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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 7, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PST

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we're living in a very dividedi nation. we're going to be brought together. just imagine what our9 could accomplish if we started working together ashjb#f oníh
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thank you, everybody. thank you. god bless you, everybody. go to bed. go to bed right now, get up and vote. thank you, everybody. thank you, michigan. donald trump in grand rapids, michigan. now let's take you over to hillary clinton who is speaking in raleigh, north carolina right now. she has already begun. let's take a listen. we could keep going with a
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long list. but here is what else i want you to know. good thing this election didn't land during exams, that's all i could say. look, tomorrow, tomorrow night this election will end, but i want you to understand our work together will be just beginning. [cheering]. >> we have to bridge the divides in this country. as the bible says, we have to repair the breaches. we've got to be willing to start listening to each other again, respecting each other again.
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and i want to thank gaga because she has always stood for that fundamental principle of respecting everybody! [cheers]. >> so i want you to know and i want you to spread the word, i do want to be president for all-americans, not just some, not just the people who support me and vote for me. i want to be president for everyone because we all have a role to play in building that better future for our country and for each of you. [cheers]. >> so if you haven't voted yet, go to you can get all of the info you need and you can still sign up to volunteer, right. go to or text
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join to 2746 or stop by one of our offices. we would welcome you to help make sure everybody gets out to vote tomorrow. a because none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more, right? [cheers]. >> and years from today when your kids and grand kids ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line, you'll be able to say you voted for a stronger, fairer, betterñ america! an america where we build bridges, not walls.
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[cheers]. >> and where, where we prove conclusively that, yes, love trumps hate. thank you! let's go vote, north carolina. god bless you. thank you all very much. there you have it, the final pushes from both of our candidates. we had donald trump speaking there in grand rapids, michigan, a swing state with 16 electoral votes, hillary clinton in nrk north carolina, a swing state with 15 electoral votes, doing what they can to get out the vote in these final hours. >> i think both of the moments of the night, mrs. clinton said i want to thank gaga. earlier we saw donald trump say he couldn't believe it was election day, can you believe it? >> you had lady gaga versus mike pence, you choose. >> i tell you, it is the final
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right near the end. they are all kpleeltcompletely n all cylinders. it is election day and we have full coverage of it. let's go to bryan yanis. he has the latest on the trump campaign. >> hello. >> reporter: happy election day to both of you, heather and eric. donald trump making his closing argument fuelled by thousands showing up to his rallies. he believes momentum in the last week will carry him to a wina law brexit, as voters head to the poll also in hours. trump making ten stops in eight states in the last two days. sunday trump visiting five states including battle grounds of florida, north carolina and new hampshire, while stopping in pencil vein ya'. he finished speaking in grand rapids, michigan. trump making his final argument that hillary clinton represents
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special interests and wall street while abandoning blue collar workers. he also is rallying voters to bring justice at the ballot box after the fbi recommended again not to seek an indictment against clinton. right now, again, trump just wrapped up speaking in grand rapids, and he said that michigan is at a crossroads, declaring if he wins michigan he will win the presidency while promising to bring back automobile manufacturing jobs. you know, it is a movement like has never happened in this country before. it is a movement that nobody has ever seen before, even these people. they talk about it. it is one of the great political phenomenons. many have said it, even some of them who truly, truly dislike me. >> the latest fox news scorecard shows clinton winning with just about the 270 electoral votes she needs or needed to win the presidency. trump can find a path to victory including if he wins those toss
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up states, florida, north carolina, new hampshire while stealing a democratic state like michigan, which last voted republican in 1988. now, trump will cast his vote tomorrow morning in midtown manhattan here in new york city before attending his victory party at the hilton hotel less than two miles from hillary clinton's victory party here in the city. >> amazing both will be within two miles of each other in manhattan, one at obviously at the hilton and other at the javits center. we'll see. we will be here tomorrow night. >> incredible night tomorrow -- today actually. >> hillary clinton blitzing key battleground states on monday. she zeroed in on pennsylvania starting in pittsburgh, then she held a huge nighttime rally as we showed you in philadelphia along with president obama and the first lady and finished off this bruising election, you could say, with a rousing rally just moments ago in north carolina. will carr has been following clinton on the campaign trail
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and has the latest from our l.a. news room. good morning, will. >> reporter: health owe, heather. hillary clinton just wrapping up in north carolina after crisscrossing battleground states in the final sprint to the finish. she started monday face timing with her granddaughter in front of cameras, then she held several rallies in pennsylvania, a blue state her campaign considers a firewall against donald trump. she has been joined on the trail by a slew of stars as well including jay z, bruce springsteen, lady gaga and bon jovi. then there's the democratic fire power, joe biden, bill clinton, then president obama, her competitor eight years ago, now one of her biggest supporters. >> don't forget when hillary was a senator, when she was my secretary of state, she was really popular. people saw how effective she was, how she crossed party lines to get things done. before she announced her candidacy for president, republican leaders described
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her, and i'm quoting now, as very impressive, someone who does a magnificent job, one of the most effective secretaries of state. >> reporter: on monday night in philadelphia in front of the historic independence hall the first black president introduced the candidate trying to become the country's first female president. in front of 20,000 people hillary clinton said her goal if elected to bring the nation together after a vicious battle with donald trump. make no mistake, our core values are being tested in this election. we know who he is. the real question for us is what kind of country we want to be and what kind of future we want to build for our children. >> reporter: one thing you did not hear hillary clinton talk
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about on monday, the latest letter from the fbi to congress. her campaign believes any mention of the e-mail controversy is just a distraction for voters. her plan heading into monday is that she will vote in new york, then later on monday night she will have a campaign election watch party in new york as well where her campaign is hoping to celebrate victory. >> yeah, i heard she was planning on some fireworks and decided to cancel those. i'm sure there still will be a big celebration either way. >> reporter: that's right. >> voters considering a number of issues when casting ballots this year. one of those issues of course healthcare. >> it has been a big issue on the campaign trail, especially the affordable care act and the increasing premiums that hit many across the country. we will take a look at that. the first votes are in tonight. you are taking a look there, that's on video. digsville notch, new hampshire. they're the first in the nation tradition. they voted. we will tell you who won.
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>> stay tuned. >> if that's an indication of what's happening in the country the rest of the day. stay with us on the fox news channel. ♪ ♪ this artoo unit must be delivered to the rebellion. come on artoo! ♪ artoo!
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♪ election day is here as
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donald trump said. can you believe it? fox news taking a closer look at the issues that matter most to the voters. >> there are issues we need to talk about in all of this. one of those, of course, being healthcare. >> reporter: the coverage has been okay. it has not been as great as we would like. >> rosemary knight says she has bought obamacare insurance since the program's launch. the hillary clinton supporter shops her obamacare in her home state of florida where she says she has too few insurance plan choices. >> premiums could be a little lower, coverage better. >> reporter: since rosemary and millions of other americans first bought obamacare in 2014, premiums have risen, the number of provider choices have fallen and major insurance companies have withdrawn citing billion also of losses in the market. projected premiums will increase 22% nationwide, again dragging obamacare into the 2016 presidential campaign. >> elect me and we will stop the
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horrible hikes that you're seeing with obamacare. we will stop the obamacare madness. >> i've been saying wie've got o fix what's broken and keep what works. >> reporter: for obamacare customers, the less they make the more taxpayers pitch in to subsidize their premiums. in florida a family of four, two adults, two children, making $35,000 a year can get the second cheapest obamacare option for a monthly premium of about $65. if that same family earns $75,000, taxpayers will cover about half of the premium, leaving a monthly cost of about $540. that family is also responsible for $13,000 in expenses before the plan pays anything. earning more than $100,000, that family receives no subsidies, will pay more than $1,000 a month and also have a deductible of $13,000. >> even though we are seeing increases all across the increases, the fact of the matter is we expect that next
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year more than half of the people who seek to purchase health insurance plans through the marketplace will be able to do so for $75 a month or less. >> reporter: though for the estimated 9 million customers who choose to buy the same type of insurance plans without the obamacare exchanges, they receive no subsidies and pay the full cost of the increases. now even some democrats acknowledge congress needs to fix the system. >> you've got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. >> reporter: although democrats are joining republicans in criticizing aspects of obamacare, the presidential candidates are far from agreeing on how to fix healthcare. >> democrats, progressives expand the entitlements, spend more so people have affordable health insurance. republicans spend less so people have affordable health insurance because they think spending too much is the root of the problem. >> reporter: donald trump wants to repeal obamacare, allow
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customers from one state to buy insurance from a company in another, and allow more generous tax deductions for health expenses. >> stopping hillary's healthcare takeover is one of the single most important reasons that we must win on november 8th. >> reporter: hillary clinton and democrats say they want to add to obamacare. >> i'm going to fix it because i agree with you, premiums have gotten too high, co-pays, deductibles, prescription drug costs -- and i've laid out a series of actions that we can take to try to get those costs down. >> reporter: clinton's plan would allow americans to buy into medicare when they're 55 years old and create a government insurance entity known as the public option to compete with private insurance companies. critics claim a public option would undercut private companies and force the federal government into more of the healthcare market. it is a debate rosemary says she is closely watching. she says despite obamacare limits she appreciates its benefits. it will allow her 22-year-old daughter to stay under her
10:25 pm
policy for four more years. >> all of the insurance companies were tightening their requirements and were turning us down. so it is better than nothing. i mean yes, there could be improvements to it. >> reporter: and here on the campaign trail each obamacare reference is a reminder of the vast differences between the two on healthcare. they even disagree on a starting point and whether obamacare has any role in the future of american healthcare. in kent, ohio, rich edson, fox news. >> what do you think of obamacare and how it impacts the election. let's go to our panel of political insiders that have been with us since the start of this, late tuesday night. >> which was what? five years ago? >> feels that way. >> exactly. in january. they of course are tony saig, ellen radner and judy miller who joins us together. tony, let me start with you. the affordable care act the president as you know said keep your doctor, it is going to
10:26 pm
lower the premiums, and this year just came out that the premiums will be going sky high in some places. >> in some states triple digits in premiums. swing states like arizona felt the effect. when you have donald trump on the campaign trail since that announcement, he started off every rally in a specific state telling the voters in that state how much their premiums were going to go up under obamacare. >> you think it will have a an effect in the voting booth? >> i think it has in many respect. obamacare has led to a political disaster for democrats, particularly those running for senate. you had a situation about a month ago where it didn't look like the democrats were probably going to gain the senate, win it back. you had bill clinton come out calling it the craziest thing in the world, referring to obamacare. then you had the bad news about the premium increases. i think that's when you started to see a lot of the numbers turn in critical states, like wisconsin for example where ron johnson, an incumbent senator,
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has been an outspoken critic and got his sea legs back once it emerged as an issue. >> judy, let me go with you. the former president called it crazy but mrs. clinton is backing it all the way and saying she will reinforce and strengthen it. >> it was another wonderful hillary versus bill moment in this race in which i'm sure mrs. clinton wanted to throttle her husband. the fact of the matter is i want to give old bill a shout out because what he said was a warning to other democrats that they had to be much more assertive and aggressive on this issue, that they had to do something and pledge to fix this system. now, whether or not you're happy, as i am, that 14 million more americans have healthcare who never had it before, that is a great accomplishment. but if middle class people, the middle class especially white suburban people who feel that they're paying an unfair share, suddenly feel that this is an issue in which she is soft on and she doesn't feel their pain, she is in deep trouble.
