so what do you think? is debbie wasserman schultz' resignation is that enough? who else should be held accountable for the dnc plot to take down bernie sanders? >> your responses are pouring in online. many saying it's not enough. michael says it clearly shows the political process is rigged. the resignation is not enough. the entire leadership should be replaced. this is not the effort of just one person. it was a coordinated effort by the organization as a whole. >> and randy e-mailed us and says who should be accountable for the plot to take down sanders? who stood to gain for it.
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i'm sure you'll find a clinton at the source. charles e-mailed us to say i think it's enough honestly she's just done and anyone else involved will of course be untouched anyway. >> and kirk simply says kind of obvious who gains the most by bernie being cheated. the time now is 20 till the top of the hour and presidential elections then and now. how does donald trump versus hillary clinton compare to 2012 and 2008? >> convention polling and what it means for this race. waking .
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>> quite an early morning here in philadelphia. >> this is old news for us. let's look at these polls. compare this 2016 poll to where president obama and romney stood at the convention time back in 2012. you can see here as it looks now, turump 41, hillary clinton 46. obama at this .48 and romney 44. how should we think about this? >> reporter: they're similar and almost within the margin of error. it's basically a tie rate and in 2012 this followed revelations about the 47% comment, courtesy of a bartender in florida and a hounding i think that the
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republican no, ma'am knminee ha. romney was close to the margin of error as is donald trump. but with every convention just so everyone understands this, there's a bounce and i expect the bounce that came out of cleveland could become the rebound that comes out of philadelphia. >> well, compare for us this 2016 poll. this is where bah rback obama ad john mccain stood back in 2008. >> that's correct. >> and it was 45 to 42% for obama and mccain. >> right. and that was of course before the financial meltdown, that was before other events kind of took over the campaign. also as you can see, three points within the margin of error. but the one thing i can say about polls this election season is take them all with a bit of a grain of salt. it's a different campaign season, a different kind of election and i think we'll see a different kind of results come
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this fall. >> what do you think the polls are going to look like after the convention this week? you talk about a bounce. obviously this election cycle is different than any we've seen in the past. what do you think is going to happen after this week? >> i think there will be a couple points maybe moving toward hillary if she doesn't have another day like she had yesterday with our campaign, but the biggest thing that's going to start moving numbers, guys, are the -- what i call the three political super bowls. the three major debates. i think these poll numbers take on more significance and i also suggest that if donald trump in this situation is within a couple points of the secretary coming into the final weekend, there's a hidden vote and being in philadelphia i'm used to that from the former mayor. there's a hidden vote and i think donald trump is going to be in a position to win. >> and arguably the biggest poll driving element has yet to even happen. right? >> well, which is?
1:46 am
>> the debates. >> i'm sorry. >> the debates in the election coming up. >> they are going to be political super bowls. each and every one of them, tuned in by more people than ever in the history of television, and they are going to determine, i think, the beginning of what you could suggest is the lock-in moment. what is that one time when people say, okay, i think i've got it now. i think those three debates are critical as could be all sorts of potential external events and certainly the world has been rocked in the last couple weeks and this country in particular by a number of them and any one of them could be excuse for the poll takers to see that there's been not only a bump, but a major move in this race. >> that's so true. the mood of the country is going to be so important at the time the election takes place. thanks for waking up. >> thank you. you as well. >> thanks, adam. all right. 47 minutes after the hour. controversy sensorship.
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this appears from the trending section where to go. >> and in social media covering up for the democrats yet again? what is going viral up next.
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the democratic national convention officially kicking off today and the social media frenzy is already in full swing. >> fox and friends cohost is live for us in philadelphia with the latest social media breakdown. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. did you guys hear about those leaked dnc e-mails by any chance? >> yes, we did. >> reporter: yeah, we're all talking about it and so is social media and it came as a surprise to see twitter seemingly removing that hash tag that sprung up on friday. so twitter had all of these e-mails and it was trending dnc leaks was one of the top trending hash tags on friday, but then suddenly, mysteriously it disappeared and it plummeted from a number of tweets down to almost zero. here's david tweeting this. why would twitter poull the dnc
1:52 am
leaks hash tag from the number one position? sounds like censorship to me. twitter pulls it from the list completely and gets called on it and replaces it with dnc leak to cover themselves. because people can't really find the hash tag, then tweets don't seem to propagate to the top. a little tricky business on twitter's part. and ruben tweeted this. i like how dnc leaks went from 400,000 tweet to 6,000 and now clinton's vp pick is trending. twitter is in on this. we've heard stories over the past few weeks of twitter taking a more proactive role in censorship. of course all the hate that leslie jones received. they went after twitter users and shutting their accounts down. so there may be something more to this. but guys, here at the convention center the you're walking in it's a little bit different than
1:53 am
cleveland. it has a different vibe here. and trump supporters taking to social media to point out the difference here because the dnc has erected a four mile fence and they've changed the perimeter check point three different times. they've pushed it back and made it further and further away from the wells fargo center here, so trump supporters coming to twitter to say no hypocrisy whatsoever. and then robin tweeting this. in an effort to build more bridges the dnc has erected an 8-foot fence around the convention site. what are they afraid of? >> maybe all the bernie supporters that i saw yesterday. and hillary clinton saying she feels like there's a different standard for her, that republicans are the ones that have been vilifying her for years and that she nooefrs been criminally in trouble and never had anything rise to the level of having to go to jail. she says there's a different
1:54 am
standard. a hillary standard as she's calling it. the consequence allows for free gross negligence where others are prosecuted and sonny tweeting this. like the standard where you disregard e-mail security on top secret stuff and the fbi. like whatevs. and certainly a hillary standard and one for everybody else. so it's the calm before the storm here before we get to see perhaps more of these protests today from the occupy bernie protesters, and this 8 foot high, four-mile perimeter fence around the dnc. back to you. >> whatevs. >> lol. >> thank you. the time now is about 6 minutes before the top of the hour. divided we stand, debbie wasserman schultz announcing her resignation so which party is more united our political panel
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at the top of the hour to weigh in. >> and our coverage of the democratic national convention continues next. you're watching "fox and friends first."
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good morning. the monday, july 25th. >> we begin with a fox news alert breaking at this hour. chaos at a florida nightclub after shots ring out killing two
1:59 am
people and injuring as many as 17 others. >> the shooting happening at club blue, that's in fort meyers, florida, overnight. it is believed to have happened during a teen night with some of the people there being as young as 13 years old. some describe the scene as a "madhouse" with others saying they heard around 30 gunshots that came from different guns. >> and this comes after the mass shooting in orlando at the pulse nightclub where 40 people were killed there. >> we'll have the latest, we're trying to get a reporter on the scene right now. the big story, disorder at the dnc. a major shakeup rocking the democratic party and a new e-mail scandal just hours before their convention kicks off in philadelphia.
2:00 am
>> dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz announcing her resignation amid leaked dnc e-mails plotting against bernie sanders. and of course, no shortage of drama and we have fox news team coverage on every angle of this story. >> the trump campaign slamming a quote, rigged system, but we begin with doug life for us in philly. >> reporter: good morning. these nominating conventions really serve two fundamental purposes. it is for both parties, pure propaganda, but that skeek ki clean image has been sullied by this e-mail scandal. the last thing they wanted to see was the course of boos, but democrats have succeeded thus far in keeping their candidate's nameut


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