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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 3, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and just use your cell phone. >> they are calling my cell phone. >> we've got extensive coverage next week. >> have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> or join me on the radio. >> yes. bill: we are five days before election day and this might be another november surprise. >> bombshell report involving the f.b.i. and the clinton foundation on whether donors received special access while hillary clinton was secretary of state. talk about a game 7. martha: i'm martha maccallum. time is running out for donald trump and hillary clinton. both of their teams will fan out in the critical battleground states. both extremely important in this race. governor mike pence goes to
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pennsylvania. melania trump will also be in pennsylvania. hillary clinton will be in north carolina. it's crowded in north carolina today. senator tim kaine will be in arizona as they try to make headway there. bill: we'll start are catherine herridge on the latest on the clinton foundation. what have with he found out as of last night and this morning. >> there is evidence the f.b.i. investigation of the clinton foundation is not dead. they are quieting work the case out of four offices. multiple sources told fox news the justice department has been tapping the brakes on these investigations by blocking access to a grand jury. fox news was first to report in january that the f.b.i. email
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probe expanded to look at whether the intersection of the clinton foundation worked at the state depth and business under secretary clinton may have violated corruption laws. in january hillary clinton tried to dismiss the ruling as rumor. shaicial mills and heather samuelson's computers were not destroyed b being held by the washington field office and they are still available to investigators in the case. bill: six days, it would have been yesterday before the election. reporter: you know it's not protocol to discuss ongoing investigation. but in this new interview the president seemed to dismiss the
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decision to reinitiate the hillary clinton case. >> people say crazy stuff about her, and when she makes an honest mistake it's blown up as thought it's some crazy thing. reporter: the president was corresponding with hillary clinton using her personal email address. >> i can confirm as part of this foia production of former secretary clinton's state department. the state department will be denying in full 7 team chains. documents are being updated at the request of the intelligence community because they contain a category of classified information. they were not marked classified at the time they were sent.
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reporter: huma abedin told f.b.i. investigators that every time hillary clinton's personal address changed, they would update the white house so the president could continue receiving hillary clinton's emails on his blackberry. that goes to knowledge in the white house of the personal system and change addresses. this is a case where the president and the white house have a horse in the race and the outcome. bill: the man who wrote the book clinton cash, peter schweizer was interviewed about claims he made in this book. his take on the investigation just minutes away. martha: known while donald trump spanning out across the
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battleground states. he will be in florida, he will be in north carolina. very, very important to the outcome of this race. there is a new poll out this morning that shows this is very tight indeed, 45-42 right in the margin of error which is plus or minus 3%. reporter: donald trump supporters have been lining up today. he's going to pack the place out today. the sunshine state has 29 electoral votes. his strategy over the next five days. three big things. keep the focus on policy. illuminate and articulate what
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he would do differently. keep the spotlight on her and the various droves swirling around her campaign and stay the heck out of trouble. here he is in pensacola last night. >> you have got to be nice and cool, stay on point, donald, stay on point. no sidetracks donald, nice and easy. i have been watching hillary the last few days. she is totally unhinged. we don't want any of that. reporter: one source told me after all these months and getting himself in trouble he finally understands he has to stay on point. message discipline is key. he's gone the it close and people believe one outburst could derail the whole thing. martha: in terms of the latest
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reporting bret baier talking about a potential indictment coming down in the investigation into the clinton foundation. what will the trump campaign do with that. reporter: it's like pennies from heaven for the trump campaign. he will be talking a lot about that today and will be talking about the emails and the department of justice officials and the clinton campaign, saying if she is elected president, what we are hearing now will be just the beginning. >> hillary is likely to be under investigation for many years. it has just been shown as i have been saying, a rigged system with more collusion, possibly illegal between the justice department, the clinton campaign, and the state department. reporter: this afternoon donald
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trump's wife melania will be on the campaign trail trying to bring more republican women into the campaign. in the philadelphia area keep watching, they are about to go into the third day of a transit strike. if they are still on strike as of tuesday that could depress voter turnout. and if you get bad weather and get a transit strike, that could bode well for republicans around the philadelphia area. martha: the women's vote is so important in this race. >> the focus on these battleground states where they take the arm of all the polls and try and figure this out. i want to show our viewers where you have the right right now -- where you have the race right now. stop me if you think we are on the right path or wrong path.
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at the moment you see georgia and arizona where trump has a lead. you also have a lead for trump in florida, ohio, iowa * and nevada. that would put him at a 270, 250 electoral votes. you also have north carolina in a dead heat. if he were to win north carolina he's only at 265. based on your scenario, colorado, michigan, pennsylvania and new hampshire are out there. among those remaining states, what's the story? >> colorado, the polls have tightened extramatically. clinton's lead is down to 2 points. a poll out this morning showing trump with a 1-point lead in new hampshire. if trump wins new hampshire,
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that would lead to a 269 tie which would make heads explode, then there is that congressional district in maine where trump has been running pretty strong. so the other states, pennsylvania has tightened, virginia has tightened, wisconsin and michigan are the next tier out although we did have a poll that shows clinton's lead dropped in michigan. >> the university of denver has clinton and trump at 39-39 apiece. the trump team was in studio last week and said look out, colorado. if he were to take colorado, he's at 274. he's at the number. colorado is one of those states -- it's been really swingy. clinton had a big lead there and
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it disappeared in september. then she busted out to a substantial lead in october. but it represents opportunity. there are only 9 electoral votes in colorado. but it could be huge in the final analysis. thank you, sir. martha: five days to go and you come along with us. we'll get you all the facts and analysis on election night. we have poll coverage fair and balanced. when you just watch some of the coverage over the course of the last 24 hours, i was struck by the fact that bret's reporting and catherine herridge's reporting of the investigation that's clearly ongoing into the investigation was barely picked up in a lot of places. an f.b.i. investigation of a presidential candidate is the fact of the matter. and to ignore it i think is quite shocking.
