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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

1:00 pm the final bell is tolling on wall street. been a bit of a down day for the dow. hovering down about 79 right now. stuart varney is in for neil today. and you are looking live at the dnc in philadelphia where the gavel is about to slam down. but it will not be outgoing dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz doing it. at a meeting of delegates from her own state, florida, she was shouted down earlier today. sanders' supporters are furious at the hacked dnc e-mails that show a concerted effort to undermine his campaign. and it is all unraveling at hillary clinton's coronation. welcome, everyone. i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto. and this is "your world." first to bill hemmer who is on
1:01 pm
the floor of the convention right now. who will gavel this convention to order, bill? >> looks like the mayor from washington, d.c., stuart. we'll confirm that in a moment. this has been a day that has been loaded with drama. we really do not know how these delegates and super delegates are going to react once this contention is gaveled to ord e. with -- order. debbie wasserman schultz now says she'll resign her most essentially, was booed out of the hall earlier today by the florida delegation. you're still part of the delegation tonight, but where is this audience now on hillary clinton and bernie sanders? >> well, i think at the end of the day we're going to be united and together. everybody in the hall is waiting to hear from bernie tonight. and i think it's really smart
1:02 pm
they're putting him on the podium tonight to speak to his supporters. >> give me a sense of the entire delegation, which is substantial, in a critical battleground state, what is the percentage of delegates not on board right now based on what we heard this morning? >> you look at the delegate breakdown. it was by percentage, and hillary had 65% of the delegates, bernie had 35%. of those, the majority are prepared to support hillary clinton. >> do you approve of what was said this morning? >> i really don't. i think it was rude, it was disrespectful. you have to expect that -- debbie wasserman schultz has been the head of the democratic party for six years. she has left her family, she has sacrificed, she's done a lot of things for her party. i think she deserves to go out on a high note, not this way. >> alex, we'll be here for the next four nights. >> we'll see what happens later tonight. >> alex, thank you.
1:03 pm
stuart, real quick. i want to swing around here, this woman, believe it or not, her first name is hillary. we spoke a moment ago. you are an ardent bernie sanders supporter. >> i am. >> youer there this morning and not happy. >> well, yeah, it was just time for debbie wasserman schultz to resign, and we were just really surprised that she was speaking at the event, and that she was asking for our respect. >> don't you have a sign here that you held up this morning? where is that? >> oh, that sign. >> what do you want to know if >> what do i want to know? >> we just want things to be fair. >> can you vote for her? >> for debbie wasserman schultz? >> can you vote for hillary clinton and not bernie sanders? >> once this done, we'll talk about it. but right now, i'm here to vote for bernie in the convention. and then after the convention,
1:04 pm
i'm a democrat. >> i will check in with you daily. >> okay. >> thank you, hillary. we'll see how it goes, stuart. back to you. >> i want to bring in bret baier. we just found out the person that will gavel the convention to order is the baltimore mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake. that is a surprise in and of itself, isn't it? >> it is. stephanie rawlings-blake doing the honor after debbie wasserman schultz pulled out of that job, sayingng it was for the good of the convention that she did that. now, some people may say who is stephanie rawlings-blake? she's baltimore's mayor, she's also secretary of this convention. she's also heading up the u.s. mayor's conference. but she's also a adidst her own controversy. you may remember in 2015 the riots in baltimore, that she
1:05 pm
held a press conference which she said people needed space to be able to destroy things and to van vandalize. she is not seeking re-election this next year, stuart, but she is going to be putting the gavel down to start this convention instead of the dnc chair, who as you have talked about, has stepped down. >> i want to show our viewers what happened earlier today when bernie sanders addressed some of his supporters. i'll get your comment afterwards. but roll that tape, please. >> we have got to defeat donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] and we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [ crowd booing ] >> well, bret, there were cheers when he said "we've got to beat
1:06 pm
trump," cheers. we've got to elect hillary clinton, boos. bernie sanders speaks later on tonight. you could see something similar happen again. >> well, you could. and listen, that is part of the calculation here of why debbie wasserman schultz is not gaveling in this convention, because what happened to her this morning at the florida delegation. remember, that's her home state delegation. she stood in front of that group of delegates and she was essentially booed off the stage. she was trying to talk over them and they were booing and jeering, holding up signs saying things about the dnc e-mails. this is a big problem for this party. they say they want to , but they a split, and for all the talk about how not unified the republicans were last week saying that, they have their own trouble in their own backyard. >> we may get end case of future
