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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> we only have about 10 seconds left. we appreciate you being with us. hopefully we'll be able to get back to you. we're going to take a quick break and restart. we'll be back at here 1:00 with what's happening in charlotte, north carolina. don't go away. this is a fox news alert. in new york the governor of north carolina declaring a state of emergency. you can see them sweeping up what's left of these protests and riots. looting happening there in the streets of charlotte. you can see the windows knocked out of some of the businesses. on your right side of the screen, that's what it looked like earlier. tear gas. protesters throwing fireworks at the police officers. gunshots ringing out. police say one person was shot. they're on life support at this hour. it's now 1:00 in the morning in charlotte. according to police he was shot by another civilian.
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the protesters looting windows. it's the second night of demonstrations following tuesday's deadly police shooting of a black man. police say he was armed and they recovered a gun at the scene. they claim he was unarmed, the family, reading a book while waiting for his son. a different narrative. dozens of protesters are blocking the streets. that was earlier. it seems to be dying down. there's a heavy police presence in the area as they try to wrap things up. many of them in riot gear earlier. police are trying to control the situation with tear gas and rubber bullets. the governor says the state's national guard and highway patrol have been deployed to help with police. steve joins us now live there in charlotte. state police on scene. is that making a difference now at 1:00? >> reporter: it has made a considerable difference. they've cleared most the protesters off this main street
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after about four hours of work. some people still running in different directions. it's not sure why. there could be some looting go. and here at the hayat hotel they're starting to sweep up some of the glass smashed early. i want to talk to one of the employees here. matt, what do you feel like when you're doing this? >> i mean, it's just -- i'm sad for the city. it's just tough. i can see a lot of people in pain. it's just tough. it's tough for us. it's tough for everybody. i hate to see the city like this. >> reporter: people are afraid to go out. >> they are. we have a great city here. i want people to keep coming back. that's what keeps people working when people visit us. >> reporter: a lot of people feeling sad and worried about what happened. we saw a four hour battle between police here and the protesters who have gotten a lot more sophisticated since ferg southern. they were ready for the tear gas and the flash grenades and the
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mace. it took four hours to clear the streets. at least six police officers injured with minor injures, hospitalized. as far as the protesters go, one man shot and in critical condition, and one man injured as well seriously. there's been trouble not just on the main street here but on some of the main roads as well. highway 277 saw a number of people really coming out and attacking vehicles, cars on that road. so there's real concern among many people about transportation, how to get around tomorrow. the governor has declared a state of emergency, so we could see additional man power. that would be state highway patrol as well as national guard here, because to clear one street in four hours, certainly slow going for the police here, and a lot of damage to clean up. the protesters have caused a lot
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of trouble and cleanup ahead for the hotels and businesses along this road that have been looted over the past four hours. >> do you know anything about arrests? we were watching police on the right side of the screen arrest a woman. do you know anything about how many people have been arrested? >> reporter: there's been scattered protests in different parts of the city. i can only speak to our area where the focus seemed to be not on arresting people. perhaps they didn't have the numbers to do that. we saw just two or three arrests about people who basically attacked the police head on. other than that it was really just a clearing motion. police launching tear gas, trying to move ahead 50 or 100 yards at a time. slow going, and not arresting people who were defying police orders. only arresting those who really confronted the police head on. >> talking about defying police orders, some of this footage, that's tear gas, or bombs
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they're throwing in there, tear gas bombs, and they're throwing them back at police in riot gear. these folks don't seem to care at all, and they would push the people further away, further away, and it's almost like when you have a child and you tell them don't do it again, but they don't believe you so they do it again. did you see a lot of that? that's what we're seeing in a lot of the footage. >> reporter: we saw a lot of confrontations where the tear gas and the flash bombs would scatter people were 15 minutes or a half hour, and then they would regather. this after a man had been shot and is near death. it didn't keep it away. and the more times they fired, the more people seemed to get used to them and brazenly, also throwing water bottles and beer bottles at the police as well. some really hostile groups here. the hostility is red hot hatred
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of the police. hatred and mistrust of the media as well. you have to look around wherever you are and keep your eyes open. a lot of people with their shirts over their face to protect themselves from the tear gas. it's hanging like a cloud here over the city of charlotte. >> all right. steve, leave for us in charlotte, north carolina tonight. you've been there all night. we appreciate your extensive and comprehensive coverage. i'm going to toss it over to my colleague, erik shawn in the news room. >> thank you. we don't have any updates on arrests. we are told there are reports there were seven people injured. you have the man who is on life support we're told in the hospital. police say civilian on civilian shot, not by a police officer. and i want to point out the
