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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 16, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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isn't messing around. the pet primate jumping on to a walmart employee refusing to let go and the frantic owner rushing over to pull the primate off saying that it escaped from their camper. >> monkeys wear diapers. >> i couldn't wait for that story. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you. it is tuesday, august 16th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. an attack on a passenger train. a man going on a stabbing spree on that train this morning. the breaking details just coming in. >> oh, boy. then donald trump lays out his plan to take on terror and keep americans safe. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. >> okay. will extreme vetting work? >> kind of like an x games for
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vetting. it's been 39 years since we lost the king of rock and roll. ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ ♪ crying all the time ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ ♪ crying all the time >> and on the anniversary of his death, his brother, elvis's brother joins us live with a never before stories of the king that he knew when he was growing up. as we keep the music down, let me just remind you that your morning's better because you're with friends. i know ainsley is too young, but i remember the day elvis died. >> you do. >> august 16th, 1977. i was driving between the university of kansas and going home to see my parents. everybody was like, what? that's impossible. elvis can't die. >> that's what i felt about michael jackson's death because we grew up listening to his
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music. >> yeah. i was -- i remember it because it was an hbo special. sweating alive. >> my mother's friends -- >> a little more to him. >> my mother's friend, she has a beautiful diamond cross that i've always admired. she told me she got it at around auction and it was elvis's cross. >> is that right? >> isn't that wonderful? it's so pretty. >> we have his brother coming up this hour to talk about elvis. in other news this morning, let's get right to the latest on the campaign trail. donald trump is laying out plans to keep us all safe. >> they called for strict immigration control specifically targeting radical islam. >> so we want john roberts to set the table for us. earlier, john, we weren't sure if you were going to get up in time because you were such a big star you might not want to do the first hour. >> reporter: you know, brian, ainsley, you never go to sleep, that way you're always awake. you can always be on time. good morning, ainsley, brian,
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steve. donald trump has a fund-raiser here at lacrosse, wisconsin. his speech yesterday on the three pillars to defeat radical islam, pretty well received. one of those pillars, immigration reform repeating his calls to temporarily suspend visas in countries where there are hot beds of terrorism, but then adding something new yesterday. an ideological test for anyone who wants to stay in this country. >> we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people. in the cold war we had an ideological screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i ka you will it extreme vetting. i call it, extreme, extreme
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vetting. >> not just extreme vetting, but extreme, extreme vetting. this is just one aspect of this. another is enforcement at hoemt. donald trump pledging to root out potential terrorism in the united states before it has a chance to manifest itself. >> the support network for radical islam in this country will be stripped down and removed one by one viciously if necessary. those who are guests in our country that are preaching hate will be asked to return home immediately, and if they don't do it, we will return them home. >> reporter: now the only complaints that i've seen about the speech are from groups that believe the ideological test could be applied arbitrarily or the people could lie about their intentions in order to circumvent it. donald trump in west bend, wisconsin, tonight, north of milwaukee, he's expected to go very hard on the idea of law and order, particularly in light of what's happened in milwaukee in
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the last few nights. it might be more of a formal speech than a rally. we'll get more details as the morning progresses. ainsley, brian, steve? >> thank you. it's amazing when he comes out with it's not a policy speech, willing to back it up. then it becomes a more intelligent, elevated conversation. you don't see the rhetoric going back and forth. i think people wanted to land a blow on donald trump yesterday watching all the networks and no one really could. >> right. newt gingrich said it was the most important foreign policy speech he's heard since ronald regan. he did a great job. >> indeed. if you don't believe in our constitution, you shouldn't be allowed in the country. >> that makes sense. >> what's wrong with that? >> i don't know. >> john made a great point. if they have a questionnaire, interview friends and family and ask about the police and stuff like that, what keeps somebody from saying exactly what it takes to get past the door? you could lie on it. >> right. you have but you've got to be
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good. look into the people's history and google them. when donald trump brings this up, this is not new. when the communists were the number one threat, we did have an alien and sedition act that dated back to 1798. the mccarron act addressed the red scare here. if you're a communist, we need you to register because we have to keep an eye on you. that was the number one threat at that time, as is islamic extremists today. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to know who's in our country. >> exactly. the point is, extreme vetting? we've done it before. >> the judiciary committee, house oversight committee has sent to the department of justice, u.s. deputy has four examples of how hillary clinton lied under oath regarding her use of that private e-mail
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server. she must be thinking, what was i thinking? this got me in so much trouble. they say she perjured herself. >> did someone physically look at the 62,000 e-mails or did you user much terms, date parameters. i want to know the specifics. >> they did all of that. i also went through every single e-mail. >> lawyers doing the sorting in 2013 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails as we did. >> there were two servers? >> no, there was a server -- >> one? so there's only one server, is that what you're telling me? the one server that the fbi has? >> the fbi has the server that was used during the tenure of my state department service. >> it goes on. it's devastating.
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if donald trump's people are watching, that's what you do. this is the oversight committee chronicling james comey's mission for the facts as opposed to hillary clinton's mission on what she thinks were the facts, i believe. >> it's not even debatable. she says one thing, james comey finds something totally different. >> ainsley, it goes on and on. >> i can understand the semantics for her. he later said she sent three e-mails marked confidential. they were marked with c. that was classified. they should have asked her, did you send confidential. there were blatant lies. she said there was only one server. you heard her say that. then comey find out she used several servers and numerous mobile devices. she says, i handed over my work e-mails. >> absolutely. this is a big problem for her.
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it sounds like the fbi is going to give over their notes of what she said behind closed doors at her house on july 1st. bottom line, either way, she either lied to the fbi or she lied to congress, which are both federal crimes. >> newt gingrich who was on our program yesterday and he talks a little bit about clinton motto and not telling the truth. >> this is a person who lies about lying and now she lies about will go. this is the clinton model to drag it out, lawyer it up, to say whatever you need to to get through the next interview. let's say what she did say to the fbi. she wasn't under oath. it's kind of weird with a figure who's this important nationally to do -- to do a multi-hour interview in their home without taking exact notes and the exact transcript and without having her under oath makes me wonder. >> you have to wonder how good these notes are. the guys or women taking the
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notes, the fbi over the course of hours -- >> they're good notes. they're detailed. if you take good notes, why wouldn't you want a transcript? >> katherine harris said it's standard operating procedure for them not to record it. >> kathy, thank you for writing in. all of these reports are great news, but unless someone september an e-mail to congress, make sure they are accountable to actions. that's all they are, reports. this evil woman could be our potus. we have fallen in a deep hole in america and i see no one doing a darn thing about it. >> micah says this on facebook. the fix was in from the start. there is no way the president of the united states was going to allow hillary rodham clinton to be indied. she knows too much about him and he can't afford her to spill the beans.
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his legacy is at steak. >> sure thing. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. given the fact that hillary clinton didn't get in trouble with the fbi, julian assange is saying, hey, wait a minute, i'm in trouble with the department of justice. why don't they drop the cases against wikileaks. they tweeted this out. tomorrow we ask u.s. department of justice head loretta lynch to drop the case against wikileaks in light of the new clinton precedence. >> if you didn't intend, then you're golden. another person says you have to wait at the tarmac for her plane to ride. you have to get in her plane and talk about golf. >> he could be doing five to ten years and he said, you're going to give me that? talk about a double standard. his lawyer says i'm going to bring hillary clinton's case to the courtroom.
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>> his lawyer should get probation after all hillary walked. let's walk over to headlines with abby. >> good morning, guys. >> good to be back. we do have a lot of other stuff going on this morning including this fox news alert. chilling impact on an austrian trained as a german man goes on a stabbing spree. the man attacked two teenagers in western austria. they are now seriously wounded. the 60-year-old subject wrestled to the ground and held until police arrived. this of course coming days after six people were hurt on a swiss train after a man attacked passengers with a knife and burning liquid. a half dozen people arrested overnight as a mandatory curfew goes into effect amid fearness milwaukee. facing off for a third straight night as the sister of the man shot and killed by police speaking out. >> and if my brother did have his gun in his hand, why didn't he shoot out?
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if he is going to go out, why not go out with a fight, a big bang? >> he did have a gun when officers shot him in the arm. breaking news, thousands of people are forced from their homes. they have the man responsible for setting up a massive fire. 175 homes reduced to ashes. there's nothing left of those homes. a 40-year-old man accused of starting the fire. busy day. thank you very much, abby. >> thanks, abby. brand-new trouble this morning for hillary clinton. is she too exhausted on the campaign trail. the campaign calendar reviewing red flags. and a close call. they saved that plane. watch this. ♪ ♪
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hillary has forgotten more about american foreign policy than trump and his entire, i'm not exaggerating, his entire team will ever understand.
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>> he says he won't tell anyone what he'll do because he wants to keep his plans a, quote, secret. then it turns out the secret is he has no plan. >> well, that secret is not true. hillary clinton and vice president joe biden teaming up to tear into donald trump's terrorist tactics as he gave his first maker foreign policy speech since getting the nomination but what will voters choose? joining us is foreign policy advisor to donald trump, he helped trump craft the plan. walid, what does this reveal about donald trump. >> the major difference between mr. trump's vision of foreign policy and secretary clinton and president obama at the same time. mr. trump wants to educate the american people. what we just heard right now.
3:19 am
we know better. this is a very elitist matter, the foreign policy. that's a major difference i think. >> well, that's true. you helped put together the speech because you have that rich background. you've been part of the trump team. now donald trump of course made a lot of news when he said we're going to stop muslims coming into the country until we know what the hell is coming. now he talks about extreme vetting. is that evolving? >> that shows maturing. he operates now almost like a president listens to advisers, people in the intelligence or work in the intelligence defense, diplomacy. he made the initial statement because we didn't know. now that we foe better the response is extreme vetting. the response is alliance with arabs and muslims around the world. so tlsz a strategy.
