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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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bill: no question. welcome back. everything okay, everything smooth? >> did you have time to get to the beach with your family? it's a good thing to do, i recommend it. we will see you later. jenna: we confirm that portions of hillary clinton's fbi file may be shared with how lawmakers as earlier this week and this could be good news. welcome to having now, i'm jenna lee. leland: i'm leyland in fort jon scott. members of congress push for a summary summary of an fbi interview which included questions about 22 top-secret emails from a server as both candidates are campaigning today in critical battleground states. mrs. clinton and vice president joe biden visited his hometown of scranton pennsylvania looking to build on her momentum and reach out
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to working-class voters. jenna: donald trump and mike pence are in ohio hoping to chip away at her narrowly there as the gop nominee gets ready to share his strategy for defeating isis. we have a preview from governor mike pence yesterday in a fox exclusive. >> he's going to lay out his vision and his strategy for defeating radical islamic terrorists, real specifics about how new leadership in the white house, a change of direction in the white house and the kind of broad shouldered leadership donald trump will bring is going to make our country more safe. jenna: our coverage begins with senior national correspondent john roberts with the trump campaign in ohio today. john? reporter: good morning, i'll trump will unveil three colored plants do not only defeats isis battle radical islamic terrorism around the world. this in the state of ohio, big battleground state where he currently trails hillary clinton but not by much, 2 and a half points in the real
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clear politics average. people in the campaign are optimistic that the polls, they see them tightening a little bit. we haven't seen that respected in the public polls yet but they fear good about where they are despite the fact that a lot of polls show them going in the wrong direction. trump hopes to turn that around with his speech today and here's the three pillars he is talking about. the change in american policy, no more nationbuilding according to a brief we got last night. donald trump would no longer seek to remake the middle east into one democracy after another at the point of a gun, also issuing an explicit statement to the world that anyone who wants to work with the united states to defeat radical islamic terrorism will be our ally. a number two, big change in immigration policy. stopped issuing visas in places where the state department and the department of homeland security cannot effectively screen visa applicants and then for people who want to immigrate to this country, apply a
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simple test to determine whether or not they share american values. the third pillar is to declare a cold war like struggle against radical islamic terrorism area spread a message of a better way of life across the middle east while at the same time using not only the us military but the military of our allies in the fight against radical islam. to do great parade and destroy isis and other terror networks. this will be more a big ideas speak rather than specifics likely coming up between now and the election or wait until after donald trump becomes president if that's with the american electorate decides. at the same time he is unveiling this strategy, trump is also taking on the media with a new sense of vigor. this and to what he said the other night on the campaign trail i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media, that's what i'm running against. but these are the most dishonest people. the good news is, i love ...
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i put down failing at new york times. the newspaper is going to hell. reporter: that strategy is designed to do a couple things. first of all it fires up people inside the arena, get them motivated to come to the polls. secondly, it creates a narrative that fits in what trump is saying about the fact that this election could be fixed against him, but possiblyplaying for the long-term that if he loses the election he's got somebody can blame it also serves as a fundraising tool. moments ago i got a fundraising email from the trump campaign saying it's him against the media. they need money in order to the fight that battle . jenna: let's ask karl rove about that. former senior advisor to george w. bush and the fox news contributor, what you think about that as far as messaging, taking on the media and also using to fund raise? >> he could use it for
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fundraising but making it a big part of your campaign speeches, i'm not certain it's useful. surprise, the media are not for the republican candidate so what's new? there are three problems with it. one, it drowns out the biggest message. it drowned out the message about the economy, it will drown out the message about confronting islamic extremism. it doesn't convert a single swing he's got those republicans in his column, he got his supporters revved up but if you talk about it in a rally, the media will feel compelled. they want to cover themselves so they will make it the heart and soul of the coverage and doesn't convert a voter and third, it makes it sound like he's going to lose any looking for i'm excuse area people need to have the confidence that while he thinks he is the underdog he can come back and that doesn't help him. jenna: on a course correction, what does he do? >> i think it's right that he give a speech on islam extremism. i don't agree with all three of the pillars but he's laid out something that will be