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family of keith lemont scott, his wife appealed for calm saying in a family statement we respect the rights of those who wish to protests, but we ask the protests are peaceful. please don't hurt people or take things in the name of protesting. clearly the protesters have not listened to the family of the man who was shot and for whom they are protesting this evening. we are joined by the former superintendent chief of police in boston. now the managing director of investigations and security. thank you for joining us this evening. first of all, as a former top police official, you must be pretty proud of the way the charlotte police are dealing with it, with the restraint and professionalism they're using. >> yeah. they're doi law enforcement is doing across america, allowing people to protest. unfortunately, criminals use those opportunities to destroy
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property, hurt individual people's rights and property, and individual's rights to protest. what's going on is actually hurting the peaceful protests, and impacting their message. charlotte has done an amazing job under fire to remain calm and cool, work as a unite, and not overreact, and not use excessive force when, quite frankly, they're up against excessive force. >> as americans, chief, how do we separate the right to protest, the right for the grievances that many people have in terms of the police shootings that we've seen in this country over the past couple of years from what you just called the agitators and the criminals, when the violent ones, the law breaking ones take over the narrative. >> law enforcement needs a plan where they can go into the crowd and take the agitators out as quickly as possible. there are a lot of people who
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would not engage in it. once things start burning and breaking, it becomes a crowd memb mentality and they get involved in activity they ordinarily wouldn't. law enforcement has to be nimble to go in and be patient when you have to, and if there are people threatening your life and you're in harm's way, you take them out as quickly as possible. at the same time, the leaders of the protest have to clearly say that is enough. and ostracize those individuals and identify those individuals in the crowd who have hijacked their protest and grievances to become opportunists who loot and rob. >> chief, with all due respect, the agitators and criminals don't seem to pay any attention to the legitimate protest leaders. >> well, that's an amount of intensity. the more people stand up against the agitators and protests and
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let them know this is not how we want to behave. i'm watching the crowd. there was a man clearly working with people saying don't do that. you need to back off. he's one of the protesters who stepped up just to make sure that the reason he's on that street is they're disrespected by individuals committing crime. we need more of those folks and people to be up front in the leadership of protest groups to say this is unacceptable. this is not acceptable. >> also, what is also unacceptable is one of the either protesters or just a bystander was shot. first reports was he died. that's not the case. authority saying he's on life support in critical condition in the hospital. first of all, you have to wonder, and rod wheeler, a former washington d.c. homicide detective says he believes the shooter will eventually be caught. but when you have a wild crowd under siege, you wonder.
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>> yes. and what's happening in not answering as many 9-1-1 calls, not able to help victims. police are distracted from doing their day today jobs. as a community, they've asked them to do, and they have a ton of resources being deployed on the criminals who came into the protest group and committed crimes. they have to put resources. it's going to cost money. you have got businesses that provide jobs and economic stability to members of that community that are being damaged, destroyed and impacted. we haven't seen the huge fires we saw in other states and towns, but that impacted the community. >> we remember what happened in the 60s in cities across the country. they haven't fully recovered damage of the riots in the 60s.
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let me go to something else that we didn't have in the past. social media. you've got the narrative that the chief in charlotte talked about. the narrative that the people believe which is on social media, versus the narrative of the authorities. how does law enforcement, how do we deal with the social media when that's there and that is the scenario that is believed versus anything that authorities say? >> i think you've seen the chief in charlotte take steps with that. he'sing getting out. one of the things in ferguson was they were afraid of impacting the investigation. they didn't come out and put investigation out right away. they had a video of michael brown involved in a strong armed robbery and physical evidence of two shots fired inside the police car, and in not trying to impact the investigation, it's not put out. and the people who don't like
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law enforcement and hate us are always going to hate us. the people who like law enforcement and support us will usually support us. there's a middle group that you need to get the message out to them as quickly as possible for what the facts were, and whether it's right or wrong, unfortunately people expect that in the days of social media. the challenge is getting out in front of the media, the worse thing a police chief can say is no comment. it does a disservice to the community. the community says they're hiding something. obviously they have something they could say and defend it and would let us know. it's a disservice to the officer. i was involved in a situation where i was forced to take a life. officers don't say i hope i have to do it where i take a human life and i'm going to be the national narrative on fox news and cnn. they don't do that. and we need to get that
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information out as quickly as possible. the chief did that. this information about a book, there's no evidence of that right now. >> he had a full press conference describing it, the chief, describing the details, trying to calm the city. it did not do any good with these protesters. there's even a photo of what wb tv says is the gun. it's lying on the street, not the book, the gun, and obviously the people here tonight have grievances and are not letting that sway them at all. >> absolutely. i think these grievances are more than about grievances with the police. it's the system problem. it's made worse by schools that don't properly educate our children. made worse by economic conditions that don't properly employ our communities, especially communities of color.
