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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  August 20, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet it to us. that's it on this week's show. thank you. we hope to see you right here next week. donald trump meeting with police officers and working to swing the focus of the campaign to law and order. hello everyone this is america's election headquarters. >> i'm patti ann brown. that meeting is topping our news this hour. the latest poll shows an uphill battle for the republican presidential nominee. hillary clinton heads next to massachusetts, this as the judge rules she must answer those new questions about that private e-mail sever. firefighters battling explosive fires out west, entire
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homes reduced to charred remains. that's all ahead. first, donald trump is working to set himself up as the law and order candidate today. >> he's meeting with law enforcement officials in virginia. that is set to begin this hour before what's being billed a law and order speech later this evening. we are live at the site of that rally so peter what do we expect? >> reporter: eric, it's interesting to start last night we saw something that we haven't seen for several months on the campaign trail. there were a number of very unrulely anti-trump agitators outside a fundraiser in minneapolis but something to show how dangerous it was for these trump donors many of them looked frightened in the video as law enforcement officers escort them to their vehicles to
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make sure they stay safe on their way home. no problems today so far as trump continues courting hispanic voters so hispanic leaders can hear how trump's policies can help people from the states they were invited from. we were allowed in on that meeting for a few minutes and we heard trump talk about his trip to louisiana for the first time since he toured the flood zone. >> how was your trip to louisiana. >> it was absolutely amazing. they're amazing people with a tremendous spirit. their spirit is unbelievable. >> reporter: last night trump's appeal was to african-american voters in michigan where he made the argument that years of supporting liberal politicians hasn't done much for the inner city. he thinks that with that in mind he deserves a chance to show them how things could be
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different. >> look, why what do you have to lose? you live in poverty, your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: after that there was this, a trump tweet just after 7:00 p.m. eastern last night. it says #where'shillarysleeping. he's trying to make the case he doesn't think hillary has the mental or physical stamina to be president of the united states. we'll see if we hear more of that tonight here in virginia. tim kaine, we may hear about him a time or to as well but it's going to be interesting because this will be his first big teleprompter speech without a theme identified ahead of time
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since conway and ban elm took over his campaign and paul manafort exited the tower. >> mrs. clinton isn't sleeping, she's fundraising. hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail in massachusetts working to add to her cash counts instead and trying to move past another potential blow involving her e-mail scandal. we are live in new york city. >> reporter: late yesterday a federal judge in washington, d.c. ordering that hillary clinton must answer written questions under oath aboutsever. the judge's decision is a win for the watch dog organization which filed the lawsuit. now judicial watch has until october 14th to submit its questions fo clinton and she will have 30 days to respond. the organization tells fox news they will submit their questions
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in the coming days meaning clinton will have to respond before election day on november 8th. >> the important thing is that we will now have her on the record under oath something no one else has ever done and it was ordered by a court, ordered by a judge who was appointed by her husband, why did she do it? how did she set it up? who did she order and how did they go about doing that? it's all the unanswered questions frankly that the american public is really due at this point. >> he >>. >> reporter: he's referencing the private e-mail sever. the clintons accepts the judge's decision. judicial watch is a right wing organization that has been attacking the clintons since the 1990s. this is a lawsuit that is trying to hurt hillary clinton campaign. clinton could request a delay to provide answers until after
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election day. we'll see. notes handed over to congress of mrs. clinton's fbi interview reveals she told investigators secretary of state told her to use a private e-mail while at a dinner party in 2009. a spokesman responding the general has no recollection of the dinner conversation. he did write former secretary clinton a memo describing his aol account for unclassified messages and how it improved communications within the state department. at the time there was no equivalent system at the department. he never had a private e-mail sever and powell used e-mail on a limited basis and worked with the state department to secure the system. clinton did neither. today hillary clinton is fundraising in massachusetts and she'll be in cape cod tomorrow
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fundraising to top the $90 million she raised in july. >> we'll have more about that fundraising later on. thank you. tonight donald trump will be talking with the judge at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. don't miss it. with election day fast approaching there's some growing concerns about the security of online voting. more than two dozen states have some type of online system in place. but experts are warning that online voting can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. voting can be as easy as a click of a mouse but it is secure? 22 states now allow some type of online voting but after high-profile hacks like those at
