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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  July 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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through. >> definitely bold, big audience. >> long and happy to both of you. that you understand. "the real story" starts now. thank you, you guys. we start with this fox news alert. a rough ride, some tense times so far at the democratic national convention. and it is set to get even hotter. i'm martha maccallum. glad you're with us today. i'm live in philadelphia. the city is getting socked. the heat comes from triple-digit temperatures. have you seen the redness that goes across the map of the united states? that's not stopping thousands of bernie sanders supporters flooding the streets. these folks mean business, i wouldn't stand out there protesting on a day like this, but these guys are very committed and they're out there. they're calling the dnc's treatment of their guy wildly unfair. as the heat rises, as you might imagine, so do tempers out there.
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[ chanting ] senior political correspondent mike emanuel live on the convention floor in philadelphia. mike, we will be getting a roll call which may provide tense moments ago. >> reporter: martha, no question about it. democratic leaders are trying to ease tensions a bit by giving bernie sanders a bigger role. among the featured speakers tonight are mothers of young men who were killed by police officers. the local police union is upset that these women are getting a high profile platform but not the loved ones of fallen law enforcement officers. as for more protests, it sounds like some of bernie's delegates are not listening to sanders and they're going rogue. >> i am not aware of any particular organized plans. i know there's a lot of chatter,
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i'm sure you folks are aware of a lot of that as well. but i am looking the other way and allowing people to express themselves. >> reporter: also tonight of course there will be performer president bill clinton. we are told he is still working his speech. this will be very personal for him, trying to help the people in this room and around the country to get to know his wife the way he does, martha. >> we saw him up there last night from the floor with a prominent spot, a big spotlight on him. tonight is clearly all about bill clinton, mike. what are the clinton people saying about tonight? >> reporter: well, they're expressing gratitude for bernie sanders for his speech last night. they are hopeful that tonight will be a big night, once they get past that roll call vote, people can get to know hillary clinton better and can move forward towards sending her on her way toward the general election later this week. as for last night, folks are note that in this room you get the diehards of the democratic party.
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>> in this room here are hillary clinton's most passionate supporters and bernie sanders's most passionate supporters. these are the actual delegates, people who not just believe in their candidate but were selected to represent the people who voted for their candidate. so they feel really strongly about that. >> reporter: fox is told there are plans for a broken glass type effect on thursday night to symbolize a woman breaking through the glass ceiling, if you will, to finally become the nominee of one of the major parties, martha. >> that should be an interesting moment. we'll see how they pull that off with lights or graphics or whatever they have in mind. mike, thank you so much. we'll see you later at the convention center. meantime, big news today as isis claims responsibility for yet another horrific attack in the country of france. this time it was an elderly
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86-year-old catholic priest, in the middle of a mass, killed by terrorists who ran in, took captives, and slashed his throat in a church in normandy, france, in a very remote area, quiet village in the countryside in france. this is the latest in a string of attacks. republicans taking aim at democrats for not mentioning the word "isis" during the entire night one of the dnc's first evening. watch this. >> and it is extraordinary to think that yesterday in philadelphia, 61 speakers came to the podium and not one of them named isis by name. this man will name our enemies without apology and he will defeat them. >> this is a big story today. for more on this i'm joined by
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rick grennell, a fox news contributor. not only did they not mention isis last night, but there was no discussion, really, of the threats that exist in the world, although we have heard quite a bit about the republican convention being called a fearmongering episode. >> no one should be surprised that the republicans are going to critique the last eight years of president obama. president obama did that against eight years of george bush. so no one should be surprised about that. look, when it comes to why they're not talking about national security strategies or isis or radicalized slam, the same reason we're not winning, which is in 2008, when barack obama showed up before all of these delegates, many of them similar, he made a political promise, not a national security promise, a political promise that said i will not start any new wars, i will not put any new boots on the ground. the reason we're not beating
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syria is simple. we don't have timely intelligence to find the command and control center. we have 63 nations that president obama keeps reminding us we have in this joint coalition. they bomb everyday. how is it that 63 nations including the world's greatest super power cannot find the isis command and control center in five years? it's because they're trapped by the democratic base that's literally said, do not talk about drone strikes, do not talk about anything anti-islam even though we're saying anti-radical. >> there is an anxiety in this nation, and it comes from a variety of areas. every morning you wake up, you see breaking news, four days, six dead, 15 injured. it's an incessant ongoing barrage of violence. and it happens here at home, police officers in dallas, police officers in baton rouge, one killed on his front lawn in
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kentucky, you can't ignore it. hillary clinton will have to figure out a way to distance herself from this administration to some extent so she can be a security mom. >> look what they're doing tonight, "let's talk about the victims," and we won't get into the real information on each and every case. look, police walk into danger every single day. i get that we have some problems, but we should make this local law enforcement issues, not national memes about anti-police. >> can you imagine how powerful it would be if you could get people onstage from both sides of that discussion? because this entire place is surrounded by state troopers, police officers, secret service. these guys are working so hard, it's a hundred degrees out there, protecting the democratic national convention. and on the stage tonight you're going to hear from victims. now, victims exist in these scenarios.