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but the police don't create those situations. the police are responsible for responding to those situations that come from those situations. dealing with juvenile dri delinquency and high dropout rates, we wind up being the brunt of society's problems and challenges. >> and let me point out when you talk about that situation, the officer involved in the shooting is black. he's an african american officer. went to liberty university. he's the son of a police officer. he studied criminal justice. as i said earlier tonight, it's not a black white situation. they're against the blue. in that sense, it doesn't matter. that causes a crisis of confidence in this country. it causes a crisis in dealing with law enforcement. how do we resolve it? can we solve it? >> no. we've got to solve it.
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we've got to solve it. we've got to get leaders on both sides to come to the table, unite, and show those who want to cause disruption in our system, we're united and we're going to deal with it. it's not a perfect system by any stretch of the imagination, but it's the best we got. and it is the erosion of the trust in the police department and then you're a police officer standing out in the line and the very citizens you would lay your life on, the very citizens that in linden, new jersey, they ran forward between them and that gunman's bullets and the bomber's bomb, the very citizens you're protecting, if they're throwing rocks and bottles at you, it can make police officers not have trust in confidence in their own system. we have to make sure the police officers feel supported. we're hoping there will be a loud cry from the majority of
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charlotte citizens. working with your police to identify problems that can get -- >> chief, i have to interrupt you. we're running out of time on the clock. have a hard break. thank you for joining us. we'll continue your coverage. and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. ...doesn't go on your wrist. technology... ♪
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a night of viole a night of violence and protests has charlotte police on edge. a deadly shooting of a black man by police officers sparked o outrage. the man's family says he was unarmed. police say he had a gun. this follows a shooting in tulsa. both donald trump and hillary clinton spoke about it on the campaign trail. here's donald trump. >> as you know, i'm a tremendous believer in the police and law enforcement, because we need that for ourselves. i must tell you, i watched the
10:20 pm
shooting in particular in tulsa. and that man was hands up, and this young officer -- i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. but i'm very, very troubled by that. >> here's hillary clinton on the subject. >> i've spoken to many police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders who are as deeply concerned as i am and deeply committed as i am to reform. why? because they know it is essential for the safety of our communities and our officers. we are safer when communities respect the police and police respect communities. >> this year police have killed 706 people and 40 police
10:21 pm
officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. we will be joined tonight on the kelly file at 9:00 p.m. eastern. of course, all of this will be a discussion that will continue through the election day, and beyond. four years ago mitt romney got 93% of the republican vote, but the republican party has been deeply divided over donald trump and his support within the party has been lagging. that's been changing. as of last week, mr. trump stood at 87% support among republicans. we have byron york and molly hemmingway. welcome to both of you. what's going on? what chance was trump have of reaching the -- what we call the romney standard of 93%? >> i'm glad you pointed out he is behind where mitt romney is. he's lagging we hind in all polls where romney was.
