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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  November 13, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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looking out for you. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. i think andy levey has something to tell us. he is at the tease deck. >> as i predicted, my man, donald trump wins it. even as we speak he is getting ready to make america great again. we did iter everyone -- we did it, every. and several states voted to legalize marijuana. right now they #r preparing their bongs as if the election never happened.
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congratulations on four more years of work. maybe eight, maybe 12. back to you, tom. >> let's welcome our guests. fox news headline 24/7 carly shimkis. and it is not montego manny and cocomo carl, it is aruba ray allen. and he is living in his 5:00 shadow, comedian david smith. and something tells me he is having a pretty good week so far. host of the gavin mcinnes, gavin mcinnes. let's start the show. the 2016 election is over and donald trump won, as expected. that means now it is time to turn our attention to -- with less than 35,000 hours to go
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until the 2020 election, the question is what does the field look like and what are their prospects for victory? let's go to andy levey at the electoral map to see where things stand. andy? >> in my opinion the most important thing will be the path to 270. that means repeating his upset by winning states like pennsylvania, ohio and florida. let's look at likely democratic nominee kanye west's path. if he manages to win all of the states hillary won and all of the states donald trump won he will have 538 electoral votes making him in my view, the clear winner of the 2020 election. if he manages to win 49 of the states i think he will still whip the presidency. right now our polls show pennsylvania i believe is too close to call, is that right? yeah, it is still too close to call.
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ohio i am being told is too close to call, and we can project florida is in the who the [bleep] knows category. >> thank you, andy. what do you think? >> it is exciting. who knows what it is going to be. >> trump talked about that when he gave his speech. he said it will be a good four years and maybe eight years jay i actually don't want him to run for more than two terms. winning is exhausting. >> he could do more than two terms? >> bloomburg did it. >> how did bloomburg do it? he repealed his own law. >> i think his first start was he wasn't president. >> how about one and done? >> i don't think i can handle more than four years of winning. it has been 48 hours of winning and i am exhausted. >> let's back up to the 2016
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election. we have been hearing for years there is too much money in politics. that's probably true, but not for the reason they said. it is because it does president work. donald trump just pulled off a huge win at bargain basement prices. he spent less than $5 a vote. that's half of what hillary clinton spent for her loss. but as the experts analyze the win one phrase keeps popping up, free tv time. the international business time said did the media help trump win $5 billion in free tigz -- free advertising. that number is not free. it got people's attention and as for the media attention, it was almost all negative. if you want to call it free advertising you may as well add the hillary attack ads into the free numbers. war chests are over rated because the spots don't work anymore. trump was buried in negative
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coverage and ads but he over came it because nobody believes either of those things anymore. dave smith, is the advertising over rated? >> that was a great point and you are right. it was completely negative advertising that he got from the media. but the reason it works is because america hates the media. it was an interesting stars aligning as much as anything else trump's campaign was an anti-media campaign. that was his most consistent position. at every rally he called the media the most dishonest people on the planet and he would say turn the cameras toward the crowd and they wouldn't. this is a big rejection of the media. you can't call it free advertising, but the fact they were trashing him made all of the trump supporters say we are that much more in the tank for him. >> can they copy this?