3:20 am
>> right. >> it shows when it comes to get mow, we're edging it out without any oversight, 70 plus people going soon. another 15 go to the uae. trump says we ought to keep it open for other reasons. the president does one thing that doesn't seem to make sense. he says, we have to stop nation building but we also have to stop living a vacuum. how can both co-exist? >> they do meetings. if the nation has as much resources such as oil, why are we spending? that's very logical. number two, where the threat is moving. the resources of the nation and the plan. >> walid, thanks very much. for those who say that donald trump will not listen to his advisers, one is there and helped write the speech to donald trump. thank you so much.
3:21 am
>> thank you. coming up straight ahead, milwaukee is reeling at this hour, but where is president obama? they're asking the same question in his hometown of chicago where 52 people were shot this weekend alone. the story that nobody in the media or white house is talking about next. it's been a wild ride to jordan & chelsea's wedding. but thanks to everything turned out perfect. [crying] weird, but perfect. [flute] what knee pain??
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some quick headlines. have you stayed at a hotel recently? you need to check your credit card statement. hackers hit 20 hotels including the sheraton, marriott and westin. it was not discovered until june. and a warning to expecting moms. a new study shows that women who take tylenol during pregnancy are more likely to have a hyperactive child. researchers recommend only using tylenol when necessary. steve. >> now we know. >> thank you, ainsley.
3:25 am
milwaukee still on edge this morning as police put in place a curfew after days of violence and nights of destruction. what's happening there is nothing compared to president obama's hometown of chicago, illinois, where at least 52 people were shot this past weekend, 52. more than 2600 people have been shot so far this year. last year it was 3,000. so what can be done to curb the violence? peter bella works for 30 years as a police officer. he joins us from the windy city. good morning, peter. >> good morning, how are you. >> we're doing okay. we look in and we see what's going on in milwaukee and then we look down the road a number of miles and then we see chicago. the numbers are staggering. what's going on there? >> you know, we're paying the price of 50 years of failed local policy. multi-generational poverty and there's a lot of anger. crime is basically in somebody's
3:26 am
neighborhood the only economy. the criminals are younger, younger, younger. there's no value or sanctity to life. >> what you're describing is a crime problem, it's a race problem, it's a gang problem, right? >> i -- i would say it's more racial politics problem and gangs, well, the gangs are smaller than they used to be. and it's an economic problem. there's been a total lack of economic development. urban renewal was urban raising. there was never any renewal in these areas. >> what do you mean racial politics? >> the politicians have failed. the elected people who represent these areas, the alder men, the state legislators, the federal elected officials have not brought economic development or economic development funds,
3:27 am
block grants, whatever to these areas to provide good paying middle class jobs so people can leave. what happens when people make good money? they are mobile and can move. this is more about voting blocks than anything else. >> when you say racial politics, don't you think the politicians involved want those people to get more jobs and be more upwardly mobile? >> if they did, they would be doing more than they have been for the past 50 years. >> where's the outrage? >> you know, there's a lot of apathy. even among my neighbors and people i talk to, you know, it's not in my neighborhood. that's sort of the attitude a lot of people have. >> yeah. >> and i think in particular the disadvantaged neighborhoods, the gangs are so terrorizing in
3:28 am
these areas, there's a lot of fear. people are afraid to speak up or they're afraid to cooperate with the police. >> right. >> you know, they've basically turned the police department into society's janitors. >> that's a good point. we wanted to know what's going on out there. nobody knows better than you. peter bella, thank you. stay safe in chicago. >> thank you, sir. >> what do you think about what he just said. e-mail us. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. fox news alert. largest transfer happening now. how osama bin laden's body guard and his buddies walking free from gitmo. and is exhausted hillary now taking the weekend off as some have suggested online? radio talk show host mark davis joins us on the couch. good morning, mark. you're next. first, happy birthday to our friends, jase robinson. the "duck dynasty" star is 47 years old today. ♪
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. this is your shot of the morning. you've got to see this. jaws dropped during a fireworks show as they created the american flag. >> unbelievable. >> the baltimore/maryland star spangled spectacular created the largest pyrotechnic image. >> how did they do that? put the red one down below, the white one and the blue one.
3:33 am
>> baltimore is the place to do it. meanwhile, joining us right now to talk more about this, the election and so much more and especially his new book, the author of "upside down." mark davis, welcome. >> i love the cover of that. >> instantly disorienting, isn't it? do we have the slide upside down. >> that's disorienting to me, that's kind of the point. things do seem a little bit upside down in about 150 ways. >> we know you have a radio show. you check the internet every day. if you've been looking at the internet, there's all of these pictures of hillary clinton questioning her health. gateway, it's a blog, talking about how the media is not talking about it. the two presidential candidates, you've got -- i think trump has taken off two days so far this month and hillary clinton has taken off seven. they suggest she's taken off
3:34 am
weekends, she's tired. what do you make of this? >> these are people who are roughly both, actually 70, in the other case almost 70 years old. you're going to give a little bit of latitude. i hope i have that kind of latitude in 12 years when i'm that age. is there a story there? maybe. do we look desperate? go after her on issues. >> telling you that she doesn't think she needs to work as hard because she thinks she's already got it in the bag. >> she may not. she may not need to be one of those candidates that gets out there and works these 120 hour weeks because everybody knows her already. if she shows up and does a certain amount of appearances and logs -- because look at the things that she doesn't have to do. she doesn't have to do that many -- lord knows she's not doing press conferences. we're not being, you know, pestered with hillary press appearances. >> do you think this is right? donald trump brought up her
3:35 am
endurance yesterday. >> incident after incident proves again and again hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by bernie sanders, stability and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaries we face. not only in terrorism, but in trade, in every other challenge we must confront to turn our great country around. >> do you have a problem with that? >> no, none whatsoever. this is mr. trump taking clear advantage of the fact that he still looks fairly vibrant at 70, has the energy to delight, amaze and intrigue us in a variety of ways where she is moving along in some ways and get the occasional still shot of a secret service helping her up the steps. he's trying to do what he does in a lot of ways saying create
3:36 am
doubt. i didn't bring it up. i didn't bring it up. i drew attention. >> mark, so many people are making light of the polls. she's up, he's down. of course before her convention he was up, she was down. don't you think it's going to come down to the debates where you see the two of them standing there on the same stage, you see their personalities, you see their presentation, you get their ideas. that's when people are going to make it? >> every video. i was a cruz guy. i pivoted immediately to trump because we all have to, we have a country to save. now people come after me. she's on top of him with young people, key states. aren't you panicked? it's august. last week i said it's july. next week i'm going to say, guys, it's september. once you get past labor day there is a pivot point. events on the ground. i don't want terrorism, riots or things like that. we have them in the headlines. trump may say, i'm trying to return stability, law and order. >> mark, judicial watch is suing the state department over the e-mail scandal, hillary
3:37 am
clinton's e-mails. so the state department has agreed to release all of the received and sent e-mails from hillary clinton's server, all of the ones that were recovered, at least. what do you think they will find? >> well, it's the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it? then the question becomes will it matter? so many things, not everything in the facebook meme. nixon erased 18 minutes of tape. she loses 30,000 e-mails and she's up ten points in the polls. it matters how much people care. >> that's the premise of your book. >> very much. things are very screwy. look at that upside down. >> what about the media bias. >> oh, good lord. >> here's the thing. in course in the case of trump, the dominant media culture will despise any media. now they realize that's not fun anymore, he must be destroyed.
3:38 am
they will, indeed, try. >> they're trying and he's yelling back and fighting back. people like the fighting back even if it involves the occasional white knuckle roller coaster ride. >> mark davis, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> which one of these is not like the other. we don't have a radio show. >> radio talk show set. >> somehow we're going to squeeze abby huntsman in. >> good morning, guys. a fox news alert right now. it is the largest terror transfer ever. 15 dangerous detainees released from guantanamo bay while you were sleeping including osama bin laden's body guard. the obama administration says they no longer pose a national threat. 61 detainees still remain in gitmo and more transfers are expected in the coming weeks. the man suspected in the murder of a new york city imam and his assistant is due in
3:39 am
dhourt morning. >> officer, did you shoot them because they were muslims? did you shoot them because they were muslims? >> oscar morell questioned after he walked out of the police department. morell was arrested after a hit-and-run just three miles away. and a trio of navy pilots honored for this amazing recovery. did you see this? their plane skidding off the "u.s.s. eisenhower" in march. after an arresting cable snapped. they miraculously got it back in the air. the navy awarding them the armed forces aired medal. hillary or donald trump? one late firefighter avoiding both. william ziegler's family wrote
3:40 am
this. he spent 25 years fighting fires in new orleans until he, quote, suddenly realized that running away from burning buildings made more sense than running toward them. that's one way to avoid the election, guys. >> you just die? >> die. >> so many options, i would consider it. >> i read the whole obituary. it is hilarious. it sounds like that guy who died, passed away, he had a great life. >> if you write obituaries for yourself, call us, go to facebook. down south, storms claiming 7 lives and forcing hundreds more from their house. listen to this. >> this is my entire life. i worked my entire life for, it's washed away. >> wow. families are clinging together. they're fleeing from the submerged neighborhoods, in some areas drowning under nearly two feet of rain that fell in just two days. >> watch this.
3:41 am
it's unbelievable. an army national guard truck underwater after driving off the road. my goodness. that's not supposed to happen. meanwhile, the flooding dangers far from over. maria molina tracking the dangers. they had another wet day down there. what about today? >> another wet one. showers and thunderstorms yet again in the forecast. already busy down there early this morning. the heaviest of the stuff is seeing across parts of eastern texas. the showers across portions of louisiana but that could be picking up in intensity as we head into later on today. again, a lot of tropical moisture still in place out there and a storm system passing into that activity anywhere from the gulf of mexico and streaming it northward. louisiana we have ongoing flooding and forecasts say it will last for days. it will take days for that water to recede. in indiana yesterday we had a reported tornado near indianapolis. we see the threat for severe
3:42 am
weather across portions of the northeast with isolated tornadoes possible today in addition to damaging winds. temperatures across the east coast hot again. 90s and upper 80s. we have a lot of humidity. because of that heat advisories are in effect. let's head back inside. >> keep an eye on the sky. maria, thank you very much. >> a breakdown in the rigged system. another democrat in trouble for lying but somehow he got convicted. how did that happen? plus, these were the greatest performers of all time. listen. ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ ♪ crying all the time >> coming up, elvis presley's brother, david stanley, is here with a look inside the icon's final moments of glory. you don't want to go anywhere else. ♪ ♪ ♪ since my baby left me
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no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet? all right. we've got some quick tuesday morning headlines for you right now. what's the cost of being politically correct? at vanderbilt university it's $1.2 million. the university returning its 83-year-old donations to rename confederate memorial hall. the dorm has already been referred to simply as memorial hall for more than a decade, but now the money goes back. brand-new video overnight of democratic pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane right after being convicted of leaking grand jury secrets and lying under oath. governor tom wolf is calling for her to step down. in prison.