10:22 pm
>> he's lagging behind where romro romney ended up. >> you have in the past seen a lot of republican votes come back to the presidential candidate because the republican party picks a good vice presidential candidate that energizes the base. that's not a case here. i don't think people are excited about either of the candidates. you're seeing a different candidate with different ideas. some of which are hostile to the republican party. i think people are actually starting to enjoy these ideas. they are enjoying the opposition to the status quo that donald trump represents. >> immigration and trade? >> i think it's not true they appreciate his economic policy but immigration and a position of strength with national security, an idea that we should fight wars with an interest in winning them and with an exit strategy. this is a message that is resonating with republican voters, i think. >> i think republicans are coming around. i think certainly at the end of the primaries and even in the convention, we saw some of
10:23 pm
trump's republican support numbers in the high 70s. that was a big gap between what hillary clinton had with democrats. in this poll you mentioned with clinton at -- trump at 87 % with republicans, the same number had clinton at 89% with democrats. roughly the same. as the race becomes a binary contest, it will be that way when people say trump and clinton together on the debate stage, republican partisan instincts kick in when they hear about hillary clinton's aids destroying phones with a hammer. >> do you think that's affected by the nature of the coverage? republicans are always as a disadvantage in the media coverage. that's true for as long as anybody can remember. this year strikes me, it's deeper than that. >> it's reached an all new level. that's one of the interesting things about why republicans are coming back to donald trump
10:24 pm
here. everything that people are highlighting about the problems with donald trump, you look at his opponent and he doesn't look so bad. they say donald trump is a liar. that's true. he gives conflicting information on pretty much any issue he talks about. he's running against hillary clinton with a reputation with dishonesty and a lawyer approach to how she approaches things. this week there's been a push to point out problems with his foundation. and that's certainly true. there's been good reporting on this done at "the washington post." >> just mention some of the specific things. that he paid, what? >> there might have been something illegal about the purchase of a piece of art that then went to the trump family or trump interests. >> with donation money. >> and about how charitable donald trump has been. you compare it with the large scale level of corruption and problems with the clinton foundation, you know, a global vehicle of how the clinton
10:25 pm
foundation was used to funnel money to help them get business deals. how people got 40% of the appointments at the state department and got favorable things. these things are more interesting to people if they are interesting than somewhat pettier problems with the trump foundation, even though they're both problematic. >> same thing. you have this sense of kind of dueling foundations. your foundation is bad, no. >> yours is more corrupt than mine. >> i don't even have a foundation. i think it cancels out a little bit. one of the trump foundation allegations in the washington post was that he built a flag pole for the american flag that was too high for a city code in palm beach. he was fined a large amount. the fines went up to about $100,000. they settled with an agreement he would give $100,000 to a veteran's charity. he did it with his own charity
10:26 pm
money and not with his personal funds. that's probably not going to really fire. >> people will be more excited about the higher flag pole and appreciate it. >> yes. a symbol of his patriotism. >> and another pressure cooker found in new york city. an update on that breaking news coming up next. stay with us. ♪"all you need is love" plays my eyelove is making something unexpected.
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this is a fox news this is a fox news alert. a pressure cooker has been found in new york city moments ago the new york city bomb squad gave the all clear. this scare, if that's what it is, comes days after a pressure cooking bombing in manhattan. our chief intelligence spons has been busy. >> they gave the all clear. the city is on a heightened stage of alert.
10:29 pm
they gave the identification of men captured in new york city with the pressure cooker bomb that did not detonate. it was in a bag. they opened up the bag, left the pressure cooker and went off with a suitcase. >> so what else do we know about that investigation? >> well, these men are described as witnesses at this point. but not suspects. but what is striking to me is that the images of the men is so different than the leaks about them right after the bombing. they were described as homeless men who happened upon the bag and seemed a little uncomfortable when they found the pressure cooker. they don't look like homeless people to me in that video. >> whether it was an accidental thing that they hadn't seen the bag, who knows what would have happened? >> that's right. >> at this point they're considered witnesses, not suspects. the other development today is that fox news was able to obtain images from ahmed rahami's
10:30 pm
notebook. you see bullet holes from the shooting. here's the big thing. there's a reference in the notebook to an isis leader. he's a very big deal, and rahami writing about how he was seeking justification for the killing of nonbelievers. but when you look at the criminal complaint that was just released last night with the charges and the evidence, they talk about his al qaeda references. there's nothing about the isis leader, and this, to me, seems like a glaring omission. if you had included the isis reference, it would have strengthened the complaint. but by leaving it out, you kind of whitewash the fact that we had these tremendous isis sympathies? >> you don't see something political? >> when you look at the page. it's clear and not damaged by the shooting or blood, and when you look at the criminal
10:31 pm
complaint, they mention al qaeda, the cleric, and they skip the line and go to another section of the journal. to me, it doesn't make any sense. >> i suppose they can amend the complaint later? >> they can do that, but why would you choose not to mention it when it would strengthen the complaint. you mention everyone else he was follow bug not isis. and what i would also say is he was totally amped up on this jihadiist propaganda. he was a real consumer of a radical ideology, whether it was al qaeda or isis. he was reading everyone for quite some time. >> thank you very much. many republicans opposed to donald trump have argued he has no chance of winning the white house. one exception is bill crystal. founder and editor of the weekly standard. hello, bill. >> hi. >> nice to see you. been a while. >> it's good to see you.