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can other people copy what trump did? >> i don't think ever, and now strategists are rethinking the whole campaign process because of what donald trump did. he is a one of a kind person. think of why bernie sanders was so popular. people are drawn to people that aren't afraid to be themselves. that's who donald trump svment he showed everybody exactly who he is. hillary clinton couldn't do that and that's why people were drawn to him. >> can you imagine donald trump's handlers saying i don't want you to say this. say this instead. >> i think they tried that. >> they tried and he doesn't listen. hillary clinton will say whatever her handlers want her to. it is the authenticity. >> he relies on her handlers to tell her what to say and to write the jokes. >> why do you think -- the the e was on message and he was reading from the teleprompter
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and everybody was saying he is doing great now and he is on script so which was it that worked for him? >> the networks were excited to have anything trump. one showed video of his colonoscopy and it was the highest rated clip. >> it was fantastic. >> people love the polyps. >> very healthy. >> could anyone copy this? trump has a big personality, but other people are good at media, right? >> well i disagree in the sense that the whole thing has been rebooted and now the idea of political advisors and ann coulter talks about it in "in trump we trust" the idea of going through the infrastructure and paying them piles of money to help with your campaign are done. study groups, all of this crap is done. >> but they will still get it, won't they? >> and they will lose. you have to be authentic now. this was the reality
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election. he is a reality tv star. what shutdown hillary? reality. from now on you tell the truth. you are honest and you are yourself and you don't have people advising on how to be yourself. that's what is so exciting about the victory. it is a whole reboot for america. >> what about kelly anne conway. wasn't she a revelation? didn't she clean everything up? are you saying you are not giving her credit? >> what is it she cleaned up? >> now if i make a point it is against women? >> yeah, she had the fortitude to say don't listen to everyone. keep doing you, don. >> it is true. >> but i do think she kind of -- >> i think his advisors were saying that and she gave him that woman's touch and finesse he needed the same way the that ivanka trump was the secret as well will you brought up the teleprompter thing. he makes news no matter what he does because he established himself as an off the cuff
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person and it created the news in the beginning. when he brought up the teleprompter it is oh my gosh it is shocking and he is following a script and he was on top of the news again. >> he is not even good at it. people just say, look, he is doing it. >> reading off the teleprompter his message is not compromised. when he read -- he said i am not owned. my only special interest is you. i thought that was an incredibly powerful message. i am an outsider and the system is corrupt. we are cutting the grass or draining the swamp. >> he has lots of yardwork. moving on. >> you want to mow the lawn? >> let's have an american mow the lawn for once. >> democrats are perturbed about the election. they have been jamming the streets of major cities like new york, chicago and philadelphia to show their disdain for donald trump, but
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it is unclear if giving the middle finger to a skyscraper bearing his name will do anything to change tuesday's results. rallies may not be enough. >> we can't just do rallies. we have to fight back. there will be casualties on both sides. there will be because people have to die to make a change in this world. >> what? >> people have to die. i guess that's one way to think about it. not all liberals have such extreme reaction. some took the election results in stride. >> this has to be a joke. i cannot believe this is happening. i am literal about to [bleep] kill myself. you better fix this [bleep] right now. i literally am going to die. i need an ambulance. >> and that was her okay cupid site. that was her profile. are liberals overreaccount aing? trump is urn -- turning out to be a fairly boring president
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for awhile. >> this was a meeting that was going to last for 10 or 15 minutes and we were just going to get to know each other. we never met each other. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half and it could have gone on for a lot longer as far as i'm concerned. >> trump's changed already. gavin, why can't they turn off the shutter sounds on their iphones in that room? >> it is distracting. >> it is so 1920s. >> you're a bum, wallly. >> he is stepping up, right? >> i thought that the press conference was great. he had the meeting and they went out to the press and i thought president obama was cool too. >> i don't like admitting that, but he has been pretty noble about the whole thing and did a pretty good speech. >> he said democracy and transfer of the reins. >> i like how it is working
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out, but the people on the streets are goofy. what do you think? >> i per thought i would hear -- i never thought i would hear gavin praise obama. >> i was never a fan, but he was a big supporter. >> you know what is fascinating about the election? all of the narratives they would pin on trump turned around on them. >> you better pledge who ever the nominee is. now it is you idiots you all pledged to support trump and then they make a thing how he will not peacefully give over power and he won't respect the election. it is on them to turnover power and respect that trump beat him. >> isn't that ironic? they are in the streets and they say he is not my president, but a few people who said that about president obama and they tried to run him out of town. >> they did. everything is sort of flipped
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and upset. a lot of people are upset not only because trump is sort of shady and decisive, but also because they wanted to have the first female president. that's a big factor. it is not just we like that guy, but we didn't get that woman. >> they were that tied to hillary or just they wanted a woman? >> both. >> some were tied to hillary and some were sobbing. i thought it was nice if my mother in her lifetime could have seen a female president. whether or not it should have been this one i don't know. >> why? >> my mom and maybe yours, but they came from a time where you had to get permission from your husband to get certain jobs. >> understood. >> so that would be nice. i am not saying this is the woman who should -- >> and he spent so pup time in -- so much time in aruba. >> the reason there has been no women presidents is there
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has not been a qualified woman. it is a very male job. >> we say oh this time when women were not allowed to vote. it was a sweet cake walk. >> i don't think women had the chance yet, but i agree with you in that you have to vote for the right woman and hillary clinton is definitely not that. one of the reasons the polls were off is because people who voted for trump didn't want to tell anybody they were voting for trump because they didn't want to face the left backlash, the party that is so inclusive. so sure, protest. protest all you want. but burning the american flag and beating people up is garbage and completely against what they preach themselveses which is -- themselves which is hipocritical. >> from you lighting a flag on fire it is pollester.