3:47 am
>> the deadly milwaukee shooting. police are now saying 23-year-old seville smith was shot two times while running away from a traffic stop sparking three straight nights of violence and outrage in the city. >> we're expecting to see the video soon. rich edson is live in milwaukee. hey, rich. >> hey, good morning. the state department of justice is reviewing that video right now. it's from the body camera of the police officer who shot that suspect. police officers say it shows he was holding a gun. it shows that he was shot in the chest and in the arm but right now the video is not public. local officials say they're asking the state to release that video. >> there was a body camera that the officer was wearing. that video will be under the jurisdiction for the time being of the state of wisconsin. i have, however, seen a still photo extracted from that, and
3:48 am
that still photo demonstrates without question that he had a gun in his hand. >> reporter: protesters say they're skeptical and they want authorities to release that video. much more quiet here last evening, thanks to a curfew that went into effect earlier that evening at 10:00 p.m. only six arrests. no property damage according to the police department. back to you. >> rich edson live at the bp gas station. we'll have the governor of the great state of wisconsin, scott walker, will be joining us to find out what's going on out there. >> i wonder if he'll be at the big shawn hannity event in milwaukee with donald trump. >> i think he will be there. >> he is voting for donald trump. >> i think he will be there. that's what i'm hearing. we'll find out. he is not called the king of rock and roll for nothing. ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪
3:49 am
♪ crying all the time ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ ♪ crying all the time >> on the 39th anniversary of elvis's death, we get a look at his life from his stepbrother. he is here with a never before heard stories of the king of rock and roll. >> come on in, david. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ they said you was high class ♪ well, that was just a lie
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ ♪ you're nothing but a hound dog crying all the time ♪ ♪ you and i nothing but a hound dog crying all the time ♪
3:53 am
♪ sitting home all if you can't come around, don't be cruel ♪ ♪ to a heart that's true since my baby left me ♪ ♪ i found a new place to dwell it's down at the end of the lonely street of heart break hotel ♪ >> wow. 39 years ago today, the king of rock 'n' roll passed away at the age of 42. >> so to the world, elvis presley was a living legend but to the next guest he was family. he was his brother. >> yeah. david stanley became elvis' step brother when presley's father married his mother. >> at the age of 16, he became a part of the king security team and the entourage of the so-called memphis mafia. >> his new book comes out today. >> thanks forring is me. >> i remember back in those
3:54 am
days -- i remember where it was when it happened. but in those days you either loved elvis or the beatles. the doocy family loved elvis. >> well, i loved the beatles. when i first met him i was 4 years old. sudden he's new my new big brother. he was a guy who had welcomed me into the family. >> famous at that point? >> yeah, he came home from two years in germany. elvis broke out in the mid '50s. that's when he had the big hits. >> i'm sure it was part of the process, now you look back, easier to process what you were going through. can you describe the atmosphere in and around elvis back then? >> well, when i first moved in, again i had no concept of what was going on. i came from a broken home, now i have a house called graceland mansion. i didn't know what a graceland mansion was. to me it was all family driven. elvis took me into his family when he didn't have to.
3:55 am
he loved his mother, and now here's a new mother. he made a choice to -- so my impression of elvis was a mentor/father figure like guy. >> what was this day like for you -- >> it was the worst day of my life. we were leaving for portland, maine up, and i was shooting pool downstairs and lisa marie, his daughter said daddy's sick. i didn't think it was anything bad. i better get rid of this friend and we'll talk later. when i came back up the driveway, the ambulance came up the back and and my step father was collapsed in the corner saying he's dead. when i saw elvis i knew he was gone. >> he had a significant drug problem. you were guy who erased all the effects of the drugs. >> well, you know -- i mean,
3:56 am
elvis had a serious drug problem. that use went to abuse and cost him his life. there was quote paraphernalia, medications lying around. i was a fixer. they call them fixers nowadays, so i cleaned them up and i protected him as long as i could. >> your message is about addiction too. >> well, my whole book is driven about elvis can have addictions, anyone can. 78 people are going to die today of prescribed drug abuse. >> sure. his handlers and his doctors kept him in drugs until the end. >> yeah. elvis' trust in doctors cost him his life. and this has to stop. >> lisa marie was attracted to michael jackson. usually girls flock to someone like her dad. >> she never understood what happened to her dad until she married michael and saw the situation that happened to him. >> a fascinating book.
3:57 am
thank you very much for joining us on elvis day. >> thank you for having me. >> at the top of the hour, we get serious, we'll talk about milwaukee. i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea.
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4:00 am
good morning. it is tuesday, august 16th. i'm ainsley earhardt. trump lays out his plan to fight terror. >> i call it a extreme -- extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. >> will that work? we are live on the campaign trail in just moments. >>. and protesters taking their anger to the streets of milwaukee. police cars torched. police pelted with rocks and bricks and the city on edge after that police-involved shooting. governor scott walker of wisconsin is going to join us live with what happens next. coming up shortly. if you're looking for a sign that hillary clinton -- hillary
4:01 am
is bad for america, this could be it. look at that. clinton one way, prosperity the other. >> fork in the road. >> yeah, in case you're listening on the radio -- >> i think that's south carolina. >> it could be. it's a green and white sign to me. but you lived there. let me remind you before the music runs out, mornings are better with "friends." >> i knew there was a clinton and i knew there was a prosperity. but that sign -- i'm sure i have driven past that sign and never noticed i. >> someone took a picture of it. we'll tell you the story about that. but first, straight to the campaign trail on this busy tuesday. donald trump laid out his plans to take on terrorism and keep all of us safe. >> the gop nominee calling for strict immigration control specifically targeting radical islam. >> all right. fox's senior national correspondent john roberts live in wisconsin with the latest event revolving around donald trump.
4:02 am
this seems pretty well received. am i right? >> reporter: yeah, you know, the clinton campaign, brian -- good morning, steve and ainsley as well, they spent the day taking the expected pot shots trump's speech, particularly joe biden. but generally the speech was pretty well received. i have only seen a couple of criticisms that are of the nonpolitical nature at least. much of the speech was for proposals we heard before. they're wrapped together into the more big picture strategy. there was one big new wrinkle yesterday that he unveiled. a cold war style ideological test for anyone who wants to come to and stay in this country. >> in addition to screening out all members of the sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must screen out anyone with hostile attitudes to our country or its principles or who believe that shari'ah law should is up plant -- supplant american law. nose who do not believe -- those
4:03 am
who do not believe in our constitution will not be admitted into our country. >> reporter: in the speech, he took another step back from his proposed blanket ban on muslim immigration. more narrowly defining the type of restrictions and the reasons he'd put them on immigration into the united states. here he is. >> as soon as i take office, i will ask the state department and the department of homeland security to identify a list of regions where adequate screening can not take place. we will stop processing visas from those areas until such time as it is deemed safe to resume based on new circumstances or new procedures. >> reporter: donald trump is going to take a slight shift in position tonight. he's going to still talk about the idea of safety which is a central theme of his campaign, but it will be along the lines of law and order when he
4:04 am
delivers a speech 30 miles north of milwaukee. particularly in light of everything that's gone on in milwaukee the last few days we do not know yet if governor walker will be in attendance at the rally. but you have him coming up, so perhaps you can ask him. >> thank you very much, john. so donald trump said those who do not believe this in the constitution or those who support bigotry will not be admitted into the country. what's the matter with that? >> i agree. >> a lot of people including mark levin who has been a critic of donald trump said that sounds presidential. let's bring in scott walker to talk not only about what's going on in milwaukee, but also the speech. first things first, we had violence last night, but governor walker, night three was a lot calmer than night one and two, correct? >> yeah. it was very calm. the update i got from folks on the ground, from our state
4:05 am
patrol and from the wisconsin national guard was that things were very quiet. i think thanks to the combined effort. i met with sheriff david clarke last night and overall it was a good effort. combined effort between the deputies, police officers and state patrol. kept everything safe. i hope that's a good sign for the sherman park neighborhood where the overwhelming people are good people. my kids were born a few blocks from there and they don't want the people there riots any more than anyone else does. >> did the protesters get it wrong? because you have a black officer that shot another black man who had -- who had a gun pointed at him. and then you have these protesters, looters, they're targeting white people. have they gotten it wrong? >> well, i think part of it, unffrply, you have people -- unfortunately, you have people who are looking to target the
4:06 am
businesses who are criminals. some of the gas stations that was targeted, i think they're criminals. they don't reflect a vast majority of people not only in the city, but in the neighborhood. i think you have people looking for an excuse to do this and they tried to do it under the guise of the protest. i think people clamped down. i give praise not only to law enforcement, but to many of the pastors and faith based leaders who i'm going to visit with later on today and thank them for stepping and saying, thank you for getting this under control. >> were those people arrested? did they go after them? you can't burn a business and get away with it. >> there have been a number of arrests. both saturday night and early sunday morning an again sunday night. thankfully, things were much more peaceful last night. we expect that that will continue. but those people will be held accountable for the crimes they committed against that gas station and other businesses. >> sure. well, that's good. law and order. that's donald trump's message. however, yesterday i believe in scranton, hillary clinton had another observation about what's going on out there in milwaukee. listen to this, governor. >> look at what's happening in
4:07 am
milwaukee right now. we've got urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundamental principles. everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law. all these important challenges, you have to ask yourself is trump up to the job? he's giving a speech -- >> governor, is hillary clinton right there when she says we have to rebuild the trust between the police and the communities? is that what happened out there? >> i think comments like that are just inflaming the situation. i think people understand in that neighborhood and in sherman park and in milwaukee, they want law enforcement to step up and protect them. the people who live in the neighborhood want police -- they want the police in milwaukee and the sheriff's department to step up and protect them. they didn't want the criminals who were doing those actions against those businesses to do that. and i think statements like that and a lack of leadership we have had from the president on this issue only inflame the
4:08 am
situation. >> sheriff clarke, he said yesterday, he's been speaking out, and he's the law and order guy, he said milwaukee leads in the economic indicators, the sixth poorest city in america. an overall school failure. milwaukee schools k-12 is one of the worst in terms of math, reading, graduation rates, attendance rate and black male unemployment in the city of wisconsin is 32%. is that the foundation of this unrest? >> well, i think there's two separate issues. again, i think what you saw the other day are a specific group of individuals who use this as an excuse to target individuals and businesses. that's unacceptable. it should be about providing for public safety and that's what we are doing right now. other issues there and across milwaukee and the country that need to be addressed when it comes to economic opportunity and better educational opportunities, absolutely.
