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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 8, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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so it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> and it is november 8th, the day that we make america great again! >> between now and the time the poll closes tomorrow we are going to be living on a prayer. >> this is not the sound of a second place finisher. >> i believe america's best days are still ahead of us. >> if you can dream it, you can do it, you can be it. that's what this race is about. that's why we need your help. let's go win! >> we are finally going to close the history books on the clintons and their lies and schemes and corruption.
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>> when your kids and grandkids ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line, you'll be able to say you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america. >> you have one day to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country and your family come true. good morning to you. it is tuesday, november 8th. it is finally election day. i'm heather childers live from america's election headquarters in new york city. >> reporter: and i'm clayton morris live at mack's on route 8 cafe in butler, pennsylvania, after 576 days on the campaign trail. the historic race for the white house coming to a close today. today is the day that america elects our next president. >> it sure is. finally we made it. polls begin opening in less than an hour.
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more than 46 million americans though have already cast ballots in early voting. >> reporter: and as a tradition, voters cast midnight ballots in three new hampshire towns with donald trump taking the lead in those new hampshire towns. >> and we have live fox news team coverage for you covering every angle you could possibly want for this election day. >> that's right. out here in pennsylvania let's begin with john roberts who's back in new york city and donald trump's fight for the finish. good morning, john. >> reporter: clayton, heather, good morning to you. donald trump will be casting his ballot here at new york city at 10:00 at pf 59 which is right behind this truck that just pulled up behind us. a lot of happy looking people on the truck. i wonder who they're voting for today. you've got to love new york. this sort of stuff happens. donald trump stepped out of jfk this morning after a 48 hour ten state blitz. coming back from grand rapids, michigan.
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traditionally a blue state but trump says they have seen some polling that says they are at least within 3 points of hillary clinton so they wanted to get out there and see if they could turn that one red. donald trump appealing to people out in the western part of the state to get out and vote. michigan does not have early voting so it's all about people getting out today. here's what he said in grand rapids tonight. >> do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? that's what it is, by the people. today is our independence day. today the working class is going to strike back finally. >> reporter: another blue state that donald trump would like to turn red is new hampshire. he spent a lot of time there. that is the place where he got his first primary win. last night back to manchester, new hampshire, where he said he had received a telephone call of
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support from four-time super bowl champion quarterback tom brady. listen to what trump told the crowd in manchester. >> tom brady, great guy, he called today and he said, donald, i support you. you're my friend, and i voted for you. >> reporter: trump also read last night a letter of support he said came from patriots coach bill belichick who wrote, quote, you proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. the big problem for donald trump, clayton, going into today, there has been a surge of his m hispanic voters coming from florida and colorado. it's all about getting people out to the polls today, his supporters, to try to counter that surge. we'll see if he can do it. >> all right. john roberts. >> thank you, john. lady gaga and john bon jovi
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joining hillary clinton for her final act in crucial north carolina. >> yeah. clinton leaning on her star-studded surrogates to ramp up last-minute support in a three-state blitz. >> mike emmanuel is live for us in chappaqua, new york, where clinton landed just moments ago. mike, we carried that landing live here on fox news in the last hour. >> reporter: that's right, heather, clayton, good morning to you. good morning from chappaqua where the campaign literally wrapped up a few minutes ago. hillary clinton's plane landing in white plains, new york, a few minutes from here. she went to four different events in three different states. there was star power involved with john bon jovi and lady gaga in north carolina. clinton talked about this moment in history. >> when your kids and grandkids