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>> absolutely. >> and we all understand that. wouldn't it be pretty powerful if they had victims up there alongside members of those who are in law enforcement to bridge this gap? >> it would be very powerful. yesterday i thanked a police officer who was sweating in the hot sun. it's unbelievable for this southern california boy to see how people live in this. it's sweltering. i said, thank you for what you do. he said, what are you, a republican? it was a stark moment, because they feel the pressure from what's happening here and what's happening tonight, which is anti-law-enforcement. >> yet they do their job every single day protecting this convention in an impressive way. rick, thanks for coming. bernie sanders supporters hitting the streets of philadelphia on day two of the democratic national convention. here is some of that. [ chanting ]
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wow, we won't move for hillary, they're saying, many voicing anger against the leadership of the democratic party after the release of e-mails, which they're still steaming about, revealing that dnc employees clearly favored clinton over sanders and tried to discredit him. there are no reports of significant violence out there today, which is good news, thanks to law enforcement officers who are protecting their right to protest. leland vittert joins us live from the streets of philadelphia. >> reporter: hi, martha. not only are these people upset with the dnc. they're also upset with hillary clinton. i want to show you some of these signs. "honest, moral, trustworthy," then you turn it around and you see what luke things of hillary clinton. people are deciding they're
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going to make a stand based on this nomination of hillary clinton. people are willing to get arrested as they tried to shout at delegates entering into the convention about why they believe hillary shouldn't be the nominee. somebody who has been in this heat for a couple of days now, eric miller from missouri, show me your sign. >> bernie or bust. >> reporter: what does that mean? we hear that chant. >> originally it meant we were all going to stand behind bernie as long as we could. right now bernie has become more of an idea, a momentum shift. >> reporter: we heard bernie say people should vote for hillary clinton. you're not buying it? >> no. i think he was coerced, made to say that in order to keep from having any kind of power and say in the senate still continuing. >> reporter: it seems like despite the roll call vote tonight, that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee. what do people like you do? >> i'm looking at alternatives. probably right now dr. jill
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stein, green party. >> reporter: thank you so much. remember, martha, this was in 2000, it was the green party that was the spoiler for al gore. we'll have to see if that plays a role going forward. >> thank you, leland, very much. day two of the dnc is getting under way, as leland just said. bernie sanders supporters are taking their frustration out on someone who has been a friend to the left until she joined the clinton camp. >> i'm with hillary. you know, for me, this choice is personal. it's about who we are as a people. it's about what kind of a country we want to be.
