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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 14, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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the cloetest the moon will be to earth that will happen about an hour from now, actually. >> incredibly bright. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. brand new week, thank you for starting it with us. donald trump getting down to business. >> two top allies filling key roles as his administration takes shape. >> kristin phillips live for us. >> good morning, kristin. >> good morning. these are two of the most important selections president obama had to make chief of staff and chief strategists. he choose them from opposite ends of the republican party. priebus will continue the effective leadership team they formed during the campaign working as equal partners to transform the federal government making it more efficient and productive. reince priebus is very close to house speeshg paul ryan which is
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good for trump's leg slaift agenda. steve bannon was campaign ceo. he's a controversial pick thanks to his role of head of breitbart news. harry reid says president elect trump's choice as steve bannon signals white supremacists will be represented at the highest levels at trump's white house. kelly ann conway says not so fast. she defended bannon saying he's also misunderstood. >> the thing about steve bannon that they don't understand is in this campaign he has been a general. he has worked close with priebus. he has a naval officer goldman sachs manager and successful in hollywood as well. people don't know that about him because it is easy if you don't know someone to always think of the negative. >> many people see it as a positive a clear sign that he is
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extending a branch to oliwashinn insiders but sticking close to what got him here in the first place. thank you very much. mr. trump pulling in the established part of the party to guide him giving republicans reassurance he is serious about being president. reince priebus is a wise choice. >> one of the big problems that president elect trump has to begin with is the fact that he has run such an outsider campaign. this is a screwed up complex town where you have a lot of power and it could be a nightmare for anybody. it is a degree of wisdom he would bring somebody that does at least know washington. i think watching some of the things that some of the statements that we have seen as you showed with lindsey graham and others in congress i am a bit surprised that.
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he faces a republican congress they are not going to give in to him i don't think. it will be an adversarial relationship. that's a good thing for america. >> don't miss reince priebus live on "fox & friends at 7:15 eastern. >> president elect trump says he is ready to be a leader america has been waiting for laying out his plans for his first interview. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. president elect donald trump is following up on the consolatory tone he set with his victory speech. he will seek to heal a divided nation after a bitter campaign. protestors on the streets from new york to los angeles are expressing their president elect donald trump sitting down with his family at his trump tower
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penthouse in new york. the president elect in an interview with 60 minutes set out to reassure all americans. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. we just had an election and sort of like you have to be given a little time. people are protesting. if hillary had won and my people wendt out and protested everybody would say that's a terrible thing. >> something else mr. trump wants to stop is illegal immigration specifically with a border wall. something he acknowledges could take the shape of a fence in some areas. certain areas i would other areas i wouldn't. >> part wall part fence sng>> yeah, could be some fencing. >> we will hear what mr. trump will do with possibly prosecuting hillary clinton. >> a lot of people watching that interview last night.
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now to a fox alert for you. a chilling new terror threat. isis calling on lone wolf attacks on americans on thanksgiving day. they are urging them to quote eve a trail of karenage to throuplow through people on thanksgiving day. 86 people died after being mowed down. u.s. officials say they are on alert but there is no specific threats. >> hundreds gathering to honor a slain officer killed in an execution style slaying. he pulled a suspect over in a car. deputy wall also is the 5th officer killed ini california i the past two months. >> after shocks overnight after
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earthquakes shake parts of the cop tree killing at least two people. you can sea power lines exploding after the 7.2 magnitude quake. look at this? cows stranded on an island of grass in a field that was just ripped apart. see them all three of them. stores like this warehouse in sham bells. the country's prime minister serving the damage today. >> they are being urged to wear special masks outdoors. >> there was ashes falling. >> at least 30 wildfires ignited across the southeast since november 4th. many suspected arsons. police arresting this man in kentucky. 21-year-old johnny mullen an
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aspi aspiri aspiring. >> my dad cause specsing me about the tires last night. some rain moving across parts of the country. >> meteorologist janice jean. >> here you are. great to have you. >> newest member of the fox & friends team. >> first day of the rest of my life. >> it is ob he ominous, we have a super moon on the morning you are here. >> i think that's good luck. i am owe exciso excited to joins family. really truly. let's talk about the weather forecast. we have warm temperatures across the country. much of the country doesn't feel like the middle of november. you can still see the super moon across the central u.s. across the northeast and pacific northwest. that's where we have cloudy conditions. 68 kansas city. 43 new york, 43magula.