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bill: in the meantime, how late did you stay up last night? i made it almost to the end. the curse in chicago is dead. you heard it right. cubs win the world series and they are still celebrating in chicago after an epic series. martha: we'll talk about that coming up. martha: a new poll showing voters trust donald trump over hillary clinton. the news from the f.b.i. has affected voters. >> another bomb shell, the race ticks down now. a bombshell on the clinton team with the feds investigating the family temperatures foundation.
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peter schweitzer. he is our guest next. >> with the children tons, nothing is sacred. nothing is for sale. but we are the ones paying the price. maybe, just maybe the american people are tired of being sold out.
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bill: the ongoing investigation of the clinton foundation.
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peter schweitzer wrote "clinton cash." good morning to you. you have found yourself in the middle of all of this. the "wall street journal" reports secret recordings of a suspect involved in your research. who was that suspect? >> i don't know who that suspect was. there are four trustee members of the clinton foundation that have been subject to prosecution or been convicted of financial crimes. so there are multiple possibilities. but i don't know who that individual is. bill: why would they couple in your research as it pertains to what? >> the book came out last year. the f.b.i. was described to me saw this as a roadmap to how this corruption was taking place. but like any roadmap, it doesn't have a lot of detail.
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if you follow down a road, but you don't know what the road looks like. and that's what they have gone about to do. as much as i would like to say the book is the entire case, that's not the case. that's how the clinton team is going to represent it. but they have done and lot of leg work and this always high priority. bill: you were interviewed a multiple times by the f.b.i. >> that's correct. >> put a number on that. >> my last contact was the end of february. the contention that this is somehow the f.b.i. going rogue based on a book, they are doing a lot of other stuff. the book i think was just the roadmap. bill: for how long? >> it started literally a week or two after the book was released. bill: may of 2015.
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bill: some of these agents believe that interview -- >> i believe the prosecutors believe it was. i don't think the agents do. the white collar criminal division of the f.b.i. and career prosecutors at the department of justice. they are having this dispute about the evidence. i'm not and lawyer, i don't know how to interpret that. but there is more. the agents haven't been reegd the book for 16 months and have one recording. it won't begin and wind this book and the recording. bill: to our viewers who have not read your book, did you photograph pay-for-play? >> i think we showed a pattern of behavior just like with insider trading on the stock market. you have to look and see the
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pattern of money and phase being done is statistically impossible or the events are connected. what agents need to do and prosecutors knead to do is fill in if the gaps and the detail on the roadmap and that's what they have gone about doing. bill: the children tone foundation has denied wrongdoing. do you think you established a pattern or not. >> i think i established a pattern that requires investigation. but they are:being denied tools by the department of justice. they interviewed lots of people. so for the clinton foundation saying they don't know of an investigation is flat out wrong. what justice department investigators them is seen a power which is crucial in proving this kind of case. bill: people look at evidence in different ways. but what you are saying is the
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justice department tried or has tried to stop this investigation on behalf of the f.b.i. >> yeah. there has been wide reporting on this. bret baier did this yesterday pnt squall street journal yesterday. it's very, very clear. here is the problem. this is a department of justice that has been politicized. i don't think anybody can dispute that. this is crying out for an independent investigator. when you have the attorney general of the department of justice meeting with bill clinton and then you have now these leaks from this other department of justice official to john podesta, it reeks of the fact there is political favoritism in the department of justice. that's why it's incumbent upon them to avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of conflicts of interest and they have not done that.
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>> in the month of october, we raised over $100 million in small donations. i don't know if that has been done before. that's a great honor. that means there are a lot of people who want us to get this done. martha: donald trump in the remaining days of the campaign in the battleground states, hillary clinton still appears to be leading in several of the crucial states. but by fairly slim margins within the margin of error. the race is very tight. especially in some of the areas that are potentially flip states. can donald trump turn some of those blue states red, hillary clinton is trying to do the opposite.
6:27 am
sean, how is it going? >> it's going great. the momentum is with us. the map keeps shifting day in and day out. the polls show satined the growth forward trump. martha: do you have enough time? >> we do. a 12-point swing in 8 days. a virginia poll came out yesterday showing an 8-point swing for donald trump. he's up 1 in the hampton university poll. it's not just the f.b.i. scandals which is now plural. it's the clinton pay-for-play. it's a perfect storm coming against hillary clinton. the momentum and message of change donald trump and mike pence are bringing is what's bringing people home and taking independents off the fence and it will bring them to victory. >> in wisconsin, it's one of the
6:28 am
states you folks are count on. we are hoping it will go republican. right now it's five points apart. how do you see that changes? >> if you look at the current map, we believe we are ahead in north carolina and ohio. you are seeing, there was a "new york times" tweet that showed if you go to jeremy peters' tweet it says clint on campaign is cherry picking the data. martha: he's been watching the early vote tallies. democrats have to win the early vote. in north carolina barack obama led the early vote by 300,000. they are not even close to that 300,000. our early return votes are up, theirs are down.
6:29 am
you talk about wisconsin, we have michigan, colorado, virginia, pennsylvania. martha: the numbers everybody is seeing on the screen show her ahead in all of them. your numbers may be right or their numbers may be right. but there is contradiction. does it make you nervous when you look up from your numbers and see their numbers? >> in six states, michigan, pennsylvania, colorado, we have to get just one. the way we are going, i think i like our odds. that's a 1-18 shot. each of them and every one of them they are closing. hillary clinton in priorities usa, their super pac went back on the air. they see what we see and that's a tightening of this race for donald trump and mike pence. martha: she put a picture of
6:30 am
herself on twitter as a child and said the next president of the united states. in terms of the stories and what you see you in different places. i was amazed, listening to cnn. matt schlapp was on. and he said, you know, now that there are two f.b.i. investigations going on. i believe it was chris cuomo said two? what are you talking about? all those viewers don't have any idea there are two. foundation and emails. >> i think for a lot of the media they don't want to discuss what's going on with hoik. they want to talk about jim comey and his standing. the on reason we have any f.b.i. investigation is because of the clintons' personal actions. their continued lying about them
6:31 am
turning over all the documents. these investigation weren't made up out of whole cloth. the clintons continued a 30-year pattern of lying. martha: donald trump himself said i have got to stay calm, i can't make any mistakes. >> he gets it. he understands what's at stake. he knows he's the messenger of change. he has a movement behind him. he understands in five days he will get elected next president of the united states and mike pence will be the next vice president. bill: it's all carolina blue on the trail. a celebration more than a century in the making in the windy city going wild for the world champion chicago cubs.
