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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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in the meantime, stay right here for outnumbered overtime. we pop up live on the web, we go facebook live. by the way, we're outnumbered nfc on facebook, or see you back here tomorrow, now "happening now." america's you election headquarters. donald trump is set to speak in new hampshire. that was the first win for him in the gruelling republican primary. >> hillary clinton is leading him thereby ten points. what will his message be be today. we'll cover all of the news "happening now". pulled from the wreckage. one young life saved as more aftershocks hititily after a powerful quake killed hundreds of people. and the fire storm of criticism for price gouging.
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and retired? but by no means out of work. underwater explorers finding treasures in the american great lakes. >> we start with a fox news alert. donald trump set to hold a rally over questions of his shifting stance on immigration. i am jenna lee. >> we are waiting to see if trump will address a further softening on his position of immigration and often stated promise to deport 11 million people living in the united states illegally. after he told sean hanitty it would be hard to deport people living here for decades and indicating he would work with undocumented taxes if they paid back taxes and didn't break the law. >> trump is not softening the
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stance on hillary clinton, calling her a bigot and allegations of pay to play in the clinton foundation. and so much foc beus on the top of the ticket, congress is up for grabs, larry's crystal ball reads if democrat maintain a five point lead in the generic ballot, they would be likely to pick up 6- 26 seats in the house. and 50 percent chance of regaining the senate if there is a democratic vice-president. and here to talk about this is larry sabeto. and generally speaking. how big of an impact does the presidential race have on the races for the house and senate? >> on the senate, it has
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a tremendous impact. those are statewide races. you can't gerrymander the states, jenna. you can the house of representative, but not the borders of the state. they may redirect rivers and i don't know what they have in mind for the future. as of right now, the pattern in history, 80 percent of the senate seats go in the direction that the states are voting for president. and so if you're state is voting republican for president. and you have a senate seat on the ballot, odds are pretty heavy, very heavy that your senator will be reelected if it is republican or a democrat could be defeated and a republican take their place. same is true for the other side. if the state is going democrat, the democrats have a good
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chance. if you put all of that together for this year, it means because of the senate seat. only a third of the senate is up in any two years, because of the seats that are up and many of them are concentrated in democratic blue states that clinton will win, we think the democrats have a 50- 50 chance of carrying the senate. >> real clear politics has clinton up six points nationally speaking. what would the impact be on the senate? >> well, i think the six- point lead is enough to carry in a democratic senate. they only need four seats. democrats need a net gain of four to get a tied senate that the democratic vice-president tim kaine presumably will be breaking. it is not that hard to do. there are nine hilo competitive
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seats in the senate. eight of the nine of them have republican incumbents and so there is only one seat, that is nevada with a democratic incumbent harry reed that the republicans have a shot of the seat. putting all of the elements together, if clinton wins as you say by five points in the polling average, 5 or 6 points, probably democrats will get a narrow majority in the senate. >> it could be republicans that would be unseated that are already in office, and as we look at the house, we wonder how would that apply there as well? the house, would it be likely that the house would tilt one direction or the other? >> we take a very different view on the house. again, those seats have been drawn in partisan ways.
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the house is much more insulated from a top of the ticket tsunami from one side is or the other. we would predict that republicans would retain the house and current set cut in half. but you can run the house with relatively few votes as long as the members of the caucus cooperate. that will catch the speaker of paul ryan. that will be his challenge. >> and everybody else. top of the ticket tsunami. excellent. and it gives us something to talk about as well. we are two months plus. >> it's early. jenna, you know that. >> i'm going there. and you look this far out, how typical is it for models to change? >> the models are usually right.