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the democratic national convention the obama administration is looking at ways to protect online voting. >> there's a vital national interest in our election process so i do think we need to consider whether it should be considered by my department and others critical infrastructure. >> once you have something on the internet you're telling the world hack me. >> an internet voting expert says despite the promise online voting is not fool proof. >> there's lots of ways that the internet can contribute to elections but putting online voting is a step too far. you're inviting trouble. every country overseas that has an ax to grind with the u.s. can try to get in and manipulate the election. >> washington, d.c. allows others who live overseas to e-mail in votes and they've had no problems. >> we've had this program for a few years now and the only downside that i can see to it is that the voter is required to
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wave the sectirecy of their ballot. >> the federal election agency is cautious. >> we're not at the point now where we can use the internet to cast ballots, but at some point we should be able to do that. i hope we can do in my lifetime. >> as it turns out just last month illinois shut down its voter registration base after it may have been hacked. highly sophisticated attack most likely from a foreign entity. all this has been a problem for homeland security this week announced it will provide federal help to state and local boards of elections across the country to prevent them from being hacked possibly in november. china's military making a major advancement, building its first ever overseas outpost in
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the east african company. let's talk about it with senior fellow with the heritage foundation and a security and foreign policy analyst. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> the u.s. has 42 bases in foreign countries, that's the most of any nation. britain, france and russia each have about a dozen and now china building its first on the east coast of africa. what's the significance? >> it's political and also operational. political is the chinese have interests in africa and increasingly in the middle east and having a facility there allows them to have a naval presence. when the navy gets there it needs gas and food and fix stuff and so having a permanent base allows you to keep a sustained presence there and it can be for all kind of things.
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you might have to do an evacuation of employees if something happens or somebody that gets sick or other reasons. there's lots of reasons why you would want to do things in a region and if you have a navy there to do that and this allows you to do that. the other thing that's big for the chinese is they're gaining operational experience at how to operate navys at long distances. this started with the anti- anti-piracy. that's valuable experience for them. >> they're not calling it a base. they're calling it a support facility on the order which you just zrudescribed, but the depu chief said that one of china's top priorities is steadily advancing overseas base construction. is this a base and are more coming? >> yeah, i think so. it's part of china's ability to
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demonstrate political power and if you want do with that naval forces you have to have bases around the world but that's not from a military perspective and the thing the next president has to worry about it's not this base in the middle east. what you have to worry about is what china is doing in the south china sea. if china owns the south china sea, it's not about owning water, it becomes a protected space for them so it makes their missile force almost invulnerable. it pushes back the distance where the u.s. navy can operate. that military competition is huge because if the chinese win that, they could push us out of asia. the stuff in the middle east is interesting, but it's not the big fight. >> all right. meanwhile china is also reorganizing its military command structure. they're trying to rebalance their armed forces.
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how would this change the people's liberation army as we know it. >> china has two concerns with their military. one is essentially china has a alo long term strategy of a navy without america in it where the united states doesn't have the ability to operate in asia but they have internal issues. they use the military as the foundation of domestic security and they want to make sure it's appropriately structured and organized to do that. >> so the outpost is just eight miles from our u.s. base there. what does this mean that proximity for the u.s. if anything? >> not much. i imagine the chinese can do more spying on you because if you have a base there they can keep their ships there and keep an eye on the u.s. navy. maybe you don't care about what the united states states navy is
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doing in the middle east but you like to watch u.s. naval operations, how the ship operates and what kind of tac c tactics they use. this is information they compile if you're goal is to push the united states navy out of the pacific. >> china has been pin the unite anti-piracy operations and china says this is one of the main reasons for this outpost to repair and resupply the ships involved in that effort. how important is china's participation this this anti-piracy mission. >> i don't think it's hugely important. these kinds of things wouldn't happen without the backbone of the u.s. navy. this is the only naval force that can operate in a sustained manner around the world. if anybody else does that you have to have the u.s. navy to operate with. the chinese are there but it gives them a lot of operational experience on how to operate a navy and that's very important
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for them. >> all right. it's interesting. thank you as always. >> thank you for having me. there are new fears about the zika virus here at home. more cases popping up in miami and the trendy strip on miami beach what florida and the feds are trying to do to stop the virus from spreading further. they fessed up in a way. the state department admitting the $400 million they shelled out to iran was related to the release of these four americans but they still will not call it a ransom payment. new numbers out from the republican national convention as donald trump and hillary clinton rack up campaign funds in july. what it means for the race for the white house.