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>> yeah, you have more people who may have it, but then you have less people who can now afford it. so it is a significant difference between what donald trump is saying, which is repeal and replace, and then you have hillary clinton saying that she is going to fix it. so, you know, if you took a look at the numbers and as tony said, when hers were changing it was before the fbi investigation was announced again and before the wikileaks e-mails starting coming out, it was because of the obamacare premiums. >> i want to say this. look, i think that donald trump has been very effective in going after this, there's no question. i think we can all agree on that. however, you know, i'm the lefty looney here, and i believe that we should all be able to buy into medicare, single payer, and that is of course what bernie had recommended, and we would be in great shape if we were to do that. >> but that's essentially the problem. president obama wanted a single payer system, the political will did not exist on either side of the aisle. he wanted the public option.
10:29 pm
he couldn't get democrats to support it. don't forget you had 40 house democrats vote against obamacare in its final version which did not include the public option. for hillary clinton to do the bait and switch and say we need to move more toward a public option goes against the will of the people. number two, look at a state like new hampshire, key swing state, one provider in insurance in obamacare. you have the democratic governor of new hampshire opt out of the exchange because it was such a failure in the state. north carolina, you're going through all of these swing states where as a policy it is completely collapsed. >> and no matter who wins it is going to be a big issue. >> correct. >> for sure. >> ellen, you're not a looney. >> never. >> there's a lot more on the ballot this election day than the presidential race. >> and the balance of power, of course, in the house and the senate is at stake. only need four or five seats to flip that. will the senate flip? what will happen later on today. we will continue our coverage here on the fox news channel all
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night, as it is donald trump said election day! >> woo-hoo! >> can you believe it? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . today's election day in america. and while the votes are in in one tiny spot, in tiny dixville notch, new hampshire, who have the tradition of being the first in the nation to vote. only 12 people are registered to vote there. do the results preview what the rest of us will go through? turns out the clinton/kaine ticket won. they got four votes. trump/pence received two votes. libertarian received one vote. and there was a write in for mitt romney. one voter is pining for another republican nominee. dixville notch has correctly picked three of the last four. they voted for george w. bush and president obama in 2008. what a wonderful american
10:35 pm
tradition. tuesday's elections are more than just choosing the next president. your votes could also shift the power of -- the power -- the balance of power on capital hill. joining us for more on that and what will happen with the house and senate in our washington bureau is garrett tenny. hi, garrett snow hey. it is interesting, the outcome of the president election will also decide the house and seven it. dems need to win five seats to gain control of the senate and republicans are defending a total of 24. the balance of power likely will hinge on the outcome of a few key races in a number of states where the races are extremely close. here are a few places to keep a close eye on. in new hampshire, republican kellie eye yot is defending her seat against the democratic governor. in north carolina, republican richard burr in a tight race against his democratic challenger deborah ross. the tar heel state, for
10:36 pm
instance, has only split its pick for president and the senate once in the last 100 years. missouri, pennsylvania, wisconsin are other states where republicans are trying to hold on to their seats in very tight races. in nevada though the gop has a chance to actually pick up a seat where minority leader harry reid is retiring. remember, five seats is the key that democrats need to pick up. if they're able to only pick up four by the end of tomorrow night, the senate would be tied, meaning any tie breaking vote likely would be cast by our next vice president. eric. >> garrett, it is certainly close. for more on the campaign plans and what could happen in the next 23 hours, kevin sheridan joins. he is a republican strategist and former adviser to romney/ryan. and jim green, former clinton adviser. welcome to you both. kevin, let me start with you. donald trump, seems like a tall order. he needs they say to pick up romney's 24 states, add in the toss ups. how do you think his strategy
10:37 pm
will go, especially since he was picking some unorthodox states to campaign in tonight, ending his campaign in almost democratic michigan? >> reporter: that's a product of necessity but he is in pretty good shape right now. he needs the big three of ohio, north carolina and florida. he needs to keep all of those in -- you know, he needs to win all of those and he needs to find a blue state. michigan is the one that he's now focused on it seems the most. pennsylvania is within two points, and that's within the margin of error. so it is potential a possibility but it is -- it is usually a republican white whale. i don't know we will be able to come across there. i do think that new hampshire is still in play. nevada may be out of the picture now, but those rust belts states, wisconsin and michigan especially, still look like the best chance for him to pull across the finish line. >> he has been ahe ohio. but what about let's say north carolina? that's been close. a lot of people have been focusing on that state? >> yeah, north carolina is very
10:38 pm
close. that on tuesday night is going to be one of the earliest states to close at 7:30 i think. you'll know then if there are -- if we're very close and nothing gets called in those first couple of hours in either north carolina or florida, we know we're in for a night and we have the possibility of a donald trump presidency because he could pull off one of the other states and win. ohio looks pretty good for him. iowa looks good for him. so he has a path. it is a very narrow one. she starts out with 242 electoral votes, every democrat dots. that's just the way the mat sets up. she has a better chance of winning but he has a narrow path. >> and jim, on hillary clinton's part we saw the massive rally in philadelphia tonight with bruce springsteen. you have president obama, mrs. clinton's husband, of course the former president, and chelsea and others there. then she jetted off to north carolina where we just saw her speak. those are two very key states for her trying to, you know, put north carolina in her column at
10:39 pm
all. do you think it is the proper strategy for her to end her campaign tonight? >> absolutely. i think one thing that is very clear is there's only one candidate who ending on a high note and talking positively about the future of the country, and it is because she does have an easier path to 270, but the clinton campaign is not taking anything for granted. i think one of the things that this shows is just how focused secretary clinton is, and that is something we want in a president. i think preparing by building a ground game, preparing to be president by raising the funds to get your message out there and focusing on not just the negativity. if you listen to donald trump's closing statements, it is so full of so much negativity and ted nugent, the kind of disgraceful way he represented
10:40 pm
himself on stage, that is not what voters want to hear. they are tired of this never-ending negative campaign and they're looking for someone to finally start being inspirational. i don't think there was anything more inspirational than watching president obama and secretary clinton, president clinton on that stage, michelle obama and the tens of thousands of people saying, now that this campaign is coming to an end we have the opportunity to move this country forward. that's going to make a big difference tomorrow -- today. >> you also just said two words, the ground game. there's a lot about the clinton ground game, a million phone calls, something that donald trump doesn't have. >> absolutely does not have. a million volunteers, something like 14.5 million contacts over the weekend between the doors they knocked on and the phone calls that they made. yeah, i had a friend who was in
10:41 pm
pennsylvania just today and she talked to a trump supporter who was livid that he has not seen the trump campaign but has been bombarded by hillary outreach. this is just, again, a sign of the difference between these two candidates. one thinks he can win on ego and bluster and the other one understands that to win this important, most consequential election of our lifetime you do have to be prepared. you have to take it seriously. you have to talk directly to the voters and connect with them on the issues that they're most concerned about. it is not about insults. it is about ideas, and that's how she closed out her campaign. >> those are the two views as we're now entering the final stage of this election day. thank you. jumu had a point talking about the ground game. where i live there was something put on the door where they did have a ground game, but it was from the local office and there was -- for the republican candidate, didn't mention donald trump's name at all. it was the congressional
10:42 pm
candidate, so that's something that is clearly -- if you're running a campaign, you need the ground game. >> she mentioned ted nugent and his performance. i would be interested to hear what jumu has to say about jay z and his performance. there's been talk about the language that was used. >> we'll be looking at that because we're here all night, not only looking at the news but some of the issues that folks are concerned about when they go to the polls today. >> one of the top concerns is terrorism. stay with us as our special election coverage continues after this. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex. . welcome back to our special election coverage on this election day finally. terrorism is one of the top two issues in the 2016 presidential campaign. chief intelligence correspondent kathryn heritage reports. >> reporter: brian and melissa long are juggling work and raising two young children.
