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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> let's start with baseball why not? >> teenagers. martha: i knew it was going to be football. bill: the next goal is to convince his mom to get him to play. martha: moms always say that, i know but he's so adorable, i love that little boy and we wish him well. what a great mom. "happening now" starts right now, we will see you tomorrow. jenna: and alert on the race against time to find survivors trapped in rubble after that powerful earthquake hits central italy. hello everybody, i'm jenna lee. greg: i'm greg jarrett in fortran one. hundreds injured, the 6.2 earthquake struck near the town of amatrice. it happened in the dead of night, collapsing homes as people were sleeping in their beds. there was no warning at all and hundreds of crews from across italy and the vatican have now joined in the search for the missing. the mayor saying his town
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doesn't exist anymore. jenna: amy kellogg is there and joins us live by phone. can you describe a little bit about where you are in the town is what you are seeing? reporter: i'm standing outside a completely collapsed home. one of the three was out here with his bare hands pulling bodies from the rubble and said there was 40 in the house last night. it belongs to an older woman, there were several generations of family in their, they were having a wonderful time and now there's nothing and everyone's dead and i think that really does summit up to a large extent. this city is gone. it is a scene of total apocalypse, really. it has a rich history. it's not a city that's particularly high up there on the tourist scale but it is in a part of italy that is incredibly beautiful and has buildings and monuments dating back to the 12th century. the mayor of amatrice where i am said that he would be
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mourning the loss first and foremost of the people of the city. he thinks over a couple of dozen from this town alone has died but also the st. francis church from the 14th century which is no more. i also asked him to sift through the profiles and personalities, the characters of the people that were killed in this tragedy last night. he said i will sum it up for you as he burst into tears. one of my sons passed away. it's children, it's the elderly, it's obviously a cross-section of people. the mayor says he feels there was a very quick and efficient response to the catastrophe with crews from different parts of italy coming here in the middle of the night during a time of the summer when italians are traditionally on the beach. it is hard to reach people in
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august in italy so he was pleased with the response but he said what he hopes from the international community is when it comes time to rebuild this town there will be some wide planning because this is right in the middle of a convergence of fault lines and we have had three fatal earthquakes in the last decade and through experience and loss they've rebuilt things and made them more earthquake proof but certain areas like this have simply not been dealt with and now obviously for amatrice, this is something he of the other hamlets around here it's too late. we are 14 hours into this catastrophe. there is hope for survivors but what i'm noticing with my own eyes walking around is completely collapsed down is that the rubble is so fine that it's hard to imagine that there are many of those air pockets that allow people to survive against the odds in earthquake situations. it's a really small stone and small, very fine rubble. there may be tables and furniture in some of these piles that have been helpful
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in sheltering people. again, race against time. the town is buzzing with emergency response teams but there is an awful lot of work that remains to be done. jenna: we will keep our hopes and prayers for the survivors out of the rubble. have you felt any of the aftershocks that we heard about over the past several hours, this is such a big earthquake and even the aftershocks werealso rather large . jenna: >> some of them were as high as five on the richter scale. i haven't felt them both some of my colleagues felt them. there is belief here that there will be further aftershocks and continuing aftershocks which is not unusual so there'salso the safety issue . the street here for the rescuers particularly here are full of rubble so you've got really precarious rubble to get down the street and that obviously creates a series of challenges. people are working as hard and fast as they can but they
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also need to be careful. they know what they are doing but there's so many risks of things shifting and aftershocks which set things back. lots of tears, you see grown men walking around the town weaving. it is like nothing i've never seen before. it is really just thick, jenna. jenna: you reported from all corners of the earth and having you there to describe what your scene is so important as we continue to watch what's happening in this area of italy where a lot of lines come through so we will talk more about this and we will check back into amy, thank you very much. amy kellogg live in amy, we continue to watch this story about this earthquake, not even 24 hours have passed. a lot to watch for. coming up later in the program were going to talk to a seismologist about this earthquake, whether there's any way to predict when the earthquakes are coming and also what we can expect , why it happened in this part of italy, we will have all those questions coming up and
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happening now. greg: donald trump holding rallies today into the southern states, the first just a couple of hours away from now in a key battleground state of florida. where trump is expected to address is evolving stand on immigration. and keep up his attacks on hillary clinton. senior national correspondent john roberts live in tampa florida with more on that. >> good morning and donald trump will be here in a couple of hours, jackson mississippi later tonight. mississippi is not a state in play but donald trump would take the opportunity to address a national audience because now that he's been going with these prepared remarks, there are a lot of networks taking him alive and a lot of the american people to see the message he has. last night giving his hand little bit in a town hall with sean hannity in austin texas on where you may go with this idea of deporting millions of people who are in this country illegally. he has adopted a hard-line stance up till now saying all of them have to go without