1:07 pm
trouble in the next few minutes when there are volts taken on credentials and a rules package. that could give the bernie sanders supporters an opportunity to make their voice heard in the early going of to convention. that could happen in a couple of minutes, bret. >> it could. and you can expect a couple of procedural moves along the way. the big roll call for the states happens tomorrow. much like we saw in cleveland, there is the possibility that something could happen. there was talk that bernie sanders supporters wanted to make their voices heard that they didn't like tim kaine and they want to vote him off the ticket. that's not going to happen, but there could be a voice vote that they register their opposition to tim kaine and hillary clinton. >> bret, stay there. i'll come back when you gavel in. let me ask this question -- is this problem going to stick with
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hillary clinton? rick ranel says yes, it will. but clinton supporter and former south carolina governor james hodges disagrees. the left will speak tonight, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren will speak tonight. i get the impression they're going to speak tonight to give maximum distance between hem and hillary, who speaks at the end of the week. that's the way you get over this problem, is that how it works, governor? >> i think tonight is bernie's night. i think he's earned that. he did extraordinarily well during the primaries and deserves to have the spotlight tonight, as do his supporters. i believe he's going to have an energized message, but i believe he will urge his supporters to support hillary clinton. his supporters do not want republicans ruling in every branch of government. >> so a big night for bernie tonight. you don't think this problem is
1:09 pm
going to go away. make your case. >> i'm here in philadelphia. everywhere you go, there are bernie supporters, who are not letting go. this e-mail scandal, which shows that hillary clinton used the -- her friends at the democratic national committee to literally take this election into a different direction. the debates were a sham, the process was a sham. all of the dnc officials hired by debbie wasserman schultz were pro-hillary. think about all the possible ways they didn't help bernie, whether if it was fund raising lists with information, they stalled his requests. what we're seeing through these e-mails is that this wasn't a game that was fair, and usually what happens when you find out through the officials that the game wasn't fair, you nullify the win. and then you play the game over. i think the bernie people are going to speak up and say, we didn't have our voice, and we
1:10 pm
are not done yet. >> governor, i've got to bring you back into this. this e-mail scandal at the dnc is not a passing thing. it seems to be very serious. you're not going to make light of it, are you? >> no. i think first of all, debbie wasserman schultz leaving has sort -- is going to let the air out of the balloon on that. one thing that's important that has been ignored is that 50 states voted either in caucuses or voted in primaries, and chose hillary clinton. even bernie sanders has acknowledged that the votes in these states were clean, and that he's honored the results about the caucuses and the primaries. that's what is most important. frankly, the dnc is not a particularly powerful entity in states like mine and in other states around the country. >> i want to bring in bret baier back again, because it's ten minutes past 4:00 eastern time. this is the time when the convention is supposed to be gaveled to order by the mayor of baltimore, stephanie
1:11 pm
rawlings-blake. bret, will you take us through it? i believe they're just entering the stage now. >> it looks like all of the officials here are coming to the center of the stage. let's -- if you wouldn't mind, let's listen in. i think they are going to open this officially with song it looks like. and stephanie rawlings-blake will bring out the gavel in just a moment. again, the baltimore mayor. we are seeing, stuart, on the floor delegates filing in here, and they are ready for a big night, as you mentioned, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders speaking, as well as the first lady who, as you know, is well loved in the democratic party and she'll make the case for the administration. this is going to be -- let's listen in, i guess. ♪ the glory of the coming of the lord ♪
1:12 pm
he is tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored ♪ ♪ he has loosed the faithful lightning of his terrible swift sword ♪ ♪ his truth is marching on ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah [ applause ] ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah
1:13 pm
♪ glory, glory, hallelujah ♪ his truth is marching on ♪ ♪ i have seen him of a -- they have built him an altar in the evening ♪
1:14 pm
♪ i can read his righteous sentence ♪ ♪ his truth is marching on ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah ♪ glory, glory, hallelujah ♪ his truth is marching on
1:15 pm
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ the beauty of the lilies, christ was born ♪ >> you're listening to beautiful music. fine voices as the democrats open their convention. momentari momentarily, they will be gaveled to order, and they'll be gaveled to order by the mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings-blake. beautiful music, bret, but behind it, some contentious politics going to happen momentarily, right? >> that's exactly right, stuart. this is the mother bethel ame church choir singing.