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attractive to swing voters . jenna: what you think is most effective? what do you think is the fundamental message that will stick? >> the most effective is to say look, we are in a long struggle like we were in the cold war and we need to use all the power of the united states in order to beat this enemy because it represents a threat to us, the security and safety of our people, our allies and our interest around the world we will be a safer more productive better world if we can route this now and it will be a long struggle. message but one speech doesn't solve it. he better have a plan to pursue this in a sustained way this week. this is the opening speech. tomorrow, maybe he could talk about how the decision by the clinton obama administration to remove us troops from iraq led to the explosion of isis across the middle east. he could talk about their failure to have sustained
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policy in the aftermath of bringing down qaddafi. what would he have done differently? he could devote a day to talking about syria and the president's failure, laying out the red line and failing to act when the syrians violated that red line so there are all kinds of ways for him to follow this up but one speech on one day doesn't drive the issue home he needs to build not simply a week devoted to terrorism but a week that develops an arc of a narrative, a story that at the end of the week people say i know a lot more about that whole issue and i know a lot more about what donald trump would do . jenna: let's take it full-circle. why do you think doing that would be more effective to getting the undecided voters more than the attack that donald trump is waging, whether it's on the media or otherwise? >> take last week. he started the week with a speech devoted to the economy. he had plenty of things he could have said the rest of the week where the target would have been barack obama and hillary clinton and instead he got in a bunch of controversies.
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it caused people to have doubts about him. you want to raise doubts about your opponent and in order to do that you got to have a consistent plan. early morning here in santa fe i'm walking to the studio, i guy recognizes me on the streets.he's talked to talk to me and he says i'd like to vote for donald trump but i need to be reassured. i have doubts. african-american immigrants who comes to this country, lives a great life, wants to vote for trump and yet he says you know what he says and does things thatcause me to worry that that's the right thing to do. trump needs to reassure the swing voters who are up for grabs in the selection. jenna: we will see if he can do it. while he is continuing to attack the media i want to ask you about this editorial in the wall street journal . this could be one of the reasons when you look at these editorials why donald trump feels.
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this is the final line of the editorial. they are talking about, the editorial board, about what he needs to do to right the ship that they think is not on the right course and they say as for mister trump, he needs to stop blaming everybody else and decided he wants to behave like somebody wants to be president or turn the nomination over to mike pence. what you think about that? is that some sort of trial balloon the wall street journal put out there and what you think about that at this point in the campaign? >> i think the point was not in the final paragraphs where they said basically what i was saying. you need to have a sustained attack on hillary clinton and barack obama and their failings and an effort to explain to people why the kind of change that donald trump represents is better than the status quo that hillary clinton represents and i wrote a column last week about this. it's amazing to me that there's no one in that campaign who seems to have a calendar, at least not before last week about what they were going to talk about. there's nobody who monitors what she does so rather than attacking the media they said mister trump, she said something today you want to go after in your speech later today rather than just sort of winging it.
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there ought to be a deliberate plan to go after each and every opportunity they can and there's clearly, his attitude has got to be that he he's got to focus not on the base of the people who are already committed to him, the 30 some odd percent who are for him. he's got to look at the 20 percent were up for grabs in this election because those are the people who have been sliding toward clinton and away from him and he better work rapidly to start getting them back. jenna: here's a final question about money. they mentioned his fundraising email that went out in the trump campaign but in an oracle last week published about advertising spending, it points to the fact that in certain markets the green candidate is actually outspending donald trump and in many cases in the battleground states he's not spending any money at all when it comes to advertising . what do you think the trump campaign is doing with the money? >> they are raising all that much. and it's easy to keep track of the spending by the trump campaign media.
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it is now zero. the only media that has been done by him is a modest about my two outside super pacs, several millions of dollars. my opinion? trump ought to write a big check to his own campaign. it will not be key people from sending him small gifts but it's going to send a signal that he is in this to win and he's going to be on the television soon with a message complementary of what he's talking about. look at this week. if you were to give one speech and one city that you will get coverage for one day but if you are running advertising in support of this message about taking on islamic extremism in eight or nine or 10 battleground states and the only waiting for him to get there now is to dip down into that vast fortune that he has and run a more conventional campaign. spot television day by day has corroded his standings in states like ohio and florida and pennsylvania and the only way to get back in the game to start doing advertising of his own as well as running a better campaign focused on the real targets. hillary clinton, barack obama.