10:47 pm
like so many voters, terrorism is an issue that matter but for them it is very personal. >> i'm a native new yorker who lost my fiance on 9/11. >> living in suburban virginia not far from the site where flight 77 crashed. >> i'm a little more sensitive to it than others especially with our children now growing up, and i see there's just more of a chance for something else to happen. >> reporter: melissa says she hasn't heard anything from the candidates that gives her peace of mind. >> i don't think that either one is equipped to deal with something, you know, something like 9/11 possibly, but now we're talking about individualized attacks. >> we are going to stop radical islamic terrorism in this country. she won't even mention the words and neither will president obama. >> we need to keep our eye on isis. that's why i want to have an intelligence surge that protects us here at home. >> reporter: a clinton administration promise also to take out isis in iraq and syria,
10:48 pm
and further support first responders on the front lines here at home. >> we want to stop these things, prevent them before they occur. >> reporter: washing ton's interim police chief says his officers are training for scenarios like this summer's attack at orlando's pulse nightclub where 49 were killed and last year's assault in san ber ar dino. >> we have a tactical village, almost a warehouse where we can set up a school, we can set up a nightclub and we have an actor go in and essentially are acting as a lone wolf shooter? a trump administration promises to crunch icy through aggressive coalition military operations, rebuild u.s. forces with improved intelligence and cyber capabilities. trump who wants a wall with mexico draws a distinction with clinton on refugees.
10:49 pm
>> when i'm elected president we will suspend the syrian refugee program, and we will keep radical islamic terrorists out of our country. >> i'm not going to let anyone into this country who is not vetted, who we do not have confidence in, but i'm not going to slam the door on women and children. >> reporter: during the first nine months of fiscal year 2016, the justice department reported 49 new terrorism prosecutions, an increase of 10% over 2015. while both candidates pledge to disrupt online recruiting, neither offer specifics. >> isil right now is the most prominent terrorist group on the world stage. >> reporter: speaking with fox news, homeland security secretary jay johnson said the next administration will wrestle with a digital jihad. >> when you look at their recruitment efforts on social media, on the internet, it is slick, it is impressive. it has a western flavor to it. >> reporter: clinton says trump makes a mistake whenever he
10:50 pm
alienates the muslim community. >> calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: chief new some says his officers rely on strong community partnerships to disrupt terrorism and crime. >> it is peculiar behavior by the lone wolf actor, and i think that, you know, the community has been very good about recognizing some of those things. >> reporter: in september the dumpster bomber in new york city was taken down in new jersey after a 36-hour manhunt. based on his notebook obtained by fox news, he was prepared to die for radical islam. >> until it happens to you or someone close to you, i don't think people fully comprehend the threat we are facing. i would like to say to my kids, you know, we are doing our best to really prevent another 9/11 from happening. >> reporter: as to who they trust to do a better job on terrorism, the new fox news poll shows voters are divided. that's a consistent trend seen throughout the election cycle.
10:51 pm
in washing fon. >> a big issue. we'll have more on the fight on terror ahead. >> our panel will weigh in on the issue after the break. ♪ whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans... or keeping a hotel's guests connected. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. "c"you don't want to drive old cheblue forever, do you?"e?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free.' "credit karma. give yourself some credit." this artoo unit must be delivered to the rebellion. come on artoo! ♪ artoo! welcome to the rebellion. ♪
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this is for you. duracell and children's miracle network hospitals are powering imaginations everywhere.
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. well, here we go again
10:55 pm
. welcome back. so how will the issue of terrorism impact the race? ellen radner, bureau chief of talk media news, rep media analyst, judith miller with the manhattan policy research. we will start with you, judy. we heard kathryn heritage in her report prior to the break. she said in the first nine months of the fiscal year 2016 the justice department reported 49 new international terrorism prosecutions. that's an increase of 10% over 2015. which of the candidates do you think is better suited to, you know, take us into this new realm to fight terrorism? >> look, i think there's no doubt that hillary clinton has benefitted from the fact that there hasn't been a major terrorist attack on american soil in the past six months, and
10:56 pm
this is very, very important because she can convey the notio really believe having wachld terror for all of these years, for over 20 years, that america is so much safer today than we were before. we spent a trillion dollars doing it, but new york alone has thwarted more than 16 serious terrorist attacks since 9/11. the urgt further we get from that event the less scared people tend to be. osama bin laden may be dead. but bin ladenism will be with us for a long time. it plays well for the democrats. >> we don't have time to get to anyone else but three more hours to go. >> stay with us. polls open in four hours in the east. >> we will be right back. ♪
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. . thank you for joining us, and would you believe that one town is already in. it is the first in the nation in the tiny new hampshire city. >> 12 people live there. that is right. 12, well, here are the results. four for the clinton/kaine
11:01 pm
ticket, two for trump. there was a write-in for mitt romney. >> interesting. >> yeah, and they actually predicted three of the last four elections, so we'll see how that goes for the rest of the day. both candidates were in last-minute overdrive, both donald trump and hillary clinton wrapping up midnight rallies earlier this morning. >> we were able to keep a couple of them for you. they were giving closing arguments, donald trump in grand rapids, michigan, traditionally a blue state, but one that was very much in play for the republican nominee. >> there is one core question for you to consider. do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class? or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people. >> and meanwhile, on the other side, mrs. clinton capped off an
11:02 pm
election evening with an event in raleigh. the tar heel state they say could lead the way but if mrs. clinton were to win there, experts think it would block donald trump's path to the white house. >> it is a choice between a loose canon who could risk everything. >> you know it has been election month for millions of us who now cast ballots during early voting. kelly wright has more. >> good morning to you as well. when it comes to early voting the candidates know they have to be careful in determining what the data from those early ballots may indicate. keep this in mind, at least 40% of the country has voted, you can be sure that the campaign
11:03 pm
has been paying attention to the early voters. let's take a closer look. 42 million voters have already gone to the polls this election year more than 18 million of those early votes taking place in key battleground states. and the race in each of those states well, may come down to being a nail biter. a large number of voters were women and latino voters, while the turnout of african-american voters is lower than it was in 2012 when president obama was on the ticket running for re-election. still, it's very difficult to determine which candidate is leading right now. the state of georgia set an early voting record with more than 2.1 million early votes cast. and in florida, the biggest swing state for most of these candidates more than 5.3 million voters already cast their votes in the sunshine state. both candidates fighting hard there to win in florida which of course provides a solid path to
11:04 pm
winning the electoral college. and then urging the base to get out the vote, the tar heel state is key for donald trump. if he could win a vote there, it could help him in his quest to win the electoral college. and hillary clinton could possibly reclaim north carolina. something to remember with all of this as we talk about early voting even with the early voting already done, today is truly the big day when americans truly make their votes and we of course will have the results after the polls close tonight and determine who will be the next president of the united states. >> all right, kelly, i'll take it, we'll be here later on this evening 24 hours from now, all-new coverage on the fox news channel. we know you will be here with us kelly, thank you. and we have you covered, there are several battleground states that are key for trump to win. all eyes will be on north carolina, pennsylvania and
11:05 pm
florida among others. and to talk pomore about this, have the author of grumpy old party. it is the election day, are you excited? >> i'm very excited, good to be with you, heather. >> thank you for joining us, thank you for coming in for us. you heard some of the early voting numbers, like 42 million people nationwide so far, 18 million of those in key battleground states. in terms of the path to victory for donald trump, what is his best path? >> well, i think he absolutely has to win florida, i'm assuming he is going to win ohio, he needs those two states. and then if he picks up north carolina and iowa and maybe one of the southwestern states, arizona, utah, i think he is okay with that path. i don't think pennsylvania is out of the question. i don't think wisconsin and michigan, or michigan is out of the question either.