1:16 pm
you will soon see the gavel to order by stephanie rawlings-blake. the reason we mention it is the democratic party chair cannot be up there because she would get booed off the stage. if you think about that for a moment, and the politics oh of that, it is quite striking. the pageantry of opening these conventions for a political geek like me is fantastic. and the music and the sights and the sounds and the delegates and democracy, i mean, it's a wonderful thing to see. i think what you're going to see is some division in this convention that will be on display. and they're trying to project unity. right after the gavel, you're going to see boyz ii men sing. >> bret, i think i've been covering these things longer than you have, actually. and i don't recall the chair of a major party stepping down within 24 hours of the start of
1:17 pm
a presidential convention. i don't know whether it's ever happened before, but i certainly haven't seen it. it's an extraordinary political season, and it just keeps rolling on, doesn't it? >> it's truly amazing, stuart. think about where we were two weeks ago, heading into cleveland and all the questions about what would happen there. i mean, you get after cleveland, reince priebus still has his job. debbie wasserman schultz has a different job -- the honorary chairman of the clinton campaign, and that's another interesting choice. >> that's extraordinary in itself, isn't it? you lose your job as chair of the dnc and move almost immediately to be the honorary chair of the hillary clinton campaign, when you've tried to support that campaign all the way through the primaries, when you're not supposed to be doing that. you tilted, you're not supposed to do that, and now you're chairing honorarily the clinton
1:18 pm
campaign. >> at the same time, hillary clinton is trying to reach out to the progressive side of the party. let's listen in to stephanie rawlings-blake taking to the podium. >> i am mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, mayor of the great city of baltimore and secretary of the democratic national committee and temporary secretary of the democratic national convention. it is an honor and pleasure to welcome you. delegates, alternates, standing committee members and all of our honor democrats, and other guests here in te, and those the joined us by television around the united states and around the world. i here by call the democratic national convention to order. [ applause ]
1:19 pm
>> stuart -- >> go ahead, bret, what do you have? >> now we're officially under way, stuart. >> yes, we are. history being made. who would have thought we would be seeing this, on this occasion, on this day? really quite extraordinary. there was the gavel that came down. it has begun. bret, they're off and running. >> it will be interesting to see. you'll see a video showing off the city of philadelphia. and i'll just tell you behind the scenes here. i think the security is tighter here than it was in cleveland. at least it's more difficult to get around. they are concerned about these protests, around currently there is a protest of 2,000 pro bernie sanders supporters making its way to the arena. and they are marching through the streets of philadelphia currently. we saw some of that earlier.