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jenna: we will see what happens later today and where it goes from here. karl, thank you for getting up early for us in santa fe. >> you bet. nice to see you jenna. leland: a fox news alert, one person has been shot during another night of unrest in milwaukee. police in riot gear clashed with protesters who were throwing rocks and other objects yet again. that violence erupting for a second night after the black man who police say had a long criminal record, 13 arrests and was brandishing a gun was fatally shot by an african-american police officer on saturday. rick edson is in milwaukee with the latest. the ceremony is an hour and a half from now with the mayor and police chief about to address the situation that's right. we are going to get a ceremony, a police ceremony shortly. after that we will hear from the mayor and the police chief. they will address questions and we have plenty of them. this after another night as
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you explain more clashes with protesters. you seem behind me now the destruction from tonight to go. this was the gas station set on fire the data shooting occurred. last evening a police officer was injured, taken to the hospital. another person was shot and taken to the hospital. more gunfire, more cars burned area the other issue the police are dealing with is the body camera video showing the police officer shooting thesuspect and earlier the mayor described that . >> there was a body camera that the officer was wearing. that video will be under the jurisdiction for the time being of the state of wisconsin because the state of wisconsin will be conducting the investigation. i have however seen the still photo extracted from that. and that still photo demonstrates without question that he had a gun in his hand.
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>> still, demonstrators want that video release. there say they're not satisfied until authorities release that and police say they are still ongoing on their investigation and will not release it yet so that's going to be probably among the questions you're going to hear in a short while when city officials addressed this area from the last night's damage, authorities and cleaning crews have largely cleaned up from that much of the debris, the streets, the neighborhood other than what you see behind you has gotten back to normal but it all depends on how the evening hours, what happens from there. authorities are waiting and ready . leland: hopefully it will be a quiet night later tonight. thank you . jenna: we will step into that
8:15 am
news conference to see what news is made in milwaukee and otherwise. meanwhile, rescuers in louisiana's flood zones. cruise getting some 20,000 people to safety as more rain is on the way. plus, members of congress pushing hard to see the details of hillary clinton's fbi interview. now fox news confirms they may get their wish. what can they learn from these documents? bret baier joins us next. an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! jenna: stories to watch for the week. fox news conforming portions of hillary clinton's fbi file be shared with congress as early as this week. health lawmakers pressed hard for a summary of miss clinton's fbi interview based on agents notes because those interviews typically are not recorded. it's considered highly classified since it includes questions about 22 top-secret emails found on mrs. clinton's private email server. let's bring in bret baier for the latest in the story. why is this significant? >> good morning. it's significant because it shows the house government reform committee oversight and government reform committee led by jason chapin is not letting this go and two, once to see the internal
8:19 am
deliberations over the decision that was made not to go after hillary clinton on the email situation as depicted and described by jim comay, this is called a 302, it is essentially the notes of the interview with hillary clinton. it's a three-hour interview that happened, not recorded so there's not a transcript and frankly it was not under oath which is something he talked about as well in the committee hearing but it is pretty detailed in the notetaking and it involves 22 highly classified emails and that is why it is classified in and of itself. jenna: the department of justice decided not to charge hillary clinton with any crime in this story, this big story about her email and the private server.walk us through then what the repercussions could be if the house committee finds something. what exactly are they looking
8:20 am
for and if they do find that thing whatever it is, what are the repercussions? >> that's a great question, where does it go from here? a lot of the people that look at the house committee's investigations say what comes out of it? what is the end result as we saw with lois lerner and the fast and. investigation, then that ben dossey investigation. where is the bottom line, what happens question mark i don't think we know the answer. we do know during the hearing, chaffetz pledged he was going to refer a case to the fbi about hillary clinton lying under oath to the committee about the emails. from everything we have seen and heard that has not yet happened so we will see where that's going? jenna: what risk is posed to chaffetz by pursuing this? >> what's the risk for republican lawmakers? jenna: it is is it a political risk in this election cycle? because that's going to bethe charge from the clinton campaign .