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there is a margin of error and that is particularly true on the house side and the senate side, you have relatively few seats. the presidential models tend to pick the winner. they don't necessarily pick the winner of the electoral college but the popular vote. remember the point of the exercise. that predict results of the election in november and issue the forecast well before labor day. and that is the fun part of it. this is not curing cancer, jenna, but it is a living. >> it keeps us entertained. one of the things we are talking about is the top of the ticket and what our country looks like in the political environment. i am curous as we await donald
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trump and await more from hillary clinton, what can the top of the ticket from what you are seeing learn from the local races? >> they can learn a lot for those who are in the house and senate. they have to run statewide and the presidential race is nothing but a bunch of statewide contest. 50, plus the district of colombia. they should pay attention to how senators n from there party get elected and borrow some of the material. i hope they ask permission. they can learn a lot from their senators, they really can. and so often they don't bother to ask. >> we are aware of those who don't ask or don't bother, larry. ahead of the labor day
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septembering. does your team place bets. is that what is going on now? >> we are doing it. we'll have our special forecast coming up in a week or so. on president, house and senate and governor. >> larry, is it pretty good record? >> you need to know. this we are forbid ep by even betting a cup of coffee. we get emaims that i beat you a thousand dollars. they may be right but we can't bet. >> i think greg jarret is betting. >> you have my e-mail with a thousand bucks. >> that is greg, i can't believe it. no betting and it is it all scholastical endeavor. >> switching to hillary clinton facing allegations she used her public office for personal gain
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in her secretary of state. critics argue that foreign governments and business leaders gave to the clinton foundation to get something. and bill clinton is firing back defending the foundation's humanitarian achievement. >> first of all more than 300000 people who have given money all over the world and i am proud of them and grateful and look at what happened. we started trying to save the lives of people with aids and people thought it was crazy to give medicine to poor people. and now there are 18 million people there. >> and all of this amid new warnings from the wiki leaks founder who has more documents about clinton that he plans to leak. catherine herridge joins us live with more. >> reporter: the head of wiki
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leaks told the kelli file that there are more clinton documents coming before the election. >> i don't want to give the game away. but the variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign. and some quite unexpected angles and quite entering and some even entertaining. >> but do those new documents matter? because wiki leaks was behind the leaked e-mails for dnc. and of course, we learn this week, there are 14, 900 e-mails recovered by fbi specialist and it is possible that wiki leaks has some of the same documents that the fbi recovered. a leading house republican said he personally reviewed the fbi investigative file sent to congress including the notes
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from clinton's july 4th interview. fbi agents never pressed clinton on why she set up the server. that is important because fbi director comey said in july no reasonable prosecutor would pursue charges against clinton because there was no intention to it push it out of the government channels. >> remember, james comey said he didn't have sufficient evidence on issue of intent. i didn't see questions on issues of intent. no question that she was negligent or are carelessly. he said he didn't go forward with charges because she didn't have intent. she said it was convenience. i didn't see follow-up questions on the interview that i read. >> to make it real simple for folks at home.
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chairman gowdy said there was no evidence in the fbi's line of questioning that they pushed her on intent beyond what is mrs. clinton's standard answer that it was for convenience. that is important because this is a linchpin on which fbi director comey said he would not recommend criminal charges in the case. it is like a chicken and egg situation. how do you know the intent if you don't ask the question. >> happens more often. >> and securing a area in a border town in syria now a new conflict has surfaced. benjamin? >> reporter: hi, jenna. for years the u.s. has had tried to get turkey in.
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but it came at a price. they took back the town. vice-president biden was visiting turkey and offered a public ultimatum to the syria kurdish forces and withdraw or lose u.s. support. and the syrian kurds are the most effective fighting forces. but some thinks they are a terrorist group and turkey thinks they are a threat to their sovereignty. and now the question is, is turkey's main goal to stop isis or the kurd? the u.s. is trying to play. >> and the story break yesterday in the campus shooting. he may have dropped the bid for the white house, but bernie
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new information on a story break on "happening now". the deadly attack on the college campus in kabul, afghanistan. the siege on the american university lasting for hours and leaving 13 people dead. several students and police officers and security guards and the attack not ending until early today. no group claimed responsibility. >> well, his presidential bid is in the the rearview mirror but bernie sanders is looking to
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advance the movement he built. the vermont senator launching our revolution focusing on income inequality and taking on special interest. doug has more from washington. >> reporter: afternoon, greg. bernie sanders promised when he backed hillary clinton his dream would live on. in a web cast he unveiled it. >> tonight, i want to introduce you to a new independent nonprofit organization called our revolution, which is inspired by the historic bernie 2016 presidential campaign. >> reporter: but the candidate who won 15 million vote found less enthusiasm for the roll out.
