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tv   Cost of Freedom Countdown to the Showdown  FOX News  October 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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we had a lot of excitement today. >> it's like christmas in tokt. >> we'll have a fall festival on the plaza. >> stirewalt is here, don't miss it. >> and ed henry. >> log on for after the show. this is a fox news channel special election presentation. countdown to the showdown. now neil cavuto. welcome everybody. and it is the chance to shine and they're going to be pulling out all the stops to get ready and represent the top of the ticket as well. oddly enough coming at times when polls indicate most americans like the bottom of each ticket better than they like the top. be that as it may for the next two hours we are blitzing across the country with the likes of gary johnson and mark cuban and kurt shilling, all here. and the impact of what they're saying, well, it will be profound. but speaking of profound, did
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hillary clinton just stumble upon herm mitt romney moment? an event caught on tape at a fund raising affair back in february. take a listen. >> there's just a deep desire to believe that, you know, we can have free college, free health care, that what we've done hasn't gone far enough and we just need to, you know, go as far as, you know, scandinavia. whatever that means. we're short of the great recession. and they are living in their parents' basement. if you're feeling that you're consigned to, you know, being a barista or, you know, some other job that doesn't pay a lot and doesn't have much of a ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. >> they are living in their parents' basement. i don't know about you but i saw a lot of older bernie sanders supporters. i think if that was the case they were living in their own
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basement. be that as it may, did a lot of that strike you as something very familiar from four years ago? remember this? >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. all right. there are 47% who are with him who believe that they're victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they're entitled to health care, food, housing, you name it. >> now, the media was all over that. will the media jump all over this? keep in mind mrs. clinton went onto tell this group of fundraisers that if you're feeling like you're consigned to being a barista, some other job that doesn't pay a lot, doesn't have some other ladder of opportunity attached to it, then maybe you feel a revolution is appealing. what she's saying essentially is those supporters of bernie sanders who she is trying to corral now is that, well, they're angry and they're living in their parents' basement and the best they can hope for is
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being baristas. that might be offensive. let's go to frank luntz and what he makes of this. how do you think this reverberates, frank? >> i'm surprised she said it. i understand why. it was back in february. but after making the deplorables comment and you have this combined, i think someone on the clinton campaign should be telling her stop insulting the voters. whether they are 21 years old or 61 years old, whether thas ey disreport you or donald trump, nobody -- >> this was back in february -- >> doesn't matter. >> the same was said of mitt romney saying this at a fundraiser luncheon, but obviously tape runs there as well. >> and it doesn't really matter. there's a reason whi she's had a 58% unfavorable rating which is the highest of any democratic nominee since they began survey research in the 1930s. it's because they believe she
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doesn't understand them, she doesn't care about them and it's just another example of her attacking them. but i got to say, neil, that this still is not as significant as what is happening on the other side with donald trump and the comments that he is making. because in the end about 90% of the news coverage is going to be on trump and trump's tweets. and only 10% is going to be on what hillary clinton said about millennials. in the end these candidates are doing significant damage to themselves. it's all self-inflicted. it is all unnecessary. and it explains why this is the most negative campaign in modern times. and these candidates are both the most disliked of any two candidates in modern times. >> you know, frank, what the media will gravitate to and i think the media loves controversy. obviously it's fair game to go after donald trump's tweets. many republicans are saying why are you getting sidetracked in doing this stuff. but they went full throttle, that is four years ago on mitt
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romney and the comments he made his 47% remarks and interrupted almost everything else they were doing to cover him. i suspect it's just me taking a wild hunch here that they're not going to put these hillary clinton comments in that same category. >> i agree with you. but that's one of the reasons why the media has the lowest trust rating and credibility rating that it ever has. whether it's the pugh reports, gallup, the percentage of americans that get their news from traditional media sources is dropping. and that's because they find it bias, they find it incomplete. it's one of the reasons why they're turning to online. because it allows the average individual to control what they get. and what they're looking for, neil, is the republican position and the democratic position side by side so they have a chance to compare the two. and that's not what they get in the "new york times," that's not what they get on most broadcast stations. >> you know, frank, if you're
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bernie sanders, pardon my french here, but is this pissing you off, this revelation? >> well, i will resist the temptation to tell a couple of bernie sanders jokes. it's too early in the morning. it's got to agitate him because he's learned that the dnc was working against him. he's learned that the chairman of the democratic national committee was actively helping the clinton campaign. he's learned that from fund raising to rules of the convention, it was all rigged. the language donald trump uses to describe the electoral process is exactly what bernie sanders could say. and in the end it's the reason why his supporters don't want to support hillary clinton. they don't want to support donald trump. they wish he'd run as a third party candidate, and it just adds to the level of cynicism and anger and frustration that you see from the left all the way over to the right in the american electorate. >> but you know the irony is,
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frank, and what she was charging then about his supporters who want everything paid for is what she's espousing now, essentially, free college, help with your debts, all the stuff that she was saying bernie sanders was going overboard on then. she has now built into her platform now. >> well, it's one of the reasons why we created a wonderful drinking game for bernie sanders supporters. every time sanders offered something for nothing, you had to drink from somebody else's beer. hillary clinton adopted -- i'm waiting for a little laughter in the control room over there. every -- if you go back to the convention, the democratic platform, hillary clinton adopted about 70% of the sanders platform, he didn't win on everything, but he won on a lot. by the way, it's not just free job trading or education, it's also free health care. it's elimination of debts. she has become the vessel for
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the sanders platform -- >> so will they remember that, frank? will they remember that, his supporters, supporters of that and forgive this sort of sweeping depiction of themselves from hillary clinton? >> it's a simple question. is this going to run in tomorrow's "new york times" on the front page? is it going to be in "the washington post"? >> i guarantee it won't. >> then if it won't, then i'm sorry, neil, but it will not be heard and it will not have an impact. the question is who sees it, how often do they see it and do they see it with passion and emotion. and i'm afraid, neil, that if the answer's no to that, then no, it will not have an impact. >> frank, thank you very much. we only bring this tape to light because as we said with the debate, a debate we surmise hillary clinton won with donald trump, it is fair game to go after donald trump. god knows he provides enough opportunities. we were surprised that there were not a fraction of the interruptions for hillary clinton. it was fair game four years ago
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to expose this tape of mitt romney and the 47% remark, go after it whether it was as indelicate at the time, but if a similar tape comes out on the same candidate, show the same zeal, the same energy and that is something that remains in some doubt. but we thought we'd share it with you just the same. meanwhile, new fox poll, a series of them, showing a very different race but not dramatically different race. but one that could tip a few states a few different ways. conell mcshane with that. >> we'll start with the debate which is the only place you're going to see any kind of dramatic move in this race, and we ask the question who won the first debate. by an overwhelming 3-to-1 margin 61% for hillary clinton and 21% for donald trump. the voters that we asked the registered voters, they said hillary clinton won. so does that mean now that somehow she has a dramatic lead in this race? no, it doesn't. does it mean she's created some
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sort of advantage compared to last round of polling? yes, it does. here's how it looks. in the presidential preference poll this is important we look at it as a four-way race. i know you'll talk to gary johnson in the next hour. when we include jill steyn and gary johnson in the case, it's up. a few weeks ago mrs. clinton was up but still within the plus or minus three point margin of error. so it's a close race when it's four ways. those two points, that could be important for somebody already has an electoral advantage, which we'll get to in a moment. now, two-way race, that's how the debate was structured of course. one-on-one, hillary clinton and donald trump. donald trump a couple weeks ago was up a point in the fox polling over hillary clinton. but now she's up five. so that tells you directly how this debate affected this race at least on a national level. finally, let me bring you to our electoral map and take a look at the score card as we have colored in. now, this requires some degree of explanation. on this score card our fox team of political analysts have
