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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 24, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it was rough, if you know what i was saying. he was a nice guy but his mother was a real -- well, you know. we love dana. and you can see he's well read, interesting and he really is america's dog. go buy this book. express om love for jasper and his momma. see you tomorrow. and this is a fox news alert. a bombshell new report by the national enquirer details how bill and hillary clinton allegedly utilized the services of a political fixer for over a decade. a story you'll hear only tonight on hannity. also tonight, you'll hear from mike pence, trump campaign manager ally anne conway. but first, the national u enquirer describes as the man they call mr. fix-it helped the clinton's cover up their scandal ps. this man's story is particularly compelling. the magazine agreed to drop a
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story about bill clinton in exchange to special access to roger clinton's wedding featuring his pregnant girlfriend pre girlfriend. the national enquirer wrote, vetting this story during two years of investigation, we were confident in the credibility of jeff after reviewing his handwritten diarying during the relevant time period, fax memos to the white house, payoff ledgers and the independent verification of four other sources who confirm mr. rovin's involvement in the clinton operation. we did reach out the hillary clinton her campaign and former president bill clinton's office and neither shockingly provides us with a statement. it's important to know that texas news cannot independently verify the story but tonight for the first time ever this man's identity is being revealed. joining us now, novelist and
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reported clinton fixer jeff rovin. very nice to meet you. how did you meet the clintons? >> aye been interviewing celebrities since i was 19. and the editor of the enquirer at the time, david parell, good friend of mine, said i've got a bad story about somebody you profiled in lady's home journal. i said if i can get you an interview, could would you bury it. negotiations followed but that began a decades long career as what dillon howard, the current editor -- >> i did speak to dillon about your piece. a lot of people hear national enquirer. let me put up a few stories that the national enquirer broke that were correct. the national enquirer broke correctly that o.j. in the shoes at the time, the national enquirer broke john edwards, the
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love child scandal, the story they broke also was jesse jackson's love child, the story that the national enquirer broke first, world exclusive, the woman at the center of tying woods cheating scandal and the story they broke first, gary hart asked me to marry him at the time and they were the first to have photos of hart and rice. and they went after rush and some other stories. so people attack it because it's a tabloid but they have a pretty good track record. >> david perell who ran the teams investigating most of the stories is journalists journalist. you may not like the material but ironically it is so heavy vetted because it is so controversial. it's probably better vetter than most of the stories in other media. >> well i went through with your editor everything that you had. you do have ledgers, you did have the faxes with the letter
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head and the time stamps. the clintons know you. they're watching now. they know who you are. they know you fix things for them. tell us about how you got in the business with them and what you did. >> i was fixing something, i really don't like that term but there it is, i was fixing something for an actor who was in their inner circle and that was how i was engaged. it was that simple. i also, as a ghost writer for tom clancy had met generals and undersecretaries, i knew where the back doors were in washington. there were different way to deal with things. >> you knew when bill clinton and hillary clinton went on "670 minutes "and they denied gennifer flowers which eventually he admitted to that he was lying. >> i thought this was going to be pretty easy when i first agreed to do it.
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you had paula joan, gennifer flowers. david perell's files were massive. canterbury tales massive. and the reason that i agreed to participate in this process now was not an easy decision because i don't like -- >> why did you? >> because dillon showed me the article. there were names in there that i didn't feel should be in there, friends of mine, confidential sources that he didn't realize were confidential. and i said to him, okay, i will participate provided i can compare your article to my journals, take out these names. and most importantly and this is going to have the order of hypocrisy considering the story itself, i wanted to write an editorial condemning the salacious nature of political reporting now. look, the "the new york times" has become the enquirer, the
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enquirer has become the "the new york times." the world is upside down. we've got to set it right again. >> so your job was to help hide their scandals. and the degree to which -- you said they had an open marriage. you're talking about hookers. you're talking about dirty tricks, buying off journalists and much more. why don't you give us specifics. >> well, again, let me qualify that by saying these are dillon's words. one of the reasons i wanted to come on your show -- >> is anything that wasn't true, what i said? >> no. one of the reasons i wanted to come on the show is to put
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