4:09 am
it's why i'm proud that we have expanded educational opportunities and with we'll do so more in the future. i want to make sure that there's many economic opportunities as possible. but more government isn't necessarily the answer. getting government out of the way so more entrepreneurs can start up more businesses and make more investmen but you have to have a safe community. who's going to want to invest in the neighborhood if you have riots out there? that's what we have done last night. >> what is going to happen at the town hall? that was already on the calendar before this happened in milwaukee. will you be there and what can we expect? >> i will be there at the theater where sean hannity will be with donald trump and i'll be at the rally in washington county north of milwaukee as well. i expect -- i hope one of things i talked to donald trump, i talked to my friend mike pence the great governor of indiana just last week. if donald trump is going to win here and across the country, he needs to make it clear that the
4:10 am
race is between him and hillary clinton. every day we talk about hillary clinton, it's a better day for him. because people can see and hear she's fundamentally unfit to be the president. she lied about the e-mail, put our national security at risk. she lied to the family of those fallen in benghazi and now we have more evidence there's a question as to where the state department ended and where the clinton foundation started. a lot of crossover that people want to know. and were foreign interests giving money to her while she was secretary of state? >> what is the state of the race between hillary and donald? >> it was a roller coaster here. the marquette university poll came out, it was a couple points difference between the two. last week, that gap had accelerated and hillary clinton was out on top. i think that's going to go up and down. a lot will depend on whether or not the focus is on hillary clinton and donald trump or whether or not the national media talks about side show issues. if donald trump can keep the
4:11 am
focus on her, and give speeches like he gave yesterday where he clearly lays out a very presidential approach as to how he'll address the security of our nation, he can win. if he gets off on other issue, if he goes -- it becomes much more difficult. people are ready for a change. americans want to change. people here in wisconsin want a change. hillary clinton is not a change agent. but if she gets people talking about other issues other than that, she can win. if donald trump can get the focus on her and how he's the true change agent he can win. >> governor scott walker, we appreciate your time on a very flammable moment in milwaukee's history. thanks so much. >> thank you. it's 6:11 there. so he got up super early to talk to us. >> it's 7:11 here in new york and abby huntsman has more news. good morning. a fox news alert. a chilling attack on a train in austria overnight as the german man goes on a stabbing spree. it all happened just hours ago. witnesses say he attacked two
4:12 am
teenagers on that train. they are now seriously hurt. another passenger wrestled the 60-year-old suspect to the ground until police arrived. no mention of terror. this comes days after six people were hurt on a train after a man attacked passengers where a -- with a knife and burning liquid. and aetna is pulling out of most health care markets. 70% of the counties where there's coverage has loss millions of dollars. united health care exited most of the exchanges. it's not all fun in golf on president obama's vacation. the commander in chief taking a break from the course to campaign for hillary clinton. he headlined a closed day reception for wealthy donors last night. he is expected to campaign aggressively for hillary clinton this fall as the election approaches. he's on a two-week vacation in
4:13 am
massachusetts. and you know hillary talked about her money problems before. >> you have no reason to remember, but we came out of the white house not only broke, but dead broke. >> but a clinton presidency would be bad for america. someone in south carolina spotted this road sign. in one direction, clinton. the other one leads to prosperity. how long has this sign been there and which way do you go? >> that is apparently in those parts a famous sign. there have been t-shirts that have depicted it. now with the twitterverse, now boom. viral. >> it's famous. >> it is. >> those are great cities by the way. good families. >> which do you like better? prosperity or clinton? >> i'm not answering that one. >> well, i know the roads of prosperity. 13 minutes after the hour. and a rising star in the democratic party just got convicted for lying. will the party give her a pass? live report coming up next.
4:14 am
and stolen gold, one runner dives over the line to win the race. that incredible story has everyone talking this morning. whoa! if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies.
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ssoon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada. soon, he'll take notes en espanol. get back to great with the right gear. from the place with the experts. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. a fox news alert. a disgraced democratic
4:18 am
pennsylvania attorney general is now a convicted felon. >> kathleen kane guilty of leaking grand jury secrets and lying under oath. this morning, new calls for her and -- to step down now. >> heather childers has the brand-new details. hey, heather. >> reporter: good morning. from attorney general to convicted felon as you were saying. a jury deciding that kathleen kane is guilty of leaking grand jury testimony and then lying about it under oath. kane is found guilty on two felony counts of perjury and obstruction and seven misdemeanors. >> we had somebody who felt that she was above the law. and that's not the case because no one is above the law. >> reporter: so here's the back story. this began last summer when she was accused of dropping an investigation and accepting bribes by a local newspaper. to get back at a rival prosecutor, she leaked sealed confidential grand jury documents to the media and lied
4:19 am
about it under oath. her attorney ises didn't call any witnesses and in three days of testimony. now the jury deliberating for just six hours before coming back with a guilty verdict. her attorneys are now vowing not to give up. >> we will continue this litigation. we will continue this fight because we believe that our client has been wrongfully accused. >> reporter: pennsylvania governor tom wolf releasing a statement saying this. quote, as i have made clear, i do not believe kathleen kane should be attorney general of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. i believe this when she was charged and today after conviction there should be no question that she should resign immediately. well, kane had previously resisted calls to step down saying it would be an admission of guilt and saying she's not guilty. she faces seven years behind bars. >> thank you very much, heather. how can she not quit? she was convicted of nine criminal charges.
4:20 am
nine! >> i'm sure she will be forced to quit. >> yeah. >> 19 minutes after the hour. a tribute to 9/11 victims could get sacked. and summer is great for kids who love to sleep in but how do you get them back into the groove of going to bed earlier so they won't fall asleep at school. >> sleep outside. >> we'll have tips for what every parent should know. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit
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time for some quick
4:24 am
headlines from the olympics. i'm bob costa. a camera comes crashing into the ground. it plummets 60 feet. some people were hurt, unfortunately. four taken to the hospital including two children. oh, my goodness. what went wrong? and you have to see this. american track star allyson felix losing the 400 dash when shaunae miller of the bahamas literally dove to victory. look at that. check out the photo finish as she blocked felix from the fifth olympic gold medal. all right, i'm not really bob costas, ainsley. you know who i am. >> i know who you are. you're steve doocy. we love you that way. well, summer is quickly winding down, but the kids are probably wound up from all over the -- all the fun over the summer. what's the best way to get the school year started with a lot of sleep for your children? here is sleep consultant, ingrid
4:25 am
prueher. what do the parents need to know when trying to get their kids back in the groove? >> first, they need anywhere from nine to 12 hours depending on their age. up we want to get into the -- we want to get into the idea of five days of the week, you're 100% consistent, but two days, you can get a little off track. we have two weeks before school starts on the east coast so we want to make sure we start working on it now. it will take us some time to get back into the groove of things. and we want to make sure we help them understand why sleep is so important. >> what about caffeine, electronics? >> you do want to do away with caffeine a good hour before time to go to bed. that's more more to the older kids. i don't recommend it. and for the adults start practicing what you preach. you need to start having good sleep routines for yourself so
4:26 am
your can kids can start doing it. not just telling them what to do and you're not implementing yourself. >> what about advice for the teenagers? >> i'm very big on having the family discussion. talking about the benefits of sleep. you want to think about it in this way. that food is for the body. sleep is for the brain. so the more they understand what the benefits are of sleep, the more they're more likely to start implementing it. you want to incorporate calendars in their life, organize them better. as well as chore charts. because all of these things are going to make them start a really good year of school. >> yeah. we talk about getting new backpacks, get new school supplies, maybe change the bedding and make it more appealing for the kids. >> an environment they'll want to go and relax in. >> i thought that was a great idea. >> you can find sales to make a child really happy. >> absolutely. everything from having them pick one thing they might like. a pillow or stuffed animal. something that will help them
4:27 am
encourage to get into the room and start sleeping better. >> any other tips that you have for parents watching? >> yes. make sure you're not having large meals before you go to bed. >> oh, really? i was thinking that makes you want to sleep. >> not necessarily. it might make it tough on your tummy and will wake you up. a great chicken soup, even though it's hot right now, but ime. wonderful to set the mood. >> start around 6:00 dimming the lights around the house. that's going to help increase the serotonin that we need in order to get us in the sleepy state. so it's really important to focus on the things -- you know, pulling down the shades. having nice background music. quiet background music. all of the wonderful things you hear about, you know, you can start incorporating into the sleep routine. >> bedtimes are nice. children go to sleep and then you have adult time. >> that's even better, but you want to start the school year
4:28 am
right. >> that's true. >> thank you. great tips. turns out cuddling with the lions, not such a good idea. and this zookeeper is learning that the hard way. and donald trump laying out his plan for fighting isis. >> we will defeat radical islamic terrorism just as we have defeated every threat we faced at every age and before. >> some of the brightest minds in national security in our greenroom right now. they're getting ready to weigh in on his speech next. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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4:31 am
♪ don't just eat. ♪ mangia! bertolli. ♪ oh, we love this. the guy on the right is your shot of the morning. dick van dyke -- >> no way. >> his quartet.