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donald trump is back out there, campaigning hard today in battleground states like north carolina, where he and running mate mike pence spoke to veterans. he laid out a ten-point specific plan he says will clean up the va. he says he has a program he will present to congress. we'll get into the details on that a little later. then it's on to florida for him for some fundraising stops in tampa, and tonight in miami as well. let's check in with chief political correspondent carl cameron standing by live in charlotte, north carolina, where the candidate was a short time ago. carl, what's new on the trump campaign trail? >> reporter: martha, as you talk about the geography, he's going to battleground states, colorado, ohio. all of these states critical to the general election. and he's doubling it as an opportunity to be making news and try to steal some of the
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thunder and/or create more controversy at the democrats' convention where you are. he addressed the vfw. thousands of people come from around the country for this annual meeting. every four years the presidential candidates come, many of them spoke to the group last year as well. today donald trump promised again his ten-point plan to help out of the veterans administration. he said he would put a hotline in the white house in order to make it available, any veteran who needs to complain about the lack of health care and/or an appropriate time to get health care, that there would be a hotline in the white house. and there was a lot of politics. normally these things -- in fact many of the members were told in advance, no signs, no partisanship, be polite. it got pretty partisan. donald trump went after hillary clinton very aggressively and the crowd responded. listen. >> she recently said of the va scandal that it's not as
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widespread as it's been purported it's like she's trying to sweep it under the rug. we know how she takes care of the veterans. just look at her invasion of libya and her handling of benghazi. a disaster. or look at her e-mails, which put america's entire national security at risk. >> reporter: you could just hear the beginning of the chanting, "lock her up," like you heard last week at the republican convention. trump joked and said, hmm, hillary clinton was here yesterday, and she was, speaking to the group. he then suggested she didn't do very well. frankly we did talk to a couple of other journalists who people who were there and they said her applause did not match donald trump's today. so clearly a warm reception for the republican nominee while the democratic convention still wrestles with bernie.
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>> carl, thanks. we'll play some of that sound from hillary's speech there yesterday so folks can take a look at it and decide what they think of the response in the room. carl cameron, thank you very much. meantime, democrats are laying the groundwork to try and quiet the calls from bernie or bust people. not even senator sanders himself could accomplish that last night. so what is it going to take to unify this party? will it happen today during the roll call? we'll speak to three dependence with three very different perspectives and find out what they think about how this is going to go. hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant.
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fans are having a very tough time letting go of the "bern" they felt all through this primary process and they're simply not ready to get behind hillary clinton. last night we saw a star studded lineup on the stage including the senator himself. he hoped to build unity but amid the shouts of protest, comedienne sarah silverman got up and told her fellow sanders supporters, it was quite a moment, watch this. >> can i just say to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous. [ cheers and applause ] >> ooh, that was an interesting moment. i'm joined now by manuel zapata, a sanders delegate from california. he's in the never hillary camp. a fox news contributor who
11:23 am
supports hillary clinton. and a sanders delegate from the georgia delegation. welcome to all of you. let me start with you. so what's the problem? >> the problem is, i'm all for -- you know, i'm a democrat, i want the party to be unified. at the same time i don't see a lot of unity coming from their side. since we got here, they've been giving us a lot of looks, shouting us down just for wearing our bernie stuff. it seems like we're at her party and they don't want us here at all. >> what do you want? what would make you happy from them? >> i've always wanted to be a democrat since i was a kid. and i rushed to the dmv to sign up to be a democrat when i could. we signed up a lot of people to be democrats through bernie sanders and a lot of new voters and stuff. i would just like them to acknowledge what they did. their finger was on the scale for the hillary clinton campaign. and it just breaks my heart that we signed up so many people to be a part of this party, and i'm
11:24 am