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put some gas on it. how many times do you see them -- >> they can't get it lit. >> put a little lighter fluid. >> they are so bad at it. >> more reaction from the left after trump was elected he wrote a personal letter to his daughter and her mother. oh, and also "vanity fair." here is part of it published on vanity fare's website. the world changinged last night in a way i couldn't protect us from. that's a tear believe a -- terrible feeling for a father. this is truly horrible and it was not just donald trump who won. the klan won, white nationalists, sexist, racists, buffoons, gavin. we embarrassed ourselves in front of our children and the world. here is what we will do. we will [bleep] fight. roxy, there is a time for this language and it is now.
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and on and on he went. sorkin was not the only one writing letters. a trumper wrote one. dear daughter, trump won, signed daddy. ps, you'll live. gavin i feel like he was speaking to you. what do you think -- he needs to communicate with his kids, right? >> i feel like i could beat him up while i was on the phone. like where are you guys right now? hold on a second. i am beating the crap out of aaron sorkin. you know the irony about this and everything about this election is drenched in alligory. he is making up a ridiculous allegation and you say, dummy, that's why trump won. we are so sick of this narrative of america is the klan and the bad men are
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everywhere and america is sexist and homophobic. we are so sick of it saying we are not doing this anymore. your unicorn hell verse doesn't exist. you are gone. and they go -- they keep going with it afterwards. >> you're right. yeah, the klan voted for trump. that explains 12 votes. are you really telling me all of these counties that went for obama and flipped to trump, that they were klansmen? i guess these people became racist in the last four years. >> it is really boring more than anything. >> why didn't sorkin learn when hillary said the deplorable thing. she apologized and they said you hospital have said that. sorkin is sticking with that. >> yes, the deplorable people won this election. >> i never like to say anything nice about anyone on the left because they are a bunch of idiots, but the bernie people i think are much more -- have an actual insight. you talk to the hillary people. racism, sexism, that's all
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they got of no, we just came off the worst recession and there is a phony recovery and these people have not gotten anything back and they wanted something new. and it has nothing to do with racism. >> they are like robots where the calculator function is over, but they are still robots. >> why not just leave a note? >> i thought it was very sweet that aaron sorkin wrote the letter. donald trump wrote a letter to ivanka years ago when she was a kid and it was published in "penthouse forum." >> that is not true. >> i don't know why he has to write these letters. i'm assuming -- that's why you have to write letters to your kids, right? >> i was assuming. >> how could somebody successful in hollywood not be divorced 1234 tom hanks is the only one. >> i will say something
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unpopular and then follow it up with something else unpopular. if donald trump wants to have a successful presidency he will have to tone down -- >> here we go! >> it is true. >> are you telling me a successful president has to grab women by the [bleep]? is that what you are telling me. >> he has to tone down the speech that lead sorkin to write this letter. it is the late night tweeting and the name calling and take the high road every once in awhile. >> we tried the high road. >> because now it is for all people. >> i think he did all of that stuff to win. if he had behaved -- the way he spoke at his victory speech if he had behaved that way he never would have won. >> we have to go. we will talk about more stuff. legalized marijuana and i'll give you the dope.