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colored in the map dark blue or dark red for states we think are solid for one or another. if it's light red or light blue, then it's leaning in one direction or another. still could turn, we'll talk later on. hillary clinton 263, you need 270 we know to be elected for the next president. with the states leaning in her direction, the analysis here is that she's seven away. donald trump meantime has almost 100 electoral votes to pick up. meaning the toss up states 104 if he gets all of them obviously that's enough to put him over the top. the other way in which donald trump could do it, and this is why maybe he's making a trip today to the state of pennsylvania, neil, is to take one of these states that's in light blue, like a pennsylvania, make it a toss up state and turn it the other way. the debate did have an impact, yes, people thought hillary clinton won by a wide margin, but this race isn't over yet. >> all right. thank you very much. connell. we've got so much coming up. we are going to hear from gary johnson as connell said. we are going to hear from kurt
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shilling, who might be entertaining a run believe it or not against senator elizabeth warren. but next, a guy who didn't envision donald trump being the nominee, in fact didn't seem to stomach that idea. but something has changed. namely donald trump is the nominee and in the fight of his life for the presidency. so former new hampshire governor jo sununu is endorsing him. he is here next. ♪
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governor, could you ever envision donald trump being that nominee and would you support
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him? >> i don't think it's going to happen. i think over time the republican party will select substance over style and showmanship. >> all right. welcome back everybody. that was then. this is now. john sununu not a fan of donald trump then. many were not. now endorsing donald trump. i guess, governor, because i think you had indicated -- >> sure. embarrass me with all those old quotes, neil. >> you should see what they pull up on me. obviously you are part -- i know it's the term the establishment, all that, bush family still bristles at the notion of president trump. but i think first and foremost you were kind of saying, look, i'm a republican. he's our nominee, right? >> hillary clinton makes it easy for me to endorse donald trump. and the -- it's based on the alternative. and the alternative's a disaster. look, in spite of your audio,
7:17 am
hillary clinton with her support of the democratic platform has moved to the socialist side of the democratic party with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren being her favorite surrogate. >> what do you make of that? the order itself that she has now taken on a lot of those positions she was kind of ripping at that fund raising event, do you think it's going to get the same attention mitt romney's 47% video got? >> probably not. but to me the most important thing is that she's now espousing socialist principles. and the middle of america, the independent voters, the voters that really determine what's going to happen should understand that that's what it is. you know, we seem to be afraid to use the word socialism in terms of defining somebody's position. but this is what it is. free college tuition, health care being fully controlled by the government, all those things that you talked about in the last segment are basically the slippery slope to socialism.
7:18 am
but there's a second issue that i think is important to put in a slightly different perspective than folks have put it in. and that's this immunity. you have to understand what the immunity says. her two closest aides, total of five of her inner circle, were so afraid of criminal prosecution and their lawyers told them that they were liable for criminal acts, that they went and asked for immunity. so to me the asking for and the accepting immunity by her inner circle is an acknowledgment that mrs. clinton organized a criminal activity. >> now, they say that a lot of these people granted immunity because they might stumble over, you know, a classified information -- you say that's bogus. >> ask any lawyer why he asks for immunity for their client. >> let me switch gears a little bit. i know you're still tight with the bush family. there were some headlines raidsraids
7:19 am
raised when we got word president bush senior was going to vote for hillary clinton, was that true, is that true? >> look, i wasn't at that event. i'm not privy to what the president's position is. but i will tell you this, for kennedy townsend to reveal what might have been part of a private conversation at a private event just shows you how desperate the democrats are to play all kinds of games. >> we should assess other people at the same event within earshot of the brief meeting the two of them had, and did not hear him say anything. >> that's correct. >> but having said that the bush family is still, you know, kind of standoffish with mr. trump. if he became president, got elected president, could reverse some of these polls, how would they be with him? what do you think? >> look, you're talking about a family that i think understands the difficulty and the
7:20 am
importance of having support for the president of the united states. and i think no matter who it is the bush family will honor their commitment to the country and be as helpful as they can to whomever gets elected president of the united states. >> john sununu, always a pleasure. be well. >> nice to have you back, neil. welcome to the zipper club. >> there you go. i want to thank you by the way for a very nice letter. it was actually a zinger letter, but i appreciated it. but, governor, you're a good man. i appreciate it. be well. >> thank you. >> governor john sununu. politics can be trump by being decent human beings. kurt shilling, great pitcher, right? as a yankee fan i hated the guy, but he's really shaken things up, particularly when it comes to politics. after this. i think in each and every one of our pasts we've said things that we regret, said things we probably shouldn't have said. last i checked nothing he said got four people killed in benghazi, so i'm okay with that.
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all right. well, donald trump will be in pennsylvania later today. that's one of the states where he is -- well, it's tight as a tick right now and that was a state earlier in the summer of course hillary clinton led by double digits, it's down to about two points in most polls right now. but it is a big union state as well. so building union support there is key. service employees, international union president mary kay henry backing hillary clinton joins me right now. good to have you here. >> good to be with you, neil. >> your sense of donald trump's inroads with a number of union groups, certainly not all of them, but more than a typical republican picks up. is that an angry crowd? a crowd tired of business as usual? how would you describe? >> our sense is that the union support for donald trump is way
7:25 am
overblown. feiu members support hillary clinton's 70%. i'm here today in new hampshire because our volunteerism to make sure we get out and vote for hillary clinton and maggie hassan and everybody up and down the ballot that's championing work and families is like never before. and so we understand that there's a lot at stake in this election. we see our family's future on the ballot. and we intend to turn out in record numbers to make it crystal clear that we need our government to create good jobs for working families. >> so get out the vote that's been a problem and worry that a lot of mrs. clinton's backers they might be out there but they're not exactly going to be, you know, skipping and running to the polls. you think that will change? >> well, we have been on the doors in communities in the battlegrounds since mid june. we are going to talk to voters in key communities, african-american, latino, api
7:26 am
and white working class communities seven times, neil, before they make their decision and get out and vote. >> are you surprised -- there's no doubt that you're working -- they took us off. but the polls are as tight as they are with a guy who even hillary clinton told a union group a couple weeks ago she can't believe she's not leading by 50 points. so do you ever get saying, gosh, we're going door-to-door, we're everywhere, we're doing everything we can and this race is dead even? >> there's a complete disconnect from what the polls are saying and what my bird's eye view is in every community where i've been on the doors. last weekend i was in philadelphia. it is clear that people are very worried about the noise in the national election. they care deeply about creating good jobs. they want their children to be able to go out and play in the street and feel safe. so there's a lot at stake. and that's why we want to double down, increase our volunteerism. >> well, but are you troubled then just as you're doing this,
7:27 am
this audiotape comes out in which mrs. clinton, to be fair back in february, was sort of dismissing bernie sanders supporters as those who believe we can have free college, free health care and that what we've done hasn't gone far enough, that we just need to go as far as scandinavia, that a lot of them live in their parents' basements. just made overtures to those sanders supporters, many of whom i'm sure your members. i'm sure that's going to bother a few of them, right? >> well, i door knocked last weekend with a sanders supporter who was full out for hillary clinton. she got her 14-year-old son on a bus from new york and she spent six hours -- >> what do you think she'd say if she heard this tape? >> i think she would say that we have to think about the future for our children. >> so she's letting bygones be bygones, that's the way she felt then, she doesn't feel that way now? >> i think people are tired of
7:28 am
the back and forth and the lack of conversation about how working families are struggling to make ends meet. and that we need our government to work with working people and hold corporations accountable to making poverty jobs good jobs once and for all in this nation. and i think we are so under pressure as working people that we want to double down, join together, do what we do best, which is organize and show up in force to make sure that we elect champions for working people in this nation. >> well, i know you've been working hard this campaign. feiu president, mary kay henry. good having you. >> good to be with you. >> told you we have all-star pitcher kurt shilling, he didn't waste a second ripping gary johnson, libertarian candidate. he's here too. >> i've never voted for somebody because a paper endorsed them. i've never voted for somebody because they ran a special ad. i voted for the person. i've been wrong sometimes, i've
7:29 am
been right others. but in the end of the day, if you don't like donald tr is und rub people the wrong way, i get it. if you don't like hillary clinton, you sure as hell can't vote for gary johnson. i have yet to see him when he's not high. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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all right. want to keep you up-to-date on some other matters going on. the national transportation safety board is still trying to get to the bottom of that deadly train wreck in new jersey. investigators struggling to get clues from the data recorders and also held off on questioning the train's engineer because of his injuries. meanwhile, new jersey residents -- republican governor chris christie reaching a deal with democratic lawmakers to hike the state's gas tax by 23 cents a gallon. in return the estate tax would be eliminated in the garden state and the sales tax would be reduced. and independent presidential nominee gary johnson running mate raising some eyebrows.