11:06 pm
so i think he has numerous paths, i think hillary clinton has numerous paths, too, but i don't see her with a clear advantage. i think it to go in many different directions. >> now, you mentioned a couple of things there, in terms of florida, 5.4 million voters have cast their votes there. the hispanic vote is up there, the african-american vote is down, north carolina being a key battleground state. how do you think it will impact hillary clinton? >> well, i thought the african-american vote would be down from 2012 in 2008, the hispanic vote should not be looked as as a monolithic, among the hispanics, you have cubans who traditionally vote republican. so i think this is a key election, one reason it is different than 2012 is that even though in 2012 obama beat romney
11:07 pm
so the uphill climb is for trump to get that back, i think obama was a stronger candidate than hillary clinton. and conversely i think donald trump is a stronger candidate than mitt romney. so it's an uphill climb, but there is that variable as well. >> uh-huh, and something else you mentioned before, the closet trump voters, people who are maybe not so willing to publicly say that they are in fact going to vote for donald trump. >> absolutely, i think across the country right now you have hillary strongholds and trump strongholds, and those among the hillary strongholds who don't want to vote for hillary clinton, but they won't say it out loud, will actually vote for trump, which is a double gain for her. there are strongholds where they will tell their families, i
11:08 pm
think they are going to leave the slate blank. there are not as many that would cross over to hillary or trump, so that would be the difference. >> you're comparing it to the race in 2012. what is causing that this time around? is this the phenomenon we're just hearing about or does this frequently happen where people don't really want to admit who they're voting for? is it because they're embarrassed or maybe they're being shamed? >> i think they're being shamed. i think there is a lot of misperceptions about both candidates, honestly, particularly about donald trump. as i have said many times before he never really called mexicans rapists, nor did he say ban all muslims. there are a lot of things he did not do, but for a trump supporter if he says i'm going to vote for trump, he hears well, you must be a racist or sexist, they don't want to deal with that so they just keep
11:09 pm
their mouth shut. >> all right, we'll see what happens at the voting booth. thank you for joining us. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you very much. >> as he suggested, is there hidden trump support out there that is not reflected in the polls? let's talk to judy miller, tony, you're the republican, so let me start with you. breaking news, breaking news. not just dixville notch in neighbor where mrs. clinton won over donald trump, but also there is another location. heart's location, won 70-4, but millsfield, in new hampshire, landslide for donald trump, 16 votes for him. altogether in new hampshire, we have been reporting dixville notch, mrs. clinton won, actually, 32, and 27 for mrs.
11:10 pm
clinton. he is winning new hampshire. the whole point of this is, as dino was just saying, are there people who were not reflected in the polls? bill o'reilly believes there is a hidden trump support out there. as someone who has been in the business for years, do you think it is true? >> it certainly exists, there are two categories that i put the hidden trump support in that is maybe not measured by the poll. you call it the closet supporter, that doesn't want to admit publicly, the support. the kind of dynamic we have together you are automatically going to be as sisigned a lot o names. the second piece of this is the new trump supporter, the person who is not a behavioral voter and doesn't come out every four
11:11 pm
or two years, who doesn't get calculated into the polling models. now, had donald trump had the deficit he had eight or nine months ago, that is not going to make up the difference. when you have the deficit like we've seen, that quiet support can really put him over the top. so that is why i think as much as you have people thinking that hillary clinton has a mathematical electoral advantage, you're seeing people who are reluctant, because trump has gotten this close enough where that quiet support, the silent majority could possibly put him over the top. >> well, i think actually, i hate to say it but i agree with o tony on this one, i think a lot of people are going to go into that voting booth. they vote for trump, they go out and tell the poll watchers, the people that are journalists, et cetera, that they voted for
11:12 pm
hillary clinton and they may have voted for trump. i'm not sure we're going to see the right thing from the exit polls. >> what do you think we'll see from the bernie voters? >> i think most will vote, i don't think all. >> even after the wikileaks that came out that said squash him like a bug. >> well, they may vote for jill stein, although a vote for jill stein is a vote for trump, i think. >> the thing to watch is how accurate our polls are because we've had two real shocks, of course, the brexit vote, the vote to leave the european union which almost every pollster missed. and then the second is the vote for or against the peace deal that was negotiated in columbia where the polls all showed that this peace deal was going to be endorsed. and in fact, it was rejected. so are american pollsters better than their european and british
11:13 pm
counterparts? are we doing something or measuring something accurately that the others missed? or are the internal numbers from the polls reflecting something that each candidate may be worried about and targeting in their own campaign? this is a fascinating year for pollsters. >> it is, and the polls misfired a lot during the primaries, let's not forget. and the lose to bernie sanders, when you look at the sanders vote, which is important, the problem is not defection to trump, the problem is the lack of enthusiasm. sanders was winning voters under 45 by huge numbers and you see this reflected even in the fox polling -- >> people need to get out of their house today and vote. >> she is not getting that high enthusiasm that trump is. and that fox poll, 6 62% of tru
11:14 pm
voters said they're more excited to vote for trump than previous candidates, only 45% said they're more excited to vote for hillary clinton than previous candidates. >> and the number of people, when she brings in people like jay-z, and lady gaga, and bon jovi? >>s those people, because she is not getting them on her own. >> we'll have all the details. after all, we are the fox news channel. well, you know, fox news is of course the american election headquarters, so stick with us live for the in-depth analysis from new hampshire and beyond. as america chooses the next president, we are live all day ear on the fox news channel.
11:15 pm
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one of the issues is immigration. >> they're bringing drugs and crime. they're rapists. >> i am in favor of immigration reform. >> two different opinions, we have bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. >> i don't want to rip families apart. >> how to tackle the issue of immigration, for frank schuster like so many americans, this is not about rhetoric. it's personal. >> you want a drug dealer coming through your back yard every week? >> frank is a vegetable farmer in mcallen, texas, thin this pa
11:20 pm
of texas, water is all that separates texas from mexico. >> the water is the poorest border, people coming across, thousands every month. >> but he says he is torn, they need a robust work force. >> our labor is getting tighter and tighter every spring. we lose crops. >> under part of his immigration plan, donald trump originally called for immediately deporting the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. he says he will kick out drug lords and criminals first, and then after building his wall, make a determination next. although a trump supporter, he is worried about his farming
11:21 pm
business, considering a 70% of the workers are undocumented. >> if you take 70% of the workers in any industry and try to get them out, it's going to be devastating. >> across town. >> it concerns me greatly. >> across town, a life long resident of mcallen is also thinking about the implications of each candidates' position. he says he is in favor of mr. trump's platform. >> the first thing to do is to stop the illegal traffic. >> while trump's strategy is keeping people out the cornerstone of secretary hillary clinton's immigration policy has been comprehensive reform, including securing the border. she vows to create a pathway to citizenship within her first 100 days in office. >> i still can be a good citizen, a great american citizen. >> marco came to america at age 17. he attended high school and
11:22 pm
college in texas. an option that would not have been on the table under trump's plan. as senator in 2003, secretary clinton co-sponsored legislation to protect people like marco and she still very much supports it. >> all we want is an opportunity for us to be able to stay with our families, you know, and succeed in the american dream. >> there is one facet both candidates agree on. extreme vetting and criminal background checks for not only immigrants coming in, but refugees as well. syrian or otherwise, someone like this one. >> it's impossible not to leave everything behind. >> andrea says her husband was kidnapped by cartels, so she fled her country of el salvador with her daughter, she says the journey took days before she finally arrived and surrendered
11:23 pm
to border patrol. >> i was very afraid, afraid for her, afraid she would get sick and die. >> and back on frank schuster's farm, he says he feels compassion for andrea and others who truly want a better life for their families but he can't help but wonder at what cost. >> we just have to get better control over the people coming across that we know who is here. >> that was casey siegal reporting from mcallen, texas. >> so how do the voters sway the race? we have judy miller who is with the manhattan institute for policy research. okay, immigration, do you start with that escalator ride? because it really was not a big issue, he just hit that one right on the head to his supporters, to his detractors who did something wrong. >> first of all, you have to say this country has had a very
11:24 pm
mixed view about taking in refugees, certainly st. louis during the holocaust was the ship that was turned away. many people died in concentration camps. also donald trump talks about building a wall, but if you look at the chinese side, people are digging and making tunnels, so how is he going to stop that? >> look, i think that immigration was the key theme, the tone that was set, mexicans as rapists and criminals. hispanics, if they vote in larger numbers than they ever had before, will have their revenge. because where as they were 10% in the last go-around, now they are close to 12%. and in florida, for example, one
11:25 pm
out of the 6.2 -- one million out of the 6.2 million votes cast were cast by hispanics. they will make the difference in nevada. and if donald trump loses, it may be because of this large brown wall, built by his ant antihistamianti hispanic rhetoric. >> they seem to favor donald trump in a very significant way, particularly when you compare it to 2012, also we make the mistake in casting the analysis on the hispanic vote in this monolithic way. you have this cuban population
11:26 pm
in florida -- who tend to vote republican. >> but you have the puerto ricans, and they're new voters and not voting republican. >> but also florida registered a million more republicans than democrats, so clearly there is something happening in that state that favors donald trump. that being said, when you see what donald trump has done on immigration, he combined it with trade. the people spoken to are the people who feel left out by the washington big government policies, free trade, good for business because it provides cheap labor, good for democrats, they get this access to potentially more favorable voting populations for the future but it hurts the american worker. both of these policies hurt the american worker and that is why you basically put in play that entire western half of pennsylvania, northern michigan. the entire rust belt. ohio, we talk about it being for
11:27 pm
trump as if it is no big deal. this is the key bellweather state that donald trump is ahead of clinton by an average of six points largely because of issues like trade and immigration and what it has done to hurt the american worker, so he used it veryeffectively. >> but people are talking about trade, and neither candidate is talking about robots or what is happening to all the jobs, the factory jobs not being replaced by mexicans, not by trade, but by robots. >> and there is arguments being made, but when they're being eliminated because america is constantly dealing with bad trade deals, not stopping for the worker, and nafta and other ones, where you have factors leaving to the south of us, this is where the workers say you could have helped us here, the dynamic that is changing --
11:28 pm
>> china was also one of the very first issues that donald trump brought up at the very first news conference. >> i can see why tony would like to pivot from immigration to trade, because donald trump has had at least 19 different positions on trade. but the negative position on new immigrants is affecting more than just hispanics. >> but i have to say, i think donald trump has been very consistent. the actual flip-flop on the left, barack obama bragged about the deportations that occurred on his watch, and in the second term. ordered amnesty. trump still believes in the sovereign rule of law. >> 20 hours from now we'll look at the results, the latino votes in nevada, for florida --
11:29 pm
>> still to come, we're also going to talk about the fbi wrapping up its investigation into the latest batch of e-mails. wrapping it up again saying it will not prosecute again. >> but will it hurt the efforts of the democrats trying to gain control of the house? and the senate, we'll have more on those races. ta
11:30 pm
11:31 pm
11:32 pm
11:33 pm
11:34 pm
. well, long-time clinton aide huma abedin is back by clinton's side. she has been noticeably absent after e-mails were found on her laptop belonging to her estranged husband, anthony weiner, what impact will this have on all the other races on the ballot along with the presidential race? joining us now with their thoughts, political reporter, ashley pratt, and democratic strategist. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> so ashley, i'll start with
11:35 pm
your take on this, first of all, james comey saying hey, we took a look at these additional e-mails, some repeats, we did it over eight days and go back to our original decision back in july. hillary clinton will not be prosecuted. how will that impact the race in terms of donald trump and hillary clinton? >> well, i definitely think it will have an impact on hillary clinton more so than donald trump in the sense that i do think a lot of democrats will obviously end up voting for her. but a lot of the undecided voters who honestly this whole entire election the thing that has plagued her run for office was her untrustworthiness, there was a poll on that in light of the new information that popped up with the fbi. now, while they did announce yesterday that no criminal wrongdoing had been done, the
11:36 pm
damage, i think has already been done among the undecided and independent voters who maybe would have considered casting a vote for her, but now they may just end up staying home. i don't know that they will necessarily turn to donald trump but what i do know is that it will have a disastrous vote down ballot if they do not vote for hillary clinton. >> and what do you think the impact will be, dave? >> it has not turned out to make an impact in the polling that we've seen. the structure of the race has not changed. clinton still has a significant advantage in the electoral college, and all she has to win is six of the states the democrats have won in the last presidential election. in a state like florida, she is running up the score with early votes particularly like latinos and she wins. also she is winning in a state like nevada. i think broadly speaking, did the fbi let her have an impact?