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>> election night was a mixed bag for noop dog. the rapper talked about his seat to the white house. snoop suggested he was moving to toronto asking rapper and real estate agent drake for a hookup on some property. but there was a silver lining for snoop. marijuana is now legal in california. he tweeted, i'll smoke to that. and by smoke i think he means marijuana. it wasn't just california voting to make america baked again. on tuesday maine, massachusetts and california voted to legalize pot for recreational use. and florida voted to legalize it for medical use for ptsd, hiv and cancer. carly, is this good for
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america? more pot? >> i think so. i am pro-legalization of pot. >> you are high as a kite right now. >> pro-legal eye vision, mean -- legalization meaning are they putting their foot in the water? people should have it for cancer and ptsd, then why not for bore dom? >> i believe their use is pretty broad. doctors can prescribe it for things they see fit even if it is not hiv, cancer and ptsd will yes it is dipping your foot in the water, but i guess if donald trump wants to become popular with the millennials he could legalize pot and that's one way to do things. >> tell me what is going on with the drugs now. is pot popular? >> the pot is insane now.
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>> what do you mean? >> you can't handle the truth. they started it with a reasonable debate. i want it legal. don't get me wrong. but it is green acid. by the time they pass it it through from coast to coast people will eat it and time travel. it is too intense. you have to take off your shirt and lie on the floor if you don't want to call 9-1-1. >> you don't have to do any of that when you smoke pot. >> if you are going to smoke it go like this and run. >> are you sure you are not smoking crack? >> crack is nothing. crack is for kids now. >> if he tried this weed maybe he is right. maybe they have some of the strong stuff. >> listen -- can i smoke a blunt? can i? somebody bring me one right now. >> listen you finish a blunt. >> i don't smoke a blunt, but i am not biggy small.
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>> it is not whether you want more weed or if kids should be smoking weed. if you are willing or support throwing someone in a cage for smoking pot you are evil. you are evil and supporting an evil policy. who owns your body? >> marijuana is presently a spacecraft. >> no, it is not. >> whiskey? >> at least you are on earth when you have a drink. >> i think he is biggie. >> we have to go, but should we legalize it? >> we should and why not generate tax revenue and mellow some people out. there is nothing to do in north dakota. give them some weed. >> i have been out there and it is fantastic. >> ready or not, half time with andy
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed in the "red eye" news deck. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> excellent. >> trump spent $five per vote. $5 per vote. you don't think he should run for more than two terms? >> that's correct. >> finally we agree on something. >> i feel like this was an election of if only's. if only they have not
12:33 am
nominated an unethical candidate. if only the celebrities had done more. what a difference that could have made. >> they should have done a song like bandaid. >> if lena dunham could have done two or three rap songs. >> you say the negative advertising worked for him because everybody hates the media. a quick fact check of that statement shows you are correct. >> i knew it. not you, crust the rest of them. >> i am not the media. >> you called trump all along. >> i have been saying this for eight years now. >> yes. >> you said trump is a one of a kind person. he depended on media support and what about an oprah? >> that could be a good example, but shooy is not good at twitter. >> what about kanye?
12:34 am
>> everybody hates kanye. >> i don't think everybody hates kanye. >> kim kardashian is more popular than kanye. >> scott baio. >> scott baio is more popular than kanye. >> chac hi is huge. >> joan knee loves chachi. >> you got a picture and that was the colonoscopy. >> i was in the locker room and i couldn't figure out who was who. >> she came in to give him the woman's touch and they didn't have to ask. they just do it. >> that's true. i should have used a different word. i walked into that one. >> by the way, back on the celebrity thing. they are tweeting a link to a change .org petition and calling on the electoral
12:35 am
college to ignore the state's vote and cast ballots for secretary clinton. that's where we are now. 1.3 million people have signed the petition. that's as of this tape. the routers article we pinned the $5 story on i have to say this. it had the best typo i have ever seen. i have to read this. >> trump has dominated the news cycle with provocative rhetoric including unuh bashed insults he puts over twitter over unusual policy per description like it is call to temporarily bang muslims. >> temporarily. >> the best typo in the history of the world. >> the protest stuff. when he said his meeting lasted an hour and a half it could have got longer, you cutoff the part where obama says, oh hell no.