7:33 am
bill weld quoted as saying he's not sure anybody is more qualified than hillary clinton to be president of the united states. he was to be fair putting that in the context of who has experience and whether that is worth anything in this race. still, it's going to cause more controversy for gary johnson no doubt. he'll be joining us at the top of the hour. well, when it comes to celebrities and who they support, curt schilling already knows it's donald trump. >> i am a big american conservative, constitutional loving person. so i will be voting for donald trump. >> what do you think of all the dust up he's gotten from these comments about miss universe, the women thing, what do you think of that? >> well, i think that in each and every one of our pasts we've said things we regret, we said things we probably shouldn't have said. but last i checked nothing he said got four people killed in benghazi, so i'm okay with that. >> hillary clinton picked up a little bit, curt, as you probably heard in the polls.
7:34 am
not a lot. it could change. but did he go too far? did that debate hurt him? if so, how would you advise him? >> well, first off, i think that the debate as we know it is now an outmoded way to judge these people for president. you don't run the country in 90-minute oral arguments. i think what it did show you is he's not a polished politician. and i don't think that's a bad thing. the polls i heard he was up after the debate. but at the end of the day i stopped living on polls after brexit. >> good point. >> start to rely on, you know, discussing with people. so, you know, i think she did everything -- listen, she has nothing to attack him with because she has nothing to stand on achievement wise. 26 years, which i thought was a very powerful response from him, which was you've had 26 years to fix it, you've done nothing. it's true. she hasn't. she's done the opposite of nothing. she's hurt in every possible way she can. and i think she's the epitome of
7:35 am
just a very bad, bad, evil human being. >> you might challenge elizabeth warren. are you really serious about that? >> oh, i'm serious about it. listen, one of the things about a senator that people need to understand a senator takes the constituents' concerns to d.c. it's not about politicking the state. governor baker i think is doing a good job. i think he's made a lot of people mad on both sides, which to me is a good sign. but senator warren is about free education. and just locally there's 29 public colleges in mass, 191,000 college public students, that's over $3 billion a year. which means to graduate a four-year college in this state you're looking at over $10 billion in new taxes. not money, new taxes. >> so what would you do? >> well, first off i would get rid -- listen, i'm okay with free education and free college if they can pay for it. the federal government shouldn't be funding that because on a national scale by 2020 we're talking about having 20 million
7:36 am
college students in two and four-year public universities at a cost of almost $5 trillion every four years of new taxes. that's money we don't already pay. and i think that a lot of people miss that. i'm all for as cheap an education as we can make this, but the capitalistic market drives the winners and losers. and the more the federal government gets involved, the less success it has and the less off we are as a country. if i'm not electable, then i won't get elected. but i believe being a senator, being a governor, being in the public office is about being a leader. it's not about being the smartest guy in the room even when you're not, or the smartest gal in the room. it's about surrounding yourself with smart people and coming to a consensus and making the right decisions for the people you represent. as a senator, that would be the people of massachusetts. as the governor you're fiscally responsible for massachusetts. as president it's the country. >> if you don't mind if i could switch gears a little bit. there's been a great deal of attention paid to those who are
7:37 am
sitting out or kneeling out of the national anthem, cover of "time" magazine, colin kaepernick, others have done it as well. a few redskins players last weekend shaking their fists in the air, even some kids at pop warner games doing the same. where do you stand on this? >> well, i was pissed initially. very pissed. when i started hearing veterans talk about him kneeling being one of the rights they fought for, i kind of backed away from that point. but he's kneeling for a false narrative. he's kneeling for a lie. the black lives matter movement in this disproportional violence against blacks by our police officers is founded on no factual data. it's founded on the fact that every time there is an incident like this, or in the rare cases that there is an incident like this, the media blows it up. in the 75 most violent cities in this country, blacks make up 15% of the population yet commit 57%
7:38 am
of the murders. when -- and, listen, you and i can both agree, there's racism in this country. there will be racism forever. you can't pass laws, you can't legislate morals. you're always going to have the bad apples. but in this country we don't execute you for having bad opinions. we don't jail you for disagreeing or protesting. and that makes us different. >> let me switch sports, tim tebow. he's gone from football to baseball, just hit a home run i think for some minor league. >> instructionally. >> exactly. so what did you make of that? >> surprised. sure. he hit -- it wasn't just a home run. he hit a home run to the opposite field center field. instruction league is where every team kind of sends top prospects in the winter to get more practice. i expected him to be overmatched. he clearly wasn't. but instructionally he's not taking anybody's spot. so next spring training when he goes to try to win a job, i will be interested to see how he
7:39 am
competes. i don't think he has a chance in hell of making the big leagues. but a man of that strong of faith, i'd never bet against him. >> he's gotten a lot of press as well on the faith thing and does he wear it on his sleeve. what do you think of that? >> yeah. i found it funny how when he knelt the media was up in arms, you know, when he knelt and gave his thanks to god, his praise to god, he was vilified by people. listen, he -- >> that's an excellent point. that's an excellent point. do you think the bias right now -- i don't know if you heard, "usa today" today didn't endorse a candidate, but it just wrote against donald trump that he's not fit for the presidency. it has never backed a candidate one way or another in its 30-plus years of existence, but went out of its way today to print this editorial damning donald trump or supporting hillary clinton or anyone else, what did you think of that? >> listen, i stopped trying to get my news from the media.