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not a lot of snow across the map. you can look at the radar you see a little bit of precipitation along the gulf coast as well as the southeast and mid atlantic and the rest of the country looks really good. watch this area of low pressure creep up the coast which means a wet day for the atlantic. the temperatures will be way too warm for any kind of snow. so that's the good news. if you like snow it's not the greatest news. the highs today again across the central u.s. way above average. parts of the northern and central plains. look at la, 87 degrees. there's the warm streak for the rest of the workweek with temperatures across the 60's. the average in bismarck 44. 87 today, 80 on tuesday. for seattle looks like 55 is the
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daytime high. looking good across the country. so excited. the first day on fox & friends first and fox & friends monday through friday. bringing back the dance parties. >> i was going to say we will be dancing in the morning now. >> nobody wants to see me do that. >> oh, yes, we do. >> the time is 9 minutes after the hour. 5 minutes eastern time. a yoga instructor accused of killing her twin sister by driving off a cliff is arrested again. >> president elect donald trump's selection of steve bannon is causing firestorm. what about the rest of his cabinet picks? fair and balanced up in a while. >> how would you like free money? $500 coupons for black friday shoppers. we will tell you what store. >> free money part sounds good
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not black friday.
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♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing.
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s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united. >> they are going to put on term limits. we are doing a lot of things to clean up the system. everybody that works for government they lead government and they lead the lop iests. you have to phase it out. >> president elect trump promising to drain the swamp as soon as he takes office that begins with picking his cabinet. he just choose reince priebus as chief of staff and steve bannon as senior counselor. how can you reach across the is aisle with the rest of his cabinet pick? from red alert politics otema
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amara. >> i will start with you. two names announcedsterday. what do you think? >> i think just from me being a democrat it is a good thing to pick raneince priebus. he knows a lot of people and steve bannon was not surprising for him given that he ran his campaign but shocking in the sho work that he has supported through which he called a platform for the alt right. he has promoted the birtherism lie. he is more divisive. he aligned with white nationalist views. if he is trying to build a cabinet reaching across the i'll he should identify people who could do that in the same way obama did having people with his cabinet.
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>> some would disagree with you on the characterizations of bannon. what do you think? >> i think there is room for him to grow and find common ground with democrats. one thing he could do is bring democrats into his cabinet. he could look at congressman like tull see gabert who endorsed persbernie is good nor nation building just like trump is. i think there are people like eva more row wits who is a new york democrat. she supported things like school of choice and school vouchers. i think that could be very, very good for trump. >> highly qualified leaders who work well together, this being reince priebus and steve bannon he is speaking on and our campaign and led us to a historic victory. now i will have them both with me in the white house as we work to make america great again.
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conway was on yesterday and she said in reference to steve bannon that he is misunderstood. he was also a former navel officer also a managing partner with goldman sachs. he think this is clearly an indication of donald trump trying to reach out to some of the voters some of their views and also with specifically reince priebus being able to get along a little bit more with congre congress. >> reince priebus is in line with working with the players. bannon is a pick that appeals to an element of support that came through and that side. probably because there's conservative leaders who during the primary very much criticized breitbart news and bannon who said our web site is a platform for the alt right.
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>> he also received support from african americans from some women, from hispanics. so in terms of future picks what do you think he should do? >> he has a hard balancing act. he needs to find people who want to reform washington as well as be a part of washington and make the reforms possible. he's doing a very good job right now. i would like to see him expand to democrats as well. >> in terms of future picks? >> definitely agree that would be very helpful for him to reach out to democrats. a good choice in the veterans and foreign policy. there are some folks who are in the current administration who are outgoing who would be good whether it be in defense or national security who understand and can lend an expertise there. i think him reaching across the
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isle. him building a lot more in the cabinet in the ways that obama did. i do know with lahood and other people we had, republicans in this administration i think trump can do a similar vain. >> thank you so much for joining us. appreciate your insight. regardless of how you voted we are moving forward and moving forward together. >> we have the postal service news for you. they are caught spending your tax payer dollars on studies they dpientd. an investigation revealing united states postal service did 97 studies between 2009 and 2015. over a 6 week audit the postal service couldn't find 30 of the results money well spent. the government agency is not required to disclose how much tax payer was given on the
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research. maybe they could lower the cost of stamps instead of the studies. >> kids spent $86 million on in app purchases without their permission. while their parents are cooking dinners they are downloading apps. it was easy to pay games online retailer is paying back 26 million. they require pass words on the kindle fire tablet for all of the in app purchases. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and drones spiraling out of control falling out of the sty. >> forget partying like it is 1999. one store wants customers to live like it is 1993. the book store ban that has everybody talking.