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ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line, you'll be able to say you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america. >> reporter: last night in philadelphia the clintons and the obamas joined forces for a major rally there in the city of brotherly love. president obama said democrats make better presidents. >> in fact, because bill clinton is here, i did some math. under the last two republican presidents job growth was basically flat, deficits went up. over our two democratic presidencies jobs went up by more than 30 million, deficits went down. with democrats in charge, america is stronger. >> reporter: in the final hours of the campaign clinton's close aide huma abiden was back on the
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campaign plane. she vanished about ten days ago from the campaign trail with the blowup of the e-mail controversy. with that dying down abiden was back on the plane for the final stops, if you will, along the way. and i am here at a school in chappaqua, new york, where we expect clinton after having a few minutes to perhaps refresh herself, get a little cleaned up will come out here and vote and then watch the results on election day. heather, clayton? >> early morning. all right. mike emmanuel live for us this morning. thanks, mike. well, florida voters just three hours away from heading to the polls in that must-win state, heather. >> someone else is there. phil keating is live in florida where the race stands right now. he's going to talk about that. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning to you. it all comes down to florida. we hear that every four years, don't we? but it's true for sure this year with the third largest population in the country and its big 29 electoral college
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votes. on the final day of the campaign, the campaign trail of course wound once again through the sunshine state as it has every single day for weeks. mr. margaritaville, jimmy buffet, joining vice president joe biden on stage after biden had recently hit tallahassee, then he ended up in st. petersburg appealing to african-americans. donald trump held an enthusiastic rally around noon yesterday in sarasota, florida, declaring that this election is an opportunity to cure the d.c. corruption. >> do not let this opportunity slip away. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors. >> it's up to florida. how florida goes this country's going to go, number one. number two, it's up to the african-american community because you turn out the same percentages, we absolutely, positively win. >> reporter: trump absolutely
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has to win florida to get to that 270 electoral college votes. clinton can lose it and still get there, but it certainly serves her much better to deny trump florida. already more than half the registered voters in the state have voted early. 6.4 million floridians casting their ballots, including 1 million hispanics. that is double the hispanic early vote from four years ago. and keep in mind, hillary clinton has a 33 point advantage over donald trump with hispanics. what could possibly help trump here in florida is the cuban vote. back to you. >> all right. phil keating for us in florida. thanks so much. it's not just the presidency at stake tonight. republicans fighting hard to keep their majority in the senate. >> how will they do that? garrett tenny is live for us in washington, d.c., following the key races for us. garrett, break it down. >> reporter: heather and
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clayton, good morning to you. democrats will have plenty of opportunity to take control of the senate tonight. they only need to win five seats and republicans are defending a total of 24. at this point it could come down to a seat or two either way and many of these races are still extremely close. a few to keep an eye on tonight include new hampshire where gop senator kelly ayotte is in a virtual dead heat with maggie hassan. north carolina is another one with richard burt defending against deborah ross. and evan baye entered the race and it is neck in neck in the hoosier state. gop congressman joe hegseth is tied with catherine cortez maso.
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the magic number again tonight is five. if democrats can win five of these close races, they'll take control of the senate. if they take three or less though, republicans keep control. >> all about the numbers. thank you, garrett. well, the time now is about 11 minutes after the top of the hour, and 18 months of campaigning in this historic election is finally coming to a close. so how will it all end? our political panel on deck for a fair and balanced debate. plus, the battleground math is shifting. we're going to take a closer look at the key states to watch tonight. we'll be right back.
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we don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision. >> do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political clan or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? >> an america where we build bridges not walls. >> we're going to washington, d.c., to drain the swamp. today is our independence day. >> the candidates making their final pitches. so how will it all end? here to weigh in, democratic ohio state senator capri cafaro and david asella. thank you for joining us. the day is finally here, election day! we made it. >> i can't believe it. >> so, yeah. i want to ask both of you, what can happen? easy question, right, capri.