10:32 pm
>> you've been saying for a while, warning some of your conservative colleagues that trump's chances look better than people thought. what tipped you off? what gave you your view? >> i was so wrong in the primaries. probably or maybe overreacting. in the washington post in a front page story, clinton team confident of winning, planning legislative agenda and planning the drapes in the oval office. i thought about to have a trump rally. he was down six or seven points at that time. and he's rallied since. she's had a very rough couple of weeks. he made himself look more presidential. i went to the '92 election. he was dan quail's chief of staff. george bush was not a bad president, but people wanted change. they didn't appreciate what bush had done, and when you're in a change environment, people will
10:33 pm
excuse a lot of flaws of the change candidates. bill clinton had flaws and ross perot. together they got 52% of the vote. bush went from 54% to 48%. that went a mark on me losing that election so badly, but i taught me about the candidate of change having an advantage. the wind is naturally at his back, and hillary clinton is the status quo candidate. her party has been in the white house eight years. she served in president obama's administration, and she's done nothing to advance an agenda of change. i'm mystified by her campaign. if you ask people, this is analytically, what changes did hillary clinton bring about? what's the answer? >> yeah. that's a good question. it's also a good question about what her slogan, stronger together means. trump's slogan is make america great again. you might think it's sophomoric, but it's clear, and it reflects
10:34 pm
a way a lot of people feel. i'm uncertain about her. >> he's going to build up the military. however coherent and intelligent q people can say what trump will do, and he'll shake things up. hillary clinton's message is donald trump is horrible. i'm not pro trump. i'm not unsympathetic imprurks you can't simply run for president by trying to disqualify your opponent. you can, so maybe it will work, but it's risky. a couple hours ago hillary clinton did a video with a labor conference in las vegas. she said she couldn't understand why she isn't 50 points ahead, but the people she's speaking to, the union supporters need to get the message out. what's the message? the next sentence, look at the transcript, in effect, donald trump can't become president. it's horrible.
10:35 pm
friends don't let friends vote for donald trump. she needs a positive message. think about when george h.w. bush won, he had an agenda of changing a few things and focusing more on education and focusing more on the environment. i'll be kinder and gentler. i was a reagan person so i was a little unhappy with some of that, but it was extremely smart politically and the right thing to do. you can't just be i'm here and for the party for the white house the last eight years. my opponent is horrible and you can't elect him. >> bill, thank you. always good to hear what you have to say. >> thank you. stay with us. our campus craziness segment is next. we'll go to a high school where teachers stomped on an american flag in a classroom full of students. that's next.
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time now for our regular campus craziness segment. students in a college in new jersey say they were forced to change what they planned to call an american bbq because the name was deemed offensive. the website campus reform which covers college news published e-mails from an assistant residents director who said the american theme was considered offen offensi offensive. so we will not be co-sponsoring you. despite the e-mail from that official, they denied trying to change the event. the e-mail says they regretted confusion over the e-mail. the bbq did go on by the name was changed. >> in north carolina a high school history teacher was paragraphed stomping an american flag. the class was about a stream
10:42 pm
court decision that said flag burning was protected by if r the first amendment. parents said the high school history teacher also asked students for a scissors and lighter. the teacher has been placed on administrative leave. cornell university will join brown university in offering feminine hygiene products in men's restrooms. cornell students will now vote on a measure that would take things farther, providing free tampons and feminine pads in men's room. it's expected to pass. if passed this would be one step toward gender equality. the university declined to comment. descriptions of race and ethnicity at brown university may be a common way for law enforcement to describe
10:43 pm
suspects, but they stopped mixing race a year ago. the story was reported and noted several students negotiated for race because they believe the descriptions led to racial profiling. there was skepticism about the change saying if the point of the reports is to help identify suspects, i'm not sure it makes sense to exclude race from the description. the university acknowledged the change but noted the practice doesn't reflect an official change in policy. if you feel strongly about any of those campus craziness stories, tweet me. if you have a campus craziness story you want us to look into, e-mail us and tell us about it. we'd appreciate hearing from you. does jimmy fallon the comedian have a duty to become a
10:44 pm
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i'll be gentle.