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massaging that a little bit to say there are a lot of bad ones in this country who need to be kicked out with some of the others if not many of the others may have an opportunity to stay. here's what he said on hannity last night. >> there certainly can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. we want people, we have great people in this country. we have great people in this country. but we're going to follow the laws of this country. people don't realize, what people don't realize, we have very wrong laws. >> donald trump may be softening his position when it comes to people who are already in the country but maintain a hard-line against illegal immigration last night at a rally in austin, tremendous proud there, bringing up on stage the mothers who have lost children killed by illegal immigrants so still making that point that he's going to do everything he can to keep illegal immigrants out of the
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country and last night expected to today at both of these rallies go hard against hillary clinton on ties between the clinton foundation and the state department . donald trump pointing to that ap investigation that founded 50 percent of the people outside government hillary clinton met had donated to the clinton foundation. here he is in austin last night. >> it is impossible to figure out where the clinton foundation ends and the state department begins. it is now abundantly clear that the clintons set up a business to profit from public office. >> here in florida, donald trump leads, at least he is losing to hillary clinton in the real clear politics average by 4 and a half points but those last pools were taken before you make this rather dramatic pivot that he has so his campaign
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is confident that those polls will begin to tighten. we should get new ones soon so we will see if their prognostication turned out to be correct. >> it was like. although somewhat vague and ambiguous, we will have to wait and see.john roberts and have. >> the clinton campaign as well responding to that associated press report about the foundation. it says the associated press reporting that more than half the people outside the government who met with hillary clinton during a period while she was secretary of state weredonors to the clinton foundation. here's the clinton campaign response . >> by our count there were over 1700 other meetings that she had. she was secretary ofstate. she was meeting with foreign officials and government officials constantly so to pull all of them out of the equation , cherry pick a small number of meetings is pretty outrageous. jenna: senior editor at national review and i can trigger and david drucker, senior contributor to the washington examiner. the associated press has quite a report out. he sued the government to get this information, in the calendar for hillary clinton many years in the making. jonah, one paragraph that
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stands out to me from the associated press says this. it doesn't appear that clinton violated any legal agreements but it also, and this is their sentence, the frequency of the overlaps shows the intermingling of assets and donations so it raises questions. not criminal, but it raises questions. what's your take?>> this is the classic clinton mo. it wasn't technically illegal to sell or rent out the white house lincoln bedroom either. one of the things you get if you donate to the clinton foundation is you get the opportunity maybe to have a meeting with the secretary of state which is valuable in and of can then go tell people well, i was talking to the secretary of state the other night and that is of intrinsic value just then and there. the other thing i would point out, the thing about robbie moves objection to the ap story is he says he wants all of the meetings that hillary clinton tried to have with foreign dignitaries and
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foreign diplomats and foreign leaders included in the pool. that was her job. it doesn't mean she had to have the meetings the clinton foundation data suggests, those are the ones where she had discretion not to have a meeting and it turned out the best way to get a meeting with hillary clinton for one of those optional meetings was to give money to the foundation . jenna: the associated press points out that those foreign leaders that were able to access hillary clinton, they found some of those leaders gave a combined total of $170 million to the foundation. so there pointing out yes, we can include those but if we wanted to we could also show the donations to these foreign leaders, how does that obligate things? >> i think this is something the clinton campaign would rather not deal with an obviously this kind of news is problematic, it distracts from your message, distract from the tax on trump and whatever and it distracts from trump and whatever champion thing he might be up to on a particular day but i think when we look at this
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long term and how it will impact the election, the question i want to ask is will impact her support among democrats? that's looking at how democrats feel about the two different candidates and how they feel about the clintons. i don't think this person so you want to look at independents and republicans. republicans, the significant number have had enough trouble with trump that they consider not voting for him or crossing the aisle. this sort of thing could help trump bring those republicans home and could also help with independence but then we have to get back to the issue of turnout and we have to remember that in 2012 mitt romney on independence, not got 91 percent who lost to obama so i think with two candidates that are so well-defined and are both so long, i'm not sure at the end of the date this changes the game. could it? yes. do the clintons want to deal with this? obviously not. does it have long-term impact that changes the waste with