7:40 am
when i think it was the managing editor of the guardian, which might be the most left leaning rag on the planet, came out and said it was the media's job to get hillary clinton elected. i stopped worrying about my facts from the media. i try and do as much as i can from a research perspective, combining information, combining data to try and find out what the real story is. i don't care if -- i've never voted for somebody because a paper endorsed them. i've never voted for somebody because they ran a special ad. i voted for the person. i've been wrong sometimes. i've been right others. but at the end of the day if you don't like donald trump, which is understandable, he can rub people the wrong way, i get it. if you don't like hillary clinton, you sure as hell can't vote for gary johnson. i have yet to see him when he's not high. and if he's not high, then he's clearly not -- >> now, now, i'm going to tell him you said that. he's with me this weekend special coverage. did you know that? >> well, but i say that and i'm joking -- >> i know. >> but this is a guy who couldn't name angela merkel or
7:41 am
vladimir putin. and i know a lot of people didn't know where aleppo was when he was asked. >> a global leader and couldn't come up with a name. who was yours, by the way? >> you know, the next president of the united states. >> oh. and you want that to be donald trump. >> it will be donald trump. i trust in the people of this country. >> curt schilling, great having you. good luck coming out of your show. all right. by the way, we did put out calls to senator elizabeth warren. she has not returned them. but of course the invite is always out there. and gary johnson, we did put a call out to, and he was with us at the top of the hour. i don't think he'll let some of those comments go. meanwhile, i don't think donald trump is going to let some mark cuban comments go, especially when it comes to their various business backgrounds. as mark cuban was saying, he never stiffed a contractor, he never stiffed any of his workers over his many years. so he says the fact that donald trump brags about it is insulting. is it?
7:42 am
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. .
7:45 am
. . . . . debate. businessman donald trump on defense because of being businessman donald trump. and hillary clinton raising the fact that he stiffs his contractors or has on a number of occasions. and donald trump using that as wouldn't you want that in a president who's going to be looking out for the taxpayers making sure they're not getting gouged. that back and forth went one way, but when mark cuban joined me in the spin room afterwards, he took a slightly different point of view. take a look. >> set him up with the question about not paying your vendors and we have the architect here. and then she came -- >> but he did answer. and i'm sure you've had sometimes i didn't pay if they did a lousy job or -- >> no. >> that's the way the government operates. that's not the way i operate. >> no. absolutely positively not. have i had disagreements, yes. but do i make sure they get paid when they're resolved? yes. >> you did such a lousy job --
7:46 am
>> never. never. never, never, ever, ever. >> ever, ever? >> not one time. that's just not me. he dealt with that issue of wanting our allies to pay the same way he dealt with, well, they don't do a good job as a contractor i'm not going to pay them. it's one thing when you're dealing with an architect and you don't like the work they did for your hotel. >> but you're pretty good with money, mark. does that mean we don't honor a nato commitment if one is attacked? >> but that's what he said. >> but let me ask you this, does he raise a good point recognizing we can't keep that going especially when we as a nation are running up deficits and debt? >> no. >> did he fail to articulate that? >> it wasn't the right point to make. >> you can't tell me that mark cuban has stiffed someone along his rise to the top. just saying. i don't know. seriously. but back to this issue everyone saying you've been so nasty as a business guy. what if i flipped that around or maybe in a debate strategy donald trump flipped it around,
7:47 am
yes. i'm an s.o.b., guilty as charged, you need that in the white house to handle these ballooning government spending contracts, unaccounted for that tend to grow, deficits that grow with them, debt that grows with them, what if he got on offense of that? well, of course, he didn't to the degree supporters say he should, but let's take this apart. democratic strategist extraordinaire jessica and trump national finance committee member and overall investor beyond extraordinaire, anthony scarmuci. >> good to see all of you. >> keep going. >> what do you make of that, anthony? a guy is backing in, i know what he was trying to say, trump not so much cuban, but that he missed an opportunity to turn that to his favor. >> it's interesting because i have a very good relationship with mark. he just endorsed my book and obviously i'm working for mr. trump. >> all you ga zillion --
7:48 am
>> thick as thieves. >> i'm surprised they're not thick as thieves. >> they were. >> using mr. cuban's arenas and so forth. we could debate that, but here's the central issue. we got a huge problem in the united states, neil. we have to fix this problem. we have reckless spending. we've got to refabricate the military at this point. and we have to redesign our national security footprint to make america safer. in addition to growing the economy for the working class and the middle class. >> so are you pro -- >> to me those are the best policies. >> wouldn't we be pro s.o.b. in this environment? >> well, ruthlessness is a hallmark of a good president. reagan was very ruthless but congenial. >> right. but on these issues don't you want somebody to say, no, no, we're not going to do it this way? >> absolutely. he started to do it very quickly went on the microphone that makes me smart, right? he should have continued that. that does make him smart in many ways because we need somebody who will get tough on spending renegotiate these government
7:49 am
contracts. it is insane the amount of spending that goes and sometimes just because it's a government contract they're paying twice as much -- >> so you're pro stiffing contractors? >> i am not. but i am pro leaning into criticism. that's something donald trump has done all throughout the campaign is leaned into his criticism instead of getting defensive. >> exactly. turn it around. jessica, it's sort of analogous to we love doctors with good bedside manners. now, i was out a few day ths summer. >> i noticed that. >> looking great, man. >> you're looking great. >> extraordinaire. >> everything comes back to me. but i had a point with this, i forgot what it was, but i love my doctor. he was a great guy. but i first was searching and doing my due diligence with the best heart surgeon i could find. now, does it help that he had good bedside manners? yes. but, you know, if the guy didn't but he was great at what he did, i would err on the side of are you good at what you're doing because this is my heart. don't we want that? >> yes, but i think the problem
7:50 am
is the evidence doesn't indicate donald trump is as good as doing what he. >> he's a billionaire. >> so he says. >> forbes hates the guy and -- >> he'sbillion. >> listen, donald trump obviously has a lot of money, that is not in dispute. spending is an issue, but donald trump's plan adds over $5 trillion to the debt. hillary clinton's plan gains $200 million at this point. >> i want to get -- let's shuffle back to what i said. wouldn't you need a nasty guy in charge of government priorities and spending, so much to the point that he would offend a lot of people? >> that's totally fine. >> so you're pro s.o.b. >> you call hillary an s.o.b. all the time, that's okay if she implements -- >> i wouldn't call a woman an s.o.b. >> that's very nice of you.
7:51 am
he's resting all this on the idea that he's under audit and there's no evidence that he's actually under audit. >> changing the subject. >> and the contractor -- >> you're veering. >> no i'm not. here i am, right back on track. stiffing contractors when you're saying you're out there for the working man, where he says the system is rigged against you -- >> you're conflating issues. >> no, i'm not. he's the one who is rigging the system against the little guy. >> the little guy is getting hammered, neil. what happens with left-leaning policies is they do exactly the opposite of what they intend to do. they hammer down the lower class, the working class, middle class, and make rich people very rich. >> that's what hillary clinton says donald trump is doing. >> donald trump will shatter those false totems in our society. >> do you stiff your contractors, if a contractor works on your house?
7:52 am
>> when we know that we're wrong on policy, we talk about ad hominem attacks. we're going to have an ad hominem attack on donald trump. >> let's hear about the issues. i'm just saying, lee, on this issue, it's a crucial part of donald trump's campaign that he's a businessman. she's saying, yeah, but you did a lot of nefarious things along the way. how does donald trump correct that in the next debate to make a virtue out of something that looks like a vice? >> he has to lean into the criticism. when he goes into the next debate he has to talk about, look, i'm going to tough on these contracts, i'm going to tough on spending, i'm going to be tough on deals, yes, maybe i haven't always paid people, but they didn't do a good job. the problem is, we've got our set of facts, and the opposition has theirs. and we can throw them and conflate them and do everything else. the bottom line is this. can he convince people that he
7:53 am
is going to be the one to change things against the establishment, is he going to change the order, is he going to make things better for americans? because right now the question isn't necessarily is it about donald trump or hillary clinton. it's about establishment versus something new and different. >> the economy has buried the people that i grew up with, neil. it's buried them. and these policies are the wrong policies for working class families. we need more self reliance, a better tax system, to stop the burdens of spending. mr. trump is going to do all those things as the american president. >> could i switch gears a little bit, guys. i didn't understand your positions, but they were brilliant, all of you. i'm kidding. the other thing is, did you see "the washington post" today? in the style section -- >> they renamed that prop. >> it's amazing. they're in a conundrum as to how to kid about donald trump.