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start. what can happen? >> i think that we're in a situation where we don't know what's going to happen to be honest. you know, the -- i will tell you that it's the first time in 12 years that i'm not on the ballot. i've never been so nervous. we need to look at north carolina. north carolina is going to be this year's florida. i think florida is going to be this year's florida. they're incredibly close. you have high hispanic turnout, lower african-american turnout in north carolina. those are the two along with new hampshire, maine's second congressional district and i believe nebraska, too, are the ones to look at. >> we've had some results already come in from nebraska. david, what do you think? we have 15 electoral votes in north carolina, 29 in florida. how do you think it's going to play out? >> it's going to end not in capri's home state of ohio. >> you are correct. >> the bell weather state is
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going to be pennsylvania. >> okay. >> should donald trump get a victory there, he is well positioned to ultimately get the electoral votes he needs. and the fact that hillary clinton spent last night in philadelphia and spent time this weekend in pennsylvania says everything you need to know about this race, that democrats a few weeks ago, a month ago were crowing that we're going to put georgia in play, we're going to put arizona in play and now democrats are in states that should be their base, that ultimately republicans now are the ones on the offense, and as you've seen in the last couple of weeks, it's why the u.s. senate races have all tightened and now favor republicans in many of the most competitive states in u.s. senate races. >> 20 electoral votes in pennsylvania. want to ask you both about michigan because we had donald trump, capri, in michigan tonight, grand rapids. >> all the way, the last frontier, the last event for donald trump. and then we also saw the president, actually, in michigan as well.
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the interesting thing about both pennsylvania and michigan is that neither of them have early voting and so that is why i think that we're seeing a lot of the principals invest their resources and show up. donald trump needs to have a victory in one of these places to find a path at 270. >> is it going to be a long night, david, early night? >> it's going to be a long night in part because there is record turnout occurring all across the country as you look at these early vote numbers. we are going to have the highest popular vote and probably the closest popular vote that we've ever had and it also means the impact of that means we're going to have a divided nation coming out of this. we're going to need either one of them who wins a unifying message. they'll bring the country together and do what needs to be done to create jobs and make america safer. >> yeah, create jobs. number one issue for most folks as they head to the ballot today on election day.
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we will have all the results right here for you on fox news so stay with us throughout the day and the evening. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> thanks. it is finally, as we said, election day. what are voters thinking? let's go back out to clayton morris who is finding out at a diner in butler, pennsylvania. speaking of pennsylvania, right now. klayton? >> reporter: that's right. good morning, heather. hey, robin, can i get a waffle? phil wanted a waffle. we're talking in butler, p.a. do you want any syrup? >> yeah. >> talking to the voters. route 8 in butler, pennsylvania, when we come back. >> how are you doing for coffee?
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knotts knotts. well, it is one of the few swing states that may help decide the presidential election today. actually, a lot of swing states. what are voters in pennsylvania thinking this morning? clayton morris is talking with them live at mack's route 8 cafe in butler, pennsylvania. so what are they talking about? >> reporter: well, they want pancakes and they want waffles. it's 4:00 in the morning. gearing up for a long day. a long slog. back here in pennsylvania in my home state. haven't been back to the western part of the state. this is trump country right here in western pennsylvania. i'm here with larry, he is the vice chair of the republican national committee. larry, the last election it was a landslide win for mitt romney. there was a lot of anger looking at some of the exit polls in this part of the country. what do you see today? >> i see it's going to be a landslide for donald trump. butler county is probably one of the most red if not the most red