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florida officials have announced there are five more confirmed cases of zika in the area of miami beach. the governor saying that authorities have pinpointed a secondary of transmission extending about a mile and a half in that trendy popular place. the governor asking the centers for disease control for additional test kits and more lab support and prevention kits for pregnant women. the mayor says the city workers are trying to get rid of the standing water and plants that could attract mosquitos. the county is the. the rnc releasing new numbers after raking in
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$27.2 million. that puts the party at almost 200 million in this fundraising cycle. let's talk about it with tammy bruce and jessica erlich. welcome to both of you. in july trump raised more than $80 million for his campaign and for gop groups and that is just shy of the $90 million that clinton aids say they collected in july. clinton running some scathing ads against trump. are you concerned that trump's funds are going to be used for negative ads putting the spotlight back on clinton's failings. >> no i think those are the kind of ads we're going to see from trump but there is only a short window left. i think those are the types of ads we'll see but more than just advertising, there's a big dirth on the trump side in terms of
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infrastructure on the ground where a lot of money and resources that hillary's been raising have been spent on a get out and vote effort and that's the concern that trump has, he's been relying on free media and he's gotten plenty of it but he's got to have the boots on the ground and that takes a lot of effort, resources and money, plus there are so many ballot races that are really in jeopardy where the rnc really needs to concentrate as they go into this election. >> how important is money? >> well, i find it very important myself but in the case of the republican national committee, it's not thement a of money you have but how you use it. jeb bush spent $150 million in the primaries and it got him three delegates. hillary has already spent in over $100 million in ads and
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they are effective tied. carl rove spent money and most of them lost. in typical government fashion the idea is that you throw money at it and it will work. what we're finding is with mr. trump that you can spend perhaps not a lot of money and if you have the right message and can get it out it does work. money at the end when it comes to getting out the votes especially for hillary since the enthusiasm gap so benefits the republicans at this point and i think that's what's going to be unusual about this race is the personal desire to get out there and vote and that will benefit i think mr. trump more than mrs. clinton. >> it's obviously not just the presidency at stake. both parties battling for control of the senate. let's look at some of the senate races right now considered tossups. arizona, florida, north
1:24 pm
carolina, ohio and as you can see seven of those eight seats are currently held by republicans. do you see some of these states flipping? >> absolutely. i think that's really the big fear that we've seen in terms of what the republicans in washington have been telling the trump people is we need help, there's a lot of concern that there won't be any down ballot sort of positive bump for those candidates from mr. trump because he's an unknown quantity. so it will be very interesting. i'm in florida. that's my home state and we have marco rubio now running who has a ton of support. they're looking at spending tens of millions of dollars to support him for this race. that means with the spending that's going to be on both sides we could see spending for a senate race of anywhere from 30 to $60 million. that's like a presidential race. it's just unbelievable how much money is going to be spent on these senate races because who controls the not just the white
1:25 pm
house but the senate is going to be crucial as we move forward in the next cycle. >> absolutely. jessica mentioned candidates wanting help from trump but you see some of them distancing themselves from trump. why is the right strategy? >> i think as you saw with the paul ryan race, the system and mr. ryan and others got upset when mr. trump said he wasn't necessarily going to endorse or wasn't ready to and there was this outrage and then finally he did. obviously mr. ryan won his race. on one hand they say there's going to be a drag on the down ballot races but they seem very very interested in having mr. trump support and having his presence. i think that what they have to realize is that the millions of individuals who came out in the primary season, the people who normally weren't voting democrats switching to republican to vote for trump, that was not just a republican dynamic. it was independents, democrats and republicans. you're going to see that still expand out through the rest of
1:26 pm
the country in the national election and what americans are voting for is change from the establishment. if you're an establishment person you want to convey you're not for the status quo and that will help you and i think mr. trump will help when it comes to what the nation is facing. >> we shall see. it's an interesting one all the way around. thank you for joining us. there's now fallout from the iranian nuclear deal that has the state department they fessed up, they admitted it, they said that $400 million cash payment while they called it leverage for the american hostages basically they had denied there was any quid pro quo that was connected and then they back tracked over that but they're not calling it a ransom. donald trump holding a rally in the key battle ground state today where a new poll shows