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mark hard to say. >> if clinton is elected, what access to the white house looks like? does it? this is what we're seeing as a precedent that she said as secretary of state so even if david is correct it maybe moving the election at some rate. it's some question what president clinton would look like and who would have access to the highest office in the land. >> that's right and also this is the kind of story that the mainstream media actually feels as a matter of due diligence it has to cover. people forget it was the new york times in a lot of ways that led the whitewater coverage in the early days of the clinton administration. so hillary clinton, if she's elected, her mandate is to be not donald trump. she's going to fulfill that on day one and then will have a real problem with the press were, going to have a problem with congress which is going to have investigations on this and going to have very little mandate or goodwill with the american public the cause she is the second worst honest and trustworthy numbers in american political
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history after donald trump i want to raise just this point, we reached out to the associated press because essentially the clinton campaign is king the reporting is bad and their investigation is flawed though we ask the associated press what your response to that and finally get a statement and i want to read this you, it's three paragraphs long. the associated press's review was the first systematic effort to delete the scope of the intersection interest of clinton foundation donors and people who met personally with her or spoke to her by phone and their needs. 80,154 people with private interests met with clinton and 85 days money while she was secretary of state. these 154 did not include us federal employees or foreign governor and representatives. the supporting was done by the same investigative team that discovered clintons private email server and trace it to her basement in
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chappaqua new york and he is reporting last week result on the resignation of donald trump top campaign strategists so that the associated press statement, i only have 32nd here. what your reaction to that? >> the associated press is pretty unimpeachable i think in the clinton campaign nevertheless would be negligent and if they didn't push back on this and muddy the water. i think with hillary clinton, nobody actually thinks she's the most ethical political candidate to runfor president so this doesn't destroy some image people have of her as being aboveboard, beyond that this is something they like to go away clearly . >> we will see again, not criminal but we will see if anything illegal comes out of this in different watchdog groups like judicial watch get a different look at her emails.great animal, back with more "happening now". >> thanks
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new information on the clinton email controversy and brand-new questions about wanting nearly 15,000 emails recently uncovered by the fbi. the agency turned those emails over to the state department and now watchdog groups like judicial watch are asking for access. so far we don't know what portion of those emails are work-related and which are personal in nature. the state department made public the more than 30,000 work-related emails that clinton herself provided after she was secretary of state. she said her team edited out the personal emails from the professional one. the sheer volume of emails is making this story dense so we'd like to take a moment to review it all, katherine harris has been covering from day one. if our viewers have questions, to us at "happening now" there are many questions and there's so many emails, right? when were talking about the associated press reports, that's regarding something different . they got access to the schedule and calendar of hillary clinton . where does this 15,000 new emails come from? >> so after the fbi investigation concluded, they gave us state department eight disks and among those discs is one that has 14,000 900 emails that were recovered in the course of the fbi investigation so
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these are mobile work-related emails that were deleted by clinton's team. there are also emails they found in other people's email accounts and there are also records they found in what they described as a flat space of the servers that she use, but this goes back to july and that statement from fbi director comey. >> we found those emails in a variety of ways. some had been deleted over the years and we found traces of them on servers or devices that had been connected to the private email domain. others we found i reviewing the archived government accounts of people who'd been government employees at the same time as secretary clinton including high-ranking officials at other agencies. folks with whom the secretary of state might normally correspond. >>. jenna: at 14,900 is really just a segment if you will of the records that remain from the clinton email server and
8:21 am
these were recovered i would advise forensic specialists so this is just not any old joe being able to get these rec specialists who found them and that's what seems to lend credibility to the republican charge that she perjured herself when she said that she had provided all her records to the state department. >> to go back to that review, the third thousand emails that wereturned over to the state department it was clinton herself that turned over those emails. that goes through anybody else. >> she actually had a team of people going through those emails , someone called heather samuelson and also cheryl mills and what they did , they looked at terms on emails, also did key search terms, words and that's important because that's what they told the fbi in their interviews and if they lied to the fbi, that is a criminal offense.