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counties in western pennsylvania and we've been working hard since the past several months. we're going to bring the vote out for donald trump and bring the vote out for america. >> you think it's going to be a long night tonight? >> i think it's going to be. i think it's going to be very close, a long night. >> phil, i didn't mean to interrupt your waffling. how's your waffle? >> waffle is great. >> you guys are fantastic, by the way. thanks shall robin. larry is itching for more coffee? >> sure. >> take more coffee. what do you do for a living, phil? >> chiropractor. >> what's the mood up here in butler county right now? >> everybody is just ready for trump. everybody is a trump fan. for me it's all about the national health care/obamacare situation. >> reporter: what do you see among your patients? >> rising cost of health care, deductibles, co-pays. it's been going on slowly but surely since 1992 when hillary's
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husband but since that time, since obamacare has taken place it's just been a nightmare for some patients. >> i guess your buddy tom, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> where are you looking to pull your vote today? >> donald trump. >> why? >> reporter: donald trump? >> just tired of our leaders apologizing for our country. i want someone to stand up for our country and fight back. >> were you a democrat? >> reporter: i'm a registered democrat. >> you're a registered democrat your whole life and voting donald trump this time? >> yes, i am. >> and a 30 year union guy. >> reporter: and a 30 year union guy voting for donald trump in western pennsylvania, heather. you hear the mood up here. you drive through downtown, you can see a lot of the trump signs in local businesses downtown. this is trump country. interesting to see what the returns are tonight in western pennsylvania. heather, back to you. >> sure will. 20 electoral votes up for grabs there in pennsylvania. by the way, give phil some of that what he wanted to go on to
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his waffles there? a little syrup? >> we've got to get some syrup. >> do we have any raspberry compote? >> that sounds good, too. the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. and the candidates are making their closing arguments in a final frantic day of campaigning. >> it is a choice between division or unity. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon. >> we're going to win today and we're going to washington, d.c., to drain the swamp. absolutely. absolutely. >> so who made the best case to be the next commander in chief? our live team coverage on this historic election day. it is here. it continues up next on "fox & friends first."
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so it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> it is november 8th, a day that we make america great again! >> between now and the time the polls closes tomorrow, we are going to be living on a prayer. >> this election will decide whether we're ruled by a corrupt political class or whether we are ruled by yourselves, the people. >> choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity. >> i promise you this, i will never, ever let you down, i promise. >> because none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more. >> some campaigns, they say it's the single greatest movement
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politically speaking in the history of this country. can you believe that? well, the countdown is over. it is tuesday, november 8th, election day. i'm clayton morris live from mack's cafe on route 8 in butler, pennsylvania. >> we made it. and i'm heather childers live from america's election headquarters in new york city. and after more than 18 months of campaigning, 18 months, seems a lot longer, it is time for voters to have their say in this historic election as polls begin opening in just 30 minutes. >> that's right. the coffee is poured here at mack's cafe. we have live team coverage starting with john roberts live in new york city and donald trump's sprint to the finish line. good morning, john. >> reporter: clayton, good morning to you. if you have some corned beef hash there, you might want to throw a little our way. there's nothing open here on
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56th street. good morning, as donald trump touched down at jfk airport at 3:30 after a five-state blitz he went to florida, north carolina, also did new hampshire, michigan, and pennsylvania. pennsylvania where you are, clayton, one of the big prizes in the election today. 20 electoral votes. there is no early voting there other than absentee balloting so it's all about getting people out on the day. hillary clinton expecting a surge of voters to come out of urban philadelphia. so donald trump last night in scranton, pennsylvania, urging his supporters to come out and counter that surge. here's what he said. >> you're tired of a government that works only for wall street and the special interests, you're tired of the reckless foreign policy, the crazy wars that are never won. hillary clinton is the last stand for the wall street and special interest donors and to special interest themselves and hillary is the face of failure.