4:32 am
surprising a crowd at denny's with a tune. the 90-year-old and his very own a cappella group were eating at the california denny's when they treated diners to the impromptu performance. how great is that? >> so cool. >> he is a legend. >> that's so nice of him. >> you forget he's got that musical background because -- >> hello. that's what i know him as. >> what was the series he was on "matlock"? >> that was andy griffith, right? >> right. didn't he solve crime too or was he a coroner? >> no, diagnosis murder. >> abby and i know him from "mary poppins." >> not a true story. >> how do you know, how do you know? >> just telling you. >> another reason to go to denny's, i guess. >> abby --
4:33 am
we have some headlines this morning, including a fox news alert. the man suspected in the murder of the new york city iman is due in court this morning. >> did you shoot him because they were muslims? did you shoot him because they were muslims? >> in a few hours oscar morell will be arraigned on second degree murder charges. he was arrested after a hit and run just three miles away. and now to another alert as thousands of people are forced from their homes. police believe they have the man responsible for setting off massive wildfire in northern california. the raging inferno decimating 175 homes and businesses. this is nothing left of this neighborhood. and the man is facing 17 counts of arson. and these big cats have this this zookeeper -- watch as the
4:34 am
leopard comes charging at him, but a lion stops him in his tracks. that was captured in an animal sanctuary in mexico. what pretty animals too. and listen to this story. a tribute to 9/11 victims -- adrian williamson just got these custom red, white and blue cleats but he could be fined if he wears them on the field. on the back is the message never forget. the first game is on september 11th and he needs permission to wear the cleats from the nfl. it violates uniform policy. no comment yet from the league on this. i don't know. what do you think? >> let him wear it. on september 11th, it says september 11th on the shoes, let him ware it -- wear them. let's find out about the extreme weather. >> and some flooding down south.
4:35 am
historic flooding has claimed at least seven lives in louisville and forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. 15 miles an hour. >> everything that i had is gone. everything. everything. >> can you imagine that? look at that picture. oh, families are clinging together. fleeing from their submerged neighborhoods. some neighborhoods are drowning under two feet of rain that fell in two days. >> you have an army national guard truck that's under water after driving off the road. >> maria molina is here. it's raining down there again. >> yeah, we're expecting more rain. one of the biggest problems with what's going on across louisiana is that we saw so much heavy rain last week. with some areas picking up more than two feet and all of that water continues to flow downstream. so we're seeing rivers cresting out there. that's making flooding so much worse and just continuing across parts of louisiana. even in areas that had been dry over the last 12 hours. but let's look at the radar.
4:36 am
you can see the frontal boundary is stalled out there, continuing to tap into the tropical moisture from the gulf of mexico and producing more rain across louisiana and eastern parts of texas. we have a number of watches in effect out there. all of this moisture continues streaming northward as well into the portions of the midwest. yesterday we had a reported tornado in indiana and today we could see damaging winds. and temperatures continue to be on the hot side along parts of the east coast. talking middle to upper 80s across portions of the northeast. 90s in the southeast and when you factor in the humidity, the heat index values are into the triple digits. now over to brian. trump outlined the plan to take on isis and take on radical islamic terror. >> we will defeat radical islamic terrorism just as we have defeated every threat we've faced at every age and before. but we will not -- we will not
4:37 am
remember this, defeat it with closed eyes or silenced voices. we have a president that doesn't want to say the words. >> all right. well in his first major foreign policy speech, donald trump laid out his plan for a major shift in the war on terror and how he'd fight it. will his strategy work? let's bring in the panel of experts now. former cia guy, operative, that's what he's likes to be called, mike baker. former fbi terror task force member, steve rodgers and former military office michael pete. do you like what you heard? >> well, i think he hit some good points. i thought the speech could have been structured differently. i would have like to have him seen attack hillary's record more. he touched on it. i think he should have flipped it around a little bit. i mean, shown the differences between his policies, his plans, his intentions and what we have seen over the past 7 1/2 years. her track record. show the chaos afterwards, all
4:38 am
the attacks around the world. rather than set the -- i think he might have lost folks a little bit. he disappeared down the rabbit hole with the talk about keeping the oil in iraq. that was not necessary. operationally, logistically, politically, never going to be something that would happen. but overall, yeah, i think -- i think he made the points he needed to make. not a lot of specifics but i suppose, you know, not really the place to delve into specifics. >> right. steve rodgers? >> the plan is brilliant. look, donald trump has created a very effective strategy, economically he's going to hit them, militarily he's going to hit them and ideologically, but this is why i say brilliant. the left doesn't like to hear this and a lot of republicans come like to hear this, but him embracing vladimir putin and russia in this war is the brilliant part of it. look, ronald reagan had to embrace gorbachev in order to become very effective in the things he wanted to do worldwide. donald trump is doing the same. >> let's take a look at what he said he would do with russia.
4:39 am
>> i also believe that we could try -- find common ground with russia in the fight against isis. wouldn't that be a good thing? wouldn't that be a good thing? >> the problem is he's had a chance to fight isis, vladimir putin and he's bombing the rebels we're supplying so i really doubt that vladimir putin would be a dependable leader, andrew. >> right. this is almost exactly what barack obama was promising in 2008. promising to reset relations with russia and since then, vlad putin turned out not to be that trustworthy of a partner. >> that's true. to reset. critical of him being open to that but they were trying to reset that relationship. remember, mike, we worked with stalin to defeat hitler. >> no, exactly. i understand what steve is saying and there's -- you know, again, both actually right. in a sense. but we need to deal with the realities on the ground. but russia has re-engaged with
4:40 am
turkey in this battle. in part because they're sticking it to us because they realize our relationship with turkey is on -- >> well, turkey went to russia. >> right. however, the reality on the ground is they're there. russia is not about to give up their port for their black sea fleet. they're there for the long haul, we have to deal with it. so donald trump is right. we have to work with them, but we have to be pragmatic and understand that putin's interests are not aligned with ours. but we have to deal with it. >> not aligned with turkey because turkey doesn't want assad there either. but they got there because barack obama did nothing with syria. allowed russia to re-enter the middle east which is disastrous in its definition. >> exactly. but two important points to make. donald trump took hillary clinton's reset button and up turned it into the respect button. keep in mind at this very
4:41 am
important point in working with the naval intelligence in the '90s we realized that russia is an emerging threat, they need us down the road. >> i want to talk about the immigration thing. talking about extreme vetting. we recognize an enemy whether it's communism or, you know, early on when we thought we were going to war with the french, we would recognize it and look for the enemy within. do you have a problem with that? >> no, i thought it was the right thing to do i mean, my problem was i don't know why the terrorists wouldn't lie about it. right? if they have a form saying do you support tolerance and multiculturalism -- >> we need extreme vetting like we don't get them on the planes. >> yeah, i realize the devils are in the details on this one. but it seems like this wouldn't be too high of a hurdle to jump over. >> right. we had a lot of people out in iraq doing -- trying to do vetting of individuals. that would be working for the infrastructure companies out there. you have to get so granular. you have to get out to the villages and talk to people. if you want to understand what the backgrounds and associates
4:42 am
have been. first of all, we need to explain to the american people, the current administration should have been honest with the american people and explain, here's what our vetting process currently is and then they can see where the holes are and we can talk about how to improve it. >> there's the last thing to say. but can we google them before we bring them over? with the san bernardino killers we didn't check out their facebook page. you can start with the black and white footage. thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, we have a fox news alert. the largest terror transfer ever happening as you slept last night. get this, now osama bin laden's bodyguard and his buddies are free men and that's not all. yep, gitmo's getting emptied. we're all screwed. and hillary clinton may be leading in the polls but when voters are asked anonymously, the results are very different. why the results might be different come november. but first, trivia question of the day.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
it is time now for your "news by the numbers." first 11. that's how many people were caught smoking marijuana by the nypd actually served jail time last year. out of the 4,000 people that were arrested. >> 11? >> i'm sure the others paid steep fines. coming up next -- next, 2,500, that's how many files the
4:47 am
hackers reportedly stole from that guy right there. that's the liberal billionaire george soros. he is one of hillary clinton's biggest donors. $35,000. that's the median income in vice president joe biden's hometown of scranton, pennsylvania, and he told scranton residents yesterday that hillary clinton is just like them. >> yeah. exactly. by the way he left them. he lives in delaware. now in washington. a fox news alert now. the largest terror transfer ever happening while you were asleep. 15 terror detainees freed from gitmo. >> one of those, that guy right there, osama bin laden's former bodyguard. where are they going as they empty the joint drip by drip? kristin fisher has the answer live in washington. where are they going? >> reporter: they're going to the united arab emirates. when president obama took office, there were 242 prisoners at gitmo. today there are just 61. now that reflects the release of
4:48 am
the 15 detainees yesterday. 12 are from yemen, other three are from afghanistan. they were sent to the united arab emirates in what has become the single largest transfer since president obama took office. he's been trying to close gitmo ever since he took office and the pace of these mass transfers has really been ramping up in recent months as his time in office winds down. but the candidate vying to replace him said if elected, he would keep gitmo open. listen. >> we will also keep open guantanamo bay and place a renewed emphasis on human intelligence. we'll gain the needed information to dismantle their organization. >> reporter: other republicans are also speaking out about this latest transfer. congressman ed royce, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee said in the race to close gitmo, the obama administration is doubling down on policies that put americans' lives at risk. once again, hardened criminals
4:49 am
are release and they'll be a threat. on top of the latest release, according to the pentagon spokes woman, 19 other detainees have already been approved for transfer. to countries that have already agreed to accept them. brian, ainsley and steve. >> i wonder what we're paying them, does anyone know? a ton of money. >> i bet -- thank you very much. i bet the president will drain it as far as he can down to ten guys and we have only ten guys is it worth half a billion dollars to keep open? >> then he's worried about saving money after all these years. >> unbelievable. coming up, hillary clinton leads the polls when you ask voters in telephone polls, but what if you talked to them anonymously? the results are very different. what it could mean for trump november 8th coming up next. but first on this day in history in 1954, "sports illustrated" was published for the very first time. >> in 1988 george herbert walker bush picked indiana senator dan
