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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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sandra: join us on "outnumbered overtime". "outnumbered overtime" on web. find us on facebook as well, fnc. we're back on noon eastern time. tomorrow. "happening now" starts right now. back to home. >> what this donald look alike said to the republican nominee.
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it is all "happening now". >> we begin with a growing rift in the republican party as law makers upon grapple on whether to keep supporting donald trump. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. donald trump slammed the gop leadership after speaker ryan distanced himself. republicans worry that the fallout could impact the control of the senate and house. yesterday speaker are ryan said he was done defending trump and will no longer campaign with him. blake has the latest from washington. >> reporter: donald trump lashed out at both paul ryan and the establishment wing of the republican party. his twitter rants including a following warning from
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republicans today. disloyal res are far more difficult than crocked hillary. they don't know how to win. i will teach them he says. trump appeared to be expressing relief of not beholden to party leaders. it is nice that the shackles are off of me and i will fight for america the way i want to. trump is playing along the party line and set to hold two fundraisers from the donor class there and a rally in florida before supporter ares later tonight. one person you will not see on the campaign is ryan. the house speaker. they are on thin ice. trump tweeting out the following about ryan. our very weak and ineffective leader paul ryan had had a bad conference call and members went wild at his disloyalty. i asked a ryan spokesperson for
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the comment to the newest tweets. >> paul ryan is focusing on the next month on defeating democrat and republicans running for office should do the same. in the last few minutes trump fired off a tweet in mccain's direction. and calling mccain foul mouth. i should mention it is just 1:00 here on the east coast and have a long day. >> everyone forgets ronald reagan's latest commandment do not crit otherwise your fellow republican. >> donald trump fall nothing the poll and sticking with his message that the election is rigged and warning his supporters to watch out for fraud at voting locations. >> even the polls are crocked.
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we are in a rigged system, folks, rigged system. the only way to unrig it, get to the poll and make sure they are are honest polls. isn't it sad that we don't have stronger leadership on both sides? that will change on november 8th. and it will change fast. [applause] [cheering] >> why is it that the president of the united states, we've got no it growth. you see the gd? you saw that, right? it's so bad, like one percent. that means we are not growing. china goes down to 7 or 8 percent it is considered at a national tragedy. our jobs are gone. they have a phony employment rate. bad job numbers from last week? that is the last jobs report
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before the election. i was surprised they let that happen. it is all rigged. >> talking abouts his comments with noel, a former republican candidate and gop strategist. and jessica is a former candidate in florida and a democratic strategist. we have the best of all worlds here. noel, he said the election is likely too be stolen. what evidence does he have? >> look back in history. and for example, philadelphia, in 2008, you remember the when the new black panthers movement twirled around a knife stick to intimidate people in line to vote. and looking again in philadelphia, you can look at 2014, republican poll watchers caught two election workers manipulating a machine and they were later convicted of adding
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six votes their way. so there is some prove of it. me coming from florida, i know they have ramped up in a lot of the counties, they have ramped up republican poll watchers. it is it is going to be be a tied election and you could have voter proud. it is proven in co election states. >> jessica republicans control most of the governorships and state houses in the country, are you concerned about election fraud versus democrats? >> everyone is always concerned to make sure polls stay hope and that people are allowed to vote and people are not turned away. however, over and over again, it is shown in bipartisan commissions in different states, that the voter election fraud and asking for identification,
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are unconstitution will or not necessary because you know, it is usually the call that happens when someone feels that they are losing. obviously we have a sordid history of the hanging chad in the state of florida. we know what it takes to have an election gone wrong. that is a mechanical failure. and at this point, for us registration ends here today. it is extended until tomorrow. and for people to even register to vote and make sure they vote even if they go in person on november 8th. in the state of florida that has to happen today. you can't walk out and register. it is a scare tactic that is going on. trump knows that his poll numbers are going down. and everything is against him. if he is showing he's losing it is someone else's fault. >> i have to show an id to get
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in this building and board an airplane. and simple acts of life require identification. why not something like voting? >> there are different forms of identification. it is not just showing an id. especially those who are no longer able to drive and may not have a driver's license. that is a huge issue in the state of florida. they are required bring different forms of id. it is onerous the supreme court found. we have a right novote. and you have to prove who you are. there are instances that people who try to get ballots to those who are deceased. there are check and balances now. and make sure it is even as possible. i think the bigger issue is the voter turn out. people are disgusted right now.