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>> we don't win this election potentially if we don't win north carolina. i hate to put pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. martha: that's the president. the fate of the election could come down to north carolina. the tarheel state went for president obama in 2008 but flipped republican for mitt romney. hillary clinton has a 3-point edge in north carolina within the margin of error. the rnc is encouraged about that. they are feeling good about north carolina. governor, welcome, good to have you with us. north carolina is fascinating to look that this race.
6:36 am
you are in a fairly tight race for governor. you have senator burr in a tight race. the president is coming back twice on friday, why are they there so much. >> two factors entered north carolina. one is incredible clinton fatigue. the emails and the clinton foundation. it's like we are living in the 90s again. north carolina, we don't need the 90s returned back to north carolina and have all this clinton fatigue. other thing that's happening is obamacare premiums are hitting hard. my colleagues refused to join in a lawsuit against it. now obamacare is a disaster with premiums going up over 30%. clinton fatigue. obamacare, the president, hillary and joe, they are all
6:37 am
coming here as much as possible trying to get the democrats enthusiastic. >> one of the things that has been noticed clearly is the early vote among black voters in north carolina is down. last time was at 27%, now it is at 22%. the closing of some of those early voting areas is what is causing that. what do you say? >> we extended the hours for some of the voting. martha: there are fewer places to go, correct? >> fewer places to go, but extended hours. so that's very, very good news for north carolina. the extended hours. even as we extended the number of locations during the past week throughout north carolina, we have seen no real pattern change regarding north carolina voters. and it's due to clinton fatigue. when president obama was on the ballot.
6:38 am
there was a passion there with a lot of voters. now that he's not on the ballot. no matter how much he tries to tie it to his legacy, they now it's will hillary clinton and roy cooper that will bring in the polled boy system which is causing serious problems here and in many other states. martha: in terms of voters who have not voted in a long time. what else your feel for that in the rural areas in north carolina. >> we see the lower populated areas very enthusiastic about the voting. i was in henderson, north carolina, a small mom and pop restaurants. i was overwhelmed to the people coming to my breakfast table saying we are voting for the first time. we are bringing the entire family, we are bringing our entire neighborhood. i see a lot of people in the less populated areas enthusiastic about the vote from
6:39 am
the top of the ticket all the way to the governor's race answer senator burr's race. martha: senator burr is the chairman of the intel committee. obviously he would have spent time looking at the issues come together forefront. tell me what your take is on that race for now. >> i think richard is going to win. he's well respected. very low key. know ego whatsoever and the trappings of a senator. i'm a good friends much richard burr. and he's an expert on healthcare. another issue in north carolina, we had this tremendous hurricane that devastated our state. and we lost 28 people due to this hurricane, and we are still dealing with this hurricane and hopefully people are pleased with the way our team has responded to this hurricane. that's another big issue in addition to obamacare.
6:40 am
but people are hurting right now. a lot of our lower populated towns that were devastated. >> it will be crowd in your state the next few days. you have got both campaigns touching down today. we wish you good luck in dealing with that. thanks for your time today. >> based on what we are seeing we wonder if north carolina is the new florida tore ohio -- oreo. >> yoohio -- new florida or ohio. martha: days of negative headlines taking a toll on hillary clinton as a new poll
6:41 am
shows more voters find donald trump to be more trustworthy than hillary clinton. martin o'malley will talk to us about that when he comes back. but first here is donald trump. >> the polls are saying we are going to win florida. don't believe it. don't believe it. get out and vote. pretend we are slightly behind. you will have got to get out. you we don't want to blow this.
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bill: a new poll finds voters trust donald trump more than hillary clinton. he leads 46-38 percent. martin o'malley. thanks for coming back. 8 points, what's going on there? >> i think we have known for a while that the two nominees in
6:45 am
both parties are two of the candidates that the american people might say they dislike least. at the end of the day people will have to decide which of these two individuals can do the job of president of the united states and which one of them is most likely to take the action to make wages go up again. donald trump said wages are too high in america. at the end of the day people will trust secretary clinton will be on the side. bill: what effect does this f.b.i. investigation have on her campaign this week? >> it was a huge, cheap shot. this email investigation was probably the longest email investigation in f.b.i. history. for them to go back and gratuitously looking at new
6:46 am
evidence which they admit may or may not be related to secretary clinton is a cheap shot. bill: in the end the f.b.i. is on to something. >> what if we find out donald trump has been talking and his campaign has been talking with the russians. paul manafort, his campaign manager is being investigated for his russian ties and the millions he received from russian sources. what if we finds out about that. bill: it shows the position the f.b.i. director was in. you called it a cheap shot. yesterday president obama did an interview, i think he was in florida. when he questioned the f.b.i.'s decision. this is what he said about that. >> there is a norm when investigation -- we don't
6:47 am
operate on innuendo and incomplete information, we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. bill: it's rare when a president criticize the head of the f.b.i. was that a cheap shot? >> i believe the cheap shot was what mr. comey did, a decision he made contrare to the advice of lawyers at the department of justice and contrary to his own instinct when he said he didn't want to say that russians were responsible definitively for the dnc hack because he was afraid that might be misinterpreted in the election. if he was afraid that might be misinterpreted, why would he send a letter to republicans saying the information he has no idea whether it's connected or not. bill: was the president wrong to
6:48 am
criticize the f.b.i.? >> no, he was right. there is something strange going on at the f.b.i. i don't know what it is. i think eventually we'll find out. but before that time we are going to vote on tuesday nonetheless. and come hell or high water. whatever the russians want or whatever cheap shots people want to fire at hillary clinton, people will go to the polls and confirm only hillary clinton can do this job. unlike donald trump she doesn't confuser enemies for our allies. bill: what's the margin on tuesday? >> i think secretary clinton is going to win. i believe she is going to win many 80s people will predict she may not win.