4:50 am
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now it's time for the answer to the trivia question. and the answer is steve carell, born today 54 years ago. our winner was dan, he'll be getting a book of brian's book, "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." congratulations. meanwhile, hillary clinton tops donald trump in the latest polls but if you ask voters anonymously who they like, it's different than that. the evidence can be found
4:54 am
through an app called zip. the question and answer app. here to explain, alana marky and rick malidi. they are joining us today from san diego. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> okay, so your results are a lot different than the -- what we see of the real clear politics average. for instance, hillary is up by six or seven, something like that but i'll show one of the questions that you put out there on your app. new polls suggest that trump is getting crushed by clinton. do they reflect how you're going to vote? 81% say no. trump is still my man. and about 20% say hillary has my vote. alanna, explain why the answer -- your results are so much different than the polls we have been seeing. >> well, first and foremost, zip is not a poll. it's not positioned as a poll. it's an anonymous conversation that's happening nationwide. and we have users that are over 13 across the u.s., exclusively
4:55 am
in the u.s. because it's conversational that's why we feel our results are representative of how people are talking. >> it's important to note that everyone who answered three questions are probably over 18. because that's how it was sent out. >> sure. so you don't know exactly who it is, but nonetheless, you have a pool of 100,000 people you ask these questions of. whereas a -- you know -- >> greater than. >> exactly. you know, a random poll that somebody might put out there, they might ask 500, 1,000, something like that. you have lots more people. >> right. >> rick, do you have any idea who the people are who are responding to the questions? >> well, we know their ages. we know where they're located and we know their gender. we have quite a bit of graphic information. first thing to understand, you know, zip is a social app so it's not intended to be a political app. people having conversations about everything in life. and it's all done in a question and answer format. then they get the immediate results, instantaneously,
4:56 am
actually realtime in percentages. so you could ask any question and get percentages back. but we know that they're in every state of the country. >> okay. >> we know that we are not politically motivated so i they're just random people that we got off of mostly facebook. >> here's another question, poll says people don't like trump. it's 60% about say that the polls are wrong, love him or like him. do you think this is part your app is anonymous, people don't have toll to a person -- have to tell a person i like donald trump because they won't judge the person who is talking? >> 100%. we have actually had users and people weigh in, it's a reverse bradley effect. something coming up recently. because zip is an anonymous forum, people don't feel that fear of repercussion. there's no room of bullying or commentary. so they're expressing their honest opinions. >> so if the election were held
4:57 am
today, according to zip app, donald trump would win. thank you so much for joining us. interesting stuff. >> thank you so much. all right, straight ahead is hillary clinton getting exhausted and taking the weekends off, raising some questions? sean hannity will join us live to weigh in. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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5:00 am
i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. well, good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday, august 16th. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump lays out his plan to fight terror. >> i call it extreme -- extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. >> will that work? we are live on the campaign trail in just moments. and milwaukee burning, but hillary clinton's got the answer to the troubles there. >> we've got urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities. >> the trust between the police and the communities. do you think that's the answer?
5:01 am
we're going to talk about that. they pledged their lives to jihad, but it turns out they didn't know what jihad meant. to the rescue with "islam for dummies." we can't make this up. because they didn't know what they were doing, they just wanted to kill. mornings are better with "friends." it's true. >> can't make that story up. >> let me ask you something. why would you go and give up whatever life you have, run to the run of the middle east and pledge your life to isis when you don't why they're killing -- killing, doing what they're doing. living the way they're living? >> we have no clue. we have been trying to figure that out. >> do you think they knew what they thought was their religion? >> right, but that book is "islam for dummies." the terrorists are radical islamists. i wonder what they're getting
5:02 am
out of the book. >> right. >> we have the story regarding that in a moment. but first, let's talk politics and get out to the campaign trail because donald trump laid out his plans to take on terrorism and keep all of us safe yesterday. >> the gop nominee calling for strict immigration control, specifically targeting the radical islamists. >> yeah. john roberts is live in la crosse, wisconsin, with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. a foggy day here. you can expect the specter of mark twain to be floating down in a ghost paddle wheeler this morning. hey, donald trump's speech yesterday, pretty well received. probably better than any other speech he's given as he laid out the three pillars for defeating islamic terrorism, repeating the call to restrict the issuance of visas and adding in a new wrinkle. suggesting a cold war style
5:03 am
ideological test for those who want to come and stay in the united states. listen. >> we should admit into the country those who share our values and respect our people. in the cold war, we had an ideological screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> reporter: just in case you didn't get that, extreme, extreme vetting is one of the proposals in donald trump's green pillars and there's also enforcement here in the united states. donald trump pledging he will root out the seeds of terrorism in the u.s. and he'll get law enforcement to do something about it. listen to what he said on that front. >> the support networks for radical islam in this country will be stripped out and removed one by one, viciously if
5:04 am
necessary. those who are guests in our country that are preaching hate will be asked to return home immediately and if they don't do it, we will return them home. >> reporter: donald trump has a fund-raiser here in la crosse, he's got a big rally in westbound, north of milwaukee. law and order will be the focus of that, governor walker will be in attendance. scott walker reminding donald trump this morning that the fight is between him and hillary clinton. not so subtle reminder to donald trump to keep a laser like focus on hillary clinton. a little historical perspective by the way, 16 years ago, almost to the day, i was floating down this very river on a river boat covering the gore campaign. never a dull moment doing this job. >> they made you get on a boat? they wouldn't let you on land? >> reporter: three days.
5:05 am
the last day was most fun, because it was tipper gore, they were together back then. he was knocking back a few beers, we stopped off, three hours late for a rally in leclair -- leclair, iowa. he had -- no, leclair, iowa, he had a bit of a buzz on and he gave one of the best speeches i ever heard him give. >> really? >> john, out of curiosity what is your threshold for just a few beers? >> reporter: um, you know, three, four maybe. >> there you go. all right. >> what a night. no wonder you're still on the trail. >> you have had quite a career. >> a lot going on. >> a lot of fun. >> how many beers did you have this morning? it's early. >> no comment. >> working these hours, brian, as you know, you cannot drink. >> absolutely right. you can't. >> brian doesn't know that. >> because he's up until 10:00. >> john, thank you very much. >> all right.
5:06 am
meanwhile, let's talk a bit about one of the big stories, going on out in milwaukee. there was a little more trouble last night. there is a new curfew that is to say. hillary clinton yesterday was in scranton, pennsylvania. and she kind of summarized what she felt the problem was out there. and it's completely contrary to what the governor of wisconsin really thinks it is. he weighed in on her comment, but first, here's the former first lady. >> look at what's happening in milwaukee right now. we've got urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundamental principles. everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law. >> i think part of it is unfortunately you have people who are looking to target some of these businesses who ended up being criminals. if you're going to burn up a business like the gas station targeted and some of the others they are criminals. they get people who are looking for an excuse to do this.
5:07 am
they try do it under the guise of a protest. >> so he completely disagrees with mrs. clinton. >> he's say they're using it as an excuse. because it was a black police officer who killed a black man who was pointing a weapon, a gun, at another cop's face. then you have these black protesters who are targeting the white community. anyone who is white that was driving through their protests, they were jumping on the cars. >> well the relations between the police and the community, that's the larger issue. it was a crime problem. >> if you watch both conventions you know where both stands. one thinks it's a law enforcement problem. that's the democrats. the other think it's a lack of law and order and respect for law enforcement. that's the republicans. you saw them at the convention. you'll vote the way you want to vote. meanwhile, i think when it comes to voting you have to look at both candidates' candor and willingness to tell the truth, especially in times that could get them in trouble. for example, when hillary clinton has a deal -- has to deal with the fact that it became exposed she had a private server, she had confidential top
5:08 am
secret information on that server. what she said and claimed, a lot different from what the fbi director said and claimed. for example, look what the oversight committee just put out. there were four major times in which they disagree with each other. here's the example of one of them. >> did somebody physically look at the 62,000 e-mails or did you use search terms or date parameters? >> they did all of that. they also went through every single e-mail. >> lawyers doing the sorting for hillary clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails as we did of those available to us. >> two servers? >> no. there was a server. >> just one? so there's only one server, is that what you're telling me? and this is the one server that the fbi has? >> the fbi has the server used in my tenure of the secretary of
5:09 am
state service. >> secretary clinton used two different servers. >> so you have the letter sent out by the house judiciary overnight committee. it said when she appeared in the marathon benghazi hearing last year, she perjured herself four times. you can't perjure yourself, so what they would like to do is have the department of justice investigate. she either lied to the fbi or she lied to the congress. and both of them are a federal crime. >> did you notice she didn't answer anything directly. not a yes or no. talking in circles. all semantics for her. when they asked if she sent classified information, she said, no, she did not. there was a "c" on three of the e-mails, standing for confidential. they should have asked her did you send confidential -- >> it depends on what your
5:10 am
definition of conventional is. >> all semantics for her. they read all of the e-mails, i sent all of the e-mails and comey said several thousands work related e-mails were not in the group. >> discovered on the other people's e-mail accounts because they were the people who they were sent to. this could have been done by the trump camp, the editor has the flu or the zika virus. i don't understand why they couldn't get together -- >> how does she get away with it? why is she above the law? newt gingrich was on show yesterday and the reason we want you to hear this again, this has been all over social media. a lot of people are talking about it yesterday. listen to what he said. >> this is a person who has lied repeatedly. she lies about lying and now she lies about having lied about lying. you know, i think you have to understand, this is the clinton model. >> and the model also, third tier to this.