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>> reporter: in the sunshine state, florida, where donald trump began his day yesterday, 3/4 of people have already voted there in early voting. 6.4 million people. if you look at the results of 2012 and figure at least that many people will come out in total for this election, that means there is probably 2 million or more voters left for donald trump trying to motivate them after the polls. it is the biggest prize in all of the battleground states. 29 electoral votes. for donald trump, he has to win it or there's no way he can get to 270. here's trump yesterday in sarasota. >> they say we'll get a tremendous amount of credit win or lose. i said, no, no, no, no. i don't want any credit if we lose. i'm not looking for credit. i'm not looking for credit. i'm looking to make america great again. not credit. >> reporter: in florida overall in the early voting democrat returns lead republican returns by about 32,000 which actually
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is better than republicans did back in 2012. they were behind by about 110,000 so they're feeling pretty good about that. donald trump after getting a few hours' sleep will be here at pf 59 in the eastern part of manhattan to cast his vote. 10:00 this morning. of course we'll be here for that. heather, clayton. >> reporter: john roberts live for us this morning in new york city. meanwhile, we want to get to hillary clinton's side. the star-studded final act wrapping up in the crucial state of north carolina. democratic nominee leaning on her famous surrogates to ramp up last night's support. >> mike emmanuel is live for us in chappaqua, new york, where clinton plans to vote just hours from now. mike, we've had her landing in chappaqua, white plains, within the last hour. >> reporter: that's right. we've got some action very early on this election day here in chappaqua, new york. hillary clinton returning home to new york after election eve campaigning extended a few hours into election day. as you mentioned, the clinton
1:35 am
campaign plane touched down in white plains an hour ago. she was received by aides, supporters and some friends. you have john bon jovi, the rock star, and lady gaga performing at a late-night event in raleigh, north carolina, for hillary clinton. part of clinton's argument was talking about the economy. >> if you believe we should make the biggest investment in new jobs since world war ii, in infrastructure, advanced manufacturing, clean energy, vote! and you have to vote if you believe we need more fairness in our economy, to raise the minimum wage, then you have to vote. >> reporter: also last night president obama and the first lady joined forces with the clintons for a big rally in philadelphia. they did a really huge event there featuring rock star bruce
1:36 am
springstein and mr. obama ripped the nasty tone of the campaign. >> i'll be honest, i have had to bite my tongue after a lot of the noon sense nonsense i've heard people say about hillary in this election. don't forget when hillary was senator, when she was my secretary of state, she was really popular. people saw how effective she was, how she crossed party lines to get things done. then when it was politically possible, those same republicans began tearing her down. >> reporter: finally, clinton's long-time aide huma abiden who was out of things for a week was back on the plane. she kept a low profile in the closing days of the campaign. i'm at a school here in chappaqua, new york, where we expect hillary clinton will come to vote a little later this morning and then we'll watch the results like the rest of us. heather, clayton. >> remains to see how that fbi or the investigation into the clinton foundation will shake
1:37 am
out and impact things. thank you. well, now the time is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour, and the swing state of florida more important than ever this election as donald trump makes his final plea to voters there. >> we are going to win the great state of florida and we are going to take back the white house. >> reporter: so where does the must-win state stand just hours before the polls open? we're going to take you there live. plus, the battleground map is shifting. our political panel on deck for the key states for you to watch. why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts. so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back
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will there be some tears? will there be some tears? we're listening to a little "tears for fears." this is ground zero tonight for all of our coverage. stay with fox news channel for that. meanwhile, we have to pay attention to florida. the fight for florida is on. voters will be heading to the polls in less than three hours. >> 29 electoral votes up for grab. the race for donald trump and hillary clinton there now tighter than ever in that key battleground state. >> phil keating is live in hollywood, florida. it can all come down to this sunshine state. good morning, phil. >> reporter: yeah, it usually does. and right now more than half of all floridians who are registered to vote have already cast their ballots. 6.4 million people in record early voting so for the remaining half of registered voters in the sunshine state we have the opportunity to come to
1:42 am
voting precincts like this one here in hollywood beach which all starts and allows the voting process to begin about two hours from now. on the final day of this historic presidential campaign as has been the case every single day for weeks, either the candidate themselves or one of the surrogates hit the sunshine state on the campaign trail. donald trump himself yesterday pumping up his crowd in sarasota while a little bit later vice president biden joined with jimmy buffet on stage in st. petersburg, each boiling this election down like this. >> it's up to florida. how florida goes this country's going to go, number one. number two, it's up to the african-american community because you turn out the same percentages, we absolutely, positively win. and number three, it's up to your generation. you are the millennial generation. >> you have one magnificent chance to beat the corrupt
1:43 am
system and deliver justice. do not let this opportunity slip away. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors. >> reporter: and history proves what florida says almost always goes to the white house. since 1936, 20 presidential elections, the person who won florida's general election went onto the white house 18 of the 20 times. back to you. >> all right. phil keating, all eyes on florida. thanks so much, bill. let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> good morning, brian. >> great job all morning long from all of your locations, many of which are undisclosed. let me give you an idea of the great roster. coming up straight ahead, donald trump live. he'll be joining us for the first time in about a month. should be interesting. i have a few questions for him.