10:49 pm
i'll be gentle. >> the answer is yes, but the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be in about an hour, i hope they're going to understand. >> did you say yes in. >> go ahead. [ applause ] >> yes. donald trump, everybody. >> i'll do it as well. >> some of the media have their feathers ruffled over donald trump's appearance on the tonight show with jimmy fallon. that point to the hair ruffling episode they say humanized trump. it was tweeted if you want to see the normalization of racism, it's the host of the tonight show not bricking it up. and mark harris said i don't fault jimmy fallon for not being
10:50 pm
a journalist. i do fault him for his willingness to be serve as held's court jester. this has turned into quite a thing on the left. they're furious with jimmy fallon for this, being a comedian? >> there's stories all over, the minor comic on comedy central went to town on this interview the other night. she thought it was normalizing deplorability, and the thing is there's a reason why jimmy fallon is the top rated late night comic on tv, and samantha b is someone who has much more of a niche appeal. he understands his job is to entertain people. she thinks her job is to affirm her liberal viewers in whatever their views are. and this is not healthy to have a political climate where we have to have our comedy approved by progressive pure tiitans bef
10:51 pm
we can call it entertainment. >> i think the anger was sort of at jimmy fallon but also not having a monopoly. late night tv is an anti-trump zone with almost everyone making anti-trump arguments. and jimmy fallon is the ratings leader. but this is getting out. if you look at some of the ratings, yes, they're somewhat low on people watching it live, but people watch television different ways. >> i must say, that passage has to have been played thousands of times. >> they watch it live. they see it on youtube and their mobile devices and through social media. the anti-trumpism of late night spreads out pretty wide. >> and goes down badly, you think with the public? >> it's interesting to remember that in 2008 and 2012 comics said they couldn't find anything to be funny about with barack obama, and now you're not allowed to be funny a or treat
10:52 pm
donald trump as a human. people are getting fed up. it's a totalitarian impulse on the left to control all parts of discourse and not allow differing views. >> i've been told on jimmy fallon's official youtube page, this video has been played 7.5 million times. what does it say? we keep hearing about humanizing of donald trump. there seems to be a view that he should be treated as subhumanen? >> if you look at the world of journalist, look at straight news reporting. there's debating about how they can deal with trump, and they have to be more critical and shed a more objective mind set than in the past. this is something that you're seeing a lot with trump. i think one of the ideas is that people -- voters are reacting to this by actually wanting to vote for trump. >> thank you very much. coming up, i may have finally
10:53 pm
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it's transforming our world. now more viewer feedback. remember the one who told me, quote, you suck. it seems he had a change of heart after we showed his tweet earlier this week. he tweeted in response, quote, thanks, i guess you don't suck that bad. and sydney rain tweeted, quote, please stay out of retirement. your mean tweets are the only thing i look forward to in my day. keerly my days suck. one said used to enskrjoy your commentary until you proved yourself to be nothing more than a hillary clinton water boy. another said slurs, leaning to
10:59 pm
side is talking hujback. one e-mailed it's true you're dry and slow talking but you have loads of dignity. if there's anything the usa needs right now it's a little more dignity. and finally a different take from nick who e-mailed brit is like rock super stars the stones or the who. he's a golden news god that still tours and still kicks major ass. tweet me or e-mail on the record at fox news. and that's about it for us tonight. "the o'reilly factor" is up next. we leave you with our political quote of the day. the word politics is derived from the word polly meaning many and the word ticks meaning blood sucking parasites.
11:00 pm
we'll be back here tomorrow night at 7:00. we hope you will too, and don't forget, bill o'reilly is up next on the west coast. that's it for us. good night. >> the city is under a state of emergency. it started as a peaceful vigil for a black man shot to death tuesday during a police stop. day yos broke out. at one point an estimated 800 protesters took to the streets. gunfire broke out. windows were smashed and stores were looted. cops responded with a barrage of tear gas and rubber bullets. there's a person on life support. police tell us he was shot by another civilian. four officers were also hurt. their injur