7:54 am
i guess alec baldwin is playing donald trump. there's quite a crisis going on about let's stop joking about this guy, he could actually become president and he's a threat and we shouldn't make light of it. >> look, i think that humor is one of the things that's getting the news and getting information out to people right now. we've seen the rise of "the daily show," "the colbert report" over years and years. it's getting popular. people are making informed decisions. >> a comedy show, and they're very good with these political skits, is making such a big deal over trump. >> the millennials are getting their niece frews from these co shows. he's a guy who you can make fun of. >> he's hosted the show. >> he's hosted the show. >> kate mckinnon does a great hillary clinton, alec baldwin does a great donald trump.
7:55 am
donald trump could be the next president of the united states. i don't think he will be. >> you don't recall donald trump? >> i don't like donald trump. it's really critical, we were talking about this earlier, whoever is the next president has to be the next president for all americans. >> joke, joke, joke. is it okay to joke? >> it's okay to joke. >> i really doubt that. i appreciate it. >> you may want him to be our president, i respect your view, but when he is president, he'll do a phenomenal job. >> the fun with these skits, whether you like them or not, they equally offend people. >> did you like when they made fun of you, neil cavuto? >> they had a thin guy playing me, i liked that.
7:56 am
you were a little offended when they played gerald ford stumbling around, it was all in good fun. when people say, this worries me, i hope they don't go that route. >> i don't think they will. donald trump hosted himself. >> but it was all your liberal friends who were like panicking. crying into their lattes. >> they're way more upset about this than up conservatives. >> i think jimmy fallon does a great donald trump. >> i think donald trump likes it. he definitely things any publicity is good publicity. he loves it, all the airtime. he's saying, oh, you're covering me. >> everyone has to lighten up, it's a comedy show. >> you should come to a donald trump trufmp rally with me. you would like it. >> that would be a media moment. guys, thank you all very much.
7:57 am
watch "snl" tonight, see if you agree, if they police themselves, we'll see. we've got gary johnson, still in this race. you heard the horrible stuff that curt schilling had to say about him. gary johnson responds.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
all right. with polls coming out showing that hillary got a little bit of a post-debate bounce, donald trump is in pennsylvania, one of those states, surprisingly, the polls are pretty close there. that's why you'll find our peter doocy in manheim, we'll go to him shortly. meantime, the presidential race is getting nastier, donald trump telling "the new york sometimes" that clinton is nasty but "i can be nastier than she can ever be." ben cohen who backed as is is
8:01 am
reportedly not ready to throw his support behind hillary clinton. he is quoted as saying he had a short conversation with clinton's campaign manager and declined to endorse, at least for the time being. the airwaves may be flooded with political ads, but tv ad spending is expected to add $2.8 billion this year, $300 million less than the 2012 campaign, as donald trump has limited his spending. now to the battleground race going on in pennsylvania and peter doocy in manheim, pennsylvania. all right, peter. donald trump there later today, a lot at stake, right? >> reporter: there is. and it's going to be interesting to hear him keep talking about how he was basically vindicated yesterday, neil, as you heard for the last few days, donald trump was complaining that his microphone at monday night's debate in hempstead wasn't working, and that led to a lot of detractors saying, no, donald trump just had the sniffles.
8:02 am
but the debate commission came out with a statement, they said trump was right, there was something wrong, regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding donald trump's audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall and trump is now explaining why that was such a problem for him. >> and it was not -- it was difficult. and you know, when you have a situation like that, and you know it's bad, and you think you have 100 million people watching, what do you do, stop the show, please fix it? it was bad. i wonder why it was bad. >> as for the next debate, there is a "new york times" report citing sources close to the trump campaign saying a strategy mr. trump is considering is now to confront secretary clinton about her husband's infidelity to her face. he told her on monday that he wasn't going to go there because it was too rough, but four days later he was reminding voters in new hampshire that bill clinton got impeached for lying about a relationship with an intern. something is changing.
8:03 am
now we'll just wait to see how much more it will change. also trump got a lot of attention yesterday for some pre-dawn tweets attacking a former miss universe. he says that is an asset, writing on twitter that, quote, for those few people knocking me for tweeting at 3:00 a.m., at least you know i will be awake to answer the call. here in manheim, not far away from amish country in pennsylvania, which is notable because a few months back some trump supporters formed a group to try to court amish voters to back the nominee with billboards and newspaper ads, amish community obviously not keeping too close a tab on what donald trump is tweeting about, so it will be interesting to see who shows up here at:00 tonig 7:00 . >> peter, thanks very much, peter doocy. bill we would, the libertarian vice presidential
8:04 am
candidate, says hillary clinton is the most qualified to be president. >> i'm not sure anyone is more qualified than hillary clinton to be in the united states. >> of course he went on to say there's more to it than that. gary johnson, libertarian nominee for president, albuquerque, new mexico, he was governor there two terms in a row, governor, good to have you. what did you make of what your running mate was saying? >> in the whole context of things, he said the right thing. look, she's qualified. donald trump is not qualified. but hillary clinton on the other hand, look, pay to play, taxes are going to go up, there's a certainty regarding that, and there's a certainty that she's going to be the most hawkish candidate if she gets elected president. i think we continue to drop bombs. >> you know, curt schilling thinks that you would be a wasted vote. i was talking to him earlier,
8:05 am
governor, the former boston red sox pitcher is contemplating a run against elizabeth warren for senate in 2018 there. he was repeatedly disparaging your use of marijuana, your advocacy for easing penalties for those who smoke marijuana. what do you think of that? >> i actually caught a bit of that interview. he also said that i conteuldn't come up with the name of putin as an admired foreign leader. i'll let his comments stand on that one. >> despite some slip-ups, and i'll include those of governor weld, maybe that was unintentional, and obviously the question about aleppo and later on could you name a leader, that people are seizing on these gotcha moments as saying your libertarian dreams of the white house are over. what do you say? >> five major newspapers, the latest one being "the chicago
8:06 am
tribune" yesterday. >> they say you're a better alternative than the other premier candidates. >> and they address the issue of wasted vote. wasted vote is voting for somebody you don't believe in. nothing is going to change if you don't vote for the person you believe in. i think we're offering up the best choice here for president and vice president of the united stat states. >> you know, obviously each campaign reads you a different way. hillary clinton was saying earlier this week i think on her campaign jet that you're essentially a wasted vote and people should know voting for you or dr. stein running an environmental independent ticket, nothing is going to happen, you're not going to get what you want. so she's the closest to what you want. what do you think? >> nobody's offering the unique combination that we're offering, which i think is reflective of 60% of america, and that is
8:07 am
being fiscal conservative. that's being socially inclusive, allowing people to make choices in their own lives. that's skeptical of our military interventions, skeptical when we go in and support regime change, and then supporting free trade, believing that ultimately free trade will lead to more u.s. jobs, not less u.s. jobs. that's four legs of a stool that neither one of them come close. you know, a couple of them got maybe a couple of legs of that four-legged school, but not all legs. you don't have to guess regarding outcomes. both bill weld and myself, former republican governors, we each day served two terms in heavily democrat states. we were not wallflowers. look, we got things done. we pushed the limits. were we liked in level democrat states? we were liked, because we pushed the limits. a good indicator was when you upset both sides of every single
8:08 am
issue, i always viewed that as being successful. nobody gets what they want, but we've got some really tough issues facing the country. the reform of medicaid and medicare, social security, balancing the federal budget, $20 billion debt, military spending. >> the criticism you get is those who question whether you are up on all these issues. "the washington post," this is an editorial in one newspaper, i grant you, but it says, do you prepare for your major interviews, first mr. johnson was confused about a question on aleppo, then when asked who his favorite world leader was. "mr. johnson is good natured about wholly unprepared and unwilling or unable to learn."