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>> noel, trump's cry that the election might be stolen sounds like premature sour grapes and preparing the ground in case he loses the election, what do you you think about that? >> that is a good point. it does sound like if he loses it is because of this or that and the election is stolen. i will be glad he said it. he's going to rally these people who want to vote for him, if they are are looking at the poll and there is 11 point here and there, why bother. he's rallying them and saying guess what, you need to get out there and you need to make your vote count. so in a way, maybe he will fire up his base to rally to get the vote out. >> and also people who see hillary clinton ahead 11 points might not go out and vote. noel, jessica, thank you.
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>> thanks. and don't miss the third and final presidential debate moderated by fox news sunday anchor chris wallace, that is october 19th in las vegas. it is it the last show down before the election on the fox news channel. >> new information on the hillary clinton hacking. wiki leaks released documents that appear that she talked about information. she tried to keep that secret. >> reporter: hillary clinton gave a speech to a grouch of capped cand businessleaders and doing that speech she disclosed details of the raid that killed osama bin laden. she discusses that and that is a violation of national security.
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intercepted phone call was part of the intelligence trail that led to the al-qaeda leader's compound. in part. people who are analyst and collector and good old fashioned spies some of them from cell phone information. he made a phone call. this is the phone call. we need to figure out where he is and follow him and that's how we found the compound. clinton's team showed no respect for the investigation and did not hold them accountable. >> security is paramount and the lack of integrity and lack of discipline on the report of those who looked in to the incident. >> reporter: the government took action against the navy seal who wrote about the action. he agreed it pay the government in exchange for a criminal
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investigation in the unauthorized disclose and you are will be closed. fox news asked if there is information considered in clinton's case or if she asked for -- i am -- there seems to be a double standard in the cases. neither from what we can see asked for permission in advance and they did it both for personal profit. >> it is important the comparison. we all feel the same way, catherine that there are moments when the brain will kick in. >> reporter: thank you. >> see you next time. donald trump sharing the stage with a younger version of himself.
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and how did the mini me handle the spotlight. and we'll introduce you to a new campaign star. >> allegation of russia trying to tip the information. can the u.s. government do going to stop it. and which battle grouped state do you think that trump will win? go to to join the conversation.
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>> well, donald trump comes face-to-face with his mini me. bringing a toddler on the stage at a pennsylvania rally. he was dressed like the republican nom no and stole the shoel. >> what is your name? >> name. [applause] >> now, he's supposed to look like donald trump. but he's much to good looking. you are hand system.
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are you having a good time tonight. >> night. >> where is your daddy and your mommy, right. you want to deputy back to them or stay with donald trump. >> trump. [applause] >> you just can't script that stuff. >> how comfortable did that toddler behave. >> future star. >> definitely. wow. allegations of russian interferrance in the u.s. election. shortly after the obama accused russia of trying to sabstage the election. news reports that moscow is pushing information to wikiy leaks. a reporter said his words were passed along to wiki leaks and it was no accident. writing that the russian have
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been obtaining e-mails and falsifying them and hoping to change the outcome of the presidential election. we'll bring in peter. nice to have you back. it is hard to follow it all. the u.s. government on friday officially came out and said they believe that the russian government has directed recent compromises and reading off the release of e-mails of u.s. person and institutions and they mentioned dc a site of a lot of the hacking information and wiki leaks. why is that the government chose to do that. >> it is increasingly obvious that russia is attempting to hack the u.s. election by putting in false leads and fake storieses in the public debate.