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talk to an allstate agent about all the things they do to keep riders riding. if you run for president or vice president you're looking at a must stop. the wonderful american iowa state fair. mike pence is mingling with the crowds. he has to try some fried twingies. this year what's new is apple pie on the stick. the famous butter cow. the corn contest, 21 feet. the governor spent all day the the fair because the race is so close 41.8% for mrs. clinton, 41% for mr. trump, less than 1%
1:32 pm
separating mrs. clinton from the trump/pence ticket so it's close in iowa. they're enjoying the nice weather and all the folks out there. >> and the food. the vice presidential candidate is chomping down on that food and donald trump is campaigning in virginia where he's wrapped up a meeting with law enforcement officials but this move comes as the latest polls across the country show mrs. clintonead especially in what's considered that battleground state. according to the latest university poll mr. trump trails mrs. clinton by 12 points in washington, 38 to 50%. last night we got a preview of what he might say today. >> law and ordinarier will be restored and the poorest places in our country will know safety and peace again.
1:33 pm
>> you can see more of this story on, law and order. john, it's great to see you. he's apeelipealing directly to african-american community. will they listen. >> he did this also in wisconsin just a couple of nights ago. he has very poor polling among african-americans in the united states. he's going to have to do something about that to improve his overall prospects in november. there's some polls that show him 1%, 2% of the african-american vote. the law and order message is effective pretty much for every citizen of the united states. who doesn't want the streets to be safer, but i'm not sure donald trump's message to african-americans that we're going to put more police on the streets is going to suffice. i think the issue is careful policing, policing that's in concert with the community. it's a much more complicated topic than i think donald trump
1:34 pm
is projecting. >> some when they hear the words law and order, you remember president nixon won in '68 on that and the black lives matter, we could hear that in a negative connotati connotation, in minority neighborhoods they're the victims of crime. you have black on black crime and horrible issues that they will argue that liberal democratic policies have failed to advance through all these many years. >> so that is exactly donald trump's argument. he also fudges the numbers when he says that violent crime is up. it has picked up somewhat in the last year, 18 months, but overall during the obama administration crime is down. >> that's important to point out in the broad sense but in major cities it's gone way up, in dallas, 45 murder last year --
1:35 pm
this year, 26, almost double the number of murders in dallas from last year to this year. las vegas 31 to 40. you're seeing a rise in crime in the major cities in this country. >> that will be donald trump's argument and the statisticians will have a field day with this. at what point do you have your base line number. if you go back eight years the numbers are down. if you go back 18 months some of the numbers are up. they were higher during the last republican administration. there will be a lot of different arguments to make. the question is whether or not that is the germane topic for the american voter right now. the trump camp is rolling the dice believing that it is. it may not be. it may be more core issues like the or other core issues like economics, job prospects, job prospects for my kids, those i
1:36 pm
think weigh higher in the minds of the public. >> at the same time after the unrest that we've seen and the isis attacks and all this, doesn't it resonate with some people who are really worried about the direction of our nation? >> i think that episodic attacks, terror attacks are terrible and they certainly resonate with the public. the question for donald trump will be whether or not it is the dominant resonance for the public. he's gonna have a long slog in virginia. the clinton campaign is so confident of their prospects in virginia that they pulled their advertising and they're spending their money in other battleground states where they're also doing well. that's what trump hopes do in virginia whether this message resonates with virginians the way he hopes it does, that's a lot of percentage points he has to regain to be equal with clinton going into the election. >> it will be a showing of some of hi remarks and carrying them
1:37 pm
live when they get them. john, always good to see you. thank you for your insight this afternoon. republicans are demanding answers from the obama administration after it admitted that a $400 million payment to iran was contingent on the release of four american prisoners. we have more now from washington. >> reporter: the obama administration is not backing down. they are refusing to call it ransom and the argument they use was this was money owed to the iranians no matter what so why not use it as leverage to make sure those four americans got home. >> we took advantage of the timing to converge within a 24-hour period and i make no apologi apologies for the fact that we used the leverage of having that money. >> reporter: that argument does not sit well with republicans on capitol hill. they argue you can call it leverage but ransom is ransom.