6:49 am
in north carolina governor mccrory is trailing the challenger. martha: the f.b.i. is going full speed ahead with this investigation of the clinton foundation. bret baier will join us at the top of the hour with the breaking news he had. plus there is this. bill: it only happens every 108 years. they are going nuts in chicago. well done, chicago!
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>> this is going to be a tough play. the cubs win the world series! it's over. the cubs have finally won it all.
6:54 am
martha: don't you love that? i guess if you are a cubs fan and sympathetic to their cause. watching that moment was incredible last night. chills go up and down your spine when you see what happened in cleveland and before the cubs. there are some sad indian members last evening as well. 108 years in the making. the scene in chicago, the celebration of a lifetime and a chance they are still celebrating. matt, tell us what it's like there. >> i want to say this is day two of celebration. but we are getting the sense that they are still carrying on from the celebration from just a couple hours ago when the cubs won the world series. we were here as the cubs finally ended their drought. the cubs a mile out of the stadium started to form.
6:55 am
you couldn't move on the streets or sidewalks. but after the cubs won, the celebration were very warm. there was a sense of community. there were grown men and women crying. strangers who would bump into each other. and instead of getting mad at each other, they would hug. they say this will change the history of chicago forever. reporter: what does this mean to you tonight? >> relief and excitement. >> i don't know how to explain it. i have been thinking about this day since 2003. since 1998. you go over in your mind way it's going to be like. and it ends up being nothing like you thought it would be like. it's just chaos. reporter: we are trying to confirm the actual date of the parade. we'll keep you posted.
6:56 am
i'm sure there will be tens of thousands of fans in the streets. >> you could just feel it when you listen to those people. there is nothing like that excitement for your home team. especially when you had to wait 108 years. bill: -- bill: i went to the 9th, shut it off. got at:30 and watched it. bill murray was at game. a cubs fan. then he went to the locker room. >> yeah, you! cleveland had an awesome year,
6:57 am
so hang on. the f.b.i. in the meantime not finished with the clinton foundation investigation. sources telling fox news it's now a high priority.
6:58 am
. . . .
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7:00 am
martha: major developments in the federal investigation of the clinton foundation. this is brand new information. the fbi now treating the investigation as a very high priority, and this has been propelled by an avalanche of brand new evidence that has been uncovered by fbi investigators according to multiple sources. welcome, everybody. brand new hour of "america's newsroom" starts now. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. the fbi's white-collar crime division aggressively pursuing this case. brand new details emerging by the day. part of this investigation started after a book called clinton cash, was released about 18 months ago. the author of that book, peter
7:01 am
schweizer telling us last hour how his story has been used by investigators. >> the fbi was described to me, call this as a road map to how this corruption was taking place but you know like any road map, it doesn't have a lot of detail. you know, you follow down a road but you don't know what the road looks like, you don't know what stores are on the side of the road. that is what they have gone about to do. martha: bret baier, anchor of "special report" broke a lot of news on this last evening. good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: i want to actually start going back to jim comey's testimony in front of congress. after he bid the press conference july 5th this past summer, he said he wanted to explain and further go before congress. jason chaffetz asked him a very pointed question. i would like to play that for everybody now. >> did you look at the clinton foundation? >> i'm not going to comment on the existence or non-existence
7:02 am
of any other investigations. >> was the clinton foundation tied into this investigation? >> i'm not going to answer that. martha: we all remember that moment, bret. now we know that investigation was very much underway. >> yeah, martha, it never stopped according to two sources intimately familiar with the inner-workings of this investigation. not only classified email investigation headed up by the national security division but the clinton foundation investigation headed up by the white-collar crimes division of public corruption. a couple of things. one is, there is an internal battle inside not only between the fbi and doj over this investigation, but even inside of the fbi. it was detailed in a "wall street journal" piece today. we can confirm a lot of that, but i will tell you that for inside the investigation itself, there is a high confidence that
7:03 am
they have a lot of evidence. the evidence continues according to our sources, to come in every day, not just by wikileaks but also by the other avenues that they are doing, multiple interviews several times. and also these new emails, martha. you have the anthony weiner computer. then we've confirmed and catherine herridge has another source on this, that the cheryl mills and heather samuelson computers that were the part of an immunity deal that originally were thought to have been destroyed by the fbi as part of that deal, were never destroyed and that they are now at the washington field office of the fbi. so, they have a lot of avenues to look for different elements of evidence. martha: okay. the fbi sources that you spoke with suggest that an indictment is likely -- >> i want to be clear. i want to be clear about that and this came from a q&a i did with brit hume after my show and
7:04 am
after we went through everything. he asked me if, after the election, if hillary clinton wins, will this investigation continue? and i said, yes, absolutely. i pressed these sources again and again. what would happen? i got to the end of that and said, they have a lot of evidence that would, likely lead to an indictment. but that is not, that is inartfully answered. that is not the process. that is not how you do it. you have to have a prosecutor. if they don't move forward with a prosecutor with the doj, there would be, i'm told a very public call for an independent prosecutor to move forward. there is confidence in the evidence but for me to phrase it like i did, of course that got picked up everywhere, but the process is different than that. martha: gotcha. in terms of anthony weiner's laptop, the revelation there, because the pushback from the clinton campaign, oh, these are probably things everybody
7:05 am
already saw anyway, these are just duplicates. what do you find out about that? >> they are combing through this and catherine herridge has reported this as well, using a lot of technology they have found hits, new hits in the emails that they believe are new emails. in other words not duplicates that were on hillary clinton's server. also on the hacking of the server, that is interesting because there is a high, high confidence that foreign intelligence agencies, several of them, up to five actually, have managed to hack into that private server. that is not a new feeling inside of the fbi or in the intelligence community actually. if you go back to july, there was a big "new york times" piece about the experts believe it was hacked. comey said at the time that it was possible that foreign actors got into the computer, hostile actors. he also then said, shortly after
7:06 am