1:20 pm
earlier we heard some bernie sanders supporters chanting "lock her up." remember when that caused such a stir in cleveland. well, it's creating a stir here in philadelphia, as well. so you are going to see this tension. this is to not make -- we want to make clear, this is not endangering hillary clinton from getting the nomination. it is not endangering tim kaine from becoming the vice presidential nominee. it is endangering that whole projection of ultimate unity, that even though bernie sanders has endorsed, many of his supporters are ticked off about this e-mail situation. as the details come out, it seems like they ratchet up more and more. >> seems like that way. bret baier, thank you very much indeed. come on in, reince priebus, please, chair of the republican national committee, who chaired the big convention last week. reince, the job of this convention seems to be to try to
1:21 pm
bring bernie sanders and his supporters into the fold with enthusiastic support for hillary clinton. you don't think they can do it, do you? >> well, not with the bernie sanders supporters. look, the fact is, the dnc colluded and perpetrated a fraud against the american people. now you have hillary clinton and she's illegitimate as the presumptive nominee of their party. they're going to have to contend with that now this week and it's a tough job. especially now they have a chairwoman, but they really don't have anyone seemingly in control of this convention. >> you can expect to see the democrats unite around the theme "we've got to beat trump." but that's no real difference from your convention where you tried to unite around "we've got to beat hillary." there's a similarity here. >> well, the truth is, the
1:22 pm
difference is that hillary clinton is a known commodity, in our case people are getting to know donald trump and last week was such a good week for him, because thursday night really galvanized the party. even some people that weren't quite on board said hey, that was a great speech, what a great pivot. what i'm saying is that the feeling for trump is a lot higher than the feeling for hillary clinton. we have work to do. i've never shied away from that. but what you have here is absolute fraud and mean spirited, vicious attacks perpetrated by the dnc itself against its own candidate who has 45% of the delegates, stuart, sitting on that floor. >> but you did not see the same media reaction to the dnc e-mail scandal as you saw to some of the goings on at the convention for the republicans last week. the reaction of the establishment media was completely different.
1:23 pm
>> yeah, it is. there's always a double standard, stuart, it's ridiculous. the fact is, everything about that convention -- i will tell you that logistics, the staging, the bussing, the hotels, the interest, the drama, the viewership. and now look, today three polls came out and they all show donald trump well ahead of hillary clinton. so we got a bump out of the convention, as well. donald trump was presidential thursday night. he got a bump out of the convention. everything went the way it was planned to go. and i'm excited about how things went in cleveland. we've already seen today the media, and a lot of the people saying that it's a disorganized mess here in philadelphia. and many people were tweeting today they wish they were back in cleveland. so i guess the world turns every day. what is is donald trump's plan to maintain the bump? he did get an enormous bump, especially amongst independents.
1:24 pm
how does he hold onto that? >> well, he continues to pivot to the general. he's working today with mike pence and getting around the country. we're doing rallies this coming week up in wisconsin. we're trying to shore up some of the battleground states, expanding the mechanics, the people on the ground. but my view is, talking about donald trump needs to talk about what he wants to do for this country and his vision. talk about how hillary clinton would be a disaster. continue to pivot to the general. and i don't think he will be stopped. forget about the primary and the wounds of the past. let's talk about the future and moving forward. and donald trump will beat hillary clinton, because his ceiling is much higher than where hillary is at. people do not want to buy hillary clinton. it's up to donald trump and our operation to convince the hillary clinton that we can be in the white house and lead this country. as we do that, he'll get more and more popular.
1:25 pm
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you are looking lo ining li wells fargo arena in philadelphia. karl rove on a certain number for donald trump that's really picking up.
1:29 pm
they talked about religion. they talk about religion. can you imagine if that was my e-mail? i right now would be on the front page of every newspaper. it would be horrible. and they're trying to play it down. well, that wasn't so bad.