11:37 pm
it had somewhat of a tiny impact, but if you look at the states, the battleground states and national polls, i think at the end of the day we're going to see hillary clinton win tomorrow. >> i do want to make sure, i mention to everybody watching at home since it is election day we're not going to talk specifically about the polling numbers, because we don't want to sway any votes because everybody's vote counts. we want you to head out to the polls in the morning to make your voice heard. so ashley, what were you going to say? >> while we talk about battleground states there are states like new hampshire, where let's say the republican candidate wins. that could have some significant impacts if people do not go out and vote for hillary clinton, because i think there are a lot of people again who fall into that undecided and independent category who say i think republican would be better for me down ticket and maybe not vote for her at the top of the
11:38 pm
ticket and they may traditionally be more of a blue collar voter. who knows? but what i am saying is there are issues this year like right to work that could come up, and if there are numbers in place in swing states, those could potentially alter the map for republicans down the line. i think the last effect again of this pittsburgh thing is the fact that hillary clinton could really, really alter some of those down ballot races if she does not get enough support at the top of the ticket. >> and dave, we only have a couple of seconds left. some of her numbers started to drop even before all of this fbi you know taking a second look at the investigation, all that came out because of the obamacare premiums. >> sure, but if you look at the nationally polls that came out 24 hours before the election she is leading in nearly all of them, anywhere between two and five points. in a fundamental basis, she is in a better position than donald
11:39 pm
trump to prevail tomorrow. particularly if you look at early voters like women who are trailing ahead by ten points, hispanics are doing well in places like nevada. she is poised for success, but does it translate to down ballot races and to democrats picking up the senate. do we eat into the republican lead into the house majority? do we cut into that? that is the big question we'll see tomorrow. >> we'll see. thank you for joining us. actually today, we'll see it today. thank you for joining us. shou >> indeed, thank you. and we now head to the opiate epidemic, heroin, or oxycontin, you know how
11:40 pm
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11:44 pm
welcome back to america's election headquarters on election day. right now we look at another issue that matters to the voters, this issue, drug control. rick levemthal reports. >> reporter: agents join local police, busting suspected including buyers in manchester, new hampshire. home to more addicts than almost anywhere in america. >> new hampshire has suffered so greatly from the heroin crisis and the drugs pouring across the border. the rate of heroin overdose has gone up three times in this state. once again our politics have
11:45 pm
failed the issue. >> when you're ready to get help there is not enough places to go to get help. and we are losing thousands and thousands of americans of all age, but particularly young americans. under 40. and we have got to address this. >> hillary clinton has pledged $10 billion to fight the opiod epidemic, and the department that aims to treat drug addiction. she wants to expand treatment instead of jail for non-violent offenders. donald trump says he will stop the flow of illegal drugs into the country, in part by building a wall, and help the people seriously addicted get the help they need. the numbers have gone up, due to the rise of opiods, dealers
11:46 pm
often mix drugs to lure users and drugs can be deadly. with tens of thousands of overdose deaths every year, nationwide, at least 80 here in manchester. >> we're up over the percentage just on overdose calls alone. >> firefighters spend much of their day responding to od calls, trying to help addicts three to five times every shift. >> you have been with the manchester fire department for 32 years. never seen anything like this? >> never seen anything like it. >> chris lost her step-daughter, and is not sure that either candidate understands the plan. >> dennis is a recovering addict whose wife died of a suspected od. >> if i mourned every single person that we've lost you know, either directly or indirectly, i would be in mourning 24 hours a
11:47 pm
day. >> now he is counseling others on the challenge of overcoming opiods. >> you can provide an example for somebody, but nobody is going to change unless they do it themselves. >> the manchester fire department created a program to try to help, called safe station, encouraging anybody with addiction issues to walk into a fire house and get fast tracked into a treatment facility. >> when we go to them, it's usually because they hit rock bottom or they have eveoverdose when they come to us, it's a choice. >> this was aaron's second visit in a week. >> i'm not a bad person, i just made bad choices but i'm not going to give up on myself. >> we look at it if you show up once and come back twice, it's success rate because you found us the first time and an issue the second time. >> stephanie has many cases
11:48 pm
referred by the attend, but she and her staff could not save them all. >> i can think of four that rattled us. >> communities are being ruined. if anything could be likened to a weapon of mass destruction, it's heroin and fentanyl. >> and whoever is in charge in the white house this is something they need to pay attention to. >> that was rick levinthal reporting from new hampshire. should and now it's time for you the voters to speak. and when we come back our panel of experts will look at a guy who angered voters on both sides of the aisle, twice. fbi director, james comey. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate.
11:49 pm
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11:52 pm
what impact was well on the campaign? the bureau chief is here, republican political analyst, and pulitzer prize winning
11:53 pm
journalist, judy miller. i'm starting with you, because you spent 85 days in jail, on a very important principle, not giving up a case, that was a very important case, you were prosecuted. now we have james comey. >> so i'm particularly sensitive to this issue of judicial overreach. and i have to say that james comey did something i didn't think was possible, which was to lower american's space, his three intervention on the e-mail scandal, each of them has been disastrous in is own way. but mainly, i would point out when he initially said he was not going to quote, prosecute her. he was overstepping his bounds. he is supposed to be the chief investigator. it is the justice department that makes the finding on whether or not you're going to indict someone.
11:54 pm
but mr. comey usurped that function himself. but low rretta lynch's conversan with bill clinton removed her on whether or not hillary clinton ought to be indicted. but beyond that, she could have ordered james comey not to send the letters. either one of them that he sent to congress, she could have ordered him not to make the statement about the internal workings of the case, she chose not to do that. >> the doj said he was told not to do that but he did it anyway. >> they advised him. there is a difference between advising, and loretta could say, we urged him not to do it. when actually it's her role to rein in -- >> did she set up the
11:55 pm
distraction to take the heat off her? >> hillary clinton has already said she was thinking of appointing, keeping loretta lynch on if she won the election. so loretta lynch has a lot at stake. but you know what, the american people have a lot at stake when it comes to their american system of justice, and what comey has done is raise questions on both sides of the aisle about the institution. >> comey wants to save his job, no matter what, and although the president can legally fire the fbi director look, he is playing both sides. >> i think judith brings up the essential point to remember. loretta lynch's bad judgment and actions, by accepting to meet bill clinton, the husband of someone being investigated by her department, as the plane on the tarmac, forced her to recuse
11:56 pm
herself, to suggest there was no criminality, and no charges should be pressed. that was the original sin for most republicans because he then created an artificial category to the intent on the crimes that hillary clinton committed. he said gross negligence, which still stands. that, in many people's judicial opinion could have been enough to at the very least call for a grand jury to look into this further. and i'll tell you when james comey went back this last time it was because his department, his agents were rebelling against him, forcing his hand. >> and haven't even talked about the foundation, they have been investigating over a year and can't find anything. >> which is still continuing. >> we'll have more on this in the next hour.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
polls in the east are opening in just three hours. >> and regardless how it works out history will be made. i'm heather childress. >> and i'm eric sean. it is an early morning or late-night edition at the election headquarters. will we determine if the country will elect our first woman president or will it be the first presidenty lended without any -- president elected without previous political or military experience? >> making a final pitch to americans late last night, trump held his last rally in grand rapids, mile-per-hour mitch. dash cash michigan. he claimed hillary as part of
12:01 am
the corrupt dc establishment. >> we are finally going to close the history books on the clintons and their lies and schemes and corruption. we will open a brighting new chapter to focus on you, the american people. >> meanwhile hillary clinton pumped up the crowd in raleigh, north carolina urging her supporters to make their voices heard. >> tomorrow we face the test of our time. so remember, it is not just my name or donald trump's name on the ballot, it is the kind of country we want. it is every issue anyone cares about. if you believe america drives and when the middle class drives, then you have to vote tomorrow. >> and the day of decision is here. we have full fox news team coverage and will carr is on the campaign. let's go to brian who has been
12:02 am
covering the trump campaign in new york. >> happy election day. donald trump is making his final campaign stop in grand rapids, michigan. it is a democratic state that has not voted republican since 1988. trump's campaign believes they can steal a victory in michigan tonight and win the presidency. in front of thousands early on tuesday telling them to bring justice to the ballot box, what the fbi failed to bring not to seek an indictment over hillary clinton and her e-mail controversy. he gave a final pitch to blue collar workers promising to bring back more automobile manufacturing jobs and saying a vote for clinton is a vote for special interest in wall street. >> today is our independence day. [cheering]. >> today the american working class is going to strike back.