10:20 am
appointment for jeb webber angerred staffers and eight of them resigned. and the new york times, they accused webber of wasting money on advertising in sander's campaign and failing to hiring staff and targeting voters and creating a hostile work environment and threatening to talk on on krietize staff members if they quit. >> it is so call would dark money and something that ran again sanders ethos. and sander ares came under unrelated fire. he purchased a third house which critics see hypocritical for a candidate who said americans don't need a choice of 23
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deoderrants when people are hungry. and asked for donations. donations they maintain are far in excess of state limits. lots of problems for bernie sanders. people in central italy on edge after dealing with the aftershocks after the earthquake. and a key ruling in a terror case. the defendant claims that aliens are after him as she stands accused of placing a bomb outside of a bar. we'll have more on that next. >> we are waiting for donald trump in the rally in granite state of new hampshire. we'll follow it. we'll be right back. just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes.
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>> rescue crews in italy searching through the rubble of the massive earthquake. firefighters pulled a 10-year-old girl out alive. hundreds of aftershocks are striking the area this morning and new video showing the moment that the 6.2 quake struck on wednesday. more than 200 people were killed in the central part of the country. fox news alert. a key decision and a terrorism case. a federal judge just ruled that odell dowd is not mentally fit for prosecution. dowd said well, he thinks aliens
10:26 am
are after him and his attorney told the judge it is impossible to defend him because dowd thinks that the attorney is part of a secret society conspiring against him. good to see you both. there is a difference in insanity at the time you commit a crime and competency to stand trial. the latter was at issue today. explain what it means. >> they are important. o one is cupability. the judge decide only the single issue of mental fitness to stand trial. whether or not he was able to assist the council and strat jiezing and enforcing a defense and understand the proceedings against him and who the judge
10:27 am
and lawyer and jury is. >> i am a cynic. because i saw it all too often. people pretending and faking it. richard. how do we know it is not faked here by the guy? >> this is what happens. prosecution lines up experts and defense lines up experts to say it is a mental defect and it happens every day. >> he had writings and other tapeed conversation in which the judge can make a judgment there is clarity of mind here. >> you never get off of the hook with the insanity defense. the judge has the opportunity to commit the person to a psyche hospital for four months and then based upon that, they see if they understand the charges against them. and that happens hundred percent of the guy. >> but he can fake it adnazium. >> we would hope, there is no
10:28 am
fire wall or certainly hope that the doctors and physicians start to see through. >> as a defense attorney i found that early on, i can buy an expert witness to say anything. >> that istrue. and the other witness and the prosecutor's expert said it was mental fitness. she relied on the fact that the guy felt there was a conspiracy theory and reptiles temperature was a peualiar weird thing. there is a preassumption to richard's point that we get to mental fitness. and they sign that they hope they get to mental fitness. >> speaking of incredible expert witnesses. on cross examination. defense expert said the defendant could be competent and delusional. you can be both the same time.
10:29 am
the judge didn't buy it? >> look, take a case of the guy who shot representative gillford. he was forced to take medication and after being forced to take medication. he was competent to understand the charges. that can't happen here. insanity defense in american is gone. >> it shifted the burden of proof to the defense prejohn inchingly. >> it is easy it fake it and you make a proclamation of insanity. and it shifts to the prosecutor. >> thank you so much. jenna. >> greg, hillary clinton rubbing supporters the wrong way for over the top fund-raising. we'll debate that fair and balanced. and the sky rocketing cost of life saving drug. and the action it is it taking
10:30 am
as the issue reaches in the campaign trail. and waiting donald trump in new hampshire. he's on the ground in that state and we'll take you there live. better buckle up.