1:30 pm
could you imagine? seriously, there's such a different standard. >> well, that was donald trump blasting the main stream media over its coverage of the dnc e-mail controversy. a reaction now from mike huckabee. you heard what donald trump just said. what's your comment? >> there is a double standard in all of this. it's not just that the e-mails were leaked, it's the content of those e-mails. it shoes collusion between many of the main stream network anchors, people like "the washington post" and the dnc. it shows an utter contempt that the dnc, especially the chairman, have for bernie sanders and all his supporters. no wonder debbie wasserman schultz has had to be put in the federal witness protection program. my gosh, the bernie sanders people read this stuff and they realize they've been had. the system is rigged and bernie was right. >> why is it that "the washington post," and i don't mean to pick on anybody, but it seems that "the washington post"
1:31 pm
is the most rabid in its opposition to donald trump. now, "the washington post" is owned by the guy who built amazon. why is he, again, i use that word "rabid" in their opposition to donald trump? why "the washington post"? >> well, i don't know why. i just know that they are. and it's pretty evident by the fact that they put 20 different reporters, assigned them specifically to go after donald trump, to find anything they could about him. "the washington post" has more reporters assigned to investigate donald trump than the fbi had to investigate hillary's e-mails, and to find out if national security secrets were leaked. this is ridiculous, stuart. it's truly -- >> can i ask you to hold on one second? i believe there is some shouting going on, on the floor. bret baier, can you tell us what's happening down there? >> well, just a moment ago, the prayer was happening. at the end of the prayer, there were chants that broke out
1:32 pm
"bernie, bernie, bernie," and other chants that said "hillary, hillary, hillary," and the police kind of erupted. you're seeing the presentation of the colors. jennifer griffin has reported that the sanders camp has reached out to the clinton campaign that they were worried that even though debbie wasserman schultz has resigned, that the tensions are still very, very prevalent, and that they are raw and they are very concerned about sanders' supporters acting out during the proceedings tonight. you know what? let's do the pledge right here. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> got to stop for that, stuart.
1:33 pm
but continuing, so they're going to have a meeting and they huddled this afternoon and develop a plan to come up with some plan and maybe some of it is to chant "hillary." but there was a little demonstration at the end of the prayer. >> the thing is, the bernie delegates on the floor cannot be bottled up. and when bernie speaks tonight, it may be the delegates on the floor who make the big raucous, whether bernie says vote for hillary or let's beat trump. that doesn't matter so much. as you said, tensions are raw. we've got the national anthem playing at the moment. i think we should break for that and listen in. ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming ♪
1:34 pm
♪ and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ o, say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free [ applause ] ♪ and the home of the brave
1:35 pm
[ applause ] >> bret, i have a suggestion -- >> that was -- >> bret, i've got a suggestion. if you want to clamp down on protests on the floor, you put up some great music with stunningly good voices and everything goes quiet and everybody listens. >> that was 14-year-old bobby hill from the keystone boy's choir. before them doing the pledge, the oldest democratic delegate, 93 years old. and the youngest at 17. as you see the pomp and circumstance on the delegate floor playing out. what they're really worried about is something else breaking out. so they're having these meetings to come up with a plan, and i think you're going to see some interesting things this afternoon and this evening. >> bret baier, thank you very much. mike emanuel is on the floor.