8:22 am
>> for one second. mrs. clinton says something different to congress. she said her team read every single email and now we know that was not the case. >> we have to go to a commercial, getting cut off but that's the key question about what is being looked at for criminality versus business as usual? will be right back with catherine after the break. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents? of course, they say... as long as you pay extra for it. with a liberty mutual base policy, new car replacement™ comes standard. and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. learn more by calling at liberty mutual, every policy is personal, with coverage and deductibles customized just for you, which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. greg: fox news alert,
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breaking news out of kabul afghanistan. we are getting reports principally from reuters and cbs that an attack has paid taken place on american university of kabul or afghanistan in kabul afghanistan, multiple reports now of several gunmen who entered the campus and launched an attack. cbs is reporting that professors as well as students are holed up inside one or more buildings there
8:26 am
in as the explosions and gunfire is being heard on the campusagain. this is american university of afghanistan in kabul. we have not independently confirmed these reports. as soon as we get more details, we will bring them to you . jenna: katherine harris has been covering all the email issues that hillary clinton has been confronting, there's a few different storylines well watching catherine and we wanted to provide your expertise to our viewers. >> even my kids are asking about emails, let me tell you . jenna: let me go to one from a viewer that gets to the criminality question. nate was wondering can hillary clinton see charged by congress or perjury from lying under oath from what we've seen so far? >> what congress can do is they can send a referral to the us attorney in washington dc which the house government oversight and judiciary committee have done.
8:27 am
that would prompt, get the necessary okay from the justice department and fbi to investigate which will be a comparison of what hillary clinton told congress in 2016 and also what she told the fbi during her july 4 weekend interview and where whether there are conflicts and intent to deliberately mislead congress so there's several steps but the first step down that road has been taken. jenna: what's the timeline on something like that? >> another great question. i spoke with a former assistant director of the fbi who said in a case like this which should be relatively quick, maybe a matter of weeks because that investigation, the classified information investigation by the fbi is closed but you have to have for lack of a better term the political will to move this thing forward quickly so it might technically be a matter of weeks to get something like this but you could see how it could be for lack of a better term a lot past november.
8:28 am
jenna: that would be interesting because depending on who's elected president it could actually be going further if clinton was able to take office, right? >> you have to be able to show that someone intentionally misled congress and what i would say is that in classified email investigations the fbi never found what they found with strong evidence of intent to take this information out of secure government networks while some people argue the server itself should have been sufficient evidence that that was not the finding of the fbi director. to show intent, obviously congress i would argue even higher threshold. >> even though the fbi closed its investigation on hillary clinton, can it be reopened in another way? can it open another investigation other than the one it closed? >> you can other open other branches of investigation but the classified information case, that's dead as a doornail, that's done.