5:11 am
so you have her testimony, james comey, soon you will get the fbi notes. that will be a third wheel -- well, let's see if that's any justice in this. >> and the state department has asked to see the notes before they go to congress. which is interesting. while hillary's camp -- >> do you think they'll sneak some things out? >> no, but they stone wall and delay the game. will they wind up getting them after the election? after hillary's camp is trying to portray trump as not having the temperament to be president of the united states, it would behoove the trump campaign to say does she have the ethics to be president of the united states? did she lie to the fbi or to congress? >> people care about the economy and national security. they do care about hillary clinton's record too. so if he'd stick to those talking points, talked the economy last week, national security this week and then hillary clinton e-mails. >> you talk about temperament. abby huntsman, the perfect temperament to deliver the news. >> absolutely. >> hey, abby. >> do you know who else i care about? the olympics.
5:12 am
that's right. the incredible finish on the track in rio. it doesn't help the american gold medal count. allyson felix lost the dash when shaunae miller of the bahamas dives to victory. check this out as she blocks her from her fifth olympic gold medal. but still team usa has 75 total medals. not everything is perfect though here in the u.s. new calls for pennsylvania attorney general to step down. she's guilty of leaking grand jury secrets and lying under oath. kathleen kane was accused of doing it for getting revenge on a former prosecutor. governor wolf said she needs to resign or plan to be resigned. she faces seven years in prison but is expected to a appeal. they pledged their lives but they didn't know what jihad meant. isis wanna-bes are so ignorant
5:13 am
about the religion, they're using this book to prepare to fight. in court, isis admitted to buying the book on amazon to beef up their knowledge. about 70% of with an no bees have a knowledge of shari'ah law. you can't make this up. >> they need the koran for dummies. meanwhile, rudy giuliani as you can see from the cover of "the new york daily news" under fire for forgetting 9/11. is this the mainstream media distraction? we are going to report and you'll decide. we'll play the whole tape. not just a snippet. >> i don't think he's forgotten 9/11. look what happened on the vegas strip. we're going to tell you what just came down. ♪ i'm billy,
5:14 am
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at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. let's talk little media bias, on the cover of the daily news they echo what you hear
5:18 am
today about how rudy giuliani's most pathetic politicization of 9/11 yesterday. before obama he didn't have a successful terrorist attack inside the united states, and people are saying, rudy, you're covering up 9/11? no, he starts with the story of 9/11 as he introduced mike pence yesterday. >> he's a member of the foreign affairs and judiciary committee. a member of -- and during the time of september 11th, when we went through the worst foreign attack in our history. since the war of 1812. remember, we didn't start this war. they did. we don't want this war. they do. and they didn't start it even in 2001. they attacked the world trade center in 1993. and they attacked it under the ideology of radical islamic
5:19 am
extremism to create a caliphate. to destroy the infidels. christians, jews, nonbelieving muslims from their point of view and other people. mike pence understands this. from his time both on the foreign affairs committee, from his very, very, timely visit which i remember to ground zero when we were in desperate need of help. he was there. and from his work on the judiciary committee in helping to fashion the patriot act. by the way, under those eight years, before obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> so just goes to show you the media bias. he did -- he wasn't trying to say -- you know, he pointed
5:20 am
out -- he started with september 11th, was his math right, no. but in 1993 there was no response from bill clinton after -- bill clinton never went to visit the world trade center. you have to look at how all three responded to terror attacks. how bush responded, how obama has responded, how clinton responded, then make your choice because donald trump just lets you know how'd respond. >> when you hear the whole speech, he talked about '93 and 9/11 and mike pence was there at ground zero. what is the mainstream talking about? of course he remembers 9/11. he was at ground zero. he lived in new york, he was there. >> for them to say he forgets about 9/11 that's not accurate. we just played you the tape to show you what he did say yesterday. what do you think about that? let us know? meanwhile, an aircraft carrier -- a plane on a carrier goes off the runway into the sea. doesn't it?
5:21 am
see the moment that the sailors on board save the day. remember this guy? he's the face of shriners hospital and last year he was here trying to take my job. we're going to be talking to him in a second. will he actually get it this time? back in a moment. >> i can play basketball. this is shaving. blades here, blades there. some more over there... whoa! that's not a blade. this is gillette shielding. with lubrication before and after the blades. shields from irritation for a close, comfortable shave. proshield from gillette.
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5:24 am
some quick headlines for you. the last power of an iconic las vegas casino just reduced to rubble. the riviera hotel and casino crumbling in just seconds. first highrise closed last year
5:25 am
after being open for six decades. you said elvis performed there, right steve? and olive outrage, a restaurant under fire for selling black olives matter t-shirts. and the pilots saving the aircraft from crashed into the water in the nick of time and the navy presented them with the armed forces air medal. >> job well done. meanwhile, 25 minutes after the top of the hour. you know him as the face of shriners hospital on those commercials. >> now imagine a place that he can do anything. i don't have to imagine. because that kid is me. >> and last year, it's hard for me to forget this, he was here trying to take my job.
5:26 am
>> but we're too exhausted. we have had so much other stuff, can you do the sports for us? >> yeah. >> when can you start for us? >> now. >> now. he's back. he's got his own sports show. >> joining us is the spokes kid for shriners hospital is alex. good morning. how has your life changed since you did brian's sports report last time? >> it was really cool. i was in new york for a couple days after that and people were recognizing me. >> of course. everyone recognized you. you're such a great personality. tell me what you have done since. did you start your own sports show? >> yes i did, called smart aleck on sports. it started because shriners has had a lot of cool opportunities for me at the hospital. and with the help of them and a really great team behind us, we started this show. >> that's awesome. so your sister works behind the camera, right? >> she helps. >> she helps. yeah. >> but you're the star.
5:27 am
that's right. can we watch a little bit of you doing sports. >> smart aleck on sports. make an extra point. accuracy is at 94.1% which was one of the lowest since 1979. i should be the last one talking about that. because i could barely kick a ball. but still you have one job. why are they missing? maybe it pays to kick a ball into two uprights. >> oh, awesome. very nice. >> great. >> so that you were talking about the field goal, the extra points. they pushed it back so it's harder these days. >> yeah. >> so you're also -- you have been watching the olympics, right? >> i love the olympics. >> what do you like about it the most? >> i love that i can watch something i don't really see, like water polo. hand ball. when all the usa basketball stars come together, so that's good. >> the dream team comes
5:28 am
together. you have an olympic dream. >> it would be nice to make it to the olympics, the wheelchair basketball. >> well, that would be fantastic. >> great. >> what's next for you, alec? nothing surprise us. you're doing amazing things. >> i'm going to continue on with smart alec and until i can get old enough to come here or to another major network to do sports. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> wait a minute. are you appealing for other major networks? you have moved past us, you're ready for another outfit? >> i would love to do sports when i'm older. >> well, you'd be great. >> where can i watch? >> you can go on smartalec on >> congratulations. >> let's talk about shrine es for a second. what have they done for you? >> they have done so much for me. they ha they have helped me with physical therapy and medications and they're someone i can go to for fun or when i need some
5:29 am
help. for anything. >> what is it like walking around and being recognized like this? >> it's awesome. so much fun. so much fun. >> well, you are the face. i mean, we see you in all the commercials. >> it's not just me though. it's other kids who are in it. shriners made me look like. >> well, the commercials are terrific. they're a good representation of how you are in real life. you're a wonderful young man. >> all right. >> when you come back, we'll put you to work. >> all right. thank you very much. great to see you. >> thank you. >> nice to see you again. after this picture went viral, brand-new questions about hillary clinton's health. is she too exhausted and taking the weekends off? well, sean hannity is waking up early to join us next. you don't see this, a monkey in a diaper running loose in a walmart parking lot. >> alec, what do you think of that?
5:30 am
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♪ ♪
5:33 am
♪ don't just eat. mangia! bertolli. ♪ look at this, shot of the morning. the super mario brothers now have their own super sized corn maze. >> the maze covers eight acres of a farm in new york and they have featured a different theme every year since 2005. >> i have more information, guys. this year, it's nintendo's video game duo mario and luigi along with the other members of the game. this music is getting to me. thousands are expected to visit. >> pacman music? >> i know. i don't like those days.
5:34 am
the only thing i had, i had breakout. that's when -- atari's breakout. i did that for -- i realized my life is passing me by. >> life was much easier when it was pong. >> remember frogger? a good one. >> what's frogger? >> you didn't do frogger? the frog has to get across the road and he keeps getting run over. abby, what was your favorite game? >> frogger. tetris. frogger is the best of all time. get on board. >> i don't do that. i tend to talk to people. >> younger than your son, sorry. >> generational. >> is that -- i have never seen that side of you, abby. we have some headlines to get to now. we'll start with this. a navy is using the using the so-called clinton defense to avoid being behind bars. he is accused of taking six classified pictures of a
5:35 am
submarine he was working on back in 2009. he is asking for probation, citing the fbi's decision not to indict clinton for having sensitive information on her server. and a hack for the democrats. one of them is too quote pro police. one suggested that joe garcia running against -- who's running again in florida should be referred to as a scandal plagued former congressman. black lives matter activists storming the gates of graceland just hours before the anniversary of elvis' death. >> black lives matter! black lives matter! black lives matter! >> two people were arrested as protesters attempted to shut down that historic site. they claimed that they chose graceland because it shows financial inequality. elvis' stepbrother joined us
5:36 am
earlier. >> it would be a shame if it affected it or shut it down in any way. everybody has a message, i can understand them trying to -- actually trying to share it. but let's celebrate the life and times of elvis presley. >> elvis died 39 years ago today. and a walmart parking lot turns into a zoo after a diaper wearing monkey gets loose. >> come on! >> oh, no. >> let him go. let him go. >> so the monkey latching on to the employee near the cart in ohio. refusing to let go. now officials are trying to track her down to see if the monkey is even legal. kind of makes me want a pet monkey though. >> it does? >> in new york city, kind of cool. >> we can get you one. >> maybe. >> all right, thanks very much. sean hannity is joining us right now. we had hoped to have a satellite
5:37 am
thing, but things went haywire. so he's joining us from milwaukee. >> good morning, guys. i get up early, the generator -- i got all dressed up, no place to go, i got left at the altar and the generator on the truck blew up. >> you could have just stayed in bed and picked up the phone, sorry about that. >> whenever -- whoever put that picture up, it's hideous, please take it down. >> why? >> what picture do you want? >> i don't want a picture. i look better on the phone. >> okay, brian, it's next to you. can you do something about it? >> push it aside. >> that looks great, thank you. >> fantastic. good morning. i watch your show every day. i feel like i miss you guys. i only get to see you in passing in the halls. i watch the show every morning. mornings are better with friends you know that. >> do you come dressed to work or do you come dressed down and change in the office? >> i come in jeans and a golf shirt and glasses and a baseball hat.