1:38 pm
>> it was ransom. we now know it was ransom. it put more american lives at risk and we know now that they transferred that 400 million into the hands of the iranian revolutionary guard core which is a terrorist organization. >> reporter: president obama denied any connection between the payment and the prisoners. >> this wasn't some deal. we do not pay ransom. we didn't here and we won't in the future. >> reporter: paul ryan says the president owes the american people a full accounting of his actions and the dangerous precedent he has set. republicans lawmakers are planning to hold hearings about this after their summer recess. >> thank you. it's been a devastating and destructive massive wildfire in southern california. coming up, the latest on the containment numbers. look at that as the scope of the damage from these fires are only
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crews are reporting progress against a wildfire in southern california saying the flames are 68% contained. officials lifting some evacuation orders allowing residents to comb through the wrecka wreckage. will carr is reporting live from los angeles. >> these casdays on the west co the fire season has become a year round challenge and we're seeing that with the blue cut fire which is continuing to burn. the good news is firefighters on the ground are making good
1:44 pm
progress. they should have it more than 70% contained by the end of the day about the at its worst 80,000 residents had to pick up and leave, evacuating the area. now that they're going back to see what's left they're gonna find a number of homes that have burned to the ground and they're having to deal with loiteoters. at least three people have been arrested after trying to steal a truck from a driveway. >> they're evil. they take a tragedy and turn it into a benefit for them. when i left the house i don't remember if i left the door unlocked. you're not thinking about is somebody going to break in until after. >> north of san francisco the clayton fire has destroyed nearly 300 straukt yurz. authorities have arrested a man for arson and believe he may have started five other fires. it's one of the big fires we've seen in 2016. you may remember the lake isa
1:45 pm
bella fire when we had other homes destroyed. so far in 2016 we've seen more fires at this point in the year than we saw last year which is not a good sign because last year was the most expensive fire season on record. >> thank you. search crews are going door to door looking for any survivors after the devastating and heart breaking flooding that slammed louisiana. so far at least 13 people have died in the wake of those powerful storms that swept through parts of that state over the past week. in many areas the waters are receding but they're leaving behind a mess of debris and devastation. an estimated 40,000 homes have been damaged forcing families to find other places to live while this tremendous cleanup begins. >> for more now on the weather this weekend, we have the forecast from the fox extreme weather center. >> not good news across the west
1:46 pm
where we have 37 large wildfires burning right now 100 acres or more. the west is literally on fire and not much relief from mother nature. we'll get a little bit of rain into the southwest, but really california and the north west just not getting that moisture that they really need to see. we're into a situation of drought conditions, heat advisories remain posted for the northwest with temperatures well over 100 degrees. portland 100 degrees. there is a little bit of relief on the way as a cold front moves in later this weekend and into early next week. the other big story is the flooding. record setting flooding across louisiana last week. any more rain is not a good situation so watching the potential here into tuesday for more rain as well as central texas where you could see four to six inches of heavy rain. they don't need to see any more rain in this saturated region. the rivers are running high and
1:47 pm
we have major flooding in all the areas you see shaded in purple with moderate flooding in the red shaded areas. the rivers are starting to come down and flooding is still an issue here. flood warnings remain in place and it looks like we could have the potential for more rainfall in the near future. quick look at your highs today. we have a cooler air mass behind this next system that's going to bring refreshing temperatures more much of the east coast and mid atlantic into the new work week. >> thanks. there's another incentive, airfare from u.s. to mexico is expected to tumble p. there's some new fallout from ryan lochte's an ticks in rio, why some people say his apology was a little too late. our legal people on whether or not he's going to be sanctioned or forgiven. you can run an errand.