so proud to be a democrat. >> tamara, you can feel it out there. you can feel the "bern." people are crying out there when they watch bernie get up on that podium. they have put their heart and soul into this. and they feel like it was not a fair system, that the thumb was on the scale all along for hillary clinton, and they're passionate in a way that the clinton supporters don't seem to be out there. >> i disagree in a few regards. the first is that bernie sanders, who i really like and supported for a long time, he was not part of the democratic party. so to say that the rules were not in his favor, he wasn't part of it, he didn't necessarily know the rules. you can change the rules later on, but right now we're looking at something, and to manuel's -- what he brought up about not feeling included, hillary clinton, she came over on health care, on college, on bernie's college platform, and also on
11:25 am
climate change. if you look today, you can find bernie sanders t-shirts for sale along with the hillary clinton stuff. they handed out bernie sanders posters. >> i don't know if they're going to feel that that works for them. >> i have some pictures i posted on social media and i provided your producers of these bernie sanders posters throughout the entire arena last night. >> if you're selling t-shirts and you know there's a lot of bernie sanders coming -- >> they're not being forgotten. >> what do you think about what they're saying? jump in. >> california is a very progressive state. i don't think their electoral college votes are at risk. georgia is in play, though. the important thing for our georgia delegation is that we have unity. i believe we've gotten there. last night we had a couple of boos in the north dakota section behind us. i politely and firmly reminded them that the senator said please, no booing, no
11:26 am
protesting. he said, let's support hillary, we have to defeat trump, and this this revolution that he started isn't over. we were speaking to him at 1:00 yesterday, and the next phase of this revolution is kicking off in august. and so we're going to continue to hold the politicians accountable on these issues. >> man ny, what's the revolutio? >> it's bernie sanders coming through and uniting a grassroots effort, whether they be more climate change or for the anti-ttp movement, which we saw a lot of yesterday. >> yes. >> what i will say is, through this all, even with his endorsement, we've all started progressive groups and we're going to continue to fight for downballot candidates. we weren't all democrats, some of us were, but we weren't all democrats. but we felt our progress could be made through the democratic party and our revolution could live there.
11:27 am
and it didn't seem like it was given a fair chance. >> but it can, it's not over. the revolution has just begun. and if you don't vote for hillary clinton, you are either staying at home or voting for donald trump. and that, regardless, gives more power to the other candidate. and so i think that my position and my fellow democratic supporters of hillary as well are that you must support hillary clinton, she is the nominee, and if we do not get hillary in office, your grassroots efforts, consider them done and over. >> i think the best way to win elections is to put up the best candidate and not leave it to a coin flip. if you look at the polls that have come out, that's so scary for progressives and for democrats and for liberals. >> we have to go, you guys. i saw a lot of people bringing those nate silver maps and saying, show this on your show, this is why we're sticking by bernie, because we don't think hillary can beat donald trump.
11:28 am
those numbers will go back and forth, obviously, over the next several months. thank you very much for, all of you, for sharing your views. we'll see you on the floor tonight. bill clinton is set to take center stage tonight and make his case for his wife for president. but is he an asset, a liability? what is the bill clinton of 2016? what does he bring to the table in this election? chris wallace will join me, moments away, to talk about that. and also, we can find some dems who are working for unionizunity today, and they'll find some rough moments like this. >> excuse me. i want to hear the varying opinions. i'm going to be respectful of you. and i want you to be respectful of me.
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tonight's keynote speaker is former president bill clinton. and in some aspects he's likely to face a tough audience this evening when he speaks to the convention crowd, far different from those that he has spoken to in the past. he's also faced some hostility during the primaries. and he needs to overcome some other missteps, perhaps, that happened on the campaign trail. back in february he said the san
11:33 am
bernardino shooters had never been to the middle east, just one problem with that statement, both of them actually had. in march he complained that president obama paints a, quote, pretty picture in his speeches about the u.s. economy, but that millions of americans can't find themselves in that picture to save their lives. and later that same month he referred to president obama's, quote, awful legacy of the last eight years, that was a little bit uncomfortable for the democrats. in april he was arguing with black lives matter protesters in philadelphia and called them misguided. and in june, he boarded attorney general loretta lynch's plane while the fbi was investigating his wife, hillary clinton, which also got a lot of negative attention. joining me now, fox news sunday anchor chris wallace. chris, first let's talk about how the nominating process is going this evening. do you know what we're going to see here in terms of the roll call? >> yes. we're told they'll first put bernie sanders's name in nomination because he's made it very clear, look, he campaigned
11:34 am