8:09 am
what do you say? >> well, i have an aversion to misspeaking. so, you know, a couple of days after the name a foreign leader that you can admire, i'm still having a hard time on that one. foreign leader that you can admire? look, having been elected governor of new mexico, one of the big surprises that i had was all these people i looked up to politically i got to meet for the first time, and you know what, a lot of them were just placeholders. they weren't really in it to press the limits of public policy. they really weren't in it to do what i'll call is right, really, to fix issues that are facing us. they were more in it for reelection. and that's something that i saw firsthand. that is an aversion that i have to politics. and i'll just point to my own record, having been governor of new mexico. i was not a wallflower. i pushed these issues. look, spending went down
8:10 am
considerably. looking at social issues, support of social issues, coming out more vocally than anyone in the country regarding the war on drugs, advocating for school choice. you know, i was more outspoken than any governor in the country when i served regarding and supporting school choice. >> all right, governor, you argue your position very well, just wanted to pick your brain on that. very quickly, if you'll indulge me, sir, it seems that hillary clinton folks are more interested in ripping you a new one than are the trump folks, which leads me to believe you're taking more from her than from him. what do you think of that? >> i understand hillary clinton is spending more money on discrediting our candidacy, myself and bill weld's, than we have to spend. what do you make of that, america? i guess when you cause concern,
8:11 am
that's the -- the next step is really making a difference. there's still an opportunity to win here, but it's getting late in the game, got to be in these presidential debates. neil, we had this discussion earlier. >> i know. >> i am polling higher than ross perot was before he was allowed into that first debate. >> i checked that and you're right, you are. it's different rules now. it doesn't look like you're going to be invited to at least this next one. we'll see what happens. governor, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> governor gary johnson. all right. hillary clinton caught on tape dissing bernie sanders's supporters, living in their parents' basement. if you've seen a lot of bernie sanders' supporters, they weren't all kids, some were old. so if they're in a basement, it's their own. nevertheless, will this be her romney moment?
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
there's just a deep desire to believe that, you know, we can have free college, free health care, that what we have done hasn't gone far enough and we just need to, you know -- if you're resigned to being a barista or something that doesn't pay a lot, the idea that
8:16 am
you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing. >> there goes the barista vote. welcome back, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. now one of those just liberated from their basement, no doubt, good to see you, kiddo. >> my parents' basement is beautiful. >> i bet it is. that was a little dismissive? >> yeah. it was the primary. >> you're a big bernie sanders supporter. they always knew or suspected she didn't think a great deal of them. but this kind of confirmed it. >> i don't think it's that she didn't think a great deal of them. i think she's not a skilled politician and she's not a millennial. this is a generational issue, this isn't a hillary clinton issue. this is an issue that, no offense to our elders, a lot of the elders haven't been able to -- >> she dismissed you as living in your parents' basement and being a barista. >> well, some of them, she said. >> if she had applied race to
8:17 am
that, you would be dragging her to court. you're reacting differently to this than mitt romney's famous 47% not paying taxes. you're free with that clear double standard? >> because she was making a case for millennials and saying essentially -- >> he was making a case for half the country that doesn't pay taxes and wouldn't be interested in voting for him. >> and demonizing him. >> what he said was bad, what she said -- >> she wants to empower the millennials there. >> she's not empowering them there. >> but fully in context, she's explaining what this generation has been dealing with, she connects the fact that the recession has put them in this situation, that the recession based on trickle-down economics -- >> you have buddies and friends who love bernie sanders. >> yes. >> how do you think they're going to feel that the candidates, some of them grudgingly went to because they didn't share the same passion as they did for bernie, is saying
8:18 am
what they longed suspected she was thinking? >> sure enough, twitter is a great way to poll these people. the majority of those making a big deal are donald trump supporters. the rapid response director for bernie sanders came out and said -- >> because you guys haven't gotten up yet, and then you'll stagger into starbucks. what you're saying is you won't make a big deal of this. >> it's not a big deal. she doesn't understand what was going on with the revolution, true enough. her own daughter -- >> but she's saying all this stuff, you want free college, free health care, stuff she later ex pounds. >> some of it. . >> she wasn't feeling this in february. i don't know which hillary to believe. >> this was the primary. a lot was learned. she evolved -- >> she evolved for political survival. you used to say mitt romney is like a chameleon.
8:19 am
>> he ran away from progress. progress is something you evolve towards. she in february just got crushed by bernie sanders in new hampshire. >> i you'rethink you're a hypoc. >> how am i a hypocrite? >> you would be all over mitt romney if donald trump was caught saying something like this about republican voters in reverse. >> i say that as a millennial. >> have you been a barista? >> i've been a bartender, i'm a whe baris barista. i'm a real person. i'm about to leave from here and go and work on a saturday. >> is there a flag burning rally i'm missing? i'm kidding. no grudge, no anger, nothing? >> of course i'm frustrated by this type of rhetoric.
8:20 am
but it was february in a primary. >> just saying. she didn't want to do all this free stuff back then. >> she still doesn't want to. >> right. everybody says we don't know what we're going to get with donald trump. what are you going to get with her? >> she hasn't promised a bunch of free stuff. >> free college for -- >> that's not bernie sanders's plan entirely. they negotiated that. >> they negotiated down to 85%? >> absolutely. >> okay. >> i mean -- >> that's negotiation, sign me up, i want you to handle my next contract. seriously, very good seeing you. >> thanks. you look great. >> thank you very much. that's a bipartisan group hug. a new focus on the running mates now, the vice presidential nominees. why did i tell you, if the guys on the top of their ticket are so old, after this. aking every . that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
8:21 am
all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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8:24 am
i don't know, i think the music adds a sense of urgency, doesn't it? if you heard that music coupled with the impending vice presidential debate, but if i told you without the music, you wouldn't appreciate the urgency. larry sabato has the definitive look at how we've wandered. professor, good to see you. >> nice to see you, neil. >> did the music help you appreciate the gravitas of the situation? >> i'm so excited, i don't know if i can even respond to your questions. >> that's the way i roll. depending on who you talk to, big deal to republicans, they call it another mitt romney
8:25 am
moment. a democrat, a liberal i just had on, not just a big deal to her because bygones are bygones. >> it's not helpful, she's having a problem with millenials and former sanders supporters. they were all in for bernie, they never really took to her. you can see it in the polls even today, she's not doing nearly as well with those under the age of 34 as barack obama did. >> so she lumps them in with living in their parents' basement with their barista jobs, not all of them, but she gives a clearly disdainful characterization. i can't imagine they're happy campers about it. >> i'm interested in how bernie responds, he's been out there
8:26 am
campaigning on college campuses, they've just doubled his workload. >> obviously he would be a little ticked, to put it mildly. >> his people will. >> he's a good soldier for the party, he's been campaigning for her. but i did find interesting, professor, when she went on talking about, they want free college, free health care, that what we haven't done is go far enough. oddly enough she ended up adopting pretty much all of those policies, not to the letter. could she, would she then come out and say, hey, whatever i said back then, i've taken all your hero's platform? >> politicians are very good at evolving. you know that, neil, they evolve constantly. they are ballet dancers who can turn on a dime. i don't think anybody is surprised that a politician would change his or her views. but that's something you answer for in a debate if the other
8:27 am
candidate presses it, if the other candidate presses it. >> and if it comes up in a debate, i'm not one to talk about media bias, of course, but i wonder if the media will exhibit half the zeal it did with the mitt romney famous 47% remark. maybe it will. what do you think? >> some will, some won't. you know -- >> that is such a weak answer. such a weak non-answer. >> well, it was a weak question. >> touche, professor. my prediction is this. i'm not going to make any bets, because i lose them with you, is that the media won't cover it. look at all the major paper coverage tomorrow, see if you see this even mentioned, and compared it to mitt romney. >> i will. >> we'll see. >> i will look just to see if you're wrong. >> that's mean. did i tell you i came back from surgery? >> yes. >> let me ask you about this vice presidential debate. you were raising something interesting the other day.