that, hostile actors did gain access to private commercial email accounts of people whom secretary clinton was in regular contact. and then he went on in congressional testimony to say that the server had less security than the average gmail account. martha: that's right. >> these sources are saying probably at the beginning said a probability that it happened or even almost certainty that it happened at some level. martha: do the investigators believe that they have evidence of pay for play? that's the main question here. >> yeah, i think they believe that they have a lot of evidence, but as in any case, you have to build the evidence, and it continues to come in. you eventually have to get some people to sign on or cooperate. and testify. so this is all building evidence to a case that has to be made by a prosecutor. and, that is why the jumping to likely indictment. they are going to continue to push for an indictment and that's what i should have said
7:07 am
but there is a confidence of the evidence that's coming in on this case. bottom line is, if anybody says the clinton foundation investigation is over, it's not. it is wide, widespread. four different fbi offices have taken part in it. it is aggressively being pursued. there is a battle, however, inside of the fbi and between the fbi and the doj. martha: what a story. bret, thank you very much. >> sure. bill: so how is hillary clinton's team handling this development? senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in phoenix, arizona today. her running mate tim kaine hold as rally in arizona. what is the response so far on this new report, mike? reporter: bill, nothing so far. my producer jake gibson and i both reached out to numerous clinton campaign contacts. craig manasian from the clinton foundation told me quote, we're not aware of any investigation into the foundation by the
7:08 am
department of justice, federal bureau of investigation or united states attorney's office and we have not received a subpoena from any of those agencies. seems at this stage clinton campaign is duck the question for now and happy to have the clinton foundation answer it on their behalf. as for the campaign, hillary clinton is heading to tip reliably blue mesh ban tomorrow. her husband was in a detroit meetings for local community leaders and pastors. it was not on his schedule. they told the affiliate, we want a good turnout. perhaps concern in typically blue michigan. hillary clinton was here in arizona at a rally at arizona state university. she talked about turning typically republican red arizona blue. she is leaving at this hour, a to hid to north carolina after
7:09 am
president obama was there on her behalf. bill: thanks, mike emanuel. take you to a poll came in late yesterday that, from colorado, not been a whole lot of polling out of colorado, but if you look at it now, this is 39 clinton, 39 trump, johnson and stein 5 and 4 each. that adds to 87%. another 13% perhaps still out there. margin of error plus or minus 4.2 points. maybe something is doing out there in colorado. this is the picture from 2004. george bush beat john kerry in that state by about five points. it was a major flip on behalf of the democrats. remember they had their convention in colorado in 2008. barack obama beat john mccain by nine points and held on to it against mitt romney later by five points. and the trump team was in our studio last week hey, keep your eye on colorado. we weren't quite sure what to
7:10 am
think of it, martha? remember the conversation with jason miller. maybe there is something doing out there. if you look at what if scenarios, if colorado is in play, it sort of changes the map and path for trump perhaps. martha: colorado is one of the swingest states and proving to be exactly that. we'll keep an eye on it. fox news is your election headquarters, you knew that, right? from now until election day. keep it right here for all the the latest on election-receipted news that goes through november 8th and later beyond perhaps. see you late, bill. bill: maybe in tallahassee. two americans paid ultimate price after a daring raid overseas. what we're learning about that raid this morning. >> donald trump's wife, melania, hitting the campaign trail. she has been somewhat quiet since the speech that she made at the convention. this is her first solo appearance on the campaign trail. so where is she going? what does that tell us and a
7:11 am
little bit what we think she might say. bill: and trump saying that he has the momentum as of today. in fact, he is giving himself pep talks to stay focused in the homestretch, when he said this in florida. >> we've got to be nice and cool. nice and cool. right? stay on point, donald, stay on point. [laughter] no side tracks, donald. nice and easy. nice.
7:12 am
7:13 am
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tragedy reporting overseas. two u.s. servicemembers killed and two wounded in battle with taliban in afghanistan. they came under while helping afghan forces clear taliban militants from the northern towns of kunduz. their names have not been released pendingly. taliban remains in the suburbs. urban resident fear another attack may come soon. that news earlier today. ♪ martha: donald trump's wife, melania, will hit the campaign trail today. she will give her first ever solo political speech. and her mission is the big one. she is targeting suburban women voters, college educated area, right eye loaning the main line outside of philadelphia.
7:16 am
this is important moment for melania trump. joining me to talk about the women's vote an election overall, tennessee congresswoman marcia blackburn, trump campaign senatorrer. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you, thank you. martha: big moment for melania trump. let's start there, she will talk about as far as we know her own immigration experience coming here from slovenia, what it meant for her to become an american. what else do you expect? >> i think you will get insight into her life as a wife and a mother. and she has certainly given herself to being a really good mother and stepmother. and we hear her talk about baron and how tender she is with that relationship and how involved she is with the other trump children, supporting her husband, and being involved in their lives in supporting them. i think she is going to edge joy telling a little bit of her story, martha. and i think people are ready to hear it. martha: and i think she will also talk about what kind much
7:17 am
first lady she would be, kinds of things that she would take on. >> right. martha: let's look at some of the numbers here. we know that donald trump has had a tough time in the polls with women voters especially college educated women voters. there are lots of them in berwyn, pennsylvania, and in that area outside of philadelphia where he needs to make headway. right now she has 50% of women among presidential, likely voters and he has 36. just to remind everybody, mitt romney, who lost the election was at 52% with this group. he has got a lot of ground to make up. >> there is ground to make up. there is room for improvement. and the trump campaign knows that. what we do know also, martha, that national security, economic security and health care are top three issues with i am with. i think the reason hillary has not seen her support in women grow strictly because of those three issues. martha: congresswoman, we also
7:18 am
know the stories that dogged donald trump in this campaign from "access hollywood" on, had impact with these educated women voters, some of whom, sort of walked up to the line with donald trump and then went back across to hillary clinton. so, i mean, melania trump has her work cut out for him. i think when a lot of those women look at her, they want to know, why did you stick by him through all of this? why is that okay? >> and, women asked that same question of hillary clinton regarding bill clinton. martha: that's true. >> and for melania, this is going to be an opportunity for her to say look, i, i don't defend what my husband said, but look at what hillary clinton does and has done. and how she would conduct herself as president. and when it comes to the issues of national security, to the issues of wage stagnation and the economy, you know you're going to get action from donald trump. you also know you're not going to get an acceptance of the status quo. that troubles women.