5:38 am
>> you're so lucky. >> can i tell the folks at home that you're still in your jeans when you do your show? >> every night i'm in jeans. tonight is the exception. we have a town hall with donald trump. i will have suit pants on. i'll make an exception for -- >> sean, let's talk about something that's -- you know, it's been on talk radio, it has been on -- i'm looking at drudge right now. there's a picture of hillary clinton and it says, sick talk. weekends for rest. why is she talking so much time off? then there is that image on drudge a couple of days ago she had trouble getting up the stairs. >> stumbling yesterday with joe biden. >> tiny little stumble in scranton. then donald trump yesterday brought up clinton's health yesterday on the stump. listen. and there are the many days that she has taken off. looks like seven so far this month. he's taken off two. and he brought up her health yesterday. listen to this. >> incident after incident proves again and again hillary clinton lacks the judgment as
5:39 am
said by bernie sanders, stability, and temperament and the moral character to lead our nation. importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all the many adversaries we face, not only in terrorism, but in trade and every other challenge we must confront to turn our great country around. >> is there a risk in attacking her or bringing up her health? >> i don't know if that's a risk. i mean, you can compare the vitality between the two. and there's no comparison. what her actual health is i don't know. but i do think the public has a right to know and i'm all in favor of her releasing her medical records. i would love to see her wall street speeches. the democrats are saying they want to see donald trump's tax
5:40 am
return. maybe they can assure him that the irs would stop auditing him and he'd be able to do that. what's bothering me in this election, you have this whole group of arrogant elitists within the republican party that are incapable of seeing the big picture of what this election is about. and if you're in -- if you somebody who has to delegate to the constitution and believes in the separation of powers and coequal in the government, it's stark between the type of justices they'll appoint. remember, this will impact this country now for generations. >> sure. >> on vetting refugees, on building up the military, on immigration, on obamacare. on energy independence. these are profound differences. hillary to me represents a third obama term. things are not good. the statistics are there and available and i mention them every day. and i think it is as donald trump said time for a new
5:41 am
direction. >> when donald trump brings up her physical stamina, people say you can't do that, go back to 2008. all the mainstream media, all they could talk about is john mccain is too old for the job. remember that? >> they did that with john mccain. the whole re-election of ronald reagan was contingent on oh, my god, is he too old to handle a second term? >> right. a double standard, isn't there? >> there's a double standard in everything. mike pence said to me the other night that they're playing two on one. the media is so in the tank, so on board for hillary, they're so abusively biased i literally watched a show on cnn over the weekend. you have this little pip squeak named brian stealther. he allowed an arrogant professor from kennedy school, to talk about donald trump being a
5:42 am
demagogue and they literally kiss hillary's ass and obama's ass every day. >> i don't know if we can say that. >> by the way i say that on my show every night. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. so you're in wisconsin right now. you have the town hall with donald trump tonight. he's talking on radical islam like he did last night. what can we expect? >> look, we have a big speech. i thought yesterday's speech by trump was the best speech he gave. i think it creates a great paradigm for him to follow the next 84 days of this campaign. he did something really, really smart. he went through how dangerous the world is. how hillary clinton and barack obama have underestimated the threat. calling them the jv team. assuring us they're contained. he went through every part of the world that has been damaged by their weakness. the weakness of their foreign policy. and then he transitioned to how things will be different and how
5:43 am
he will solve problems. if he focuses only on hillary and obama, the way he did yesterday, and he lays out their failures like he did yesterday and then he offers an alternative way to deal with not only radical islam and isis, but the economy, energy, immigration, all the other important topics i think that's the formula -- that's the secret sauce that would get him elected. >> we'll see. sean, real quick, are you able to give ainsley an interview tonight? she's in the behind the scenes of the town hall. >> yeah, i think i'm available, brian, any time you want. of course i would. >> he'll be wearing blue jeans. >> we'll be talking to donald trump. we'll be showing you behind the scenes of the town hall. you're sit doing one donald trump -- >> well, we have -- what i like about tonight's show, it will be mixed up a little bit. obviously we'll go over the speech he did, but we'll have people who have been directly impacted by radical islam. scott walker will be here.
5:44 am
sheriff david clarke will be here. >> it will be good. >> ainsley will be here and she'll be interviewing everybody too. you know what it's important. look if we don't keep our country safe we don't have anything. >> sean, thank you very much. you mentioned david clarke, the sheriff comes up next here. houston: mission allergy escape. for those who've gone to extremes to escape their unrelenting nasal allergy symptoms... houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ♪ welcome back. clarispray is a nasal allergy spray that contains the #1 prescribed, clinically proven ingredient. nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with new clarispray.
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and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? we are back with a fox news alert. the largest terror transfer ever happening at gitmo while you were asleep. 15 terror detainees just shipped out of guantanamo bay. >> one of those detainees is this guy, osama bin laden's former bodyguard. >> and the rest are horrific as well. kristin fisher has the answer to how, why they're moving and she's in washington right now. >> reporter: get this in addition to yesterday's release, 19 other detainees have already been approved for transfer. that's according to the spokeswoman for the pentagon.
5:48 am
once that happens there's only 42 prisoners left at gitmo. the worst of the worst by most accounts. there were actually 200 more than that when president obama took office. what happened yesterday was the single largest transfer during the entire obama administration. those 15 detainees were released a sent to the united arab emirates. the pentagon said they were released because they no longer pose a significant threat to the united states, but former cia agent evan mcmullin disagrees and here's why. >> these are people who want to kill americans en masse. i dealt with these people, face to face. these are very motivated people who eat, drink and sleep destroying america. >> reporter: president obama of course has been trying to close down gitmo ever since he took office. his plan who was announced in february call for transferring the remaining detainees to maximum security prisoners in the united states. many republicans on capitol hill have been fighting it and u.s. law prohibits its.
5:49 am
president obama has not ruled out doing it anyway through executive action. >> he's going to try. all right, thank you very much. >>en unbelievable. coming up, days of riots in milwaukee and sheriff david clarke said you can blame the media for that. he's joining us next. but first, bill hemmer at the top of the hour. >> there's a clear contrast on how each campaign would take on isis and how hillary clinton is responding. and many are saying that hillary lied repeatedly we'll look at the cases. and general mckean joins us. martha and i, at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
this morning milwaukee is still on edge as a curfew is forced into effect. following days of violent riots, targeting the police. so what is fuelling all that chaos there? milwaukee county sheriff david clarke said it's not the rioters. he joins us to explain. good morning, sheriff. what do you mean by that? >> well, here's what i'm talking about. it's a culturally dysfunctional underclass in the accompanying behaviors that are on display. but i'll tell you what's going on beneath the surface. you have an accomplished liberal mainstream media here in milwaukee and nationwide that's afraid to ask this dysfunctional underclass for self-evaluation and to encourage them to self-criticize about some of the behaviors that they engage in. threatening their life -- threatening people with firearms, taking property by force. things like that are some of the
5:54 am
dysfunctional behaviors that we saw. one of the first stores looted was a liquor store. that tells you about the character of this group. >> so you say the liberal policies have created an underclass, dysfunctional families, failing schools. no jobs. and then something like this happens, this police shooting, and they're just using this as an excuse to start to burn stuff down? >> sure. that's just an igniter. okay, i talked about the urban pathologies that are the ingredients that lead to this sort of position or state where a flash point, something like a police shooting will blow this thing up. you know, you look at the poverty rate in milwaukee. we have the sixth poorest city in america. the school system, k-12, in milwaukee, it's one of the worst in the nation, in math and
5:55 am
reading skills, attendance rates. massive unemployment. failure to stay involved in the workforce. 32% black male unemployment rate in the city of milwaukee. you have 70% of the kids born out of wedlock. no father around in their lives to shape their behavior of young men. when young men don't have fathers around to shape their behavior, oftentimes they grow up -- not all the time, but they grow up to be unimaginable misfits that police have to deal with in the aggressive fashion like we saw. >> there's a call for jesse jackson to get some more federal money in. you say that makes you laugh. in what way? >> well, that's the typical response. the progressive urban policies that are being financed by the federal government. sometimes at the state level as well. that ensures that these people stay and it keeps them living life at the bottom, keeps them dependent on government. you see the dependencies that
5:56 am
exasperates the the problem. that's the liberal policy, more money to finance the underclass. here's the problem with that. we just spent a number of years ago, five or six years ago $1.2 trillion in the stimulus program. where did that money go? why did jesse jackson who's asking for more money for urban reconstruction, why didn't he ask the president, where did all this money go for this stimulus? why didn't it reach the bottom wheth where it's needed the most? but no, it's more money to fuel the dysfunction. >> i'm glad you're in charge of milwaukee. sheriff david clarke, thank you so much. >> i'm traveling to milwaukee to the town hall so i hope to get you on camera tonight. >> looking forward to it. >> we're going to step aside and "fox & friends" comes back in two minutes. medicine.
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when you come to the fork in the road, take it. which way do to you go, to the left or the right? this is an actual sign in south carolina. >> great state of south carolina. >> stay tuned for the "after the show show." sometimes we're at our best in that moment. bill: donald trump calling for a war on terror. part of that plan is tighter standards for those coming into the united states. martha: donald trump laid out his plan to defeat isis during a speech in the battleground state of ohio, what he calls extreme vetting of any immigrant to want to enter the united states, in an effort to prevent terrorism in the united states. he also hammered away on the


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