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what is significant on friday, the department of homeland security and intelligence community point ped the finger at russia as being responsible for the leaks. that is significant. and it points out who is actually behind this and trying to benefit from it. it is a welcome turn and it is it also very late in the game. >> what about retailiation? if the government comes out and names who is messing with us. what tools are at their disposal? >> this is a problem that europeans have faced on a daily basis. where russia is actively trying to defuse their own political debates in europe. one of the things we learned from europe, is that when you are able to monitor, analyze and expose and rebut false leads and
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fake stories, it empowers folks to make a right decision rather than wrong information. we could sues that more here in the united states. but russia is winning when it comes to the propaganda war. >> and donald trump was quoting from the now decidedly false information that was put out there. and with the amount of information on the internet, it is easy to get down rabbit holes that are incorrect. it is something that we all face as journalist. peter, what does it say about russia's perception of the united states, now they are openly doing this in our election? >> the cruellest cut is for democrats. let's recall eight years, the democratic administration presented endless reset and olive branches to the kremlin in
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an effort to get russia to be a more responsible international actor. hillary clinton handed the russians they reset button and they hacked her campaign. it is important to show strength rather than weakness and the eran of resets has to be put behind us and it is time for a stronger and firmer approach with russia. >> sounds like a good question for an upcoming policy debate. port, thank you very much. more than a dozen people killed in eastern north carolina in flooding sparked by hurricane matthew and three rivers yet to crest. we are live in the center. >> syria's largest city
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devastated. a leppo, the destruction caused by the syrian civil war.
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>> you have seen the syrian. but the remains of syrian's largest city caught on camera by a drone. part of the city has been under an intense bombing campaign. pro assad forces are pressing a ground offensive in rebel held districts. it is catching people who can't afford to staep and here's a look at the city as it now stands. >> the u.s. led coalition
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retakes isis territory, it now controls the area about the size of virginia. that is a sharp reversal from two years ago, benjamin hall has more on isis from london. non paper, it is it a significant loss for isis. it is 30 percent of the territory in which they held. it is more about the territory they are losing. a lot of that land is desert and that is less important to them. the terror group lost control of 10000 square miles and most significantly lost control of the turkish border and that slowed down the sploi lines. one, theus led air strikes and targeting the leaders. and the other is the fight
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nothing northern syrian. the coalition of kurdish and meaning as a result iowa sis controlled 25000 square mile and that is an area the size of west virginia. they do control urban centers. and the battle for mosul might begin in a now days. the fighters wait for that offensive, they know what loys ahead. mosul is covered with improvoiced explosive and they are are over a million civilians that isis will be using for cover. even if isis loses all of the territory it will be a insurgency long after that land is gone. expect them to be dangerous for years, jon? >> thank you, benjamin. >> back here at home thousands
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of people cleaning up for the folks dealing with hurricane matthew. and hundreds of children have been infected with the mumps. how can we protect ourselves and our kid cans? we'll talk to a doctor next.
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>> a fox weather alert for you now. a dramatic rescue. more than 1500 people already have been rescued since the lumber river overflowed its banks. throw rivers are expected to crest later this week. they reported three more hurricane- related deaths in the state. bringing the total to 14. janice dean is live in the weather center. it always takes a couple of days before you find out how bad things got and that's true in this case as well. >> that's right, jon and i am glad you are still covering the
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story. i know we have political news. but this is a big story. new statistics. 6 billion in damage. this is the most expensive hurricane since sandy in 2012. 15 inches of rainfall in georgia, and south carolina and north carolina. 2000 high water rescues in north carolina and 4300 people are displaced in north carolina alone. and over a foot of rainfall in north and south carolina. flood emergencies are still underway and we still have flood warnings and a lot of the rivers will not recede until this weekend. the lumber river 24 feet above what it normally is. it is a big story. the good news is, we are not expecting any rain in this area for several day and that will help the rescue efforts.
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hurricane season is not over. we are tracking tropical storm nicole expected to be a hurricane and could make a direct hit on bermuda as a category 2 storm. people are watching the effects of nicole. it is not going to affect the u.s. but we have a lot of vacationers that like to go to bermuda. and we have i watch in affect. the beautiful island over the next couple of day and a category 2 hurricane. we are not done when it comes to hurricane season and looks like a brush with bermuda as we get into thursday. and a quick look at the rest of the u.s. jon scott, it is that time of year and we predict snow in the northern rocky and plains. it is it going to be a wet time for are the pacific northwest all the way down in central
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california. as we are getting in to the wet season for these folks. thank you for covering the ongoing risk and relief for north carolina and south carolina and georgia, still watching the effects of hurricane matthew. >> too bad we can't send the rain to california. >> we'll talk about that also. >> and to arkansas now. the department of health is investigating a mumpses outbreak that may have infected hundreds of people. mumps is an infection more prevalent than you think. there are are 1800 cases reported in 44 states. and in arkansas is, there are 427 cases. and many of them school children. dr. tiffany sizemore has more. doctor, i thought mumps was an
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old- fashioned condition that you had to worry about. why is it still around? >> the mumps vaccine 12- 15 months of age. and usually ages 4- 6. after the first vaccine there is it 78 percent of the vaccine working. it goes up to 88 percent. it is not 100 percent all of the time prevent the vaccine. obviously there are children for a are -- for per religious or medical reasons can't have the vaccine. these typically happen because of close quarters. they can be susceptible to getting much and if they do get the mumps, it is it a milder case of the disease. so it is not 100 percent.