7:19 am
they want to see change in washington. martha: i hear you, this is what i have heard from the campaign across the board since the beginning, and i have been asking this question for a long time, why isn't there more specific outreach to women? they always say the same thing, women care about what everyone else cares about. i believe it is true but it is not demonstrated in the numbers. if you're trying the same tactic over and over it is not working you have to try something different. rolling this appearance out by melania trump may be that, there is five days to go. why didn't it happen a long time ago? >> i don't have the answer why it didn't answer earlier. i do know ivanka trump and female surrogates done a good job out there but, martha, there are always going to be room for improvement. many women supported hillary because they feel like it would be historic to have a female president. i hear from women who are independent voters in the work place, so dissatisfied the way
7:20 am
she has run her campaign, they are very concerned about the clinton foundation. many of them know i have had that investigation at the congressional level going of that found decision for over a year, for months now, and they are asking questions about that. they don't like the way that sounds. and honesty factor is also something that concerns them about hillary clinton. martha: i understand. play this sound bite by president trauma. he is tapping something with the male vote. he says there is sexism going on out there. >> there is reason why we haven't had a woman president before. i think that sometimes, we're kind of trying to get over the hump. i want every man out there who is voting to kind of look inside of yourself, ask yourself, if you're having problems with this stuff, how much of it is we're just not used to it? martha: what do you think about that? >> i really thought the entire thing was a little bit
7:21 am
inappropriate, and i have always looked at people and said, vote for me because i'm the most well-qualified person for the job. and that is what you want. you're going to break glass ceilings, when you have people that are prepared and competent, who are going to step up and take the reins in a position. women want opportunities and give them the opportunity. do not promote somebody or vote for somebody strictly on gender. you want people to excel when they get that opportunity. that is how you break glass ceilings. so, to make this something that is just based on gender, there are so many serious issues amazing our country right now. martha: we see this towards the end of campaign. the race card gets played in some cases if you're not willing to vote for this person or that person because you're racist. now what we're seeing, if not willing to vote for hillary clinton you must have something against women. quite interesting.
7:22 am
marcia blackburn, thank you very much. bill: cnn responding to donna brazile's of -- leak after debate question during the campaign. howard kurtz on that front next. you didn't read your
7:23 am
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♪ bill: so the president of cnn saying the network wrapped up its investigation after dnc chair and former analyst donna brazile leaked town hall questions to the clinton team. jeff zucker told the staff that the behavior is quote, completely unacceptable but defended the practice paying campaign sure row bats. the question today is this matter settled? howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "mediabuzz." i imagine based on the piece you just wrote the matter is not
7:26 am
settled? >> not by a long shot. the quotes you read, president jeff zucker spoke to his stave based on leaks. he has been media savvy guy, ever since he ran nbc. hasn't addressed this publicly. i confirmed with cnn source. there is internal investigation. nobody at cnn found to do anything wrong, apparently no one is punished. results of how the investigation was done, somebody had to give the questions to donna brazile. that have not been made public and that does not inspire confidence. bill: the column you wrote, why won't cnn disclose the investigation? >> the viewers have a right to know what they did. i have no doubt that zucker and journalists at cnn are appalled by what happened. imagine if this were hillary clinton and new questions came up about the clinton foundation say, hillary clinton would not address the questions publicly but her staff would leak, we looked it into internally, we
7:27 am
concluded nobody at the hillary clinton campaign did anything wrong, trust us. how do you think cnn would cover that? if you do internal investigation reason to show you aggressive looked into it. you held people accountable. it will not happen again. if you don't make the findings public you don't get any of that. bill: there is conversation whether or not outlets should even hire surrogates from the campaign. zucker said this, quote, one bad apple does not ruin it for the entire process. they add to coverage in meaningful way. john klein ran cnn too a few years back. he was on with meghan the other night. he was making the case networks should not hire surrogates. i don't know what your position is on that. go ahead and answer that, i mike my point. >> it is really good point and if i were king of all media i say let's not hire and pay campaign surrogates because, you know, some of them are very good. some are very smart. some have shown independent judgment but a lot of them come on, we know they're consulting
7:28 am
with the campaigns. they're doing spin. repeating talking points. i'm not sure how much that adds. that is not to suggest any of them have done what donna brazile did though she continues to deny it, leaking internal information. most of them don't have access to internal information. we should examine what value we are getting people who -- can. bill: would i argue, i do think that they have a contribution to be made here. whether they're spinning you or not they have access to people on the inside. i think it comes back to the process. and you as a network, how you quarantine the process. how do you restrict amount of information that goes out among handful of individuals who are responsible for debate prep? your ability to control that information, i believe is what is critical. you get the last word, howie? >> i know that at fox, i know that at cnn these things are very closely-held. you can't have debate questions or town hall questions shared with whole newsroom because newsrooms are leaky places. occasionally you have mishap
7:29 am
like this. and it does cause some self-examination about whether or not the people that you put on the payroll, who are clearly part of politics, remember donna brazile was vice-chair at dnc, at same time she was cnn contributor. whether they have dual loyalty or the loyalty is more to their political brethren than to your network. bill: keep it tight. howard kurtz, thank you. check out the column at >> thanks, bill. martha: brand new report this morning about the clinton foundation. sources saying that the fbi is ramping up their investigation. so how will this impact the clinton campaign with just days to go? we will debate. bill: trump, the opera. dan henninger "the wall street journal," explains the cast of characters in this storyline. ♪ approve this message.
7:30 am
i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f**á themselves. you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. you gotta see this, i don't know, i don't remember. he's going like 'i don't remember.'