12:03 am
you have one magnificent chance to beat this corrupt, rigged system and to deliver justice to every forgotten man and forgotten woman and forgotten child in this nation. >> trump has visited 10 states in 48 hours and five states on his final day of campaigning and stops in florida and north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. it is fuelled by thousands showing up to the rallies trump believes momentum in the last week will carry him to a win a la brexit. trump will cast his vote this morning here in midtown, muscular dystrophy. in midtown manhattan. his victory will beheld less than two miles from clinton's party. >> amazing both will be in manhattan tomorrow night and one will be the winner winner and one will be defeated. back to you. >> yes, they will and hillary
12:04 am
clinton is expected to land in new york about half an hour from now. she is just getting home following a very, very busy final day as they all have been on the campaign trail. will carr has the latest and she ended it all with a big concert. bon jovi and lady gaga and a bunch of folks. >> that's right, heather. she had a lot of people come out in the past 24 hours, a lot of big names trying to push her across the finish line. she wrapped up with a midnight rally in north carolina. over the past couple days she and -- she has criss-crossed the states. bruce springsteen, lady gaga and bon jovi and tim kaine and president obama, of course. hillary clinton's rival eight years ago now one of her biggest supporters. listen to the president in front of 20,000 people. >> i am betting that america will reject a politic of
12:05 am
reseptember meant and a politic of blame and choose a politic that says we are stronger together. i am betting that tomorrow you will reject fear and you will choose hope. i am betting the wisdom and decency and the generosity of the american people will once again win the day. >> hillary clinton flew from philadelphia to north carolina where her daughter chelsea clinton took the time to thank thousands of volunteers across the country. >> to the one million volunteers who have worked their hearts out across our country including in north carolina, and i am so excited that i finally get to vote for my mom in a few hours. >> the one thing we did not hear hillary clinton talk
12:06 am
about was the e-mail controversy her campaign believing anytime she does talk about that it turns into a distraction. instead she really tried to strike a positive tone at her last rally in north carolina after such a brutal battle against donald trump. >> it is a choice between division or unity, between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon who can risk are everything. >> clinton's plan is to vote in new york first thing this morning and then to have an election watch party in new york latery on tonight. >> she will be back home in chap -- chapaqua. trump was triting to -- was trying to say the race was supposedly rigged. what are officials doing to
12:07 am
keep an eye on the polls and what about the people who are monitoring the election? joining us from the election is a defense attorney with the republican lawyers association who will be involved in ballot security at some of the polling places. usually we talk about criminal defense cases on the weekends. you have a unique role in philadelphia which donald trump has warned about. what will you be doing and how does the republican lawyer association work in terms of you as a lawyer monitoring the polls? >> well, look, there has been a number of battles that took place in philadelphia prior to us arriving. a federal judge's decision that people from outside philadelphia cannot be poll watchers. the law currently in philadelphia is you have to be a philadelphia resident to be a poll watcher. that's a huge decision by the federal judge because that keeps other attorneys from
12:08 am
outside philadelphia and other pennsylvania counties from being poll watchers here. and that's an issue. if you remember in 2008 you had a member of the new black panther party outside a polling place with a billy club intim -- intimidating voters. the tool we have to use now is we have to have poll watchers and recruit a number of republican poll watchers in the democratic city to go to polls and to report out -- report back to those with a central location about what's happening. the other thing is you have republican poll workers. these are actual the poll workers. you have a democrat and republican poll worker in the polling place, and you had the republican party having to recruit poll workers in the polling places to call out to attorneys who will be stationed stationed -- roving around in case there are issues. it includesere people are
12:09 am
actively supporting a particular candidate within 10 feet of the polling place and inside the voting place and any voter intimidation and anybody who cannot vote and they say, hey, i went to a polling place and couldn't vote, they should be offered a provisional ballot. we want everybody to have an opportunity to cast a ballot. >> the city commissioner had a report and the study said there were these types of problems. donald trump warned about divisions with zero votes. the divisions are not big neighborhoods. they are just two blocks or three blocks. at the same time in utah and chrome yom you had veer -- in utah and wyoming you had zero votes for barack obama. do you anticipate any problems or do you think because you are there you can keep an eye on things? >> there is always a number of problems throughout the network and throughout the country doing different ballot security operations. some of it happens when the polls are open.
12:10 am
the polls open at 7:00 a.m. and they close at 8:00 a.m. sometimes you have the polls that don't open on time and the machines are not operating correctly. you have long lines and not enough voting machines. i see this a lot. democrats who -- the democratic party who will run to the court and say because of these issues we need to keep the polls open longer. they are already open for 13 hours. in addition to that you will have emergency ballots that can be filed. these emergency ballots can be filed say if you cannot get to the polling place. so you have -- what i understand is you have democratic party members going to nursing homes and hospitals trying to sign people up saying they weren't able to come in person. we need a court to allow them to vote. there are things that take place to get people to the polling places that aren't in a normal bounds to try to edge
12:11 am
out the republicans. >> and when they go to nursing homes they are supposed to have two members a republican and democrat to fairly keep an eye on things. >> not necessarily the democratic city. good luck. >> i have to let you go because the polls open in seven hours. get some sleep. it could be a busy day for you. thank you for coming on with us at such an early hour. heather? >> let's talk about that handful of crucial states will be the deciding factor in the 2016 presidential election. our next guest is here to tell us what it is going to take for each mom me to win and what you as a viewer should keep an eye out for. he is a senior writer for his pod cast, the jaime weinstein show. thank you for being here. you stuck through us with the
12:12 am
conventions and the never ending election that has been well, like five yarys now. >> it will end tomorrow. >> actually today. today is the day. >> let's talk about some of the states you see as key that voters should be paying attention to. >> well, i think there is no question even if you look at the fox news map that hillary clinton has a decisive advantage. it doesn't mean donald trump has no shot. the way i see him winning if he does win, the most likely scenario and the states i would look for on election day , start on the east coast. i would say what happens in florida and what happens in north carolina and what happens in new hampshire. donald trump needs the most likely path to win those three. if he is able to pick those up, then you go to the west coast and i think he has to flip a state that is leaning democratic into his camp in order to win this election and you can see nevada and you can see colorado. put one of those and i think
12:13 am
that's his most likely path to win the presidency. >> before we even begin the democratic candidate has an advantage. >> no question. the fox news electoral map, if you put the map out right now, hillary clinton has already given 274y projected votes. that wins right there. the republican candidate has to surprise in the state to win this to begin with. i just laid out the most likely path. an alternative is he does a major surprise, a state that is even more democratic that he flips like pennsylvania. if i see that on election night on the east coast, then donald trump flips pennsylvania on the east coast early, well that is a big sign for donald trump. then he really has a shot will but as you -- but as you said it is hillary clinton's to lose tomorrow night. >> we had donald trump in michigan, grand rapids, michigan this evening for his final rally. we had hillary clinton in
12:14 am
north carolina. what does it say to you in terms of where hillary clinton was tonight? does that surprise you? >> no because hillary clinton believes if she can keep north carolina, that's going to make it almost impossible for donald trump to win this thing. especialliy if she wins north carolina and florida, the race is over of the donald trump in michigan, why would he be there? because it is a hail mary pass. he needs a big flip state in many cases to win this. he is hoping a miracle happens in michigan. if he flipped michigan, wow, that would be a big game changer. he really could win this thing and he is hoping for a miracle there. >> jaime, thank you for joining us and we will see what happens today. >> we will. >> thanks. >> sorry, jaime. you know the fox newschannel, well we are america's election headquarters. 2k0 what you're doing right now. all through the day for the up to the minute results and we will have an in depth analysis
12:15 am
as our country chooses our next leader. we are live all day and all night. in fact we have 67 hours of full live programming. >> we are already way into that. >> we are. exactly. >> tune in after you cast your vote. >> one issue that is important in this campaign is the issue of race relations. >> we will look at that next so stay with us.