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>> i think our viewers would be surprised to think, i was vaccinateedded for the mumps. but there is a small chance of getting the disease. the health department in arkansas puts out to parents if your child is not vaccinated they were not allowed to return to school for 26 days. talk to us about that time frame? >> that's how long it takes for the virus to show itself. you could have the virus and not have symptoms for 16- 26 days. we know around 26 day mark, you you should have started to have symptoms by that time frame. 26 days to be sure and not having the fevers and chills and muscle ache and swollen glands in your neck and you are given the combleer of having the virus. >> how dangerous is the mumps?
10:38 am
it is a noance. like a bad flu feeling and having a swellen neck and there are cases, and it is very rare it can affect your brain and have pan credit at this timeus. and deafness. and those bad things typically happen to adults. when adults get chickenpox. it can be fatal. >> and i was curious about this, there are four states this are more than hundred. situation in arkansas, the health department wants to keep the number down and don't want it to go over 400. what is co to keeping outbreaks conta contained? >> again, staying home. if you are exposed to the virus, stay home and don't be in close
10:39 am
contact with anyone. children to stay in their room and hand washing and general hand hygiene. you know, and really just keeping yourself away from other people that you expose them to. you do name the different states, it is not dependent on if you are in the midwest or southeast. it is having to do with being in close contained with people. >> andy we are in flu season and talking about the mumps just to keep it in mind. >> thank you. a federal appeal's court on a controversial pipeline. will construction continue on private land? and how a disturbing youtube video could help police find a young woman missing since 2009. it is an incredible case, the police chief joins us straight ahead.
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>> right now construction on the controversial pipeline that is set to resume on private land in north dakota. the standing rock souix tried to halt due to concern of the water supply and artifacts despite finding no artifacts in the land. it is one of the final pieces in the pipeline. >> "happening now" in wisconsin. a creepy youtube video is giving police potential clues in a sen-year-old case. some elements of the case are extremely disturbing. take a look at this man. do you recognize his face? he tells a friend he has a new girlfriend and he opens a door
10:44 am
to show a girl tied up and screaming on the floor of the bathroom. that was posted two months of the day after kayla burg vanished in wisconsin and it is taken down this morning. police became aware of the video and want to know more about it. the chief of the wisconsin police force joins us on the phone. chief, the latest on the investigation. you became aware of the video. and do you know who that guy is? >> no, we have not identified the subject at this time. the video has been on the web for seven years. but no body connect today to kayla's case until recently? >> no, we were aware of it this past weekend when someone did investigation on the video and a female tied to that time frame
10:45 am
related about kayla burg and sent us the video. that is the first time we were aware of the video. >> we will not show the video because it is disturbing. it is important that people hear this guy speak. it is seven year and he may have lost the glasses but you can't change the voice. we'll play it for the viewers. >> what happened. i met the most wonderful girl. we went shopping at jc penney's and she bought a lot of clothes. >> the video is less than a minute. and i show viewer ares some of what happens next and goes to it what appears to be a basement room and throws open the door and on the floor there is a young girl bound and gagged. and she appears to be screaming, why are you doing this? could that girl be kayla?