8:21 am
>> that's always the charge on the backend of an investigation that somehow this is overdoing it, overreaching is the word that is used most often that republicans are going to see backlash for overreaching during this investigation. i think if you look at the polls across the board that most people think there's something more to not only the email investigation but also the clinton foundation investigation and i don't think there will be a huge backlash to republicans are trying to go find out if there's something else there. jenna: we will see what they come up with and if this happens this week. thank you so much. leland: our closest ally in the middle east and now israel will play a role in the presidential election. what the gop is now doing there. and donald trump takes the stage now in ohio with what's
8:22 am
being billed as a major foreign policy speech in which he is expected to outline a strategy to defeat isis. we speak with trump national security advisor on what trump is expected to say. >> a whooping cough vaccination today.
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jenna: right now the 2016 presidential election going international with the gop launching its first ever campaign in israel, trying to convince american israeli dual citizens to vote donald trump. activists handing out stickers and buttons with the slogan trump in israel's interest in both hebrew and english, about 100,000 israelis voted in the last presidential election with 85 percent going republican or but there are 300,000 more
8:26 am
eligible folks there this year and the gop wants to tap into those voters. mister trump you will remember is a controversial candidate in israel after suggesting the path he would be quote, neutral in the mideast process . leland: a few hours away from donald trump laying out his plan to defeat radical islamist terrorists. he is delivering a major speech on foreign-policy affairs in ohio and also addressing the doubts of critics about his ability to face the challenges according to aids mister trump will recommend three major changes to us policy. stricter immigration requirements, so-called new alliances and realism we are told instead of nationbuilding. what does all this mean? michael derosa joins us, national security surrogate and author of sharia: the threat to america. talk about what to america. radical islamic terrorism, the first attack 25 years ago in new york city . then on and on from the bombing of the world trade center to non-11, san
8:27 am
bernardino, how does mister trump stack up? >> starting with these introducing common sense. a little political corporate correctness has had a orientation of who the enemy says they are so osama bin laden is separate 1998, he says we are your enemy, a global islamic movement and the reason why are we are with you is islamic law makes it obligatory for us to be in conflict and subdue the non-muslim word world into submission. leland: your campaign, you believe hillary clinton's campaign does not accept that or realize that? >> not only do they not realize that, in september 2008 conviction of the five officers in the foundation trial they introduced evidence obtained from the 2004 fbi raid to two muslim brotherhood residents where they captured archives of the muslim brotherhood in america and it revealed that essentially every significant islamic group in america, it's the islamic brotherhood and their bow is to destroy western civilization from within. 243 unindicted co-conspirators in that case that the obama administration took four months after the
8:28 am
initial connection and stop the prosecution and those organizations are the exclusive ones invited into this administration to the detriment of us policy . leland: how were they invited into the administration? >> in 2009 a muslim public affairs council objected to terminology used in government which is terminology that we used in the 9/11 report which referenced a muslim or islam 322 times and jihad 326 times and the result was the counterterrorism account of 2009 and the presidents counterterrorism strategy purged all those terms. leland: you are seeing a trump presidency would change the way lexicon. he wants to test for immigrants, what type of test? >> newt gingrich hit it on the head where he said islamic law. all the enemies they fight because of islamic law and by the way such a thing exists. you can buy it for $30 on amazon. it's certified by the leading
8:29 am
scholars of islam today called the alliance of the traveler and if you read this book it says it obligatory for pious, observant muslims to connectto make act that are felony violations including terrorism . leland: that doesn't mean sharia law is going to take over in america. >> it doesn't matter if it shows up in court. it's an ideology of thought. it's a supremacist ideology that people believe it it's a threat doctrine to the constitution. it's not just us. president lcc, january 1, 2016 he said the same things only stronger two hours our university, he says you have to perform this . leland: we will hear about that but what about the concerns over donald trump to mark we have a letter from 50 top security analysts saying he's going to be dangerous as president he doesn't have the knowledge, doesn't have the experience and doesn't have the temperament. he didn't know that vladimir putin had invaded ukraine,