1:44 am
i think steven will be able to scratch something out. gov more mike huckabee will be here live as well as rudy giuliani and newt gingrich has come out extremely strong. governor pat mcrory is trying to keep his job over in north carolina. he'll be here talking about his chances in that state and what the presidential state looks like for the presidential perspective and laura ingram will be here. they're all coming up on "fox & friends," the special four hour edition. i know you're up. you don't have to be dressed for at least two hours but please do watch. don't go anywhere. we're taking attendance. back in a moment. >> reporter: all of those people going to be joining us. they're not allowed to talk. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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welcome back. the latest fox news electoral scorecard showing that the battleground map is shifting in donald trump's favor as clinton still holds an electoral vote advantage. so which states are the ones that could make all the difference? here to break it all down for us, our political panel, jessica karlof and gop strategist ford o'connell. thank you both for joining us this morning on election day. we made it. >> great to be here. >> we appreciate you being here. since you said that, i'll let you start. >> i'm proud to be here, too. >> that's right. be the procrastinator for us. >> i'm a donald trump supporter. all eyes are on florida and north carolina. he has to win those. if everything goes right and he
1:49 am
wins florida, ohio, north carolina, iowa. it's a math problem that brings him to 259. the question is where does he get 10 or 11 electoral votes? if everything is going well, then the eyes go to nevada, new hampshire, michigan, pennsylvania. michigan, pennsylvania may be the hail mary pass. >> he has a shot in michigan because that's where he wrapped it up this evening. >> yeah. donald trump has gone a lot of places that he hasn't had a shot. listen, i think it's smart. i think his message resonates. this is a place that has been ravaged by nafta. talking about his anti-tried or anti-free trade message. getting michigan and wisconsin which are his new targets there. >> with respect to michigan, here's what you have to watch in that state. what is the mix of the white turnout and what is the mix of the black turnout? if it's more white working class, it could be in play. the best polling i've seen this
1:50 am
entire election is what stops hillary clinton goes to. when she goes backwards on the map like she is doing now, one thing is clear, is that trump has the momentum. again, can he get that magic number of 270 electoral votes. >> that being said, what do you think about the places where hillary clinton and her camp have gone in these last days of the election? does that surprise you? do you think they thought they would have to do that? >> i actually think that they did. they have so many fantastic surrogates that donald trump doesn't have. you can send mike pence out and rudy giuliani. she has biden, michelle obama, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren. she can go back to these places. the states that didn't have early voting to make sure you hammer home your message the night before. it's a full on contact sport. so i think it's important. it's very clintonian. she wants to make sure, all the
1:51 am
bells and whistles, to make sure she's going to get all the people to turn out. it's not reflective of being scared. donald trump has done better in the past couple of weeks. >> you could also argue though for her that she needs to drum up that enthusiasm and use the surrogates. also, you know, if she brings on jay z and beyonce, lady gaga, bon jovi to get that enthusiasm going. >> the enthusiasm gap favors trump. to jessica's point, if they were really happy, doing an irish jig on sixth avenue, they'd be talking about winning arizona and they're not. they do understand if they can win florida, north carolina, ohio. they're not going to win ohio. what i will say is if they win one of those two, then she probably cuts off his path. the fact that they're worried about every other permutation and combination tells you that trump is on the offense. whether or not he has great surrogates or not, the point is you're voting for donald trump or hillary clinton, that's the point. >> what about the
1:52 am