12:16 am
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12:19 am
it is finally here. it is election day and welcome back to america's election headquarters here on fox news. race relations is another ho hot -- hot topic. mike tobin takes a look. jay over the past two years looted stores and burning cars and racial tensions are splashed across the television screen as symbols of african-american frustration with the power structure. >> they make a lot of promises and once you go to office it all goes to hell. >> he pull had in the single
12:20 am
digits and that's an improvement. it has never been pro-clinton particularly after a three-word miss step in the primary. >> all lives matter. >> wikileaks showed in an effort to win black vote clinton's campaign molded the phrase yo yo-mama in a speech. they say the effort to win blacks was tough after the tragedy in dallas. >> we cannot, we must not villify police officers. remember what those officers were doing when they died. they were protecting a peaceful march. >> in florida with the prize of 29 electoral votes the clinton campaign is said to be in a panic over black voter apathy. so hillary hit the state hard and sent husband bill on tour there and enlisted the help of the president. >> i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down the guard and fails
12:21 am
to activate itself in this election. >> she gets help from black leaders at a rally, but she is not reaching the individuals. >> black people are tired of coming to the rescue, if you will, of the democratic party in election after election, and then not getting anything in return. >> donald trump has jumped on the sentiment focusing on poverty and violence. chicago surpassed 600 murders mostly in minority neighborhoods. >> inner cities, african-americans and these -- and hispanics are living in hell. >> reporter: he said they have been exploited for their vote. >> look how much african-american communities have suffered under democratic control. to those i say the following. what do you have to lose? by trying something new like trump?
12:22 am
what do you have to lose? >> over the past 10 or 20 years are we seeing more of this or less of this? >> clinton supporter reverend jesse jackson said abandoned promises with predatory lending have taken the neighborhoods that were hopeless when he was young and made them worse. >> we need to invest in development. >> they are no longer listening to the black leaders. they were a defacto leader when the stair -- staredowns happened. >> they dropped the ball on us. >> they have attempted to appeal to the young black voters and choosing different words they promised to get guns away from criminals. clinton said gun control and trump says stop and frisk. clinton says retrain cops and trump says law and order and there is more.
12:23 am
>> give our young people jobs. give our young people some type of opportunity where they can do something productive and get off the corner and get off the streets. >> whatever the candidates are saying, the question is whether it will translate to votes. >> at the end of the day they said we are the people and they depend on us and they count for our votes. at the end of the day i don't think the votes matter. >> are you watching politics? >> not at all, sir? >> do you care? >> not really. >> are you going to vote? >> no. >> why? >> it don't matter to me though. >> with a matter of days to go before the election it is the new deal for black america. it involved tax incentives for inner cities and loans for minority businesses and a pledge to take on gangs. in a short time we will learn from motivated voters. fox news. >> for more on race relations we are joined by the chief correspondent of political views and clinton campaign advisor.
12:24 am
this race has been so decisive and troubling and we have had the rioting and president obama was supposed to bring a new era in 2008. let me start with you. do you think this election finally can bring some resolve , or will we continue to make little progress on this issue? >> i think this election can make a big difference. when you look at donald trump's policies, what he is proposing, at least he is addressing the fact that there are serious issues and concerns within the black community. he is looking to empower these individuals. he wants to fix the school system and have job opportunities, lower taxes and less regulations. you heard one of the gentlemen in the clip saying they want jobs. they want opportunities. when you look at the progressive policies they have been failing these communities for many, many years and it is more of the same if hillary clinton is elected. >> is it the fault of the democrats? donald trump has talked about
12:25 am
the democratic machines and democratic control for decades and blaming them. is that fair? >> no, it is not. you know what else is not fair is to think that president obama carries the weight of addressing race relations in a country that has been dealing with this issue for 238 years. eric, it is on all of us. especially after this election we will have a lot of work to do specifically because of the hateful rhetoric that donald trump has introduced into this conversation. certainly i would assume, danine, like me, you have a lot to lose. when donald trump says that african-americans have nothing to lose, that is something that cuts at the core of what is so wrong -- >> have nothing to lose when you keep doing the same thing over and over and over again.
12:26 am
that's what he simplying. >> let me finish. when president obama had a job plan on the table very strong job plan, who were the people who stopped that from moving forward? it wasn't democrats in the house. it wasn't democrats in the senate. it was your republican party. the day he is ingnawing rated our only job will be to make sure he is not re-elected. when he was re-elected they continued to obstruct. >> let danine answer that. >> this is on people who say they don't have -- >> what about that? there is a point. >> listen, president obama's policies have failed our country. his energy policy is deplorable. the number of coal miners that have lost their jobs and we are not talking about minimum wage jobs. they are jobs that provided a great source of income for families, black, white and
12:27 am
otherwise. so the progressive policies from energy to education -- obama doesn't even support school choice and neither does hillary clinton. how is a black child supposed to have a successful future if they can't read or write? so again it is about the failures of progressive policies. it is the same policies in these urban communities and the same politicians in these urban communities and nothing has been advanced. we are looking at the same scenario. >> will it get better? >> it has to. one of the reasons i am so patriotic is because we as a country, we do continue to better ourselves. from where we started to where we are now, we move forward. it is not about being great again. it is continuing to be better. i think that's something that is very motivating to specifically the african-american community, but the latino community. you are seeing them come out
12:28 am
in record numbers. when you talk about make america great again, some people think, you know, 50 years ago, i didn't have the same rights. i didn't have the same opportunities. so what exactly is donald trump talking about? that's something that he really i think made a bad calculation on to speak down to these communities and the numbers tomorrow -- today, yay, will reflect that. >> danine, finally, do you think that is the case? >> i am looking at the fact that hillary clinton is bringing jay-z, beyonce, president obama and lebron james on stage because people are not excited about her and she is not barack obama. she is trying to whip up individuals -- laugh all you want, but he was able to garner a significant amount of black voter support and the clinton campaign is concerned because they are not getting the same response. >> i she was going to be the first black president.
12:29 am
>> it shouldn't matter what color. >> they knew they were not going to be able to turn out the same numbers. that's why there is the hillary coalition. >> hillary is talking about hot sauce is not going to turn out black voters. >> i saw the hot sauce in the bag before beyonce. what will happen today because i think black women will be a key part of the victory. >> very serious issue and we will see what happens with the outcome of the african-american vote. we have to leave it there and we hope we can get some resolve in the country after all of these years whether it is jobs and economic development. remember when ronald reagan went to the south bronx? it was a complete, devastated neighborhood and now you don't even recognize it because jobs s and the economy were brought there. >> the elections are not just about picking a new president as we have been discussing. >> when we come back we will talk about the ballot initiatives from legalizing pot to gun control.
12:30 am
stay with us here on the fox newschannel.
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it is 3:33 in the morning and there is the stronger together 737 that mrs. clinton arrives in. it has now arrived from raleigh, north carolina. she and the press as well as her staff are at west chester county airport because that's the airport near new york. chelsea as they deplane from that 737 to go home and get a couple hours of sleep before they vote. >> they need a couple. >> they can fit that 737 in west chester county. trump has a 757 and he parks at laguardia. we presume he is on his way
12:35 am
back from michigan. both candidates are landing back in new york city to vote and she has the big, final bruhaha. >> the hiltons got the biggest ballroom. >> they closed the waldorf. they took that beautiful ballroom and now everybody has to go to the hilton. that's a big ballroom. that's where mr. trump will be. >> everybody will be in new york city. and i mentioned that hillary clinton discussed fireworks but she will not apparently be doing that so it will be a lot of sparklers. >> there is a small lead after three new hampshire precincts.
12:36 am
they cast their votes very early on tuesday. donald trump is winning. fewer than 100 voters can open the polls at midnight and then close them when everyone living there has in fact voted. there you have it. >> they are casting ballots for more than the president of the united states. kelly wright is here with some of the ballot measures you can vote on from coast to coast. >> beyond voting for president of the united states the voters in 35 states will decide 155 ballot propositions. the breakout issue in all of this involves the legalization of marijuana from medical use and recreational use. the voters in maine and massachusetts and nevada will decide if recreational use of marijuana will be legalized in the state. medical marijuana use will be
12:37 am
voted on in arkansas, montana and north dakota. another issue is minimum wage. voters in arizona, colorado, maine and washington will determine if their state will increase the minimum wage. south dakota voters will decide whether to repeal a new law creating a minimum wage for workers younger than the age of 18 and voters in arizona and washington will decide on a requirement for employers to provide guaranteed minimum amounts of paid sick leave. on the campaign trail we heard both candidates share their proposal on increasing jobs and providing better pay for american workers. on ballots in maine, california, nevada and washington states voters will vote on firearm proposals such as conducting background checks on would be gun owners in an effort to keep guns and ammunition out of the hands of violent people. we heard candidates talk about the second amendment rights as
12:38 am
well. another big issue is health care of course especially what is going on in obamacare. in colorado voters will decide on a proposed amendment, 69 is what it is called, amendment 69 to transform the state's health insurance premium to a single care plan. if it passes it will be the first of its kind in the nation. and in california voters will look at proposition 61 which will make the state the first to require health agencies to pay the same for prescription drugs as the u.s. department of veteran affairs pays which requires a 24% discount. all other ballot initiatives including taxes, assisted suicide voter reform and even charter schools. there is quite a bit of people who will be looking at these ballots closely and decide willing whether or not to move forward with the particular
12:39 am
proposals. >> we will stay on these pictures. we just saw somebody with the bags coming out and there is mrs. clinton de-planing along with former president clinton and it is her last final journey on that plane. the question is will her next plane be air force 1? will she be flying commercial? we'll see what happens. that's what the elections are all about. the last moments are amazing on a presidential campaign. i traveled with bill clinton and it was a 24-hour journey like this and at 3:30 in the morning we landed at like 4:00 in the morning in little rock and now as you can see a couple hundred people are on the tarmac greeting mrs. clinton at home where she will go home. tony, your thoughts. you run a lot of campaigns. chawsion, exhilaration, inspiration it is over. do you have second thoughts?