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recent fund-raising swings through hollywood and new hampshire causing discomfort from democrats amid donors getting special access in her tenure in the state department. we'll bring in our guests. former ohio state minority leader. good to see you. ian, let me start with you. clinton got millions of speeches. and donald trump accusing her. and two-thirds of the americans think she's dishonest and is she making matters worse? that she is a corporate tool by going to billionaires with her hand out? >> i tell you one thing about hillary clinton, she is it not care about perception of improprie improprietity. if she did. she wont have set up a set kret
10:35 am
e-mail and run the clinton foundation as an extension of the state department and going out to hollywood and hedge funds and wall street. she is obsessed with becoming president and whatever it takes she will do and that includes fund-raising. >> in martha vineyard she got 2 million and goes down and opens her campaign, million bucks over a small dinner and the list dpz on and on. how can she be be president of the people as she claims on the campaign trail if she is really the candidate of the wealthy. >> she's not the first candidate of the united states or major office who has gone and raised large sums of money from very wealthy individuals in small events. this is the way with money in politics when you need money to run campaigns, you do what is
10:36 am
necessary. granted i will say and acknowledge that hillary clinton hasn't had a good track record with low donor donors. this has changed just in july. her campaign finance reports show that 50 percent of her campaign contributions recently have come from donations under $200. she is trying to change that. but money is here to stay in politics. >> and ian, what about that? voters don't really care because everyone does it and the person who is naive and foolish is donald trump. his fund-raising is paltry and she's using what may turn out to be 2 billion in follow-upped raising to run constant and devastating television ads of one sound bite after another of donald trump with insyndary
10:37 am
rhetoric. that have to impact? >> no doubt. the clintons have a machine for a campaign and they need a lot of monupon toe fund that campaign. to be fair, she's not bernie sanders and not barak obama. she's been in the forefront of politics 40 years and not creating excitement with the grassroots. your average mom and dad would rather see kids to finding dori than give to hillary clinton. donations may have come up as far as the lower there. she will depend on hollywood and hedge funds and wall street. >> that is more exciting. it is more interesting with justin timberlake than a 50 donation. >> speaking of the hollywood crowd put it in stark terms. the momentum that clinton could gain by appealing to spurn big
10:38 am
donors is no match for the momentum to it be gained from crushing her opponent in the fund-raising. >> bottom line, it is it is all about winning at any cost. she is a multimillionaire and so what is a million between us pals? >> this is a price tag of election. every single election has had gone up time after time. we say this is the most expensive election in presidential history and that just continues to change. and with citizen united and other supreme court ruling it will get worse. you have to compete and do what you need to do. we need campaign finance reform. >> thank you for being here. >> the government is in talks to end an decade conflict. the president will preponderate
10:39 am
it to congress before a public debate in october. and human rights groups are saying that the deal is too lenient on former rebels. the white house weighing in on the epi pricing after they tried to change it. liz, has the story. >> reporter: it is rarely where wall street, main street and washington d.c. are riveted. i bring up washington d.c., fox you news, asked josh earnest about this issue. the over priced epipen that people say is too costly. this is what josh aernest said. >> jacking up the price of life- saving medicine is inconsistent
10:40 am
of a stated mission of providing life saving medicine to people. and other companies have found that a pricing strategy like that does not only raise moral questions but a poor business strategy. >> he's not the only one. senator chuck grassley demanding answers. milan in full damage mode. days of relentless outrage and stock is tanking. they are offering a saving's card or coupon that they say would knock 300 off the 200 epipen price. it is it a life saving for anyone suffering from fatal
10:41 am
allergies. and oddly and quietly, the price was jacked up 17 times by mylan. i am not sure of allowing a coupon is going to help. in fact, i just got a tweet, a coupon, just lower the price. mylanheather brash her compensation is 19 million and her daddy is a u.s. senator and helped her to get the job. we'll leave it there. >> awaiting the new hampshire rally of donald trump. and it is it a key battleground state. and group of retire es make a historic discover nethe great lakes, we'll hear from them, next.
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and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. >> a team of retirees in search of sunken ship ises on earth and the mother load and finding the second oldest confirmed shipwreck in the great lakes. the washington, the ship going down in 1803. it is estimated up to 8000 ships melee at the bottom of the great lakes. and that is an air force and pilot. you can talk about the amazing
10:46 am
discovery. and a lot of people when they retire they like to play golf. how did you come together to look for shipwrecks. >> that's where we should be. and out in the lake and battered around by the lakes and bitten by the flies. and i have been doing this 40 years and about i guess 6 or 7a partner because he moved out of the area and i teamed up with roger and roger has the boat and the rov and 10 or 12 years ago. i met chip stephens. and he's our team artist and we knew that we needed an artist and give a rendition of what the ship looks like under water and sail. >> and hopefully we'll see that.
10:47 am
we'll get roger and chip in the conversation as well. tell us about the find and why it is so significant. and the washington is a late 18th century ship. it is built near erie, pennsylvania and fully intact sailing vessel that exist in the great lakes. there are no drawings or models of the ship and so what this ship really looked like there is no record television. and of course, marine historian and under water archaeologist were keen to know the dimngzs of the ship and what it looks like.