african-american vote? there are reports that it's down. >> in north carolina, that's the state to watch where it's going on. there are voter suppression laws. it's a big national conversation. >> or enthusiasm? >> it could be enthusiasm. with the number of times barack obama has been in north carolina, it's not as much enthusiasm as a problem getting to the polls. obama has young people and african-americans. she's looking at a latino and female coalition, right? we have to watch the woman vote here. donald trump is losing white college educated women by 36 points. >> i think that's the hidden vote in this election. it comes down to married white women. if they come out for donald trump, he's the 45th president. >> it is election day. make your vote count. thank you for joining us. we will get your take as the votes come in. right now we're going to go out to clayton. speaking of another swing state, pennsylvania that could help decide the election. clayton, you're talking to
1:53 am
voters all morning live at mack's cafe route 8 in butler. >> reporter: they have some great food here at mack's. robin's been cooking up good stuff this morning. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: a sweetheart and the town's mayor has showed up. >> you've been up since 6:00 in the morning. >> in addition to being the mayor? >> i drive tractor-trailer and haul mail. >> reporter: what are the biggest issues you're hearing from voters? >> we're ready for change. we take our second amendment seriously. we're concerned about the supreme court. personally, i think trump's the way to go. i have five children. they all voted. two of them live out of state. everybody is voting for trump, the girls and guys. >> is this trump country up here, robin? >> well -- >> reporter: where do you stand on him? >> well, i beg to differ with you, i guess. i want to see the first woman president. i want hillary clinton. >> reporter: diversity in action
1:54 am
right here in butler. >> i agree to disagree. we've been friends for a long time. >> reporter: that's what america is all about, right? >> reporter: that's the fun part of politics. be able to be friends afterwards. >> reporter: we have one trump voter, one hillary clinton voter this morning. let me go over here. tom, get back to work. jackie's sitting here. you haven't even touched your bagel yet, jackie. come on. are you too nervous? you're worried about the television cameras. don't mind me. i'll sit down and eat half of it. what are the issues that concern you most this election? >> security. >> reporter: security? >> the economy. i have grandchildren. i want the country to be safe for them in the future and i think trump is the way to go. >> reporter: i'm going to let you eat. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: feel badly she's been staring at a bagel all morning. phil is a chiropractor. tell us where you come down on this issue. >> health care is a major issue for me. they touched on it a little bit in the second debate where they
1:55 am
wanted -- donald trump specifically mentioned that he wanted to button up the regional borders with respect to exchanges, when people go on the exchange for health insurance. when he opens up those borders and makes it more of a true national health care with respect to people being able to go in pennsylvania, it's a huge issue for me. being a chiropractor in the pennsylvania area for 31 years, i'm all for trump. >> reporter: there you have it. phil's going to check my back. he was saying i was slouching earlier. stand up a little bit. heather, you heard it here. a lot of diversity up here in butler, pennsylvania. >> i like to hear that agreeing to disagree whose pit tab bring. the first polls in the nations opening in a few minutes, the polling places. we are america's election headquarters and we will be right back. gary, gary, gary...
1:56 am
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over the weekend there used to be a tradition in america of heavy drinking on election day. people used to get drunk like st. patrick's day and then they passed all sorts of laws to prevent that from happening. i think this is the year to bring that tradition back. >> reporter: well, the first polls in the nation opening in just a few minutes in vermont.
2:00 am
keep it here for continuing coverage on the fox news channel. we are live all day and all night with up-to-the-minute results and complete analysis. >> let's keep talking about the election. now on our facebook page #keep talking. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> it is november 8th, the day we make america great again. >> i know my people. you will vote and you will go to, would. >> i am playing the women's card. you know what i say, deal me in. >> probably the most crooked family in american politics. >> between now and the time the polls close tomorrow we are going to be living on a prayer. >> or a man who can transform america. >> it is now


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