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
martha: we are back with this fox news alert because so much focus on the election but there is a lot going on out in the world. the leader of isis rallying his troops as iraqi forces close in on the country's second largest city of mosul. abu al-baghdadi releasing this audio message encouraging his followers to defend that city. his call comes during a major offensive by the iraqi government an his allies to deliver mosul from the terror group after more than two years of occupation. bill: the fbi investigation on the clinton foundation apparently getting speed after justice department. apparently at doj prosecutors expressed doubt about a certain person's story. the author of "clinton cash" saying that the fbi did the right thing. here is peter schweizer last hour on "america's newsroom." >> i established a pattern that required investigation, which is
7:34 am
what the fbi is doing. the problem is frankly, they are being denied tools by the department of justice. they have interviewed lots of people, so, for the clinton foundation to say they don't know of any investigation is just flat-out wrong. bill: doug schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton, monica crowley, online opinion editor of "the washington times," both fox news contributors. good morning to both of you. >> good morning, bill. bill: there is a report also in the past day that has been a bit lost here. apparently five outside governments or countries or entities penetrated the clinton server at one time or another. now you go back to the definition of the law, that includes the phrase, gross negligence. how else would you define gross negligence if indeed you can prove that happened, monica? >> if this report is in fact true, there are five known foreign actors who have compromised her server, at least attempted to.
7:35 am
we can sumos, if not all of them are hostile to the united states. you can pick four right off the top of your head:china, rush that russia iran, north korea have the capability. you talking about criminal intent, comey in july is declining to recommend prosecution because he couldn't prove criminal intent. the entire private, non-government, unsecured server was intent. she intended to conduct all of the government business as secretary of state on this private, unsecured, private, non-government secured so server. the intent ask cleared, allowing america's most sensitive national security secrets to at least be vulnerable to this kind of hacking. now we have perhaps evidence from the fbi, in fact that was the case. bill: we don't know what is happening on the inside, doug, but what she lays out is that -- >> it's a plausible hypothesis. but frankly until we get through the 650,000 emails that are
7:36 am
apparently on anthony weiner's computers and might include some of the 33,000 that were acid washed or bleached, i don't think we're going to know. i also think we have to get a lot more information about what the clinton foundation investigation has in fact turned out. i read "the wall street journal" piece this morning. listened to peter's comments. i am as confused as i ever was. candidly we'll not reach a conclusion, i don't think, four or five days before an election. bill: when you see the reporting that bret and catherine and "wall street journal" is doing now, do you now second-guess what comey decided? in july? >> i will say this. as a trained lawyer who's read the statute and observed prior cases i must tell you i'm with judge mukasey said there is no real difference between extremely careless and gross negligence. i say this as a lawyer, not an advocate. i say it as somebody who is very
7:37 am
confused about everything now because i don't think we have anywhere near all the facts. bill: so you're still not sure comey made the right call in july? >> i'm suggesting that i think he probably made the wrong call from my perspective as a lawyer, but that being said, the new information that monica cited that is coming out is to me troubling but not dispositive. bill: monica? >> well, we're in this position today for two reasons. one, mrs. clinton made the deliberate decision when she began her term as secretary of state to install, private, unsecured, non-government server. we're in this situation because the fbi was not able to conduct proper investigation to begin with prior to the opening of the election. bill: "new york times" fold. clinton 45, trump 42. that same poll margin of error 3%. >> right. bill: in that case that is a dead-heat.
7:38 am
we're trying to put all these tea leafs together. we're lying to reed data every hour and every day be and will nix five days. what do you think happened on tuesday based on what you read. >> i read all the polls and in addition to being a lawyer, i practiced polling for 40 years. right now i say she has a very, very narrow and shrinking lead, about 2 points to the "real clear politics" average. the swing states, as we've seen are all tightening. i think the most you can say she has a narrow lead. you certainly can't predict the election. we have a nine or 10% undecided. typically goes against -- bill: think it is that high? >> i do. goes against the incumbent party. we have a dynamic situation, bill as you suggest. with all these revelations coming, one thing we can say politically they're not good for the secretary of state. >> even before we saw the latest couple of bombshells on the fbi investigation, there were massive, and are massive
7:39 am
realignments happening across the western world, certainly here in the united states. these crosscurrents no one has a handle on them, not donald trump, not hillary clinton. no one knows how it will shake out. what matters is momentum and trend lines when you look at key battleground states and national polling both of those things are on donald trump's side. >> i see -- bill: does he haved mode? do you think there was a shift perhaps this past tuesday that started to sink in. >> i do. the problem donald trump has because of the way he has conducted his campaign, his base, as you were suggesting in the last half hour is somewhat more narrow. he has troubles with younger voters. he has got troubles with college-educated voters, generally and women, in particular. so it's not clear to me that the momentum will continue, but at the very least, this race will go down to the wire. >> some of more recent polling, "fox news" polling and others showed he is in fact narrowing
7:40 am
the gender gap, especially with women and that he has real openings elsewhere, particularly in the midwest industrial belt. >> which are tightening, monica's right about that. bill: "washington times," the monica memo, america it is our moment to get our grief back. >> get our groove back starting on tuesday. bill: thank you, monica. >> you bet. martha: we have fox news polls tomorrow night which will be very interesting to see how they come down. donald trump trying to keep momentum you all were just discussing going, reminding himself in order to do he would have to do something that is often times hard for him. stay calm, cool and collected as he approaches last leg of the race. bill: also in a moment, here is a question you don't hear every day, how do you vote from space? martha: good question. bill: turns out nasa's top mind are on it, baby! ♪
7:41 am
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these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. bill: could call it the ultimate absentee ballot. nasa astronaut shane kimbrough will cast his vote aboard the international space station. mission control sending up secure electronic ballot through a special system set up for astronauts.
7:45 am
you fill it out, send it back to earth in the next few days. wonder when we'll find out? >> we've got to be nice and cool, nice and cool, right? stay on point, donald, stay on point. [cheering] no side track, donald. nice and easy. nice. because i've been watching hillary the last few days. she is totally unhinged. she don't want any of that. martha: can you see "saturday night live" version of that? thinking of the jets in the westside story. keep it cool. keep it cool. donald trump is firing up crowd across the country last year-and-a-half. at pep rally in florida, telling himself to say calm and disciplined. maybe they have locked up the twit every account for him, i don't know, over the last few days. we have the deputy editorial page editor for "the wall street journal." will come, dan.