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the united states swimming olympian ryan lochte apologizing for that behavior at that gas station during the rio olympics but is getting backlash for his words. authorities say he lied about an incident where he and teammates apparently trashd a gas station and got into an altercation with one of the gas station workers and a security guard there. lochte originally reported that he was robbed at gunpoint but in his apology he still claims he is the victim saying, quote, it's traumatic to be out late in a foreign country with the language barrier and have a stranger point money at you and demand money to let you leave. regardless of my behavior i should have been more responsible for how i handled myself and for that i am sorry to my fans and fellow athletes. will he be in the clear or not. let's talk about this with the legal panel.
1:53 pm
doug and m doug, is an apology enough. >> it's a half baked polling. the reason it's a fred astair tap dance is because he has to make sure he doesn't admit to criminal conduct or admit to conduct which is going to disqualify him under his endorsement contracts. he could have still said look, i wasn't truthful about what happened, i apologize, we engaged in some embarrassing conduct, we panicked to cover it up and we should never have done that. >> you can understand you have a gun at your head whether it's a security guard or not you could freak out. >> there's a moving target here because first he said i had the gun to my head. not so. then he said the gun was being pointed at me. not so. >> then he said i was forced to
1:54 pm
give my wallet, not so. i'm going to borrow a quote, olympic liar and that's the truth. >> what does it mean going forward. he wants to compete in the 2020 olympics. >> they could sanction him. >> they said there are no sanctions yet. >> the various committees could definitely potentially sanction him. >> what if he endorses. this is going to cost millions and millions of dollars. this is really a bad move on his part. he's 32 years old. he should have been much more mature. >> he's 32. the others are in their early 20s. these guys in the their early 20s, i have two sons, 22 is different from 32. i don't think it's a criminal
1:55 pm
situation. >> we're going to talk about the sponsorship in about two hours here on the fox news channel. one of the companies is sticking with him. we'll see if everyone else does. that does it for us but i will here for another two hours during the fox news hour. >> i will be back also for the fox report tonight 7:00 p.m. eastern. stay tuned for that. have a great night folks.
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choose to smooth. venus swirl. welcome to a brand new hour of america's election headquarters. >> topping the news this hour donald trump hitting the campaign trails in virginia at this hour. it comes following his meeting with hispanic members at his headquarters in new york city. we've got the latest on what took place during that sit down. hillary clinton has been ordered to provide written testimony under oath about her use of that private e-mail sever. what her campaign is saying about it and how it could impact her race for the white house. a major development in the war in syria as we learn government jets have bombed kurdish fighters for the first time. how should the u.s. respond. donald trump has been
2:00 pm
pitching his candidacy to minority voters and right now we're waiting for him at a rally in virginia scheduled for about an hour from now. earlier today in virginia he sat down with law enforcement officials in stafford county in advance of a speech later tonight to talk about law and order. that will be the theme. before he went to virginia earlier this morning he met with hispanic leaders at his trump tower. it was a strategy session to appeal to latino and on the minority voters. yesterday trump stopped in louisiana where he and mike pence toured the neighborhoods that were devastated by that massive flooding and he met with homeowners who were deeply effected. from there he flew to another rally where he had a message for african-american voters of our


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