8:29 am
jenna: that gives us at least some clarity. we will invite your children on the show next so they can ask their questions because we all have them. thank you for the great reporting as always and we appreciate it . greg: now, a news alert. the attack on the american university of afghanistan in kabul. latest information we have is that explosions and gunfire have been heard. presidents professors and students have been holed up, multiple attackers on the campus and that is file footage , this is not exactly what is happening today relevant to this particular alleged attack. fox news has not been able to confirm it but gunfire heard at the american university of afghanistan in kabul. we will be back in a moment and try to get the latest details. >> in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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greg: fox news alert, the death toll from the powerful 6.2 earthquake in italy is rising. at least 73 people have been killed. authorities warned that number could go much higher as powerful aftershocks like the region. joining me now is john edwards, western observatory senior research scientist and seismologist. dennis clancy joins us well as well, deputy director of response 14 rubicon usa. john, it's always a challenge
8:34 am
to forecast earthquakes but sometimes there are warning signs like radio waves and changes in groundwater, radon gas and for shocks. any of that here? >> we had no reports of any precursor reactivity. either the kinds of things you talked about were just small earthquake activity which did precede the earthquake in lock wheeler italy just a few miles from thisarea in 2009 . greg: does it appear john that it was the older structures that fell? parenthetically our reporter on the scene said it's such a fine dust amid those fallen structures , it's hard to believe anybody would survive. >> when structures fall you have a lot of spaces in between that people can get caught in. and death tolls at night, when people are in bed are actually lower than during the day when people are in the street because many times the buildings fall out toward
8:35 am
the people in the streets and away from the people inside the buildings. greg: dennis, what do you think given the circumstances are the needs and challenges right now in italy? >> we've been observing it overnight grade so it doesn't seem like there's going to be an international request for assistance. there are obviously a lot of agencies that are regional that are responding to it . but yet it's going to take days for us to go through all the structures and identify all those people that are still alive and track. greg: as john was pointing out there can be air pockets, especially people as night in bed and so forth that might have a higher survival rate . is the first day or two, dennis, critical? >> yes, your first responders are really going to be a good samaritans were picking up the people maybe on top of the rubble were easily accessible but within the first day or two, that's where gets the most amount of success typically in response like this but it will take
8:36 am
days area. greg: dennis, our dogs vital to the search and rescue? >> yes, there are specialized dogs that are identifying where we have people, they can identify who is alive in those pockets that we have to get to. greg: john, it is still august and for many americans they love to travel to europe, italy is very popular now. this earthquake happenedabout 80 miles north of way further north, no long, venice, florence and so forth . did they, are they exposed to the same fault line that may have corrupted here north of rome? >> there are different. in different parts of italy. this is a central part of the country where the apennines run and expense isaac seismically active over the past several decades. we know in the past it's been seismically active. when you get further north
8:37 am
you have fewer earthquakes, the zones are more diffuse and really you have to get up into the alpine area before you get into places where there's probably a higher potential for earthquakes once again. greg: bottom line real quick john, if you're going to florence, or if you're going to milan or venice, what do you think of that? >> the odds are you're going to be safe from earthquakes. greg: all right, terrific. john and dennis clancy, thank you both for being with us. jenna: now to another big story. we know about the $400 million the obama administration moved and what the state department referred to as leverage to free for american hostages from iran. reports say they're mystery surrounding that additional $1.3 billion in taxpayer funds used as a payment to iran for a settlement that the administration had been talking about and apparently the administration is not answering any questions about
8:38 am
how we paid the rest of the money. k solomon is the author of the new book the ran wars: the secret deals that reshaped the middle east area is now the chief corporation a spare score upon it the wall street journal broke the story about $400 million payment. the administration calls it a settlement so we want to make sure that clear as well. jay, this is a big blockbuster story that you broke and it's developed over the last several weeks. anything you knew you want to tell our viewers about what you knew about this cash payment? >> i think we basically know that the 400 million was part of this $1.7 billion settlement area what become clear in the last couple of weeks is that there was a secret thing basically, that the americans in tehran had to be released before the us would give this $400 million to an iranian cargo plane that was sitting in geneva but what still remains a mystery as you mentioned was
8:39 am
a, who took about this money in geneva? was it central bank officials from iran? the fear is it could be a military unit, possibly the revolutionary garden got this money and there are many members ofthat group were basically designated as terrorists . the other remaining question is this 1.3 billion, this wider settlement. ? president obama said this initial 400 million was, had to be paid in cash so the question was all of this money paid in cash? was some of it paid in cash? the administration does not want to answer thesequestions . jenna: do they have to tell the american people how they paid? >> that was unclear. this initial 400 million came out of the pentagon trust fund and the administration basically said this was around money from 1979 and it was being returned as part of
8:40 am
the bigger settlement but this other 1.3 billion, that was taxpayer money congress is saying okay, you need to tell us how this was paid , who got this money, how was it transmitted, how was it given to the americans and the administration is not answering and it is going to come up in hearings. jenna: one of the reasons why that matters as we have sanctions on iran so it's one of their explanations for getting this money in cash was that it was the only way that they could get the money to the arabians, especially with the sanctions, is that right? >> that's correct. if some of this other money wasn't sent in cash, this whole narrative doesn't really hold. did the arabians bit basically the man that initial 400 million in cash and it was siphoned off to the military and the remaining money did go into the central bank or government itself? that is probably the biggest concern is the money just kind of went to iran and they don't know where it went, didn't go to the syrian regime, hezbollah, no one knows .