8:28 am
it might get a little more attention this go-round, maybe if for no other reason than the age of the guys at the top of the ticket. i was looking at some polls. these guys have higher poll numbers than the guys at the top of their ticket. >> well, i'm sure some of the commentary you'll hear probably from average citizens watching it on tuesday night is, gee, i wish we could flip the tickets. some people are going to like the fact that they're relatively low key. there will be partisan clashes, there always are in a debate. these are people who are really substantive, they're very experienced, they've been in high offices, they've also participated in a wide variety of debates. so i expect them to do relatively well. now, as far as their age is concerned, that's reassuring. both candidates did the right thing in picking younger vp candidates, although i've got to tell you, as somebody who is very near 65, i resent your question, neil, i think it's
8:29 am
ageism. it's ageism. clinton is what, 68, and trump is 70. that is at worst late middle age. old age doesn't start until 90. i don't think you've learned that. >> i'm told 70 is the new 69. professor, great, i know i'm going to be seeing you tuesday for the big debate. when you make fun of me, i always feel like i should be holding my chest, it's like a flutter or something. >> oh, great. now i'm responsible. >> so we're ready just in case. thank you, my friend, always good having you, a good human being as well. you know about the media telling you about republicans, and all of those who have jumped ship to hillary clinton. it goes the other way around. meet the democrat who jumped ship for donald trump.
8:30 am
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this whole brexit upset surprising turnaround where the brits decided to pull out of the euro club, now "the guardian" newspaper says uk leader nigel farage will be coaching mr. trump for the next debate. he's been flown to the u.s. for that. meanwhile democrats in florida are crying foul over a decision by the supervisor of elections to allow voter registration drives at nine chik-fil-a location, they cite the chain supporting conservative causes. so they're picking and choosing who gets to vote, i guess. bracing for hurricane matthew, this thing popped up out of nowhere, a category 4 storm right now threatening jamaica, a complete update in just a few minutes. right now, we're tracking in and out poll numbers and how battleground states are faring in the rate for 270 electoral
8:34 am
votes. >> we were talking in the last hour about how the national race has started to make a turn towards hillary clinton by a couple of points. where it's maybe more pronounced is these battleground states. there are 13 states where the election is being fought. some of them lean blue, some lean red. if you add it up electorally, it's 183 electoral votes at stake. the polling is interesting. i'll begin with florida. we could begin and end with florida, if you're donald trump, it's hard to imagine a scenario in which donald trump does not win florida and he then becomes the president. it is as close to a must-win state as there is for mr. trump, represented by the red line. the race in florida has gone back and forth. hillary clinton was up, donald trump was down, back comes trump, the lines criss-cross, now they've criss-crossed again. the blue line, at the end of
8:35 am
this chart of ours, is jetting up. in the last week we had a poll that showed hillary clinton with a four-point advantage in the state of florida. again, if she wins that, it's beyond huge for her. the trend line has been better over the last week for hillary clinton in florida. number two, pennsylvania. i saw peter doocy reporting from there, i know donald trump will be there later on today. this state has been blue and leaning blue and probably still is. but the margin here, a couple of weeks ago, started to get a little bit closer, so much so that now at the end of this map we start to see it getting to the point where instead of an eight or nine-point lead, it's maybe five or six. an important point to make about pennsylvania, we don't have updated data from there. let's see if we get it in the next few days from organizations that might give us better data. the last data we had, trump going up, clinton going down. let's see if it is post-debate, we really don't know. new hampshire, we have a pretty good idea about. it's only four electoral votes.
8:36 am
but new hampshire is one that we thought would lean blue. we had it in that column for the longest time. it started to get a little bit closer. the analysis was more difficult to make. we put new hampshire in the toss-up column. however, neil, the last poll we had out of new hampshire showed hillary clinton with a seven-point advantage, now it looks like it's leaning blue again. it appears as if the debate helped her a little bit in key battleground states. >> but it can change so quickly. thank you very much. you've heard about republicans who end up supporting hillary clinton. here is a democrat doing the opposite. christian rickert heads up a pac of democrats supporting donald trump. very good to have you, christian. why donald trump? >> donald trump is the only candidate running for president probably out of all 20 or so that ran this year that was talking about rebuilding infrastructure and the job
8:37 am
outlook in this country, the economy. hillary clinton and bill clinton, there is nobody more responsible, and this needs to be told, the story needs to be told, nobody more responsible for the massive job losses, the gutting out of communities across this country, than the clintons, with the trade policies going back all the way to nafta. people are hurting all over the country. they say the unemployment numbers are low, but it's not exactly right. people are unemployed, underemployed, contract workers. they don't have the benefits they used to and they can't provide for their families like they used to. >> you mentioned contract workers there. of course donald trump got some heat for allegedly stiffing some contractors or paying less than they were agreed to on jobs that he said ended up being shoddy. i'm paraphrasing. but to the point, are some of your democratic friends who might be in unions at all, are they happy with what you've done? >> they are.
8:38 am
we have over -- we have a specific strategy, we're starting with 850,000 names that we've gathered in pennsylvania, in ten counties in pennsylvania alone that we're going after that are susceptible -- that are, you know, blue collar folks. and they're looking to -- we've had a couple of hundred thousand -- >> it's a blue collar base, it seems to be. his first name is don, wouldn't it have been cooler to do it like don-ocrats? >> i don't know about the name, as soon as you say trump-ocrats, you know what it is. we've got a couple of hundred thousand in pennsylvania and ohio who have switched their registrations to vote for him in the primary. there are a lot more standing behind them. hillary clinton is, you know,
8:39 am
the pied piper of greed. she left office dead broke, her and her husband, and now they're worth over a quarter of a billion dollars, all by selling influence all over the country. we need somebody who is -- >> your candidate, donald trump, is in trouble for illegally using the bankruptcy code to reshuffle and reorganize his businesses and there was little attention paid to how the clintons established their wealth in that last debate. much of the focus is on his wealth and how he acquired it. do you think the system, as donald trump has said, is rigged against him? >> these people have gotten filthy wealthy off of public service and i think it's unconscionable. donald trump has done it under a capitalistic system, he's got businesses all over the world, he's done -- you know, some are successful and some aren't. but at least he's made it off what i would consider hard work,
8:40 am
instead of on the backs of the american people. >> very good having you, christian rickert, trump-ocrats executive director. they say it's timing or just coincidence. others are saying more like weird. we don't know about those two jets that came to the tarmac with $1.7 billion total cash at the exact time those hostages were released. now we're hearing that sanctions were lifted on two iranian banks, sanctions that were not supposed to be lifted for another seven or so years, on the very same night, after this. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages.