12:40 am
what do you think is going through mrs. clinton's mind as she is engulfed and embraced by a loving crowd and finally at home about to vote for herself, one would presume, for president. >> there is a sense of adrenaline and euphoria that takes over in these types of situations. if you stop too long to think about it you would be exhausted and overwhelmed. both of these candidates in the last 72 hours which we call in politics the most critical time, the 72 hours up until the voting time have been barn storming these battleground states. this map has expanded. they covered tremendous territory. they didn't think she would have to spend too much time in the 11th hour. you do spend election day in the calm before the storm. every now and again you have a candidate. romney did it to go through
12:41 am
some last-minute rallies and stops by the local political offices and election day activities and rallies the troops. for the most part this is a significant moment because it is the actual end of the retail campaign. >> we do want to mention that we are also monitoring when donald trump will return. we are mott sure when -- we are not sure when his plane will land for this final election day. on this day when we have seen these campaigns criss-cross all of these states, in this final push what is it they can do? is there anything they can do that will sway that one voter at this late hour? >> that's why it is so extraordinary to some of us that this campaign, in fact both of these campaigns are emphasizing the two states where we really didn't think things were going to be this close. and i think it is an
12:42 am
indication of not only how close and nail biting this race could be, but also it is a reminder of the facts that these were despite the crowds these were the two most popular candidates in american history. if most americans had their choice they would actually prefer -- republicans and democrats and other sides would prefer and in these last 48 hours it is hard to remember that as you see the crowds and feel the adrenaline. >> i mean i think it is probably a sense from both candidates that they are done. maybe they can take a couple hours rest before they have to give their speachs tonight. listen i think the one thing they can do is get out the vote. that is going to be crucial in this election because of the millennials who are not doing a lot of voting. it is important to get out the
12:43 am
vote and that's what the campaigns have got to figure out today. >> how to do that, yes. >> do you have a sense of whenner she stands in there are the national polls, the media polls, but as you know the campaigns have these incredibly detailed, metadata-type polls that are so sophisticated and beyond anything else we have. >> there was an actual story that barack obama's campaign manager told in one of the major dailies about how barack obama would check in because he would see the national polls and it would show them up by one and he would be reassured because of the internal data they were getting. i think hillary benefits from that to a large extent, but you have to be nervous. for the first time it is 274 electoral votes to donald
12:44 am
trump's 266. this measure had her at or around 300 electoral votes. this is a fast-changing race. judith brought up michigan and pennsylvania and colorado is now significantly at play. there are multiple ways for donald trump to reach the coveted 270yy electric forral vote -- electoral number. and is coming back in a way that shows in ohio, florida, north carolina, iowa and i believe i said iowa, that the republicans have the decided advantage. >> the other thing that is interesting is the ballot initiatives be it marijuana or gun control or minimum wage in some of the swing states are going to get people out of their houses and voting and once they vote they will vote for president. it may not be the presidential race that gets them out of the house. >> and sometimes that is politically motivated to try to bring them out and then
12:45 am
they would impact the campaign. >> for sure. absolutely. >> i think what trump has is enthusiasm. what she has are these extraordinary analytics, the 1400 metrics the internal polls have been using to target the voters. can her three times as many regional offices compensate for the lack of enthusiasm that so many people feel? >> you mentioned earlier the polls have been wrong through the primaries they were wrong. a lot of people talking about the possibility of a brexit surprise. >> people hi to pollsters because they may not like the idea that there are people doing polls all the time and so they get up and they lie. >> to your point of a brexit-like event, it is very possible when this race was a wider margin with hill hil re's advantage about -- hillary's advantage seven or
12:46 am
eight points it is unforeseeable to see the polling that off. when you have a two to four-point race with donald trump gaining quickly in the most critical battleground states this is the exact climate for one of those kinds of events. >> the reason we are not mentioning the polling numbers is because it is election day and we want you to vote and every vote counts. >> and mrs. clinton was just driven off going home to get some sleep before she votes. donald trump a little longer flight because he was flying in from michigan and we expect him to be in law gawr de yaw air -- laguardia airport in the next hour or so. >> one of the most contentious campaigns in the history of american politics is over will now the voters, we decide. >> when we come back, the political panel will have final thoughts on what a race to the white house this has been. stay with us. ♪ music
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election night all night. as election day is upon us many voters are headed to the ballot box with the economy on their minds. dan springer reports. >> they broke us now. wooer ea broke. >> steve kaw trel worked 49 years at the same mill in shelton, westbound wash. washington. in july they were out of a job because of foreign competition. canada has been dumping wood into the u.s. and it is an issue of trump's run. >> the federal government is allowing other countries to rip this country off like you have never seen. >> since 2008 the u.s. has lost 2.1 million manufacturing jobs with another 800,000 expected to leave over the next decade according to the bureau of labor statistics. trump's solution is rip up trade deals and penalize companies that out source jobs and cut tacks to 15% to entice them to stay. >> all of the policies should be geared toward keeping jobs and wealth insight of the
12:52 am
united states. >> at molly moon's in seattle the ice cream business is red-hot with seven stores and 140 employees molly moo likes hillary clinton's efforts at helping more experience the american dream and rights for illegal i'm immigrants and more help for women. >> businesses on main street need customers with more money in their pockets than most americans have right now. >> hillary clinton would pump up the economy with a tax cut for the middle class and small businesses and she wants to spend $300 billion on roads and bridges. 300 billion on paid family leave and 500 billion on college tuition. sub saw diseasing all families making less than $120,000 a year. >> whoa will fight to make college tuition free for the middle class and debt free for everyone. >> to pay for her plan clinton wants to raise taxes by 1.5 trillion dollars over 10 years and focuses on high earners,
12:53 am
corporations, investment gains and on all of states -- estates worth $3.5 million. >> wall street corporations and the super rich should pay their fair share of ks tas. >> some worry the higher taxes will keep the post recession job recovery at a snail's pace. jeff chambers runs a home health franchise. he is concerned about clinton's plan to boost the federal minimum to $12. it would drive up the cost of care to his clients. >> they will have to reduce care to maintain over run out of money faster. >> the union membership has continued its steady decline and now for the first time ever the bureau of labor statistics says there are many union government jobs as in the private sector. hillary clinton's plan to increase spending on health care and infrastructure will help those who remain. >> those are the types of
12:54 am
policies that gives people stronger incomes and higher quality jobs. >> we are builders and we need to get back to building. >> in oregon he says the economy is being squeezed b environmental policies that put endangered animals over humans. since president bill chin on signed his -- clinton signed the plan there has been a 90% reduction in wood production and timber jobs lost in the paw sesk northwest. >> the industry is snot the same and the rural communities have had the social fab wreck -- fabric torn up. >> i will issue a temporary moratorium on new agency regulations. >> in downtown seattle in the middle of a technology boom the biggest concern is recruiting the best talent from around the world. >> creating a wall automatically gives you the i'm impression you will build
12:55 am
bear yes, -- barriers toen re. >> building the economy is job one. 90.7 million americans are not in the labor force and that's 38% of all those in their working years making it the lowest job participation rate in the u.s. since the 1970s. >> and that was dan springer reporting for us. >> and now final thoughts from allen, judy and tony. >> i just think this is a nasty election and it is going to be just like jefferson and adams was in 1800. >> that bad? >> but they did reconcile. >> i don't know if i sey that here, but we'll see. jew dooy? >> judy? >> will americans vote for change in the form of donald trump or stability in hillary clinton. putting it another way, do they vote for crazy or crooked? and finally do they embrace a embrace a positive message, stronger together that hillary has been proposing or a negative tone and message such
12:56 am
as women are dogs and pigs and you -- if are you powerful enough and rich enough you can grab them by the you know whats. >> the in eggs seng is -- the message is make america great again and i think it is resonating well. i wonder if the voters, the ones the democrats they refer to as the uneducated whites in western pennsylvania and northern michigan and throughout the russ belt hillary claim their government tomorrow. they will have an opportunity by voting for donald trump. >> we will all be here again tomorrow night. >> we will to wrap it all up. >> we will be here for the historic day. >> "fox and friends first" is next. stay with us at the top of the hour.
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so it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> and it is november 8th, the day that we make america great again! >> between now and the time the poll closes tomorrow we are going to be living on a prayer. >> this is not the sound of a second place finisher. >> i believe america's best days are still ahead of us. >> if you can dream it, you can do it, you can be it. that's what this race is about. that's why we need your help. let's go win! >> we are finally going to close the history books on the clintons and their lies and schemes and


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