8:41 am
jenna: it to the question and we will watch your reporting on that. i wanted to touch on your book because you have some of the best sources in the us government, secretary carry on, you broke a lot of news and took a look at our relationship with iran and where we stand, not only through this ministration but previous administrations. if you could give us a big picture, what was the most surprising thing you found reporting on the book? >> i looked at the relationship since 9/11 and there's been an intermittent kind of engagement between the us and iran in afghanistan where there was cooperation in iraq where it really went badly and then this agreement on nuclear issue. what becomes clear is it's a transactional issue, whether it's the 400 million or the lifting of the sanctions in order to get the nuclear agreement. i think the hope that we were headed to some sort of recruitment or new relationship, i didn't really see it in this reporting.
8:42 am
i think it's much more kind of a transactional relationship and the question is where does this had? basically it strands around for 10 years and then the restraints are completely gone and in a lot of ways relations will improve. i think the supreme leader will pass on and the younger more moderate arabians will take over but a year and a half basically it comes to the agreement being side, there hasn't been any signs of moderation. there's still kidnapping americans, their aggressive in the middle east and still shooting off missiles so it's an open question but it was a big that the obama administration that i think that the politics will change in the next 3 to 5 years so in a decade there won't be as much concerned about the government. jenna: a question for your next book. in the meantime as you point out in the wall street journal it looks like the hardliners are in power so that raises the question about whether or not you will
8:43 am
see a regime that's pro-western anytime in our lifetime. great to have you on the program and we look forward to having you back, congratulations on the book. >> thanks for having me. greg: reports of an attack at the american university of afghanistan in kabul area according to the afghan interior ministry there, gunmen have attacked that university. explosions and gunfire have been heard. we don't have any further details what it was just a few weeks ago that two professors there were kidnapped including an american professor as well as an australian professor so we don't have any independent confirmation of what's happening there but were going to have a live for in just a moment when we come back. this is my retirement.
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there's an attack on the american university of afghanistan in kabul. here with the latest right now, katie? reporter: we first heard of this about 35 minutes ago, a tweet from an old colleague of mine who happened to see in that university when this gunfire and explosions started. he managed to escape but he is reading that many of his friends and colleagues are inside and we are seeing another messages from an associated press for that he was trapped in that building. still waiting for more details but this kind of attack is typical for a kind of talent man, try isis attack. we don't know who's behind it, don't know if anyone has been harmed in this attack but of course the american
8:48 am
university in kabul, and easy targets. anything international is a target these days and just a month ago and american and australian professor were both kidnapped there and that there has been new no use of them know this is in the eye of those who wish to disrupt the political life in afghanistan, a likely target as you say and we don't know if those people have been able to get out safely. jenna: we will continue to follow this report. i want to mention as well one of the big news items yesterday was the us army soldier killed in helmand province so there is fighting going on, kidnapping as well as the university so a lot to watch, thank you. greg: donald trump's policy on illegal immigrants. is it evolving? changing, flip-flopping? what about the rest of his campaign strategy to focus more squarely on lori clinton ? is that wise or unwise? we will be right back with our political panel. plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an
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greg: now to america's election headquarters. wild olive trump is still talking about immigration, he seems to be softening his stand on illegal immigrants as he steps up his attacks on democratic opponents, making good on his promise three weeks ago today to focus more directly on hillary clinton. joining us now to talk about this, simon rosenberg, president and founder of nba end and a former bill clinton campaign advisor, chris wilson joins us, cruise campaign poster. good to see you both. it doesn't that donald trump is focusing more of his rhetoric especially at campaign rallies on hillary clinton. we heard it last night. the emails and immigration and foundation and so forth. he's called her in the last several weeks a liar, corrupt, criminal, crooked, you can pick your invective . is that a wise strategy?