through the entire primaries, got 1800 pledged delegates, he wants to give him and them their due. then hillary clinton will be nominated. they'll go through the entire roll call. the expectation is that at some point she'll go over the top. they'll keep the roll call going. vermont will pass. then at the end, the hope is that vermont and specifically bernie sanders, although there doesn't seem to be assurance of this in the clinton camp, will come out and do what clinton did for obama in 2008 and say, by unanimous consent let's have k acclamation and everybody will celebrate, supposedly. >> at least that's what they hope. let's get to bill clinton. we just went through a litany of missteps he made on the campaign trail. tonight is a big night for bill clinton. his wife is the nominee of the democratic party. it's been an enormous history for the clinton family. what does this mean for him
11:35 am
tonight and what do you expect? >> it's interesting. as you saw last night, they have a very tightly scheduled program. they have michelle obama and elizabeth warren and bernie sanders in the 10:00 hours. we were talking to clinton campaign officials, what is in the 10:00 hour tonight? bill clinton. they say, "we'll let the big dog run." i don't know that he's going to go 30 minutes, but they say the main thing they want to do, and it's very interesting, obviously one of the points that trump and the republicans make in this change election, this anti-establishment election is why would you elect somebody who has been in public life for more than a quarter century. he will argue she is the change maker, she is the person, through all of her fights on a variety of social and domestic and foreign policy issues, has been the change maker. that's the argument he will make tonight. >> you know, some will argue that's a tough one, when she was
11:36 am
asked about her greatest accomplishment during the primaries, she had a tough time coming up with something. i've heard him use that line as he's beenut on the campaign trail, where he says i've never seen anyone who could create more changes that have been positive. in terms of his own presentation, we're used to seeing bill clinton very strong up there, very charming. you know, he's older now, and it's just going to be interesting to see what his energy is like up there and how he pulls it off tonight. >> i agree with you. he has had serious heart disease. he's much thinner. he is older, as some of us are, not you. >> not me. >> it will be interesting to see how he does. this is a guy who is perhaps the great political communicator of our generation, maybe even better than barack obama. you would have to go back to ronald reagan. and, you know, he has started convention, 1992, his final line, "i still believe in a place called hope," his
11:37 am
childhood birthplace. a huge bump out of that convention. can he summon that? he was a star in 2012, making the affirmative case for barack obama, better than barack obama can. can he, you know, pull the magic out of the hat once again, as an older, wiser, perhaps frailer bill clinton? it's going to be part of the drama of this night. >> that is such a great point. because he really sealed the deal in charlotte for barack obama. he went up there. i mean, when you ask someone to go speak for you at your convention, they could not have known the power they were going to get in that moment when he said, nobody could have fixed this economy in four years, not even me, you have to give this guy another chance. he was so persuasive. i can't wait to see if he can sort of re-sell someone that the american public has known for so long effectively and make people say, wow. >> in fact after that convention, barack obama called him the secretary of explaining stuff. the idea that he could make the case. and i had forgotten that line,
11:38 am
that's right, "nobody could have done this in four years," when people were dissatisfied with the pace of economic change. and now he's going to sell hillary clinton not as a member of the establishment, not as the status quo. i' all i'll say is, if anybody can do it, it's bill clinton. >> it would be extraordinary if the first woman president is also the wife of a former president. the clinton legacy will be studied by historians for many years to come, and tonight will be a chapter in it. chris, thank you, great to see you as always. breaking news from the sanders campaign, as democrats gear up for hillary clinton's historic formal nomination tonight in philadelphia. jennifer griffin live on the floor of the convention center now. so what is the sanders campaign telling you, jennifer? >> reporter: martha, we've just learned that bernie sanders will not be on the convention floor tonight during the roll call vote. we're told that he will be in the family box. he will not be sitting with the
11:39 am
vermont delegates. and he does not plan to be the one to nominate hillary clinton. let me just show you where we are and what we expect to happen tonight. over here is the california delegation. they're going to go through an entire roll call vote, as bernie sanders promised last night. and what that means is that it allows each state to go through. so standards supporters in each state have the potential to disrupt proceedings. and last night the california delegation was the most rowdy of the delegations. we also know this morning during a breakfast with the california delegation that bernie was booed every time he mentioned hillary clinton. that may have given the campaign pause to having bernie sanders be the one to announce that through acclamation that hillary clinton would be the nominee of the party. just behind me up here, you'll see the vermont delegation will be sitting.