7:46 am
lot to get to talk about. we'll jump right in. can he do that, first of all? >> he can do that. he finally understands that he has to after everybody appearing on fox news saying he should stay on target. the quote though, martha, you know there is a trump dump coming next several days. the clinton campaign has to change the subject from this fbi investigation. if they have got anything left on donald trump, they're going to hit it with them. then the question is, can he let it bounce off and keep doing what he is doing now? martha: stay tuned. quick thought from you on this foundation news. because i want to get your reaction to that, the news that the fbi has two investigations going on, foundation and emails. >> well you know, i'm so struck, martha, by "the new york times" "cbs poll" this morning which has hillary ahead by three points. trump made up six in two weeks. if you asked anybody in politics whether he could do that, they would say virtually impossible. this fbi and foundation investigation created negative momentum for hillary clinton. she is losing altitude.
7:47 am
i think what people are trying to absorb is, do they want to get past next tuesday with a president-elect hillary clinton who is going to be undergoing multiple investigations by the federal government? that doesn't compute in a lot of people's mind. so i think this is having a big impact. martha: you know you bring up the possibility of the clinton campaign dropping yet, another dramatic bombshell. >> the scenario. it almost feels like an opera, dan. you have mapped out and cast a opera in your wonderland column today in the "wall street journal" how do you see the trump-clinton opera? who are the characters around how does it end is the big question? >> i had to write a final column before the election. i came up with the trump the opera. i was lying in bed thinking what can we make what has been going an. it is like an opera. i thought about trump the opera. i started writing scenes. stars trump, "crooked hillary," "lyin' ted," little marco, huma, the handmaiden.
7:48 am
i created these scenes where trump and hillary perform arias. a beautiful wall. hillary clinton, hillary clinton -- martha: sound more beautiful in italian. >> best one was hillary clinton being interviewed by fbi director comey. remember when she said i can't recall 37 times? in italian that is non record. there is a death scene at the end. there is balcony scene. i think that pretty much describe what is we've been through, a grand opera for a year-and-a-half. martha: tell everybody at home, you do have to read the column because it is brilliant but in the end who is victorious on the balcony? >> the last person standing is donald trump. i must say preceded by a death scene. you have to -- you you have to read the column. but the last person standing in the opera is donald trump taking days worth of curtain calls. martha: do you believe that will happen? >> it looks now, like it is a genuine possibility. i mean the momentum is all in
7:49 am
his direction. we sometimes talk about momentum in these elections and he has it. you can tell in the sot you showed. he feels he has got momentum. she is meanwhile running commercials during world series about trump and women. people have gotten past that. and they're looking at consequences of next tuesday. martha: we all know in any opera sometimes there is twist at the end. >> surprise ending. martha: there may be. i think you started something here, i think we'll see trump the opera. i remember seeing nixon in china. >> exactly. martha: entire possible we may see trump the opera. great column, dan. see you after the election i guess. >> indeed. we'll be here. martha: bill. bill: jenna lee coming up next on "happening now." good morning to you quickly, how are you doing? >> good morning bill, we have brand new national and battleground polling to share with you. chris wallace and larry sabato join us live. american journalist missing in syria four years. his mom has many unanswered questions. she joins us next hour on what
7:50 am
she knows about her son's whereabouts. see you at top of the hour on "happening now." bill: ten minutes away. what night for chicago. [cheering] name the president the last time the cubs won the world series. name it! they are no longer loveable losers. [cheering] have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
7:53 am
♪ >> it is 0-1. this will be a tough play. the cubs win the world series! bryant makes the play. it's over. and the cubs have finally won it all! 8-7. bill: it was 1:00 in the morning. midnight in chicago.
7:54 am
a long day to remember for city of chicago, cubs fans celebrating first world series title in 108 years. jim gray, sportscaster, fox news contributor out of l.a. good morning to you. put the series, victory and two great american cities in perspective based on a what we just watched. >> well, we've just seen two cities compete and you just saw a team come back from a 3-1 definite. only sixth time in history. first time since 1985 the cubs were able to come back. they did it on the road. only three times done that before them, winning game 6 and 7. it has been 108 years. that is why it is so exciting and so exhilarating. nothing goes on for 108 years. nobodies that ha kind of curse, billy the goat. nothing goes on that long. you see davis. you look like it was going to continue. poor chapman, he was crying in the dugout. then the gods of baseball started to rain. that rain really helped cubs
7:55 am
regroup. it looked like it was going to collapse again. there you have it. now after 108 years and 71 years without having a world series in chicago, now they can rejoice. and their long national nightmare for the national pastime is over. bill: i think for cleveland, as long as they have manager terry francona back next year. i think they stand a pretty good chance coming back. that is the people are casting the greatest world series ever. i don't know if i would go there just yet. i think about the reds-red sox, 1975. joe carter's home run in 1993 toronto bluejays against the phillies. where do you put it? >> well it is right up there. you can throw arizona and yankees after the tragedy of 9/11 and president bush thrown out the first pitch and they lost in arizona on last play there. edgar renteria broke the hearts of the marlins, the marlins beating indians in 1997.
7:56 am
the reds winning in '75 is perhaps considered greatest. we live in the time of this age and twitter and blogs, and internet. this will go down, plus just the storyline. 68 years it hadn't been for cleveland. now 108 years for chicago. this will bring baseball back through the off-season. football is having problems, bill. ratings are way down. games are long. penalty, head injuries. a lot going on with football. i think this could really be a trampoline for major league baseball. bill: interesting point. pete rose working for fox, doing entertaining job i would add, said last night that series in 1975 saved baseball then. you might be on to something now, jim. thanks for your analysis from l.a. >> bill, good to talk to. >> good stuff, right? so the fbi is turning up heat on the investigation on the clinton foundation. the agency says it is now taking the matter a top priority.
7:57 am
so what is the impact? we'll be right back.
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martha: what are we going to do the next five days? bill: be right here. martha: i'll be here the next five days. have a good day. new email troubles for hillary clinton as to both candidates head into the final sprint for the white house. welcome to "happening now." i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. a state department whistle blower saying from the moment hillary clinton took charge of the secretary of state her team tried to sidestep security rules and never used approved phones or ipads.


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