10:48 am
we brought back almost an hour worth of video on the ship and plenty for people to understand. >> roger, how did you find the washington and how did you find the hms ontario which was incredible. how do you locate them? >> we is have a side scan sonar and we have a fish that looks like a torpedoand it hooked to electrical cables and to the boat and we to you it low to the bottom of the lake and then the sonar looks out side ways and can see things that are sticking up out of the set sediment to the bottom and high enough frequency it takes a good picture. we can see railings and portholes and things like that. and so, it is it a pretty good way to find the ship. we look out 600 foot or so, and
10:49 am
on each side and then we now the lawn as we call it. driving in a search pattern and going back and forth. looking out at that, and the way we have it set up. our boat has an autopilot and program the route to search ahead of time before we leave our house and then we just plug in a memory card in the boat's computers and off we go. and it searches. we take it easy watching the bottom go by. >> i am curious, chip, when you all finally realized what you had found? >> we didn't exactly know. we could see one mast. but we thought it was a sloop and the three of us sat there watching the screen and we said look at this and that.
10:50 am
and then you can see the tack rail, you can see the elevation and anchor with a stock anchor with a wood stock hanging off of the bow. and just enough woodstock hanging off the bow. enough information that we confirmed it was probably a sloop. >> it's a remarkable find, and we understand there's little information about ships between the american revolution and the war of 1812, all the more reason to take a look at your discovery. jim, roger, roland a.k.a. chip, great to have you on the program. congratulations. >> thank you. breaking news in the ongoing situation with american and iranian naval ships in the persian gulf. we're getting word now i have an additional exchange. bret baier has the breaking details, coming up next. advant. like trubiotics with immune support advantage. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut.
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and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day.
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an important story today, reports of a second incident between iranian boats and the american navy. the white house weighed in moments ago on this issue and why it matters. bret baier joins us, anchor of "special report." you have new information. >> reporter: it's coming from the pentagon, word from the navy and senior defense officials about another incident. we had an incident on tuesday, we learned about it just yesterday, with the video of four iranian fast boats, you're looking at it there, up against the u.s. navy destroyer, the "u.s.s. nitz." they got as close as 300 yards to the destroyer. now another incident yesterday, iranian fast boats coming up against the "u.s.s. squall," a coastal patrol boat the u.s.
10:55 am
navy has in the northern persian gulf. and basically those boats, the ryan boats, got up to about 200 yards. and in this case, the u.s. ship fired warning shots in front of those boats. that essentially is the last movement, the last thing you do before you actually engage what you consider to be a danger, a threat to a u.s. navy vessel. they did have we're told some communication with the iranians and told them to back off. but they eventually had to fire three warning shots into the water. now, this is at the same time the iranian defense minister, jen jenna, is saying publicly they will continue to do this to u.s. navy vessels. and the white house, as you mentioned today, called this harassment and very unsafe, and essentially said it can't continue to happen. we're at a point where it's very tense with the u.s. navy and the
10:56 am
iranian navy. >> i only have 30 seconds here, bret. the timing of this, why does this all matter? >> reporter: because iran continues to thumb its nose at the u.s. even in the wake of the nuclear deal and all the money that has gone to iran and the payments the u.s. has given, yet this provocation by the iranian boats continues really day to day. >> have you talked to members of the navy, they say it's not unheard of to see iranian boats around our ships, but as bret points out, to have shots fired is reason to pay attention, because one miscalculation or miscommunication can start something much bigger. bret, we appreciate it, we'll have more on "special report." we'll be right back.
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following up on bret baier's report, the rules of engagement
11:00 am
changed dramatically after 17 sailors were killed. >> we'll watch the story. thanks for joining us, everybody. "america's election headquarters" starts right now. >> bye-bye. this is a fox news alert. donald trump set to hold a rally in new hampshire any moment now, not backing off his stepped up criticism of hillary clinton. hello, everyone, i'm shannon bream. the republican nominee coming out of a roundtable with republican leaders where he called clinton disrespectful to african-americans. today trump is doubling down on a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation after a new national poll showing clinton has cracked 50% for the first time. 51% of voters say they support her compared to trump's 41%. we have fox team coverage. catherine herridge is standing


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