11:40 am
we do expect that they will be the last state to go through the roll call. again, this will not be the way hillary clinton did it for president barack obama back in 2008. they do not plan to put this through acclamation. they're going to go through state by state. hillary clinton will go over the top, she needs 2,383 electors. the breaking news here, bernie sanders will be in the family box, not here on the convention floor with the vermont delegation, martha. >> fascinating. so that moment we saw with hillary clinton when she stood in front of the microphone and said, let's all get behind barack obama, is not going to be repeated by bernie sanders tonight. jennifer, thank you very much. so both donald trump and hillary clinton trying to court the veteran vote. who has the better plan for them and who was better received at this vfw?
11:41 am
same event, two different speakers. we'll talk about who had the better outcome. donald trump made a bit of a joke about one of his ideas to help veterans. watch this. >> i will create a private white house hotline. this could keep me very busy at night, folks. this will take the place of twitter. the right things working together
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at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i'm shepard smith live at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. bernie sanders telling his supporters to get behind hillary clinton already to stop donald trump. coming up, i'll speak with a democratic strategist who says that may not work, democrats don't usually vote in protest. what she says clinton needs to do, and right now, to win over bernie sanders's skeptical supporters. that's at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." see you then. hillary clinton discussing
11:45 am
the va hospital scandal yesterday during a speech to war veterans. donald trump appeared at the same group at their national convention today, the veterans of foreign wars. here is some of that. >> i especially want to thank the vfw for the close consultation you provided as we worked to put forth our plan to reform the va. >> she recently said of the va scandal that it's not as widespread as it's been purported to be. it's like she's trying to sweep it under the rug. which by the way, politicians have done for years and years and years. it's going to be four more years of the same if she ever got in. but that's not going to happen. >> that's not going to happen, says donald trump. alan colmes is host of "the alan colmes" show. also with us is the editor at
11:46 am
large for what i'm hearing from reporters who were in both rooms, alan, they're saying it was very chilly in there during the hillary clinton speech. and much warmer reception for trump. >> could be. we were seeing hillary clinton talking about what she was going to do. donald trump was talking about what she's not going to do. >> he made a ten-point list of what he wanted to change. >> as a senator she sponsored legislation to help improve the va. >> how did that work for them? >> she wasn't secretary of state, not president, not head of the va. this was work she did as a senator. every time i see him, he's insulting people. he spent the entire night at the dnc tweeting. >> he was very active on twitter. it was very interesting that one comment that he made, we're going to have a hotline at the white house for veterans not getting what they want, because
11:47 am
he said whoever i put in charge, he says he has a good idea of who he wants to put in charge, if that person isn't doing a good job i'm going to fire them, and we'll make people more accountable at the va, he says he'll have a hotline at the white house and that will keep him from doing twitter every night. that was pretty funny. >> a lot of the issue is her resume is stacked, it's loaded, i get that, but when you press her on any achievement, what she's worked on, her answer is, i worked on it but i wasn't totally in charge. then what's the point? >> was she in charge of the va? >> of course not. >> here is the problem, alan. if you ask anybody, i'm lucky enough to do radio in washington, d.c. we have a whole lot of veterans there. they are dealing with the problems with the va. you ask any american citizen who looks at the va, they say, this
11:48 am
is ridiculous, we need to run this thing like a business. >> donald trump started his campaign by insulting veterans, insulting john mccain, insulting people -- >> john mccain endorsed him for president. >> it's good to see you so many years later defending john mccain. >> it goes to sort of the basic issue of, you know, people, whether or not they want change, they're talking to hillary clinton, and you're right, she's been involved in government for a very long time, and apparently they're sort of sitting there going, okay, when is this over? then they talked to donald trump today and he announces a shake 'em up plan. they're saying, like a lot of people who support donald trump, i ask what do you like about him, they say, i just want to try something different. >> i get that. the other is something attractive since it's not the same. but that doesn't mean it's good.