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all right. i do want to correct something very quickly. nigel farage is a close confidante of donald trump and was supposedly ready to help donald trump prepare for the next debate.
8:44 am
i think we mistakenly said he's already in the country. i don't know if he's en route or whatever. it shows you the power of fox, you must have heard us say that and said, "i'm not in the country yet, but i will be." there's a guy you want in your corner debating-wise, he's a very good debater. anyway, he will do that whenever he arrives. meanwhile, we're finding out more and more about the iran deal, and the more we uncover the more it smells. it's one thing to hear about the $1.7 billion cash exchange almost at the exact same time the hostages are released in two different jets. but now sanctions lifted against two iranian banks that weren't supposed to be lifted until at least 2023, but were at almost the exact same time.
8:45 am
the former u.s. deputy is with me now, what do you think of this, ted? >> it's as innocent as hillary clinton's transactions at the state department. it's a travesty, the policy is clear, obama has been favoring iran all through his administration. he made that nuclear deal, which is frankly the worst possible deal. and all of these things now to pay ransom for the hostages, you look at where they got the money from, number one, the payment was probably illegal because it was made in terms of helping a terrorist nation, and that violates the patriot act and several other acts. they took the money from the u.s. treasury's judgment fund, basically a bottom -less money pit to pay off judgments. and they're taking more money, apparently, another couple of billion dollars from the same judgment fund in the treasury to
8:46 am
pay off and prop up obamacare. where does this all end? it's not a coincidence. this is a wrongful payment for ransom. and we should not be helping the iranian economy. >> real quickly, one of the things they say is, say what you will, that was money from the prior regime, back to the days of the shah, this was part of the iranian deal. but the bank thing, it's unusual because that was just an aside and sanctions that weren't to be lifted for several more years. it makes you wonder what else we ceded. >> it does make you wonder. a couple of points on that, number one, the banks like most of the rest of the iranian economy are run by the iranian military, they'll use that money for terrorism. you see also so many other things that were made as deals underneath the iranian nuclear deal. and obama has never disclosed those deals to the senate. i have that frankly directly
8:47 am
from a u.s. senior republican senator who told me that on the phone. so what else is out there? we've got all these things, they can inspect their own facilities? what genius that you have that? >> also we have a problem, we can't get american personnel to those facilities. jed, thank you very much, jed babbin in washington. >> my pleasure. you probably woke up hearing about this hurricane. if you're like me, how did it become so big, so fast? this thing is already a category 4. two days ago it was a tropical storm. stick around. at fedex has helpes simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean?
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8:50 am
all right. it's already hurricane matthew, already a category 4 storm. janet is tracking this monster.
8:51 am
>> we're tracking the storm through this weekend and into next week. hurricane matthew was a category 5 overnight. we are worried about jamaica, as well as haiti, and cuba, and the east coast, as we get into next week. there's the forecast path. it is a category 4, weakened a little bit. we're expecting a trend of a little bit of weakening, but restrengthening as it moves into the bahamas. as you can see as we go into wednesday and thursday, not a lot of confidence in the forecast model. so if you live in florida, all up and down the east coast, you need to be paying very close attention and have your hurricane plan intact. the deal is, we don't know what's going to happen until this storm starts to make its northward turn, but we are going to be dealing with a serious major hurricane, again, concerns for jamaica as well as haiti and cuba. and florida, you're in the crosshairs as far as the cone of uncertainty. and the water temperatures here, neil, very warm. so we are expecting a little bit
8:52 am
of weakening, and then strengthening again. what is steering this storm? we've got an area of low presh you across the ohio valley. which one is stronger, that's what's going to steer this storm. i can't stress enough, if you live along the east coast, you really need to pay attention to this storm system as a lot of the forecast models have a lot of uncertainty. >> janice, thank you. donald trump warning of a bubble. our experts saying, you know, he might be right.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
from the debate, donald trump saying we're in a bubble. it wouldn't take much to burst it. the market is priced for perfection. charlie is here. what do you think of that? >> i think that there are probably some concerns with this market being in a bubble. however, i don't think that it's
8:56 am
really necessarily as imminent as he thinks. every single time there's an election, for the past six elections, there's always the market volatility. there's always been some sort of fears to the economy. if you look at consumer spending, for the last couple months it's been up. people feel better about the economy. >> you're not too frantic? the deutsche bank this week had people saying, could it happen again. >> that's proof that we're in a bubble. just think about it. something very marginal -- i think you have to separate out the economy from the market here. the economy is doing okay, not great. but we've had record low interest rates for a long time. we have every major investor believing that if you raise rates just a little bit, it's a -- it's time to sell. if you get one little tick like a systemically important bang and make it ding for $15 billion, the markets will be off. that is proof positive that the market is in a bubble. the bottom line is this. if you didn't have low interest
8:57 am
rates like this, people will be putting their money into bonds. and other investments. because based on earnings, these -- >> the stocks are the only game in town. i guess the question is, where would we be without that? throughout the obama years, we've had near zero rates. >> well, if we had much lower stock market, i think it would be much stronger for trump. maybe 3% interest rates or whatever the ratio would cause that. >> that's interesting. in this environment. >> it's a good tact for trump. he almost needs some economic problems this year to push him over. if the election was in '99, al gore would have beat bush. the sliding stock market helps the opposing party. my point is, trump without the crash, we haven't really fallen apart this year. he needs to talk about, it could happen any day. >> it's almost around the corner that we're going to have the
8:58 am
stock market crash. >> but remember, we've had 0% interest. if donald trump sticks on the economy, sticks on the janet yellen induced fed zero -- >> the way he started out. >> he could win this. he could win that argument. all you have to do is look at this. justice department leaks that they're going to pay deutsche bank $15 billion. the market crash. they have to come out and leak that. it's only going to be $4 billion. that shows you how -- >> hard up for cash, and all this -- cash requirements -- >> they have to pay $15 billion. >> doesn't it worry you? >> well, sure. there's the aspect of contagion. if deutsche bank fails, what's going to happen to the other european banks? those banks, especially i mentioned this a couple of days ago with italy, they're not -- >> italy? >> i love italy, too. it's a great country. >> the market is on tender hooks because interest rates are so low --
8:59 am
>> but you said it yourself, there's a disconnect between the economy and the deutsche bank. if the market were to go into a free-fall, how would that affect this? >> right now, the one thing that could cause it is the deutsche bank. wells fargo, it would actually be a crash caused by regulation and fines. if we had that, even a couple thousand points, that would play very well, because trump could then say, literally, they're regulating business out of business and causing crashes. >> real quickly, steady as she goes right through the election. >> yes. they'll do anything to keep it up. there's one thing that the obama administration has to brag about, it's the market. >> jonas? >> i think we're going to stay at these levels through the election. >> online retailer did some studies saying they want to know who would trust their money more with either hillary clinton or trump. it's 50/50. no one trusts hillary clinton or donald trump with their money. >> there has to be an event.
9:00 am
i just don't know what the event is. >> october is the surprise. >> we'll see. >> we've seen this forever, every single election. >> it is october. thank you very much. we'll see you. donald trump under oath, a judge releasing video of the republican presidential candidate getting sworn testimony. all included in a lawsuit that came about in the wake of the comments about mexican immigrants. we've got all the details ahead. this, as mike pence prepares to take on hillary clinton's vp pick tim cakaine in their only debate tuesday night. what they're doing now to prepare. >> hurricane matthew makes its way across the caribbean. our weather center is tracking where this monster storm is headed next.


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