12:36 am
aruba ray, you are correct in saying some wanted a first woman president and others were tied to hillary. i would put bill in that second category. >> all right, andy levey. aaron sorkin's letter to his daughter. i am not sure i believe aaron sorkin write that because it didn't repeat the dialogue over and over. i am a huge fan by the way. you said he was making up stuff saying the clan won too. yes, sure, but the crusader did support, though not endorse trump. >> clearly the subtext was this is a clan america and it is a tried trope. all dogs are mammals and all cats are mammals. these guys are stuck in eighth grade. >> you were getting at something i think that not enough people are talking about. the obama voters who voted for trump, i would love to see a break down of that of the i
12:37 am
suspect there is a fair amount of them. >> a lot of the swing counties said went for obama. it is like liberals heads exploding. >> and there is no doubt that sanders supporters understand why hillary lost more than hillary supporters and that's why they aren't hillary supporters. tom, sorkin is indeed divorced. >> knew it. knew it. >> maybe they are not talking and that's why he has to publish them in "vanity fair." >> don't they love telling us with ethics? he gave his daughter a subscription to "vanity fair." >> that is actually pretty genius. >> you said pot is so strong you have to take off your shirt and lie on a cement floor or you will call 9-1-1.
12:38 am
sure, but i don't need pot for that. >> it is way stronger than acid. i remember we did acid as teenagers and you can still go to a concert and figure out how to pay for the bus. pot today, good luck getting on a bus. best of luck to you, sir. >> that's how they should grade it. >> and that's how likely you are able to get on the bus. >> i picked up my parent from the airport on acid. pot today i don't know if i can say the word airport. >> are you sure those were your parents? dave, you said if you are willing to throw them into a cage you are evil. the problem is the same as it always has been. selling or using pot is illegal over our dumb ass federal law. did you see that changing under guiliani or whatever nitwit they plan for the dea?
12:39 am
>> rudy guiliani is stop and frisk. no. and people are making billions of dollars. >> i will give you an opportunity to apologize to the people in north dakota. >> i am so very sorry to all of the fans and i welcome you to come down to uh reu tau -- aruba where you can enjoy the sands that are only rivaled by those in north dakota. >> did you give yourself the same? >> no, it was given to me by the fine people of aruba. >> you can't give it to yourself. i'm done. >> thank you, andy. >> coming up, get to meet the man behind the hair. our trump impersonator to our trump impersonator to discuss his craft.
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why do protein drinks taste chalky? our trump impersonator to discuss his craft. then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts. so great that if you don't get up to fifteen percent more reps, more laps, more distance, we'll give you your money back - period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein.
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over the 35s year we had the pleasure of having the best trump impersonating join us in the studio and on the phone. let's look at some highlights. >> would you say iowa is your favorite state in the union? >> that's a tough one. that's like asking me my favorite wife. >> i hear your kids can't vote for you because they didn't register for the new york primary in time. >> yes, that is true.