11:49 am
just because you see something different, doesn't mean it's good. he's changed his position on almost everything. he hasn't had a consistent point of view on anything for longer than five minutes. >> i don't know if you guys heard this speech today, we watched it on our morning show. it was probably the most focused that i've seen him. it was like a 13-minute, 14-minute speech. he said, this is my ten-point plan. he explained it. they weren't obtuse arguments, they were things that made sense. >> somebody wrote it for him. >> whatever, alan. the point is it was very specific. i think the crowd responded to that. >> he read a speech for five minutes and didn't insult anybody. that's all he has to do for people to say he's presidential for five minutes. >> the bottom line is it's a very close race. >> it is. he's actually leading in the polls right now. >> let me just say, this speech that he gave was also very important, i think, because he does what he does very well, which is he speaks to concerns
11:50 am
that americans have. the people in that room have those very specific concerns. and he addressed them directly. you know, yesterday we saw 61 speeches on this stage in philadelphia and not one mention of isis or terrorism. the democratic party is completely real concerns that americans have about safety. >> there were speeches by people who actually were legislators and members of the democratic party. scott baio couldn't make it sadly. nor could the head of the mma. >> okay. >> i think rudy giuliani on our first night was pretty powerful. >> yeah, yelling. he needed throat lozenges after that. >> got to go. bernie sanders making waves in philadelphia. he told his supporters to get behind hillary clinton but just as reported, sanders himself will not be on the floor to
11:51 am
announce her into nomination. so how is that going? when we come back.
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11:54 am
we are back with the real story and hillary clinton will make history today when the roll call of the states formally makes her the democratic nominee for president. bernie sanders supporters, of course, want his name placed in nomination. now, we're learning there's some discrepancy whether or not bernie sand serioers is going tn the floor. there's a little pushback that he will not be there. james rosen joins us with more. hello, james. >> good afternoon. exactly how things will unfold
11:55 am
tonight still very much up in the air. a product we're told of behind-the-scenes negotiations and something, frankly, i find even more inscrutable, basic math. they will have their work cut out for them as sanders delegates are expected to use this apparent to vent a bit. perhaps by staging protest votes and perhaps repolling their counts. now vigorously rawlings and fudge support their delegates. meantime, they've seen some pitched battles over the process and bruised feelings. that was this morning when the texas delegation met and erupted as you can see what they called a circus atmosphere. and how when the votes of uncommitted superdelegates are counted, any number of states could be the one that puts
11:56 am
mrs. clinton over the top. one sanders operation told me the clinton operation is controlling everything. it explained why he and his comrades were no longer pressing ahead with efforts to nominate a vice presidential candidate that they find more congenial than tim kaine. >> our candidate was willing to be public if they have the capacity to actually fill out a form. but when the dnc says we're not even giving you a form, then it's -- that's it. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton will not be the nominee until the roll call is formally gaveled to a close. that will be, after, of course, she secures the 382 votes she needs. martha. >> thank you, james. things are heating up here in philadelphia, which is not just the thermometer, which is on the rise.
11:57 am
protests on the street. we'll take you back there live, when we come back. is just $15/month. you get talk, text, and data with unlimited carryover®, with no contract and coverage on one of america's largest 4glte networks. plus, we have new 4g lte smartphones starting at under $50 bucks. new smartphones. new plans. new ways to do everything for less with tracfone. available at target
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thank you for being part of "the real story." i'll so you tonight on the floor as we do the roll call and all night long. back here tomorrow morning. here's shep. live from philadelphia, "shepard smith reporting." 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. good afternoon from wells fargo arena where just a couple of hours we're set to see history unfold. hillary clinton expected to become the first woman nominee of a major political party with the roll call vote of delegates here. after a bitter start, with bernie sanders supporters in full uproar, party democrats are working behind the scenes to get democrats on the same make. fox news learned there were talks to have bernie sanders cast the votes to push hilla


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