8:30 am
what do you say to those who say he is not fit to be president when it comes to foreign affairs? >> first of all the appeasement to the muslim brotherhood to actually break and fracture the intelligence and criminal investigation and process started under george w. bush, under two dhs directors. leland: but what about the concerns over donald trump, let me get to that specifically . >> i don't give much merit to it. you have mister chertoff was one of the signatories of that letter in 2008, he pushed through the quote, words matter memorandum that committed to the muslim brotherhood how we should orient on the enemy instead of letting national security professionals ... leland: bottom line you are saying what we expect in a couple of hours is a broad change of philosophy versus what the administration has been pursuing . >> it's going to be a return tocommon sense and facts which have been abandoned . twice the fbi interviewed the elder sarnia brother at the urging of russian intelligence and found
8:31 am
nothing wrong and by the way, that attack in boston happened on a monday morning. thursday the fbi six asking for assistance to identify the photos of these brothers where were the agents that had already interviewed them? leland: that's an interesting question. >> i wish you would ask somebody in the fbi that question . leland: certainly who he was evenwhen they had those pictures so we expect to get more on the foreign-policy in just about 2 and a half hours from now. michael derosa, thank you . >> my pleasure to be on the discussion is far from over because coming up in the second hour of "happening now" we will discuss this with a clinton national security spokesperson about what mister trump is expected tosay . jenna: we will see what her response will be. brand-new polls in the race for the white house, what they are telling us about key battleground states plus the surprising numbers in one state that not usually in play in the presidential election and torrential rains
8:32 am
bring massive flooding, tens of thousands of people rescued from rising water. now louisiana could get more rain. why it's in the flood zone. >>
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. leland: brand-new polls on the battleground states and the numbers are not encouraging for donald trump. a cbs news poll showing hillary clinton widely lead
8:36 am
in florida to five points which is 45 percent tomister trumps 40 percent. he's got a bigger lead over mister trump in new hampshire where this poll shows are ahead by nine points, 45 to 36 percent. and in georgia which usually isn't battleground territory, that poll finds mrs. clinton just four point five mister trump , meaning that red state maybe and play this time around. joining us now is rex levinson, senior political reporter at the national review, shira center, political reporter at the boston globe. mister clinton and joe biden in scranton today, trump has been in pennsylvania. what happens if he can't pull it out with these major swing state? >> it's a problem, clearly. he needs big states like pennsylvania, ohio, florida and at this point hillary is leading in all the states you need to win to win the presidential election. i think the fact that we are even talking about georgia is indicative of the broader problem. georgia is not a swing state
8:37 am
. this has been a really bad place for donald trump right now. leland: you are saying potentially because georgia is in play that does not bode well for mister trump? >> definitely not. georgia should have been in the safe column for donald trump and the fact that is not, were normally talking about the normal swing states like florida, ohio, new hampshire, we are also talking about what should be reliably let red state indicate he's got a problem across the board. he's not fighting the battleground states, he's having to fight for his life everywhere. leland: you think he has a problem across the board? >> he has a problem in a lot of states like georgia that are typically gains for republicans. he does have a problem generally with his campaign infrastructure across the board. you could take a look at his
8:38 am
lack of a ground game in swing states but in these states that make up the ones that always lead to the white house those are the ones he will need to focus on in the coming months and those are the swing states we talk about everycycle for the last two new cycles. they are florida, ohio, colorado, these kind of states and polls show him behind right now. that's not a very good thing for him it does not bode well for the next few months . if anything, the polls should tighten during the summer and one candidate should break away over the next few months. leland: new hampshire is right next door.biden gave the race the last time around new hampshire is fascinating because it is astate where voters consider themselves to be independent-minded . we saw that in the primary which was the first race that donald trump one. in donald trump's mind he has a good solid backing there. that is not what those most recent numbers show. you have such a large number of voters who consider themselves independent-minded, theycould go either way and right now they seem to be either not liking either candidate or looking at hillary clinton . leland: independent-minded voters , no matter where you are, what swing state it is,