8:53 am
>> you know what this is is you are seeing an evolution and it is team trump 3.0 playing the hand they've been dealt as best they can which is they are trying to get him to make a campaign about hillary clinton, tried to stay on talking points so they recognize he's never going to start talking about immigration so they're trying to get him to pivot and make it more about stopping bad guys from getting in rather than attacking immigrants. they hope the more they can talk about hillary clinton more they can make a campaign about her and that was the campaign or in play than it is today because as long as it's about donald trump and his statements that take the situation away from her it makes the race more difficult for trump to stay competitive . >> presidential character is important. maybe hillary clinton didn't break the law technically in the use of her emails although she certainly wasn't honest about it, director: said as much in his testimony before congress and by the way, two thirds of americans think she is dishonest so isn't trump justified in focusing on clinton and her character?
8:54 am
of course. it's an election and everything is fair game between the two candidates. i just don't think it's working well. she is far ahead in the polls right now, by more than 10 points in key battleground states. more than 270 electoral college votes. these are tough road to ho in the coming months and i think the clinton campaign though needs to respond and they need to be more aggressive about putting out positive message that's going to be a little bit of a bumpy. for clinton but we've got a strongly league, she's done a good job in this race but we are under no illusions this is going to be an easy game the rest of the way. greg: simon says it's not working, maybe because that's it rings hollow when donald trump calls hillary clinton a liar. the fact checker keeps a running tally on false statements, they get for pinocchio's to hillary clinton, five times they gave
8:55 am
donald trump for pinocchio's foretelling whoppers, 33 times. the three percent of the time they say he's not telling the truth. >> that's a challenge. i get back to the whole point of what the trump campaign is trying to do now is trying to get him to stick to talking points and use teleprompter and stay more on message. the more they can do that and get him from shooting from the cop, the more they are able to stop those fact checker issues from occurring into his campaign speeches. the challenge they've got is just, if you can't say on message, if you can make the campaign about hillary clinton, if he can soften his rhetoricb& he has more of the chest beside the point, does have a lead and trump has done nothing so far to prove he can stay on message. if he's able to it tightens up and becomes a different election. >>. greg: simon, on in the immigration donald trump famously found he was
8:56 am
absolutely going to deport every single undocumented worker in america. that would mean roughly 11 million. he repeated it over and over, every single one of them. now he's backing off on that area he's vague and ambiguous as to what he means now when he says he will follow the law and be compassionate and so forth but how is that not a blatant, flagrant flip-flop? >> ireally spent a lot of time trying to figure out what he's been saying over the last couple of days . and i think your point, if he's changed his position, the campaign needs to make it clear what has changed from what was a very extensive policy document they put out last year. the second point is that this idea of deporting bad guys first, that an obama administration approach. we started that in 2011. republicans have been against
8:57 am
that for the last five years so that's actually a change. one thing that we know has changed is he is embracing president obama's strategy, we are grateful for that and third given how important he said following the law is got to come clean about his wife. there is overwhelming evidence that she broke the law when she came in here. greg: i'm sorry, will be right back.
8:58 am
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that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> tons of breaking news. we're back here in an hour. "outnumbered" the starts right now. harris: fox news alert. reports of american university of afghanistan under attack in kabul. here is what we know at this point. we've been following on twitter an associated press photographer who tweeted out a short time ago, help, we're stuck inside of the university. shooting followed by explosions. it this may be my last tweet. security forces are at american university in kabul. they're trying to assess what happened after reports of shots fired. this has been going on more than an hour at this point. reports are growing how many people might be there.


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