1:36 pm
mike, we heard about some shouting from the bernie supporters moments ago. tell us what happened, please. >> reporter: a whole lot of emotion here on the floor when they were going through the prayer to open this democratic national convention. you heard some people cheering for hillary clinton, others cheering for bernie sanders. the kind of emotion we've seen over the past 24 hours heading into this democratic national convention after a series of massive events leading over the past 24 hours, to the mayor of baltimore, stephanie rawlings-blake, doing the gaveling in of this convention, instead of the outgoing democratic committee chairwoman. one of the featured speakers tonight is bernie sanders, hillary clinton's formal rival, who said he will endorse hillary clinton and he's going to work on party unity. he's likely to be under intense pressure because a lot of his supporters are not satisfied and he's said basically that he's going to do his best to try to bring everyone together. other speakers are new jersey senator corey booker, first lady
1:37 pm
michelle obama, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, who also received some vp consideration, and sanders. the dnc chair continuing her role after the reception, but received a tough reception. >> governor mike huckabee, it's going to be very difficult to tamp down on these raw emotions of the bernie sanders' supporters, who essentially have been pushed out essentially that's what happened. very hard, even though you've got all these high-end speakers to do speak, to clamp down on that raw emotion. >> they're still feeling the bern. i noted that when they did the national anthem they got quiet. they may do the national anthem 17 times tonight to quiet the crowd. when bernie comes to that stage, it's going to get rowdy. >> if you can see your screen on the left hand side of the screen, there's a bernie supporter standing tall with her signs right there, making her
1:38 pm
presence very much felt, governor. >> well, i think that before this is over, the democrats are going to wish that code pink had sent 6,000 delegates, because it would have been easier for them to deal with than the folks who feel like they're cheated. the fact is, the sanders' supporters have a legitimate gripe. they were robbed. i mean, that's what these e-mails reveal, that the system was so gamed by the clinton people in the collusion with the dnc, which is supposed to be neutral. and i think we've got to remind the viewers, that parties are supposed to be agnostic when it comes to which candidate they like or don't like. we found out the dnc didn't put personal feelings aside, and they were basically a shadow clinton operation. >> i think that the republican party is not your dad's republican party, it's led by trump the insurgent. for the democrats, still seem to be led by your father's democrat
1:39 pm
party, the same names are still up there. and bernie sanders, the insurgent, is out. big difference. >> big difference. bernie was a phenomena throughout this thing. a 74-year-old socialist, never that prominent in the senate, and most of his supporters were the millennials, people in their 20s, college students. so you have passionate people involved in the political process, many for the first time. and now they've been really gut punched by the party's structure itself, and that's disillusioning. these are not people to say let bygones be bygones, let's join hillary clinton. they're probably going to sit this one out. good news for donald trump and republicans. >> governor mike huckabee, thank you very much. now, the first votes are about to get under way at the dnc. we'll keep an eye on it, of course. and donald trump enjoying a
1:40 pm
six-point bounce after his convention. but there's a certain 18-point lead over hillary clinton. karl rove is watching that for us and he'll explain it all.
1:41 pm
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now, this happened moments ago just as the democrats convention was getting under way. the prayer was being said from the podium. the prayer mentioned hillary clinton, and at that point, bernie supporters -- there's the lady giving the prayer -- the bernie supporters started to chant "bernie, bernie," and they overpowered the hillary supporters. so we've had an initial large demonstration on the floor in favor of bernie. we're going to call this the trump bump. he's now leading hillary clinton in the latest national poll. trump got a six-point bounce, and this was taken after the gop
1:44 pm
convention. karl rove is with us. can we expect a similar bump for hillary after the dnc? what do you think? >> well, look, bumps are not guarantied. 2 so it depends on the quality of the convention, and her presentation and the opinions people fix about her this week. my sense is she'll get a little bit of a bump. how big, we don't know. since 1964, democrats have gotten an average of 5.9 points, republicans 4.9. so trump has gotten a point higher than republicans normally get. it's because of independent voters. you mentioned it earlier. he's now up by 18 among independents. >> let me tell the audience in detail. we're talking about independents. a cnn poll taken after the republican convention. trump, 46% independents, clinton 28%.