12:46 am
ivanka won't be voting for me and i have to tell you, tom, it is a shame. i have to say i voted for her every year to be trump magazine 's sexiest woman alive. >> rand paul comes at you pretty hard. what do you think of that? >> he does. rand paul is such a tool. ben carson tried to use him to kill his mother. >> if i do not win the nomination i will make america riot again. and these will make the l.a. riots look like a football game. >> very masculine and attractive hands and i use them if you know what i mean. >> what does he mean? >> i use them in conversation. >> you are joining us now. the performer beneath the wings. you are laughing at the bits. do you remember them? >> yes, i remember them. it was a great year with the
12:47 am
appearances. fantastic. >> have you doubled your fee? tripled your fee? >> quadrupled the fee. it is tremendous. i am presidential now. >> i take credit on "red eye" but haves we done -- have we raised your profile? >> i think being on this show got me on conan. and because of this and the trump cast you provided me a great platform and it got me out there early on. you were the first one. it was more than a year ago. >> always a first on "red eye." >> on trump the pundits missed it. >> he is saying he has no chance. did you miss it? >> no, i was on channel four and we were in front of the white house. they asked me who do you think will win? i said trump. i said he will win in a landslide. >> why?
12:48 am
>> i have been on the road performing in front of audiences anywhere from 500 to 5,000 people doing events and i -- i do this and say who wants to ruin the country and vote for crooked hillary clinton. okay, great. nobody. fantastic. who wants to vote for me to make america great again? and almost always it was for trump. people said there are trump audiences. no, there are corporate audiences and sometimes public audiences and it was almost always overwhelmly trump. i spotted that trend and met people in hotels and would do photo ops and they would lean in and say i'm voting for you. >> for you. they were saying it to the impersonator. >> and then i would say you realize i am not him. >> a lot of things about
12:49 am
trump, they are so excited. they said we love you and they just want to tell somebody. it is like i was a conduit. people would tell me things. you have to lock up "crooked hillary." i spotted this awhile back. i said there is no way this is just coincidence. >> have you done any gigs? >> i have done two. >> any sensitivity? >> today's audience this morning in atlantic city was trial lawyers and was not the best audience, but i did this group last year and i killed. this morning, not so much. they were a little sensitive. >> people don't realize we started together in 1992 and i had this on my bookshelf at home. it was an off off broadway
12:50 am
show, "babes and brides." the original cast, allen, tom shillue and look -- >> julie bowen from "modern family." >> why has she held up so well and you and i -- >> i was thinking to myself i look like uncle fester. >> have you done any joe pantalano. >> thank you johnny d. the toy hall of fame has announced the inductees. congratulations the marvelous i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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you won't see these folks they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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the national toy hall of fame announced this year's inductees and once again the daddy saddle didn't make the cut. maybe next year. >> that's not t -- that's not a real thing. the toys honored #r fisher-price's little people and the swing and dungens and dragons. those nominated and didn't make the final cut, care bears, clue, coloring books and bubble wrap. all we needed to keep us happen was the swing wing.
12:55 am
>> it's what? >> a swing wing, a brand-new fun thing. >> they love the swing wing. >> it is fun and then six months later you go now i am getting this. >> you have to understand the swing wing in historical context. there was still lead in the paint. it makes sense. >> i remember. i can remember the swing wing. people only used it a few years and then you would go -- you want people who can write their names. >> it takes like seven years. >> they have the elephants to collect all of the vomit. >> young people don't get as sick. >> it is a terrible day if i do it now.
12:56 am
>> what do you think of the -- -- the swing was inducted into the hall of fame and neither is dungeons and dragons a toy. >> it is a board game and not a toy. >> it is not a toy either. >> did you ever play it? >> you just use dice and your imagination. now i owe them both apologies. is it a toy? >> it is a great invention. to this day in our high-tech world there is nothing like taking the young kids out on a swing. i'm surprised it wasn't already inducted. >> bubble wrap! that's the best on the list for adults and kids. >> it is a toy. >> but then under that thought process leaves also. >> why don't you nominate
12:57 am
them. >> are fridays a cool toy? >> how cool are you you didn't have better toys than bubble wrap? >>
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breaking tonight, president-elect donald trump closes some team decisions about the team that will lead america to its historic comeback. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine. live from our nation's capitol, washington d.c. you can see the capital behind me. it's where the president-elect toured two days ago. tonight the transition is under way and we're told mr. trump is close to making some major appointments, including who will serve right here in washington as his chief of staff. the decision is said to


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