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>> now to a fox business alert for you. drones falling from the sky? >> when you have a drone you want it to stay in the sky. we have the recall you need to know about. >> good morning, cheryl. >> it was to have the drones in words. but it is a mess. this is go pro's new carma drone. the company really needed it. you are seeing crazy videos here. what you are seeing is a drone falling out of the sky. they have we called all of them. they don't know if it is designer manufacturing. they do know yet what the cause is or what happens to customers will you ever have the drone again. if you have it send it back. >> j.c. penney are trying to lure shoppers in. >> they are going to be open on thanksgiving day if everybody wants to go shopping at
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3:00 p.m. if your family is bothering you j.c. penney thanksgiving day. they have coupons with $500 off. the trick is you have to spend money first before you can use the coupon and then if you are thinking oh $500, great, there's only 1 in 100 coupons will be worth 500 bucks. they are trying to get people there. >> they need some help there. they got rid of the sales. airlines. a lot of people training through the past few weeks. a lot of the airlines revealed? >> this komencomes from airline ratings. air new zealand number one and quantitytis was mentioned. also the food on board the catering they call it had. singapore airlines cafe pacific virgin airlines all making the
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top list. this came from an australian web site. >> the airlines help me get to california. >> mcdonalds has a new item. at first it sounded great. i was thinking about it. i am not so sure. >> how much do you love chocolate? >> i love chocolate. i don't know about this. >> it is called the nutella. announcing the nutella burger for 2016. it looks like it has a burger in it. that is the briosh bun with chocolate in it. you know how you can make bread colored darker and nutella. people on the internet love it some people on twitter think it sounds absolutely disgusting. >> i thought burger and chocolate mixed together. >> that's disgusting on its own.
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thank you, cheryl. >> big business story obamacare what does this mean for insurance companies, the stock market investors and of course those of you that are on the ks changes right now. i will have the details up next. thank you. >> we will be right back. i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> it is monday november 14th. the trump administration begins to take shape. donald trump opening up in his first television ad dress featuring hillary clinton. >> your audiences kept saying lock him up. >> that special prosecutor? >> i don't want to hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. >> will he hire a special prosecutor to investigate his former rival. >> heard about reckless
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teenagers risking their lives and letting a train run over them. the horrifying social media craze every parent need to know about. >> duncan doughnuts rolling out new deals for coffee drinkers today. >> "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> good morning. the super moon is shining out there a we will show you that a little later. >> we have a camera on the building we are trying to get it up on the super moon. the closest this will be to earth since 1948.
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i am clayton morris. 30 minutes after the hour. donald trump has two hires borned. >> top allies filling key roles as his has becabinet takes shap. >> these appointments are a clear sign president trump is trying to extend an olive branch while still staying true to his base. he said in a statement bannon and priebus will continue what they did during the campaign working as equal partners to transform the federal government making it more effective and productive. here is the communications director jason miller. >> we have roles on the campaign we had a vat team powerful people who spoke their minds who knew how to get things done. i know the president elect respects boast of the council.
2:32 am
>> that was jason miller. got the names confused. reince priebus head of the rnc picked for chief of staff. well laked in the beltway. close to house speaker paul ryan. posted this congratulatory tweet. i am excited forreince priebus. >> steve bannon was campaign ceo will be senior council and leader of the far right movement and head of breitbart move. he's a controversial pick. after the pick was announced it is easy to see why the kkk views trump as their champion when he is the most foremost ped lars of white supremacy rhetoric as the top aid. kelly ann conway is countering that rhetoric by saying there's a lot that people don't know about bannon. a naval officer goldman sachs managing partner and the campaign's general and he is senior council and chief
2:33 am
strategist in the white house. >> see thif they can work together. president elect trump says he is ready to be the leader america has been waiting for a long interview. >> the first interview since winning the election president elect donald trump is following up on the consolatory tone he met with his victory speech. sitting down with his family the president elect in an interview with 60 minutes addressed some of the statements he has made about his opponent hillary clinton. the issue of the e-mail server but when asked if he would gi appoint a special prosecutor he softened his approach. >> a special prosecutor? >> i don't want to hurt them. i don't want to hurt them.
2:34 am
they are good people. i don't want to hurt them. >> the fate of fbi james comey. not saying for sure if he will demand a resignation. >> i would rather not comment on that. i haven't made up my mind. i respect him a lot. i respect the fbi a lot. >> even though they leak so muc much? >> there is a lot of weeking. i would lake to talk to him. >> doubling down on his message of reassurance he is saddened to hear reports that some of his supporters are adding to the racial divide. >> bring this country together. i say stop it. if it helps. i will say this. say it to the cameras. stop it. >> immigration reform is also priority for the president elect. he will start by deporting or incarcerating 3 million criminals in the country
2:35 am
illegally. as for the border wall mr. trump says it will be built clarifying it may take the shape of a fence in some areas. >> excellent interview. wide ranging and a lot to cover. >> it did. >> a teacher is back behind bars in connection with her twin sister's death. alexandria deval is accused of intentionally driving her suv off of a cliff in hawaii killing her sister. deval says it was an accident but witnesses saw the two arguing moments before the crash. the police have been searching for deval since she was indicted last month. they caught her in new york after she tried to run from them. >> plotting to join and aid isis will be sentenced today. the all young somali americans in minneapolis started recruiting each other planning overseas trips in 2014.