1:45 pm
that is a huge advantage among independents, carl. can he hold it? >> well, look, he was behind by six before the convention. the independents in this election are going to be vibrating all the way through the election. we have the highest number of undecided voters that we've had since the three-way race of 1992. and so these independents are going to vibrate. he made a good impact with them last week, despite the troubles of the republican convention, he drove home one message, which was i represent change. in a country which so many people desire dramatic change, that's a big advantage. >> carl, i'm getting a statement from the dnc crossing the wires as we speak. the dnc offers deep and sincere apologies to bernie sanders and to his delegates. that sounds to me like they're really trying to clamp down on this raw emotion from the bernie sanders' delegates. they don't want it expressed on
1:46 pm
the floor tonight. is that the way you read it? >> i don't think so. when they introduce the officials, the leadership of the convention to detail who the officials would be, and they named the rules committee chairman, the bernie sanders' supporters began chanting "no." we're now having the hillary supporters cheering because they won the vote on the officers of the convention. but there was a substantial no vote here on the floor, and my suspension is, that came from sanders' supporters. they're going to have the appearance of unity tonight, but it's going to be a really forced appearance of unity. >> carl, i have to say this is more raucous now, the beginning of the democrats' convention, more raucous, if i can use that word, than the beginning of the republican convention last week. >> absolutely. the divisions here have been papered over. remember, hillary clinton won, not because she won a majority
1:47 pm
of the convention with elected delegates. she's the nominee because there's 720 unappointed, unelected, super delegates, some who have been in their positions for 15 years. 38 supported bernie. the rest for hillary. that's why she has a 1,000 vote lead on bernie sanders. without them, this would be a very close race, and you might have had contests at the end go to bernie that didn't, because people thought it was all over, because she had gotten over the majority with all these unelected super delegates. we've got boos again from the sanders' people over the chair's ruling. >> this is a huge difference trying to get the party together to beat donald trump and getting the party together to enthusiastically vote for hillary clinton. there is a big difference between those two positions. >> huge difference. and it has an impact in the
1:48 pm
fall, because hillary clinton cannot get elected unless there's not only a high percentage vote among latinos and african-americans and asian-americans. but a large turnout. she can't win unless there is not only a significant percentage among younger voters, millennials, but a big turnout. and the kind of animosity and an t -- antagonism we're seeing. >> now, bernie sanders will address the convention later this evening. earlier today, when bernie sanders addressed his own supporters, he said, we've got to unite to beat trump, and there were loads of cheers. then he said, we've got to vote for hillary clinton, and there were boos across the floor. you could see the same thing happen again tonight, because you can't constrain bernie supporters who are royally annoyed. >> i think bernie delegates might be less inclined to boo at
1:49 pm
that. there's not going to be a lot of enthusiasm. bernie delegates are booing right now, an action from the podium has -- now we have a counter demonstration going on from the hillary people. >> hold on, karl, let's listen in to this. >> over the next four days, over the next four days, we're going to hear -- >> the speaker at the podium is having a hard time stopping the demonstration from bernie sanders supporters. you can see those signs there, no on tpp. that's a reference to the trade deal, that they're against that trade deal. they're shouting from the floor.
1:50 pm
they're not sitting down. they're continuing with a demonstration. and we've had demonstrations from hillary got hillary clinton supporters trying to shout down the bernie sanders supporters. you've got that going on with the floor right in the middle of this. that's what's happening right now. that's serious contention on day one, hour one of the democrats convention. this time last week when the republicans kicked it off, there was about a 30-minute discussion, shall we say, or floor fight. the media called that absolute chaos. what will they say about this that we're witnessing now? karl rove, you still with me? what's your guess? >> well, they're not going to be as harsh on the democrats as they were on the republicans. remember this. in addition to last week, the minority at the republican convention could not muster the votes necessary to bring their minority report to the floor.