8:39 am
is that the consistency that trump needs to grab to win? >> that's the constituency that everybody needs to grab. this is what donald trump is looking at. his tendency has really messed up the normal partisan line. a lot of republicans really don't like him. we saw him bring in some people who might traditionally vote democrat so those independents will be crucialfor him but also for hillary to make the case that i am the better choice . leland: what's your prediction for these swing states? i don't want to know specifically but in general. >> i feel like the one thing i've learned in thiscycle is i will never make any predictions again . i don't think any of us saw donald trump coming. leland: shira? >> right now i just remembered the electoral map starts out giving democrats an advantage. if they follow the same path
8:40 am
they followed in 2008 or 2012 they will win the white house so republicans are out with a disadvantage area even if they don't win all the swing state they're going to win the white house so donald trump not only needs to make up the ground he's losing in these swing states, needs to build on top of that. he needs to add more in certain factors and that is the hispanic population. in georgiathere's a growing hispanic and minority population in that state . because of that it's really unpredictable in a lot of these places to game them out now with the current polling and they could be a deciding factor:election day . leland: all the polls moving in one direction right now. we will see how that continues to alexis and sherry, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. leland: jenna? jenna: a new flooding danger in waterlogged louisiana even as some water levels starting to fall, more rain on its way today after crews rescued more than 20,000 people from waters. live in baton rouge with more, will? reporter: while the rain is
8:41 am
holding off as of right now in some of the water around us has started to receive but to explain the continued gravity of the situation we just learned that more evacuation orders were put into place. we've also learned that search and rescue's are continuing for the south of baton rouge. over the past 24 hours we've gone out with search crews as they are going through these areas looking for residents and trying to get them to safety. take a look at what we are seeing area . >> inbaton rouge street after street, block after block looks like this. more like lakes or rivers the neighborhoods here . you see the water going halfway up homes . for the past couple of hours we've been tagging along with the police department as they been going through and rescuing residents who wanted to stay here but at whatever point realize things had gotten too out of control and they needed to get to safety. there been thousands of
8:42 am
people rescuedafter the past 48 hours, rescued by vehicles like this and also by boats andhelicopters . we spoke to several, take a listen . >> i've never seen this. there's no words to describe what's going on. this is ... you can't even tell where the road is. i used to work at the hospital of the road. it's inaccessible right now. reporter: 10,000 residents are currently in shelters. every hotel in this area is also sold out and as you mentioned, more rain in the forecast. there's supposed to be thunderstorms in the afternoon, even more tomorrow. jenna: thank you. leland: donald trump has been really going after the media. we are the lowest form of life, he says. and that he'd be beating hillary clinton by 20 percent
8:43 am
if the press covered him honemedia panel choose on that coming up next. the american people are not getting the facts they're entitled to. they're not getting both sides of the story.
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leland: right now donald trump is increasing attacks on the media blaming what he calls biased coverage for his falling poll numbers.he tweeted, i'm not only fighting crooked hillary, i'm fighting the dishonest and corrupt media. people get it. is that true?join us as alan calls, nationally syndicated columnist and tammy bruce, talk shows and fox news contributor. you guys according to the donald trump are poor and pathetic people. that's what he calls the pundits. does he have a point in all this or is he off-base?
8:47 am
>> the entire conversation within media is biased. when we think about what's going on it's all through this mill you. i think it's about people who sit back who have not necessarily been through what trump is going through and we all have opinions. it's like an armchair quarterback but i think there is and we had admissions like burke at the new york times that trump is so different that the usual journalistic ethics don't matter because so much is it steak. i'mparaphrasing here but that's pretty much what they were saying . leland: you are saying they are against him .>> it's clear when you got this entire framework when every story is how awful things are, this is the battle for his supporters minds read these are attacks on his supporters to depress them and bring them back because of the enthusiasm gap between the democrats and republicans is so vast, this is an effort to keep republicans down.