2:36 am
they face 15 years to life p behind bars. 58 americans have been found guilty of aiding the islamic state. >> the navy could be firing blanks if it can't find cheaper ammo. projectiles for the biggest most advanced destroyer go for 800,000 a pop. officials say it is way too expensive to buy in large quantities. the ship is sfoespoused to be stocked with 600. >> not since 1948 has this happened. if you didn't get out last night you might have missed a sight so rare you have to wait until 2024. this is a live look at the super moon. it will be 6:22 eastern it will be the closest to earth it has been. >> this spectacular sight was
2:37 am
captured with videos and photos if you look online f. you were looking at this amazing shot. nice shot there. >> will the sky be as clear to see it a little bit later today? let's get a look at your weather with janice dean who is with us now. >> yea. i am so excited to be with you guys monday through friday on info of. let's ta -- fox & friends first. as clayton and heather mentioned 1948 was the last time we saw it this close. the moon's orbit is elliptical meaning it is not a perfect circle. sometimes it gets a little closer. when you combine the fact that we have a full moon with a closer move to the earth, that makes it appear wider and brighter. that's what everybody is talking about on twitter. if you want to tweet your pictures at janice dean i will make sure they get up there. there's the forecast cloud cover. not too great a scene across the
2:38 am
upper midwest and great lakes and mississippi valley parts of the northeast and northwest. otherwise pretty good visibility across the rest of the country. a warm day for the central u.s. in terms of precipitation we have a storm system across the atlantic that will creep up the mideast as well as a storm system that could bring us some mountain snow later this week. an exciting day we have a super moon and it is the first day of fox & friends first and fox & friends monday through friday with me. >> janice dean the weather machine. >> we are going to be dancing all morning long. >> i will dance anywhere. >> thanks, janice. >> an anthem outrage. this time for different reasons.
2:39 am
>> sparking outrage for sitting down during the national anthem. >> president elect donald trump making healthcare a top priority. >> it will be repealed and replaced and we will know. it will be great healthcare for much less money. congress might not like working when they are off. he has a special session planned. >> they say if you snooze you lose. why sleeping can earn you big bucks. >> now we are talking. >> except i don't sleep. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. a oo victoria smith was asked to give the first serve at the
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volleyball match after her dad was killed in a dallas ambush. the university canceled siting recent events and diversity worries. >> i feel like the decision was made out of fear. >> they invited her back after major backlash but she declined. >> first it was colin kaepernick kneeling during the anthem, now buccaneers star is sitting in for president elect donald trump. you can see him on the bottom perch of the corner. he says a trump presidency isn't right. when he ran i thought it was a joke. when ashton kutcher says we have been purnged i will stand. they encourage everyone to respectfully honor the flag. nfl ratings have dropped due in part of the protests. >> yes, they have.
2:44 am
exciting finishes week 10 of the envelope season with some of them. not my panthers, though. >> jarrett max with xn sirius 115. >> first meeting between the patriots and seahawks in super bowl xlix. remember the dramatic interception at the end zone? it was a late first and goal. 31-21 lead. tom brady to rob. couldn't grab it. no penalty. only the second time in the last 104 home games a patriots lost a game they led in the 4th quarter. earlier largest crowd ever. hall of famer famous spike antonio brown 30-29 steelers 47 seconds left. dallas cowboys scores the third
2:45 am
touchdown of the day. first since doan knee dorr set in 1977 a thousand yards in the season. first time since 77 the cowboys have won eight games in a row 35-30 prescott a starting quarterback. cover your ears for a few seconds. carolina panthers your team blew a lead against the chiefs. stripped of the ball this late turnover. all leads lead to the red road of cairo. game winning 37 yarder. trying to bounce back against the saints. >> we will see if they can do it. there was a patriotic free game warm-up. >> arizona cardinals have the weekly quarterback challenge. the loser has to wear a ridiculous outfit. carson palmer was warming up in a full american flag once see.