1:51 pm
here at this convention, on the rules, the minority had a very strong vote in the committee hearing on saturday, almost well over a third, almost 40% of the rules committee. so they will have to vote upon the bernie sanders proposal to abolish the superdelegates. interesting to see how many votes will be cast to abolish the superdelegates. sand sers has 1,879 voter delegates on the floor. i bet you the vote to get rid of the superdelegates gives him a heck of a lot more votes than that and a heck of a lot less for hillary who has 2800 votes here. a lot of hillary people will be in favor of the bernie position when it comes to the rules. >> karl, stay there, please. i want your commentary on what's going on on the floor. meanwhile, i want to bring in trish regan and jessica ehrlich. they're having a very hard time
1:52 pm
keeping the bernie sanders delegates in line. they're making a great deal of noise. that's not what you wanted, is it? >> well, it's not against what we wanted. i mean, it's a wonderful thing to see people so engaged, particularly democrats. i mean, they're here. they're making their voices known. they want to continue to change the party going forward. so that's not a bad thing. >> trish, come in here, please. this is taking place in the wells fargo center, and tonight i think we're going to hear a lot of bashing of banks and wall street from the left. i think that's going to happen, trish. >> let me jump in and say, first of all, jessica, while i appreciate the spirit of wanting to keep democracy alive and well, the reality is the democratsner a tough spot because they need a united party. they need to be united against donald trump if they want to win. they're nowheres near that right now. you're watching this squabble on the floor. part of the reason, stuart, is
1:53 pm
because bernie sanders has stood for one thing, and part of that is having a tougher line on the banks. he really believes that it is wall street that has destroyed our economy. this is something that goes by elizabeth warren as well. you got question in some ways that platform when it's set up against hillary clinton because she's someone who is getting the majority of her funding from wall street, and she just chose tim contain as her vp, a guy who by the way just a couple days ago wrote a letter urging deregulation of the banks. how does that gel with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren type supporters? >> that's a very good question, trish. i want to go back to jessica because we're seeing on our screens the bernie sanders supporters holding up signs, no on tpp, no on that trade deal. this may be democracy in action, but it's a very contentious convention in its first hour,
1:54 pm
jessica. >> absolutely. the tpp and all of our trade deals have been something that have been brought up by both parties. i think what you're seeing here is the same angst and upset that you saw at the republican convention where voters are engaged in numbers that are record breaking. they're out there. they've been hurt by this economy. and they're concerned. and it's this populist message you've got coming from trump and worked very well with bernie sanders. one of the reasons he's trying to go after bernie sanders voters, they're against these trade deals because they think it hurts the american worker. i think that's a message that hurts the democratic message. democrats have been the party supporting minimum wage, equal rights, equal pay for women. >> yes, but it was hillary clinton who helped write this tpp agreement. she was all in favor of it. she actually supported it and helped write it. let me go back to trish because i believe barney frank is speaking right now. he surely will echo the
1:55 pm
anti-wall street, anti-bank sentiment that's going to be heard all night long. go, trish. >> sure. you'll hear a lot of that. but i think that there are many members of the party base right now, stuart, that feel it's all just sort of rhetoric. they don't trust hillary clinton. many, many people do not trust her. many of those bernie sanders supporters obviously do not trust her. when she's out there talking about the need for better policing of the banks, if you will, and i would argue we don't need as much to that. in fact, tim kaine made some valid points when he suggested we limit the capital requirements on the regional banks. nonetheless, is the platform they need to sell if they're going to win. they completely missed the vote both on trade and, i would argue, on wall street as well. i don't know how you come out and say wall street is the very group that's actually been for your campaign. >> thank you very much indeed.
1:56 pm
i want to bring back in karl rove. you got to explain to me again what is happening with this vote that may be taking place soon and all this contention which we as viewers are seeing. oh, we lost his mike. just at the crucial moment, we lost his mike. but there is a great deal of contention on the floor as we speak. we're not even one hour into this convention and we've had some serious discussion, shall we say, on the floor. the bernie sanders delegates have made their presence very well known, very well felt. and that's what's going on. now, by the way, fox business is all over this. trish regan who we spoke to just a moment ago, she'll begin her special coverage tonight at 9:00 eastern on the fox business network. that's live coverage of the opening night of the democrat national convention. it's been contentious already. it will no doubt continue that
1:57 pm
way and trish regan will take us through the night on fox business at 9:00 p.m. eastern. it's all happening. it's highly contentious. voices are rising. this is what conventions are made of, of course. back with more in a moment. i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in philadelphia and this is "the five." it's day one of the democratic national convention, but the city of brotherly love not so brotherly and as for the love, not so much. >> who's convention? >> our convention. >> inside the convention the party is scrambling to recover from yet another e-mail scandal, this one forcing the dnc's chair to step down.


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