8:48 am
leland: are they out to get him? >> it's not the media's fault he's not doing well. the new york times broke the hillary clinton email story. the new york times is not just broken stories mitigated against our republican candidate and when you have people in georgia where hillary is losing by only four points or in utah where trump is losing, it's not the people in these red states listening to the new york times, they're not listening to the media. when he gets up and says, he said it more starkly in pennsylvania, when he said i'm not running against a clinton, i'm running against the media he's totally off the message. he saying if the media treated me better i'd be 20 points up area. leland: but he lives in new york and look at some of the headlines recently about his campaign. i'm going to read some of them to you. is donald trump racist? have we ever said that about another presidential candidate? inside the failing attempt to control john's message. the gop waits and waits for donald trump to grow up mean he has grown up and here's my favorite. he likes trump, she doesn't area can this marriage be
8:49 am
saved to mark. >> you have maureen dowd who has continually written against the clintons. the new york times is not a monolithic entity that goes against trump. you are cherry picking your headlines that are against trump. >> maureen dowd is not writing headlines, those are headlines. and i think though that at the same time you are looking at the media that is really working specifically. you might court cover a story or two on clinton but the difference is it becomes a complete narrative and the drumbeat that doesn't stop. if you are actually going to one of mister trump's claims is legitimately he will say a whole bunch of things in context and they take things out of context but that doesn't just happen to him. this is been happening to every gop candidate and the republican nominee has to overcome it but it's important also to let the viewers know this is occurring as a deliberate strategy and the same with these polls. when they say she's losing in georgia, these are poles with
8:50 am
four and fivepoint margin there , phone calls sometimes online to help them make their pledge. leland: at the end of the day, is it going to work? >> donald trump is hurting his own campaign. he does have a campaign tearing their hair out saying they want to get decide to stay on message. they are looking at the republican party looking at down ticket races area that's what's going on. >> but we think that's going on because the media says this. donaldtrump says that's not accurate . this is it, i guess the media wouldn't lie either. that's the dynamic and this is what the american people have torealize. make their your own judgments. the legacy media is out of touch . leland: i'm sure the debate will continue and we will be tweeting about it. >> for five more years at least. when he's president. >> when he's president? good luck.
8:51 am
leland: thank you. allright jenna. jenna: a major scare at one of america's busiest airports. reports of gunfire sparking evacuations and grounding flights. what really happened .
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
. jenna: new information on the scare at a major airport that sport travel nightmares.two terminals at jfk airport resuming operation this morning after reports of gunfire prompted mass evacuations and rounded flights last night. david lee miller life, what happened? reporter: most importantly police are saying thismorning it's business as usual at jfk airport . authorities say there was never a shooter. they say there was never any gunfire area but last night there was a great deal of panic.
8:55 am
according to authorities, the chaos corrupted about 9:30 at terminal eight. that's when they were notified about gunfire. five minutes later police received a similar call about terminal one. cops with assault rifle antiterrorism gear were deployed. passengers say there was pandemonium. >> about 200 people came running up the escalators from the main security area of terminal eight creek screaming gunshots and yelling and it was a nonstop war, people running back into the terminal. about five or six minutes later around 9:35 we decided to head back towards security. at that point the entire security area was closed off and cordoned and they wouldn't let us leave area. reporter: the question remains what triggered this false alarm? the 9:30 alert to police coincide with the time that olympian you saying both on the hundred 100 meter dash. some believe, there's a great deal of speculation that the excitement, the applause may
8:56 am
have been mistaken for gunfire. at this time that is only a theory. what happened here underscores fear and anxiety on the part of many new yorkers when it comes to terror. jenna? jenna: new yorkers and anybody that's traveling these days at one of the busiest airports in the nation. david lee, thank you very much. leland: in the next hour of "happening now" we tell you about more violence corrupting overnight in milwaukee. protesters yet again clashing with police in riot gear. how officials restored order to that city in chaos. plus donald trump pulls out a major speech on this plan to defeat isis. can he help refocus his campaign after so many distractions? donald trump says the media are dishonest and corrupt. do you agree? go to and you can join the conversation about that.
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hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert. milwaukee being rocked by violent protesting and bracing what could come today. what will that look like later? another person shot after second night of unrest after police involved shooting that happened over the weekend. officers had to use armored vehicles just to reach the rescue and get that victim last night as protesters throwing rocks and bricks and bottles at police. at least five officers were hurt and car set ablaze. eventually officers moved in to break you the crowd and restore relative calm. riots were sparked after a black police officer shot and killed a black man who police say refused to drop a gun yesterday. the suspect had a long criminal history. more on this as the news develops this hour. we're also watching this unfold. the republican gop presidential


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