10:46 am
>> there is a possibility that she has. and it is something that we need to investigate and make sure it is or isn't. >> it is my understanding that kayla's mother saw the video and believes that is her daughter, can you confirm that? >> she has seen that and made those comments. >> the voice matches the size of the girl matches? >> right. >> but again, you have no idea who this guy is? >> no. and that's our main goal to try to identify who that is. >> youtube, it was up this morning and i am sure you have seen it. but you town in the last hours taken it down because it violates youtube standards. how could it be out there seven
10:47 am
years? >> the video like this circulates amongst a certain group of people and it is not really related to push forward to law enforcement it would be noise to know sooner. >> there is a lot of stuff in the small groups. >> kayla berg lived in your town and moved to texas and came back with her mom and brother because she was home sick. what do you you know about the last time she was seen publicly? >> she had gotten a ride from our town and dropped off in a residence there and we have no indication of what happened to her after that. >> the residence where she thought a friend lived turned out to be condemned. >> for health reasons at that time. >> so nobody has seen kayla
10:48 am
since that night? >> not that we are aware of at all. >> we have the number be on the screen and we are asking people toul call the nonemergency number in the police department. if they know who this guy is, 715- 627- 6411. >> yes, that would be helpful for us. >> all right. anything else, chief that i missed? >> no, i really appreciate it. >> she's been missing seven year and her mother recognizes the voice screaming for help in that video. and if that is her, let's hope we can bring her home. chief, thank you very much. >> what a story. and i know it will catch your attention and ask for the public's help. >> in the meantime, we'll switch gears to a touching tribute to
10:49 am
a police officer who saved a baby's life. we'll talk to the hero, officer knox about an experience that changed his life and really got him a god daughter. we'll explain, next. ing sound) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones) to be taken care of. in good hands? like finding new ways home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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hello, everyone, i'm melissa francis. a new batch of e-mails from wikileaks. the dnc chairperson giving the hillary clinton team advance notice on a town hall that was with bernie sanders. >> clinton and gore together
10:53 am
again, but this time he is helping her in florida, what will the effect be this year? we'll debate all of it on america's election headquarters coming up. >> how about that little good news. the parents of a little baby girl, saved from choking, they tried cpr on their little girl, cue officer kenneth knox who joins us now on the phone. great to have you. >> yes ma'am, thank you. >> you get the call, what's next? >> yes, we always advice us. i received a call to come out as a baby that was possibly choking and not breathing. i went as fast as i could and when i got there there was 20 or
10:54 am
30 people in the yard, i knew who the father was because he was running around hollaring. so i ran in the house and -- give me a second here. i ran in the house and there was a lady holding the baby. and i could see she was very limp and turning blue. her eyes were starting to glaze over. i laid her down on the couch and swept her mouth out with my finger, and the dad said i tried cpr but it's not working, so i could tell something was blocking and i didn't know what to do, i never heard of reverse cpr. it had to be totally stuck, so i started sucking, it took four
10:55 am
our five times, it came in my mouth so far i swallowed it. and in about another three seconds she smiled at me, and then just started screaming and i said that is music to my ears. >> i'm tearing up just hearing it. >> it gets to me too, it still gets to me. i was trying not to cry there. we all feel that. what a miracle you were there and you saved her. and now she is going to be part of your family from now on. tell us about that chapter of the story. >> i was going to be a secret god father anyway and look in on her the rest of her life. i have been a law enforcement officer for 20 years, i have
10:56 am
saved a life before, but nothing has touched me like that child did. i thought she could grow up to be the president, an astronaut, maybe a cop, but the thing that touched me the most is i know i can see her grow up now. >> i only have about 30 seconds here, but i know your faith is really strong, talk to us a little bit about that, too. >> the reason i said i believe god intervened and told me what to do is i would never have thought of it, i would never have thought of anyone doing it. and you have to understand the adrenaline can really hinder you, and it was was an epiphany, i wasn't going to do the heimlich on such a tiny beautiful baby, i'm a devout
10:57 am
christian and that's why i believe that. with all of my heart, i believe it was god and i have full faith in the lord. >> a great way to end. god bless you and a little girl and that family. >> she's my sweetheart now. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable.
10:58 am
i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
10:59 am
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we're back tomorrow, "america's election headquarters" starts now. hillary clinton campaigning in florida, a battleground state that she and trump need to win. hello, everyone, i'm melissa francis. she is set to appear at miami-dade college at 3:00 p.m. eastern and she will be joined by a familiar name. a throw back to the bill clinton era. al gore making his first campaign appearance. today's stop for clinton comes as she tries to build on recent


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