2:46 am
at least it was fitting for veteran's weekend. >> it is cozy. the footy hoody pajamas. >> let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> reince priebus has been named president elect's donald trump chief of staff. what does the chief of staff do and what does mr. priebus expect to do in that role? how does he see the trump white house looking? he will join us live plus we have a whole bunch of other guests including grumpy cat, michael good win and wilt robinson. 13 minutes from now on the channel everybody trusts. >> i heard trumpy kachcat. the coffee is terrible and he is complaining. >> tastes like it is burnt.
2:47 am
>> steve, great to see you this morning. ways wins.
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>> like clayton said, take your kids outside. >> my son, he was so sweet last night. we have to wake up my sister. we will wake her up early. it is 6:22 eastern time. we will be the closest. that is when it will be the
2:51 am
closest in 70 years. >> so beautiful there over the capital of washington, d.c. as well. >> you can see washington, d.c. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump making hoikt health care reform. a top priority. it will be great health care for much less money. >> from our sister network, fox business here with mr. trump's plan for his first day in office. >> i tell you what, good morning, it is one of the biggest promises of republicans and president-elect donald trump had been making for forever. repeal and replace obamacare. his transition team is speaking out. in particular, kellyanne conway, appearing on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace saying the president-elect will reach out to congress as they move forward. >> i understand he's going to change it but he might amend it
2:52 am
rather than repeal it. >> we don't know. he has to work with the congress which the electorate decided it should be republican, the house an the senate. >> what does that mean? hopefully they all get along and agree. conway saying trump is considering a special session of congress on inauguration day, january 20th. the candidate himself, as you mentioned, appearing on 60 minutes saying he'll keep elements of obamacare instead of throwing out the lot. people under the age of 26 living at home will be able to keep their coverage. the comments showing trump a bit more temperate and thoughtful. negotiation under way. thank you so much, cheryl. log on to fox finder. thank you, clayton. >> absolutely. now to health headlines for you. parents are you worried about
2:53 am
how much time your child spends in front of the tv or on electronics? now we know exactly how much is too much. at least according to this brand new study that says kids under 5 should have no more than one hour of screen time a day and children under two shouldn't watch tv or be on electronics at all. the american academy of pediatrics says smartphones, tv, electronics will affect their sleep. and their ability to socialize with others. speaking of sleep, the more you sleep, the more money you might make. researchers find that additional time catching z's here and there can translate into thousands of dollars in your paycheck. how? an hour's extra sleep per week can increase productivity and lead to a 5% salary increase in the long run. what do you think about that? clayton? >> sleep equals more money. i love that. a bookstore banning cell phones and laptops altogether
2:54 am
encouraging customers to read books instead. they turned off the wi-fi in a bookstore in wyoming. they put up a sign saying leave your electronics in your bags and the sign saying take a break. lifelike it's 1993. e-mails can wait. i like that idea. >> i do like that. i love to read. >> a study at university of pittsburgh. i would go to the bookstore. i would read. no cell phones. a little coffee. spend hours. >> how much tv and electronics time do you have? >> we limit it to 23 hours a day. they get an hour of sleep and 23 hours of straight electronics. >> it's fantastic. >> i don't believe that. >> he's kidding. six minutes until the top of the hour. restless teens risking their lives, letting a train run over them. the horrifying new social media craze parents should know about. new meals for coffee drinkers today. find out where they are.
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two minutes until the top of the hour. president-elect donald trump filling two top spots as he heads to the white house. reince priebus chief of staff and bannon the top adviser. president obama set to address
2:59 am
the nation before heading overseas for the last national trip to peru. said to be a chance to reassure anxious allies worried about the future of u.s. foreign policy. dunkin' donuts launching a perks week. deals available every day this week. today you can get triple points on all purchases made through the on the go mobile ordering. >> i have that app. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. president-elect donald trump offering up impressive spread of food to the police officers in chicago dealing with protesters outside his trump tower there. giving them food. next the bad. two teens in the czech republic recorded themselves lying down in front of a speeding train and staying there as it passes over them. potentially deadly stunt. all in order to get likes on social media. now the ugly. a malfunctioning atm in malaysia
3:00 am
starts stealing thousands of dollars in cash. he looks around before taking the money and running. the machine accidentally dispensed more than $2,000. what would you do? >> does he get to keep it? >> no. he's going to get arrested "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. have a good one. good morning to you and your family. it's monday, november 14th. i'm ainsley earhardt. president-elect donald trump's administration starting to take shape now as he names the man right there on right as his chief of staff. that's rnc chairman reince priebus and steve bannon, you see there. as his chief strategist. how are they going to work together going forward? we're going to ask mr. reince priebus. he'll be here live. mr. trump has a message for the american people. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. but certainly don't be afraid. i'm going to bring this country together. >> okay. he's going to


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